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Cherry and Atticus Visit Monster High

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It was a regular day at school so far with nothing really going on. Atticus and Mo were glad to be back in school, but they already missed the X-Mansion and everyone in it, but Drell promised them that someday they would go back. Even Cherry wanted to, especially after the corruption she had underwent and felt so bad for it, though everyone else had already moved on from it, but soon enough, they would go to Monster High.

"Guys, I'm really, really, really, really, really, REALLY-" Cherry said.

"ENOUGH!" Atticus told her. "We forgive you already, you don't have to apologize!"

"But I really am sorry!" Cherry replied. "I could've really messed up the X-Men!"

"But you didn't." Atticus said.

"Buuut!" Cherry frowned.

Mo soon pinched her lips shut. "Cherry, we know, you're sorry, but it's over, move on, besides, Drell has a surprise for you..."

"If it ends up with me in the hospital, I'm not sure I want it." Cherry muttered.

"Oh, trust us," Patch said. "You'll want it."

"Why does the dog go to school again?" Cherry complained.

"Stop complaining about my dog..." Atticus pouted. "You okay, Patch? You looked really dizzy during that pop quiz earlier."

"I'm alright." Patch said.

"Can't say I blame him, that quiz came out of nowhere." Mo agreed.

"I can't believe I memorized the fractions, I hate those more than anything!" Cherry added.

"I know." Atticus said.

They soon came into Cherry's house since Michelle was baking today and would have some desserts out. Cherry saw a tray of Michelle's pink lemonade bars and soon reached out to take one.

"Don't even think about it." Michelle said.

"Uh! Bad Atticus, you know my mother is using these for the Bake Sale!" Cherry scolded her best friend.

"Really?" Atticus asked, unimpressed.

"Hi, kids," Michelle smiled. "Sorry, I'm just having one of my days. Also, Cherry, Drell is in your room."

"YOU LET HIM INTO MY ROOM?!" Cherry asked before running to her bedroom in a panic. "BURN EVERYTHING!"

"Wow." Mo said.

Drell sat on Cherry's chair which was in the corner beside the motivational quote that was on the wall before he looked to see her.

"What did you touch?!" Cherry panicked as she checked her room before holding her childhood teddy bear in a tight hug.

"Just this chair I'm in." Drell said.

"Moooom!" Cherry cried out.

"It's okay, Cherry, he's not hurting anything!" Michelle called back as Atticus and Mo were on their way to the bedroom.

Cherry groaned as she soon flopped onto her bed as she was not liking after school today so far.

"Well, you four are going to be able to go to Monster High." Drell said.

"That doesn't excuse you to come into my room!" Cherry complained.

"Anyway, it won't just be your first time there, it'll be Draculaura's first day as well..." Drell told them. "I'm pretty sure you can tell who she's related to. Many students in Monster High are the sons and daughters of very popular and famous monsters."

"I know." Cherry said.

"Well then, if you're so smart, why don't you tell us everything?" Drell folded his arms.

"This should be interesting." Patch said.

"It's a monster school..." Cherry simply said like it was obvious.

"Oh, right." Drell groaned.

Cherry didn't say anything else, but shrugged, at least they were going along since she's been dying to go to Monster High, especially since they went to Professor Xavier's school last time for Atticus, though it was mostly for all of them to master their special abilities.

"So, you all ready?" Drell asked.

"Might as well be, luckily we got our homework done, so take us to this Monster High." Mo replied.

"Alright then." Drell said.

They were then going off and were going to visit Monster High.

"Cherry, you seemed to get along with Draculaura okay." Drell commented.

"Yeah, she's cool..." Cherry replied. "Just surprised that Dracula had another daughter."

"I know." Drell said.

When they came into the part of the world where Monster High was, it was dark as night and there were bats around, though they were actually just Draculaura and her father practicing their flight.

"You wanna join them?" Drell asked.

"I can't turn into a bat." Cherry replied.

"Or can you?" Drell smirked.

"I can't..." Cherry's eyes widened. "Forte doesn't turn into a bat, so neither do I."

"Think like a bat." Drell said.

Cherry glanced at him before she shut her eyes and put her hands together, though she felt for sure that she wouldn't turn into a bat since she's never done it before, but to her surprise, she was able to turn into a bat. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in the sky, flapping her wings. She then looked down to see everyone before looking woozy and fell like a stone then.

"She looked down." Drell face-palmed.

"CHERRY!" Atticus cried out.

Cherry was about to have a hard landing, only for Draculaura to see her and then decided to zip in and catch Cherry on her back while flying.

"Whew." Mo sighed.

Draculaura soon came to the ground and turned back to her normal form and Cherry seemed to do the same while in the vampire girl's arms. Cherry groaned as she soon woke up, blinking a few times before regaining her vision.

"First time flyer, huh?" Draculaura asked with a giggle. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"I hope so." Cherry groaned.

Draculaura soon set Cherry down on the ground. Cherry soon took a breath and settled down.

"Cherry, that was amazing." Patch said.

"That wasn't flying..." Cherry replied. "That was... Falling with style."

"Yeah, but you still turned into a bat." Patch smiled.

"See? I told you you could do it." Drell said to Cherry.

"What brings you all to this neck of the wood?" Draculaura asked.

"We're here to visit Monster High," Drell told the teenage vampire girl. "Aren't you a little too young to be out on your own?"

"I'm almost 1600 years old!" Draculaura folded her arms with a pout.

"Oh, right." Drell said.

Another bat soon flew over before turning into Dracula.

Dracula gasped and stood in front of his daughter in concern. "Look out, dear, those are humans!"

"Uh, no, no, we're not." Mo chuckled modestly.

"Dracula, don't you recognize most of this group?" Drell asked.

"Wait a minute..." Dracula replied. "Oh, it's you, Drell, and those students of yours that Sibella knows from Ghoul School. I'm sorry, it's been a while."

"Yeah, it really has," Atticus smiled. "And don't worry about Sibella, she's in good hands in school."

"Um, right, nothing bad happened after you guys left the school after the Open House." Patch added nervously, deciding not to mention Revolta.

"You sure?" Dracula asked.

Patch smiled nervously before sighing. "Okay, don't be mad at Shaggy and Scooby, but there was a little problem after you guys left the Open House..."

"What sort of problem?" Dracula asked.

"Revolta and the Grim Creeper kidnapped the girls along with Atticus, but we managed to rescue them and as for Revolta and the Grim Creeper; they are long gone." Patch said.

"It's not Shaggy and Scooby's fault though," Cherry added. "But as you can tell, Sibella and the others were saved."

"So I see..." Dracula replied. "I suppose I can't stay mad at you all."

"That's a relief." Patch smiled.

"Did you know about this?" Dracula asked.

"No, I wasn't anywhere near the school back then." Drell defended.

"He's right." Atticus said.

"Did you and Glynis make up?" Dracula whispered to the warlock.

"Seems that way so far..." Drell smiled nervously at the mention of his sister. "I guess I kinda owe her for getting Sarah Sanderson nearly hung with Mary and Winnie."

"You sure do." Cherry said.

"Cherry, just, just go away, please, thank you..." Drell turned her body around and moved her against Atticus, Mo, and Patch.

"Come inside, you can stay with me." Dracula allowed them to.

"We're actually here to visit Monster High." Patch informed.

"Monster High?" Dracula and Draculaura asked.

"Whoops... I accidentally sent us to back before there was a Monster High..." Drell face-palmed himself.

"You what?!" Mo gasped.

"I must've messed up something in my magic..." Drell rubbed his head.

"Great, more time travel." Cherry fluttered her lips.

"Maybe I should try it this time." Atticus said.

"Go ahead, Atticus, wow me." Drell replied.

Atticus soon used his own magic to take them to a time where Monster High already existed and many students had attended there, and where he was successful in getting them there in the right time.

"Okay... You wowed me..." Drell blinked to Atticus as they were now in front of Monster High. "Now we just have to find the Headmistress."

"She should be easy to find, right?" Mo asked.

"Yes, the Headmistress's office is usually the easiest to spot..." Drell replied as he led them to the office door before knocking.

"Just a moment, just need to get my head on straight!" A female voice called back.

"No rush, Nora!" Drell replied.

"Get her head on straight?" Patch asked out of confusion.

"Oh, Patch, it's just an expression," Mo replied. "We're probably earlier than she expected."

"Heh... Funny story about that..." Drell smiled sheepishly.

"She's literally getting her head on straight." Atticus said as he looked through the door with his X-Ray vision.

"Yes... You see... The Headmistress is the daughter of the Headless Horseman." Drell informed.

"She is?!" Atticus, Cherry, Mo, and Patch gasped.

"Come in!" The woman's voice said.

Drell soon prevented the group from escaping and shoved them into the office door, making them fall on top of each other on the floor of the woman's office.

"Good day," The Headmistress greeted. "I am Headmistress Bloodgood. You must be Cherry Butler, Atticus Fudo, Monique Brown, and Patch Pongo."

"That's us." The group said.

"Welcome to my school," Headmistress Bloodgood told them as they soon stood up. "I know you're not monsters, but Drell has told me about special abilities you each have, so you can become honorary transfer students."

"I'm a familiar." Patch smiled proudly.

"Just be sure you stay close to Atticus, I can see you two are good friends, after all, dog is man's best friend, though I prefer my horse." Headmistress Bloodgood replied.

"We can tell." Mo said.

"Drell, what exactly brings you to Monster High?" Headmistress Bloodgood asked the warlock.

"I, uh, sorta promised one of these kids I'd let her come as a reward and birthday present during our last journey." Drell replied.

"And you are good with your promises." Headmistress Bloodgood said.

"Don't mention it..." Drell rubbed his arm nervously.

"I should get a student to show you around..." Headmistress Bloodgood replied as she then reached for a file to find a good, loyal, and obedient student to trust with them during their visit.

Atticus looked around and saw a poster which caught his attention, it was for something called Graveball. "What's Graveball?" he then asked and wondered about the mentioned sport.

"It's kinda like this school's version of football." Drell told him with a smile.

"Awesome." Atticus smiled back.

"Hmm... Perhaps Ghoulia Yelps?" Headmistress Bloodgood pondered. "Such a responsible girl... Very smart for a zombie."

"We've met her and some other monsters in Halloween Town." Cherry said.

"Ghoulia might be suitable then..." Headmistress Bloodgood replied before calling the zombie girl into her office.

"This is going to be great." Patch said.

Ghoulia soon came into the office with a questioning groan.

"Yes, Miss Yelps, I would like you to show these kind people around the school." Headmistress Bloodgood replied to her.

"Hi, Ghoulia." Cherry greeted.

Ghoulia beamed and ran to Cherry to hug her. Cherry grunted and felt squished in the hug. Ghoulia smiled to Cherry after letting go and then hugged Atticus. After the hugs, she soon started to show them around the school.