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The Accountant in the Blue Suit

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“I’m calling it, now. He’s going to walk out to the current chart topper, wink, and turn around as the lights black out and reveal his logo. Because who needs subtlety?”


“I-I don’t think so. Jared promised he would keep this release party more low-key than the last one.” 


“And miss out on prime opportunity to stroke his ego? Sorry, Ev. I haven’t known Jared for as long as you have, but I know him well enough to know it’s go big or go home with him.” 


“Sure, Jared can be a little over the top at times, but-” 


“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Kleinman Corporations is honored to cater to your presence on this momentous night, as we reveal the most state-of-the-art line of technology to date. Please give a round of applause to the owner and CEO of Kleinman Corporations, Jared Kleinman!” 


“…damn it, Jared.”


The grand hall’s lights dimmed until only a the raised platform in the center of the room was illuminated. Effect smoke rose in lazy spirals until it was hard to differentiate between the stage and the floor beneath it. Just as Zoe had predicted, ‘My House’ blared over the speakers as Jared’s silhouette appeared on the stage. The brunet confidently strode up to the lip of the stage and winked at the slightly swooning women. He turned as the stage went dark and the sharp ‘Kleinman Corporations’ logo projected against a white backdrop. 


Evan heard Zoe release a low whistle beside him. He turned as the blonde raised an impressed eyebrow. 


“I think the smoke was a really nice touch. Really adds something to the presentation, don’t you think?” She whispered to the blue eyed man, trying to hide her amused smile. Evan bit his lip to keep his chuckles from escaping. 


“I talked him out of using pyrotechnics, but of course he’d find a way around it.” He whispered back, training his eyes on his friend as he commanded the stage with unshakable showmanship. Zoe quickly put a hand to her mouth as her bright laughter escaped. 


“Is that rule in place because of the presentation in Vegas?” She asked lightly as her azure eyes sparkled with mischief. 


“W-We don’t talk about Vegas anymore. That was a nightmare.” The blond rubbed his temples, as if trying to expel the memory of what had been a truly spectacular mess of a night. They still weren’t allowed back at The Palazzo. Zoe laughed and bumped Evan’s shoulders playfully. 


“Oh, common. You don’t find it even a little bit funny that Jared lit his newest laptop on fire-”


“Do you know how much paperwork I had to do after that? That’s not even my job and- you know, Jared’s talking right now and we should really be focused on this presentation and how well it’s going instead of-” 


“Sorry! I didn’t mean to stress you out. The presentation is lovely, but I’m sure that’s all Alana’s doing.” Zoe murmured softly, a small smile playing across her pink lips. Evan raised an eyebrow in a silent question of, “You obviously have the hots for the Vice President, can you stop acting like a besotted middle schooler and ask her out, already?” Of course, he would never say that to her. He of all people knew how hard it was to work up the courage to ask someone out. Not that he thought anyone could ever possible turn down Zoe Murphy. 


Zoe had started working at Kleinman Corporations about a year ago as Alana Beck’s personal assistant. Evan, as the head accountant for the company, had one of the prime offices in the building. This meant his office was seated next to the best snack machine and coffee bar the company had to offer. At around nine every morning, Zoe would pour herself and Alana something from the Keurig, grab a snack from the machine, and be on her way. 


Evan had only seen the woman in passing and had found her laid back personality endearing. She also looked really pretty with indigo streaks in her hair. Not that he’d ever admit it, of course. When he had heard the frustrated growl and reverberating bang on the snack machine glass, the man had seen it as his opportunity to rescue her snack and maybe introduce himself. 


The scenario went so much better in his head. What actually ended up happening was the machine slat snapping down on Evan’s bicep and refusing to let go. It took Zoe and three other concerned coworkers to release the demon machine’s hold on him. As mortifying as that experience had been, the blond couldn’t really complain. Being trapped in a snack machine gave him ample time to talk to the personal assistant, and they became fast friends. The two would hang out after work and on the weekends, Zoe lamenting on how cute Alana looked that day and Evan on the shenanigans Jared pulled around the office.


“Thank God, Jared’s almost done with the ego fest.” Zoe whispered as Jared blew a few more kisses to the cheering audience before exiting the stage. Evan rolled his eyes at his friend’s antics and turned back to the blonde. 


“That wasn’t nearly as long as the last one, and the crowd seemed fairly receptive to the new merchandise. Alana’s going to have her hands full with the business partners, tonight.” He replied. 


“Alana can handle it.” Zoe responded affectionately. The blond bit his lip and nodded. He wished he had the ability to coerce and lead the way the V.P. could. The dark skinned woman had this way about her. She was always two steps ahead, ready to direct and achieve in any way she saw fit, but always with a smile that convinced the most skeptical. Evan didn’t know when she found the time to sleep, but he figured that was the enigma that was Alana Beck. 


“If she has free time, y-you should offer to dance with her.” Evan said, cheeks coloring slightly. Zoe bit her lip and averted her eyes. 


“That’d be inappropriate for a work function, and you know it.” She mumbled as she tucked a golden strand behind her ear.


“Or, you can wait till this party is in full swing and everyone is spectacularly drunk, and I’ll look the other way.” Jared suddenly appeared from behind the pair, slinging his arms around their shoulders. Zoe rolled her eyes and shrugged off the invasive hand. 


“I feel like you’re trying to butter me up so I’ll buy you that ‘Best Boss’ mug you email me about every other day.” The blonde said with a knowing smile.  


“You would not be wrong.” Jared gave Evan’s arm a parting squeeze and turned his attention on the blond man. 


“You enjoying the party, Ev?” The blue eyed man stuttered out a couple of syllables before Jared jumped back in. “I think you’d enjoy it even more if you took advantage of the open bar.” 


“You know I don’t drink, it doesn’t go well with the medication-” 


“You’re twenty-eight and have never had a one night stand, live a little!” 


“Jared! I told you that in confidence!” 


“Mr. Kleinman, we have some very interested investors looking to discuss the possibility of growing their stock in the company.” Evan swore he saw the clouds part and the angels sing as Alana appeared to pull Jared away for business. She brushed off his excuses to harass Evan a little more and firmly grabbed him by the arm. The blond mouthed a thank you and Alana shot him a sympathetic wink over her shoulder. Evan turned back to Zoe with a sigh.


“P-Please tell me you didn’t hear that.” He stuttered and stared down at his shiny dress shoes. Zoe chuckled and placed a warm hand on his shoulder.


“Usually, I wouldn’t agree with Jared… but I think he has a point.”


“W-What?!” Evan shouted, earning him a few curious glances. He quickly averted his gaze and hunched in on himself. Zoe stepped in front of him to block the taller male from probing eyes. 


“You’ve been more high-strung than usual. Maybe a roll in the hay could do you some good.” Zoe said as she leaned in with a hushed voice.  Evan felt like his face was on fire. He wanted to grab the cool drink from a passing waiter and bring it to his face, but he felt like that would be taking things too far. Instead, he looked at the space above Zoe’s left shoulder.


“I-I can’t d-do that! I-I’m not going to sleep with some s-stranger who could be carrying God knows what kind of diseases, and-and-and let’s say I do take someone home, you have to talk to them after, and-and wait for them to put their clothes on and leave. What if they decide to stay after the deed, do I have to cuddle with them? What if I don’t want to cuddle with them?-”


“Slam on the brakes, Ev! First of all, you called it the deed, that’s probably why you aren’t getting laid regularly in the first place. Secondly, use a condom, that prevents the spread of a lot those icky diseases you don’t want to wake up with. Lastly, just go to their house and leave whenever the hell you want.” Zoe said confidently, as if she had experience in this area. Evan took a deep breath and ran a hand through his lightly gelled hair. 


“You make it sound so easy, Zo.” Her lips quirked and she looked up at the older male.


“That’s because it is. You just need to put yourself out there. I’d even take some harmless flirting with a cute stranger. Can you do that for me? Can you flirt with a cute stranger, tonight?” Evan chuckled and wrapped the shorter woman in a hug. 


“I think I can do that, but only if you dance with Alana.” He bargained. The blonde let out a put upon groan and turned her eyes heavenward. 


“You drive a hard bargain, Evan Hansen, but I’m determined to get you laid. You’ve got yourself a deal.” Zoe held out a neatly manicured hand. Evan smiled and gave the woman’s hand a firm shake. 




“Now, off to the bar with you. Go buy some lucky girl a drink and lay on your awkward, adorable charm. Or better yet, let a cute boy buy you a drink and lay on your awkward, adorable charm.” 


“I’m pretty sure Jared said it was an open bar-” Zoe turned the blond around and shoved him in the direction of the bar with a hoot of ‘go get ‘em, tiger!’ 


Evan could feel his hands start to clam up slightly the closer he got to the bar. His anxiety had become more manageable over the years, but he still had his bad days. He couldn’t have imagined coming to a party like this as a high schooler, so he took his victories where he could get them. Taking his seat, he played with the edge of a napkin and looked down the row of chairs. An older couple was talking quietly to themselves, while a woman in a skimpy red dress shot him an appreciative look. The blond could admit, if just to himself, that he looked good tonight. He wore a fitted navy blue suit that hugged his lean waist and lightly muscled arms. Evan’s face colored at her attention and he turned back to the fraying napkin. The woman was beautiful, sure, but not his type. Maybe if he didn’t look at her, she’d turn her attentions elsewhere. 


The blond looked toward the dance floor, hoping to see Zoe and Alana spinning around carelessly and happily. He was disappointed to find Alana socializing with the several attending board members. He caught her eye and she gave him a knowing wink before turning back to her conversation. Sighing, he let his eyes lazily scan the room. Having gone over the business part of the release, couples were pairing up to dance and drink and actually enjoy the remainder of the evening. 


Evan rubbed his silk tie between his fingers. He could see the ends of Zoe’s burgundy dress as she was twirled around by an overly enthusiastic man. She caught his eyes and mouthed ‘help me!’ before she was turned again. Evan chuckled and rose from his seat to get a better view of his best friend’s distress. The blond could just make out her blonde locks when he locked eyes with a tall stranger across the room. His shoulder length brown hair was pulled back in a bun, highlighting his high cheekbones and straight nose. Evan quickly turned away to hide his mounting blush. Figures, he would find someone who was just his type but definitely out of his league at a party like this. 


Zoe was lost to the crowd of dancers, so Evan turned back to the bar and ordered some retro drink Jared was always trying to shove his way. He winced as the alcohol burned its way down his throat and warmed in his belly. The blond managed to choke back a few more gulps when a heavy hand settled on his shoulder. The strong stench of alcohol met his nose before he even turned. Anxiety began to settle uncomfortably in his stomach, and he took a deep breath before turning to greet the unwelcome intrusion. 


Glassy, brown eyes stared down hungrily at the shorter man, and Evan couldn’t conceal the shiver that ran down his spine and made the hair on his arms stand on end. He leaned back in his chair to put some distance between himself and the newcomer.


“M-Mr. Alder! H-How are you doing t-this evening?” He stuttered more than usual. The handsome man didn’t seem to notice, only leaning in closer to get a better look at the blond. 


“Call me Roman, please. And I’m doing much better now that I’ve found some interesting company.” He answered, charming as ever. Roman Alder, one of the top software designers in the industry, was a notorious love-‘em-and-leave-‘em player who frequented parties all around New York. Evan knew better than to fool around with the likes of this man, but shaking off his attention once he found new prey would be tricky. Maybe he could introduce Alder to the red dress just a few seats down? 


“Oh…great.” Evan mustered as much pseudo flattery as he could, but he was pretty sure he just barely grit his teeth together. He tried to hide the fact that he was nervously worrying the hem of his designer suit. 


“I’ve seen you around these Kleinman parties. Kevin, right?” He gave the blond a perfect, white smile. 


“E-Evan, actually. Hansen. Evan Hansen. I, uhh. I’m the Head Accountant for Kleinman Corps.” The cerulean eyed man responded and quickly took a drink of whatever the bartender gave him. Roman shook his head and ran a hand through his neatly coiffed brown hair.


“Of course, my mistake.” Placing a daring hand on the blond’s thigh, he gave it a testing squeeze. Evan tensed and tried to subtly remove the probing appendage. “So, Evan…” He tried to ignore the lusty undertone Roman exuded.


“What do accountants do for fun when they aren’t crunching numbers?” Evan hunched his shoulders and ran a quick hand over his face before waving to try and illustrate a point. 


“W-Well, my friend, Zoe and I, we like to go to Broadway shows together, and I like visiting Central Park to look at the trees-”


“I was thinking more in terms of… carnal pastimes.” Alder purred, hand growing more persistent. Evan was about to jump out of his seat and head to the nearest bathroom stall to hide when Roman was suddenly pulled back by a large hand. 


“Roman! The bartenders should really know when to cut you off at this point. Why don’t you lay your drunken charm on that beautiful woman at the end of the bar? Or better yet, why don’t you do everyone here a favor and kindly fuck off, entirely?” The amiable voice said, his tone hardly disguising his revolution toward the man. Alder turned and gave the stranger a sneer. 


Evan blinked in surprise. Tall, dark, and out of his league was now playing the role of knight in shining designer clothing. Up close, he could see his piercing blue eyes, his left eye containing a small patch of brown. The blond swallowed, wanting in equal parts to thank the man and run as far away as he could before he made a fool of himself. 


“Connor, don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt? And I was having such a nice conversation with Evan, here.” Connor’s steely gaze snapped to Evan’s and softened. Evan could only sink lower in his seat, shocked to have the brunet’s full attention on him. He gave the blond a subtle wink before turning back to Evan’s inebriated tormentor. 


“Do all of your nice conversations involve your partners looking abhorrently repulsed? That’s putting it mildly, too.” Connor answered quickly, shooting Evan a lopsided smile. The accountant couldn’t stop the airy giggle that escaped his mouth. “Or could I maybe interest Evan here in the story about what happened in L.A. a few months back? You know, the one where you ended up on the wrong side of the tracks with that stripper from Kentucky-”


“Keep your nose out of my business, asshole.” Roman looked between the two before muttering something unsavory about being cockblocked and went to find another unfortunate soul to prey on. Evan let out sigh he didn’t realize he was holding and couldn’t help but laugh. Connor gave him a bright smile and took the now vacated seat next to the blond.


“W-Wow, um. Thanks!” Evan mumbled and stared at his drink, running his fingers along a trail of condensation. Connor ordered a drink and took a small swig before answering.


“No problem, man. Nothing brightens my day more than ruining Alder’s. You alright, by the way? I saw him getting a little handsy.” He asked, eyebrows furrowing in concern. 


“Oh, I’m fine, really! If you wouldn’t have come, which don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad you came! I would have probably hidden in the bathroom for the rest of the party.” Evan confessed, cheeks tinting. He turned to face the handsome man when he chuckled slightly and raised his glass to toast the accountant. 


“Solid plan. It’s 89.4% effective, in my experience.”


“I-I have a feeling that was sarcasm.” 


“You’d be right. Almost everything I say has a hint of sarcasm, but I like to think I filter it effectively enough for formal gatherings.” 


“How do you think you’re doing, tonight?”


“I give myself a solid five out of ten.” 


“Fifty percent. Are you holding back?”


“Only because you’re cute.” 


Why did Connor have to compliment him when he had just taken a sip of his drink. The alcohol burned as Evan sputtered and wiped his mouth on his frayed napkin. The brunet rubbed his back gently and removed Evan’s glass from his hand.


“Woah, sorry! That’s probably the last thing you want to hear after Roman.” Connor looked downtrodden as he removed his hand and stared angrily at his drink. Evan hated knowing he put that look in the man’s eye and quickly brought his hands up in a placating gesture. 


“N-No! Totally my fault! It just caught me off guard! I don’t drink that often becauseitmesseswithmymedication. Sorry!” The blond responded so quickly Connor had to lean in to try and pick apart the sentence. 


“I didn’t quite catch that.”


“Sorry.” The accountant replied bashfully. 


“You apologize a lot.” Evan bit his lip. “You want to say it again, don’t you?”


“Very much so, yes.”


“You’d be great in customer service.” Connor said with a chuckle. The blond rubbed the back of his neck and grinned up at the taller man.


“Looks like my skills are being wasted in accounting, then.” The brunet smiled and raised a brow, as if to say continue. “I-I’m the Head Accountant for Kleinman Corp. Jared and I have been family friends for years, I’m not surprised I ended up working for him. He used to make jokes when we were younger, about how I would end up washing his car, so…” Evan trailed off. 


“I could see you as more of Kleinman’s babysitter than car washer.”


“That’s Alana’s job, and I don’t envy her for it.” Connor chuckled, a rich, deep sound that made Evan’s face light up. The brunet ordered them another round of drinks, and Evan scrunched his nose at the thought of having to consume another alcoholic beverage. The drink was pushed gently into his hands.


“It’s an Amaretto Sour. It’s easier on the tastebuds than what you were drinking earlier.” Evan stared banefully at the brightly colored concoction. “Trust me.” He turned and found Connor’s eyes held nothing but sincerity. Sighing, Evan took a tentative sip from the glass. This time, the blond was able to swallow his drink much easier, the aftertaste of Amaretto gliding easily on his tongue. “What’d I tell you?” Connor said with a crooked smile. 


“So, in your free time, you recommend alcoholic drinks to inexperienced people like me?” Evan asked, feeling more confident than he had all night. This beautiful man was giving him the time of day and even recommending what drinks to try, he figured he better ride this high before his anxiety set back in and he remembered where he was and who he was talking to. 


“Was that sass? I didn’t think you had it in you.” The brunet laughed and slapped the blond on the back. “This might come as shocking, but I’m a graphic designer when I’m not recommending alcohol to virgin drinkers.” 


“Wait, don’t tell me you’re the person who designed the new Kleinman Corp. logo and did all the advertising designs?” Evan asked, turning to fully face the man.


“That’d be me.” He responded humbly. 


“I always told Jared his old logo looked like two dogs fighting each other, your new one looks so much better!” That caused Connor to throw his head back and laugh. 


“I thought I was the only one who saw it! My sister thought I was high when I told her the same thing!’ 


And just like that, the ice was broken. The two steadfastly sat at the bar and talked into the late hours of the night, as the dancers retired and the lights dimmed. Connor regaled Evan with stories of his college days and starting his business, while Evan enthusiastically shared stories of the mishaps of working with someone as eccentric as Jared. The brunet listened with rapt attention as Evan spoke fondly of his love for nature and trees, and of how he would someday like to pursue having his own backyard filled with greenery. After a few drinks, Connor confided in the blond that he got some of his best ideas when he was high. He almost fell out of his chair from laughter when Evan reprimanded him for ‘smoking drugs.’  All in all, as much as Evan dreaded coming to these types of parties, he was glad Jared had insisted on him attending. 


The blond looked down at his watch and saw a bright 1:04am blinking back at him. Rubbing his eyes, he placed his mostly empty glass on the marble bar top and tried to stand. His vision swam and he had to clutch onto the nearest object to keep from falling on his face. Said object happened to be Connor’s muscled bicep. The brunet placed a warm hand over Evan’s and helped him keep his balance as his vision cleared. 


“I think you’re drunk….but I’m also very drunk, so who knows!” Connor said, standing as well. Evan giggled and wrapped his arms around the taller man. 


“I’m having such a great time!” Evan slurred slightly and took the brunet by the hand. “You know what’d be really fun, Con? Yo-You know what’d be just, so fun? Climbing a tree! I haven’t done that since…high school.” Evan’s faced dropped and he looked down at his polished shoes. Despite being hammered, Connor noticed the other man’s change in attitude and hooked a finger under Evan’s chin.


“Let’s do something a little less dangerous. I have a fully stocked bar back at my place, common! The party doesn’t have to stop just because the bartenders are kicking us out.” At that, he shot a less than intimidating glare at the bored bartenders who were cleaning up the till. Evan felt his face heat up lightly. This greek sculpture of a man was asking to take him back to his place. 


“Zoe is going to be soo proud of me.” He mumbled.


“What?” Connor asked, turning to face the smiling blond. 


“Let’s go back to your place.” Shrugging, Connor took the man by the hand and led him to the parking lot where a car was already waiting for them. The designer opened the door and climbed in after the blond. Evan watched as they pulled away from the curb and into the bustling night life of New York. Turning back, he saw the brunet staring at him with curiosity. Maybe it was the liquor coursing through his veins and clouding his head, or maybe it was the high of going home with the beautiful man in front of him, but Evan felt a burst of confidence he hadn’t felt in a long time. 


“Hey, Con?” He asked, leaning forward.




“Did you mean it when you said I was cute?” Connor raised an eyebrow.


“I may be sarcastic, but I’m truthful. You were the cutest guy at the party, tonight.” 


Evan doesn’t remember much of the car ride after that. He remembers soft lips and warm hands roaming hungrily at his body. The feeling of expensive leather against his back as Connor pushed him down and left angry red marks down his neck. Connor pulling him from the car and practically carrying him to the elevator, where Evan’s hips meet the unforgiving metal bar as Connor brings his body closer to his. The blond somehow managed to yank Connor’s hair tie free, releasing his wild curls so that Evan could pull and tug as he pleased.  


The couple reached Connor’s floor at some point, the details are pretty hazy for Evan. The designer quickly unlocked his door and pulled Evan inside, leaving him reeling. He didn’t bother to turn on the lights as he pulled Evan toward his exquisitely furnished bedroom, complete with a kingsized bed. Evan had just shrugged off his suit jacket when Connor was on him again, pulling him flush against his hard chest. The blond could feel Connor’s heart beating wildly through his chest. The brunet’s hands were all over him, on his shoulder blades, his waist, his hips. Evan moaned and canted his hips forward, feeling the brunet’s hard length pressed against his thigh invitingly. Connor bit at his lip before moving his hands to grope at the globes of Evan’s ass. This only made him melt more into the taller man’s chest. 




“For the love of God, get naked.” It’s practically growled into his ear, and his head is swimming and he feels hot. Evan’s pants are uncomfortably tight, and he brought his shaking hands to Connor's belt. Connor must have been impatient, because he swatted Evan’s hands away and removed it himself. He palmed at Evan’s cock, which was now straining against his pants. The blond bit his lip and moaned pitifully as Connor expertly rubbed a thumb over his leaking head. 


“I want to taste you.” He murmured against the shell of Evan’s ear. Evan was so distracted at that point, the words didn't register until Connor was dropping to his knees and undoing the button on his pants. He made quick work of the zipper and pulled down his slacks and underwear in one go, leaving Evan hard and exposed. Looking down into Connor’s blue eyes, ready and willing and so hungry, Evan couldn't help but run a hand through his soft locks and grab the back of neck. The brunet moaned as his hair was pulled and roughly palmed himself through his pants. Evan filed that detail away for later. Right now he had a handsome man on his knees who looked at him like a three-course meal. 


Connor spat in his hand and started to lazily pump the blond’s shaft, licking teasingly at the head. Evan’s already leaking, the pearly white liquid leaving a trail on Connor’s red, swollen lips. He wanted to come from just the sight alone, but steeled himself to not let the moment end prematurely. Connor was working on swallowing him whole, the soft gagging sounds making Evan weak at the knees. He gently kneaded his balls and rubbed a curious finger along his ass, lightly circling the digit around Evan’s puckered hole. 


“C-Con, I’m g-gonna…” There’s suddenly a hand clamped tightly around the base of his straining cock, making Evan gasp and look down. Connor had a mischievous look on his face, one that promised pleasure that had yet to come. 


“I want you naked and waiting patiently by the time I get back.” He said aloofly, exiting the room with purpose. Evan couldn't recall a time where he’s stripped faster. He felt a bit silly being naked in another person’s room, but Connor’s bed is soft and the sheets are cool against his heated skin. He allowed himself the luxury of laying down and turning his face into the pillow, his cock hard against his stomach. The blond bit his lip slightly as he brought a hand down to palm at himself, trying to relieve some of the pressure building in his stomach. This only helped to make him groan and buck up into his hand. Evan was brought back to reality by the tall silhouette standing in the doorway. 


“Do you know how beautiful you are, laid out on my bed and practically begging for me to fuck you?” Connor asked, rubbing teasing fingers along his proud erection. Evan blushed fiercely and tried to ignore how much the brunet’s words excited him. His cock twitched in agreement. Connor made his way over to the bed and dropped a knee on either side of the blond’s hips, effectively trapping him. Evan didn't mind as he brought his arms up to encase Connor. The brunet obliged and rained lazy kisses over Evan’s face, making him giggle. He made his way down Evan’s throat, kissing every red mark and swollen bite. He nipped playfully at Evan’s collarbones and licked delicate lines over his soft stomach. Connor gave Evan’s cock a kiss before placing his warm hands against the blond’s shaking thighs. 


“May I?” He asked, blue eyes pleading. Evan could only nod, not trusting his voice. Connor spread Evan’s legs gently and looked like he’d died and gone to heaven. Evan thought he heard Connor mumble ‘beautiful,’ but he’s so overwhelmed at that point that it’s hard to tell. Evan didn’t know when Connor grabbed lube, but there's suddenly an insistent finger against him, circling, trying to breach the tight ring of muscle. The blond yelped softly as the first finger pressed in. Connor immediately pulled the finger out and looked up at Evan. 


“I need you to relax for me, babe.” He said, bringing his mouth back to Evan’s member. He could barely remember his own name. Connor’s warm, wet mouth was surrounding him and making the most glorious noises. The brunet made quick work of fingering him open after that. Evan threw his head back and moaned loudly as Connor hit something inside him that had him seeing stars. He stared down in wide eyed shock, only to meet Connor’s cocky grin. He immediately hit Evan’s prostate again, making him sob in pleasure. 


Evan was left feeling empty when Connor removed both his mouth and fingers from him. The blond was about to protest when he looked up to see Connor sliding on a condom and rubbing an ample amount of lube on his cock. He was kneeling proudly over Evan, hair wild and blue eyes glinting in the low light from the window. 


“Evan, if I don’t have you right this second, I’m going to lose my fucking mind.” He growled, leaning over to kiss the blond. Evan wrapped his arms around him and brought them together so they were chest to chest. 


“Please, Connor.” He begged, exposing his neck to the man. Connor groaned and buried his face into the blond’s neck as he gently pushed in, waiting for his partner to adjust before moving further. Evan could only grab onto Connor’s shoulders as he mewled softly, the strange sensation of being split open new for the blond. Connor helped him through it, trailing small kisses along his eyelids, nose, jaw, and mouth. When he finally bottomed out, the brunet braced himself on his elbows and stared down at the blond. Evan can only stare at the handsome man above him, at his gentle eyes and kind smile. He pushed a few strands of hair behind Connor’s ear, gently scratching the sensitive skin there. 


“Move.” He whispered like a prayer. Connor delivered, thrusting his hips gently at first. Evan moaned softly and allowed the brunet to build up a rhythm. He timidly began to meet his thrusts, biting at his lip to keep from making any embarrassing sounds. Of course, Connor noticed.


“Hey, I want to hear all the sounds coming out of that pretty mouth of yours.” When Evan didn't answer, Connor shifted his hips and hit the special little spot inside the blond that had him throwing his head back and moaning in delight. 


“Connor!” Evan yelled, wrapping his arms around the brunet’s broad shoulders and holding on for dear life. Connor grabbed ahold of his hips hard enough to bruise and began to pound the blond into the mattress, conscious to hit Evan’s prostate with every thrust. Evan was sure he was drooling and making the most ridiculous sounds, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Connor was beautiful and warm and making Evan feel pleasure he’d never experienced before, and he couldn’t get enough. 


“Con-Connor! I-I’m gonna come!” He shouted, his short nails digging into Connor’s shoulders painfully. The brunet only sped up and grabbed Evan’s leaking cock. “Then come.” He murmured, low and deep and authoritative. Evan couldn’t stop himself, he screamed himself hoarse and shot thick ropes of cum over his stomach and chest. The brunet buried his face in Evan’s neck and groaned as he emptied himself inside the blond. Connor rubbed Evan’s cock absently, to the point of sensitivity. He only stopped when Evan was mewling quietly and trying to pull away. 


The brunet gently pulled out of the blond and made quick work of the condom and cleanup. Evan could barely keep his eyes open as Connor settled himself in bed and pulled him into his arms. He buried his face in Connor’s chest, his mind repeating safe and warm like a mantra. 


Connor placed a chaste kiss to the top of Evan’s head before they both fall into a dreamless sleep.