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Allways a place at this table

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Will is starting to sweat and his desperation are starting to make his voice crack as if he were a teenager.
“Hannibal, you can’t go to California!  Do you want us to get caught! OR WORSE, be separated for the rest of our lives by death or..”
Will doesn’t get to finish his sentence as his husband turns to him and puts down his Ipad and takes his hand.

”No my love, we will never be separated and I won’t go. It’s only a silly competition and I would clearly win and be noticed immediately.� Hannibal kisses Will and gets up from the sofa, he heads towards the kitchen flexing his arms as he begins to think about dinner as well as planning to decorate his dining room table to the Nth degree tonight.

Will picks up the Ipad which shows an article about the LA County Fair and the tablescaping competition. He thanks the heavens that Hannibal isn’t going to enter, but silently agrees that it would have been something to see. He goes to the kitchen and offers to help, maybe in 10 years or so they could actually go-as his husband is fond of saying patience’s is a virtue.