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Winter Wonderland (DISC)

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The Great Hall shines and glitters like the snow falling outside the window. The theme is a winter wonderland , and everything is blue and silver and beautiful. There’s a giant silver tree at the end of the Hall with charmed ceramic angels flying round and round the pines.

You have never been so nervous in your life.

The dress your best friend, Jeon Jungkook (and to a lesser extent, Kim Taehyung) helped you pick out is a deep blue ball gown, with something called a tulle skirt that brushes against the floor when you walk. The fabric feels like a cloud against your skin. You felt like a child playing dress up when you first put it on, but the way Kim Seokjin looked at you when you walked towards him made you feel like an empress.

Said Yule Ball date (and crush) appears out of nowhere, his hand curling around your waist, just where the skirt begins. The smile he gives you makes your heart stop for a full minute, and the smile you give him back just has to look dazed. His hair is a pale blonde, a dye job he did a few months back, and he’s in a Muggle suit instead of robes, with a tie the same shade of blue as your dress.

One of the perks of having more Muggle influence in the wizarding world is the view you get. With the silver and the blue and the lighting hitting him the way it is, he looks ethereal.

“Hey,” he says, kissing your cheek. Like Tae, he’s a very affectionate guy, arms around shoulders and hugging people he just met; but unlike with Tae, the slightest bit of contact with him sends your heart racing. “Here you go.” He hands you a cup full of something. It smells warm and spicy, but you can’t tell if the warmth exploding in your chest is from the drink or from the way Jin keeps looking at you.

Before you can think it through, before you can think at all, you say, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

His cheeks flush a pale pink, but you can’t properly tell because of the light. “You look beautiful.”

“I really don’t,” you laugh, shaking your head and looking away. Jungkook is dancing nearby with his date, and he sends you a look as he waltzes by. Tae passes a few minutes later, mouthing “use protection” as he spins away. You glare at him and he winks.

“You really do,” he counters, moving in front of you to make him look at him. His eyes are completely locked onto yours like he’s trying to convince you. “You always do. That’s why I have a crush on you.”

The words are so ludicrous that it takes a moment for them to register. When they do, your cheeks blaze like a forest fire, and your eyes grow about two times their size. When you find your voice, the words come out staccato. “You - I- w-what?”

Jin holds your hand and leads you out onto the dance floor. The band is playing a waltz, and people are spinning around the both of you like in a movie. Jungkook practised this dance with you so many times that it’s muscle memory at this point, but somehow, waltzing with Jin feels much scarier than playing around with Jungkook.

“I didn’t know you could waltz,” he murmurs into your ear.

You laugh and shake your head, doing your best to hide just how much that affected you. Using the new information is probably a very good idea, so you lean towards him and whisper, “You’re avoiding the subject, sweetheart.”

The very shaky breath he takes is a very large victory.

“Alright, alright.” He pulls back to look at you, and you hold his gaze. After a while of dancing and staring and doing your best not to glance at his lips, he drops your gaze.

“Once, during our second year, I couldn’t sleep for the life of me, so I decided to go to the kitchen. My brother told me where they were before I started school. And, when I walked in, you were already there. You were baking with the elves - or rather, you were trying to bake while the elves tried to stop you.”

“I remember.” When the cookies were done, you gave them all to the house elves and started making more when there weren't enough. The memory makes you smile. “I didn’t even know you were there.”

He laughs and spins you. Your dress flares up, turns into wings, and you feel woozy landing back in his arms. “No one else thought about them, about making cookies for them. I like that you’re kind, and a bit weird, and ridiculously maternal.”

That last thing makes you gape and smack his shoulder lightly. “I’m not that maternal.”

Jin laughs and finally looks at you. He seems to enjoy teasing you, judging by the twinkle in his eye and the way he relaxes. “Jungkook gave me the talk about how exactly he would go killing me if I dared to hurt you.”

“He’s protective,” you protest, shrugging. “And thanks. I like you too.” Your voice decides to give up being normal in that last sentence. Somehow, in the past few minutes, the two of you stopped dancing. You stand at the fringes of the crowd, music still playing, people still dancing. But all you can see is his smile and the pure happiness in his eyes.

Then he’s leaning in like he’s scared to scare you, and his breath is fanning over you, and he’s kissing you, slow and heart-stopping and more fantastic than you ever thought it would be. His hands are spanning your waist, holding you like you’re fragile and precious, and your arms curl around his neck, pulling him closer. The hair at the nape of his neck is just as soft as you thought it would be. It’s like silk slipping through your fingers.

The kiss only lasts a few seconds, but it feels like years and years and it takes your breath away.

The lack of oxygen is the only explanation you have for what you say next. “Can we please do that again.

His laugh rumbles through you, warm and deep and the best thing you’ve ever heard. His eyes are sparkling, actually, legitimately sparkling. “That sounds fantastic to me,” he whispers and leans in again.



“Someone looks happy.” Jungkook kisses your cheek when he slides into his seat next to you. His hair is messy like he just woke up, and so are his robes. You’ve never seen them messy. Ever.

“Very happy,” Tae adds, mimicking him. His hair is always messy, but somehow, it looks even messier this morning. There are bags under his eyes, but he doesn’t seem to mind them too much.

“Did the two of you plan that?” You ask, sliding them their drinks.

“Changing the subject isn’t going to work on us, love,” Tae says, leaning towards you with a giant rectangular grin. “How was last night?”

“Basically, we saw the kiss,” Jungkook smirks when you blush. “And we want details.”

You had seen him coming up, but the grin he gives you still manages to surprise you. He leans over the table and kisses you so hard that all thoughts of ‘these two idiots are really going to tease me about this’ go flying right out of your head. He pulls away slowly, and murmurs, “hi” into the silence the two of you left behind.

That silence is promptly shattered by the sound of Jungkook and Tae high fiving behind your back and saying, “WE DID IT!” like a bunch of five-year-olds.

“Maternal,” Jin mouths, grinning, and you stick your tongue out at him.