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The Demon and the Dancer

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/In the studio/

“Hobi! Get up!” Hoseok groans at the sound of his best friend's voice ringing in his ears. He understood why he was being loud but it's unreasonable to yell in his ear.

“Jimin-ah. If you yell like that, how am I supposed to hear the music when I dance?” The elder asks jokingly. Jimin slaps his shoulder in response, grinning at his hyung’s fake hurt gasp.

“Learn how to control your strength Minnie.” Hoseok teases, standing up from his spot against the mirror.

“Learn how to pick your song the night before.” Jimin fires back, straightening out his hood.

“Speaking of which, did you pick a song?” Hoseok asks, checking the time on his phone.

“I told Suga hyung we'd do a song he wanted.”

“You're whipped for your boyfriend.”

“Shut up!” Jimin retorts, frowning. Hoseok laughs before putting space between him and the younger in case he had to run.

“So did hyung answer?” He asks as the younger’s phone vibrates.

“Is that Yoongi hyung?” Jimin shakes his head no, scrolling through something.

“You remember that Q&A video you did last week?” Jimin asks, sitting down with his back leaning against the wall mirror.

“Yeah. What’s going on?”

“Someone started the hashtag ‘HopeJin’ with a link to the video, quoting the joke you made about Kim Seokjin.” Jimin explains, showing his phone Hoseok.

“So it’s got a lot of retweets? Nothing’s gonna happen.” Hoseok shrugs, laughing. Hoseok picks up his water bottle, sipping from it.

“Seokjin sunbaenim responded.” Hoseok nearly got strangled on his water, shocked to his core.

“What did he say?!” Hoseok yells, grabbing Jimin’s shoulders.

“Calm down or I won’t be able to read it.” Jimin complains, staring down at his phone. Hoseok lightens the grip he has on the younger’s shoulders, waiting as patiently as possible.

“He says, ‘If I like his dancing, I’ll hit him up.’ with a smiley face at the end. There are tons of comments vouching for you too.” Jimin teases, grinning at the shocked elder.

The Kim Seokjin is considering taking dance lessons from me?” Hoseok mumbles, still unbelieving of the situation.

“Are you okay hyung? Can you record today?” Jimin asks, very concerned for his friend. Hoseok shakes his head, which is still trying to process the news.

“I think I’ll postpone it until tomorrow.” Hoseok mutters and Jimin nods, standing up.

“Should I drive us home today? You don’t look well.”

“Please do Minnie.” At that Jimin laughs, Hoseok chuckling a little with him.