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Waste Time With A Masterpiece

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Jungkook pulls away from the kiss as Hoseok licks into his mouth a final time, nipping his lower lip and giving his ass a final squeeze as Hoseok pulls out, and rolls onto the bed next to him. Jungkook sits up, walks slowly to the camera, still tingling a bit from his climax, his thighs still slick from the lube and Hoseok’s cum. He turns off the record button and flops back down on the bed.

Hoseok is wiping himself off with the towel, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge and drinking it quick, his throat pulsing in a way that’s always driven Jungkook mad. He always enjoys his and Hoseok’s collaborations: the sex is good which makes for good content, Hoseok is funny beforehand, the foreplay easy, but also, he’s quiet post-sex which Jungkook likes. His head gets fuzzy when someone like Hoseok fucks him the way someone like Hoseok fucks, all deep thrusts and low whispers, nipping his ear while whispering the dirtiest little questions: like that, Kookie? Like my hard cock tearing your sweet ass apart? Moan good for me, baby. Wait for me before you cum, alright?

Jungkook watches the film back on the small screen, feels a shiver as he watches their entangled bodies move: Hoseok’s smirk as Jungkook fucks into his hand, Hoseok thrusting into Jungkook’s ass, pinning his hands up against the headboard as Jungkook mewls, Hoseok’s moans following soon thereafter. “Which bit do you think we should upload on Twitter?”

Hoseok walks over to join him, leaning his head against Jungkook’s shoulder. “I like that part--but make sure not to include the climax. People pay good money for shootin’ a little load. We can put the blowjob up on mine--I know everyone who follows me fixates on your mouth, something about your smile--and then the wall-fucking on yours. Maybe we can do some snippets of the 69 in between? Just to entice them.”

Jungkook nods. “Sounds good. The last one we did got really good stats.”

Hoseok grins. “I know. How do you think I bought my new camera waist sling? Super light, looks kinda like lingerie, and of course: the crucial angle, the disappearing salami.”

Jungkook laughs. “That’s some good salami.”

“You gonna do the collab with Yoongi? Everyone’s been asking for it,” Hoseok says, holding his phone up to show Jungkook a couple of the comments on Jungkook’s last video--a rimming collab with jinnie_peach playfully entitled EatJin--which were various permutations of asking him to please, please, please do a collab with sweetest_suga.


Can you just imagine?? The hottest subs just kind of grinding on each other? Goddamn, they’d be so noisy

Ok but kookie would be like ‘please, please ride me’ and sweetest_suga would be like ‘please let me have it please’

Holy crap if they collab i would, repeatedly, everywhere

Pls suga aka agustDICKwould make him mewl

I envy hobi_fuck. He did them both like lots of times

Why is everyone talking about him and sweetest_suga when our boy jinnie_peach is working the hell out of that pink hole pls appreciate


Jungkook grins. “It’s weird, you know? People always tell us to collab but the thing is, I don’t know him? We know a lot of the same people, I know his real name which is more I can say for half the people I’ve met in, well, our industry, but we’ve never been introduced. So what am I supposed to say? Hey, people are saying we should collab? Who are we like, Kendrick and Rihanna? Is this a hit me up situation?”

“No, it’s a hit me, baby, situation,” Hoseok says, grinning.

“Please stop.”

“When I collabbed with him, all I said was hey, you give great head, I really admire your work, and the rest was history--”

“--yeah but that’s because you don’t have any shame.”

Hoseok laughs, claps Jungkook on the shoulder before leaning in to hug him. “That turned out well for us , right? I mean look at us now. If I hadn’t messaged you asking about the brand of cock ring you used, none of this would be possible. Watch some of his vids, leave a comment. It shouldn’t be too hard. If he says yes, he says yes, if it’s weird, it’s weird. Whatever--at this point, everyone is so excited, even I’ll be watching with some lube and a goddamn pillow if or when it goes up. Hehe goes up. See what I did there?”

Jungkook snorts, throwing one of the clean towels at Hoseok. “You wanna shower together or--?”

Jungkook sits on his couch two nights later with his earphones on, looking at his phone on which sweetest_suga’s Twitter account is open. He clicks the latest video: a collab, of course, with Hoseok--a shameless plugger, in more ways than one, apparently--where they are laid out on the bed, spooning, Hoseok edging a writhing Yoongi until he starts to moan, his voice deep and gravelly, all midnight drive, long drag as Hoseok’s hand worked, signature potty mouth nipping at Yoongi’s ear, foot tracing the pale inseam of his thigh. Fuck. Jungkook is half-hard.

He clicks on the next video, this time, a solo vid ofYoongi sitting on his sofa with a sheet mask on, jerking off with a fleshlight while wearing nothing but a bathrobe, while watching another video off-screen. Goddamn, he’s talking to himself. Jungkook’s eyes are wide as Yoongi throws his head back and moans, reaching off-cam and coming back with a dildo that he brings up into himself as he brings the fleshlight down. He goes like that until the couch is sweat-soaked, squeaking beneath him, his hair matted to his forehead, and then he allows his voice to get a little bit louder: fuck me, please--oh god, I’m so needy. Have mercy, please someone--I need a cock in me.

Jungkook’s cock throbs in his boxers. He sighs, pushes the waistband down his hips and pulls his cock out, stroking lightly, barely touching himself as he moves onto the next video. It’s a collaboration with someone Jungkook figures he’ll have to check out later, someone called Cock_Monster--he’s long, this guy, easily taller than Yoongi who, in the video, lays pliant in his arms, wearing only the tiniest shorts, his erection flush against the fabric. Fuck . Jungkook tightens his hold on his cock, slowly running his palm closer against the tip which starts to leak pre-cum. In the video, Cock_Monster and Yoongi kiss messily, Cock_Monster’s big hands running all over Yoongi’s smaller body--Jungkook waits for something , some kind of touching: a hand-job, a blow-job, anything, but they just kiss and touch, Cock_Monster riling Yoongi up, drawing circles on the dip of his pelvis, running a hand over his cock but never lingering, Yoongi’s hips bucking, the sound he makes at the back of his throat all crackle, raspy. Jungkook starts to mimic his movements, thrusting up into his own hands, really, more listening than watching now as he strokes himself closer, harder, increasing the pressure and drag, going as slow as he can, drawing it out until he can’t any longer and cums hot, thick into his own hand. He leans over, braces himself against the coffee table. His phone falls from his free hand, earphones pulled out of his ears, curling into a heap on the floor. Fuck, okay. Fuck. I need to fuck this guy. The comment he leaves is a little more polite than anything Hoseok would write.

Hey, I keep hearing people want us to collaborate. I love your videos. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Please, Jungkook thinks, wiping himself off with found leftover take-out tissues. Please be interested.