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A Miraculous GC

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-Marionette has added BDSM Kitty, Blog is Lyfe and 12 others to the chat -


Marionette: I finally got around to making the class gc

Marionette: It's also surprising no one has made one yet

Marionette: Especially since Lila is now part of our class and it's the middle of the year


LegallyBlonde: we have a chat now?


Marionette: Yes we do Rose


gay: shit rose is here


Marionette: What's wrong with that?


gay: rose is different when shes on her phone


Tomato Child: How different?


Queen Bitch: it's not like shes gonna start cussing at us, you know


LegallyBlonde: bitch who are yuo toassume i dont cuss!


Queen Bitch: did she actually type that


gay: told you


Flash Thompson:  wtf Rose

Flash Thompson: also who is who I can't tell


Marionette: gay is Juleka

Tomato Child is Nathaniel

Queen Bitch is Chloe

LegallyBlonde is Rose

BraveHeart is Ivan

Utena is Alix

Bill Nye is Max

Flash Thompson is Kim

WhatDoesTheFoxSay is Lila

InvisibleGirl is Sabrina

Hippie is Mylene

RainbowDJ is Nino

Blog is Lyfe is Alya

Marionette is me

BDSM Kitty is Adrien


Flash Thompson: Ok thx


LegallyBlonde: I'm prety sure she copy pasted that


Marionette: how in any way is that no obvious


Invisible Girl: are we seriously ignoring rose's swearing


gay: for now


Blog is Lyfe: Adrien wtf is with your name


BDSM Kitty: It's my alter ego


Queen Bitch: I refuse to associate with adrien from now on


RainbowDJ: I don't think any pf us will


Blog is Lyfe: agreed


BDSM Kitty: :'(


-BDSM Kitty changed name to Fresh Prince of Paris-


LegallyBlonde: Aww I liked your last name


Tomato Child: Rose, wtf


LegallyBlonde: Fuck off


Marionette: Alright it seem we have to put down some house rules


-LegallyBlonde has kicked Marionette from the chat-


LegallyBlonde: fuck the rules


Blog is Lyfe: Holy shit rose calm down


gay: She probably won't


RainbowDJ: I don't think I'll see rose the same way again


Hippie: Agreed


gay: we text each other everyday im used to it


Fresh Prince of Paris: Anyways


-Fresh Prince of Paris has added Marionette to the chat-


Marionette: Alright bitches no more sfucking around


LegallyBlonde: Shit marinette lost her cool


Blog is Lyfe: and whos fault was it


LegallyBlonde: fuck off




LegallyBlonde: I've actually made a gc with everyone except you months ago


Marionette: ...

Marionette: wat

Marionette: why arent we using that one now


Blog is Lyfe: She didn't make a chat like that


Marionette: Really?


RainbowDJ: actually she did

RainbowDJ: its just that everyone stoped using it after a while


Blog is Lyfe: oh shit yeah she did make one didnt she


Marionette: Then why stop using it


QueenBitch: we stopped aftre a day becuade of something about the bee movie and whale semen


Marionette: Stop

Marionette: I dont need details


Blog is Lyfe: well tere's something we dont need to remembwr

Blog is Lyfe: I will never go back there

Blog is Lyfe: I've repressed my memories before and i will do it again


Flash Thompson: agreed


RainbowDJ: yup


Marionette: that being said, if you guys have been in a chat before, how you guys dont know about rose swearing


gay: we brainwashed everyone


Fresh Prince of Paris: wait WHAT!


gay: jk that was a lie


LegallyBlonde: or is it?


QueenBitch: probably


Legally Blonde: bitch did you just call my girl a liar


Flash Thompson: gay


QueenBitch: maybe :p

QueenBitch: besides she was the one whjo just said she lied


LegallyBlonde: fair nuff

LegallyBlonde:  @Flash Thompson youre one to talk


Utena: this chat seems interesting


Flash Thompson: oh hey youre here now

Flash Thompson: where have you been


InvisibleGirl: I didn't take you to be one who watches anime


Utena: I'm full of surprises

Utena: I've just been watching you guys chat for a while @Flash Thompson


InvisibleGirl: what other surprising things do you do then 


Tomato Child: She reads twilight fanfiction


Utena: DUDE!


InvisibleGirl: Welp I have lost all hope in you


Utena: Goddamit Nathaniel


WhatDoesTheFoxSay: This is why my phone was blowing up?

WhatDoesTheFoxSay: you french people are wierd


Utena: no one cares


Bill Nye: This is a great way for me to study how different you act on chat compared to real life.

Bill Nye: Take Rose as an example.


LegallyBlonde: why me

LegallyBlonde: and are we ignoring the fact that that line just came the flying fuck out of nowhere


Utena: yes


Bill Nye: Because you're probably the most precious cinnamon roll in class only competed by the likes of Nathaniel and Marinette. And even then, you're tough competition. But here, you probably swear the most. Possibly


Legally Blonde: Well shit


Hippie: I really think we should use this chance to get closer to each other as a class


LegallyBlonde: nah lets just use this chat to send memes to and shitpst


Fresh Prince of Paris: agreed


Flash Thompson: no argument there


Blog is Lyfe: You don't even hace to say anything



Queen Bitch: as much as I want to start firing off insults at you guys

Queen Bitch: we really need to be going to sleep rn


Marionette: yeah it is getting late

Marionette : Good night you guys


LegallyBlonde: night


gay: night


Bill Nye: Goodnight


Utena: night


Blog if Lyfe: night gurl


Hippie: sweet dreams everyone


-1:26 a.m.-


Brave Heart: what even is this chat


Marionette: something i regret


-Fresh Prince of Paris changed name to BDSM Kitty-


Marionette: Goddamit Adren