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Parachute (Fanmix)

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If I were to watch you fall again,

I would be your parachute,

There's no need to lie or to pretend,

You got me and I got you (...)







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01. Taken By The Sea   Darren Hayes

02. When The Right One Comes Along   Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen (Nashville Soundtrack)

03. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow   Celia Pavey

04. Amazed   Paul Jolley

05. Here Right Now (Live)  Ghost The Musical Soundtrack

06. Lightkeeper  Bo Bruce

07. Alive  Bo Bruce

08. Prisoner in The Rain  Tyler James

09. Norge  La habitación roja

10. Live for Real  K's Choice

11. My Kind Of Love (Live)  Ben Hazlewood

12. Hacia la luz   La habitación roja

13. Right Here Waiting   Boyzone

14. Parachute  Ben Hazlewood

15. Universal   La habitación roja