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a hundred visions and revisions

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Understand, Castiel. The plan is not meant to be understood by the likes of you.

Yes. I understand.


Now. It seems that your former vessel has drawn the attention of demons - and of the Winchesters.

Should I -

You will not go to him.

But, if this is still to be my task, how else can I -

Not to him.

Oh. The daughter.

The daughter.

Claire Novak, be not afraid.


I am the angel Castiel, who spoke to your father in a time of need and now speak to you. Your family is in danger, Claire. The world is in danger. I can save your family, I can defend this world, but I need your help to do it.


Do not speak aloud. Feign sleep. Think of me, and I will hear you.

- Castiel. Is this working?


What happened to my mom? Why is she being so -

A demon has possessed her.

A demon?


And you can get it out?


...but only if I let you take my body. Like you did Dad's.

I... yes. You must consent to my presence in your body.



...there isn't another way?

...there are ways. If a demon hunter or exorcist can be found...

Then, maybe... Dad? Castiel, I think my dad's here!

He is.

And you're not gonna...?

I cannot.


Because... he is done. The task Heaven needed him for is complete. Now there is a new task, and a new vessel is needed.

But... Castiel, I'm scared.

You can say no. It's your choice.

...I don't know. I think - aah! Oh my god, the demon shot my dad!

I can save him, Claire. I can save them both.

I - okay! Promise to save my parents, promise to keep my family alive and safe, and you can have my body!

I promise. And thank you, Claire Novak.