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Because I felt like it

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The keys jiggled in the key hole and against the door.

At last.

Kate’s wanton eyes shot toward the door.

He was home.


Exactly forty six minutes after she had closed the door. An hour since she had left him at the bar.

Her heart skipped a couple of beats. The anticipation was killing her.

She was very aware she was in much trouble. It greatly excited her. Her body had ached for his return to the loft, to her.

Earlier, they had been at the bar, her behavior had almost toppled him over the edge.

She indulged in a wicked but brief smile before she hid it away. The poker face expression returned. She watched the door handle.

“Be nonchalant.” She whispered to herself then moistened her lips. Moist lips turned him on.

It took only several long legged strides to cross the kitchen to reach for the bottle of red she had breathing on the counter. Two clean crystal glasses waited beside it. She anticipated Castle was going to be as horny as hell. After all, he had endured and engaged in her foreplay the entire day. From the moment he’d delivered the morning coffee to the parting kiss at the bar she had been provocative.

The door flung open.

Castle stormed in, stopped abruptly and slammed the door closed.

He discarded the keys in the bowl. The jacket was already off. He threw it over the white chair.

“Beckett!” He searched for her and soon saw her in the kitchen.

Kate ceased to move. She saw the expression over his face. It was sheer hunger in his eyes. She forgot to breathe. She had seen this look before.

“Oh my God,” she whispered under her breath.

Her heart rate increased. Her heart thumped inside her chest, her pulses throbbed in her ears. She felt a little light headed. The ache in her loins reminded her of what she wanted. A cold shiver of excitement quivered through her muscles.

She forgot the bottle of wine and glanced down her body in the tight black mini dress. She wore her pink high heels. That was it. Her face sobered with the nerves fluttering through her system.

Castle grinned at Beckett. His half smile. His sexy lips teased her. He stood in the middle of the room in his white shirt and black pants. His eyes were bright blue. His broad solid chest was heavily rising and falling. He looked so hot. It particularly appealed to Beckett the way he fumbled to unbutton the cuffs of his shirt. Frustrated he paused, then glanced at her. Her heart jumped, she was sure of it. Her loins throbbed with want solely by the expression he held. He forgot the buttons.

“Beckett! Get your fucking hot ass into that bedroom now.” He pointed in the direction of his room.

Kate fully composed and calm looked in the direction of his bedroom. She then looked back at the bottle of red, poured a drink and put the bottle down. She gave him a half hearted glance as though she didn’t care for his demands. To tease him.

He gave a grunt of dissatisfaction.

She refrained from laughing at his reaction as she casually stepped out of her hot pink high heels. She then tilted her head back and combed her fingers through her hair, fluffing it up a little. She was aware the way in which she looked at him was enough. But she was giving him a bit more tonight. She took a long sip of the wine. She ensured her body was posed just the way he liked it. She watched him attempt to undo the top two buttons on his shirt his eyes not leaving her. He was coming undone. She narrowed her eyes on his fingers working the buttons with little success. She wanted to be the one to unbutton his shirt. To do it slowly, one button at a time. To pull the shirt tails out of his pants. To unbuckle his belt. She wanted to feel his stomach muscles quiver when her fingers caressed below his belly button. She wanted to expose his bare chest, to feel his strong muscles flex beneath her fingers, to feel his hot breath on her skin. She quivered.

“Castle.” She warned and glanced down at his hands. He ceased with the buttons and lowered his hands.

“You’re still wearing it.” He said about the tight black dress she wore.

“It’s the only thing I’m wearing, Ricky.” She purred and swilled her wine as she lifted her chin high enough for the light to capture her moist red lips. “Would you like a drink first?”

“No, thank you. I’ve drank enough.” He adamantly replied. He kicked his shoes off.

Kate observed his tiny signals. She adored body language. It was beautiful to see a man who hungered for a woman. Her chest began to flutter again. She felt the static electricity between them. He eyes narrowed in on hers.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two …… He started coming for her.

“No!” She squealed with laughter and started to run from the kitchen. He cut her off at the fridge. She ran towards the stairs. She was too slow. Deliberately slow. His arms
wrapped around her waist and he picked her up. Her body was forced back against his chest. His chin came over her shoulder and he grunted overpowering her struggle to escape his embrace. He laughed.

With a deep, gravelly voice he said in her ear, “I’ve gotcha.”

It stilled Kate. The sensual tone of his voice made her dizzy. She relaxed her head against his left shoulder. She needed a moment. She breathed in his scent, smelt the Scotch on his breath. It made her want him more.

“You’ve been a very bad girl Detective Beckett.” He grumbled pushing his face into her hair.

“I’ve been very naughty, writer boy.”

“All day you’ve been naughty.” He murmured close to her ear.

She laughed and squirmed because his voice made her nerves quiver down her spine.

“Tonight. Mmmm.” He heavily breathed out against her ear.

“Tonight?” She queried hearing the quiver in her voice.

“So hot. So damn hot the way you walked in the bar.”

“I did it for you, Castle.”

“Mmmm …”

“Naughty dress, my slutty girl. Naughty shoes. Your legs in those heels.” He grunted his approval.

“Did you like the way I did …”

“Loved it.”

She giggled. She gasped in surprise. Using brute force from his arms he suddenly lifted her body higher against his.

Kate felt how much he wanted her. It was pressed hard against her buttock. “Oh my God.”

“You feel it?”

“Rhetorical?” She couldn’t help but feel how hard he was.

Rick laughed. He leaned over allowing her toes to touch the floor. His right palm flat against her dress, slid down her body. He pulled her dress up enough. His index finger slid down the between her lips. Instantaneously, the second he circled her clit, her hips gave an involuntary buck. She gave a weak cry.

He wickedly laughed. “She wants him.” He moaned over how wet she was for him.

Kate shivered with excitement that his touch and his sexy voice caused. “I want you,” she confessed under her heavy breaths. “God I want you.”

“Mmmm. That you do.” He felt her hand reach back around his neck, her fingers going into his hair as her body leaned right back into him. She was on her toes and pushing to be higher for him. “You disobeyed me.”


“I ordered you to the bedroom.”

“Mmm. You did.” Kate closed her eyes, physically weakened by the orchestra of sensations he was causing between her legs, through her entire body. His left hand was cupping her right breast.

“Bad Beckett.” He growled. “Where are your handcuffs?”

A smile broke over her face, “Darling.”


“Take me to bed.”



“Because you’ve been bad all day and now you’re going to be punished.” He commenced to walk towards his bedroom carrying her with him.
Kate laughed like a naughty child. She was inquisitive to learn what he had planned. “How?”

“Bad girl, no hands.”