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First Date Etiquette

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This was not, Ochako reflected worriedly, how first dates were supposed to end. First dates were supposed to end with a single kiss, maybe even not on the mouth. A little peck to the cheek, that was the appropriate way for a man to send a young lady off at the end of a date. Pinning her to the wall of her own bedroom on the other hand? This was not the way gentleman acted, and she should probably protest or something.

Except that realistically this was still Bakugou Katsuki, and if she had expected him to actually be a gentleman she would have been disappointed enough to abandon the entire date five minutes in. But no, she’d known exactly who he was long before he’d sputtered out his blunt invitation and she’d known what kind of person he was when he’d brazenly followed her into her room instead of seeing her off at the door and she still knew who he was now, with one large hand pinning hers to the wall above her head and the other on her hip as he kissed her with an intensity that brought the word ‘ravenous’ to mind.

Still, she considered herself to be like, a good, sensible girl or something, so she should probably put some kind of stop to this. Instead of, you know… continuing to make out with a handsome boy behind the closed door of her own dorm room. Which is what she was doing. Because she lacked self-control and it turned out kissing boys felt really, really good.

Well still, logically she had to get tired of this eventually, right? They’d stop then. Kissing had to get boring at some point and the very second she stopped having as much fun as she was now, when her enjoyment dropped by even half of a percentage, that’s when Ochako would push Katsuki off of her. Yeah, that sounded reasonable.

So for now it was probably fine to indulge herself a little and enjoy the feeling of having a man’s weight pressing against her, of a possessive hand curled firm around her hip as Katsuki sucked on her tongue. And oh, was she enjoying it. Something about how aggressive he was really did do something for her. The way he had come in and pinned her to the wall like what she wanted didn’t even matter lit something on fire low in Ochako’s belly and warmed her whole body from the inside out. Oh, this was terrible judgment. He was gonna make a terrible boyfriend. She couldn’t bring herself to care.

She must have sighed into the kiss a little and he must have noticed, because it seemed like it was probably the reason he finally let go of her wrist to unpin her hand from the wall. Not that it gave her any leeway to move, because instead of her wrist Katsuki was now grabbing the back of her head, long fingers winding roughly into her hair to forcefully tilt her head a bit to one side, a better angle at which to lick at the lick at the back of her teeth from. The feel of that rough hand on her neck sparked another heated trill down Ochako’s spine, and her own newly freed hand wound up finding its way to Katsuki’s head to wind into a fistful of blond hair.

Katsuki growled into her mouth, the hand that had been on her hip slipping around back to her ass instead. Ochako tried not to squeak but his hand felt even better on her butt than it had on her hip. The gesture was intensely sexual and she was not used to feeling so… sexy like this. Something about how obvious it was that he wanted her was making her head spin and her heart pound, and goodness maybe it would be better if she’d left the fan on in here because this room was so very warm right now…

It would only get warmer. The hand that was resting on her ass was low enough towards her thigh that Katsuki was able to use his grip to lift her leg a few inches, just enough to give him room to slip one of his own thighs in between hers and hike her body up to press even closer against his.

Ochako really did break off the kiss to squeak this time, except honestly it was more like a whimper. She’d been mostly leaning on the wall before but now her body weight was almost entirely focused on Katsuki’s one leg, where it had ridden up her skirt to press right against her thin cotton panties. The thin cotton panties that were the only layer separating the fabric of his jeans from the place she was becoming increasingly aware was now throbbing inside. Oh goodness. She should really get him out of her room like, right now.

Except that Katsuki had moved on to kissing her neck now, lips searing hot on her skin and touching all the places she hadn’t known were sensitive enough to make her tremble, and when she moved it wasn’t even to move closer as much a to just maybe… accidentally.. Rock against his thigh a little bit? Just a little, just to feel the pressure against that too-hot part of her, hardly enough to be considered vulgar. She hoped.

Katsuki definitely noticed though, because apart from just growling he outright swore against her neck. “Fuck,” his voice was low and gravelly with heat, the hand on her ass tightening his hold to grope it more outright. But then instead of dragging her closer he was almost pushing her off of his leg, and there wasn’t even any time to be disappointed because he had only squeezed her ass for a moment before that hand was moving again, sliding up over her bare thigh to wander up the front of her fluffy mini skirt.

Ochako gasped at the feeling of a warm hand pressing against her, feeling out the shape of her body through the flimsy fabric of her panties. The very first touch sent an electric shock through her that weakened her at the knee, fingers clawing into the back of Katsuki’s shirt as he explored with curious and surprisingly gentle fingers. For all the roughness he displayed in every other aspect of his life his touch right now was soft, fingertips seeking out the part of her lips and stroking her through the thin cotton.

He was kissing her neck again, the hand that was still in her hair held firm to keep her head tilted to an accessible angle to the side while he licked at the skin just under her ear. The kissing felt good enough on its own, so that combined with his wandering fingers she didn’t even know the exact cause of the constant shivers down her spine anymore, just knew she was shaking from the inside out; from her thundering heartbeat the curl of her toes inside her stockings.

His fingertips passed to rub against the swollen bead of her clit and she definitely gasped again, which just make Katsuki sink his teeth in to suck at he neck. She was definitely writhing a little bit now, trembling legs trying to snap closed around his hand while her hips automatically wiggled in a fruitless attempt to increase the pressure of his touch, throbbing so much now that even she could feel the dampness of her panties under his hand.

It was getting harder to breathe, and Ochako found herself pulling in deep pants of air, chest heaving where it was pressed against Katsuki’s. This was all too much and it was definitely going too far too fast but even on her most heated days touching herself didn’t feel anywhere near as good as this. He kept on petting and she kept on squirming under his touch, and when his thumb hooked into the fabric of her panties to pull them aside so that his fingertips were touching bare skin… she went ahead and let him do that, too. So bad. She was not a good girl, she was the type of girl who let Bakugo Katsuki touch her in her bedroom after one moderately good date. She should really get his hand out of there until they were on like, at least date three, right?

Whether this was right or wrong didn’t do anything to stop what was happening. Without the barrier of cotton in the way Ochako could feel the callouses on the tips of the two fingers he was playing with her with, the still-light exploratory touches now so intense from the direct contact against her most intimate part a soft whiny moan was tearing its way out of Ochako’s mouth without her consent.

Katsuki’s fingers on the other hand had far more of her permission to do as they pleased, the two of them searching out her clit to settle on top of her lips before he started to press down with one finger at a time, alternating pressure like a switch being flipped back and forth, back and forth, each light touch sending its own individual shock up and down her spine until all she could do was whine and clutch at his shoulders.

Soon he was swearing again, and then not just pausing but withdrawing his hand entirely. She might have complained or sought out to follow his hand with her hips but he was just moving to slip his hand down the front of her panties instead of just playing through the side, gentility lost in favor of a determined stroke of one long finger down the length of her fold before it sought out the source of her wetness to dip straight inside.

It was only the tip of one finger inside of her, probably only even going as far as halfway in. But it was intense enough to make her desperate with the want to come, whining and throbbing around him until he sunk his middle finger in as deep as her virginal tightness would let him go and she didn’t know if she was swearing herself anymore but she could definitely hear a few choice curses from Katsuki.

He curled his finger to stroke experimentally at her insides and oh god, it was all too much. His palm was rubbing against her clit with his motions as he plunged his finger in and out of her wet heat and he was inside of her, like, inside of her body right now. And from where she had her head buried into his shoulder she could tell that he had sweat through the vague scent of ivory soap to end up smelling musky and kind of gross and so incredibly male, and his breath was hot on her neck where he was panting his own heavy breathing against her skin and everything was building up so much until she felt like she was going to burst from it all, she was feeling too many things and her body had gone rigid with tension that bordered on painful and it was too much and she needed it to be over but at the same time she never wanted it to end, and…

Ochako’s hands fisted tight enough to leave scratch marks in Katsuki’s back, whole body shaking as she cried out in a loud pathetic whimper, coming so hard that if Katsuki hadn’t been holding her weight up to the wall she would have fallen down straight to the floor. Everything released from her at once like a warm tsunami, all of the built up tension and all of the too-many feelings draining out of her and leaving her trembling in Katsuki’s arms, still fluttering softly around his finger until he finally had mind to withdraw his hand.

There was something like a silence for a while, both of them panting until she could feel her legs enough to stand on her own. And when she looked up at Katsuki’s face his eyes were blown wide, staring down at her with an outrageous heat in his expression that made her heart speed up to start pounding again and her eyes instinctively flicker down, to the visible strain against the inside of his jeans.

There was a beat of silence where neither of them even so much as breathed. And then, she watched as one of his eyes twitched, and suddenly she was being all but tossed to the floor as Katsuki bolted towards the door with a harshly barked out, “I GOTTA GO!”

Ochako blinked, catching herself on the wall and turning in confusion towards the open swing of her bedroom door. “Huh? Katsuki?”

“I’LL CALL YOU! Or something! FUCK !”

Which was, she realized with affectionate exasperation, his version of being a gentleman and not ravaging her against her bedroom wall… any further.

She couldn’t help the giggle that burst out of her mouth, as she closed the door and hobbled towards her bed, slipping off her damp underpants to fall on the floor to be dealt with later when she actually changed out of her clothes. For now she just sort of collapsed face-down on her bed, sighing deeply and letting herself bask in the afterglow of her still-shaking limbs because she wasn’t quite done coming off from that endorphin high yet.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed, but it must have been a few minutes of her dozing off. The sound of her phone pinging roused her to sit up again, and when she opened it it was Katsuki’s phone number that greeted her. Underneath were the simple words, “Good night.”

Aww, look at that. She smiled to herself. Look who might turn out to be a decent boyfriend, after all.

And then Ochako caught sight of her white cotton panties, discarded in an obvious bunch on the floor. She looked back down at her phone. The smile turned into a grin, as she snapped a quick photo of the abandoned panties and texted it Katsuki before picking them up and tossing them into her hamper, where the rest of today’s clothes soon followed.

By the time she was changed into her pajamas, her phone had gone off again.


Ochako smothered her laughter into her pillow.


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