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Loving intoxication

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The atmosphere was festive on Air Supplena Island. Coaches, disciples and personnel had got together in the huge living room to celebrate the birthday of their master Lisa Lisa. Laughs and music were heard from the property's windows.


"Look at this idiot... barely three drinks and he's dead drunk..." Caesar was looking with exasperation at Joseph's sleeping figure, curled up in the sofa with an empty glass still in his hand.


"Come on Caesar-san." Suzie Q laughed. "Nobody responds to alcohol the same way. And he must have been exhausted because of Madam Lisa Lisa's intense training course."


Lisa Lisa elegantly got up from her seat. "That is true. He worked really hard recently." She put her glass on the table. "It is getting late. We should get some rest too."


Caesar turned to look at Lisa Lisa. "Are you sure Lisa-Lisa sensei ?"


She nodded. "The training starts again tomorrow morning." Suzie Q hastened to clear the table. "Don't worry about it Suzie." Lisa Lisa said. "It can wait until tomorrow. However, I need you to help me with these two." She pointed her finger at Loggins and Messina, so tipsy they sang at the top of their voice the piece that was on the radio, holding their shoulders and swaying dangerously. "Caesar, you take care of Jojo."

"But sensei..." he tried to oppose.

"See you tomorrow!" Lisa Lisa exclaimed by taking Messina by the arm and leaving the room. Suzie Q turned the radio off and took Loggins arm. She gave Caesar a mischievous smile and moved away.


Caesar looked at Joseph again and sighed. He put one of his arm on his shoulder and lifted him up from the sofa.


"You really don't know your limit Jojo..." He murmured. He left the living room and walked through the long corridor under the slight snoring of his load. He stopped in front of Joseph's room, opened the door somehow and went in.




Caesar turned his head and saw Jojo's eyes open slowly.


"You're waking up now?!" Caesar shouted. He dropped Joseph who landed heavily on the floor.


"Remember we have to train tomorrow?! So you really better be laying down and going back to sleep right now!" Caesar shouted.


"Hnnngh, my head..." Joseph put his hand on his head, being prey to a violent migraine. He attempted to get up but all of his room began to spin and he violently fell again to the ground, nearly hitting the corner of a table.

"Oi!" Caesar rushed to catch Joseph before he could hit his head. "Are you okay?" Jojo didn't know what to answer to that. He got closer of Caesar and he took some breaths in.


"Mmmh, it smells good." He pressed his face in the hollow between the blond's shoulder and neck. "Smells like...soap."


Caesar felt his face reddened. "Wh.. what are you doing Jojo?"

The latter raised his head, his eyes were hazy. "Mmm? Why are you all red Caesar-chan?"

"I... It's hot, that's all." Caesar stuttered looking away. "And stop calling me Caesar-chan..."


"If you're hot, you should take this off.." Joseph was vainly pulling on Caesar's shirt.

"Jojo... Stop it... The door's open, you idiot..."


But Joseph got even closer and put his arms around Caesar's neck. He plunged his eyes into his partner's. "Caesaaaaar-chan~ I'm hot too..."


Caesar couldn't deny that he was beginning to feel really hot himself.

He breathed out. "...Jojo, you don't know what you are gambling on..."


Joseph didn't seemed to listen to him and removed his own shirt. "Hngh, hot." Then he pressed himself back against Caesar's body. "Caesar-chan smells so good~"


Caesar stood up and brutally shoved Joseph to get him out of his way. He was panting slightly and his gaze had changed.

"If you're hot, don't stick to me like glue you idiot!"



Caesar went towards the door and closed it. Then he turned back to Joseph and carried him to his bed where he was thrown. Jojo didn't had time to realize that he was lying down his bed; he was violently surprised by Caesar's lips crushing on his own. The kiss was passionate almost savage. Caesar's tongue was calling the shots, Jojo probably being too confused by the intoxication of the moment. They pulled away to breath, eyes drowned into each other. Joseph realized that Caesar was bare-chested, he was wondering when he took his shirt off.


"Jojo... if you do nothing, I may not be able to stop..."

Joseph put hand on his partner's burning cheeks.

"I want to see Caesar-chan losing himself..." He put a tender kiss on his lips. "I trust you."


Caesar fiercely started the kiss again, his tongue toying with Jojo's. He gently took Joseph's hair and inclined his head back to kiss his neck. Jojo felt feverish, the combination of his drunken state and his lover scent was making his head spin. The sensation of each touch from Caesar was so intense, he never experienced something like that before. 


"Cae...Caesar..." he whined.

The latter raised his head. When he saw the face of his partner, he felt arousal boiling inside him: his wet eyes semi-opened, his blushing cheeks and ears, his lips reddened by their previous actions.


"Umm, C...Caesar...?"

"Do you want to stop?"

"No, no!... But, it's just...hmm, it's... I mean..."



As he struggled to make his need clear, Joseph thought action would be more effective than words. He raised his pelvis to brush against Caesar's crotch. The blond immediately understood when he felt a bump rubbing against him. Caesar laughed softly. 

"Eager as always, aren't you Jojo?"

Joseph grumbled making Caesar laugh heartily.

Embarrassed, Joseph caught his face and shut him up with another clumsy kiss. Pleased with this initiative, Caesar went with the flow and let Joseph take control. Well at least until he decided to take things in head. He rubbed himself again against Jojo's groin, lengthily this time until the other had to stop his kissing. 


"Caesar! Stop it!" Joseph cried out.


However he went on teasing him and licked a nipple that was in his way. He bit it a little looking at his lover in the eyes. Judging that he had tormented him enough, Caesar lowered his hands towards Joseph's belt. He started to remove it but Jojo was squirming so much the task was harder than expected. When he finally succeeded in taking off his pants, he lifted his eyes up to Joseph's. 


"Are you sure?" He asked with a soft voice. "We won't be able to go back after this."

Joseph looked at him in the eye, still flushed by embarrassment and excitation and nodded. Deep down, Caesar knew it was wrong to take advantage of Jojo's drunkenness but he didn't want to stop.


He took off his trunks of and Joseph's penis sprung out right away, hard and moist. I shouldn't have teased him so much... Without further delay, he took the phallus in his hand and began to pump it. Then his mouth came closer. Mmh, this won't be easy... Indeed, Joseph had nothing to be ashamed of and Caesar would probably have difficulty to take further that the head.


He began to lap at the slit that was letting beads of precum slipping. Bitter... No matter how Caesar was a gentleman racking up notches on his bedpost, it was his first time with a man and he was more than happy to do it with Jojo. He opened his mouth and sank as deep as he could.


Joseph was looking through his eyelashes: Caesar taking his manhood, eyes shut in focus, his wonderful lips around his tip, his hand wrapping all he couldn't put in his mouth, his other hand probably stroking his still-covered crotch. As Caesar had started a back and forth movement with his mouth and hand, some incomprehensible sounds escaped Joseph's mouth.

He had hidden his face with his two hands, too embarrassed to let his moaning being heard.

When Caesar opened his eyes, he stopped his movements and raised his head.

"Jojo, remove your hands..."

Joseph shook his head, still hidden behind his palms.

"Please, I want to see your face." He gently stroked his partner's inner thigh as if he wanted to reassure him. It bore fruit as Joseph opened his finger to give a glimpse of his flushed face.

"So cute..." Caesar smiled.

"Ghhh, raah!" Joseph closed his finger again as if he pouted.


"Jojo?" Caesar stood back up. "Do you have lube?"

"L...lube? Why would I have that?"


Caesar sighed. He put his shirt back on. "I'll go get some. Don't move."

"Shame. I really wanted to go for a walk like this right now..." mumbled Joseph.


Caesar rolled his eyes and left the room. Seconds seemed like hours and Joseph was losing patience. But when he saw Caesar reappearing at the door, his excitation got back on top. Caesar took a little flask out of his pocket and put it on the bedside table.


"Sorry I took so long." He began to strip, only keeping his trunks.

"Why do you have that?" Joseph asked looking at the small bottle.

"Why do I have that... Stop being so curious, will you? Don't ruin the mood Jojo..."


He took the bottle and opened it. The smell of lavender filled the room. He spread Joseph's legs and positioned himself. He diped his forefinger in the lotion and once he was done he put the flask back on the table. Joseph seemed tensed, apprehension was showing on his face. 


"Shh, it'll be alright..." Caesar whispered.


Finally he pressed his soaked finger against Joseph's anus who stiffened at the touch. " Caesar..."


Seeing his lover's anxiety, Caesar wanted to calm him down before going any further, not wanting to hurt him. He came closer to Jojo' sex and started the fellatio again. When he began to moan with pleasure again, Caesar entered his index finger deeper. While keeping on satisfying him with his mouth, he was looking for the sensitive spot he had heard of. When he was surprised by a jolt and a cry from his partner, he knew he found it.


"Here Jojo?" Caesar asked, proud to have found his prostate so easily.

"Haaa, ha" Joseph hid his face again.


Caesar pushed a second finger when he thought he was relaxed enough. He kept on licking and sucking the tip of his lover until his own erection was getting too much in the way. "Jojo..."


Joseph gave him a little sign of his head by way of approbation. When Caesar removed his finger, he felt so empty. But when he saw Caesar taking his underwear off and revealing his virility, he couldn't help thinking of what was coming next.

Caesar positioned himself at the entrance and looked at Joseph in the eye. "Ready?" he asked him.



He started to penetrate him very slowly but despite everything, his penis was wider than two finger and he saw that Joseph wasn't at ease: gritting his teeth, he was clenching his fists so hard his joints went white. Caesar put his hands under Jojo's knees and lifted his legs higher to be more comfortable. Like this, he could sink all the way. Caesar was fighting against his own urges to wait in order to give Joseph time to adjust at the intrusion.

He leaned forward to kiss his lover's moist forehead to calm him down. When he saw that Joseph had loosen his fists, he tried to move backwards to see his reaction. Joseph opened his eyes and put his hands on Caesar's cheeks.

"Faster, Caesar..."


Those words made Caesar's heart beat even faster and he didn't need to be asked twice to satisfy his lover's need.

He started a moderate pace, trying to reach that so sensitive spot. Each time he brushed against it, Jojo tensed up, tightening even harder on his manliness. Only panting, gasping and sometimes crying from Joseph were heard. 




Caesar took pleasure in meeting every need from his partner.


"Jojo...haa...haa...sei bello...haaa"


Feeling that he couldn't last any longer, Joseph took his penis and masturbated at the frenetic pace Caesar had established. With his other arm, he wrapped himself around his lover, wanting him as close to him as possible.


"C...Caesar, I'm... I'm gonna..."


Caesar sped up, wanting to finish at the same time as his boyfriend. After some well-placed thrusts, Joseph couldn't hold it anymore. His orgasm hit him, the most intense one he ever had. He came, moaning his lover's name.


The erotic sight of Jojo's ejaculation and the feeling of his walls tightening against his erection hit Caesar with full force and he couldn't pull back in time.


Out of breath, Caesar put his forehead against Joseph's, who was still hardly breathing.


"You OK?" The blond whispered, worried he had been too brusque.

"Haa...I...think so..." Joseph mumbled.


Caesar laughed softly and kissed Jojo's lips, the latter too exhausted to give him a decent kiss back.


Suddenly, Joseph sat up straight, banging into Caesar's head.

"Ow! What, what's wrong ?" Caesar asked rubbing his forehead.

"You did it inside ?!" Joseph exclaimed, eyes wide open.

"Hum, yeah, sorry, I didn't have time to pull out..."

"Oh no ! It trickles, it's gross!" Jojo shouted.

Caesar smiled. "Let's take a shower then."


He couldn't help laughing when he saw Jojo's particular walk; His butt must ache.. Sorry Jojo...




Once cleaned, the two lovers rushed into Joseph's bed, to the request of the latter. He was clinging to the blond's body, enjoying the body soap' smell.


"Nevertheless, you seem to be better, don't you?" Caesar asked.


"You were completely drunk barely one hour ago."

"Impossible, I only drank sodas."


Caesar turned his head towards Joseph who has closed his eyes and his head against his torso.


"...What?!" Caesar cried out. "Jojo, don't tell me..."

"I may have been lying, yeah..." He looked up. "But admit it, you don't regret a thing, do you?"


He gave the mocking smirk that annoyed Caesar more than anything. The latter was shared between confusion, anger and surprise.


Seeing that he didn't get any reaction, Joseph tenderly kissed his lips. "In any case, I don't."


Fatigue got the upper hand and Caesar let it go, being too carried away by the kiss, for the enjoyment of Joseph who was waiting for the legendary strong-character of his friend. Then sleep caught them up.





The next day, Joseph arrived really late to the training. The person in charge of waking him up must had "forgotten"...