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The Morrigan

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General Hammond paced in the control room at the SGC, listening to the banter between Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter. He was proud that his officers sounded so calm discussing their mission, considering that nothing less than the future of the planet was riding on its success.

Though he would never show it, Hammond himself was concerned. The X-302 was untested, and two of his best were about to fly the plane through a window in hyperspace in an attempt to reach an entirely different solar system. Hammond shook his head. Jack O'Neill was a hell of a pilot, but this brought flying to whole new level.

But desperate times called for desperate measures, and if his officers weren't able to reach Abydos and contact the Asgard, then there was a good chance that the energy currently coming through the Stargate would ultimately cause it to explode, taking most of Colorado with it. The resulting environmental impact would ensure the extinction of all life on Earth.

He stopped. His officers were airborne now and preparing to activate the hyperdrive. He held his breath as they flew toward the hyperspace window - and then they were gone. "Godspeed, SG-1," he said quietly.