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The War for Maou-san

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Sasaki Chiho was the most adorable, innocent girl Maou knew. She was faithful, hard-working, and agreeable. She was a level-headed presence and an island of stability among the otherwise abnormal people that Maou had to deal with in his daily life.

In fact, Maou was so grateful that Chiho was in his life that one of the best parts about working at MgRonald's was being able to interact with Chiho.

Plus, she was beautiful. Chiho was young and thin, but curvy. The way she tied her hair into twintails at work gave her a pleasantly innocent aura, and she had a cheery, bubbly voice that gave him energy every morning. He looked forward to going to work just to gaze upon her face that healed and hear her voice that soothed.

"Good afternoon, Maou-san!"

"Good afternoon, Chi-chan."

"It's another great day, isn't it?"

"It sure is."

"Don't you love coming to work, Maou-san?"

"I sure do, Chi-chan."

Chiho smiled at her beloved Maou as she straddled him, trapping his legs between her thighs as she slid her slender, shapely fingers down Maou's cock.


"Does it feel good, Maou-san?"

Chiho's soothing voice was a lot less innocent now. Her smile seemed more like a smirk now, and Maou could feel Chiho's fingers tighten against his shaft. Chiho took Maou's balls in her palm, massaging them between her fingers as Maou began to spurt pre-cum.


"Hey, Maou-san, does my hand feel good?"


Chiho giggled. Without saying another word, she leaned down and kissed Maou's balls. She slurped on his sack some more before moving her lips up to the base of his cock. Chiho began to tease him, slowing her hands down to a halt. Glancing up at Maou, who was desperately trying to cum, she then flashed an innocent smile and kissed him on the tip of his cock.

Maou clenched up as he suddenly nutted, the slimy hot fluid spraying uncontrollably from his urethra, reflexively, onto Chiho's fingers and arms, all over her skirt, and onto the floor.

Maou's orgasm was intense and fulfilling and absolute. His balls began to tingle as they felt like they had just been emptied. His entire body, from his neck to his taint, clenched up and then relaxed as the last droplets escaped his cock and dribbled down the leg of his pants.

Chiho giggled and petted Maou's flaccid penis, fondling the limp organ that had been jutting so majestically in the air moments before.


Chiho got back up and giggled again as she grabbed Maou with her one clean hand and kissed him. The two made out in the break room even as the cum pooled around Maou's lap, until finally they were interrupted by their manager.

Mayumi leaned against the door to the break room, arms folded as she watched the two with an annoyed expression on her face.

"O-o-o-o-o-o-o-y, you two lovebirds, I know you're quite into it right now, but your break's over in two minutes. Wipe yourselves off and wash your hands already."

Chiho pulled away from Maou and cheerfully nodded at her boss, skipping over to the restroom, while Maou hurriedly grabbed a box of tissues and began wiping his dick.

Mayumi shook her head and rolled her eyes. It was a great inconvenience for her to have to come in every day to remind the two to clean up after their quickie sessions. She might even have gotten mad at them if it weren't for the fact that they were otherwise her two best employees.

Chiho and Maou stood at the entrance to the break room, having properly cleaned themselves up. Mayumi waved her hands dismissively.

"All right, all right, go on. Get on out there. I'll be back out in fifteen."

Mayumi shook her head again and entered the break room, shutting the door behind her. Meanwhile, Chiho and Maou returned to the registers, continuing on with the rest of their day as if the incident in the breakroom never happened.

As a full-time employee, Maou stayed at the restaurant longer than Chiho did. This time, his workday ended at around dusk, just as the sun had disappeared below the horizon, and the sky was growing dark. Maou left the restaurant, now wearing his ordinary clothes, when he was suddenly blindsided walking down the street. The blow sent him into an adjoining alleyway, and his attacker pinned him to the wall.

Yusa Emi trapped Maou against the wall, the entire weight of her body bearing down on him as she held down his wrists. She glared at Maou, baring her teeth, menacing, more beast than human at that moment.

Maou tensed up, his heart racing. Emi's peridot eyes shined like a feral cat's, her face contorted in an expression of pure contempt.

"Emi, you don't have to…"

Emi ignored Maou and grabbed him by the face as she furiously made out with him. Maou tensed up, growing rigid as Emi's body rubbed against him. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, moaning sweetly as she embraced him. Maou could feel himself growing erect, his cock rubbing in between Emi's legs as they continued to make out against the wall.

Emi pulled away, her tongue still hanging from her mouth. She was blushing now, her breathing heavy and hurried. Maou opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced as Emi leaned in to kiss him again. The two enemies made out for Round 2, and this time Emi began to moan and gasp, her hands caressing Maou's cheeks tenderly as she thrust her tongue against Maou's.

Once Emi had finally had enough of Maou's lips, she pulled away, slapping Maou on the face. She then squatted on the floor and undid Maou's fly, pulling his cock out.

"Emi, look, you don't have to—"

Emi stuffed Maou's erect cock in her mouth before Maou could even finish his sentence. The look on Emi's face scared him, and he could not help but grow incredibly erect as he stared into Emi's menacing eyes.

Emi pulled out and brought her beautiful, slender fingers down on Maou's cock, glaring at him with disgust as she pleasured her archnemesis with her hands.

Emi stared at the prolific effusion of pre-cum that was dripping out of Maou's tip. She leaned in and licked it up, softly sighing as her lips touched the reddened, cool skin of Maou's glans. Then, moaning, she distended her jaw as she placed Maou's cock back inside her mouth.

Emi continued to glare at Maou, not once taking her gaze off him as she sucked his dick. She pulled out, kissing his frenulum along the underside of his penis, grazing it with the tip of her tongue as she held his shaft between her lips. She continued to pleasure him with her warm, wet mouth, even as her eyes flashed with hatred.


Emi began to get sloppy now as her mouth drooled all over Maou's knob. She began to moan some more, her fierce expression tempered by lust and her bright green cat-eyes softening as she began to gaze up longingly at Maou. Her lips began to curl up in an embarrassed smile as she began to gently kiss the side of Maou's sticky, glazed shaft again, her tiny nose pressing against his foreskin as she orally worshipped his member.

Maou put his hand on Emi's head to pull her away, but Emi simply slapped him away as she shoved her head deeper in and began to deepthroat her archnemesis.

Emi thrust him deep into her throat until she could barely breathe, and she began choking and gagging on his cock. Seeing the suffering on her face as she sucked him off made Maou even more erect, and Emi struggled even harder to breathe as Maou's diamond-hard cock constricted her throat.

Emi scowled at Maou, furrowing her brows in a look of displeasure as snot dribbled out of both her nostrils. Grabbing him by his hips, she pulled out until her lips were only clinging to his tip, and then rammed herself into Maou's stomach, bringing her throat down violently against his shaft. She began frantically massaging Maou with her throat, thrusting her mouth against his crotch in quick, loud slaps until he came, shooting his load down Emi's throat without warning.

Maou's semen began to shoot out from Emi's nose as she coughed it all out, dripping down her face until half her face was covered in semen. Emi glared at Maou, furious, her eyes flashing with pure vitriol as she continued to massage his flaccid penis with her lips. Finally, after several seconds, she reluctantly pulled out, a hint of regret on her face as she forced herself to let go of Maou's limp cock.

Emi then grabbed Maou and kissed him, moaning affectionately she thrust her tongue inside his mouth one last time.


Maou lay back and let Emi do the work. Her entire body felt soft and warm pressed against his. Her lips brushed gently against him once more, and her tongue felt heavenly as it slipped inside his throat one last time. Emi's moans became high and soft, sweet and girlish as she thrust her body longingly against Maou. Finally, after the longest time, she reluctantly pulled away, her shining green eyes glazed over, her face flushed as she wore an affectionate smile.

Emi then pushed Maou away, straightening up as she pulled apart her blouse to flash her breasts at him before covering them back up and slapping him across the face. Emi then stormed out of the alley, leaving Maou standing there alone.

Maou sighed and scratched his head. Emi had pulled this stunt every day this week. She never spoke during their encounters, opting instead for animal grunts as she pinned him down and sucked his cock. She always chose dark, deserted alleyways or side streets too, giving the whole thing a vulgar, ratchet feel.

Maou scratched his balls. His penis was growing erect just thinking about the next day's encounter, when this would start all over again.

Maou returned home to see dinner already cooked and set out on the table. He noted the intricacy of the dishes and the variety of the food and correctly guessed that this food had not been cooked by his roommate Ashiya.

Instead, the only one who could have come in and made this dish was…

"Welcome home, Sadao-dono."

Kamazuki Suzuno was kneeling on the ground in front of Maou, wearing her usual dark aqua-green kimono. She leaned forward and pressed her head to the floor in front of Maou, submitting herself completely as she kissed his feet. Maou winced at this servile gesture, pulling back as Suzuno sat back up.

"S-Suzuno, I already told you, you don't have to—"

"How was work today, Sadao-dono?"

Suzuno's deep blue-green eyes were mesmerizing enough that Maou completely forgot what he was saying and was stunned into silence.

"U-Uh…it was fine."

Suzuno smiled and crawled forward as she reached for Maou's penis. "That's good to hear. It wasn't too stressful? Your coworkers haven't been giving you any problems?"

"N-No, nothing like that."

Suzuno unzipped Maou's fly and began to pull out his dick. "Mm-hmm, that's good."

Suzuno grabbed Maou between her hands and began to suck him off. Maou moaned as his sensitive cock was pleasured for the second time in less than half an hour. Suzuno stared up at Maou with a special gleam in her eye. Smiling slightly, she began to kiss his tip, tenderly stroking it with her lips as she moaned.

Suzuno was different from Emi and Chiho. While Chiho was an eager and overexcited amateur, and Emi a wild and reckless workhorse without any inhibition or shame, Suzuno was quietly skilled, refined in her lustful ways.

Everything Suzuno did was to enhance Maou's pleasure. She lifted her robes up and began to play with herself, making sure to properly spread her legs to give Maou a proper view. Her bush was vast but thin, with long, wispy dark blue-green hairs that sparsely covered her entire crotch and inner thighs, giving it a patchy, sparse feel. Suzuno's bush was nonetheless pleasing to the eyes, and Maou grunted as she continued to toy with him, pleasuring him just a little too slowly for him to properly cum.

Suzuno pulled out and giggled, kissing Maou's ballsack. Gripping his cock, she began to jerk him off as she looked up at him.

"Have things been going well between you and your boss, Sadao-dono?"

"Y-Yes, Mayumi-san is strict but fair."

"That's wonderful. No rude customers today?"

"None that stuck out."

"That's good."

Suzuno opened her lips and inserted Maou inside again, this time sucking his cock in earnest as she turned her eyes towards his crotch, focusing solely on his member as everything else seemed to melt away around her. Her hands locked around Maou's thighs, and other than the slick, loud slurping sounds her mouth made, she was now completely silent.

Maou groaned as Suzuno's vacuum mouth sucked him off. If it weren't for the orgasms he had already had that day, he would surely have bust his nut already. As it was now, however, Suzuno's experienced mouth sucking him off was the perfect strength for his slightly overworked cock.

"S-Suzuno, where'd you learn how to suck dick this good?"

Suzuno pulled out. Giggling slightly, she cocked her head.

"Why, whatever are you talking about, Sadao-dono? I'm completely chaste~."

Maou grunted again as he processed this obvious lie. He began to fantasize about Suzuno's previous encounters and as he did, he suddenly nutted all over Suzuno's face. Maou opened his eyes to see a thick rope of cum draped straight across Suzuno's chin, lips, nostril, and eye in a perfect diagonal.

Maou gasped in embarrassment as he saw what he had done.

"I'm so sorry about that. Hold on, let me help you wipe that o—"

Suzuno smiled and pushed Maou's hand away.

"I will wear this on my face for the rest of the evening as a sign of my subservience, Sadao-dono."

"Like I already said, there's no need for this 'subservience' stuff! Stop kneeling and bowing all the time!"

"Sadao-dono's quite prolific~. I can feel it dripping down my neck~."

Suzuno smiled as she began to play with herself again, rubbing the semen on her nose across her nostrils as she smelled Maou's cum. Maou continued to argue with Suzuno, sighing in exasperation as Suzuno simply ignored him and crawled over to the dinner table, where the food was waiting.

Urushihara looked up from his computer game and stared at Maou and Suzuno. He sighed and rolled his eyes before putting his headphones back on. It had been like this for almost a whole week now. He didn't really care, since he usually wore headphones throughout the whole thing, but occasionally the commotion was loud enough to disturb him, which was annoying.

All three girls had begun propositioning Maou at around the same time. They had been going for almost a week now, and Maou went along with it, slowly accepting it as each girl continued to pleasure him daily.

"I love Maou-san! And I want to make you feel good whenever we're together!"

"Like I said, I've sworn to defend against you at all cost, even in other worlds. That means I'll suck your dick every day until you're too worn out to harass poor Chiho at work."

"You and your roommates rely on me for food now. I'm basically your wife now, and it is natural that a wife serve as her husband's pleasure toy."

Maou groaned. None of the three girls made any sense at all. However, all three were incredibly beautiful, and he couldn't come up with a reason to refuse their advances.

Chiho was the youngest and bustiest of the bunch, with large, bouncing breasts. Her eyes and shoulder-length hair were a common, plain copper-brown color, but her bright, perky personality and energetically high voice stood out. Of all the people in Maou's social circle, Chiho was one of the few who was actually from Earth and not Ente Isla.

Emi was tall and slender, with a small chest and a fierce, combative personality. Her eyes burned bright yellow-green like a cat's, and her long, waist-length hair was a bright, colorful magenta. Because of their history on Ente Isla, she was incredibly hostile towards Maou, her antipathy towards him matched only by her equally fierce desire for his cock.

Finally, Suzuno was the quiet, passive girl who lived in the apartment next door. Constantly coming over to give Maou and his roommates free food, she looked the part of a traditional housewife from decades ago. She usually wore a long, ankle-length blue-green kimono that matched her blue-green eyes and long hair tied in a side tail.

And all three beautiful girls lusted after Maou's cock on a daily basis now. Maou sighed. It was exhausting having to deal with the three girls every day.

As far as dilemmas went, however, this was a rather desirable one to have.

As the weekend approached, Maou found his apartment full as the three girls invited themselves over for dinner. This had become a weekly occurrence, and Maou had begun accepting it as a normal part of his life.

The three roommates and the three girls all sat around the table, eating the meal that Suzuno and Ashiya had largely cooked, with help from the rest of the guests.

Immediately, there was something noticeably different about the atmosphere. Chiho, Emi, and Suzuno all fought to sit next to Maou, doing a particularly poor job of hiding it. Once everyone was seated, the three girls then clamored to feed Maou.

"Maou-san, why don't you eat some more of the pork? Suzu-chan worked hard to cook it for all of us."

Chiho leaned forward and offered Maou her chopstick. Maou awkwardly accepted the food, conscious that every other pair of eyes in the room was upon them. Chiho smiled even as the overall mood of the room grew noticeably colder. She continued to eat, going on merrily as if nothing happened as Maou faced the consequences.

"Maou, you've got something on your face."

Emi leaned in with a napkin and wiped a piece of sauce from the corner of Maou's lip. Chiho continued to smile as well, even as the atmosphere of the room became brittle, like a piece of glass.

Suzuno turned her nose up, ignoring the other two girls as they silently squabbled over Maou. After a few seconds, she calmly got up, brushed both girls aside with a wave of her arm, and grabbed Maou as she made out with him in front of the whole room.

Emi and Chiho stared at Suzuno, speechless. Ashiya and Urushihara both turned back to their food and ignored the girls.

From then on, the battle escalated.

Maou was at the cash register the following week when he spotted Chiho entering the door. He glanced at her as she stepped behind the counter and into the employees' changing room. Chiho smiled at Maou but otherwise gave no noticeable sign that anything had changed.

Maou sighed. He knew that this was just the beginning. He watched as Chiho joined him at the registers, averting his gaze for the whole rest of the shift.

As their break began, Maou entered the break room and took a deep breath. He turned around to confront Chiho, who was right behind him.

"Chiho, you're about to do something drastic, aren't you?"

Chiho simply grinned and nodded.

Maou sighed, his penis growing slightly firmer in anticipation as it began to enlarge in his pant leg.

"OK, fine. What are you going to do?"

Chiho strutted towards Maou and shoved him into a chair, standing over him as she lifted her skirt.

Chiho wasn't wearing any panties. Maou stared up at Chiho's crotch. He could tell that Chiho was much hairier than Suzuno. Her pussy was completely covered with thick, caramel-brown hair, and in the middle were her bright pink lips, dripping with thick, syrupy fluid hanging in strings from her damp opening. Maou became hard.

Chiho climbed onto Maou's lap and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissing him. As she pulled away, she lifted herself up against Maou's shaft and started rubbing against it.

"Maou-san, let's do it right here."

Maou nodded and placed the tip of his member at Chiho's slit. Spreading her open, he entered her, groaning as he plunged inside Chiho's body, feeling the warmth surround him.

Chiho whimpered, tensing up as she felt the stinging between her legs. Maou grabbed her by the waist and began pumping faster, thrusting against her body as they mated against the break room table.

Chiho's thick ass cheeks began bouncing against Maou's body. Her thicc, plentiful thighs provided ample cushioning as Maou pounded her. Her entire body was curvy and beautiful, and every part of her bounced and jiggled as she thrust back, hitting against him as she came.

Maou groaned and held onto Chiho's ass cheeks as he came inside her, shooting his load directly into her womb as Chiho twitched underneath his weight. The two remained against the table, pressed against each other, rubbing their sweaty bodies together.

Chiho lifted her head and grabbed Maou by the face, kissing him as his limp penis slipped out from her cunt. They pressed their lips together, their tongues crudely thrashing against each other as they made out sloppily on the break room table, their primitive lovemaking interrupted only by the sound of knocking against wood.

Mayumi leaned against the doorframe, her arms folded as she stared at her two half-naked employees.

"All right, you two. Break time's over. Time to clean up and get back to work. And Sasaki, make sure you wipe yourself off. You're not allowed to drip cum on the restaurant floor—that's a health code violation."

"Yes, Manager!" Chiho ran off to the bathroom as Maou pulled his pants back up. He hurriedly headed out the door as Mayumi glanced sideways at him, her eyebrows raised.

Maou found himself pressed against the grass after work, with Emi on top straddling him as she wore an angry look on her face. Maou sighed—at least they weren't in a dark alleyway this time.

However, they were in a park, and while they were in a more secluded area, there were still enough people nearby that he felt extremely risky and exposed.

Emi took no heed of any of this, however, as she rubbed her crotch against Maou's growing tent. She began to unbutton her blouse, grunting as she clutched Maou on the chest and began caressing his stomach.

"Emi, I'm serious, you don't have to—"

Emi shut Maou up once more by kissing him, thrusting her tongue forcefully down his throat as her damp pussy continued to stain Maou's pants. She pulled away, her feline eyes glinting marvelously, a slight hint of a grin on her lips even as she otherwise scowled at her prey.

Once more, Emi refused to speak, communicating instead in a series of grunts and snorts. She pulled down Maou's underwear and began sniffing his erection, her cheeks growing red as she rubbed her nose along his shaft. Maou began leaking pre-cum as the beautiful, angry girl in front of him caressed his penis.

Emi then began to suck on it, her lips happily pursed around his tip as she began masturbating.

"Emi, do you actually like…"

Emi flashed her teeth, hovering them millimeters above Maou's dick, and he instantly shut up. Properly satisfied with his silence, Emi went back to sucking him off, her other hand freely working her soaking wet pussy lips as she pleasured herself.

This time, Emi didn't suck Maou off until he came. Rather, she pulled away from Maou's cock with a loud pop, her pale, pink lips pursed together, a string of spit hanging between her mouth and Maou's urethra. Emi then sat up, still holding onto Maou's shaft as she lifted up her skirt, showing off her damp pantyhose, a thick, dark spot in between her legs.

"E-Emi, what are you…"

Emi rubbed Maou's thick shaft between her thighs. Maou could feel the outline of her pussy lips against his cock, and he squirted out some pre-cum onto his own belly as he felt the hot, wet fabric around her labia pressing against him. Emi was already quite erect, her small, hard clitoris squeezed against the tip of his cock. Their two glandes "kissed" briefly, with only the thin flesh-colored partition of Emi's hose separating them.

Emi was drooling now, and she leaned in to make out with Maou again. Maou's erection became even harder as he grabbed onto Emi's body, and he began thrusting his cock against Emi's thighs without thinking.

Emi began to purr and moan as she continued to kiss Maou, her hands tenderly tousling his hair as she loudly slobbered against his lips. Finally pulling away, she pulled her blouse open, showing off her tits. Maou began to blush, struggling to control himself as his erection came close to bursting.

Then, in a sudden move, Emi placed her hands on her thighs and tore apart the thin fabric around them, ripping a giant hole in her pantyhose. Her ripe, dark-pink pussy lips and hairy purple bush were now completely visible, gleaming as the burnished light of the setting sun danced on the thick dewdrops collected along her labia.

Shoving Maou down in the grass with her hand, Emi climbed on top of his crotch and set herself on top of his dick, shoving her hips down as she fit him inside her, uttering a yowl of pain.

Maou shuddered, staring at Emi in shock as she took her own virginity. She forced herself to straddle him, riding him even as it stung. Emi's pussy tightened around his cock, and Maou uttered a weak cry as he felt an all-encompassing warmth enveloping his cock for the second time that day.

Maou threw his head back and came with abandon inside Emi, busting his nut inside her as she shuddered and felt the heat inside her. Her pussy began to shake, and she suddenly squirted all over the base of Maou's cock as the two came at the same time, their shuddering bodies coming together and forming a single cresting wave.

Emi leaned in against Maou's body and kissed him for the third and last time, her hands running along his hair as she rubbed her leaking pussy along his legs. The two kissed passionately along the grass, their sweaty, throbbing bodies hanging closely together.

When finally, Emi was finished, she slapped Maou across the face, glaring angrily at him.


Shaking her stuffed pussy lips in his face one last time, she then pulled her skirt back down over her legs and got up, storming out of the park with semen dribbling down her legs.

"Welcome home, Master."

Suzuno greeted Maou on all fours, her kimono raised over her waist. Like Chiho, she hadn't bothered wearing any underwear, and her furry blue muff was now directly in Maou's face.

Maou stared at Suzuno's damp slit and grew erect again with an exasperated look on his face.

"Suzuno, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me th—"

Suzuno ignored Maou and stood up to kiss him. There was a considerable height difference between the two, and Suzuno stood up on her tiptoes to embrace Maou.

Pulling away, Suzuno held Maou's cock in her fingers, admiring and caressing it with both her hands as she petted it like a valuable treasure.

"Suzuno, this is totally unnecessary, I…"

"Do you not like it? You grow more and more erect with every move I make. If you don't enjoy it, then feel free to tell me so."

"That's not it, I—"

"If you want to reject me as your lover, then I'll stop and never bother you again."

"That's not it either. I—"

"Very well, then."

Suzuno placed Maou's cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Maou moaned as the beautiful model of a housewife serviced him, her hands demurely playing with herself as she ate Maou's dick.

Once she was done prepping Maou, Suzuno lay back on the ground and raised her legs in the air. Taking her socks off, she then placed her bare feet on either side of Maou's erect cock and began to pleasure him with her toes.

"Suzuno, what are you doing!?"

Suzuno cocked her head, puzzled that Maou would even ask. "As a gesture of my total servility, I am pleasuring you with my feet, Sadao-dono. Every part of my body exists only for your pleasure, even my feet."

Suzuno pressed her small, well-shaped feet against Maou's cock, squeezing it between the balls of her feet. Her toes were long and smooth and round, forming a perfect arc along her feet as they sloped down, from her big toes down to her pinkies.

Suzuno's feet were pale, the pink in her soles so light that they looked almost white. She wiggled her toes, flexing them as she began using them to knead Maou's cock as well. Maou squealed, his penis bursting out a bit of pre-cum onto Suzuno's legs.

Suzuno pulled away, spreading her toes in Maou's face as she opened up her pussy lips.

"Sadao-dono, you may enter me now if you'd like."

Maou grabbed Suzuno by the thighs and rolled her back on the floor, raising her pussy lips into the air as he climbed on top of her and began plowing her. He gripped her legs, spreading them apart as he entered her, and Suzuno squealed as she felt her virginity taken away.

"You…you're actually…"

"You didn't believe me? How rude. I may have used my mouth to 'reward' subordinates for their hard work a few times, but I'm disappointed that you really thought of me as that kind of woman."

Suzuno suddenly began to shriek as Maou entered her again, her body shaking as Maou fucked her. Maou grabbed Suzuno's legs again, wrapping his hands around her slender ankles, and pushed her soles into his face, sniffing them as he fucked her.

"S-Sadao-dono, could it be that you genuinely get off on feet?"

Suzuno shrieked again, arcing her back as she shot a stream of pussy juice from her urethra onto the tatami floor. Maou grunted and came inside Suzuno, filling her pussy up as his hips twitched. Suzuno groaned, her insides stretching as she felt herself get filled up. Even after Maou had finally finished up inside her, he continued to bury his face in Suzuno's feet.

"S-Sadao-dono, do you really like my feet that much?"

Maou continued to kiss Suzuno's feet, sniffing them some more before sucking and licking her toes. Suzuno began playing with herself, her body twitching as she felt Maou's slippery tongue tickling her sensitive feet.

"V-Very well, I'll keep that in mind next time, Sadao-dono. P-Please indulge yourself on my feet, if you so d-desire."

Maou continued to eat out Suzuno's toes, his flaccid cock gradually growing harder again, when he was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

Without waiting for an answer, the door burst open, and Chiho and Emi barged in, their hands on their hips as they angrily regarded Maou and Suzuno fucking on the floor.

Maou raised his head and stared at the two girls. They had come for dinner at his house, even though it wasn't the weekend. He had a feeling that their group dinners were going to become a lot more frequent from now on.

The war over Maou's dick had begun.