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Taking Advantage

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Min Yoongi lept off the bus with a curse, a quick glance to his phone confirming what he already knew:

He was late.


He ran as fast as he could down the busy sidewalk, weaving between groups of ever-present tourists and couples out for evening strolls, and ducked around the back of the familiar classy restaurant, coming to a halt outside the employee entrance.

Pulling his phone out and switching his camera to selfie-mode, he straightened his recently bleached hair and patted the slight sheen of sweat on his brow away with the collar of his blazer as he willed his breathing and heart rate to return to normal. Showing up looking disheveled (or anything but calm and collected) would only irritate his boss even more. This was already the fourth time he'd been late this month- and it was only the 6th.

He took a calming breath, telling himself there was nothing he could do about it now, except deal with the consequences and hope Mr. Kim would be lenient since Yoongi was the only pianist he had and he knew he had a busy schedule at the university.

He inhaled deeply one last time before slipping through the doors, hanging his blazer and nodding sheepishly at a couple coworkers who cast him empathetic grimaces, knowing full well that he was probably about to catch hell.

He nearly had a heart attack as he felt hands latch suddenly onto his waist, barely containing what he is sure would have been a very not-manly shriek as he spun to face his assailant.

"Lisa! Jesus Christ don't do that!" he sputtered as she jerked him into the hallway, struggling to hold in her laughter.

"Sorry, sorry, I promise I wasn't trying to give you a stroke," the pretty redhead giggled before turning serious. "But hey, Jin is not very happy at the moment, just figured I would give you a heads up. If I were you, I'd stall for a few minutes in the bathroom until it's time for your show, then just head straight to the floor so he doesn't have time to strangle before you go on. You'll probably still catch it on your break, but hearing you play usually calms him down a bit."

Yoongi sighed and nodded, knowing it was his best bet for keeping his head- let alone his job. It was no secret their boss was in love with his music (it was probably the only reason he was still employed), and it seemed to have a relaxing affect on the older man. One that Yoongi had absolutely no problem exploiting.

He just hoped it would be enough to save his ass this time.

Lisa's name was hollered from the kitchen and she planted a quick kiss to Yoongi's forehead with a whispered "Good luck, I'll pray for you!" before hurrying to meet the summons.

Yoongi glanced at his phone again. Only 5 minutes until the violinist's shift ended and he could hightail it to the piano in the dining area. He ducked into the restroom and checked his appearance in the mirror, carefully combing his blonde locks to perfection with his fingers, making sure his shirt was tucked neatly all the way around, double checking that both buttons on his sleeves were buttoned, checking that his fly was up. He didn't need a single flaw in his appearance for Jin to find- the man was a stickler for visuals, a fact that probably earned him a third of his customers.

He didn't necessarily discriminate based on appearance, but even he wouldn't deny that visuals held a big role in deciding your position at the restaurant. The less conventionally attractive often found themselves with behind the scenes jobs like cleaning, prep, dishes, inventory and the like, while the more noticeably pleasant-featured employees ended up as servers, hosts, and greeters (or in Yoongi's case, live musicians, though obviously more than a pretty face was required for those positions).

After one last glance at his phone showed only two minutes before his spot opened, Yoongi turned it off completely and dubbed it safe to leave the security of the restroom.
He caught sight of the boss at the end of the hallway right before he entered the dining area, but the man thankfully just sent him an irritated glance and waved him out to the floor, choosing to save the scolding until later.

Yoongi breathed a sigh of relief, taking that as a sign that maybe he wasn't going to lose his job today, and plastered a gentle smile on his face as he made his way across the intimately dim room to the beautiful cherry wood piano standing proudly in the center of the candle-lit tables.

Several regulars caught his eye with warm smiles and small nods and he returned them all graciously, taking his seat on the comfy cushioned bench just as a smattering of applause sounded, meant both for his arrival and the end of the pretty violinist's act.
Yoongi turned and bowed slightly in a few different directions before leaning forward to speak softly into the mic fastened to the top of the piano.

"Good evening everyone, and welcome to Seokjin's. I hope the night is treating you well. My name is Min Yoongi, and I will be your entertainer for the remainder of the evening."


Jeon Jungkook tore his eyes away from the menu, turning curiously to the piano in the center of the room. He needed to put a face to the gloriously low, silky smooth voice that had just blessed his ears.

He was not disappointed.

The man looked around his age, give or take a year or two, and Jungkook was fairly certain he couldn't possibly be a mere mortal like himself.

His hair was a light, angelic shade of blonde, stylishly touseled and parted to reveal his forehead and darker brows, and his skin was pale and flawless, almost luminous under the dim candlelight. Small black hoops glittered in each ear and a black satin shirt and fitted slacks clung to his slender frame, giving his appearance a drastic but beautiful contrast that had Jungkook captivated at first glance.

The man's expression was serious, but far from cold as he situated himself on the bench. Impossibly elegant fingers alighted ivory keys, flowing gracefully as he began a sweet, lilting melody without hesitation. If Jungkook had thought the man couldn't get any more attractive, he was very wrong.

As soon as the music started to drift through the room, the beautiful blonde's features visibly softened, and a tension that Jungkook hadn't even noticed in the man's posture quickly bled away. His eyes fluttered shut as the piece he played gradually became more intricate, shamelessly losing himself in the music and the feel of the keys beneath his fingers.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Jungkook was startled out of his trance by a pretty redheaded girl waiting patiently to take his order.

He smiled at her, nodding.

"I haven't heard anything this lovely in quite a while. I lost myself for a moment there."

The girl (Lisa, her nametag read) grinned widely and nodded, agreeing enthusiastically.

"That's Yoongs for ya, always casting spells and stealing souls. You're just the latest victim."

"For some reason I can't find it in myself to mind," Jungkook chuckled.

Lisa laughed. "Yeah, I never can either."

"Close friend of yours?"

She beamed proudly.

"Yes sir. One of the closest. Didn't know him until I started here a few months ago, and we rarely see each other elsewhere, but Yoongi's one of those people who just sort of feels like home, ya know?"

Jungkook nodded again, smiling warmly, and Lisa suddenly blushed scarlet.

"I'm so sorry, I'm rambling, and I haven't even asked you for your order yet!"

Jungkook blinked, realizing that indeed she had not.

"Oh. Ah, yes. I'll have the lamb," he replied quickly, equally flustered.

Lisa took the rest of his order and scurried off to the back with a small bow, promising to return soon with his wine.

His food arrived shortly, and while he would have enjoyed conversing with the cheerful girl more (and maybe learning a bit more about the angel at the piano), the restaurant had filled quickly and she was busy flitting from table to table, taking orders and chattering away with regulars.

He glanced at the time on his phone and hurridly finished his food. It wouldn't be long until his client arrived.

Sure enough, as soon as his empty plate had been whisked away, he looked up to see the tall, tan and extremely well dressed man making his way through across the room towards him.

"Ah, Kim Taehyung! Right on time."

The model smiled widely and bowed low.

"Well of course. It wouldn't do to keep Jeon Jungkook waiting, would it?"

Jungkook nodded in mock seriousness.

"Smart man, smart man."

The two shared a laugh and Jungkook poured them both a glass of wine and soon the settled into easy conversation. Taehyung was a budding actor, as well as an amateur (but very promising) model, and had expressed enthusiasm at the idea of signing with Jungkook's talent agency, Jeon Enterprises. Jungkook had already decided to take the charismatic man on, but hadn't let the other know yet, wanting to get a feel for his personality first.

He found himself liking Taehyung just as much as he'd assumed he would, and before long he was sliding the official papers across the table and handing him a pen. As Taehyung skimmed over the contract, the piano music drifted to a close, and Yoongi leaned forward to speak into the mic once more.

"Ladies and gentleman, I will be taking a short break now, but I'll be back momentarily to end the night with all of you lovely guests. Thank you for your time."

Jungkook's eyes followed his movements as he stood gracefully, bowed lowly, and stepped away from the piano. He passed by their table, and Jungkook's gaze never wavered, staring unabashedly even as deep chocolate eyes unintentionally caught his own. Jungkook noticed the way Yoongi's cheeks tinted almost imperceptibly pink, despite the carefully cool expression on his face as he bowed his head slightly in passing.

Jungkook smirked and bowed his head in return, and felt a twinge of satisfaction as the blonde stumbled slightly, swallowing visibly before wrenching his gaze away and continuing past at a noticeably quicker pace.

"Well that was a gorgeous piece of ass."

Jungkook snorted at Taehyung's forwardness, deciding yeah, he definitely liked this guy.

"You've got that right."

"You know him?"

"No," Jungkook replied, eyes on the blonde's retreating backside, which blessedly happened to be just as pleasing to the eyes as his pretty face. "Unfortunately I don't. But I plan to."

Yoongi cursed himself as he stepped out of the dining area and slumped against the wall for a second. He was pissed at himself for reacting. By now he was used to steamy looks and even blatant flirting and the occasional shitty pickup line from customers. He knew he was an attractive guy, so it really wasn't that surprising. But a good 98% of the people who dined at the restaurant were very wealthy, very important people, and he had no desire to get involved with some rich douche that decided they wanted to test the extent of staff hospitality.

Nope. That was something he could definitely live without. And that guy in the dining room just screamed 'entitled rich brat'.

Yoongi rubbed his temples, then made his way back to the kitchen to get something quick to eat before he went back out.

"Yoongi, a word please."

Yoongi cringed at the sharp yet somehow lofty tone, taking a deep breath before turning to face his boss and following him meekly down the hall to his office.

Kim Seokjin waited for him to enter, then closed the door quietly behind him and crossed the room to sit at his desk. He gestured for Yoongi to be seated as well and simply looked at him for a long, heavy moment.

"What's going on Yoongi?"

Yoongi stared at the desktop, not sure how to answer. He could make up some family emergency or something, but Seokjin probably wouldn't buy it.

"Nothing, sir. I was just late leaving class again. I apologize."

He didn't say it wouldn't happen again because they both knew that was bullshit. Yoongi prioritized his composition and production classes over his job and they both knew it, it was something Seokjin actually admired about the younger man.

However, he was still a boss at a reputable establishment who needed employees he could depend on.

He sighed deeply.

"I'm sorry Yoongi. Really I am. But I'm going to have to suspend you."

Yoongi nodded, biting back disappointment. He'd expected this.

"For how long?"

Another sigh.

"Indefinitely. I'll be happy to take you back on when you have a clearer schedule, perhaps once your term ends, but until then I need to find someone I can depend on."

Seokjin delivered the news a lot less harshly than Yoongi had expected, but that didn't lessen the pang of panic and sadness that wracked through him at the statement.

"Indefinitely? So, basically you're firing me?"

"No. Once you're on a more open schedule and able to manage your time better, I'll be happy to take you back. But until then, you should just focus on your schooling. Since you haven't yet taken a vacation this year, the first two weeks will be paid leave, but this isn't optional. I'm sorry Yoongi. You can finish out tonight, I just needed to let you know since I'm leaving early tonight."

Yoongi wanted to be angry and indignant, but he knew he had no right to be. Seokjin had been putting up with him for months now with little conflict, but now that it was spring and the restaurant's busiest season, Yoongi knew he couldn't just let it slide anymore.

Still, that didn't stop the ache or the bitterness; it had been a miracle to find a job that paid so well for something he was highly passionate about, and Seokjin even let him play his own pieces and new compositions.

Yoongi obviously couldn't afford his own piano, especially not while juggling university expenses, and playing at the restaurant gave him a chance to relax and enjoy himself with music while entertaining some of the wealthiest people in Seoul and building a name for himself.

Not knowing when he would be able to come back to it all hurt. A lot.

"I understand."

Yoongi stood and bowed sharply, then strode out of the room without a backwards glance, snatching a bottle of water from the employee fridge before making his way out the front entrance for a breath of fresh air before he had to go back in and finish his shift. He slumped against the wall and took a swig of his water, letting his eyes close as he let out a sigh of frustration and proceeded to thump his head back against the building a few times, cursing himself and the whole situation under his breath.

Now how the hell was he supposed to pay for anything he needed for his classes? He was on an arts scholarship, but it was supplemental, it didn't cover everything. He had most of this semester paid off completely, but there were still a few things he had to get out of the way, and while his savings could probably cover it, that didn't leave much room for anything else, food included.

He was sure he could probably land some part-time, minimum wage job, but the thought of having to rush from school just to slave away late into the night at some noisy coffee shop or fast food place just to barely make ends meet made him sick to his stomach.

And it's not like he could ask his family for help. They'd basically pretended like he didn't exist since they found out he'd been dating a guy in the fall, and it's not like they had much extra money to help even if they were willing to.

Yoongi cursed again, slinging the water bottle to the ground and turning to kick the wall in a flash of panic and frustration. He slumped forward and rested his forehead on the wall, breathing deeply to calm himself down. He'd already been on break longer than he'd anticipated, and though he briefly considered just going home, he decided to finish his shift- to give himself a little closure of sorts. Yeah, it was probably stupid, but he loved the beautiful cherrywood piano and wasn't sure when he'd be able to play it again, so it just didn't feel right to not say goodbye.

Yoongi let out a heavy sigh and made his way back inside, almost bumping into Lisa on her way out to the floor with both arms full of meticulously plated food.

She glanced up and quickly interpreted the look of near-anguish on his face, her expression crumbling as well, eyes widening and immediately tearing up.

"No..." she whispered, halting, "Yoongi, no... say he didn't."

Yoongi gave her a sad smile.

"Suspended indefinitely. Told me to come back when I can be depended on."

A flash of fury washed over her sweet features.

"He is such an asshole!"

Yoongi smiled forreal this time.

"No he's not Lis. We both know he let me off a dozen times. He's an employer, not a friend, he's gotta do what's best for the business."

Lisa managed to look slightly chastised yet still indignant.

"That may be true, but don't expect me to be okay with this bullshit. You're the best performer on his payroll, he's an idiot."

Yoongi sighed and reached out to ruffle her bangs.

"Thanks brat. Now take your customers their food, I have a shift to finish."

Lisa's eyes widened as if she'd completely forgot she was supposed to be serving her table, then hurried away, nearly tripping over her own feet as Yoongi made his way back out to the center of the room to take his spot for the last time until who knew when.

Jungkook's eyes followed Yoongi back to the piano, noticing a distinctive new tension in the man's body as he took his seat at the bench and leaned towards the mic, apologizing for the delay and immediately beginning a new piece.

Just then Lisa passed close by and he waved her over.

"Is everything satisfactory sir?"

Taehyung looked at Jungkook questioningly before the latter nodded with a flirty smile.

"Yes it's all been amazing. I just noticed... you and your friend seem a bit tense after you spoke by the door. I was just wondering if everything's okay or if I need to have someone taken out."

Lisa's eyes widened for a second before she burst into laughter, grinning widely.

"I'm fine, but thanks for the offer," she smiled, but then she glanced back at the pianist and her face fell.

"It's Yoongi. I shouldn't be discussing this with customers, but since you seemed to really enjoy his music... He just lost his job."

Jungkook's eyebrows shot up his forehead.

"But why? He's extremely talented."

Lisa's expression turned sour.

"Yes and you'd think that would mean something to management, but no. He's been 'suspended indefinitely' because he's been late a few times too many due to his university schedule. Bullshit if you ask me."

The cute redhead slapped a hand to her mouth as soon as those last words slipped out, realizing she'd just cursed in front of a well-paying customer, but Jungkook grinned and Taehyung actually snorted, choking on a laugh and casting her an appraising look.

"I agree. Well, I'm sorry to hear that," Jungkook said seriously. "But I won't keep you, sorry for being nosy."

Lisa insisted she didn't mind at all before bowing quickly and darting off to see to another table.

"Well she's a little firecracker, isn't she?" Taehyung commented, clearly amused.

Jungkook laughed and nodded, then turned his gaze back to Yoongi, mulling over an idea in his head.

Taehyung noticed his attention shift and grinned.

"Thinking up a plan to save the day?"

Jungkook titled his head forward in amused confirmation.

"Ah, Taehyung, you already know me so well."

Both men stayed until Yoongi wrapped up his shift, standing in unison and both pulling out their wallets and tossing a sizable tip on the table for Lisa. Taehyung bowed to him once they stepped outside, then wandered off to hail a taxi, leaving him standing by the door.
Yoongi stepped out shortly afterwards, staring blankly at his phone and paying no attention to his surroundings.

Jungkook cleared his throat and bit back a laugh as the small blonde nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Min Yoongi?"

Yoongi blinked at the stranger in silence.

"Um, yes? Can I help you?"

"I'm hoping so, actually," the handsome young man replied smoothly, and Yoongi didn't miss the way his eyes quickly slid down his body and back up again.

Suddenly Yoongi realized that this was the same man who'd been eyeing him in the restaurant before his break. He had the same expression now, almost predatory, as he leaned casually against the building.

Yoongi scoffed and was pleased to see a flicker of confusion in the confident man's eyes before he schooled his face back into a cool, slightly amused expression.

"Look man," Yoongi sighed, maybe a little bit snidely. "I'm not looking for a one night stand, or a sugar daddy if that's what you're into, but I'm flattered, really."

The other man blinked rapidly, his cool exterior slipping for a second in his shock. Then he laughed, and it was Yoongi's turn to be suprised.

"Fair enough," the brunette grinned, tilting his head. "Though I won't lie and say that's not an appealing thought. How about a job instead?"

Yoongi stared.

"A job?"

"I happened to hear from a little bird that you wouldn't be performing here anymore after tonight."

"Who even-" Yoongi stopped, sighing and rolling his eyes. "Lisa, yeah? Fine. I'm listening."

Jungkook was definitely suprised to find that the pretty, petite blonde had such a fiery attitude, but he was far from complaining about it. If anything, it pushed the gorgeous man's brand of attractiveness from beautiful to sexy. While he would have been fine with a polite, docile, submissive Yoongi, the reality seemed much, much more fun. He smirked.

"My name is Jungkook, by the way, not that you asked."

Yoongi inclined his head in acknowledgement then gestured for Jungkook to continue.

"I'm the CEO of Jeon Enterprises, if you've heard of it."

By the slightly shell-shocked expression on his face, Jungkook assumed that yes, Yoongi had indeed heard of it, and he couldn't help but feel a tad bit smug.

"As such an influential figure I find myself hosting large events rather regularly, usually two to three times a week. I've been looking for something to make them a bit more interesting."

Okay, so the last part was a lie, Jungkook had actually been looking for excuses to not hold the events at all, but he found himself suddenly having a change of heart for some reason.

Yoongi's expression lost some of it's snark but stayed slightly suspicious.

"So... what? You want me to play at your events?"

"If you would be willing, yes. Though your sugar daddy idea sounds just as good, if not better." He punctuated the statement with a wink. "Can't say I like the one night stand suggestion though... I have the feeling you'd be addicting."

Jungkook shrugged and smirked, and Yoongi blushed profusely, embarrassed, irritated, and oddly flattered all at once.

He decided to ignore the suggestiveness behind that comment.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I've just gotten more than a couple of offers since I've been working here, and it's not like I missed the way you looked at me earlier."

Jungkook tilted his head, eyes glittering mischievously.

"Well I would hope not. That would have defeated the purpose."

Yoongi blinked.

"Uh, okay. So... Back to this job offer? It's getting late and I walk home."

"Right. Here, give me your phone, I'll give you my number and you can call when you're able to come discuss the details and see if it suits you."

Jungkook held out his hand expectantly and
Yoongi handed over the phone, taking a moment to look over the confident man as he distracted himself entering his information into Yoongi's contacts.

He was a few inches taller, and his slender yet muscular build was much broader and more masculine than Yoongi's own petite frame. His thick, chestnut brown hair was parted to the left and styled off of his forehead, revealing attractively fierce eyebrows, and he had a jawline and cheekbones that could cut glass.

He was handsome. Very handsome.

Yoongi didn't like it.

Jungkook sent himself a text message so he would have Yoongi's number as well ("just in case you forget to call"), then finally handed the phone back over.

Yoongi pocketed it and bowed slightly.

"Well, I appreciate the offer, and I will get back to you on that when I can. Um. Goodnight then."

Jungkook just smiled and returned the pleasantry before the two parted ways, Yoongi striding off in the direction of his apartment.

Jungkook's eyes stayed at his back until the blonde turned the corner, and then walked the short distance to his parked car with a satisfied smile on his face. His boring life was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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With the latest piece for his composition class being only halfway finished and due in three days, it was easy for Yoongi to put Jungkook's proposal on the back burner. So that's exactly what he did.

He went to class, came back to the apartment he and his best friend shared, and stayed up late into the night working, surviving off of coffee alone except for the few times Jimin happened to be home and forced him to eat noodles or pizza or whatever takeout he'd ordered.

He didn't forget about the offer, he'd just decided that it would do him some good to take a break for a few days and focus on school.

However, his excuses ran out when his assignment was turned in, he was increasingly aware of the limited funds in his bank account, and as he walked out of the classroom Tuesday staring down at his phone, he considered the possibility that Jungkook was either psychic or had someone following him because wow, did he have uncanny timing.

From: Jeon Jungkook
Offer's still on the table if you're interested. Busy today or can you come in for an interview?

To: Jeon Jungkook
Just got out of class but I'm free for the rest of the day. If you send me a location I can head there right after I change and drop my books off at home.

If Yoongi was being honest, he hadn't even considered needing to be interviewed after the exchange they'd had at the restaurant before, but he wasn't upset. If anything, it made him more comfortable with the idea, made it seem more formal and business-like than Jungkook's flirting had insinuated.

From: Jeon Jungkook
Don't worry about dressing up, we'll be meeting at my house so casual is fine. See you at 5.

Yoongi opened the attachment and snorted. Pyeongchang-dong. Of course. Where else would he live besides the freaking Beverly Hills of Korea?

He barely even paused to acknowledge Jimin's presence when he bustled into the shared apartment twenty minutes later, rushing to the bathroom after a hurried hello and stripping in record time as he cursed himself for being too lazy to shower before class that day. He bathed quickly and nearly busted his butt in his rush to hop back out before hurridly drying and combing his hair and slipping into a pair of clean boxer briefs.

He darted to his room, flinging open the closet and biting back a string of curses as he searched desperately for anything that would pass as "casual" rather than "homeless". That immediately disqualified over half of his wardrobe.

"Wear the burgundy sweater and the dark blue skinny jeans."

Yoongi nearly suffered a heart attack as Jimin spoke directly over his shoulder, letting out another colorful combination of words when his elbow made sharp contact with the door of his closet as he flinched.

Jimin grimaced in apology before smiling brightly, sparkling eyes crinkling as he beamed.

"Sooo? Hot date?"

His smile fell into a small pout when Yoongi laughed loudly at the assumption.

"Yeah, that'd be a no. Job interview."

Jimin's excitement returned full force and Yoongi couldn't help but smile. Jimin had been more upset than he himself had been over the loss of his job, going on and on about how talented Yoongi was and how he was too good for some snobby restaurant anyway. He and Lisa could be suprisingly similar sometimes. Yoongi supposed that's why he loved them when he usually disliked people in general.

"I don't have anything to do today, can I drive you? I can just wait in the car while you handle everything so you don't have to deal with the bus."

Yoongi nodded quickly because, dear god, did he hate public transportation.

"I'd really appreciate that, actually. But it's at his house, so I'm sure he won't mind if you come in. Let me ask though."

To: Jeon Jungkook
Hey, my roomate is giving me a ride. Is it okay if he sits in while we talk?

From: Jeon Jungkook
Of course. I have a friend over anyway, they can keep each other company while we handle business.

Yoongi gave Jimin a thumbs up and tossed the phone to Jimin so he could copy the address into his phone GPS. Jimin's eyes widened almost comically.

"Pyeongchang-dong? Yoongi, what? Who the hell is this guy?"

The blonde grimaced as grabbed the clothes Jimin had suggested.

"His name's Jeon Jungkook, he's-"

"The CEO of Jeon Enterprises, yeah, I know the name Yoongi. I know the face and practically the whole damn backstory, too, who doesn't?" Jimin interjected incredulously. "He's third on the list for most successful men under fourty in Korea."

Yoongi cringed, feeling increasingly more foolish for not having known who Jungkook was. He hadn't seemed to mind though. He'd seemed pretty amused by it, actually.

Yoongi hurridly changed his clothes and ran his brush through his hair one last time before hauling Jimin out of the apartment as he assured him that yes, he looked perfectly fine and no, he definitely did not need to change.


An hour later they pulled up to the gate and Yoongi sent Jungkook a quick text announcing their arrival. After a moment they gate swung open and they pulled up the curved driveway.

Yoongi found himself genuinely impressed. Not by the meticulously cut lawn or the pretty little pond in the front yard, though those were definitely worth noting. What impressed and suprised Yoongi was how simple and calm and distinctly not flashy everything was, especially when compared to the surrounding properties.

Even the "house" (more like small mansion), despite its generous size, had a subtle homey feel to it. It was a simple but elegant two-story Western villa with almost floor-to-ceiling windows that contrasted drastically with the much more modern, daring architecture of the other houses they'd passed in the area. Definitely not something you'd expect from a young bachelor.

Jimin let out a low whistle of approval as he pulled to a stop at the end of the driveway and cut the engine. After a couple reassuring words and steadying breaths they climbed out of the car and had just made it to the front door when it swung open. They were greeted by a tall, slender, offensively handsome man with a boxy smile who immediately bowed in greeting, extending an eager hand to Yoongi.

"Ah, Min Yoongi-ssi! Nice to meet you in person. I'm Kim Taehyung, I was there the night you met Jungkook, but I had to leave before the two of you spoke. And you must be Yoongi's room.....mate..."

Yoongi barely contained his laughter as Taehyung turned to Jimin and promptly trailed off with a wondrous look on his face. Jimin blushed furiously at the attention and extended a slightly shaky hand, smiling so wide his eyes practically disappeared.

"Um, very nice to meet you Taehyung-ssi, I'm Jimin."

"The pleasure is all mine. Call me Tae, please."

Yoongi wasn't sure if he wanted to coo at them or gag, but thankfully Taehyung seemed to remember he was there for a reason and waved them inside, chatting animatedly as he led them through to a spacious living room.

"Jungkook will be down in a second. He would have let you in himself but we lost track of time in the pool and he's still in the shower."

The wall opposite the door they'd come through was all glass, looking out on a large lagoon-style pool dappled with sunlight shining through the trees that shaded most of the yard and another wall was lined with books. The room was furnished with plain but comfortable furniture, mirroring the cozy but elegant feel of the houses exterior, and there was a beautiful cherrywood baby grand piano off to the side.

"This is a really, really nice house," Jimin murmered, gazing around in awe.

"Thank you, I like to think so myself."

Whirling around, the three were met with a smiling Jungkook as he walked over and extended a hand for Jimin to shake.

Yoongi forced himself to look away from the way his white tshirt hugged his chest and focus on his exchange with Jimin rather than how low his gray sweats hung on his hips. This job would be hell if he took it, he was sure of it.

"You must be Yoongi's roomate. I'm Jeon Jungkook, very nice to meet you...?"

"Oh!" Jimin flushed a pretty pink. "Park Jimin! I'm honored to meet you! You made a great decision offering Yoongi this job, by the way. The best decision, really. He's extremely talented, and he's a really amazing person too, not to mention how pretty he is! Half of the customers at Seokjin's-"

"Jimin!" Yoongi managed to squeak, already regretting not taking the bus. "Please. Stop. Talking."

Jimin's eyes widened and his mouth snapped shut with an audible click before he laughed in embarrassment.

"Sorry. I ramble when I'm nervous or excited. Everything I said was true though."

Jungkook nodded, grinning widely, and Yoongi was pretty sure he was struggling to fight back laughter as he assured Jimin that it was okay. He turned to Taehyung, who seemed to be fighting equally as hard to contain his own mirth.

"Tae, why don't you show Jimin the rest of the house and take him to the media room or something while Yoongi and I talk?"

The words were barely out of his mouth before Tae's face broke into an impossibly wide smile and he was tugging a startled but definitely not unwilling Jimin out of the room.

They heard an excited "Do you play Overwatch?" before the sound of hurried footsteps faded completely.

Jungkook stared after the two of them for a moment before laughing and finally turning to Yoongi.

"Well they seem to have hit it off nicely."

Yoongi snorted. "You have no idea. The stars just aligned on your front doorstep. I'm pretty sure I just witnessed love at first sight."

He paused.

"Or at least mutual lust at first sight."

Jungkook cackled and Yoongi found himself grinning (even though he hadn't really been joking) as the taller man waved him over to the plush couch. Jungkook sat beside him rather than in one of the chairs across from him, leaning back against the arm of the sofa and pulling his bare feet up on the cushion between them.

Once he'd settled himself comfortably enough, he opened the laptop Yoongi only just now realized he'd been holding and typed away at the keyboard for a moment.

Yoongi took the opportunity to actually look at the handsome boy for the first time. He'd seen enough in the dim light of the restaurant and streetlights to know he was attractive, but he hadn't been able to see his features clearly until now.

Jungkook had sharp cheekbones, fierce eyebrows, and a strong jaw, and there was a small scar on his left cheek. The lips he was chewing on were a bit pinker than was normal, and there was a small mole under the bottom one, almost directly in the center. Looking at him in this light, Yoongi was almost positive the boy was younger than him.

"Aha!" Jungkook grinned and sat up straighter, crossing his legs in front of him.

Yoongi blinked and pretended like he hadn't just been checking him out.

"Here we go. Alright... Min Yoongi, 24-oh hey you're older than me!" he confirmed Yoongi's earlier thought with a grin. "Music major at SKKU, studying production, classical composition, and music industry. Hm. Impressive."

Jungkook met Yoongi's gaze and gave him a small nod of admiration, eyebrows slightly raised.

"As for job history, looks like Seokjin's is the longest job you've held, but it's the only one music-related so I don't really care about the others. And he gave you a glowing recommendation, so that's good enough for me."

Yoongi blinked in suprise. He'd known Seokjin had liked him as a person, but he knew he'd been less than professional at times, so the fact that Seokjin actually gave him a positive review was a little shocking.

"He did what now?"

Jungkook smiled knowingly.

"He explained the whole situation to me. Said he honestly regretted that he couldn't keep you on, but it just wasn't the best arrangement for either of you right now."

Yoongi found himself smiling a little sadly. Jin was a surreally kind man. Sometimes he didn't understand how such a pure person could make it in the cutthroat business world of Seoul.

"So, I'd say you're technically more than qualified for the position. You make your own music, right?"

The older boy nodded in confirmation and Jungkook gestured to the piano in the corner of the room.

"Play something for me. Something of yours."

Yoongi rose without hesitation and made his way to the beautiful instrument, barely containing a sigh of contentment as he sat on the plush bench and raised the fallboard. He let his fingers drift lovingly over the keys in a quick test, making sure it was in tune- not that he expected any less, considering where he was.

He pondered for a moment, mentally flipping through several of his own compositions before deciding on one of his older pieces that he was most familiar with.

Then he began to play.

Most people would probably be nervous performing for a possible employer for the first time, but Yoongi wasn't most people. Playing for Jungkook actually had the opposite affect- it calmed him, put his nerves at ease and made him more confident.

Yoongi hated having to talk about or answer questions about himself. He just wasn't good at it. But music? He was good at that. That he could do.


Jungkook sat and watched the tension visibly slip away from the blonde as his pretty fingers drifted smoothly across the keys, filling the room with a soft, lilting melody that was somehow both simple and intricate at once. He couldn't tell if the piece was depressing or uplifting, but it left a heavy feeling in his chest and Jungkook found himself captivated. He wasn't sure exactly how to describe it, even to himself, but there was something about the beautiful piece that just felt like Yoongi, like someone had somehow simplified the man's personality down to music notes and piano keys.

Yoongi cleared his throat quietly and Jungkook snapped back from whatever other plane he'd been on, realizing with a start that Yoongi had stopped playing several moments ago.

"Um, was that fine? Was it enough, or do you need me to play another piece or...?"

"Oh, no, that was... that was.. yeah that was fine. Good. Very good."

Jungkook beamed and clasped his hands together.

"The job is yours, if you want it. But we should probably go over some other small details first, so you know exactly what you're getting in to."

Yoongi nodded and rose from the bench to take a seat in the comfy chair across from Jungkook, and the younger boy ignored the slight prick of irritation that he hadn't taken back his spot beside him on the sofa.

"You'd be paid by the night rather than the hour, 350,000 won at the end of each shift. As far as your schedule goes, I'm willing to work with you a bit, though I don't think that will be a problem since my events usually start well after your classes finish, and often on weekends anyway."

Yoongi nodded, seemingly relieved.

"I'd need you free every Saturday after two for sure, and Friday evenings after six."

Jungkook paused, making sure Yoongi had no objections so far.

"In addition to that, I'd want you here to practice at least two other days a week. Paid as well, of course-"

"You'd be paying me just to practice?" Yoongi finally interrupted, incredulous. "But your rate is already twice what I was making at Seokjin's."

He knew he was being stupid to protest, but he hadn't been prepared for that kind of offer and it had caught him off guard.

Jungkook just smiled reassuringly.

"It would sort of defeat the purpose if I were to pay you twice Seokjin's rate but only work you half the days, wouldn't it?"

Yoongi opened his mouth and then closed it again, not quite sure what to say about that. Thankfully Jungkook saved him the trouble.

"Consider it me... securing my investment for the future. You worked for Kim Seokjin for eight months and were obviously happy there and he's very fond of you. If he were to decide he'd made a mistake and offer you the job back, and you were earning the same thing here that you were with him, I have no doubt I would be losing my musician."

Yoongi blinked, then nodded slowly, and Jungkook nearly sighed in relief. He'd just come up with the excuse on the spot because he was fairly certain that if he'd admitted that he just wanted to lavish the pretty blonde with money and comfort, Yoongi would have probably ran for the door, and Jungkook wouldn't blame him- that sounded creepy even in his own head. And though he wanted the man, he really wasn't up for physically chasing anyone today.

"So, any questions or concerns of your own?"

Yoongi chewed at his lip, seemingly debating internally about something, before finally sighing and meeting Jungkook's gaze.

"This is really an amazing offer, and I really appreciate it, please don't misunderstand that. But if I'm being honest, I really don't know if this would work."

Jungkook's heart dropped to his stomach but he kept his face and tone politely curious.

"May I ask why not?"

Yoongi sighed again, fidgeting with his sleeves, and Jungkook tried not to stare at his adorable sweater paws.

"I don't have a car," the blonde finally blurted. "My school schedule is really unpredictable during the week, and you live over an hour's drive away from my apartment. I'm just not sure it would be the best idea when it comes to time management. Getting out here on week days, practicing for a few hours and then having to get back home and be ready for classes the next day and all."

Jungkook considered his words carefully for a moment. It was a very reasonable thing to worry about, but as far as he was concerned it was very easily managed.

"Then just move in."

Yoongi stared at him for a long few moments.

"Come again?"

Jungkook fought back an excited grin, keeping his expression neutral.

"Just move in. There's plenty of room here, especially since my maid is moving back to Busan to take care of her father. If you stay here, you don't have to worry about going home late on school nights, and my driver can take you to and from class. Problem solved."

Yoongi just stared at him and blinked.

"Are you serious right now?"

"Serious about what?" Jimin spoke cheerfully, practically skipping in with a plate full of kimbap and Taehyung following close on his heels with a pitcher of green tea and a stack of cups.

"About him moving in," Jungkook replied casually, then turned back to Yoongi. "And yes, I am. I don't see any reason not to if those are your only concerns about taking the job."

Yoongi floundered for a moment before collecting his thoughts.

"I can't do that. Jimin can't afford to live by himself and no way am I ditching-"

"Jimin can come too," Jungkook interrupted, waving a hand in dismissal.

Jimin blinked rapidly as he stared back and forth between them. Taehyung put down the tea and cups and took the plate from Jimin to set it on the table.

"Jisoo made snacks before she left."

Jungkook nodded and snagged a roll off the plate, eating it quickly and accepting a glass of tea from Taehyung before turning back to the conversation.

"I have four extra bedrooms, not counting the one Jisoo is moving out of tomorrow. Plenty of room for the both of you."

This time Jimin was the one to protest, looking a bit dazed by the whole exchange.

"I couldn't impose on you like that, I wouldn't be the one working for you. But I agree that it would be a good arrangement for Yoongi."

Yoongi gave his friend a look that screamed utter betrayal before Jungkook spoke again.

"Where do you work Jimin?"

Jimin replied that he worked part time as a cook and Jungkook smiled widely.

"Would you be willing to move in if I were to hire you as my cook? Just part-time, since I'm only really home for dinner a couple times a week. You wouldn't have to cook for parties or anything, I hire caterers."

Jimin's expression shifted from shock to glee comically fast and he nodded enthusiastically.

"God yes! You wouldn't even have to pay me, just staying here would be more than enough, I'd even pay rent, our apartment is pitiful."

Jungkook laughed. "How about you cook for me a couple nights a week and stay here for free and we call it even then?"

After watching the scene unfold before him in stunned horror, Yoongi finally found his voice again.

"I'm sorry, but I really think Jimin and I need to discuss this with each other before making any decision here. This is not something to agree to impulsively."

He shot Jimin a warning look and the boy looked appropriately chastised, staring at the floor as he mumbled a soft "You're right, sorry hyung."

Jungkook simply nodded, closing his laptop and munching on another kimbap roll.

"Of course, of course. I have a party planned for this Saturday. If you could give me an answer by Friday, I would appreciate it. Just send me a text with your answer."

Yoongi nodded and stood, bowing towards Jungkook and Taehyung in turn.

"I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you for the offer."

With that, he grabbed Jimin lightly by the arm and tugged his friend out the door without looking back, eager to get back home to the comfort of his bedroom and away from this kaos.


Jimin waited until they got inside the apartment to confront Yoongi.

"So, do you want to tell me why you're so opposed to moving?"

The older man turned on him, disbelief written plainly on his face.

"Are you serious? Jimin, accepting a job from him is one thing, but I really think we need to think about this before agreeing to move in with a guy like that!"

Jimin's face twisted in confusion for a moment before realization dawned.

"A guy like what, Yoongi? A wealthy guy? A successful businessman? What?"

He scoffed.

"A guy like Tao?"

Yoongi froze, a blank expression settling on his face, but Jimin didn't stop.

"He really messed you up didn't he?" he whispered, shaking his head softly as he took in his best friend's empty gaze.

He sighed and his voice rose slightly, lined with steel.

"He was a shitty guy, Yoongi. But you can't just go around thinking every guy with money is going to be like him. I never thought you of all people would judge someone before you knew them."

Jimin stared at him in silence for another moment before sighing deeply and telling him that he should at least consider Jungkook's offer, then he turned and retreated to his room.

Yoongi just stood there for several long seconds before making his way to his own room, shutting the door behind him and sliding slowly to the floor. He wrapped his arms around his knees and squeezed his eyes shut against the tears threatening to spill out. Crying never made anything better, and Yoongi knew Jimin was right. The younger boy usually was.

After a while he stood and threw himself into his bed, letting the exhaustion of the past couple days weigh down his eyelids. He'd apologize to Jimin tomorrow.


Jimin didn't give him a chance to apologize. He was gone before Yoongi woke up the next morning since his classes started earlier, and the second Yoongi walked through the door after his last lecture the younger boy was on him like a koala, squeezing him in a bone-crushing hug while rambling off panicked "I'm sorry"s and "please don't hate me"s.

"Jimin you didn't do anything wrong, please let me breathe."

Once he'd loosened his grip enough for Yoongi to function, the blonde wrapped him arms loosely around Jimin's shoulders and sighed.

"Everything you said was true. I'm obviously overthinking this, and for all the wrong reasons."

Jimin pulled back and looked him in the eye, mouth opening to no doubt argue that he shouldn't have said what he did, but Yoongi wasn't finished.

"You're right. I was letting Tao color my opinion of Jungkook just because they're both wealthy, and not only is that really unfair to Jungkook but it also has nothing to do with the situation at all since this would be a work relationship and not a personal one anyway. I was being stupid."

He took a deep breath and braced his hands on Jimin's shoulders, looking him in the eye.

"If you're really okay with this, we should do it. It doesn't really make any sense to struggle to put milk in the fridge of a tiny apartment and work ourselves to death at a shitty minimum wage job when we have a much better option."

And then Jimin was squeezing the life out of him again and squealing in his ear and Yoongi was cringing and shoving him away and telling him that he had to be the one to tell the landlady though because Yoongi was not about to have that conversation.

Jimin just hugged him again before running off to start packing his things.


Jungkook was sitting in his office flipping through paperwork that he had no intention of really reading when his phone buzzed. He reached for it and swiped the screen open absentmindedly, but his whole face lit up when he saw who the message was from.

From: Yoongi
If you're still sure about your offer, Jimin and I accept.

Jungkook did a happy little dance that he was grateful nobody was there to witness before typing out his reply.

To: Yoongi
Glad to hear it. When would you be ready to move in?

From: Yoongi
Jimin and I have a morning classes tomorrow but we both get out before eleven so would it be okay to do it tomorrow?

To: Yoongi
Absolutely. Send me your address. Taehyung and I can help.

Yoongi sent their location and a quick thank you when Jungkook told him they'd meet them there at noon, then leaned back in his chair with a huge grin on his face. Min Yoongi was going to be living with him.

Chapter Text

Jungkook's bedrooms were fully furnished and most of the pitiful furniture in Jimin and Yoongi's apartment had come with it anyway, so all of their belongings fit easily into about a dozen boxes. As a result, they had almost everything packed before class Thursday morning.

Yoongi had tried to argue that they didn't really need assistance when they could easily move all the boxes in two trips, but he was pretty sure that his reasoning fell on deaf ears.

Stepping off the bus near the apartment, Yoongi found that his hunch had been correct. He sighed deeply as Taehyung smiled broadly from where he leaned near the building's entrance.

"I told Jungkook a million times, we really don't need help. We can handle it in a couple trips."

"But why bother with a second trip when we can cut it out altogether and bond in the process?"

Yoongi was too tired to argue with the cheerful man, so he just sighed again (he seemed to be doing that a lot lately) and led the way to their apartment. Once they'd made it inside he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a six pack of sodas from the now otherwise empty fridge.

"So where's Jimin?" Taehyung asked curiously, glancing around as if he'd find him in the corner somewhere.

Yoongi tried not to smile.

"He got back before me so he's explaining things to the landlady. Where's Jungkook?"

Taehyung's phone buzzed and he grinned, typing out a quick reply before glancing back at Yoongi.

"On his way up now apparently, he stopped to-"

"I LOVE Mrs. Kang!" Jimin exclaimed, barging through the door with a huge smile on his face. "She said if we clean the apartment really well then we don't have to pay an early termination fee since she has a couple ready to move in next week."

His eyes finally found Tae and, if possible, his smile got even wider as a light blush tinted his cheeks.

"Oh, hey, didn't expect you guys here yet!"

Taehyung's adoring expression mirrored Jimin's own and he opened his mouth to say something, but then Jungkook was walking through the open door with to-go boxes and a cheerful "I brought lunch!" and suddenly Yoongi found it very hard to concentrate.

The slight sheen of sweat on his skin implied that he'd walked to the diner, and he was wearing a loose white muscle shirt that put his impressively defined arms on display paired with sinfully tight, shredded black skinny jeans. The pants seemed to be a favorite pair, judging by how faded they were- and the way that the worn threads seemed to be clinging together for dear life around his thick, toned thighs.

Yoongi was staring. He knew he was staring, but he really couldn't help it. Not when his new boss was standing there in his doorway looking like freaking Adonis himself.


The blonde blinked and his eyes snapped away from Jungkook's thighs and back to his face, blushing hotly at the tiny amused tilt of his lips and his heavy, burning gaze.

"Lamb skewers? Are you a fan?"

Yoongi swallowed and nodded, smiling.

"They're actually one of my favorite foods."

The younger man beamed brightly, mumbling something about remembering that for later, and passed him a box, then handed the others their own and they all settled on the couch with their meat and soda.

Jungkook sat back, indulging in his food and opting to observe rather than really take part in the others' conversation. He was ecstatic.

The awed, almost hungry look he'd caught on Yoongi's face when he'd walked through the door had violently stoked the small fire that had been burning since he'd met the musician. It had taken every ounce of self control he had not to drop the food, close the distance between them, and pin the pretty man to the wall with his body.

At least now he was certain that Yoongi was attracted to him, too. Now he could let himself have a little bit of fun.

When they'd finished eating, the group made short work of the packed boxes, loading most of it into Jungkook's luxury SUV (Yoongi was suprised at first that Jungkook actually owned a car as modest as an SUV, but was significantly less suprised to find out it was a Porsche), and then set diligently about cleaning the apartment from top to bottom.

Jungkook and Taehyung worked like they were the ones benefiting from it, despite Yoongi and Jimin's scandalized protests, and they ended up paired off to tackle each room quicker. Yoongi suddenly found himself laughing as he scrubbed the inside of the fridge.

Jungkook peered down at him from where he was cleaning the kitchen window, eyebrow raised in question.

Yoongi laughed harder for a second before finally managing to catch his breath.

"I-I'm sorry, sorry," he wheezed. "It's just, if you had told me a week ago that I'd have a famous CEO and a high-end male model helping me scrub my floors, I would have probably just told you to lay off the drugs."

Jungkook cracked a grin at that.

"I'd have probably said the same if someone said I'd be here."

He paused, running his eyes quickly down Yoongi's body and back up again. He winked cheekily.

"At least until they showed me your picture. Then it would've made sense."

Yoongi's face flamed and he went back to scrubbing the fridge.

"You shouldn't say things like that," he muttered, scraping aggressively at the one piece of food that had somehow managed to cement itself to the bottom shelf. "I'm your employee now."

Jungkook smirked.

"That's true."

He quietly crouched behind Yoongi and leaned over to take the rough soap pad from Yoongi's already red fingers, placing his free hand on Yoongi's hip to keep his balance.

The blonde spasmed slightly at the touch and Jungkook bit back a laugh, speaking his next words intimately close to Yoongi's ear.

"But you're also my roommate... Hmm," he mused, "looks like we're swaying towards that sugar daddy arrangement after all."

Yoongi turned the prettiest shade of red he'd ever seen. Jungkook grinned as Yoongi sputtered incoherently for a second, before squeezing Yoongi's hip and making the other man jerk sharply.

"You go wipe out the cabinets. I'll handle the scrubbing."

Yoongi opened his mouth to protest but the words snagged in his throat as Jungkook suddenly caught his hand, eyes trained on Yoongi's face as he ran his own fingers lightly over Yoongi's red ones.

"Can't have you damaging these beautiful hands... Then how would you play with me?"

Yoongi choked on air, snatching his hand back as Jungkook laughed.

"Sorry, sorry. I meant play for me."

He didn't even try to sound convincing.

Yoongi made a disgruntled noise and grabbed a rag to wipe out the cabinets, putting as much distance between him and Jungkook as he could, but his blush didn't fade until they'd finished cleaning and he'd piled into Jimin's passenger seat, leaving the apartment behind for good.

Neither did Jungkook's grin.


Fate had apparently decided to cut Yoongi some slack for once, because as soon as they had the boxes moved to their chosen rooms, Jungkook got a call and announced that he had to go to the office, informing them that he wouldn't be back until late since he had a business dinner planned that evening as well. He told Tae he could stay as long as he'd like, gave Yoongi and Jimin each a key to the house, ran upstairs to change, and was gone moments later.

Taehyung left almost immediately after when his phone went off with a reminder that he had a photoshoot to be at in two hours, leaving Jimin and Yoongi alone in the large house. Yoongi expected Jimin to suggest they explore or hit the pool or something, but was pleasantly suprised when the brunette sighed in relief as the door closed after Tae, exclaiming that he was absolutely exhausted and would see him in the morning. 

Yoongi made his way to his own new room, too tired to take the time to admire it, then grabbed a pair of old sweats and took a quick, hot shower to rid himself of the smell of cleaning products. He toweled off quickly and slipped into the comfy clothes, and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


The next day he woke up far too soon (about noon) to the familiar feeling of Jimin pouncing on top of him. He burrowed into the covers, groaning in discontent and swatting at the younger boy. 

"If you don't get off of me right now I will murder you Park Jimin."

"You always say that," Jimin chirped back, disgustingly cheerful even when threatened with death. "C'mooooon. Get up. We're going shopping."

Yoongi finally cracked his eyes, squinting in confusion at his friend. 

"Shopping? Why?"

Jimin beamed and Yoongi was sure the sun had been blinded. 

"Taehyung is here, he said Jungkook called him before he went to the office and told him to take you shopping for a more respectable wardrobe and to take me along to help pick stuff for you. He's paying."

Yoongi ignored the dig about his wardrobe not being respectable (it was true after all), squinting even harder at Jimin's happy face. 

"Why though?"

Jimin scoffed, gazing at Yoongi incredulously. 

"You now live with and work for Jeon-freaking-Jungkook, Yoongs. He doesn't need people getting the idea that he hired a hobo. You've gotta look the part, babe. Consider it a uniform."

Yoongi groaned again, covering his face with his pillow and wishing it would smother him. At least then he could rest in peace.


Two hours later they found themselves in a men's apparel store in Gangnam, Yoongi grumbling under his breath as Jimin shoved him into a dressing room with an alarmingly large stack of clothes. He'd figured they'd look for a couple outfits for him to wear when he worked and that would be the end of it, but oh boy was he wrong.

He spent the better part of the next hour trying on everything from skinny jeans and fashionable polos to silk button downs and even a pair of pink satin pajamas. Yoongi wrinkled his nose at the color but Jimin swore it looked great on him and Taehyung insisted they get it, spouting off some excuse about how Jungkook sometimes had overnight guests and it just wouldn't do to be seen in tattered sweats.

Yoongi just rolled his eyes and huffed out an exasperated "fine, whatever", but couldn't help the small smile that tugged at his lips when Taehyung insisted on buying Jimin the same set in a pretty sky blue with his own money. Jimin accepted without too much fuss but then became rather alarmed when Tae took that as an okay to start picking out other things for Jimin as well, shoving him into a dressing room soon after with a pile of clothes nearly equal to Yoongi's. 

He eyed Taehyung while Jimin grumbled away behind the closed door. The taller man had a glowing grin on his face and laughed when Jimin made a particularly disgruntled noise, probably catching sight of a price tag. 

Yoongi smiled. 

"So you like him?"

Tae didn't miss a beat. 

"I do. Probably more than is acceptable for having known him less than a week."

Catching a small glimmer of uncertainty in his eyes, Yoongi shook his head. 

"I don't think so. It's pretty obvious he likes you just as much, so screw societal norms."

Taehyung laughed at that, then smiled warmly. 

"You're absolutely right. Thanks for the pep talk."

Yoongi snorted, then groaned loudly when Tae directed his attention towards another rack of clothes. This was going to be a long day.


Five hours. They spent five hours shopping. Yoongi decided he would be more than okay if he never saw the inside of a department store again in his life. He let out a sigh of relief as he followed Tae and Jimin inside and kicked off his shoes by the door, happy to be away from the bustle of the city and somewhere he could relax. 

He let the other two know he was going to put his stuff away, then hauled all of his bags down the hallway. A door opened just before he passed it, and Yoongi very nearly collided with Jungkook as he stepped out. 

The younger man reached out to steady him as he stumbled out of the way, and Yoongi's entire world screeched to a halt because jesus fucking christ- Jungkook was practically naked.

His hair was damp from the shower, still dripping beads of water onto his bare shoulders, and Yoongi watched, transfixed, as one painted a wet path down over the toned muscles of his chest before losing its shape and disappearing. He couldn't stop his eyes from sweeping gradually lower, drinking in the tanned skin, the prominent abs, and the hint of a sharp v-line that disappeared beneath the fluffy red towel. He'd suspected Jungkook was fit, but good lord... the boy had the body of a god.

"I didn't expect you guys to be home so early."

Yoongi's eyes snapped back up to Jungkook's face when he broke the heavy silence. He was sure his face was flaming but Jungkook mercifully refrained from teasing him, though the nearly nonexistent tilt of his lips said that he'd definitely noticed Yoongi's minor mental breakdown.

"It-it's eight o'clock." 

Jungkook's lips twitched again at the shake in Yoongi's voice. 

"Yes, but I figured Taehyung would have taken you guys out to dinner afterwards."

Yoongi just shook his head, and Jungkook clapped his hands once, smiling broadly.

"Well then we should all have dinner together! We can even watch a movie! Go put on something comfy and we'll all meet in the living room."

Before Yoongi could come up with an excuse not to, or even convince his mouth to make words of any sort for that matter, Jungkook clapped him on the shoulder and rushed around him to go tell the others his plans. 

It was odd, Yoongi pondered as he entered his room and put his stuff away, how Jungkook could be smooth and collected one moment and then seem like an overgrown kid the next. It was a little endearing, not that he would ever admit it if anyone asked. 

After a quick shower and a bit of internal debate, Yoongi decided to just throw on the pajamas he'd gotten that day since they were just going to be watching a movie and it would probably be his self-appointed bedtime by the time it was over.  

He had to hold back a small moan as he slipped into the soft, cool material, the cloth flowing against him like liquid. Yoongi had never known fabric could feel so good, and he had to admit he was glad Jimin had pushed him to get them.

He grabbed his phone and slipped it into his pants pocket before making his way to the living room where Tae and Jimin were already gathering, taking a seat on the empty couch just as Jungkook entered the room with a few pizza boxes. After a few moments they were all settled in, pizza plates in their laps as Jungkook stood and popped in the newest Avengers movie, and before long they were all relaxed and enjoying the film and each other's company. 

Yoongi was never too big on superhero movies, and soon found himself losing interest, letting his eyes wander over the room and the others. Tae and Jimin had both moved from the couch down to the plush carpet so they could stretch out under the comforter Jimin had dragged from his room. Observing how the two of them seemed to subconsciously lean towards each other had a small smile tugging at Yoongi's lips, and he made a mental note to tease Jimin about it later. 

Finally his gaze drifted sideways to where Jungkook was sprawled on the other side of the couch, and his breath caught in his throat. The younger man was already looking back at him, his dark eyes slightly hooded, the tiniest smirk on his lips. Yoongi felt the blood rush to his face, and Jungkook's smirk grew just a bit as he tilted his head slightly and raised an eyebrow at the older man before letting his eyes drop, his heated gaze drinking in the rest of Yoongi's body then snapping back to his face. 

Yoongi tore his eyes away, focusing very deliberately on the movie, and after a few minutes he felt Jungkook turn his attention back to the television. The older man let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, but he stayed on edge through the rest of the movie. 

He stood as soon as the credits started to roll, assuring Jimin and Taehyung that he'd already seen the after-credits scenes before rushing back to his room and throwing himself down on his bed. The intense look he'd shared with Jungkook replayed in his head, and then so did various moments from the day before. Yoongi groaned. Catching a crush on his new playboy of a boss was the last thing he needed, but it seemed like he was already past the point of preventing it. 

He woke up at one in the morning, very groggy and very thirsty, stumbling out of bed and cursing himself for not grabbing a bottle of water before laying down. He was just glad his bedroom was on the first floor, because god knows he didn't want to have to deal with stairs in the middle of the night. 

Yoongi made his way to the kitchen with his eyes half closed, grabbed a water from the fridge and managed to slump into one of the stools at the counter, cracking the top open and taking a long swig of the ice cold liquid. 

"Couldn't sleep?"

Yoongi promptly choked, his eyes flying open as he whirled to the side. Jungkook sat on the stool two feet away from him, an amused look on his face. 

The older boy coughed the water out of his lungs and took a few steadying breaths before replying.

"Uh, no... I just have this thing where I wake up at the same time every night needing water."

Jungkook nodds in understanding, plucking a strawberry from the dish in front of him and dipping it in a small bowl of chocolate. He doesn't say anything else, and Yoongi finds himself asking why he was up this late himself.

"Just finished some paperwork," he says, shrugging. "Figured I'd indulge a little before going to bed." 

They lapse into silence again, and Yoongi stands to leave.


Yoongi glances back to the younger boy in suprise and confusion.


"Stay. Have some strawberries, the chocolate's amazing."

Yoongi stared at Jungkook for a few long seconds before sitting back down and taking another swig of his water. Jungkook's gaze hadn't left his face, and the air between them was heavy as the tension from earlier that evening returned full force.

Yoongi didn't reach for the strawberries. 

Jungkook watched him as the silence stretched out between them, then he reached out and plucked another berry from the plate. He dipped it leisurely into the thick chocolate, and Yoongi followed his movements as his long, slender fingers twirled it slowly before raising it up, letting a drop fall back to the dish.

He held it up to Yoongi's mouth.


Yoongi's eyes finally shot back up to meet his own, his breath hitching at the heated gaze before he scoffed quietly. 

"Thanks, but I can feed my-"

"I said open."

He blinked at the steely, dominant edge to Jungkook's tone, and Yoongi found himself parting his lips, eyes frozen on Jungkook's as the younger man eased the berry into his mouth. Jungkook let his gaze drop to Yoongi's lips as he bit into the fruit, soft skin grazing the other's fingertips.

The younger let his fingers linger just a little longer than was necessary, then he pulled back and dropped the stem on the plate, watching hungrily as Yoongi's eyes drifted shut for the slightest moment and a small noise of appreciation sounded in his throat. 


Jungkook's voice had taken on a slightly rougher edge- one that sent a small shiver down Yoongi's spine as he nodded, savoring the sweet taste on his tongue.

They seemed to be sitting closer now, and Yoongi could feel the air heat between them as Jungkook dipped another berry in chocolate and pushed it past his lips, his tongue slipping out to dampen his own as Yoongi accepted this one without protest. 

The stem went down on the plate and Jungkook was standing now as he reached for another, his body a mere few inches away from Yoongi's as he stared down at his lips. Another berry was brought to his mouth, a drop of warm chocolate dripping against his chin before Yoongi could catch it with his tongue. 

Jungkook dropped the stem on the plate and brought his hand back to Yoongi's face,  grasping his chin lightly and collecting the chocolate on his thumb. His own lips parted slightly and Yoongi stared at them, transfixed, as Jungkook eased his thumb past Yoongi's lips, pressing the chocolate against his tongue. 

The blonde's eyes fluttered shut as he lost himself for a moment, curling his tongue and cleaning the sweetness from the younger man's skin. They drifted open again as Jungkook withdrew it slowly, their heavy gazes meeting as he pulled Yoongi's bottom lip down gently with his thumb, letting out a quiet sound of approval when he watched it pop back into place. 

Yoongi's blood was on fire and he nearly moaned out loud at the act. He was still seated and Jungkook was so close now that the fabric of their shirts was grazing and he could feel the heat radiating off of the taller man's body, could hear his shaky breathing. Jungkook's eyes hadn't left his lips, and he raised his hands to settle on the countertop on either side of Yoongi's waist, loosely caging him in. His tongue swept across his lips again, and he tilted his head slightly, letting his gaze meet Yoongi's as if to gain permission as he leaned slowly closer.

The sound of footsteps shuffling down the stairs sounded through the silent house and Yoongi jerked back, nearly toppling off the stool. Jungkook held out a hand to keep him from falling but Yoongi flinched away as if it would burn him, ducking under Jungkook's other arm and stumbling a safe distance away. 

He cleared his throat, avoiding Jungkook's eyes as he hurried to steady his breathing.

"Th-thank you, for the berries, they were great, but I should go back to bed, I'm exhausted." 

He ran his fingers through his hair before clearing his throat again and mumbling  a quick "so goodnight then," and practically bolting from the room. He passed by Jimin on the way back to his room but said nothing and wasn't paying enough attention to note if the other boy had spoken or not.

Once he was safely back in his room Yoongi threw his distressed self down on his bed for the second time that night, his heart pounding wildly and his face burning with embarrassment at everything that had occurred that day.
He swore at himself. He was acting like a hormonal teenager. He needed to his shit together and control this crazy attraction he had for Jungkook, end of story. The man was his boss now for gods sake, getting involved with him in anyway besides professional was a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. He just needed to control his hormones and just try to forget everything that had just happened. 

His phone buzzed. Yoongi eyed it suspiciously before reaching out a cautious hand, as if it'd bite him. 


From: Jeon Jungkook

We'll talk about this later. Sweet dreams Yoongi


Yoongi cursed again and threw his arm across his eyes, but his phone buzzed again. He knew he would regret it, but he shifted his arm and brought the screen back into his line of sight. 


From: Jeon Jungkook 

The pajamas suit you, by the way. You look fucking amazing wearing my money. 


A strangled sound made its way from Yoongi's throat and his face flamed anew as he threw the offending device away from him.

Jesus christ. Jesus fucking christ. Jeon Jungkook was trying to give him a heart attack. He was trying to kill him. 

Yoongi whimpered pitifully and rolled over to bury his face in his pillow, hoping that either he'd wake up to find this whole day was all a dream, or that the Egyptian cotton of his pillowcase would mercifully smother him in his sleep.

Chapter Text

Saturday morning, Jungkook noticed two things almost instantaneously. 

One: Yoongi was wearing a pair of faded, nearly threadbare jeans and a loose sweater that had definitely seen better days- in other words, obviously not any of his new clothes. 

Jungkook wondered briefly why anyone would willingly choose to look like a hobo when they have practically an entire wardrobe of new, far nicer clothes at their disposal. His curious observation of Yoongi lead him to quickly realize that-

Two: Min Yoongi was avoiding him like the damn plague. 

He wasn't even bothering to be subtle about it, and Jungkook would have probably found the lengths he was going to to dodge him hilarious (and maybe even a little endearing), if it weren't for the fact that he had absolutely no idea as to WHY he was being so diligently evaded. 

He thought back over the events of the previous day, but had honestly believed he'd made some sort of progress with the other man, especially if how he leaned into him and the lustful look on his face had been any indication. In fact, Jungkook was fairly certain that if Jimin had not stumbled down the stairs with his horrible timing, things would have probably gone much farther than sucking on thumbs and teasing lips. 

Not that Jungkook would have taken things all the way- winning so soon would have been no fun at all. He loved a challenge. 

Despite that fact, he was rather put out by the sudden turn of events, and he couldn't think of anything that would make Yoongi avoid him like death itself, and even go so far as to subtly refuse Jungkook's money and hospitality by wearing those rags, unless-


'You look fucking amazing wearing my money.'

Oh. Oh no. 

Jungkook cringed violently and smacked his forehead down on the counter, nearly knocking over his orange juice. 

Why why why had he sent that stupid text? He knew it was pushing it. He knew it was too forward and, quite frankly, very, very obnoxious. And here was the proof. 

He hadn't been completely sure before, but Jungkook had been fairly certain that Yoongi either really hated being spoiled and pampered, or he really liked it and didn't want Jungkook to know. Which was why he'd had Taehyung take him shopping for a whole new wardrobe instead of just a couple things to wear when he was working. Seeing Yoongi happily wearing the expensive pajama set last night had nudged him towards the latter thought, but maybe he'd been wrong. 

Jungkook wasn't sure how he could remedy the situation, so he did what he always did when he was uncertain about something: he sought an expert. 


Jimin was sitting by the pool with what was obviously some sleezy, smutty romance novel, if the half-naked amazon woman and the pirate on the front cover were to be trusted. Jungkook schooled his features into what he hoped passed for casual interest and cleared his throat softly, making Jimin jump a little. 

"Oh, hey, what's up?" he smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners as he looked up at him. 

Jungkook smiled back, a tad bit sheepishly, and floundered for a way to broach the topic. Jimin beat him to it. 

"Ah, is this about Yoongi?"

Jungkook blinked in suprise, and Jimin seemed to read his mind yet again.

"Sorry, I could just tell something happened last night when he rushed passed me, and this morning he wasn't wearing the clothes you bought, so I just kind of figured..."

Jungkook let out a sigh, not sure if it was in relief that he didn't have to awkwardly explain, or in exasperation at Yoongi.

"Yeah.. well, nothing really happened. I mean, something almost happened, but it didn't. But I don't think that's what got to him."

Jimin quirked an eyebrow in question, and Jungkook grimaced.

"I, uh, I said something- well, texted something. That I'm pretty sure definitely crossed a line, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix it?"

Jimin smiled in understanding, but there was a hint of wariness in his eyes 

"What did you say to him? Or text, whatever."

Jungkook cringed again, and passed Jimin his phone rather than subjecting himself to repeating it outloud. 

He watched in silence as Jimin scanned the last couple texts, eyes widening slightly before he passed the phone back to Jungkook, not meeting his eyes for a second. 

Jungkook felt his anxiety rise at Jimin's lack of reaction, and he couldn't stop himself from rambling. 

"I know it was out of line but I felt like after what almost happened and him wearing the clothes and everything that maybe he was into the whole being spoiled thing, but obviously I was wrong and now I feel like crap because I'm honestly not that much of an asshole but-"

Jungkook halted midsentence because Jimin was looking at him now, and his face was an adorable shade of pink, and he was laughing. Why was he laughing?

"Why are you laughing?"

Jimin held up a hand asking for patience as he slowly calmed himself from his sudden fit of giggles, slowly regulating his breathing and wiping at unshed tears. 

"Oh, wow," he gasped finally. "Oh that is great. That is just beautiful." 

A stray giggle made its way out but thankfully he didn't relapse. He grinned at Jungkook. 

"Don't worry. You weren't wrong. Definitely weren't wrong. Yoongi loves being spoiled. He's the biggest princess I have ever met in my life. The man would buy out Lush if he could, and his stock of bath bombs is disturbing, really."

Jungkook opened his mouth but wasn't really sure what he'd planned to say to that. 

"But then.... what?"

Jimin smiled reassuringly.

"Yoongi likes being pampered and taken care of, I promise. That's not what scared him, and though that text was definitely cringe-worthy, it wasn't that either."

He chewed his lip, seemingly debating whether to continue, then sighed.

"Yoongi is probably just worried about what it would mean to accept that kind of stuff from you."

Jungkook furrowed his brow, no less confused, and Jimin sighed again before nodding to himself.

"I like you Jungkook. And I can tell Yoongi is at least attracted to you, and it's been a while since he's even looked at someone sexually or romantically so..."

Jungkook fought the slight blush threatening to rise and nodded for Jimin to continue.

"There was a guy. I'm not going to go into details, but he was rich, and he was very into Yoongi and he spoiled him a lot, but it.... it was a very transactional relationship. Not just like a hot sugar daddy thing, either. He pampered Yoongi, but there was a price for everything he did for him when it came down to it, and things got.. dark sometimes, but Yoongi wasn't in a position to refuse anything."

Jimin paused and cast Jungkook a slightly apologetic look.

"And then you come along, and you're also a hot rich guy who likes throwing money at him and well..."

The implication dawned on Jungkook and the slight panic he'd felt for most of the morning ebbed away to be replaced by a different kind of worry.

"He thinks I'm like his ex. Wow. Yeah, I can see why he'd be cautious. Do you think there's anything I could do to change his mind? Possibly?"

The grin on Jimin's face said that he'd been hoping Jungkook would ask. 

"Of course. Just prove to him you're not. Show him that he doesn't have to worry about owing you anything."

Jimin's phone rang then, and his eyes lit up as he silenced it and beamed again at Jungkook as he hopped to his feet and headed back inside.

"TaeTae's here, sorry gotta run! Good luck with Yoongi, I believe in you Jungkookie!"

Jungkook felt a small smile tug at his lips at the nickname. There was something about Jimin that made it feel as if he'd known him forever, even though they hadn't even known each other for a week yet.

He shook his head and made his way back inside, thinking over their conversation.

Show him he doesn't have to worry about owing you anything. 

Hmm. Easy enough. 

He pulled out his phone and sent a quick message to Yoongi. Might as well start now.


Yoongi stepped into the restaurant filled with apprehension, the soft violin music doing little to calm his nerves. Of all the places to meet-

"Yoongi oh my god!"

He barely had time to process the excited shriek before he was nearly bowled over by the pretty redhead, the oxygen squeezed from his lungs by arms far stronger than they appeared. 

"Lisa-" he gasped, "can't breathe!"

She took her sweet time letting go, then stepped back and straightened his shirt for him, a huge grin lighting up her face. 

"I've missed you! Did Seokjin come to his senses?" she said hopefully, and Yoongi smiled.

"Nah, I'm actually here to meet my new boss for brunch, apparently."

Her eyes widened.

"New boss? What? Who is it? What's your job?"

Yoongi laughed at her excitement. He hadn't had time to really feel her absence yet, but now that he saw her he realized just how much he missed her.

"Still a pianist, just for private social events now, for Jeon Jungkook." 

It was honestly hilarious how large Lisa's eyes could get. 

"Jeon Jungkook? The playboy CEO? How did that even-"

A look of realization replaced her shocked expression. 

"Oh my god that was the guy who asked about you the last night you worked. How did I not recognize him?"

Yoongi blinked. 

"He asked you about me? What?"

He didn't miss the slight blush that touched her face as she smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, he was just saying you were really talented, and he asked if I knew you, then when you were upset he asked why and I kind of maybe ranted to him a little. He was really cool about it though!" 

Her smile brightened. 

"Not to mention they left me the biggest tip I've seen since I had to deal with that prissy idol group that came in, and they weren't even difficult customers." 

After a moment of catching up, she gave Yoongi another hug and made him promise to call her and fill her in on the new job arrangement, then hurried off to the kitchen where she was most likely supposed to be the whole time. 

Yoongi made his way to the dining area and immediately found Jungkook sitting at a secluded table by the glass wall overlooking the Han River. It was a reservation-only table due to the view and the small attempt at privacy, and Yoongi wondered exactly how much money he'd shelled out to get it at such short notice, or if this had been planned in advance. 

Jungkook glanced up from his phone as Yoongi approached, setting it facedown on the table and smiling as the blonde took his seat. 

"Good morning sunshine," he quipped brightly, passing him a menu and trying not to laugh at Yoongi's exaggerated eyeroll. "Hurry and decide what you want, I'm starving." 

He paused. 

"And don't try to be slick and order the least expensive thing either. Get what you want."

Yoongi glared at him for a moment because maybe he had been thinking about doing exactly that but who the hell was Jungkook to call him out on it?

Half an hour later both of their dishes were steaming in front of them and Jungkook had still not even broached the topic of whatever this meeting was about. Yoongi had never been a patient man.

"So are you gonna tell me what this is about or were you just dying for my company?"

Jungkook smirked, taking his time to chew, swallow, and take a sip of his drink before replying, much to the elder's irritation.

"I told you last night that we would be talking soon. I decided we'd waited long enough."

Yoongi's chopsticks froze halfway to his mouth and he blinked rapidly, but Jungkook didn't give him much chance to respond, his voice taking on a slight edge that most definitely did not have shivers playing along Yoongi's spine.

"You ran away last night, you ignored my messages, and then you avoided me religiously all morning. That's not acceptable behavior, Yoongi." 

Yoongi opened his mouth, probably to snap something scathing and indignant, but Jungkook raised a hand to halt that train of thought. 

"I didn't say I was finished speaking. As I said, that's not acceptable. But I thought about it, and figured I may have read you wrong or crossed a line somewhere. So I had a talk with Jimin."

Yoongi was fairly certain his blood had just frozen and his stomach had sunk somewhere beneath the marble floor. There was no way Jimin-

"He kindly informed me that you've had experiences with men similar to my standing in the past, and that they didn't turn out very pleasant. I believe he used the term 'transactional' relationships."

Yoongi barely contained the groan building inside him because of course. Of course Jimin would tell Jungkook about that. He knew there was a reason for the bad feeling he got the second Jimin had told him he "approved" of Jungkook. 

"I don't really see how this has anything to do with our business arrangement," Yoongi replied, knowing it was probably a useless pretense after yesterday.

"Ah, Yoongi. I think we both knew from the beginning that this wasn't going to remain strictly business." 

Jungkook smiled patronizingly. 

"And I know you're attracted to me, so there's no use pretending you're not. I had you come here today so we could discuss how this is going to go, maybe set a few rules, and make sure there are no misunderstandings."

Yoongi's face flushed lightly at the implication in that statement, but he was mature enough to resist the urge to deny any of it. 

"And how exactly is it that you expect this to go?"

He finally brought the bite of egg to his mouth, chewing slowly and staring at his plate to avoid looking at Jungkook and his annoyingly intense eyes.

"First of all, I expect you to not blatantly deny my gifts and wear rags just to spite me."

Yoongi flushed harder. "Noted."

"I want to make it clear right now that when I give you things, unless there's an agreement made beforehand, it is always a gift. We both know I want you in my bed Yoongi," he smirked when Yoongi's eyes shot up at that, "but I need you to understand that you don't owe me anything. It's all freely given. There are no strings attached. You're a very attractive man, and I want to spoil you."

Yoongi swallowed hard, his face flaming at this point, and took a couple breaths to steady his pulse.

Jesus christ, why was this kid constantly trying to kill him. 

"But... why?" he choked out. "I mean, okay, you find me attractive, that i get, but if you don't expect to get anything out of it... I don't understand."

Jungkook's  smile turned predatory, and he leaned forward, elbows on the table as he beckoned Yoongi closer as if sharing a secret.

"Because I get off on it. The idea that I'm bringing you pleasure, seeing you dressed in fine clothes that I worked for, knowing that people will look at you and see that... It excites me."

Yoongi had never known it was possible to choke on air, but he was pretty sure that's what his lungs were currently doing. He blinked back the moisture in his eyes as he coughed, taking a moment to just breathe before turning his gaze back to a very amused Jungkook. The little shit.

"Besides," the smug brunette continued airily, "I never said I don't expect to get anything out of it eventually. I know you find me attractive, and I can be very persuasive. Money is quite the aphrodisiac, after all, only second to power, and I have both. You'll cave one day. But when you finally come to me, I expect it to be just like my gifts to you- freely given. Not because you feel like you owe me anything. I get all the gratification I need from watching you enjoy the things I give you."

Yoongi had no idea what to say to that. It was a good thing Jungkook didn't seem to expect any kind of input or feedback from his end. 

"I also want you to know that, moving forward, I won't make a move on you until you explicitly state that you want me to. I mean, don't expect me to keep my distance- teasing you is just too much fun- but I won't make any sexual advances until you say you want it."

Good lord this boy was cocky.

"I wouldn't hope for too much in your case then," Yoongi scoffed, leaning back and setting down his chopsticks, finally done with his meal.

Jungkook just grinned, giving him an infuriatingly knowing look. 

"I guess only time will tell."

Jungkook paid the bill and they left seperately, Jungkook heading to his office for something and Yoongi returning to the house to get some practice in before the party that night. And maybe to kill Park Jimin while he was at it. 


Luckily for Jimin, he was still out with Taehyung, and Yoongi quickly lost himself in music notes and piano keys, the tension of the past few days (or couple weeks, really) draining slowly out through his fingertips.

He didn't even pay attention to the time until he heard Taehyung and Jimin fall laughingly through the front door, interrupting his peace of mind and reminding him that he had a best friend to berate.

"Park Jimin get your ass in here right now."

The footsteps froze as they passed by the living room, and he heard a faint curse that told him Jimin knew exactly what he wanted to speak to him about. 

"Uh... what can I do for ya, hyung?"

Yoongi rolled his eyes at the honorific as Jimin stepped into the room, followed closely by an amused Taehyung. It seemed like the boy was always laughing or trying not to, now that Yoongi thought about it.

"Care to tell me about your heart to heart with my boss this morning?"

Jimin visibly cringed, then the words fell out in that way they do when Jimin is guilty. 

"He was worried Yoongi! He thought he offended you or something and he didn't want things to be awkward and he asked me how to fix it, so I asked him what he did, and he showed me the text, and I just kind of guessed what it was really about and, well... I'm not dead yet so I'm guessing it turned out okay?"

He followed his rambling with a sheepish smile that was really more of a frightened grimace, and Yoongi cast him a withering look. 

"How much did you say Jimin?"

Jimin averted his gaze and Yoongi sighed in irritation. 

"Just tell me dammit."

"I didn't give him details or anything," Jimin relented, "I just told him you'd had a guy before who used gifts as a way to control you and it kind of colored your view of rich guys."

Yoongi glared at the boy, but there wasn't really much he could say about that. Jimin wasn't wrong. 

"Whatever," he huffed, waving a hand in dismissal. "Go play with Tae, I'm  practising."

Jimin blushed and Taehyung grinned.

"While that sounds like a good plan," the cheerful boy quipped, waggling his eyebrows at the flustered Jimin, "we were actually told to make sure you're getting dressed. The party starts in like an hour."

Yoongi blinked, then snatched his phone off the bench and checked the time. 


It was already five forty, and the party started at seven. He'd been practising for nearly five hours. 

With another mumbled curse, Yoongi sprang up from the bench and darted past the others to his room, ignoring Jimin's knowing smirk and the eyeroll he paired with it, hearing Taehyung giggle behind him. 

Twenty minutes later he stood in front of his new wardrobe with his towel wrapped around his waist, internally dying as he tried to pick what to wear. He knew he had to make a good impression on Jungkook's guests, but he had no idea what the dress code for the party even was. Glancing at the clock on the wall he let out a strangled noise and snatched his phone up to text Jungkook.

To: Jeon Jungkook 
What am I supposed to wear? Formal? Business casual?

From: Jeon Jungkook 
Just wear something nice and comfortable, don't stress it.

To: Jeon Jungkook 
That doesn't help in the slightest. Everything down to the pajamas fits that description.

From: Jeon Jungkook 
Then wear the pajamas. ;)

Yoongi glared at the message, hoping Jungkook could somehow feel his displeasure through the phone. Unhelpful brat.

He was in the middle of typing out a quick 'I really hate you' when Jimin barged into the room, shoving Yoongi away from the closet and down on the bed. 

Jimin proceeded to dig through the clothes, pulling a few things out and looking between them and Yoongi before shoving them back. He finally made a decision apparently, whirling to toss a couple articles of clothing at the startled blonde.

"Hurry and put that on so I can do your hair," he gushed, beaming. 

Yoongi scoffed.

"What? Are you my stylist all of a sudden?"

Jimin's smiled widened impossibly.

"As a matter of fact, yes I am. As of..." he glanced at his phone, "three minutes ago. Salaried and everything."

Yoongi stared dumbly.

".... what?"

The younger boy laughed, still grinning.

"Jungkook didn't think you'd allow one of his company stylists to put their hands on you, and he checked me out after the interview and saw I'm minoring in fashion and that I have a cosmotology license, so he asked me."

Jimin did an exaggerated little bow and threw out jazz fingers.

"I'm now your official stylist for all future events!"

Yoongi groaned dramatically and threw himself back on the bed, curling into a ball of self-pity and groaning louder when Jimin wacked him with his own pillow and told him to stop being lazy. 

What the hell had he ever done to deserve this torture? Befriended Park Jimin, that's what. He was absolutely certain that he could somehow trace every bit of this back to that giddy little imp.


Half an hour later, Jimin stepped back and pulled Yoongi to his feet, pushing him in front of the mirror to check his reflection. He eyed himself critically, but really could find nothing to complain about. 

He was wearing a pair of comfy but fitted tan slacks and pristine white sneakers, and the collar of the striped long-sleeved shirt he had on peaked out from under a soft, white Puma sweatshirt. Jimin had styled his hair to cover his forehead, stylishly messy, and he'd even added a touch of peach eyeshadow and pink chapstick to accentuate Yoongi's soft features. 

He looked good, and Jimin was practically giddy when he finally voiced that thought, clapping his hands together and smiling so hard his eyes disappeared entirely. 

Yoongi rolled his eyes but then he was being dragged from the room down to the kictchen and force-fed sushi that Jungkook had asked Taehyung to pick up on his way over. 

Jungkook himself didn't show up until twenty minutes before the guests began arriving, rushing into the kitchen and immediately snatching up a pair of chopsticks and tossing a roll into his mouth, groaning in satisfaction as he chewed with his eyes closed. 

"God that's so good," he practically whined, slumping against the counter. 

Taehyung eyed him in amusement. 

"Had to skip lunch again?"

Jungkook nodded dejectedly as he plucked another roll off the plate. 

"Yeah, it was kaos today. KYB just brought in a bunch of employees from overseas who are going to be working with us and of course they wanted me to come and introduce myself and give them all some inspirational speech and all that crap."

Taehyung winced sympathetically and patted his shoulder and Jungkook finally seemed to notice the other two in the room, smiling and nodding at Jimin before turning his gaze to Yoongi and stilling abruptly.

His eyes travelled quickly up and down, then again, slower this time. 

"Well. I see Jimin was a good decision."

Yoongi blushed but hid it with a scoff.

"I still don't see why you think I need a personal stylist just to sit on a bench and play piano in the background."

Yoongi didnt miss the way both Taehyung and Jimin quickly averted their eyes, or Jungkook's sharp glance at the pair before he brought his attention back to Yoongi. 

"I'm assuming they didn't tell you then. Yoongi, I'm the CEO of a very large entertainment company with an emphasis on the music industry."

The words weren't bragging, just factual. 

"And you are my personal musician. I chose you myself." 

Yoongi nodded, not sure where this was going exactly, and Jungkook seemed both exasperated and amused.

"That's no small thing, Yoongi. People are going to be very curious about you. You're definitely going to be a center of attention. And there will be press here, like nearly all of my parties, who will definitely be interested in you. You will most certainly not be in the background tonight."

Yoongi simply stared as the words washed over him. 

"Um... press? Like... reporters and photographers?"

Jungkook nodded. 

"I would be suprised if you weren't mentioned or pictured in at least a few gossip blogs or magazines by Monday."

He bit back a laugh as Yoongi suddenly let out a loud wail and buried his face in his arms on the counter, muttering curses and making inhuman noises and complaining about how none of this was fair and this wasn't what he signed up for and he just wanted to play piano and just damn everything to hell.

Jimin and Taehyung watched guiltily and Jungkook turned to glare at them reproachfully. 

"Nobody thought to tell him there would be paparazzi?"

Jimin smiled sheepishly.

"Well I kind of figured he would freak out and... well..."

Jungkook sighed but couldn't keep the smile off his face. It was sort of adorable really, Yoongi's reaction. 

Jimin patted Yoongi's head comfortingly, snatching his hand away when the blonde practically snarled at the action, and Jungkook couldn't help but laugh. 

Tonight should be fun. 


Yoongi took another deep, calming breath and rolled his shoulders to ease the tension.

He could do this. It would be easy. Just play, and ignore everything going on around him, just like he always did. No problem. 

His fingers fell against the keys and he let his mind clear, immersing himself in the familiar feelings and sounds, letting his eyes drift shut. Somewhere in the back of his mind he registered the increasing noise and activity around him, new people arriving and greeting each other, footsteps and clinking glasses, but it was easy to pretend he was back at Seokjin's for the meantime, and really this wasn't so different after all.

He ignored the fact that for some reason he could still hear Jungkook clearly, even with what must be a couple dozen other people speaking in the same room. Every polite laugh and confident word he uttered seemed to reach Yoongi's ears, like his mind was somehow tuned to pick up his frequency. It was a bit nerve wracking.

He heard his own full name enter the conversation and tensed slightly as it seemed to make its way around the room over the next few moments. He heard the click and snap of shutters relatively close and knew Jungkook wasn't exaggerating earlier- he'd probably be plastered across gossip columns for the next couple days, and he felt foolish for having not realized beforehand that it was bound to happen considering who he was working for. 

And then he was ending another familiar piece and suddenly Jungkook was sitting beside him on the bench, facing the party and leaning in to speak softly. 

"How are you holding up? It's not too much for you, is it?"

Yoongi glanced at him in mild suprise, fingers stilling on the keys as the song ended.

"It's fine, just a little unnerving. Um. Thanks for asking?"

Jungkook smirked. 

"I'm not a total asshole, Yoongi. And as well as you hide it behind all the sass and sarcasm, I can tell you have at least a mild case of social anxiety."

There wasn't really anything he could think to say to that, so Yoongi was glad that, as usual, Jungkook didn't seem to really expect a retort.

"Take a break with me, have a drink and then come back and play some of your own compositions." 

Jungkook pushed the extra glass of wine Yoongi hadn't  realized he'd been holding into his hand and stood, tugging Yoongi up gently by his elbow and letting him take a sip of his drink before placing a hand low on his back and guiding him through the crowd to where Jimin and Taehyung were laughing with a small group of strangers. 

Yoongi was barely aware of the conversation as it continued around him, just sipping his wine and smiling, laughing when everyone else did. He was far too aware of the way Jungkook's warm hand still rested solidly at the small of his back, his thumb idly stroking Yoongi's spine.

His attention was brought back to the group when someone addressed him directly, asking him if he had a degree in music. He informed the woman that he was still a student, adding on that he was also studying production. It seemed the woman had broken the ice for the others, because Yoongi was suddenly the main focus of the conversation, answering question after question about his classes, how long he'd been playing, what university he attended. 

He knew a lot of this would probably end up in those gossip columns but it wasn't anything he wouldn't tell a potential employer, and it could all probably be found pretty easily through social media and public records anyway. 

Jungkook's hand never left his back, and he seemed to lean into him as he spoke, giving Yoongi his intense, undivided attention as if it were just a conversation between the two of them instead of a group effort. 

Yoongi caught the sly, amused looks of some of the others as they glanced between the two of them and he knew there would probably be speculation about the exact nature of their relationship, but thankfully no one seemed bold enough to ask outright. 

Then someone asked if Yoongi ever played any of his own compositions, and Jungkook took it as an opportunity to let Yoongi escape back to the piano, much to the disappointment of the others. 

He relaxed back into his position and let his fingers pet the keys lightly as he decided what he wanted to play, settling on his most recently completed piece. A subtle hush slowly blanketed the room, conversations dwindling to low murmers and whispers, and Yoongi could feel the attention shift on to him, could hear more shutters snapping. 

His eyes stayed open and fixed on the keys, careful not to make any distracted mistakes and embaress himself. He'd played for larger crowds before, at recitals and especially busy nights at Seokjin's, but he didn't delude himself into thinking this was anything like that.

Everyone here tonight was important, several of them huge names in the music industry, and several more who worked in the movie and drama industry. He almost laughed. Playing for these people was really the opportunity of a lifetime, and apparently it was just a part of his job description now. It was insane how quickly his life had been flipped. 

His song came to a close and he was met with a smattering of applause, and a wolf-whistle that he was pretty certain had come from Jimin. He played through a shorter, lighter piece he'd put together a few months ago and felt the heavy focus on him lighten up mercifully, and then he was being dragged away from the piano again (by Taehyung this time) to join the fray of conversation, accepting praise with small bows and polite smiles and being introduced to dozens of people he probably wouldn't remember in the morning.

He found himself glancing around for Jungkook, and when he found him he almost wished he hadn't as a spike of irritation shot through him. There was a girl practically glued to his side, turned into him and clutching his upper arm with both hands as she listened to whatever he was saying with an annoyingly vapid smile on her face. Probably some new model or actress, Yoongi decided, scoffing as the girl leaned impossibly closer, basically pressing her chest against Jungkook. He rolled his eyes and glanced back at Jungkook's face, immediately wishing he hadn't as their eyes met across the room. 

There was a small tilt to Jungkook's lips as he raised an eyebrow questioningly. Yoongi flushed and tore his gaze away, pretending to pay attention to the conversation around him before glancing back across the room. Jungkook had draped his arm around the girl's waist, his thumb idly petting her arm as he smiled at something she said. 

As Yoongi watched, he raised a hand to play with a lock of her hair, tugging playfully as she blushed and swatted his hand. Yoongi gritted his teeth and turned back to Taehyung's conversation, choosing to ignore what was happening across the room and refusing to acknowledge why it bothered him so much.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur, Yoongi alternating between the piano and socializing and back again, and by the time the last of the guests left he was exhausted, both physically and mentally. 

He couldn't remember the last time he'd spoken to so many different people or had so much attention on himself. It was far from his favorite thing, but as he fell into bed and drifted off to sleep he couldn't help but feel a bit exhilerated by it all. 


Yoongi woke suprisingly refreshed Sunday morning, smiling and letting out a satisfied groan as he stretched and rolled around in the sinfully comfy bed. Plucking his phone from the bedside table he realized he'd slept practically until noon. 

After a few more minutes of laziness he slipped from under the covers and padded over to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face, running a brush through his touseled hair while he was at it. Throwing on the pajama shirt he'd forgone last night, he made his way down to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before seeking out Jimin. 

He found Jungkook sitting at the kitchen counter, shirtless in gray sweatpants, sipping coffee and pouring over paperwork spread out on the marble in front of him.

Hearing Yoongi's entrance, he glanced up and smiled warmly at the slightly disoriented blonde, setting down the sheet he'd been focused on. 

"Goodmorning beautiful," he beamed, ignoring the death glare Yoongi shot him as he gestured with his coffee cup. "Fresh coffee if you're interested."

Yoongi mumbled a grudging thanks and poured himself a cup, leaving it black (like his soul, as Jimin liked to say). He took a long drink and hummed in satisfaction, eyes closed and a smile curving his lips as he leaned back against the cabinet. After a few more sips he opened his eyes again to find Jungkook watching him with a look a lot like fondness. 

"What?" Yoongi grumbled, suddenly self conscious. Did he have toothpaste on his face?

Jungkook smiled. "Nothing really. You just look so...hmm. Domestic. It's cute." 

He paused. 

"Just like that adorable little bout of jealousy last night."

Yoongi nearly choked on his coffee and Jungkook's grin widened, but before Yoongi could reply Jungkook was stacking his papers neatly and standing, sliding an envelope across the counter to Yoongi. 

"A gift," he stated, "for doing so well last night. And because I felt like it. Take Jimin and go do something together today, my treat. I'd take you out myself but I'm needed at the office."

"On a Sunday?" The words left Yoongi's mouth before he could help it, and he cringed a little as Jungkook grinned again.

"Is that disappointment I detect? Don't worry love, we'll be able to spend some time together soon. I'll make sure if it."

And with a wink at Yoongi's flustered state he was gone. Yoongi cursed under his breath and sat at the counter, finishing his coffee before opening the envelope, finding five hundred thousand won and a card with a reservation time in two hours at the new and expensive sushi place in Gangnam. 

Yoongi bit back a smile and clambered up the stairs, knocking twice on Jimin's door before entering and finding Jimin already putting the finishing touches on his outfit for the day. He smiled brightly as Yoongi entered.

"Morning! Did Jungkook tell you that you and I have a date today?"

Yoongi rolled his eyes. Of course Jungkook had told Jimin first.

"Yes, I've been informed, thanks." 

"Then let's go get you ready, no time to waste!"

Yoongi huffed indignantly as he was spun around and shoved back out the door, but he couldn't fight the smile tugging at his lips. He had the feeling it was going to be a good day.

Chapter Text

"I am not driving a flashy ass Ferrari to school, Jungkook, what the hell." 

Yoongi didn't even bother trying to mask the look of absolute disbelief that must have been written clearly across his face.

Jungkook sighed and rolled his eyes, one hand perched on his hip as he twirled the keyring around his other index finger.

"I don't see why not. It's just a car, and you already rejected my offer to have my driver take you. How else do you plan on getting to school?"

Yoongi blinked rapidly and let out a small noise of exasperation.

"By taking the bus, like a normal person!"

It was Jungkook's turn to look disgusted.

"Excuse me? Absolutely not. What kind of sponser would I be if I let you take the bus? Not to mention the fact that you would almost definitely be harassed, considering how your face has been plastered all over entertainment news all weekend."

"Sponser? Seriously? That's what you're calling yourself."

Yoongi was met with another eyeroll.

"Well you seem so adverse to the term 'sugar daddy' so-"

Jungkook smirked as Yoongi sputtered indignantly, pale face turning a pretty shade of pink.

"Look, I'm not taking the freaking Ferrari!" 

"Fine, I'll just drop you off myelf."

Yoongi froze. 

"No. No way in hell am I going to be seen getting dropped off by you."

Jungkook pretended like the quick refusal didn't sting just a little bit. He sighed again instead.

"Fine. Then I'll take the Ferrari, you take the Porsche."

Yoongi groaned and was one thread of patience away from stomping his feet. But at least the SUV was more modest than the bright red sports car, and he really didn't see any other way out of this without being even more late than he already was.

Jimin had of course already abandoned him to go out for breakfast with Taehyung before his own class started, conveniently forgetting to leave his car keys for Yoongi.

"Fine. I'll take the damn Porsche."

Jungkook blinked, as if suprised he'd actually agreed, then grinned widely and fished the keys to the other car out of his pocket to be snatched away by a fuming Yoongi. His irritating look of satisfaction didn't fade as the blonde stomped past him and out the door, grumbling curses as Jungkook poked his head out the door with a gleeful "have a great day!"

Yoongi was a good bit calmer by the time he finally pulled into the university parking lot, largely due to the relaxing nature of the car's buttery leather seats, though he'd die before admitting that to Jungkook. He shouldered his bag and made his way to his first lecture of the day, ignoring the unabashed stares that were no doubt related to the vehicle he'd just exited.

And no, he definitely did not feel a flutter of satisfaction at the attention it attracted. Not at all.

Jungkook could not care less about Yoongi's attempts at keeping a low profile at school (or anywhere else for that matter).

This became clear the first time the younger had lamb skewers from that expensive place in Gangnam delivered to him at the university  canteen during his lunch break.

By none other than Taehyung, whose face was currently plastered across several billboards throughout Seoul, thanks to the Gucci contract he'd secured. 

Yoongi had been more than a little irked by the hordes of students who had swarmed him after that, demanding to know how he knew him, some of them even asking about Yoongi's employment with Jungkook.

Three years of working hard to be left alone, gone. Poof. Just like that.

Jungkook's attention wasn't all bad though, he had to admit. Yoongi's new weekly spa appointments and the seemingly never-ending supply of Lush and LOHBS bath and body products could attest to that. 

But as days passed to a week, and then on to a month, Yoongi became gradually more irritated. Because, while Jungkook had stayed true to his word and regularly suprised Yoongi with gifts and such, he had spent exactly no time whatsoever with Yoongi himself- at least not just the two of them.

Really, Yoongi was more irritated with the realization that it bothered him at all. He told himself that it was dumb, and that he should be happy the younger man wasn't constantly hitting on him, but the fact of the matter was that Yoongi couldn't help but be just a little disappointed that Jungkook hadn't kept up the teasing and intense eye contact. 

Whether he liked it or not, Yoongi had for some reason started to crave his attention. 

"Yoongi lets go in here!"

He and Jimin were out on their now-routine Sunday 'friend-date', and Jimin had startled Yoongi out of his thoughts by jerking him excitedly towards a minimalistic building across the street. Yoongi followed the enthusiastic boy inside, and only after taking a quick look around did he notice where they were. He turned to Jimin with wide eyes.

"Jimin why are we in a tattoo shop?"

The now pink-haired boy giggled at the shocked expression on the elder's face. 

"Calm down silly. I want a piercing, not a tattoo." 

He blushed slightly.

"TaeTae said a nose stud would be cute on me, and I want to suprise him."

Suddenly the boy perked up with a gasp, latching on to Yoongi's shirt sleeve and bouncing on his toes. 

"You should get one too hyung!"

"What?" Yoongi sputtered. "Absolutely not. I'm fine with the metal in my ears, thanks. Never had a desire to put any in my face."  

Jimin pouted momentarily, then grinned slyly.

"Well it doesn't have to be your face..."

Yoongi stared. 

"I'm not piercing my nipples or my dick either, Park."

"Oh god, ew," Jimin cringed. " Ew ew ew! That was not a mental image I needed. God I hate you."

Yoongi couldn't help but laugh at his friend's misery. 

"That's not even what I was thinking you perv. Gross. Your navel, Yoongi. I was going to say get a belly button piercing."

Yoongi stopped for a second, briefly considering.

"Yeah, how about no."

"Oh come on, Yoongi, please?" 

"I said no."

"Are you really going to make me get pierced by myself? This could be a bonding experience for us!"

"Who says I even want to bond with you?"

Jimin gasped dramatically and smacked his arm.

"You take that back, you fiend!" 

Then his expression shifted to one of coy nonchalance.

"I'm sure it would get Jungkook's attention..."

He ignored the glare and Yoongi's eyeroll, cutting him off before he could say anything.

"I know you Yoongs. I can see how it gets under your skin when he seems all uninterested. Just showering you with stuff but never giving you attention? It's just plain mean if you ask me."

Jimin gave Yoongi a look of exaggerated sorrow and pity before breaking into another grin.

"Don't you want to get him back, even if it's just symbolically? Get a sexy new piercing with his money, and don't even tell him. Let him find out on his own."

Yoongi just stared at Jimin for several long moments before admitting to himself that yeah, okay. Jimin had a damn good point.

"Fine. But nothing gaudy."

The younger boy let out a squeal of delight and darted off to speak with the piercer, and Yoongi rolled his eyes again before following. He was probably going to regret this.

The whole process went rather quickly, even though Jimin drew it out much longer than necessary by spending ages picking out each of their jewelry before hand. Yoongi trusted his judgement (for some insane reason), so he let him choose his while he scrolled through Instagram, passing Jimin the card Jungkook had given him to use for himself.

After the jewelry was selected he was led to lay back on cot and the piercer cleaned the area with antiseptic before marking it, opening a new needle package, and pushing it through. Yoongi finally got a good look at the piece Jimin had chosen for him, and he had to admit that the boy had taste, and knew him well.

It was what looked like silver, though Yoongi wasn't sure really, with a clear stone embedded in the bottom ball and a small treble clef encrusted with the same stone dangling off of it. 

Yoongi smiled over at Jimin, who was sporting a gold stud with pale pink stone on his left nostril.

"I like it. Nice pick, Jiminie. Yours looks great too."

Jimin beamed and their was an obvious hint of mischief in his eyes. Yoongi eyed him warily.


The other boy just smiled wider and shook his head.

"Oh, nothing. I just think Jungkook is really gonna like it when he finally sees it."

Yoongi could tell there was something Jimin wasn't saying, but decided he probably didn't want to know whatever went on in that boy's head. They tipped their piercer well and left the shop, checking the time on their phones and deciding to go ahead and head home for the evening since Tae had texted Jimin to tell him he would be stopping by for dinner.


Jungkook dropped his head into his hands and groaned. These new employees were going to be the death of him. Hell, they werent even technically his employees, they were brought in to help with a smaller partner company, but of course he was the one left to sort out their training. 

His phone buzzed and he reached out blindly to snatch it up, glancing at the screen to find a text alert from his bank.

He blinked. What the hell?


Yoongi and Jimin stopped to pick up groceries for dinner since Jungkook was supposed to get off in a couple hours and Jimin would be cooking. 

The two finally made it back to the house and were prepping vegetables in the kitchen when Taehyung and Jungkook arrived simultaneously. 

Tae practically ran over to Jimin, snatching the smaller boy up and peppering his face with kisses as if he hadn't just seen him the night before, and (not for the first time) Yoongi wasn't sure if he wanted to coo at them or be sick.

He settled for simply averting his gaze. And promptly regretted it.

Jungkook was leaned casually against the doorframe, hands in his pockets and legs crossed loosely at the ankles.

Yoongi forced his brain to concern itself with the intense stare the man focused on him, rather than how effortlessly good he looked. 

"What?" he managed, though it came out much weaker than he'd intended.

"Just curious."

Yoongi scoffed.


Jungkook's lips quirked up in a tiny smirk. 

"I got an interesting notification from my bank a couple hours ago-"

There was a loud clatter and all eyes turned to Jimin, who had accidently knocked an empty pan to the floor. He bent and retrieved it hastily, dropping it in the sink before turning to Taehyung.

"TaeTae, hey, I almost forgot about that thing you wanted to look at!"

Taehyung stared at him, obviously confused, before blinking a few times and nodding rapidly. 

"Right, yes, the thing!"

And then Jimin was grabbing him by the hand and they were exiting the kitchen, leaving Yoongi and Jungkook both baffled and amused.

"Uh... okay then. That was... yeah."

Yoongi shook his head and turned back to Jungkook.

"Anyway. You were saying something about the bank?"

Jungkook nodded, smirk back in place.

"I was just wondering what exactly you spent  over one million won on this evening."

It only took a second for Yoongi to piece things together, cursing Park Jimin in his head for the millionth time. Of course Jimin had picked what was probably the most expensive thing in the whole damn shop for Yoongi. Of course he had.

Yoongi panicked and made to step past Jungkook.

"I've gotta go-"

"Hey, hey, I'm not mad," Jungkook interrupted, shifting in front of him to block the door. "I'm just curious. Usually you're so adamant about not spending much. I just want to know what caught your eye, gorgeous."

Yoongi groaned.

"If you don't care about me spending money then why does it even matter what I spend it on?"

Jungkook laughed.

"So I know what you like, angel, for future reference."

For some reason that comment had Yoongi's face catching fire, and he froze for the briefest moment before darting forward in an attempt to escape the situation.

Unfortunately, Jungkook was faster than he anticipated.

The younger man threw out an arm to block him, wrapping it snuggly around his stomach and pulling him back, and Yoongi let out a strangled noise as he felt a sudden spike of pain from his new piercing. He doubled over immediately, gasping for breath and blinking back the sudden flood of tears.

Jungkook snatched his arm back and dropped to his knees in front of him, pushing Yoongi's hair back so he could see his face.

"Hey, Yoongi what happened? Are you okay? What's wrong, what can I do?"

Yoongi just whimpered in response, clutching his abdomen, and Jungkook noticed the action.

"Let me see, Yoongi, let me help."

And Yoongi didn't have it in him to refuse as Jungkook helped him straighten up and lifted his shirt up to expose his stomach and check for the source of pain.

Even with his eyes scrunched shut, he knew the exact moment that Jungkook saw where his money had gone.

The hand holding his shirt stilled and several seconds passed before Yoongi heard him exhale slowly, as if he'd been holding his breath. 

"Oh, Yoongi."

A shiver ran down his spine at Jungkook's soft, almost reverant tone, and Yoongi opened his eyes as he felt fingertips brushing the soft skin of his stomach.

Jungkook seemed entranced as he let his eyes wander over the milky flesh, his gaze traveling slowly from where his fisted hand grasped Yoongi's shirt near his ribs and down the smooth expanse to the low waist of his jeans before returning to the piercing.

Yoongi was happy to see it wasn't bleeding or torn- just a little red from being pulled- and was busy thanking his lucky stars it hadn't been yanked out, when Jungkook leaned forward and brushed a kiss above it. 

It wasn't anything substantial, just the softest touch of lips on skin as his thumb slowly stroked Yoongi's hip, but it was (embaressingly) enough to draw out a quiet whimper.

Jungkook leaned back and met Yoongi's eyes then, and the fiery hunger there was enough to have his heart beating against his ribcage as the younger kept stroking his bare skin. 

Yoongi's brain-to-mouth filter must have taken a vacation, because then he was opening his mouth and what came out was a timid, barely audible "Do you like it?"

And then Jungkook's eyes were growing impossibly darker, and he was still holding Yoongi's gaze as he responded in a much rougher voice than Yoongi had heard before.

"I love it, beautiful. It's perfect. So pretty, just like you..."

Yoongi heard him chuckle as his eyes drifted closed at the praise. When he opened them again, Jungkook was smiling warmly, but his eyes were still dark and hungry.

"Do you like that baby? Do you like being pretty? Wearing pretty things?"

He knew it was a loaded question, but Yoongi found himself nodding anyway, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. 

"Say it. Tell me what you like, angel."

Jungkook's grip tightened on his hip and Yoongi's breath was becoming erratic.

"I-I like pretty things. I want... I want to be pretty.. for you."

He felt his face flush at the stuttered admission, shivered at Jungkook's low groan...

And then Jungkook was dropping his shirt to cover him again, climbing to his feet and brushing off his knees as if nothing had happened.

Yoongi stared blankly, but as soon as he opened his mouth to say something (he wasn't really sure what), Jimin and Taehyung were walking back into the kitchen and returning to their food prep, and Jungkook was laughing along with their conversation. 

The rest of the night progressed without any further incident and when the others were deciding on a second movie to watch, Yoongi went to bed, feeling more confused and on edge than he had in a long while. 

Thinking back to the kitchen, he couldn't help but feel completely mortified by the whole thing now. 

God, had he really said that?

That he wanted to be pretty for Jungkook? What the hell? Where had that even come from? 

Yoongi buried his face deep in his pillow and let out a noise that wasn't entirely human, kicking his feet. 

When the hell had he become so needy for Jungkook's attention? 


Nothing changed. 

Well, not on Jungkook's end, anyway.

When he ran into him in the kitchen the next morning, the younger man greeted him with a warm smile, as always. He let him know there was a fresh pot of coffee ready for him, then left for the office while Yoongi was left questioning whether or not he'd completely imagined the kitchen encounter the day before. 

The vague soreness of his piercing was the only thing that assured him he hadn't. 

The rest of the week played out as usual, except for the fact that Yoongi was growing steadily more insane, obsessing about the smallest things.

The way Jungkook's eyes roamed casually over his face and body, whether or not he thought Yoongi was looking. The slightly rougher edge to his voice in the mornings and late at night. The way he rested his hand at the base of Yoongi's spine when he was standing next to him at parties. 

All things that Jungkook had done all along, but now Yoongi noticed them much more clearly, couldn't focus on anything else at all. 


Nearly two weeks later, Jungkook called him into his home office and handed him a keycard, letting him know it would give him access to a studio at Jeon Enterprises.

"So you don't have to stay so late at school. You can work on your projects there instead, and catch a ride home with me."

Yoongi was speechless.

"You don't have to worry about someone coming in and messing up anything you have saved this way, either. Only you have a key."

"You're giving me a private studio... at Jeon Enterprises?" Yoongi finally managed to choke out. 

Jungkook shrugged.

"I don't see why I shouldn't. You may not be from my company, but you are an employee of mine. And I'm sure we have better production equipment than the university. If you're going to be pursuing it as a career you may as well get used to the latest technology."

And that was that.

The very next Monday Yoongi hopped on the bus (Jungkook had finally relented and let him continue to use public transportation) and made his way to Jeon Enterprises. 

As he stepped through the doors into the sleek, modern interior, he was struck once again by just how unreal the whole situation seemed to him, as if it all was just some Cinderella daydream on steroids and he would snap out of it any second now to find himself back in his and Jimin's tiny apartment.

It became a routine. Wake up, get ready for school, go to lectures, head to the studio, ride home in near-silence with Jungkook, practice on the piano, have dinner with him, Jimin, and Tae, sleep, rinse, repeat. In just a week it was all second nature to him, and he found himself letting his guard down, just a little. 

Still, he couldn't help but obsess over why the hell Jungkook hadn't pushed for something more. Sure, he still flirted, but not nearly as intensely as before they'd had that breakfast at Seokjin's, and Yoongi had expected it to get heavier from there, not lighter

Mid-way through his second week going to the studio, Yoongi discovered why.

Kim Yugyeom was a familiar face, even if most of his drama roles had been minor, and Yoongi was less than suprised to run into him at the office, as everyone knew he'd signed a contract with the company last spring. 

Yoongi saw several celebrity faces at the office, actually, and many of them spoke to him, so he didn't think anything of it when Yugyeom would greet him politely in the elevator or ask him if his work was going well. Yoongi's face had circulated enough that everyone seemed to know he was working for Jungkook, so most people acknowledged him as they would a coworker. 

So no, there was nothing odd about Yugyeom chatting with him as they stepped into the elevator that Wednesday. At least not until Yoongi noticed the way the boy kept glancing at him and fidgeting.

"Spit it out, Kim."

Yugyeom's face flushed slightly, but he turned to Yoongi without hesitation.

"What's going on between you and Jungkook?"

Yoongi blinked. 

"Excuse me?"

But Yugyeom hadn't really seemed to hear him, since he continued anyway.

"At first I thought maybe you were just fucking him too, but that can't be it. He wouldn't give you your own studio just for that, and he wouldn't parade you around in front of cameras and reporters at dinner parties. He wouldn't have you living with him. So what is it? Are you his boyfriend or something?"

Yoongi felt his heart drop through the floor as the elevator came to a stop at Yugyeom's floor. He couldn't find it in himself to give the younger man any sort of response, but it seemed Yugyeom had decided he didn't need one.

"Nevermind. It isn't my place to ask. Have a nice day Yoongi-ssi."

And when he stepped off the elevator and strode off quickly down the corridor, Yoongi didn't even notice.

When the elevator reached his own floor two stories higher, Yoongi didn't get off, pressing the button for the first floor again instead. There was no way he'd be able to concentrate on his music today, so there was no point in staying. 

He took the bus back to Pyeongchang-dong and threw himself down on his bed when he got home, head spinning. 

'At first I thought you were just fucking him too.'

Yoongi scoffed. Of course Jungkook was fucking one of his celebrities. He felt stupid for not realizing it before, especially since Yugyeom seemed like the only one who was at the office even more than Yoongi was. Everyone else popped in sporadically, but he seemed to be there every day.

He stayed there on his bed until Jimin came home, hearing him giggling as he dragged Taehyung past his door. Seconds later he heard a loud splash followed by Tae's contagious laughter and Jimin's outraged screeching, and he was pretty sure Taehyung had thrown the smaller man in the pool. 

He couldn't help but smile a little at that, and it snapped him out of whatever trance he'd put himself in. He really had no reason to be upset, after all. It's not like Jungkook was his boyfriend, despite what Yugyeom seemed to suspect. He was just his employer. His 'sponser'. Hell, he should be thankful that he got all the perks of being a sugarbaby with none of the expectations.

He shook his head to clear it and clambered up from the bed, changing into his swim trunks as he decided to join the loud couple outside.


Two hours later, the sound of the front door slamming had their conversation screeching to a halt and their heads swiveling to stare in shock as Jungkook came storming outside.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Yoongi stared at him, all his earlier emotions pouring back in a split second.

"Right here?"

Jungkook laughed humorlessly.

"You didn't think to, oh, I don't know, maybe tell me that you left?"

Yoongi's anger spiked, and he stood from his chair, crossing his arms and glaring at the younger.

"Sorry, I wasn't aware that I had to tell you every freaking move I make. Is that a new term I should add to our contract?"

He knew he was being bitchy, but he couldn't bring himself to care, not after his confrontation with Yugyeom.

The two of them barely registed Taehyung grabbing Jimin by the hand and tugging him inside as Jungkook stalked slowly closer to Yoongi. 

"What the hell is your problem Yoongi? I was fucking worried. You told me this morning you were coming to the studio, and you weren't there. I thought maybe you just decided not to come, but then you weren't answering your phone, and Yugyeom said he saw you-"

"Damn right he did."

Jungkook stopped, his angry expression contorting to one of confusion.

"What's that supposed to mean? Did something happen between you to?"

Yoongi laughed sarcastically. 

"No, he just had a couple questions for me."

Jungkook didn't look any closer to understanding. Yoongi swallowed and forced his voice to come out evenly.

"Just wanted to know if I was fucking you too."

Finally, realization seemed to dawn on the younger man, but there was no trace of guilt in his expression, and though Yoongi honestly hadn't expected there to be, what he really hadn't expected was the smirk on Jungkook's stupid lips.

"Oh Yoongi, did Yugyeom make you jealous?"

Yoongi just stared back, crossing his arms tighter across his chest as if bracing himself.

"So you are sleeping with him."


Yoongi ignored the irrational spike of hurt in his chest and refused to retreat as Jungkook stepped slowly closer. He was only a foot away now.

"I'm a young man with a lot of weight on my shoulders. I have to let the stress out somehow."

He paused, and his expression turned falsely confused.

"Does that bother you, Yoongi? I don't see why it would."

"You're right. It shouldn't. Doesn't."

Yoongi finally found his voice, but it came out less sure than he'd intended and he really wasn't convincing anybody at this point.

Jungkook rolled his eyes and dropped the curious act as he took the last step forward, glaring down at the smaller man.

"Cut the crap Yoongi. You want me. Admit it, and we can forget all about Yugyeom."

Yoongi blinked, and blinked again, not quite understanding.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He flinched in suprise as Jungkook sighed and raised a hand to caress Yoongi's cheek with his fingertips. 

"I told you before. I won't make a move until you tell me you want it. Yugyeom's just there to keep me from breaking that promise."

His hand slid around and his fingers tangled lightly in the hair at Yoongi's nape, his other perching gently on the curve of Yoongi's bare waist. 

"I almost did, you know."

Yoongi couldn't focus enough to ask what he meant, but Jungkook was considerate enough to elaborate.

"Almost snapped when I saw this-" he shifted his hand and brushed his thumb near Yoongi's navel. "When you told me you wanted to be pretty for me. Almost took you right there in the kitchen."

He was so close now, Yoongi could feel the heat pouring off of his body. He felt feverish. He wasn't sure how he'd expected this confrontation to go, but this definitely hadn't been it.

"Why didn't you then?" he practically whispered.

Jungkook froze, then his hand tightened slightly in Yoongi's hair.

"I told you. I won't until you say-"

"I want you."

The younger didn't freeze this time, simply tightened his hands further and pulled Yoongi against him as tilted his head back to look him in the eyes.

Yoongi saw a flash of something there, like wariness but not quite, hidden behind the raw hunger. 

"Say it again."

Yoongi's body burned.

"I want you."

Their lips were almost touching now.


"For fucks sake, Jungkook, I want y-"

And then Jungkook was closing the distance and his hands never loosened their grip as he pressed hard against him, their lips burning as they moved desperately against each other. 

Yoongi tasted peppermint and strawberry chapstick, and he could feel every inch of the other man's firm body searing against his soft one as Jungkook's tongue swept into his mouth. He felt his knees go weak, but by then Jungkook was pushing him back against the wall, the cold glass making him jump at first contact.

Jungkook slid the hand on his waist back to rest in his favorite spot at the base of Yoongi's spine, molding their hips together, and Yoongi couldn't breathe but it was good, it was so good. He was so hot, and he could feel his arousal curling low in his gut, and if the growing rigidness against his hip was any indication, Jungkook wasn't far off.

But then Jungkook was pulling away and breaking the kiss, leaning his forehead down against Yoongi's. He laughed breathlessly as Yoongi tilted his face up to chase his lips, pulling back just out of reach. His fingers went back to stroking Yoongi's cheek as he shook his head softly.

"Not... not today.." he murmered, something like regret in his voice. 

"Why?" Yoongi couldn't keep the slight desperation out of his tone. 

"I don't... I don't want to touch you, to be with you for the first time, on the same day that I..."

He didn't seem to be able to finish the thought, but Yoongi knew what he was trying to say.

He didn't want to be with Yoongi for the first time on the same day that he'd been with someone else.

Yoongi nodded, and maybe knowing that he'd been with Yugyeom just a short while ago should have upset him, but it was more comforting, knowing that he at least meant enough to Jungkook for him to be honest with him.

Jungkook smiled and gripped his chin lightly, tilting his head back up to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"But you don't have to worry about that after today."

Yoongi just looked at him for a moment, not really sure how to take that.

"So what, we're... we're exclusive? You're going to drop your other toy, just like that?"

And apparently that wasn't the right thing to say, because the grip on his chin became vice-like, and the soft smile from seconds ago had hardened into something else.

"You're not a fucking toy, Yoongi. You should know better than that."

Yoongi did know better than that. If he hadn't before, then what Yugyeom had said earlier would have done it. But that didn't stop the flicker of satisfaction at hearing Jungkook say it out loud.

"Yeah? What am I then?"

His voice wavered and he hated himself for it.

"You're mine," Jungkook stated simply, and the flicker of satisfaction flared to a wave of pleasure as Jungkook pulled him back in for one more long, heated kiss before stepping back and opening the door for Yoongi to go inside. 

Jungkook went upstairs to change out of his work clothes and Yoongi headed to the kitchen to grab a glass of juice, only to find Taehyung and Jimin a giggling mess at the counter. 

Thw two struggled to straighten their faces when Yoongi walked in, but they weren't having the best of luck with it.

"What's so funny?" Yoongi grumbled, and it prompted another round of giggles. 

"N-nothing, nothing," Taehyung gasped out when he could speak again. "Just, well-"

"We're glad to see you and Jungkook finally, um, talked," Jimin finished, and Yoongi could feel the blush creeping up his neck.


Jimin at least managed to look slightly apologetic as Taehyung cleared his throat.

"Well, uh. The living room wall is glass, hyung."

Yoongi didn't even bother to respond, simply wrenching the fridge open and grabbing a bottle of water before retreating quickly, flipping them off over his shoulder as another round of laughter sounded behind him. 

The rest of the evening went by fairly normally, but as they were settling down to watch a movie, as had become their routine on nights like this, Jungkook's phone rang and he excused himself to take the call. 

Several moments later he returned looking much more irritated than he had when he left. 

"Work?" Taehyung questioned sympathetically. 

Jungkook nodded, closing his eyes and massaging the bridge of his nose. 

"That was the directer of our Chinese branch. There's been an emergency with his pregnant wife and he requested to take the next few days off to be with her."

Taehyung nodded, then winced.

"Oh, crap, wasn't he supposed to do that retreat thing for the new employees starting tomorrow?"

Jungkook nodded, and his eyes found Yoongi's apologetically as he said "I have to leave tonight to take over it for him. It's only for three days though, so I'll be back in by late Sunday night."

Yoongi nodded, because even though he knew Jungkook was just responding to Taehyung, it felt like it was meant for himself.

"Have fun," he said, smiling weakly. He'd never admit it out loud, but a whole three days without Jungkook sounded like hell. 


Suprisingly, it wasn't. 

It wasn't exactly enjoyable and there was a definite hole in the atmosphere when Yoongi, Taehyung, and Jimin had their usual dinners and such, but it wasn't torture. At least Thursday and Friday passed rather quickly between school, working at the studio (Yugyeom seemed to be around a lot less, and the slightly sad expression Yoongi had caught on his face the one time they had run into each other told Yoongi that Jungkook had already broken things off with the actor), and long hours practicing on the piano. 

He couldn't help but check his phone periodically, hoping maybe that there would be a text from a certain CEO, but he understood when there wasn't. Taehyung had mentioned that the retreat wasn't meant to be a leisurely one, and that their schedule was packed with "team-building excercises."

Now that sounded like torture.

However, when he woke up just shy of noon on Sunday, he was pleased to find a message.


From: Jeon Jungkook

Have fun on your date with Jimin today angel :) Go by my office first. I sent my secretary something to hold for you. I expect to see it on you when I get back, but you can wear it as often as you like.


Yoongi was suddenly wide awake. Jungkook had sent him a present? He couldn't help the wide smile that spread across his face as he realized that Jungkook had been thinking about him after all.

He climbed the stairs to Jimin's room and entered without knocking, finding the other boy already up and styling his cotton candy hair in the mirror. 

"Chim, Jungkook said to stop by his office before we go out, there's-"

"Something to pick up, yeah, he already told me babe. He also said we can take the Porsche since he's not using it."

Jimin suddenly spun away from the mirror.

"Can I dress you today?" he asked, puppydog eyes in play. "Please? I didn't get to at all this week since there was no party or anything."

Yoongi rolled his eyes and sighed. 

"Yeah, whatever."


Half an hour later Yoongi had to admit, for possibly the thousandth time, that Jimin really knew how to make him look good.

He cast one last appreciative look at the mirror before nodding his satisfaction to Jimin, and then they locked up the house and climbed in the Porsche (with Yoongi driving, as he had become quite fond of the car).

He made his way up to Jungkook's office (which he had still never been inside) on the top floor, greeting the kind-faced young woman at the desk out front. 

"Hi, um, I'm Min Yoongi. Jungkook said he left something for me to pick up?"

The girl smiled warmly and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Yoongi, I'm Rose, and he most certainly did. One second."

She stood and stepped over to filing cabinet, unlocking the middle drawer and reaching in to pull out a small plain black box with a green and red ribbon secured around it.

"Here you go sweetheart."

She passed it over to him and he smiled his thanks and went back down to where Jimin was waiting in the car. 

"Well? What did he get you?"

Yoongi flicked his forehead. 

"I haven't opened it yet brat. Didn't want to in front of his secretary."

Jimin nodded, then gestured pointedly at the box, before actually taking a look at it. 

"Ooh, whatever it is, it's Gucci!"

Yoongi blinked. 

"How do you know that?"

"The ribbon silly. That's Gucci. Trust me, TaeTae is obsessed with it. Open it already!"

Yoongi glared at the other, but he was honestly just as excited. He pulled the end of the ribbon and rolled it up once it was loose, pocketing it before finally lifting the lid off the box. 

Jimin gasped and squealed in shock and excitement, but Yoongi just stared and blinked. 

Nestled on a bed of black felt was a white gold choker, the metal woven into an intricate, vaguely floral pattern, encrusted with what Yoongi had no doubt were dozens of tiny diamonds. 

He pulled out his phone, ignoring Jimin's gushing, and pulled up his messages.


To: Jeon Jungkook 

What the actual fuck Jungkook


From: Jeon Jungkook 

Do you like it?


To: Jeon Jungkook 

How is that even a question? I can't accept this. This had to be crazy expensive. You could probably buy a house with this!


From: Jeon Jungkook 

Mmm. You're not wrong. But I didn't want to buy another house, gorgeous. I wanted to buy you something as pretty as you are. 

Well. Almost, anyway.


To: Jeon Jungkook 

You're crazy. This is crazy. Holy hell Jungkook. 


From: Jeon Jungkook 

Put it on beautiful. Let me see?


Yoongi's face burned, and he considered ignoring the request, but only for the briefest moment. Then he bit back the smile tugging at his lips and lifted the beautiful thing from it's bed, turning his back to Jimin and holding it to his neck.

Jimin took the hint and clasped it behind him, securing it snugly but not uncomfortably, just tight enough to feel it taught around his throat when he swallowed. 

He thanked Jimin and went to pull up his front camera, but the other boy swiped the phone from his hands.

"What the hell Jimin, he wants a picture, give it back!"

Jimin swatted at his outstretched hand. 

"No. Yoongi, this deserves more than a crappy selfie, don't you dare!"

Yoongi huffed and rolled his eyes. 

"Fine, you take it then."

"Sure, just a couple minor changes first."

Jimin grinned and leaned over to snag the ribbon out of Yoongi's pocket, looping the wide strip of fabric around his neck and securing it like a loose tie, the knot resting where Yoongi's collarbones were exposed by his black vneck. 

Then, much to Yoongi's confusion, jimin clambered out of the car and ran around to the driver's side, tapping on the window. 

Yoongi rolled it down.

"What the hell are you doing Chim?"

"Light's better from outside. Now, rest one arm on the steering wheel and lean your head against it, but keep your face turned towards me."

"Jesus fucking christ Jimin it's not that-"

"Do it Yoongi, please!"

He did as Jimin asked, then snatched the phone back immediately to inspect the pictures. 

"Damn. Okay. You win this round Park Jimin."

Jimin cackled at the compliment and got back in the car as yoongi sent the better of the three images to Jungkook. 

Not even two minutes later his phone buzzed again. 


From: Jeon Jungkook 

You look so good baby...

Tell Jimin he's getting a raise. Bless him.


Two hours later they were in Gangnam, squabbling over where to go first, when Yoongi saw it for the first time. Just a flash of a familiar face, though he couldn't quite place it immediately. He shrugged it off, and he and Jimin settled full swing into friend-date mode, bustling from store to store looking at everything and buying dozens of small things like candy and earrings, cd's and sarcastic tshirts. 

On the way into their favorite Thai restaurant Yoongi saw it again, and this time the face registered, but then he blinked and it was gone. He told himself he imagined it. He had to have imagined it.

Jimin asked if he was okay, and he shook it off again, assuring him that he was fine, just thought he saw someone. He'd almost put it out of his head by the time they'd finished their meal and tipped their waitress, a cheerful girl named Wendy who reminded him a little bit of Lisa and reminded him that he should call her again soon.

Jimin was trying to talk him into buying more jewelry for his navel piercing and he was stubbornly refusing when he saw him for the third time, a mere two yards in front of him. 

Yoongi turned to Jimin with panic in his eyes, and Jimin reached out to grab his shoulders.

"Are you okay? Hyung, what is it?"

Before Yoongi could reply, a smooth, familiar voice spoke behind him.


Yoongi froze and his blood ran cold as Jimin glanced over his shoulder and his expression morphed into something between shock and horror.

"Fucking Tao?"

Chapter Text

Yoongi schooled his face into what he hoped was a less terrified expression and turned to face the one person he could have gone his entire life without seeing again. He took another deep breath and forced himself to look the man in the eyes, something he hadn't done for ages, even before he got out.

Got out. Got away. Escaped. Fled. 

Others may have just called it a breakup, but those people didn't know, didn't understand. 

Tao smiled at him, a bit hesitantly, but warm. 

Yoongi barely hid his flinch.

"I almost didn't recognize you. You bleached your hair? You look different, Min. You look good."

Yoongi was going to be sick. 

"And you look a lot like an asshole that's supposed to be in China," Jimin spat. 

Tao didn't take his eyes off of Yoongi.

"They transferred me back to work with a new branch partnership."

Jimin had shifted so that he was positioned slightly between the two. Yoongi wondered if it was subconscious now, if maybe somewhere along the way it had just become Jimin's nature to hide his friend from Tao.

"Well isn't that a fucking shame," he sneered, and Yoongi was almost suprised at the venom in his tone, the barely concealed loathing on the usually cheerful face. 


"But look, hate to break up the reunion, but we have to be going. Things to do. Lives to live. Preferrably without your interference."

Tao rolled his eyes but otherwise ignored him, his attention focused on Yoongi.

Yoongi wondered if he could see what he was thinking- how different he looked, with his light brown hair styled off his forehead rather than the familiar black that was always falling in his eyes, a second piercing in his right ear.

So different, but somehow exactly the same.

It was the smile, Yoongi thought. The warm, almost shy smile that had always deceptively reached all the way to his eyes. It had always been the cruellest joke, how someone who hurt him so much and so often could have such kind eyes. 

But then again, he had been kind. To everyone else, and to Yoongi too, in the beginning. He'd been a good person... until he wasn't anymore.

"Yoongi, I know things ended on a bad note with us, but I'd really like to talk sometime soon. Maybe grab a coffee at that place you like near the university?"

Things ended on a bad note. 

On a bad note.

Yoongi wanted to laugh but he couldn't breathe, could feel the panic battering at his mind, desperate to take over as his chest constricted painfully. He was sure it showed on his face by now. But he couldn't reply, couldn't speak, couldn't say 'no, fuck you, leave me alone.'

"Yeah I don't think that's gonna work. He's got a man at home who would definitely have a few things to say about that."

Thank God for Park Jimin.

Tao's eyes narrowed slightly, the only sign of his discontent- whether at Jimin's interference, or the thought that he was taken, Yoongi couldn't be sure. 

"Oh? So you're-"

"Involved with someone?" Jimin bit out. "Yes. He is."

Tao took in Yoongi's full appearance then, from his new Puma shoes to his silk vneck, finally settling on the Gucci choker and the ribbon still hanging around his neck. 

"Ah. Involved. I see." 

Yoongi could see the conclusion he'd come to, it was obvious in the smirk on his face and the scorn in his eyes, but he voiced it anyway.

"Well, if you get bored with his money, you know you're always welcome to mine, love."

He couldn't breathe, he couldn't breathe-

"Oh just fuck off already asshole, we have shit to do!"

And then Jimin was quite literally shoving him out of the way and he was practically running, his fingers tangled tightly around Yoongi's, and Yoongi finally noticed that Jimin was panicking too. Jimin was scared too. But it was for a different reason, and Yoongi knew, and he couldn't help the pang of guilt that stabbed through him for making Jimin worry.

"Are you okay?" Jimin panted once Yoongi was safely in the passenger seat. 

He leaned over, both hands cupping Yoongi's cheeks, and stared long and hard at his face, the lost expression he found there bringing memories of a cold bathroom floor surging unwanted to the front of his mind as he held his friend.

"Yoongi, you're okay. Do you hear me Yoongs? You're okay. You're safe. Breathe baby."

Yoongi nodded frantically, breathing deeply, and Jimin let out a strangled laugh, tugging Yoongi's face into the curve of his neck, carding his fingers through his hair. 

"You're okay babe. I've got you. I've always got you. And you know what Yoongs?" 

Yoongi raised his head and Jimin beamed at him, stroking his cheek.

"We're not alone anymore. We're not. We have TaeTae, and we have Jungkook, and do you think they would let anything happen to you? Hmm?"

His eyes were shining with tears as he smiled, and Yoongi knew what he meant, had felt it when they were all together. They may have only known the other two for three short months, but they felt like home, like safety. Jimin was right. For the first time in a long time, they weren't alone. 

"Do you want to call Jungkookie? Would it make you feel better?"

Yoongi smiled, and it was weak but genuine.

"No, I think I'm okay now. Thanks Minnie. I'm okay."

Jimin smiled back and ruffled his hair. 

"Good. Now. Did you want to go anywhere else today? We still have a couple hours before TaeTae gets off, and then a few more until Jungkook's flight."

Yoongi was about to say no, but then Tao's words sounded in his head, and a wave of repulsion washed through him. He smiled again.

"Yeah, actually. One more stop."


 "Well that's new."

Jimin giggled as Taehyung blinked repeatedly, tilting his head several different ways. 

Yoongi chewed his lip and rolled his eyes.

"Well yeah, I just got it done, like, an hour ago, so. Good or bad?"

Tae grinned. 

"Good. Definitely good."

Jimin clapped and Yoongi let out a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding.

"You're sure? I mean, technically I am an employee, and I probably should have got permission first, but it was kind of an impulse thing."

Taehyung was already waving his hands in dismissal.

"Hyung, he employs idols, he's not going to be mad. It'll be a nice coming home suprise for him. He'll love it."


Five hours later, Yoongi cut off the television and made his way to the kitchen for a midnight snack, shivering slightly in his lack of clothing.

Jimin and Taehyung had went to bed two hours ago, and Yoongi had retreated to his room, stripped, and pulled on the nearly-sheer black satin robe he'd purchased earlier that day.

The garment only fell to the middle of his thighs, and he was currently regretting deciding not to revert to normal clothes once he'd gotten the text from Jungkook that his flight had been delayed. 

He ignored his discomfort and grabbed a pint of ice cream anyway, plucking a spoon from the drawer and settling himself on a stool.

The plan had been to suprise Jungkook when he got home with a barely-clad Yoongi, wearing only the robe, a pair of tight, short black boxer briefs and his choker, lounging in the other man's bed and sipping from a glass of expensive wine.

But then the stupid plane had been delayed, and at first that had been okay, but the longer it had taken, the more time Yoongi had to doubt himself and dwell on things he knew shouldn't. 

So of course, that's exactly what he did. 

Yoongi made his way to the liquor cabinet to retrieve a bottle of wine and a glass before taking a seat at the counter.

He'd been trying not to think about Tao, he really had, but he'd never been able to control where his mind went when he was alone. It just wasn't a skill he possessed, but it had never been a problem before Tao because there had never been anywhere truly dark for his mind to wander off to.

He'd never doubted his worth before Tao. He'd never found himself wondering if he really was only good for sex and looking pretty. He'd never wondered if he made people treat him badly, or if he maybe he did actually like being treated that way.

Before Tao, he'd thought he knew who he was. Leave it to that fucking bastard to show up again just as Yoongi was finally getting that confidence back, and to tear it away without even having to try.

Yoongi poured himself a glass of the wine and dug into his ice cream, finding himself wishing for the hundredth time that Jungkook would get here already. He knew it was probably stupid, but the younger man made him feel safe, in more ways then one.

He didn't doubt himself with Jungkook. 

As soon as the glass was empty he was filling it again, hands shaking. This wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. He was moving on, he was opening up again, so why couldn't he forget? Why did Tao still feel so familiar? Why could he still feel his hands on his body, feel his breath on his skin?

He made short work of his second glass and filled it a third time.

"Still awake love?"

Yoongi jumped, almost sloshing his wine all over himself before he sat the glass on the counter and spun towards the door. 

Jungkook leaned against the doorframe, tie hanging untied from his neck, the top few buttons of his shirt undone as if he'd started peeling the suit off the second he'd stepped into the house. 

Yoongi slid off of his stool and stepped closer, barely restraining himself from bolting forward and throwing himself on the other.

"Was just waiting to make sure you made it home safe."

Jungkook raised a brow slightly at that, barely concealing a delighted smile. 

"Oh? I see. Well, here I am."

He pushed off of the wall and moved forward, slowly closing the distance between them as he let his eyes wander from Yoongi's bare, milky thighs and over the flimsy robe, catching for a moment on the choker still glittering around Yoongi's neck.

"Mm. Did you like your present, angel?"

Yoongi blushed slightly, but his voice was steady.

"I love it."

Then he squinted his eyes in mock suspicion.

"Though I can't help but wonder if this was your way of collaring me."

He expected a scoff or a scathing remark, but what he got was a heated stare as Jungkook raised a hand to his neck, letting his thumb brush the cool metal.

"Oh, no. This is just pretty. No, pet... if you want a collar, you'll get a collar."

The flush that burned on Yoongi's skin made him extremely grateful for the low lighting as he forced out what he hoped sounded like an amused laugh. Before he had a chance to reply, Jungkook's hand left his throat and caught a lock of his newly colored hair, tugging it playfully.

"You dyed your hair."

Yoongi nodded, his nerves suddenly creeping back.

"Do... do you like it?"

Jungkook released the strand he was playing with and combed his fingers through the soft locks instead. 

"I do. Very much. Mint looks ridiculously good on you. Though I'd be willing to bet just about any color would." 

He cocked his head curiously.

"Why the sudden change, though?"

Yoongi swallowed.

"Just an impulse thing," he stated, shrugging, then jokingly added- "It was either this or a tattoo."

Jungkook's fingers froze in his hair for a moment and he bit his lip.

"Is that so?" he murmered. "And what sort of tattoo would you have gotten, gorgeous?"

Yoongi eyed him for a second before humoring him. It wasn't as if he'd never thought about it before.

"Just a simple lotus blossom."

In a sudden spark of confidence encouraged by the look of interest Jungkook was failing to hide, he lifted the younger man's free hand to his side, holding it lightly on his ribs.

"Right... here."

Jungkook locked his eyes on Yoongi's and smirked slightly, leaning down as his grasp tightened in the hair at Yoongi's nape.

"Hmm... next time then."

And then his lips were meeting Yoongi's halfway and his hand was sliding from the smaller man's ribs to his waist, pulling him gently against him and molding their bodies together.

Their mouths moved eagerly against each other, greedy and urgent but completely unhurried, and Yoongi couldn't help but think that he would never get bored of this. Kissing Jungkook was consuming, demanding and sensual in a way that was hard to describe. His lips were possessive and hungry, but there was a softness about it, a cautious attentiveness, as if he was constantly trying to read Yoongi, to make sure that this was okay.

It was definitely okay. 

The noise Jungkook made when Yoongi reached up to tangle his fingers in his hair was pure satisfaction and he caught Yoongi's bottom lip gently between his teeth, sucking lightly and smiling into the kiss when Yoongi let out a needy whimper. The smile turned mischevious as he suddenly dropped both hands to cup Yoongi's ass through his tight briefs, squeezing as he pressed Yoongi impossibly closer and drawing a breathy groan from the other man.

"Is there something you want, angel?"

Yoongi made a disgruntled noise and Jungkook laughed before kissing him again, a bit softer this time. The gentleness caught Yoongi by suprise, but soon he was melting against him, the tension he'd been suffering with for hours draining away in seconds. He tried to deepen the kiss, but Jungkook pulled back, smiling against his lips and resting his forehead against Yoongi's. 

"I would love to take this further beautiful, but it's been a long, exhausting day, and I do have to be at the office before noon, so I sort of need to take advantage of sleep while I can."

Yoongi stilled, pushing back the irrational voice in his head whispering 'he doesn't want you' before forcing a small smile and nodding.

"I understand," he replied, letting his hands drop and taking a step back, hoping Jungkook didn't hear the slight waver in his voice. 

But Jungkook did hear it, and he noticed the way Yoongi's eyes dimmed and glazed over when he stepped back, and all of a sudden he just knew. He knew something was wrong, and there was a voice inside urging him not to let Yoongi walk away.

He reached out quickly and caught Yoongi's wrist as he turned away, causing the other man to jump slightly.

"Stay with me tonight."

Yoongi stared at him, and the hopeful but cautious expression on his face was enough to convince Jungkook that the inner voice was right, Yoongi wasn't okay. 

"A-are you sure?" the smaller man asked, not taking his eyes away from Jungkook's for one second.

Jungkook tugged Yoongi back against him, wrapping an arm low around his waist and bringing his other hand up to press his head against his chest.

"I'm sure," he murmured, pressing his lips against his hair. 


Once they'd settled into Jungkook's warm bed, he wrapped an arm around Yoongi's shoulder and pulled him against his side, letting the elder curl into him and lay his head on his shoulder. He was quiet for a while, tracing slow shapes into Yoongi's skin with his fingertips, but he knew he would drive himself crazy if he didn't at least ask.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

He was met with silence for several minutes, and had started to think Yoongi had already fallen asleep when the man finally spoke. His voice was soft- 'fragile,' Jungkook's mind whispered- but he heard him clearly regardless.

"He's back. Tao. My ex. He came back."

Jungkook's fingers froze for a second, but he forced himself to continue the soothing motions when he felt Yoongi tense against him. He let a few moments pass in silence, waiting until Yoongi was somewhat relaxed again before speaking. 

"You never told me... what did he do to you Yoongi?"

He heard the man's breath hitch before he replied.

"A lot. He did a lot."

Jungkook felt a slow rage rising inside him at the broken tone.

"Give me an idea. Please."

Yoongi pulled in a shaky breath, and Jungkook swallowed hard, trying to force himself to stay calm as he felt a damp warmth spreading through his shirt.

Yoongi was crying.

Yoongi was fucking crying, and Jungkook wanted to hit something.

"He- he told my parents," Yoongi stammered. "They didn't know I was gay. They- I didn't tell them because I knew they wouldn't w-want me. I..."

Yoongi stopped to breathe deeply, and Jungkook abandoned his stroking and held him tightly instead.

"I left him, and I went home to get away. And he found out where I went and... and," he sobbed, and Jungkook felt his own eyes burning with tears. "I was there for a month, then they confronted me. They kicked me out, my father called me a faggot, and I didn't know. I didn't know how they knew, so I went back to him because I had nowhere else to go. H-he comforted me... but I found out later that he- that Tao- he sent them pictures. Pictures that I didn't know he'd taken, that I wouldn't have let him take. Of us... together. My parents, they saw that, he showed them that, and they haven't spoken to me since then."

Jungkook was crying now, could feel the tears of outrage and sadness wet and hot on his cheeks as he pulled Yoongi further on top of him, pinning him to his chest and wrapping both arms around him as he pressed kiss after kiss against his rumpled hair and his temple.

"He did it on purpose. He did it to show me that I didn't have anyone. That he was the only one who wanted me, that even my parents didn't want the real me."

He started sobbing openly then, and Jungkook felt every gasp and tremor that wracked his small body, and all he could do was hold him, angry at his own inability to help. So he kept holding him, and he kept pressing kisses into his skin, stroking his arms and his back and his hair long after the sobs stopped and Yoongi's breathing slowed. 

He held him like that long after Yoongi had drifted to sleep, and made up his mind then that he wasn't going to let him go. He wasn't going to let anyone else hurt him, and he was going to show Yoongi that he wasn't alone, that he was wanted. 

'More than wanted,' that little voice whispered, but he was too tired and worked up to entertain that train of thought at the moment. He just knew that he wanted to make this man, this Tao pay for what he'd done. So he would. 

He would make him hurt.

"Got the roster you wanted," Namjoon stated as he shut the door behind him and made his way into the office. The tall man tossed the small stack of papers on the desk and Jungkook immediately snatched it up, murmuring a quick thanks as he started skimming over the names.

Namjoon fiddled with the cuff of his sleeve before seeming to come to a decision and taking a seat.

"So why did you want to see all the profiles again? You didn't really seem too interested in the new guys beforehand."

Jungkook stayed silent as he set the first page aside and scanned the next.

The other man sighed.

"If you tell me what you're looking for, I can probably help."

Jungkook finished searching the third page, still not finding it. 

"I heard a certain name, and I know I've heard it before. I was certain it was one of the new employees, but maybe I was wrong. He's not on here."

Namjoon tilted his head and eyed him curiously. 

"Well? What was the name Kook?"

"Tao. I don't have a last name. Just Tao. I was sure I'd heard the name in the orientation but-"

"You did," Namjoon interrupted, reaching for the remaining papers with the detailed profiles of the men listed on the roster and thumbing through them quickly.

Jungkook blinked.

"I did?"

"You did. It's a nickname. Not his full name."

The man finally found the profile he was looking for, turning the stack back towards Jungkook with a grin.

"Told you I could help. Huang Zitao. Age 24, transferred over from Hong Kong, but he said he worked for SM at their Seoul location before he transferred to China."

Jungkook examined the profile closely. Name, age, birthdate, salary, currently 6th in sales for the new employees. He turned his attention to the photo included, finding that the face was indeed vaguely familiar. So he wasn't crazy after all: he really had met the man.

He chewed his lip. But was is the right man? Was this the Tao? Everything seemed to match up, but he had to be certain.

He wouldn't want to ruin an innocent man.

"Namjoon?" he glanced up at the dimpled man. "Do me a favor and invite the top ten new employees to my dinner party next Saturday. Tell them it's a reward for their hard work."

Namjoon grinned and bowed his head slightly. 

"I'd be happy to Kook. Care to clue me in?"

Jungkook smiled at his friend and assistant. 

"I will, I just have to be sure of something first."


The next week passed without incident, and Yoongi had managed to push Tao's existence to the back of his mind fairly easily.

It was actually kind of hard not to, as Jungkook had taken it upon himself to spend every spare moment he had with the elder, lavishing him with attention and- much to Yoongi's suprised delight- affection. 

Ever since Yoongi had woken up in Jungkook's bed to a handwritten apology for leaving before he woke, Yoongi had been nothing short of doted on, and he damn sure wasn't complaining. 

If Jungkook was in the room, his hands were on Yoongi, and not even in a sexual way (though Yoongi wouldn't have minded that at all). It seemed like something had changed that night, and he wasn't really sure what to make of it, but he definitely wasn't mad about it. 

Still, he tried not to get too caught up in it all. It was almost too easy to imagine that their relationship was, well, more, when Jungkook was acting like such a freaking boyfriend

Kissing him goodbye, pulling Yoongi in for snuggles during movie night, even feeding Yoongi with his own chopsticks while Jimin and Tae stared on in amused wonder. Hell, Yoongi hadn't even slept in his own bed once since Jungkook had been back home.

Before he knew it, nearly two weeks had passed and Jimin was pretty-ing him up for the first dinner party since before Jungkook's trip. Yoongi had still been practicing daily, and had even composed a new piece, so he wasn't worried about performing, but his nerves were still eating away at him. 

"Quit fidgeting or I'm going to poke you in the eye," Jimin chirped, oddly cheerful in the delivery of his threat. "On accident, of course."

He finished up the minimal bit of eyeshadow and stepped back so Yoongi could check himself in the mirror.

The look Jimin had him in tonight was a bit darker and simpler than what he usually wore- just a soft scoop-necked shirt with thin black and gray stripes, a fitted black blazer, and dark jeans. 

He nodded appreciatively, as always, and then they were hurrying out to the living room so Yoongi could start playing as the guests arrived.

Several of them walked over to greet Yoongi as soon as they came in, as just about everyone had been introduced to him and gotten comfortable with him by now. He was often treated just as much as a host as he was the musician, something Jimin liked to joke was owed to the fact that he and Jungkook were "practically married."

But as more guests arrived, Jimin and Taehyung stepped up to steer people away, giving Yoongi room to breathe and play.

The majority of the regular guests had even come to recognize when Yoongi was playing a piece of his own, and a comfortable hush would fall over the room as most in attendance would take to speaking in whispers, or simply pausing their conversations completely to listen and appreciate, and a smattering of enthusiastic applause always followed.

As he played, Yoongi admitted to himself that he had actually grown to love his job, even to like many of the guests that he would have written off as snobs beforehand. There were even a couple he would consider calling friends now.

It was funny how things could change.

Yoongi played for an hour straight before stopping for his first break, nodding and smiling as people complimented him on his way to the kitchen. There were a few workers circulating the room with champagne and wine, but Yoongi wasn't in the mood for alcohol.

He hummed to himself as he traipsed over to the cabinet and grabbed his favorite glass before opening the fridge and eyeing the contents, finally settling on the orange-pinapple juice Jungkook had gotten him addicted to.

He filled his glass, chugged half of it down, and then refilled it before putting the bottle back in the fridge and making his way back out to the living room to mingle a bit. 

Just as he was about to step back into the party he felt a hand close loosely around his wrist.


No. No no no. Not here. Not now, when there would be eyes on him for the rest of the night. 

Yoongi swallowed hard and turned with wide eyes. 

God no. No. Tao was here. Tao was in his house. Tao was touching him and no, this was wrong, everything was wrong, why was he here?

"Yoongs," he smiled. "Gotta say, you were the last person I expected to see here tonight. You work for Jeon?"

Yoongi couldn't focus on his words, couldn't do anything but gape, disgusted and afraid, at Tao's fingers on his wrist. On his body. On his skin

"Get your fucking hand off me," he spat, trying to wrench his arm away. 

Tao held fast, probably on instict, and Yoongi was seconds away from having a full-blown panic attack right in the middle of Jungkook's hallway, Jungkook's dinner party.

"Chill Yoongi, I just wanted to talk to you for a second away from Jimin's bratty ass."

"Don't you fucking dare insult Jimin. Let me go. Let go!"

"Yoongi? Everything okay here?"

Yoongi's eyes flicked to the doorway, spotting Hoseok- Jungkook's head company choreographer- eyeing them cautiously. 

"Everything's fine, we're just talk-"

"I wasn't asking you," he cut in, glaring at Tao. "Pretty sure I was talking to Yoongi."

Tao scoffed.

"How about you just go somewhere and mind your own business? We have something we need to talk about."

Hoseok looked at Yoongi, taking in his stricken expression, before turning back to Tao with a sour smile.

"Sure thing."

Then, to Yoongi's horror, Hoseok turned and walked back to the party. 

"Friend of yours?" Tao bit out, and Yoongi was finally able to jerk his hand free as the other man stared after Hoseok, slightly distracted.

"What are doing here? Are you fucking stalking me? Why are you here?"

Tao stared at him for a moment before barking out a laugh.

"Stalking you? Far from it. I was invited by Jeon Jungkook himself."

Yoongi froze.

"What? Why? Why would he invite you?"

Yoongi could see the flash of irritation flickering in Tao's eyes but he was far from caring.

"Because I happen to be an important person, Yoongi. One of the top ten in his company right now, actually." 

He eyed Yoongi with a small smirk.

"One of the highest paid as well. Just in case you were curious."

"I wasn't." 

"Oh come on Yoongi," Tao stepped closer, and Yoongi stepped back, his back pressed against the wall now.

"Stop playing hard to get. Just let me take you out for coffee or dinner, and we can go to my new condo afterwards," he raised a hand to stroke Yoongi's cheek and the smaller man slapped it away.

Tao bit his lip at the action and Yoongi cursed himself for reacting without thinking. 

"We can go back to my condo, and I can give you everything that you've been missing."

Yoongi swallowed hard against the acid burning in his throat, but Tao took it differently, leaning down to speak more softly in his ear as he stood frozen.

"I know you Yoongi. And I know you haven't forgotten how good I can make you feel. I know your body, know your kinks, your filthy, filthy pleasures. Let me take you home and make you feel g-"

"Get your fucking hands away from him!"

Before Yoongi could process what was happening, Tao was being shoved violently away from him and a seething Jimin was shifting Yoongi behind himself. He caught sight of Hoseok standing off to the side, arms folded and glaring at Tao, who had stumbled and was righting himself. 

Hoseok reached out and pulled Yoongi closer to him, further away from the two furious males staring at each other with unbridled hatred. 

Jimin closed the distance between them and shoved Tao again.

"What the hell did I tell you in Gangnam? Leave him alone asshole! You don't get to touch Yoongi, you don't get to talk to Yoongi, you don't get to even breathe air in the same fucking room as Yoongi, what don't you get about that?"

Tao looked like he wanted to spit in Jimin's face, but a few other guests had drifted into the hall by now due to Jimin's raised voice.

"If Yoongi wants me to go away, he can tell me himself."

Hoseok laughed loudly.

"You sure about that pal? Because that didn't seem to be going so well for him when I walked in on you."

Tao sneered at him to stay the hell out it, and Hoseok stalked towards him, gently pushing Yoongi behind him as he narrowed his eyes dangerously at Tao.

If it wasn't for the feeling of relief and fondness for Jimin and Hoseok, Yoongi probably would have had something to say about how everyone was casually pushing him around, but he held his tongue and went with it.

The hallway was starting to get a bit crowded, and Yoongi was sure that any second now-

"What seems to be the problem over here?"

Yoongi cringed hard as Jungkook's calm voice sounded behind him, but he leaned into the hand at the small of his back anyway.

Hoseok and Jimin seemed to be physically restraining themselves from acting as Tao's gaze shot up to meet Jungkook's. 

"I'm sorry, sir, there just seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. I apologize deeply for interrupting your-"

"This fucker was grabbing Yoongi," Hoseok bit out, and Tao looked like he was about to gut him.

Jimin turned to Jungkook, eyes darting to Yoongi first as if for permision to say what he was about to. 

"Jungkook this is Tao," he stated, his tone mockingly pleasant. "This is Yoongi's ex. You know the one."

Jungkook nodded at Jimin before turning to smile at Tao. Tao stared on in what looked a bit like alarm, then schooled his face into impassiveness, his cool gaze darting to Yoongi for a moment as he let out a little laugh.

"I'm sure whatever you've heard from Park here has been grossly exaggerated, sir," he said, and Jungkook made a contemplative noise, stepping forward slightly, the hand on Yoongi's back never leaving. 

"Hm. I don't really think it has," he replied pleasantly, staring into Tao's face. "But I think I'd take Yoongi and Jimin's words over a stranger's anyday, so don't feel too bad."

Jungkook's hand slid from the small of Yoongi's back to grip his waist, his firm grasp comforting to Yoongi and possessive to anyone watching. 

Tao's eyes darted down to catch the action, taking in the way Yoongi seemed to lean into Jungkook, and a disbelieving look flashed across his face before a cold smirk.

Jungkook simply smiled.

"I'm sorry, but I think it would be best if you didn't stay any longer. Can't have my lovely musician too upset to perform."

Tao scoffed then, daring to look straight into Jungkook's face with barely concealed animosity.

"Ah. I see. Yoongi caught a big one this time huh?"

He laughed harshly, and Yoongi felt Jungkook's finger dig into his waist subconsciously.

"I would advise you to remember who you're talking to, Huang."

Tao ignored him, casting a mocking smile at Yoongi.

"So this is the guy you're 'involved' with? Jeon Jungkook?" 

He looked back at Jungkook, an expression of faux pity on his face. 

"You're the new sugardaddy then?"

The hallway grew impossibly quieter.

Then Jungkook laughed, seemingly genuinely amused. 

"Sugardaddy? Not quite."

He beamed at Tao.

"No, I'm the new boyfriend."

Tao froze.

Hoseok blinked.

A slow grin spread over Jimin's face.

Yoongi whipped his head around to stare at Jungkook in blatant shock.

"Wait, what?"

His subconscious whispered that Jungkook had probably just meant to get Tao to back off, but a larger part of him sorted back through all of the fluffy moments of the past two weeks. 

Jungkook cringed a little at the harsh tone of Yoongi's voice, having the decency to look embaressed as everyone in the hallway seemed to hold their breath. He turned to Yoongi with a sheepish smile.

"Well, I mean, at least I'm hoping to be. I- this isn't how I wanted to ask you. Far from it really."

Yoongi stared. 


Jungkook huffed, looking down and fiddling with his sleeves.

"I just. I like you, Yoongi. You know that. And I know you like me-" he shot a glare in the general direction of an 'awww' from their little audience. "And...just... be with me?"

Yoongi barely even registered the sound of shutters snapping or the way everyone's attention suddenly shifted to him, anticipating his response.

He searched Jungkook's face, finding genuine hopefulness, but he had to be sure this wasn't just an act for Tao's sake.

"Are you serious?" he managed to choke out, and Jungkook understood what he was asking, biting his lip and nodding quickly.

"Very much so."

Yoongi blinked a few more times before the tension snapped and he flung himself at Jungkook, wrapping his arms around the taller man's neck and burying his head there, nodding fervently.

"Yes, yes of course. Of course I will." 

Jungkook's body sagged with clear relief, his tense muscles relaxing as he slid his arms around Yoongi's waist and kissed the top of his head.

Yoongi barely heard Hoseok's smug "you should probably just leave," but he did see Jimin practically skipping over to the front door and flinging it open with a flourish and a smile so big his eyes practically disappeared as Tao stormed out.

"Have a great night!" he called sweetly, throwing in a little wave before slamming the door shut behind him as Taehyung practically cackled at his boyfriend's actions.

Jungkook laughed and Yoongi snorted, burying his face back into Jungkook's neck as the hostile tension in the air faded and activity erupted around them once more.



Jungkook glanced up from his papers as Namjoon rapped his knuckles on the inside of the doorframe.

"Did you bring him?"

Namjoon nodded with a grin.

"Send the bastard in then, stand by in case security needs to be called."

Namjoon hummed his confirmation and retreated, and a few seconds later Huang Zitao was standing stiffly in Jungkook's office, a carefully blank expression on his face.

"You asked to see me, sir?" 

The word came out almost mocking, and Jungkook found himself smirking as he eyed the man in front of him. 

This was the man who took Yoongi's family away from him.

This was the man who made him cry. 

This piece of shit was the one who hurt Yoongi, standing right here in front of him. 

Jungkook smiled.

"Have a seat, Huang."

Tao scoffed then.

"No need to pretend to be civil and pleasant."

Jungkook cocked his head, soft smile still in place.

"Mm. I wasn't planning on it. Now sit."

Tao sat.

"I think we both know why you're here," Jungkook began, standing and moving around to lean against the front of his desk.

"You can't fire me, I haven't violated my contract in any way."

Jungkook laughed.

"Oh, no, I'm not going to fire you. Though if you don't shut your fucking mouth while I'm speaking, a very permanent transfer may be in order."

Tao stayed silent.

"Good boy. Now. I didn't really get to say what I wanted to at my party Saturday." 

Jungkook was practically beaming.

"The party that you so rudely interrupted."

He tsked and Tao opened his mouth to speak but thought better of it. Jungkook stared at him in silence for a moment before dropping the smile and getting on with it.

"I'm only going to tell you this once, Huang, so I suggest you listen very, very carefully. Stay the fuck away from Yoongi." 

Tao met his eyes in cold defiance and Jungkook leaned closer.

"Min Yoongi no longer exists as far as you're concerned. He's mine, and I am a very... greedy man. I don't like to share what's mine, especially with sick fucks who like to break them. After you walk out of this office today, it would be in your best interest to never even look in his direction again."

Tao's gaze didn't waver, and Jungkook might have been impressed if he wasn't sure that it was borderline obsession that made the man stand his ground.

"Or what?"

Tao's voice was cocky, but Jungkook heard it waver. 

He smiled, but Tao wasn't done.

"You think Yoongi is a one man kind of guy?" He laughed. "Wow you're naive kid. He'll get bored of you and your money soon enough, and then he'll be running right back to me, just like he did when-"

Jungkook laughed dryly, then lunged forward and snatched the other man's head back by his hair, pinning him back against the seat, revelling in the flash of fear in his eyes.

"Like he did when you sent those pictures to his parents?"

Tao swallowed hard and Jungkook sneered in his face.

"I will fucking ruin you. Do you understand who I am? The things I have my hands in, the people I have in my pocket? Do you have any idea how easy it would be for me to take your miserable, pathetic little existence in my hands and break it?"

He slammed Tao's head back one more time before releasing his hair and straightening his posture, his smile sickly sweet.

"Go ahead. Try something. You'll find out."


Chapter Text

Yoongi glared at the pink-haired nuisance leaning against the doorframe.

"What's with the self-satisfied smirk, riceball?"

Jimin's smirk fell into an indignant frown for a split second before returning full force as he raised a hand to stare ponderingly at his newly manicured nails. 

"Oh, nothing much," he pipped coyly, cutting his eyes slyly at Yoongi. "Just heard something from TaeTae that you might have found a bit interesting."

Yoongi snorted. 

"I'm not really into petty gossip, Chim. Thanks though." 

"It's about Jungkook."

Yoongi feigned disinterest.

"...And Tao."

His gaze shot instantly to the impish boy's smug face and he grudgingly admitted defeat.

"Okay, you win. I'm listening."


It was nearing midnight when Jungkook finally kicked his shoes off at the door and made his way through to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge before heading to his room. 

It had been a long and tedious day at the office, and it wasn't even one of the days that Yoongi came to the studio, so he hadn't even had the (admittedly sort of creepy) satisfaction of watching him compose through the room's surveillance camera. Which was more irritating and disappointing than he'd care to admit.

He already had his tie and shirt hanging loose and unbuttoned, ready to shrug them off and toss them in the corner of his room, when he stepped into the bedroom to find the mint-haired object of his affection and slight obsession sitting on the edge of his bed. 

The dainty material of his black silk robe flowed like water over the smaller man's chest, pooling around the top of his thighs. The top hung loose and slightly open, exposing a delicious sliver of pale skin and defined collarbones. Jungkook had to tear his eyes away from the enticing view to fix his gaze on Yoongi's carefully expressionless face, casting the elder a puzzled smile.

"What are you still doing up, angel?" 

He titled his head slightly, letting his gaze roam freely, loving the way Yoongi's flawless skin pinked lightly at the attention. 

"And in my bed, no less? Have trouble sleeping?"

He laced his voice with amusement, but the inquiry was a serious one. Jungkook would never tell the other man, but he'd heard panicked whimpers and thrashing coming from Yoongi's room on more than one occasion, had stood outside his door late at night more than once, waiting for the distressed noises to settle back into the deep breaths of peaceful sleep before retiring to his own room.

"I haven't tried yet, honestly. I was waiting for you to get home."

Jungkook quirked a brow, finally stepping fully into the room, casually closing the door behind him and placing his tie on the dresser like a real adult rather than just throwing it on the floor like he'd intended. 

"Oh? Any particular reason?"

He shrugged off his shirt, folding it and laying it next to the tie, feeling Yoongi's gaze on his back as he leaned down to pull a pair of sweatpants from his drawer before unbuttoning the slacks he was wearing.

Yoongi cleared his throat quietly and Jungkook couldn't help but smirk as he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. 

"I- uh," Yoongi cleared his throat a second time. "Yes. Jimin told me something today, and I was curious, so..." 

He trailed off and Jungkook turned to face him.


Yoongi met his gaze and held it.

"It's probably none of my business, but why were you meeting with Tao?"

Jungkook froze for a second, briefly wondering how Jimin could have possibly known about that, but then realizing he shouldn't even have to ask himself that- the little shit had a way of always knowing everything. 

He stared at Yoongi for a second, trying to detect any small hint of anger or displeasure, finding nothing but a vague air of... anticipation? Jungkook decided to be honest, not that he really could have done otherwise with Yoongi's eyes on him like that.

"I had a few things to say to him that I wasn't able to say in front of cameras and dinner guests."

"About what?"

Jungkook swallowed, trying not to falter under Yoongi's intense stare. 

"About you."


Yoongi blinked, as if he wasn't expecting the other man to be so straightforward, and Jungkook caught the hint of a blush on his cheeks. 

Oh? Interesting.

Jungkook smirked softly, 

"Mmm...hmm," he drawled, stepping closer to Yoongi, very aware of the way the elder's eyes travelled quickly over his bare upper body, and6 the way his little pink tongue slipped out to wet his lips- whether in nervousness or anticipation Jungkook wasn't sure.

"Couldn't have him thinking it was okay to touch what belongs to me."

Jungkook heard the sharp intake of breath, saw how Yoongi's eyes darkened the slightest bit. But there was a small hint of defiance there as well, a little bit of fight. 

The elder scoffed.

"Oh, so I belong to you now? That's what you're trying to say?"

Jungkook closed the last bit of distance, reaching out to tangle his fingers in the hair at Yoongi's nape, tilting his head up as he leaned down, holding Yoongi's gaze confidently.

"Of course you do," he murmerred, cocking his head in mock confusion. "Have I really not made that clear yet?"

There it was again- the hitch in Yoongi's breath, his pupil's expanding in what could only be arousal, and he swallowed hard before biting back.

"What if I don't want to belong to you?"

It was a hypothetical question, Jungkook knew he didn't mean it seriously. Still, a flicker of dissatisfaction flared for the briefest second before Jungkook smirked.

"Come again?"

Yoongi wet his lips, and spoke more steadily, a coy lilt to his words that let Jungkook know for sure that Yoongi was toying with him, baiting him even. 

"What if I dont want to belong to you? What if I decide I want to belong to someone else?"

Jungkook glared at the other, his grasp tightening just shy of harshly in Yoongi's hair, drawing out a nearly inaudible gasp from the petite man. 

He let out a small laugh void of amusement.

"What is it you want to hear, angel?" 

Jungkook placed one knee on the bed, then the other, forcing Yoongi to move further back on the mattress to make room as Jungkook loomed over him.

"Hmm? Do you want me to say I'd let you go? That I would let another man take you if it would make you happy?"

He tugged hard on Yoongi's hair, making him fall back into the silk sheets, breathing heavily beneath him. 

"Want me to say some sappy shit about your happiness being what matters most? That I would try to be happy for you?"

Yoongi struggled to catch the breath he hadn't realized he'd lost as Jungkook straddled his waist and pinned his wrists together, holding them with one hand above his head.

"Is- is that the truth? Would you?"

Jungkook smiled softly, brushing the fingers of his free hand against Yoongi's cheek.


Yoongi swallowed and weakly pulled at Jungkook's grip on his wrists, testing the strength of his hold and barely containing a groan when he couldn't budge it.

"So what would you do?"

Jungkook looked at him for a long moment, smile still in place, before leaning forward, his breath hot against Yoongi's ear.

"I'd kill him," he spoke simply, softly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Yoongi couldn't bite back the low moan in time, and when Jungkook pulled back there was a knowing smirk on his face, obvious lust in his eyes. Yoongi wanted to wipe that smug expression off his infuriatingly sexy face.

"Pretty big talk for a guy who hasn't even fucked me yet."

Jungkook blinked.

 Yoongi was satisfied for about half a second. Then the fingers in his hair were tightening almost painfully, his head being tugged back so the younger could nip harshly at his jaw.

"Oh, Yoongi," he murmered, his voice rough with arousal. "Is that what this is about?" 

He mouthed along his jaw and down his neck, and Yoongi couldn't seem to collect his thoughts enough to offer a snarky retort as Jungkook sucked and bit at his sensitive throat, laving his tongue gently over the marks he left behind. 

"You could have just asked baby. Can't have my angel feeling unwanted. Do you want me to show you Yoongi? Hmm?"

Jungkook kissed gently back up his trail of blossoming bruises, catching Yoongi's parted lips in a heated kiss before pulling back slightly, the hand that wasn't confining Yoongi's wrists deftly untying the sash of Yoongi's robe.

"Is that what you want, beautiful? For me to show you that I want you? Want me to hold you down and mark you up, make it clear to anyone that looks at you that you're mine?"

He bit Yoongi's lip, hard, and Yoongi moaned loudly, his back arching off the mattress as Jungkook threw the robe open and slid his hands along his bare chest, fingertips mapping every inch of flesh.

"You want me to make you feel owned, Yoongi?" he practically growled, grasping the waistband of Yoongi's briefs and pulling them down his thighs in one quick motion. "Answer me baby."

Yoongi's whole body was on fire and he couldn't seem to steady his breathing, not while Jungkook's hands were pinning his wrists and kneading his thigh while he was spread naked underneath him.

"Yes," he whimpered, his hands struggling feebly in Jungkook's almost bruising grip. "Yes, please, please Kookie, show me."

Jungkook groaned, the sight of Yoongi pinned, pleading beneath him. The sound of his already wrecked voice, the sweet nickname slipping out- it was too much already. Too much, but not nearly enough. 

"Fuck, baby. I'd be honoured to." 

He slipped off the bed, releasing Yoongi, but only long enough to snatch his tie from where he'd placed it on the dresser. Then he was back on the bed, straddling the smaller man and knotting it securely around his wrists.

"W-what are you-"

"The rules are simple baby. You don't touch unless I say you can- not me, and not yourself. You just lay back and be a good boy, and I'll give you exactly what you need. Understand?"

Jungkook grinned down at him, his nose scrunching cutely, and the innocent expression seemed wholly out of place given the situation. 

Yoongi nodded, and Jungkook cocked an eyebrow. 

"Use your words Yoongi," he taunted. "I'm a man of many kinks, but consent is definitely  the biggest one."

Yoongi couldn't even find the will to roll his eyes at the younger, too focused on Jungkook's hands as they traced along his ribs and over his bare hips.

"Yes, I-I understand. Please just-"

"Just what, beautiful?"

A hand slipped between Yoongi's legs, stroking gently along his inner thigh.

"Just fucking do something! Please!"

Jungkook grinned again, almost evilly.

"Green is good, red means stop," he stated clearly, waiting for Yoongi to nod, and then he was sliding down Yoongi's body, spreading the smaller man's legs as he settled between his thighs.

Yoongi felt his hands close vice-like on his hips, holding him firmly to the bed. Then his mind blanked completely and an embaressingly loud moan was ripped from his throat because jesusfuckingchrist, Jeon Jungkook had just swallowed him down to his base.

It wasn't the fact that he'd managed to take him so easily that shocked Yoongi (he knew he was only average), it was the gesture itself that took him by suprise. 

Never, in any scenario Yoongi had envisioned, had he imagined Jungkook would be so willing and eager take him in his mouth, let alone to be so skilled at it. 

Yoongi had been conditioned to see it as an almost degrading, submissive act, and Jungkook was far from submissive. 

Before Yoongi could quite come to terms with the fact, Jungkook was pulling off, leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses along his aching shaft.

"Do you feel good baby? Is this okay?"

Yoongi whimpered, trying and failing to catch his breath, before forcing out a shaky "Yes, yes, it's good."

Jungkook hummed in satisfaction and took him in his mouth again, closing his eyes and hollowing his cheeks as Yoongi brushed the back of his throat. He swallowed around him repeatedly, letting out a low moan as he opened his eyes again to see Yoongi's back arching off the mattress, his bound hands fisted in the sheets above his head to keep from breaking the rules and touching.

Between the shock of the situation and the overwhelming sensation itself, Yoongi could feel himself hurdling far, far too quickly towards his peak.

"Jun- Jungkook please," he gasped, eyes squeezed shut against the intensity of the heat coiling in his gut. "Wait, I don't- I'm gonna come if you don't stop."

Jungkook pulled back, but his hand quickly took the place of his mouth, wrapping snuggly around Yoongi's member and stroking his length at a quick pace.

"Come then baby," he smirked. "Show me how good I make you feel."

And then his mouth was on him again. Yoongi's lips parted in a silent scream and his hips bucked involuntarily up into the wet heat choking his cock as he came hard on Jungkook's tongue.

The younger man moaned lewdly and swallowed everything he was given without hesitation, then promptly sat back on his heels, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand. He reached into the bedside drawer with his other, plucking out a small bottle of lube and a condom. 

Yoongi was still shaking from his orgasm when he felt a cool, wet finger tracing his rim teasingly and pushing in. 

"Oh god," he choked out, body clenching as another wave of pleasure surged through him, almost painful now. "Jungkook please- I can't-"

"Yes you can, angel," Jungkook murmerred, leaning down to kiss the trembling man passionately, sucking at his bottom lip. "I'm not done with you yet. It's okay, I've got you. Be a good boy and take it."

Yoongi let out a noise that was half moan and half sob when Jungkook slid a second finger in with the first, pumping both deep inside him with lazy strokes. He rubbed searchingly along the tight walls, grinning victoriously when he found the small bundle of nerves that had Yoongi keening beneath him, writhing from sensitivity.

Jungkook gripped Yoongi's thigh with his free hand, fingers bruisingly tight as he lifted the leg up to rest on his shoulder. He thrust his fingers more roughly now, alternating between shoving them in as deep as he could and spreading them wide, stretching him open. 

Yoongi barely even felt it when Jungkook slipped in the third. The younger brushed teasingly against his prostate repeatedly before adjusting his angle and jabbing into it directly with harsh, rapid thrusts that had tears pooling in Yoongi's eyes from the intense, ceaseless pleasure he was subjected to. His cock was already rock hard and wet again despite the overstimulation, and he could feel the beginning of another climax building.

Jungkook leaned down to kiss him again, biting his lip sharply and drawing out a shameless moan from the other. 

"Still green baby? Hm? Can you take it for me?" 

Yoongi nodded frantically, unable to speak, and he clenched the sheets harder, wanting nothing more than to reach down and stroke himself to relieve some of the pressure from his neglected cock.

"Have you ever come untouched angel?"

Yoongi's eyes flew open and he stared at Jungkook in desperation, shaking his head frantically.

"N-no, no, please, I- I don't think I can-"

Jungkook smiled gently, pulling his fingers out suddenly, leaving Yoongi clenching around nothing.

"You can, baby. I know you can. And you will."

And then he was pushing slowly but steadily into Yoongi's tight heat (Yoongi hadn't even noticed that he'd put the condom on), and they moaned in unison, both overwhelmed by the sensation.

"Fuck, baby," Jungkook panted as he settled for a moment against Yoongi's thighs, buried to the hilt. "You feel so good, you're such a good boy, taking me like this. God, you were fucking made for me angel."

Yoongi whimpered at the praise, tears welling in his eyes at the delicious stretch, the feeling of fullness.

It had been so long since he'd let someone take him.

"You're so tight, baby," Jungkook carried on, kissing along the leg thrown over his shoulder, wrapping the other around his waist. "Take your time. Tell me when you're ready."

Yoongi felt a twinge of affection for the younger man as he nodded, breathing deeply to try and relax his body enough for Jungkook to move without hurting him.

"Okay go," he pleaded finally, rolling his hips to punctuate his request.

Jungkook didn't wait to be told twice. He gripped the thigh on his shoulder in one hand and Yoongi's hip with his other, starting out with a slow, deep rhythm that made sure Yoongi felt every inch of his solid length as he stroked in and out. 

After making sure Yoongi had enough time to adjust, Jungkook gradually picked up the pace, thrusting deeper and faster until Yoongi was a gasping, moaning mess beneath him.

Suddenly he slowed his movements, raising Yoongi's other leg to his free shoulder, tugging him closer by his hips until he was settled with his butt and lower back against Jungkook's muscular thighs as Jungkook kneeled on the bed. 

He started thrusting again immediately and Yoongi let out a shrill whine that he would never admit to uttering, because now every stroke Jungkook made hit directly against his abused prostate, sending wave after wave of pleasure tinged with pain wracking through his body.

"Please, please," he rambled desperately, "I need to come, please Kookie, oh god, pleasepleaseplease!"

Jungkook groaned loudly, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as he pounded into his beautiful, begging angel, feeling his own climax building. He moved one hand from Yoongi's waist, leaning forward slightly to grab his bound wrists and pull him forward, practically bending him in half as he hooked Yoongi's wrists behind his neck, letting the smaller man tangle his fingers in his sweat-soaked hair as he rocked up into him. 

Yoongi sobbed at the new position, pulling hard at Jungkook's hair and wrenching a desperate whine from the younger.

"Come then baby, please? Come for me angel," he panted.

The boiling wave of arousal that washed over Yoongi from Jungkook's frantic pleading was all it took, and he came, hard and untouched, tensing hard around Jungkook's cock and sending him quickly over the edge along with him.

Jungkook leaned forward and caught Yoongi's mouth with his own, letting Yoongi's legs slip from his shoulders as he stroked his fingers through his mint locks, kissing him slow and deep as they rode out their orgasms.

Soon Yoongi was wincing due to the overstimulation, and Jungkook whispered hurried apologies as he pulled out as gently as he could, tying the condom and tossing it in the bin by his dresser.

After a long moment sprawled on the bed catching their breath, he rolled over and kissed Yoongi again, softer and sweeter, smiling against his lips. 

"Be right back," he murmered, then clambered to his feet and disappeared into his bathroom. 

Yoongi heard water running and smiled to himself as he let his eyes close. He found himself being shaken awake several minutes later, not even realizing he'd fallen asleep. 

He grumbled incoherently at the interruption, but Jungkook just chuckled and lifted him carefully, carrying him bridal style into the bathroom and setting him in warm, citrus-scented water. 

Yoongi hummed in satisfaction, sinking into the relaxing heat as he heard Jungkook climb in as well. 

The younger gently tugged him over, settling him between his legs and letting Yoongi rest his head against his chest as he started to lather him up with a soft sponge. 

"Are you okay angel? Nothing hurts?" 

Yoongi let out a dry laugh.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be sore for the next two weeks, but no, nothing serious."

"That's what you wanted though, isn't it?" Jungkook questioned, sounding a little unsure.

Yoongi finally opened his eyes, tilting his head back more to meet Jungkook's concerned gaze.

"It's exactly what I wanted," he assured him, "you were amazing, Kookie. You gave me everything I needed."

He kissed him softly, earning an adorable bunny smile, and Jungkook kissed him back before continuing with his gentle scrubbing, letting Yoongi drift off to sleep as he pampered him.


"Yeah, no, I'll definitely be home in time," Yoongi laughed, slipping out of the car and shouldering his bag. "This is my only class today, and I get out in two hours. Plenty of time for Jimin to pretty me up."

He rolled his eyes and sighed at Jungkook's worry. 

"Really Kook, I don't mind entertaining without you. Everyone considers me a host instead of a performer now anyways, considering how we live together and are openly dating. But look, I'm gonna let you go, I need to get to class."

After a rushed goodbye he ended the call and locked his phone, climbing the stairs to the building. It wasn't until he was nearly in front of the doors that he saw the man leaning against the railing near them. 

Yoongi froze momentarily, then rolled his eyes, shifted to the other side of the walkway and hurried towards the door.

"Yoongi, wait, I just want to talk," Tao called, straightening up and stepping towards him.

"What is there to talk about Tao? Nothing. Nothing at all."

"I just want you to have one dinner with me! Just give me a chance to fix us."

Yoongi gaped at him in disbelief.

"Seriously? Are you kidding me? Did you not gather from the party that I'm taken, Tao? You can't really be that dense."

Tao laughed dryly, fixing Yoongi with a patronizing stare.

"Oh, come on, Yoongi. You can't honestly expect to keep Jeon Jungkook?" 

He just looked at Yoongi for a second, then laughed again.

"You do, don't you? Oh, baby. Jeon is practically the national playboy. Everyone knows that. He'll get bored and drop you for the next pretty piece of ass eventually."

His expression softened a bit, and he smiled gently.

"You deserve better than that, baby. He can't love you like I do."

Yoongi barked out an incredulous laugh. 

"Love? What? You're not in love Tao. You're fucking obsessed."

Tao stepped forward, crowding Yoongi against the door, his eyes raking the smaller man's figure, and Yoongi felt a wave of revulsion hit him at the other's close proximity.

"Can you blame me?" Tao chuckled, trailing his fingers along Yoongi's arm. "After everything I've seen you do? He can't please you like I can."

Yoongi slapped his hand away sharply and Tao's expression hardened again.

"Stop playing games, Yoongi. Come home, where you fucking belong, or you're going to regret it."

Yoongi glared at him, shoving him back out of his space.

"Are you threatening me, Huang Zitao?" 

He shoved him again, forcing him down the first step and watching Tao's jaw clench in irritation.

"Fuck off. I'm not coming back. I'm done with you, get it through your damn head."

And then Yoongi turned on his heel and entered the building, ignoring Tao's sarcastic laugh.

He made his way to his classroom and found Jimin already seated in his usual spot.

"What pissed you off?" 

"Fucking Tao."

Jimin's eyes widened.

"What? Did you see him? Was he here?"

Yoongi slumped in his seat, rubbing the space between his eyes and nodding.

"Yeah. He was waiting for me at the entrance. Tried to get me to consider going back to him."

Jimin scoffed.

"Pretentious fucker. You need to tell Jungkook."

Yoongi sighed and rolled his eyes.

"It's just senseless drama, I don't want to drag him any further into it."

Jimin was already shaking his head before Yoongi even finished the sentence.

"No, no it's not. It isn't just about him being a dick now. This is harrassment, it's illegal. And Jungkook is technically his boss, Yoongi. He has a right to know if one of his employees does stuff like this."

"Fine!" Yoongi snapped, already exhausted with the conversation. "Fine. I'll tell him later. But I'm not bothering him at work for this."

Jimin stared at him skeptically for another long minute before nodding, and they both turned to the front as the professor started his lecture.


Yoongi didn't tell Jungkook. 

But in his defense, between work and projects it had slipped his mind entirely, and when he had remembered several days had already passed and it seemed a rather insignificant thing to being up.

Two weeks passed in a rush of classes, dinner parties, and date nights with Jungkook, and Yoongi was happy with the new-found stability and routine.

He sent Jungkook a quick text telling him to have a good day, then climbed out of the car and made his way up to the school, feeling more eyes than usual focused on him as he stepped into the hall.

He'd long since gotten used to the stares and attention that came with being the boyfriend of one of the richest men in the country, but today it seemed a little excessive, to say the least.

He finally made it to his class, trying irritably to ignore the whispering as he took his seat. He pulled out his phone to pass the time as his professor for this particular class was usually late.

Unlocking the screen, Yoongi saw that he had several dozen notifications from his TymeShare account.

"What the hell?" he murmerred, scrolling past countless new followers, watching in confusion as he kept being redirected to the top of the page as the notifications kept pouring in.

He finally came to a notification that wasn't a new follow, but glanced over it, figuring by the "is this you in this video?" that it was probably a spam tag and deciding to delete it later. 

The professor came in and Yoongi put his phone away, deciding to confront Jimin about all the new followers later, since it was almost undoubtedly something he'd caused, as per usual.


Jimin closed his locker and fastened the lock, shouldering his bag and heading out of the changing room. Before he even made it to the door, Jongin, one of his dance classmates, was sidling up to him.

"You did awesome out there today," the taller man beamed, and Jimin thanked him, returning the compliment and eyeing him curiously since the two had never really spoken before.

"Um, can I help you with something?" he inquired when the guy kept walking alongside him.

"Uh, well, yeah, actually," Jongin laughed nervously. "I was just wondering if you would maybe think about giving Min my number? I mean, if he's interested. Kyungsoo or I would ask ourselves, but we don't have any classes with him so-"

"I'm sorry, what?" Jimin blurted, more confused than he'd ever been in his life. "If he's interested in what, exactly? Yoongi has a boyfriend."

Jongin blinked at him for a second before nodding.

"Well, yeah... that's... kind of the point? I mean, if he's not interested, that's cool, and this is probably kind of a weird way of asking. It's just that I didn't know he was interested in stuff like that, but seems like he's pretty open about it, and Kyungsoo and I have been looking for another couple to play with. I guess it's kind of weird to come to you about it, but I figured since you guys seem so close-"

"Jongin you're not making a single bit of sense. Another couple to play with? What the hell man?"

Jongin stared at him, seemingly just as confused as Jimin was, before realization dawned in his eyes.

"Oh my... oh god. You don't know. Wait. Oh god. Does Yoongi even know? Oh god I feel like such a fucking creep. He didn't put it up, did he? You would know-"

Jimin grabbed the taller man by the shoulders, grounding him and starting to panic a little at the rather nauseated look on the others face.

"Kim Jongin, calm down, and just tell me what exactly the hell you're talking about."


Jungkook glanced up at the sharp rap on his office door, but Namjoon was already closing it behind himself before he could open his mouth to call him in.

Jungkook set his pen down, feeling apprehension settle over him at the anxious look on his friend's face.

"Joon? What's wrong?"

Namjoon was holding a tablet, wearing an expression somewhere between fury and disgust.

"Have you spoken to Yoongi this morning?"

Jungkook blinked.

"Uh, sure? Before his class started like an hour ago?"

"Have you been on TymeShare today?"

"No? Joon what's-"

"You need to make sure Yoongi is okay, get him home, out of the public eye as soon as-"

"Joon, stop! What the fuck is going on?" Jungkook interrupted, and Namjoon shoved the tablet across the desk to him. 

"I didn't watch it all the way through, I swear, I wouldn't do that, I just had to make sure it was him."

Jungkook felt panic slowly rising in him as he took the tablet, staring down at the unassuming black screen before gathering his nerves and pressing play on the video.

Yoongi- black-haired but still clearly Yoongi- knelt in the middle of a large bed, blindfolded, wearing nothing but an oversized, unbuttoned white dress shirt and a pair of tight red briefs. 

His hands were placed neatly in his lap, and as Jungkook looked closer he could see the beautiful man swaying slightly.

"Sweetheart, Daddy has a special suprise for you tonight," a voice spoke from behind the camera, and hatred and fear curled thickly in Jungkook's stomach when he recognized it.

He watched on in sick, terrified anticipation as two men he didn't recognize entered the frame, climbing up on the bed on either side of Yoongi. The sudden dipping of the mattress caused Yoongi to teter off balance and sprawl against the one behind him.

"Careful there pretty," the man laughed, and Yoongi's face scrunched in confusion.

"Who- who're you?" he slurred, obviously intoxicated, and Jungkook's blood boiled as the man in front of Yoongi laughed, pulling him upright again.

"Names aren't important precious. We're just here to play with you for a little bit, okay?"

Yoongi still looked lost, but he nodded haltingly, stuttering out an "o-okay?" that sounded more like a question than a confirmation.

Both men leaned in at the same time, the one in front bending to suck and bite harshly along Yoongi's neck while the one behind him reached around and went straight for Yoongi's cock, palming him through his underwear.

Jungkook felt bile burning at the back of his throat and ripped his horrified gaze away, throwing the tablet back across the desk.

Namjoon grabbed it and quickly cut the video.

"I can't fucking watch that," Jungkook spat, fighting against the churning of his stomach. "I can't- he was- fucking christ Namjoon."

Namjoon nodded, obviously just as sickened as Jungkook was at the idea of what had gone down during Yoongi's clearly inebriated state.

"This was posted on TymeShare?" Jungkook clarified, voice barely above a whisper.

Namjoon nodded.

"That sick bastard posted this on my own fucking site?"

Namjoon nodded again.

"We've already begun searching out and pulling it down. We got it off our site already, but it popped up on a couple other servers and we're working with them to make it disappear completely."

Jungkook laughed sarcastically.

"Nothing can disappear from the internet completely, Joon."

"It can when your name is Jeon Jungkook," Namjoon shot back, casting him a wry smile. "What are we going to do about Huang? This was obviously his work, and he didn't come in to work today. Didn't call in either."

Jungkook nodded.

"He's going to try to run, no doubt. Probably back to China. Stop him. Bring him to the warehouse we just emptied, and hold him there. Have Hoseok go with you, I have no doubt the two of you can hold him."

Namjoon pulled out his phone and began typing rapidly as he stood.

"And Joon?" 

Namjoon glanced back up at him.

"Have Yugyeom come see me. Immediately. He has connections and I intend to use them."


Jimin sprinted down the hallway, throwing open the door to the classroom and rushing in, cursing loudly when he found it already empty. Of course today would be the one day that Yoongi wouldn't lag around.

Jimin pulled out his phone, quickly finding Jungkook's number and calling as he ran out of the building and started across campus to the building that housed the music studios.

"Jeon Jungkook I swear on my life if you don't answer this damn-"


"Oh thank fuck! Kook there's a problem, a really big problem-"

"I know about the video Jimin, it's being taken care of. Where's Yoongi? Is he okay? He needs to be taken home immediately."

"I know, I know, I'm trying to find him, his class was already out when I got there. Jungkook this was Tao, this had to be Tao."

"I know. He didn't show up to work today, he's probably trying to run, but I have people on it. He's not getting away with this."

"Hurt him, Jungkook. Hurt him, fucking destroy him, tear him apart."

"I will. Find Yoongi, take care of him. I'll be home late."

Jimin hung up and slipped his phone in his pocket, about to enter the music building when he caught sight of a commotion across the lawn behind the canteen, a flash of mint hair in the middle of a small group of guys.

"Fuck," Jimin hissed, immediately altering his course.


"Get your hands off me asshole," Yoongi snarled, shoving the boy back into one of his friends.

"Come on, Min, don't be like that. We just want to have a little fun."

"Not fucking interested," Yoongi spat out, snatching his bag off the ground where it had fallen, forcing back the panic and fear clawing at his chest. 

"What, you gotta be blindfolded before you'll loosen up a bit?"

Yoongi froze, staring wide-eyed.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

The boy laughed.

"What? You're telling me you don't know about your own little sex tape?"

Yoongi's blood turned to ice in his veins and his voice came out as a whisper.

"What tape?"

The boy didn't have time to answer before a fist connected with his sneering face, knocking him sideways into the other two.

"He said leave him alone you freaking creeps!" Jimin shouted, grabbing Yoongi's hand and pulling him after him towards the student parking lot before anyone could retaliate.

"Jimin what the hell is going on? What was he talking about? What sex tape, what-"

Jimin stopped in his tracks and pulled his panicking friend into a tight embrace, squeezing hard until Yoongi finally hugged him back.

"It was Tao, Yoongi," he spoke slowly, giving him time to process the information. "He posted a video on TymeShare this morning, from a fake account. You were in it. You were blindfolded and drunk, or high, or something. There were two other men."

Yoongi shoved Jimin off of him, needing to see his face, to make sure this wasn't some sick joke.

"No. No, he didn't. Tell me he didn't."

"He did, Yoongi," Jimin whispered, feeling tears of frustration and anger gathering in his eyes at the sight of his friend's utter horror. "But it's going to be okay. Jungkook's taking care of it, and we're doing damage control, and Tao is going to fucking regret this-"

"Jungkook knows?" Yoongi blurted, panic in his eyes. "Jungkook saw it?"

Jimin nodded, slightly confused by his reaction.

"He's had it pulled off all the servers, he's making it disappear."

Yoongi paled impossibly further.

"I- I have to go, I have to see him. I have to tell him I didn't want it, I have t-to explain-"

"Yoongi no, we need to go back to the house, Jungkook will come see us there-"

"No!" Yoongi practically shouted, already fishing for his keys, stumbling back as Jimin stepped towards him. "No, I have to tell him! He has to know I didn't want it."

He was in the car before Jimin could grab him, locking the doors as soon as he was inside, leaving Jimin to pull uselessly at the handle and beat on the door before he pulled out and rushed from the parking lot. 

Jimin cursed loudly, kicking the tire of the car beside him as he watched Yoongi disappear down the road. He took a few deep, calming breaths, then whipped put his phone and dialed Taehyung.

"Tae, come get me, now, it's an emergency. I'll explain on the way."


"You rang?" 

Yugyeom stepped into Jungkook's office and closed the door behind him, watching the pacing man curiously.

Jungkook whirled around to face him.

"I need your help. Do you still have connections in China?" 

Yugyeom nodded mutely.

"I need you to help me put a filthy man away for a long time."

"I'd be glad to. Care to tell me who and why, though?" the actor replied, settling in the chair near Jungkook's desk.

"Huang Zitao."

"Wait, isn't he here in Korea?"

Jungkook waved a hand in dismissal.

"He won't be by tomorrow morning. I'm making sure of it."

"Okay... well, give me something to work with."

The CEO took a deep, steadying breath, debating on exactly what to divulge to the other.

"Do you know about the situation with Yoongi? Did Namjoon tell you anything? I know you're friends."

Yugyeom nodded. 

"He told me there was a damaging video put online that could really hurt Yoongi. What does this have to do with Huang?"

"The video is... it's pornographic content," Jungkook spoke through gritted teeth. "Non-consensual pornographic content."

Yugyeom paled significantly.

"Nonconsenual... of- of Yoongi?"

"Yes. And Huang is the one who staged it, filmed it, and posted it."

"Fuck's sake." Yugyeom breathed, obviously disturbed. "Yeah. Yeah, of course I'll help. Just tell me what to do."


By the time he pulled into the parking lot at Jeon Enterprises Yoongi had managed to calm down a decent amount, so he took a moment to call Jimin as he cut the engine.

"I'm sorry Chim," he blurted as soon as he answered. "I was panicking, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have just left you there like that when you were only trying to help. I just need to talk to Jungkook, okay? Then I'll go straight home, I promise."

Jimin was quiet for a long while before finally sighing and telling Yoongi he understood, letting him know he'd be with taehyung for a while but would see him at the house. 

Yoongi sat in the car a little bit longer, trying to come to terms with the conversation he knew he was about to have to have with Jungkook. Then he climbed out of the car and made his way through the lobby and into the thankfully empty elevator.

He knew Jungkook wasn't stupid. Yoongi knew he'd been extremely drunk and almost dangerously high the night it all had happened, and Jungkook could probably see that clearly in the video. 

Still, there was a desperate need to make sure he understood, that he knew Yoongi hadn't wanted it, hadn't consented, even before the alcohol and pills. He had to know that what happened that night was what finally broke through, finally made Yoongi see that he had to get away.

He wanted Jungkook to know everything. Needed him to. Because he loved him. He fucking loved him, and if Jungkook ever loved him back, Yoongi wanted it to be while knowing everything. If Jungkook loved him back, Yoongi wanted him to love the broken pieces, too.

The elevator opened and Yoongi stepped out into the hallway, taking one last deep breath before heading towards Jungkook's office.

Just before he rounded the corner he heard voices ahead, Jungkook speaking to someone. Yoongi stopped, not wanting to interrupt. He wanted to speak to Jungkook alone anyway. 

He leaned back against the wall, intending to hopefully just wait out his visitor, not meaning at all to eavesdrop. 

But the other voice sounded familiar and it peaked his interest. He listened a little more intently, realizing that it was Kim Yugyeom, and he internally scolded himself but continued listening, his tiny insecurities getting the better of him.

"Thank you again, Gyeomie. You're amazing, sometimes I don't know what I'd do without you."

Yoongi felt a twinge of jealousy but beat it back.

"It's my pleasure," Yugyeom responded laughingly. "You know me babe, always eager to be useful."

Gyeomie? Babe? What the hell? 

Jungkook let out a dry laugh.

"Yeah, whatever you say. But Gyeomie, please. It's very important that this stays between us."

Yugyeom let out an exasperated noise.

"Aish, don't worry. Your precious little boyfriend won't find out. Not from me, at least. We both know I'm good at keeping secrets."

A wave of revulsion hit him at the words he wasn't supposed to hear, and Yoongi stumbled backwards, heart breaking.

He bit back the desperate noise that threatened to tear from his throat and turned on his heel, somehow making it back to the elevator. He jabbed at the button with a trembling finger, managing to wait until the doors slid shut completely before crumpling to the floor and letting the sobs wrack his body.


As soon as he got the call from Namjoon, Jungkook locked his office and left the building. He was out of the parking lot in no time, heading straight for the outskirts of the city, pulling up to the secluded warehouse less than twenty minutes later.

He drove straight into the building, jumping out and pulling the loading bay door shut behind him before he faced the scene unfolding inside.

Namjoon leaned against a concrete pillar typing away on his phone, Hoseok was sitting on the hood of his own car playing a game on his, and Huang Zitao sat tied to a chair in the space between the two, a rag stuffed firmly in his mouth and a dark bruise already blooming along his jaw.

Tao's eyes snapped to Jungkook as he stepped closer, a cold, lethal smile twisting his face as he eyed his prey.

Jungkook was pleased to see the other man's eyes were clear and coherent, despite being recently knocked out as Namjoon had reported. 

"Tao, Tao, Tao," Jungkook sang, shaking his head. "I wish I could say that I'd hoped not to see you again so soon."

He laughed humorlessly. 

"But in all honesty, I've spent the last couple weeks waiting for you to fuck up somehow. You might even say," he was right in front of him now, "that I was looking forward to it."

With that, Jungkook lifted his foot and planted it firmly on Tao's crotch, leaning a good half of his weight forward unto it and relishing in the pained choking noise the bound man emitted through his gag.

"Never really considered that you would be quite as fucking stupid as you've turned out to be, though," Jungkook laughed sarcastically, grinding his heel down. "Never considered that you might actually have a death wish."

Jungkook pushed off the chair, standing straight again and smiling mockingly.

"But I'm nothing if not cooperative."

And he spun on his heel and kicked the man hard in the chest, sending the chair toppling over, Tao's head banging against the floor.

He was only down for a moment before Jungkook was snagging a fistful of his hair and dragging him back upright.

"No, no, this just won't do," he muttered to himself, pulling out his pocket knife and slicing through the ties around his ankles, hauling him up and slinging him face first down to the ground, away from the chair. 

"Much better."

Jungkook eyed the chair for a second, then kicked at one of the legs, snapping it off and testing the weight in his palm.

"I thought I had made myself clear, Tao."

He spun to face the man again, watching him struggle to get his knees under him, swinging the piece of wood lazily in his hand.

"Did I not? I'm pretty sure I did. Fairly certain that I very clearly stated 'stay the fuck away from Min Yoongi'. In fact," Jungkook laughed, "I distinctly remember telling you that if you even looked his way again, I would fucking ruin you."

He gripped the chair leg in both hands and swung it back, taking two long strides forward before bringing it back with all of his strength, arching it right into Tao's ribs with a sickening crack.

Jungkook smiled in satisfaction at the tortured wail that spilled past the gag as Tao collapsed back to the ground. 

He dropped his makeshift weapon and reached down, yanking Tao up by his hair, forcing his back into an arch and causing him to scream again due to the strain on his undoubtedly broken ribs. 

Just then his phone went off in his car.

"See who that is," he called to no one in particular, and Namjoon walked over to retrieve the device.

"It's Jimin."

Jungkook sighed in irritation and dropped Tao back to the ground, dusting off his hands and moving to take the phone from Namjoon. 

"Jimin, I adore you, truly, but if this isn't an emergency-"

"Yoongi's gone, Jungkook!"

Jungkook froze.

"What? What do you mean gone? Wasn't he with you? You were supposed to get him home, Jimin, how is he gone?"

"He bolted on me Kook, he said he had to go see you, but then he called me a little while ago bawling his fucking eyes out saying you're cheating on him with Yugyeom, and I rushed back to the house with Tae and Yoongi's room is a mess and some of his stuff is gone and he's not here Kook!"

Jimin sobbed into the phone, voice cracking as he continued.

"He's not here, and he's a freaking emotional wreck right now and he can't be alone, he can't, it's not safe! He's tried to hurt himself before, Jungkook, if I wouldn't have found him-"

Jungkook felt panic thrumming through his body as he processed Jimin's words.

"Wait, slow down! What? Why would he think that? I wouldn't do that Jimin, I would never do that, what the hell?"

It took Jimin a second to calm himself enough to explain what he knew.

"He ditched me at the school, said he had to see you, to explain about the video. He said Yugyeom was leaving your office and he overheard you talking about sneaking around. I know you wouldn't, but he overheard whatever you said to Yugyeom and he took it the wrong way, and now he's gone Jungkook! He's gone, we have to find him, where are you?"

Jungkook cursed, kicking the side of his car and gave Jimin the address of the warehouse before hanging up and flinging the phone back in his open window.

He snagged both hands in his hair and pulled hard, throwing his head back and letting out a furious, animalistic scream of frustration and anger.

He kicked the car again and again, shouting out curses.

Yoongi was missing... He was hurt and confused and alone, and Jungkook couldn't even be there to protect him.

Jungkook spun around suddenly, his wild eyes landing on Tao.

"You. This is your fault."

He lunged towards him, flinging him onto his back and straddling his waist as he tore the rag from his mouth.

"I want to hear you scream, bitch."

He fisted his left hand in Tao's shirt and swung with his right, his fist colliding with the pathetic man's face again and again. Jungkook was vaguely aware of the skin on his knuckles breaking, of the pained cries ceasing, but he didn't stop, couldn't, until Namjoon and Hoseok were grabbing him around his waist and chest and hauling him away.

He flailed in their grasp, mind clouded with fury and the urge to hurt, to maim the pathetic excuse of a man that had broken his beautiful angel before Jungkook had even  known him, before he could save him.

Hoseok and Namjoon pinned him down, and eventually their words broke through the haze of bloodlust enough to register.

"He's out, Kook, he can't feel anything now, you're just hurting yourself, and that's not helping Yoongi."

Namjoon stepped back to check Tao's pulse and injuries once Jungkook had stopped fighting.

"It's weak, but he's breathing. His ribs are fucked, but he'll live."

"He doesn't deserve to," Jungkook spat, but then the anger gave way to the fear and anxiety threatening to choke him.

"Yoongi's gone," he rasped, staring ahead blankly. "He's alone. Jimin said he could- that he's tried to-"

And suddenly Jungkook was crying, laying back against the tire of Hoseok's car while powerful sobs and gasps shook his body. 

He cried until his throat was raw and every breath hurt, not stopping even when Jimin pulled up the loading bay door and ran in.

The pink-haired man glanced at Namjoon for an explanation, and the elder shrugged his shoulders, lost.

"He snapped on Huang after you called, alnost killed him, and then he just..."

Jimin nodded in understanding, moving over and crouching in front of Jungkook, speaking softly, trying to calm the hysterical boy. After a few minutes of patience and care, Jimin hauled his arm back and swung, slapping Jungkook hard enough to knock him sideways.

Jungkook stopped crying, stopped breathing even, staring at the petite man in shock.

"I know this is a lot," Jimin said calmly, "but you've got to get your shit together Jungkook. Yoongi needs us, and this isn't helping anyone."

Jungkook stared for another few seconds, then nodded quickly, swiping at his tears and clambering to his feet.

Just then they heard shuffling and whimpers, and all of them turned to see Tao struggling into a sitting potition against one of the stone pillars. 

Jimin scoffed. 

"You're not dead yet?"

Then he took a few quick strides forward and kicked Tao squarely in the face, sending his head smacking back against the pillar with a resounding crack!, knocking him out again immediately. 

The other three men stared in shock, and maybe a tiny bit of fear, as Jimin turned and gestured impatiently to the exit as if he hadn't just possibly cracked a man's skull open.

"Come on then, let's go already!" 

Everyone snapped out of their daze, and Hoseok and Namjoon rushed forward to check Tao's pulse yet again as Jungkook and Jimin climbed in their cars and pulled out, intent on finding Yoongi as soon as humanly possible. 

Chapter Text




They didn't find Yoongi.

Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung canvassed the whole city, checking any and every where they could possibly imagine Yoongi would go. Namjoon and Hoseok even joined in the search, after handling the last of the arrangements for Tao, but their efforts were useless. Jungkook had wanted to recruit Yugyeom for the search as well, but Jimin quickly shot that idea down, explaining that Yoongi seeing Yugyeom with Jungkook was honestly the last thing that needed to happen, and that it would probably make him hysterical and ensure he wouldn't listen to a thing Jungkook had to say.

Dawn was breaking pink over the horizon when Jimin's phone finally rang, startling them all from their thoughts and breaking the silence that had plagued them for the last couple hours as they searched along the banks of the Han river.

"Hello? Lisa?"

Jungkook whipped around to stare at the other man, a seed of hope taking root in his chest as he watched Jimin's shoulders visibly sag with relief, all the tension bleeding away rapidly. Jimin closed his eyes and let out a shaky sigh and Jungkook knew without asking that Yoongi was okay.

The phone call went on for a couple minutes longer before Jimin thanked Lisa profusely and pocketed his phone.

"Yoongi?" Jungkook inquired immediately, and Jimin nodded tiredly, eyes still closed as he slumped back against the hood of Taehyung's car.

"He went to Lisa. I honestly feel stupid for not guessing that right away. She said he's okay. Distraught, of course, and hurting. But he's okay. She told him he could stay with her for as long as he needs."

Jungkook's body flooded with a wave of relief so intense he could cry from it, and he opened his car door, ready to climb inside.

"Well let's go then, you lead, I'll follow."

Jimin's eyes finally opened, and the look he gave Jungkook was full of something that looked a lot like pity.

"Jungkook..." he started, "I... I don't really think that's the best idea."

Jungkook stopped and stared in confusion.

"What? What do you mean? How is it not?"

Jimin hesitated, obviously waging some internal conflict, before seeming to come to a decision.

"He doesn't want to see anyone right now. Lisa said he already passed out anyway. He needs rest. He needs time to calm down."

Jungkook blinked rapidly, anxiety building at the mere thought of not going to Yoongi immediately, making things right and bringing him home.

"This can't just wait, Jimin. It can't. I- he... he thinks- I have to see him, I need to talk to him, to sort things out. I need to make it right! I can't just sit and wait, he needs to know-"

"Jungkook," Jimin snapped, effectively silencing Jungkook's panicked rambling. "Breathe. Stop, and think for a second."

He waited for Jungkook to stop and obediently pull in a few lungfuls of oxygen before continuing.

"Yoongi has been through hell today. He's had a traumatic experience from his past thrown in his face and publicized, he's been borderline assaulted by idiots at school, and when he went to explain things to you, whatever he saw or heard or whatever was enough to convince him that you were cheating on him."

Jungkook started to speak but this time Jimin physically silenced him, clapping his palm over his mouth.

"I know you didn't. I know, and when Yoongi calms down he'll figure it out to. But he doesn't need that right now. The last thing he needs right now is to find out that he hurt you for no reason. He's already broken, adding guilt in on top of all those other negative emotions isn't going to help."

Jimin's eyes were pleading and his voice was choked with emotion, and Jungkook slowly felt his resolve weaken and fall away. Jimin felt it too, removing his hand and offering him a weak smile. 

Jungkook sank down to sit on the ground, letting his head rest against the car door, and Jimin settled beside him. There was a long, exhausted silence Jungkook finally spoke. 

"What happened? Before? You said... you said he hurt himself."

Jimin nodded and swallowed hard, clearing his throat.

"He... it was about a year ago. It was after everything that had happened with his parents- did he tell you about that?" 

Jungkook nodded, grief choking him as he thought back to the night Yoongi had explained exactly who Tao was.

Jimin nodded too and took another deep breath.

"It was the video that did it. What we saw in the video, I mean. I'm pretty sure Yoongi didn't know Tao'd filmed it. But anyways. That night, Tao got him drunk, and Yoongi's convinced he slipped something in the wine, too, because he couldn't think, or move, or talk straight. Yoongi told me all of this later, in the hospital."

Panic and pain stabbed through Jungkook's chest, his eyes watering at the implication of what Jimin was saying.

"He... he remembered it all the next day. I mean he couldn't see anything, obviously- they had him blindfolded- but he remembered what happened. I was staying at home in Busan for the summer with my parents, and still in the dorms during the school year, so he-" 

Jimin's voice hitched and he let out a shaky breath. When he spoke again it was strained.

"He didn't have anywhere to go. His parents didn't want him, and he didn't have friends thanks to Tao. I was the only one, and I wasn't there."

He cleared his throat again. 

"But I was. I was there. I'd come in that night to see him. It was still a couple weeks until school started back but I missed him. He didn't answer my calls or texts, so I just showed up. I knew Tao's schedule, knew he'd be at work, so when Yoongi didn't answer, I used the copy of the key Yoongi'd given me, and I went in and he wasn't answering me. Th- the bathroom door was locked and I could hear water running."

Tears streamed freely down Jimin's cheeks and he had to take a moment to try and collect himself. Jungkook's chest felt tight, like his lungs were being constricted, and his face was hot, eyes burning.

"I banged and banged but he didn't answer. So I kicked the door in. He was in the tub, it was overflowing, and he wasn't moving. There- there was an empty prescription bottle on the floor."

A thick sob tore it's way from Jungkook's throat and Jimin pulled him closer, stroking his hair.

"The EMTs got there in time. Took him to the hospital and pumped his stomach. While he was out for a couple days, I called my parents and told them the essentials and they helped me. Got the apartment- the landlady Mrs. Wang was an old friend of theirs- I got all of Yoongi's stuff out of Tao's place since he was out of town. When he woke up he told me everything, and I told him about the apartment. He cried a lot, promised me again and again that he wouldn't ever do it again. We enrolled him in online classes for the year. Mrs. Wang kept our names out of the books so Tao couldn't find him. He got his job at Seokjin's. Then when we found out Tao had been transferred to China he went back to university, and that was it. Then eventually you came along."

Jungkook nodded again, trying to steady his breathing and stop the silent sobs wracking his body. Jimin threaded his fingers soothingly through his hair and was quiet for a long time. 

"He'll be okay," he whispered finally. "He'll get through this. You both will. You deserve each other, Jungkook. I never thought I would ever say that anyone was good enough for Yoongi, but you are. You make him happy, and you can spoil and pamper and take care of him like he needs and deserves."

Jungkook stayed quiet, too lost in everything Jimin had told him to formulate a reply. Jimin was right though. Yoongi deserved the whole world and every good, pure thing in it. And he would be the one to give it to him, to take care of him and protect him. And God help anyone that ever tried to hurt him again.




"Lisa, please! It's been sixteen days! I just need to talk to him for two freaking minutes I'm begging you-"

Lisa whirled around and glared at Jungkook, pocketing her order pad and taking a step towards him in order to keep her voice down.

"How many times do I have to tell you Mr. Jeon? This is the third day you've been here this week! No. I'm not taking you to him. He doesn't want to talk to anyone and I'm not about to betray his trust so you can ambush him before he's ready to see you."

Jungkook bit back a frustrated curse, his eyes pleading.

"You don't understand, he doesn't want to see me because he thinks I did something I didn't do, if you just let me talk to him-"

"No. He's been through too much. I am not about to completely disregard his wishes!"

"Lisa please, I love him, I need to make this right!"

"Oh, do you?"

Jungkook blinked rapidly. 


"You love him? You sure that's what it is? Because I know what happened to Tao, how he was nearly murdered. And I know he was framed. Huang Zitao was a lot of twisted things, but he wasn't a pedophile. Is that what you call love? Because it sounds a bit more like obsession to me."

Jungkook met her cynical gaze for a long, tense moment before speaking.

"So what if it is? Obsession? Love? Who ever said the two have to be mutually exclusive? I would never hurt him. All I want is to give him everything he deserves."

Lisa studied him for a while longer, her face revealing nothing, until suddenly it softened into a mix of exhaustion and sympathy.

"I trust you Jungkook. I do. I like to think you're a good person."

She stepped forward and grasped his shoulder in empathy. 

"But I can't. He said he isn't ready. I'll... I'll try to talk to him for you... but it has to be his choice in the end. I'm sorry."

Jungkook blinked back frustrated tears, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. He took a couple deep, steadying breaths and nodded once. 

"Yeah. Yeah, fine, okay. Thanks."

Then he turned on his heel and left before she could reply or look at him again with that infuriatingly pitying expression.


Yoongi grabbed his key from the hook and shrugged on his jacket, taking a second to send Lisa a text to double check that she didn't need anything from the store. After her assurance that there was nothing, he made his way out of the building and down to the grocery store on the corner. 

He returned the cashier's greeting and grabbed a handbasket, bustling around and tossing in things that appeal to his appetite at the moment, then headed to the register to cash out. 

Yoongi granted the clerk a small smile and nod, then pushed the door open and exited, promptly plowing into a much taller, sturdier person with a pained grunt. 

He closed his eyes, bracing for the eminent collision with the ground, but the other person reached out quickly and steadied him, then let out a startled breath.

"Yoongi? What are you doing in Mapo?"

Yoongi's eyes flew open, and he found himself staring at one of the main causes of his recent downward spiral. 

Kim Yugyeom. 

Yoongi went rigid, all manner of negative emotions flooding through his mind, but above all, panic. Panic, because, no. He's not ready for this. He's not ready to face this. Not now. Not yet. 

Yugyeom beamed widely, oblivious to Yoongi's inner turmoil.

"How've you been? How're things with Jungkook?"

Yoongi blinked at him in disbelief.

"What? You would know that better than I would, I'm sure."

The cheerful smile slipped slowly off Yugyeom's face to be replaced with a puzzled expression, as he finally took in the cold, volatile aura pouring off of Yoongi.

"What? I... I don't get it."

Yoongi scoffed, moving to step around the confused boy, but then whirled back around, deciding fuck it. If the universe wants him to face this now, then he'd face it.

"I heard you two, Kim, there's really no need to pretend for my sake anymore. You can have him, okay? I don't give a shit."

Yugyeom blinked and blinked again, eyes widening and mouth gaping slightly open.

"W-what? What the fuck? Why would you think- I don't want Jungkook!"

Yoongi made an indignant noise and threw him a withering look. 

"So what? It was just sex then? Just for kicks?"

"Yes! Yes, it was just sex, there has never been anything between us, I've never wanted Jungkook!"

"Bullshit. If you didn't want him, you wouldn't have been upset that day in the elevator when you asked if I was with him!"

Yugyeom seemed confused for a moment but then remembered what Yoongi was referring to.

"No! Yoongi, I was upset because I thought Jungkook had a boyfriend and was cheating on them with me! I didn't want to be a homewrecker!"

Yoongi stared at him, then laughed, dry and humorless.

"Damn sure didn't stop you this time around."

Finally Yugyeom caught on to the fact that he was definitely missing something big here.

"Yoongi, what are you talking about? Jungkook and I haven't slept together since the day you and I spoke in the elevator."

Yoongi wanted to call bullshit, to insist that he knew what he'd heard, but the utter confusion and anxiousness showing clearly on the younger man's face was a dead giveaway.

He truly had no clue what Yoongi was talking about.

Yoongi's words froze in his throat and he felt a vague qsense of panic start to claw ever so slowly at his gut.

"What?" he whispered.

Yugyeom stared at him for a second, realization of some sort dawning in his eyes.

"Yoongi... did you think..." he cleared his throat and started over. "Yoongi. Jungkook would never... he would never cheat on you. Ever. That would never happen. He... He's practically obsessed with you. You know that don't you? You have to see that by now. Tell me you know that."

A wave of nausea hit Yoongi like a train. Because yes, he did know that. Jungkook had left no room for him to doubt that, not since the day he and Yoongi had first kissed months ago. He'd been kind, and doting, and spent every free moment fawning over Yoongi, spent every night wrapped around Yoongi's smaller frame.

Yoongi couldn't breathe.

Yugyeom took his silence as an affirmative, his posture relaxing slightly.

"What even made you doubt that? Did someone say he was? Did someone tell you he was still seeing me?"

Yoongi was coherent enough to shake his head once.

"I- I heard... the day with the video... you were leaving his office..."

Yugyeom still looked confused.

"You- you called him 'baby', you said you wouldn't tell me anything-"

"Oh, oh god. Yoongi," Yugyeom's face paled three shades and understanding and regret clouded his eyes. "No, Yoongi, no, I swear, that wasn't... that wasn't what it sounded like! I call everyone baby, everyone I'm close with. It doesn't mean anything at all, it's a habit I picked up in the U.S. I am so sorry, jesus, fuck, this is all my fault-"

"What were you hiding?"


Yoongi cleared his throat to ease the tightness of it and looked Yugyeom in the eyes.

"What was it that I wasn't supposed to know, then?"

Yugyeom looked conflicted for a second, hesitant, but quickly caved.

"You've seen the news, right? About... about Huang?"

Yoongi nodded almost imperceptibly, cringing a little at the name. 

The news had been plastered everywhere for over a week: "Wealthy businessman Huang Zitao arrested in Hong Kong- convicted of child molestation and drug trafficking, set to face life in prison."

Yoongi had been in a state of shock for days afterwards. Tao? A child predator? Even after everything Tao had done, Yoongi found that hard to believe.

"I... I have contacts. In China. In Hong Kong."

Yoongi blinked as it all started to make sense, but Yugyeom continued anyway.

"Jungkook had me use those contacts. He came up with a... game plan, and had me make sure it was carried out. He just didn't want you involved, didn't want you to know that-"

"That he was going to frame Tao."

Yugyeom faltered again, then nodded sharply. 

"He did it for you. To make sure he could never hurt you again," Yugyeom smiled softly, but there was no humor in it. "Even hardened criminals don't tolerate pedophiles. Jungkook wanted to make sure he suffered."

Yoongi's head spun, his mind reeling with the information that wasn't even really new, if he really thought about it. Jimin had tried to tell him Jungkook was 'handling the problem' that day, after all. God, if only he had stopped for two seconds to listen to him. If only he hadn't lost his mind like that and rushed to the office. He wouldn't have even had the chance to hear what he heard and come to the conclusion that he did. 

The full weight of the matter hit him like a train and his heart seized and dropped through the floor.

Oh god, Jungkook.

He left him, he hurt him, and for no reason at all. Jungkook didn't do anything wrong, he was just protecting Yoongi, and Yoongi hurt him.

Yoongi blinked back tears of guilt and shame, meeting Yugyeom's eyes again.

"I- I have to go, I-"

Yugyeom nodded quickly, vaguely understanding the situation. 

"Yeah, yeah sure, go."


The rushed walk to the bus stop didn't really register with Yoongi, everything a blur of colors and noises he didn't bother trying to comprehend. He swiped his card to pay the driver and settled into the first empty seat, pulling out his phone and thumbing open his contacts. 

His finger hovered over Jungkook's name.

Should he call?

Should he tell him he was coming home?

Was it even still home for him?

He would understand if he wasn't welcome anymore, after what he'd done. Jungkook was still his boss, after all, and he hadn't shown up for work in weeks now, hadn't called or texted.

Yoongi scoffed, shaking his head at his own ridiculous train of thought. Jungkook had stopped being his boss a good while ago, and of course he wouldn't give two shits about Yoongi not showing up for work in this situation. The texts he'd sent made it more than clear that he was just worried for Yoongi's safety, concerned for his mental and emotional state. That he wanted to fix whatever it was that he'd done. 

Another sharp pain spiked through Yoongi's chest as he glanced over the messages, the pleas for him to call or text or meet up to talk about whatever had gone wrong. Yoongi was disgusted with himself for his actions, for not seeing the sincerity in Jungkook's words and actions. 

He backed out of their conversation and thumbed at another number instead, raising the phone to his ear with trembling fingers.

It rang only once before it was picked up.

"Yoongi? Babe is it really you?"

Yoongi let out a dry chuckle.

"Yeah, Jimin, it's me."

He heard a sharp intake of breathe on the other end, and Jimin's voice was thick when he spoke again.

"I miss you so much, Yoongi. You scared the shit out of me. I- don't- don't ever do that to me again. Come home, Yoongi. We all miss you, and Jungkook isn't the same with you gone. All he does is worry. He's cried Yoongi, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that watching Jeon Jungkook cry is something I could have gladly gone my entire life without seeing."

Yoongi was nodding frantically, even though he knew Jimin couldn't see him.

"I am. I am, I'm on my way right now, actually, I-" he voice broke and he took a couole deep breaths. "I fucked up, Jimin. I really fucked up, and I'm so, so sorry. To all of you. I'm coming home. Is... is he there?"

"Not right now. He and Taehyung went out for the day. Tae's been trying to cheer him up and keep him sane. You probably have a couple hours before they make it back. Do you want me to tell them you're coming?"

Yoongi considered for half a second.

"No. No, I don't want to cut their day short of anything, and I still have like an hour left on the bus. And I would prefer it if... if he wasn't waiting for me there, you know?"

Jimin made a noise of understanding and assured him he wouldn't say anything. He made Yoongi promise him that they would spend time together the second they had time, then they ended the call.

Yoongi slumped in his seat, staring out the window and running his thoughts over and over in his head, trying to decide what he should say, what he could say, or do, to make Jungkook see how sorry and regretful he was.

If it wasn't for muscle memory he would have missed his stop to switch busses, but a little under an hour later he found himself hiking up Jungkook's long driveway, out of breath, with his heart hammering steadily more frantically against his ribcage. 

He knocked first, just to be sure Tae and Jungkook hadn't made it back before him, but when he got no response he fished his key from his pocket and unlocked the door. Being back in Jungkook's house ('being back home,' his heart whispered) only made his heart ache more.

Yoongi took a deep breath, stubbornly fighting back his growing anxiety, and suddenly realized he was still holding his groceries. He let out a dry chuckle and made his way to the kitchen.

Putting away the groceries in their familiar places was somewhat therapeutic, helping to calm his jittery nerves, and he found himself relaxing enough to be relieved at being back where he'd grown most comfortable. He tossed the bags away and looked around for a moment, unsure what to do with himself until Jungkook came home. 

Finally he decided to just pour himself a glass of wine and wait, and pulled an already opened Perrot Minot from its spot above the counter. He filled a glass and seated himself on one of the padded stools, pulling out his phone to send Jimin a quick text letting him know he was home and safe. 

Yoongi knew how much Jimin worried about him- it was why he'd had Lisa call and tell him he was okay that first night when he'd left. He wasn't up to talking with anyone, but he still had to let Jimin know he was fine. That he'd kept his promise. That he was alive and breathing, not at the bottom of the Mapo river or whatever else Jimin's frantic mind could have conjured up. 

Yoongi had texted Jimin twice since he'd been gone. The distance from his best friend had been more painful than Yoongi wanted to admit, but he hadn't wanted Jimin to talk him into coming back, not when he was so thoroughly convinced of what he thought he'd discovered about Jungkook. 

He threw back the contents of the glass and filled it again, needing something to dull all of the emotions flooding through his mind.

He'd been so, so wrong. 

One more glass and half an hour later, Yoongi heard the key turn in the lock and scrambled to his feet, having to mentally berate himself for momentarily considering running out the back door. He heard the front door open and close, and took a couple shaky steps towards the hallway to meet Jungkook, only to freeze in his tracks when he heard a muffled sob. 

"She still won't fucking let me see him Tae," he heard Jungkook choke out. "She won't let me talk to him, she won't let me explain. I need to explain!"

Taehyung murmered low, soothing words that Yoongi couldn't quite catch from where he was standing just inside the kitchen door. 

"But do you know what sucks the most?" Jungkook laughed bitterly, and Yoongi's heart clenched at his empty tone. "I don't even know what the fuck I need to be explaining. I don't know what I did. I don't know what Y-Yoongi thinks he saw, or heard, or if someone told him something, or what the hell would make him want to leave me." 

Yoongi heard a thud as Jungkook threw himself down on the sofa. 

"I tried to give him everything he wanted, everything he deserves... I tried to make sure he felt safe and taken care of. But I guess I messed up somehow. I... I fucked up."

Jungkook's voice was trembling now, seconds away from breaking, and Yoongi's feet carried him out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"I just- I don't know how. What did I do? What the fuck did I do?"

"Nothing. You didn't do anything."

Tae and Jungkook both jerked in suprise, Taehyung spinning around to face him while Jungkook sprang up from the couch, staring wide-eyed and frozen. Neither of them had noticed Yoongi entering the room, but he couldn't find it in him to feel amused or guilty for startling them. 

"You didn't do anything," he repeated, stronger this time. "You were perfect."

Taehyung glanced between the two of them before edging backwards out of the room, leaving them to talk. They heard the front door shut behind him but neither man acknowledged it. 

Jungkook didn't speak, didn't react in any way. He didn't even blink, as if he was scared Yoongi was a hallucination that would vanish if he shut his eyes for even the briefest moment. 

Yoongi swallowed hard and blinked against the moisture already gathering in his eyes.

Jungkook was just so beautiful.

Seeing him standing there in front of him after so much time apart had the realization he'd had the day he left surging back to the front of his mind.

He loved Jungkook. So, so much. 

"You did everything right," Yoongi said, barely above a whisper. "You made me happy, you made this house a home for me, you spoiled me rotten. I- you didn't do anything wrong. But... but I thought you did."

Jungkook finally reacted then, but just barely- a miniscule tilt of his head and a furrowed brow, as if asking 'but why?'

"I came to you, after I heard about the video... I wanted to talk to you, needed you to know that it wasn't m-my choice, that I wouldn't do something like that. But when I got to your office, Yugyeom was there and you-" Yoongi pulled another another deep, shaky inhale, and then it was all coming out in a rush. "I heard you talking, I heard him call you baby, and you told him not to tell me, that you didn't want me finding out, and I just- I assumed, and I shouldn't have, but I was already anxious and panicking and overwhelmed, and I know that's no excuse. I should have let you explain, should have confronted you about what I thought was happening right there." 

Yoongi's tears were falling steadily now, and he wiped at them irritably.

"But I didn't, and I ran instead because that seems to be what I'm fucking best at- but then I ran into Yugyeom today and he told me everything anyway and... I was so, so stupid, Kook, and it's not an excuse, I won't make excuses. I understand if you don't want me here anymore, and I get it if you never want to see me again. I just needed you to know-"

"I love you."

A heavy silence cloaked the space between them as Yoongi's red-rimmed eyes found Jungkook's. Yoongi searched them long and hard, looking for any sign of malice, or disappointment, or jest. When he found none, he cleared his throat and wiped aggressively at his cheeks.


Jungkook's expression softened into something less impassive, more vulnerable, but he answered without hesitation.

"I said I love you. I've been wanting to say it for a while now. Didn't want to scare you off. Didn't want you to run away," he let out a low chuckle, and now his eyes were wet too, shining as he stepped closer to Yoongi. "But since we already crossed that bridge... I love you, Yoongi. And I'm not angry with you. I was never angry with you. I just- we obviously need to work on communication."

A laugh tore it's way from Yoongi's throat at that, the understatement of the century. He stood frozen as Jungkook closed the last couple feet of distance between them, suddenly so close again after so many days apart. 

Jungkook lifted a hand slowly, cupping the side of Yoongi's face and tilting his head up to look him in the eyes. 

"I missed you so much," Jungkook whispered, "Every second. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. Everything reminded me of you."

He smiled a little bitterly, gently stroking his thumb along Yoongi's jaw as his other hand drifted from his side to settle firmly at the curve of Yoongi's small waist.

"I love you so much."

"I love you, too," Yoongi finally managed to choke out, a mere whisper on his lips. 

But Jungkook heard it, and his hand slipped back to tighten in Yoongi's hair, and Yoongi's responding gasp was swallowed up by Jungkook's needy, desperate lips. 

The force of the collision was bruising, and Yoongi couldn't help but moan loudly into the kiss as Jungkook backed him against the wall, nearly stumbling in his determination to keep their mouths together. Jungkook grasped his hair tighter and pulled, angling Yoongi's head so they slotted together with ease. He wasted no time in nipping sharply at Yoongi's bottom lip and licking deep inside his mouth. 

Yoongi couldn't think clearly enough to decide what to do with his hands, fisting them in the fabric of Jungkook's shirt, then releasing it and running his fingers greedily over Jungkook's chest and shoulders, before finally reaching up to grasp the younger man's hair with both hands. 

Jungkook let out a deep groan and used his grip on Yoongi's waist to pull him closer, flush against his body, trapped between himself and the wall. He lost himself in the kiss, the taste of Yoongi on his tongue, and didn't even notice when his tears finally started to fall until Yoongi pulled back to breathe and wiped gently at his cheeks for him. 

Yoongi shushed him sweetly, kissing his jaw, his cheeks, his chin, petting his hair and holding him close. 

"You're mine," Jungkook whispered, his voice borderline aggressive with emotion. 

He tugged harshly at Yoongi's hair, making Yoongi whimper as his eyes fluttered shut and he went slack in Jungkook's hold, utterly submissive. 

"Mine. Don't you ever leave me like that again. Say it. Promise."

Yoongi tried to nod but Jungkook's grip prevented his movement. He attempted to ignore the small wave of arousal that curled in his gut.

"I'm yours baby, all yours. I won't leave again. I promise."

Then Jungkook was kissing him again, and Yoongi was melting, overwhelmed and consumed with the feel, and taste, and scent of Jungkook, finally feeling whole again. 

They barely made it to the bedroom, and Yoongi had no real memory of who undressed who or anything except Jungkook's sweet whispered 'I love you's and 'God, I've missed you so much's as he pushed Yoongi back into the silk sheets and once again devoured his lips.

Jungkook took his time picking Yoongi apart and putting him back together again, worshipping every inch of his body, kissing every sensitive bit of smooth skin. He painted Yoongi's body like a canvas, leaving splashes of pink and purple sunsets everywhere his lips touched, unable to sate the primal urge to mark and spoil what was his.

Yoongi attempted to touch him, to try and return the affection, but Jungkook pressed his wrists to the mattress, kissing him softly and telling him to relax, silently begging him to just lay back and let Jungkook take care of him. 

He surrendered instantly, settling into the cool sheets when Jungkook gently flipped him on his stomach to lavish his back with the same attention he'd given his front. 

Yoongi let out tiny moans and sighs as Jungkook persisted, making sure to let Jungkook know how good he was making him feel. He was in a daze, his head foggy and his thoughts scrambled as Jungkook kissed and nipped and stroked his way down his body.

He let out an appreciative groan when Jungkook took his supple bottom in his hands, kneading his cheeks with strong fingers as he sucked bruises onto Yoongi's inner thighs.

Yoongi guessed where this was headed, but the knowldge did nothing to muffle his cry of stunned pleasure when Jungkook's lips and tongue met his sensitive entrance. Jungkook pinned him to the bed, spreading his cheeks with  his thumbs as swirled his tongue against him leisurely before delving inside, pushing his tongue deep and sucking eagerly at the ring of muscles clenching around it. 

It wasn't long at all before he was begging, writhing in the sheets and pleading for release.

Jungkook didn't deny him, he worked him through his peak and eased him down from it, the intensity of it all sapping every bit of energy Yoongi had left in his sated body. 

Jungkook held him close afterwards, laying on his side and pulling Yoongi into his warm embrace, Yoongi's back pressed snugly to his chest. Jungkook stroked the curve of his waist with soothing fingers, murmuring affectionate words and promises until Yoongi drifted off into a peaceful sleep. 


Waking up was slow and easy, lazy stretches and chaste, closed-mouthed kisses. They put off rising as long as they could (which was well into the afternoon- owning your own company had it's perks), but eventually they had to get up to clean and feed themselves.

Yoongi smiled fondly when he made his way to the kitchen after his shower, leaning against the doorframe and soaking in the sight of Jungkook, dressed only in a pair of charcoal sweatpants, damp hair pushed back from his forehead as he busied himself cracking eggs for their late brunch.

After a while of silently observing, Yoongi crept up behind him and wrapped his arms around Jungkook's slim waist, resting his cheek against his back. 

Jungkook made a contented noise and relaxed into Yoongi's hold for a second before he continued to prepare their meal.

"Jimin called while you were in the shower," he informed him in a voice still raspy with sleep. "Said he's going to try and stop by later."

Yoongi hummed in acknowledgement, then the phrasing of Jungkook's words struck him.

"Stop by?" 

Jungkook nodded and turned in his hold now that the eggs were in the pan. He settled one hand on Yoongi's hip, the other rising to brush damp strands out of Yoongi's eyes. 

"He and Tae have pretty much officially moved in together," he explained with a smile. "He's still got stuff in his room, says he doesn't like staying at the apartment alone when Tae has to travel for a shoot, but he's been staying with him most of the time." 

Yoongi smiled back in contentment, both with Jungkook's attention and the news of Jimin and Tae taking their relationship a step further. He was more than happy for them, though he felt a tiny pang of guilt and sadness at having missed the development. 

Jungkook must have seen it in his eyes. He caught Yoongi's face in both hands and met his gaze.

"Hey," he murmered. "Don't beat yourself up over this. Nobody blames you for anything, so you shouldn't either. You're here now, and that's what matters."

Yoongi leaned forward and draped his arms over Jungkook's shoulders, clasping his hands behind his neck and closing the distance between their lips. 

They both sighed into the kiss, melting against each other until Jungkook remembered the food on the stove. He pulled back with a chuckle and gently pried Yoongi's arms from around his neck so he could finish cooking.

Yoongi swatted him playfully on the butt, then settled on his favorite stool to watch his boyfriend finish their food. 

The stress and anxiety of the past few weeks had already melted away without a trace, and while Yoongi still harbored a sense of guilt for his thoughtless actions, he knew that Jungkook had more than forgiven him. Realistically, he'd probably never considered anything Yoongi had done as something requiring forgiveness in the first place.

Jungkook plated their food and set them on the counter along with two glasses of orange-pineapple juice. He pulled his stool closer to Yoongi and seated himself, handing Yoongi a pair of chopsticks.

"What is it?" he questioned, quirking an amused but curious brow as finally noticed Yoongi's gaze locked on his face. 

He let his free hand rest casually on Yoongi's bare thigh, his thumb stroking his knee. It all felt so natural, so domestic, so right

Yoongi tried and failed to hide his smile, leaning forward to place a kiss on the tip of Jungkook's nose. 

"Just glad to be home."