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Tied to You

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“So, I’m to marry Quinn Fabray Daddy? The biggest mobster in this town? I don’t know whether my training’s prepared me for this.”

How had Rachel gotten here? Oh right, her fathers. Some deal they’d made a million years ago that the Fabrays would lend them money in order to have Rachel and indoctrinate them into their gang for protection in exchange for their first born to marry their daughter.

Lima was rife with gang violence and it was worst if you didn’t belong to any gang at all because then you were what the gangs played with for fun on their days off. To be a part of the Fabray’s gang was to be a part of gang royalty. They were the most influential of the gangs in Lima and stemmed out as far as New York, ruled under the iron fist of Russell Fabray. The empire also included a large business that sold everything from jewelry to cars with its main office in NYC but Russell ran it from home in Lima.

The Fabrays had no sons, just two daughters, Frannie and Quinn who were every bit as scary as their father. The idea of a female inheriting had off put certain members of Lima’s society but by electing Quinn as his successor, Russell had managed to calm some of their fears. The girl wasn’t exactly like other girls in that she was born with male genitalia. It was something she’d struggled with, growing up wanting to be Daddy’s little girl like her sister but embracing her uniqueness and becoming her own person was what had prompted Russell to elect his youngest to follow him.

Quinn was the perfect leader. An ice cold exterior with her pink hair and rough looking clothes. The punk look suited her and she ruled the senior members of the Fabray gang with a hand as harsh as her father’s. She didn’t take anything from anyone and slushies were her favorite form of attack, especially against those who had gone against her in any way. The rumor around McKinley High was that it was her way of exerting her power in place of guns.

McKinley wasn’t purely made up of the Fabray clan though. The local high school was the only one in the area and therefore the children of the lesser known Hudson-Hummel gang also attended along with other members of Lima’s gangs but there was no way any of them were as affluent as the Fabrays.

It was for this reason that Rachel’s high school experience hadn’t been all that bad. Despite the in-gang teasing and jokes about their lifestyle, the Berrys were under the protection of the Fabrays and Rachel reaped the privileges of that. Only once had she felt the cold sting of a slushie thrown in her face and that was because she’d dared to question Quinn’s leadership skills. The girl rarely sang in Glee and didn’t really seem to care much about leadership so Rachel had questioned how she was managing to control the entire senior section of the Fabray gang as well as how she was going to cope when her father passed his responsibilities onto her. The slushie had been horrible and she vowed to never question the pink haired girl again.

Rachel herself had been raised to be the perfect wife. Her fathers knew that she would never want to particularly involve herself with the street life of the gang and had therefore invested in raising a polite, sweet daughter who knew her place. Rachel guessed that it was because they knew her fate all along but couldn’t concern herself with that now. Tonight she would become the fiancée to Quinn Fabray and her life would change forever.

 “Rachel my darling, you are ready for this. Not to mention that the Fabrays paid us a lot of money in order to have you, paying that debt back would bankrupt us. We’d end up gangless on the streets and you know that’s a fate worse than death. Now go and change, we don’t have much time before we need to be at the Fabrays.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Ever the obedient daughter, Rachel rushed upstairs and started to get ready for the night that would change her whole life.

She knew how these dinners at the Fabrays went. Her fathers were Russell’s most trusted lawyers and therefore she had attended many of the dinners over the years. They were outwardly formal affairs but were for only the most intimate members of the clan.

She pulled on a white top and skirt which showed off a small slither of her taught stomach and tugged on her favorite pair of red heels as some sort of red was obligatory, it being the signature color of the Fabray gang after all. She then curled her hair and applied her makeup, looking over the final product with a sigh.

“RACHEL! WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE!” Her daddy yelled from downstairs and she gasped, grabbing her red cardigan from her bed and rushing down the stairs.

“Well don’t you look like the picture of a Fabray.” Her Papa smiled at her and she sighed with a small smile.

“Come on Songbird, we need to get going.” Her Daddy grinned and pushed her towards the door. They climbed into the car and Rachel stared out the window, watching the houses fly past as her father rushed towards the gathering. It was so strange to her that she was going to be proposed to at some point during the evening. She was only sixteen years old!

It was cold in the car so she tugged her cardigan on and fiddled with her bare ring finger, knowing that by the end of the evening, it would be weighed down by an ostentatious ring.

“Rachel, come on.” Her Papa’s voice tugged her out of her thought process and she realized they were sat in front of the Fabray’s large mansion. The cold wind on her face alerted her to the fact that the door was being held open by the valet and she smiled, thanking him as she climbed out of the car.

The Fabray mansion was something that never failed to impress Rachel. The façade was faux classical, standing as tall as the Parthenon in Athens with a stark white color and impressive columns. It extended back into some of the most impressive grounds Rachel had ever seen but had never had the time to appreciate. She guessed that now she probably would.

“Leroy! Hiram!” Russell Fabray’s voice was booming out from the top of the welcoming stairs and her Papa grinned, accepting the hug. “And here’s our guest of honor, welcome Rachel.”

“Thank you, Sir, I'm very happy to be here.” She smiled politely, looking down at her shoes with a light blush. The chuckle that came out of the Fabray patriarch was exactly what Rachel was used to.

“So polite. You know I had my qualms about a homosexual couple raising a child but she’s just exquisite. And perfect for my Quinnie.” Russell smirked and Rachel’s fathers grinned, placing a hand each on her shoulders.

“Thank you, Sir,,” Rachel repeated, the blush still on her face and her fathers chuckled. She felt her Daddy lean down to kiss her hair.

Russell chortled again but it was Judy, his wife that spoke next. “Rachel, why don’t you come with me and we’ll go and find Quinn?” The perfectly primed blonde asked with a kind smile and Rachel nodded.

“Of course Mrs. Fabray. I’ll see you later Papa. Daddy.” She smiled and turned to kiss both of her fathers on the cheek and nodded at Russell before she followed Judy into the impressive welcome hall.

“You really are beautiful, especially in white.” The Fabray matriarch smiled, looking Rachel up and down. The brunette blushed again and followed the mother down a series of corridors that led to a whole wing that was decorated completely differently to the rest of the house. It lacked the pristine quality but it was still clean, it just felt more lived in. Rachel knew that this was Quinn’s wing.

“Quinnie, Rachel’s here,” Judy called out as they entered a large open area which was dotted with people Rachel recognized from school and her years as a part of the Fabray gang. Brittany and Santana for once were out of their cheerleading uniforms, lounging and cuddled up on a large sofa. Brittany’s parents were financial advisors for the Fabrays and Santana’s father was the gang’s doctor. Noah Puckerman, or Puck as he liked to be known, was leaning up against the bar with a beer in hand. He was part of Quinn’s personal security along with Mike Chang, whose father made up a part of Russell’s security. The Asian boy was sat with his girlfriend, Tina Cohen Chang whose father was a handyman to the Fabrays. The only missing figure was Sam Evans, the last member of the trio that made up Quinn’s security but Rachel knew that he would be late as he had to keep an eye on his younger brother and sister before their usual babysitter was available. These were people that Rachel had grown up with. She was very close with Tina, Sam, Puck, and Brittany but Santana had never warmed to her and Mike was slightly reserved.

She guessed that the arranged marriage shouldn’t have been all that surprising. It was notorious that the Fabrays married within their gang but Brittany and Santana had been attached at the hip since childhood as had Mike and Tina. With Quinn’s unique condition, it wasn’t as if she was going to marry Puck or Sam and they sat too far down on the social structure of the gang to qualify anyway. Rachel guessed that she probably should have seen it coming.

“Rach!” Brittany grinned and jumped up, rushing over to hug the small brunette.

“Hi, Britt.” Rachel laughed and hugged the blonde back, feeling more comfortable in the familiar setting.

“I’ll leave you alone Quinnie,” Judy said with a smile but shot a stern look at her daughter who was sat on the window seat, a book in her hand.

“Okay, Mom.” The pink haired girl rolled her eyes but once her mother had left, she shut her book and stood up, walking over towards Rachel. “Hi Rachel, it’s good to see you. You look lovely this evening.”

Rachel flushed and looked down at her shoes, she was sure that her face was as red as they were. “Thank you, Quinn, it’s a pleasure to be here.”

“Oh just fuck already.” Santana snarled from her position on the couch but recoiled when Quinn set her death glare on the Latina.

“One more word out of you Lopez that is in anyway rude or disrespectful towards Rachel and I’ll have you thrown out of here quicker than you can swear in Spanish. That goes for you too Puckerman. No more hitting on her.” Quinn’s voice was deep and low in the way she always spoke when dealing with what she called ‘incompetence’.

 “Gotcha Queen Q, but she’ll always be my JAP.” Puck smirked and Rachel chuckled, rolling her eyes. That boy was something else.

“Rachel, would like to accompany me down to the grove?” Quinn asked and she suddenly appeared nervous.

“You never take anyone down to the grove. You won’t even let me, Puck or Sam go with you.” Mike piped up but withered as the famous glare was set on him.

“I would love to.” Rachel smiled and accepted the offered hand. It felt strange but their hands seemed to fit perfectly together.

“Don’t break anything,” Quinn said to the room as a warning before she led Rachel downstairs and out an exit she had never seen before. “You really do look beautiful. White really suits you.” The pink haired girl smiled shyly as they walked.

“Thank you. You look lovely this evening as well.” Rachel replied politely but she truly did mean it. Quinn looked gorgeous. She was dressed in skin tight jeans that left little to the imagination in between her sinfully long legs with wedge heeled lace up boots that added four inches to her already tall frame. A crisp white shirt had been tied around her waist, revealing an expanse of skin that Rachel was desperate to reach out and touch and her distinctive bright pink hair had been pulled back on one side, falling shaggily around her shoulders.

“You’re sweet,” Quinn smirked and led her to a path which was lined with cherry blossom trees on either side. The girls’ hands were still interlinked as they walked down the path slowly, just enjoying each other’s company. Finally, they came to a gate and Quinn pulled a key out of her pocket. She unlocked the iron frame and held it open for Rachel, shutting it once they’d both walked through.

Rachel gasped as she looked around. The trees opened out into a circle and met over a bench swing. It was the perfect getaway. “It’s beautiful.” She gasped, looking around at the scene in front of her.

“I’ve never brought anyone else here before,” Quinn admitted, retaking Rachel’s hand, leading her over to the swing and helping her to sit on it. She sat down next to her and re-clasped her hand in both of hers. “I know you don’t really have a choice in this and that pains me to no end. You are the most exquisite person I have ever met Rachel. You have the voice of an angel, the manners of a princess and a spark inside that brighten even my worst days. I intend to prove to you that this isn’t going to just be a marriage of convenience for me Rachel. I hope bringing you here can begin to prove that. I want to let you in and show you the person I am inside. I want us to love each other eventually, although I know that it will take time. I just want to prove myself to be worthy of you Rachel. That being said…”

Quinn’s words washed over Rachel like a wave. She knew that the gang leader had a way with words but she had never heard her skill be used for good before. It was beautiful and Rachel believed everything she said. She gasped as the pink haired girl pulled out the most exquisite ring Rachel had ever seen and knelt down on one knee in front of her.

“Rachel Barbra Berry, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Rachel couldn’t speak but she nodded after a moment with her signature grin on her face. Quinn slid the ring onto the correct finger and Rachel stared down at it. The large oval cut diamond was surrounded by smaller diamonds and the silver band was also littered with the precious stone. It was a little ostentatious but still absolutely stunning.

Quinn’s hands slipped over hers and tugged her up. Once Rachel was standing, Quinn moved her arms to settle around Rachel’s waist and the smaller girl shivered slightly as the soft hands brushed over her exposed back. With a burst of sudden confidence, Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn’s neck and leaned in, softly brushing her lips against Quinn’s.

It was sweet and short but both girls felt the burst of electricity that passed between them during the soft kiss. Despite its innocence, neither could help but feel that this was going to be the start of something beautiful. Rachel couldn’t believe that she had been dreading this moment since her fathers had informed her of the news two days previously.

“I guess that’s a yes then?” Quinn smirked and Rachel giggled, not missing the way that Quinn’s eyes lit up as she did so.

“Well, I don’t give my first kiss to just anyone.” Rachel blushed and Quinn frowned at her.

“That was your first kiss?” The pink haired girl asked, softly rubbing her thumb over the slither of skin that was exposed at Rachel’s back.

“Um yes. I'm sorry I'm not more experienced.” The brunette blushed, looking down at her feet.

“Hey, I'm glad that I was able to give you that and I'm looking forward to sharing a lot of other firsts with you.” Quinn smiled and leaned forwards, softly kissing the brunette on the forehead. She then leaned down and reconnected their lips, keeping them attached for longer this time as she moved her mouth against the brunette’s. Rachel smiled and slid her hands into Quinn’s hair, tugging experimentally at the locks softly. The pink haired girl groaned, her eyes fluttering in pleasure. Rachel gasped as she was tugged closer by the arms around her waist. She squeaked loudly when she could feel Quinn’s appendage up against her thigh but instantaneously regretted making the noise.

Immediately at the sound, Quinn released her and stepped away, a light blush on her face. Rachel was blushing too but she was also terrified that she would anger Quinn and her parents would still have to pay the consequences. “I'm sorry Quinn; I didn’t mean to, I just wasn’t expecting it…”

“Hey, hey, it’s not your fault. That was on me. I just got a little carried away. Your innocence is entirely endearing and I can’t wait to explore with you but we’re going to take it at your pace. I need you to promise to tell me if you’re not comfortable with something, okay?” Quinn smiled sweetly, lifting Rachel’s eye line with a soft hand underneath her chin and she used the other hand to tuck long brunette locks behind the smaller girl’s ear.

“I promise Quinn.” Rachel said seriously, maintaining eye contact with the girl in front of her.

“Good girl.” Quinn smiled and Rachel felt something content settle inside her at the compliment. “Now we should probably be getting back. They’ll be serving dinner soon and you, my love, will get to enjoy the pleasure of my mother rambling about wedding color schemes for three hours. Sound fun?”

Rachel giggled at the teasing and scrunched up her nose when Quinn adorably tapped her on the end of it.

“Like the best evening ever,” Rachel replied sarcastically and Quinn let out a chortle, wrapping one arm around Rachel’s waist.

“Onwards we go then.”

The girls took their time returning to the mansion, turning left at the end of the cherry blossom path and wandering along the poolside to enter the house through the large French doors that opened out from the main living area.

“There they are!” Russell boomed when he saw them and chuckled at the blushes on both of their cheeks. “Get a little distracted did we?”

“Oh shush Daddy.” Quinn rolled her eyes and accepted his hug. They were surrounded by the people they loved the most and therefore, both had let down their harsh exteriors slightly for the night.

“Come on, let’s go eat. Poor Helen is going to hate us if we make her keep it warm any longer.” Judy smiled and led Rachel by the arm into the dining room. The guests settled down around the table but Rachel was stopped by Quinn’s hand softly grasping her wrist as she headed to her usual seat near the rest of the junior clan.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Quinn asked with a small smirk that made Rachel frown.

“To my seat. I’ve sat in the same seat for the last sixteen years Quinn.” She frowned, keeping her voice low as she did not want to draw attention to herself.

“Would you maybe consider sitting next to me from now on?” The pink haired girl asked and Rachel nodded, sliding into the empty seat next to Quinn’s usual seat across from her father.

The food was served and the youngsters were even allowed to enjoy the wine selection that night as Russell claimed it was a special occasion. Rachel had blushed at that and hoped he didn’t make a long speech. Luckily, he seemed far more interested in discussing living arrangements.

“So Leroy, Hiram, Rachel will be joining us here at Fabray HQ soon I suppose?” He asked Rachel’s fathers but the request was implicit.

“Of course Russell, we only ask that we can exert visitation rights.” Hiram quipped and Russell chuckled.

“I think I can manage that. Quinn, I'm trusting you to organize this move and have Rachel settled in your wing before the weekend is through, understood?” The order was understood but Rachel could see the frown on Quinn’s face.

“Daddy, don’t you think Rachel would like to be asked about such a big change in her life?” The pink haired girl huffed, rolling her eyes at her father’s behavior but her comment was met by a chortle from the patriarch.

“Oh yes, this pairing is going to work very well. I apologize Rachel. We would love for you to join us here as a permanent residence. Quinn and I love having you around and I know that Judy is eager to teach you all she knows.” Russell said courtly with a polite nod to Rachel.

“Of course Sir, I would love to join you here and look forward to attempting to soak up some of Mrs. Fabray’s expertise.” Rachel smiled sweetly but it grew wider when she felt Quinn clasp her hand to squeeze it underneath the table.

“And then, of course, there’s wedding planning! I'm thinking dusty pink and gold as a color scheme with lilies being the main flowers…” Judy piped up with a wide grin on her face.

“Mom, Rachel has had that ring on her finger for less than two hours. Give her some processing time will you?” Quinn huffed and Rachel squeezed the hand that was still resting in hers in what she thought was a comforting manner. The squeeze she received in return told her that it was the right thing to do.

“Anyway, it’s settled then. Quinn, you will coordinate this move and I do not expect the other clans to find out, do you understand?” He asked with seriousness to his voice that made Rachel stiffen slightly in her seat.

“Of course Daddy.” Quinn didn’t seem so fazed by the idea and let go of Rachel’s hand, rubbing her knee softly before picking up her knife and fork once more to finish her dinner.

The rest of dinner passed in polite conversation and before Rachel knew it, she was stood in the atrium once more with Quinn in front of her.

“You’re really okay with moving in here?” The pink haired girl asked, holding Rachel’s hands in hers.

“Yes, Quinn. Your father’s right, I need to learn how to do the job you’ll need me to do when you’re given the empire and it’ll mean I'm near you every day.” She grinned and Quinn grinned too, tucking her hair behind her ear once more.

“I’ll call you tomorrow and we can start planning the move.” She said decisively and leaned down, softly brushing her lips against Rachel’s, her hand softly stroking the smooth tan cheek.

“I look forward to it.” Rachel smiled softly, looking down at her feet.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that so much. It’s endearing but I love your eyes, I want to look at them all day long and I can’t do that if they’re looking at your shoes.” Quinn chuckled and directed her eye line up using the hand that was still attached to the smaller girl’s face.

“Maybe I was looking at your shoes; they have a lot of spikes on them. They’re interesting.” Rachel grinned cheekily and Quinn let out a peal of laughter, throwing her head back slightly. Rachel thought it was perhaps the most beautiful sight she’d ever seen.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Quinn smiled and Rachel nodded, keeping her eyes on Quinn’s.

“Quinn, hurry up. Leroy and Hiram are waiting to go.” Russell called out with an amused tone to his voice.

“Until tomorrow, my love.” Quinn grinned and kissed Rachel’s forehead before walking her to the front door, their hands entwined.

“Goodnight Sir, thank you for a lovely evening.” She said politely to Russell who smiled down at her.

“You’re very welcome Rachel; we look forward to welcoming you into the family.” He nodded and squeezed her shoulder.

Rachel was surprised when Quinn walked her down to the car, shooing away the valet who was holding the back door open for her. The pink haired girl lifted their joint hands and kissed the back of Rachel’s before allowing her to slip into the car, shutting the door firmly behind the brunette.

“Seatbelt Rachel.” Hiram reminded his daughter but chuckled as he noticed she was staring out of the window at Quinn who had returned to her father. Both Fabrays were waving them off. A small sigh escaped the diminutive brunette.

“You’ll need to start packing first thing tomorrow Rachel. The Fabrays won’t wait around.” Leroy said sternly, breaking Rachel out of her daze.

“Yes, Papa.” Rachel nodded quickly. The last thing she wanted was to make Quinn wait. “How was your evening?” She questioned her fathers with a small smile.

“Nowhere near as magical as yours Songbird but very enjoyable nonetheless.” Hiram chuckled and Rachel grinned, casting her eyes down to the sparkling ring on her finger.

:::  ::: ::: :::

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep.

Rachel groaned as she woke up and hit her usual six am alarm to stop it from going off. With a long yawn, she stretched her arms up like a cat before stepping out of bed. Her workout clothes were sat on the bench at the end of her bed and she quickly changed into them, pulling her hair up before hopping onto her elliptical.

The workout did its usual job in making her feel refreshed and by seven am she was showered and dressed, ready to face what the new day would bring. As she knew that her day would involve a lot of heavy work, she opted for a pair of cut off denim shorts and a flannel shirt which she tied up so it didn’t cover the shorts.

With a skip in her step, she headed downstairs to the kitchen where her fathers were preparing their breakfast.

“Good morning Papa. Good morning Daddy.” She grinned, kissing each of them on the cheek as she passed them.

“Good morning Songbird, you’re chipper this morning.” Hiram, her Daddy, grinned at her and she nodded.

“It’s a beautiful day and I feel exhilarated for what the future may bring.” She explained and her fathers smiled, happy that she was accepting her fate. The small brunette grabbed a series of fruits out of the fridge and threw them in the blender, whizzing up her usual liquid breakfast.

As she was pouring the pink mixture into a glass, all three Berrys were startled by the doorbell ringing. They never had visitors that early in the morning nor were any of them expecting anyone. Leroy went to answer the door and Rachel shrugged, turning her attention back to the smoothie in her hand.

“Good morning Mr. Berry. Good morning Rachel.”

The small brunette jumped at the sound of her fiancée’s voice. Fiancée. That was weird to think.

 “Good morning Quinn, what brings you to our humble abode?” Hiram asked with a kind smile, standing up and shaking the girl’s hand.

“Well after I finished my conference call this morning, I realized I had the rest of the day off and figured maybe I could give Rachel a hand packing,” Quinn replied, glancing over at Rachel with a shy smile.

“I would love that. Thank you, Quinn.” Rachel grinned, placing her empty glass in the sink before walking over towards Quinn.

“We’ll leave you girls to it then.” Leroy nodded and kissed Rachel on the head as he passed her on the way out.

“Let us know if you need anything Bunny.” Hiram grinned and repeated Leroy’s action. Rachel flushed red at the nickname and Quinn chuckled, thinking it was adorable.

“I’m sorry about just showing up. I know I said I’d call.” She smiled, looking down at the small brunette who stared back, more comfortable in the familiar setting of her kitchen.

“It’s fine. I’m glad to see you and I appreciate the help.” Rachel grinned honestly but there was a slight blush on her cheeks.

“So I figured we could probably get everything ready by noon and then Puck and Mike are going to bring their trucks over,” Quinn explained and Rachel nodded.

“Oh my, where are my manners? Can I get you a drink?” The brunette asked, moving towards the fridge. Quinn chuckled and grasped her gently by the wrist.

“Relax gorgeous, everything’s fine.” The charming smirk on Quinn’s face made Rachel melt and she smiled, nodding slightly.

“Shall we head upstairs then?” She asked shyly and Quinn grinned.

“Lead the way, my love.”

Rachel’s room was a Broadway fan’s dream. The light yellow walls were littered with signed playbills and posters and the room was dominated by a white four poster bed.

“It’s not much.” The tiny brunette blushed, observing the way Quinn was meticulously looking around the room. “I haven’t really redecorated since I was about eight.”

“It’s adorable. And very you.” Quinn smiled and tugged her fiancée close, kissing her on the temple.

It didn’t take the pair that long to pack everything up. By 11 o’clock, eight bags filled with what Rachel wanted and needed to take to the Fabrays were waiting by her bedroom door.

“I think I’ll just tell Mike to come. Both of them might attract attention and that’s the last thing Daddy wants on you right now.” Quinn explained, pulling out her phone and shooting Puck a text.

“Yes, Quinn.” Rachel smiled, tugging her hair out of the ponytail she’d thrown it up in and sitting demurely on the edge of her bed.

The pink haired girl chuckled and sat down next to her, slipping her hand into the small tan one. “I’m sorry that you’re being forced into this. I hope I can make you happy.”

“You already do,” Rachel replied honestly, looking into Quinn’s pain filled hazel eyes. She could see that the girl truly regretted the situation and that resonated within Rachel. She knew that Quinn could make her very happy some day and the pink haired girl was proving it even now. “Can- can I kiss you?”

“You don’t ever have to ask me to do that Angel.” Quinn smiled, leaning in so that their foreheads were pressed up against each other. Rachel bit her lip and raised a hand to caress Quinn’s cheek before leaning in and connecting their lips. Just like the kisses from the day before, it wasn’t very long but both girls were grinning as they pulled away.

Rachel marveled at the way that Quinn’s eyes were blown wide and the silly smile that was on her face. Seeing the effect she could have on the powerful girl made her heart swell.

“Would you like to try something new?” Quinn asked sweetly, caressing Rachel’s tan cheek with softness the brunette would never have associated with the pink haired mobster.

“W-What is it?” Rachel asked, slightly scared. One of the things that her father had told would make her the perfect wife was her innocence so Rachel had taken that to the next level. Quinn was her first kiss and she was highly inexperienced in comparison to other sixteen-year-olds.

“I’d like to kiss you properly, with our mouths open.” The pink haired girl admitted, her hand on Rachel’s face keeping the big brunette eyes on her own hazel ones.

“O-Okay.” Rachel nodded, biting her lip slightly as she didn’t know what to say to something like that. Quinn chuckled slightly at how adorable she was and leaned forward to kiss her forehead.

“Just tell me to stop if you’re uncomfortable sweet girl, okay? Follow my lead.” Quinn smiled sweetly and leaned down attaching their lips once more. They moved against each other and Quinn shifted closer, wrapping an arm around the small brunette’s waist. After a while, she darted her tongue across Rachel’s bottom lip and when the girl gasped in surprise, she slid her tongue into the other girl’s mouth.

Rachel groaned at the feeling of Quinn’s tongue exploring her mouth and fisted her hands in the short pink hair when the muscle rubbed up against the roof of her mouth. She reveled in the intense emotions surrounding her and relaxed into Quinn’s arms as the girl’s talented hands softly rubbed her back in an attempt to calm her down. Rachel’s entire body felt like it was on fire and she unconsciously moved impossibly closer to Quinn so that she was half sat on the other girl’s lap.

After what simultaneously felt like seconds and a lifetime, the two girls pulled away from each other, gasping for air. They remained entangled and Quinn smiled at the way Rachel rested her head on her shoulder. The pink haired girl brought up a hand to run through her long, thick brunette hair and she kissed her temple.

“I didn’t know kissing could feel like that.” The small girl admitted quietly, looking up at Quinn through her thick eyelashes with a shy smile on her face.

“You make it feel a thousand times better sweet girl.” Quinn smiled down at her and pulled her fully onto her lap so she was sitting astride her legs. She remembered Rachel’s reaction to feeling her appendage the previous night so didn’t pull her flush but stroked under the bottom of her flannel, loving the way the smooth skin felt under her fingers. Her other hand rested on Rachel’s tan thigh but she didn’t make any effort to move, just letting it rest there. Rachel groaned at the combined feeling of Quinn’s fingers and leaned her head back down on the pink haired girl’s shoulder.

Neither girl said anything, not wanting to ruin the moment. They simply sat there in a highly intimate position. Rachel knew that Quinn most definitely had the upper hand in this relationship; she knew so much more about Rachel than Rachel knew about her. But the small brunette couldn’t bring herself to care because in the past day, Quinn had shown Rachel a completely different side to her and she was looking forward to growing with Quinn, discovering her as they went. It was exciting. It was different. It was new. It was exactly what Rachel had been wanting for a long time.

Rachel relaxed fully into Quinn’s arms and reveled at the feeling of her fingers on her skin and her lips in her hair. She couldn’t believe just how much had changed over the past day.

“What’s going on in there? I can basically see the cogs turning.” Quinn quipped, tickling her fingers slightly against Rachel’s side which made the small brunette giggle and squirm slightly.

“I’m excited. I feel like I’m starting an adventure with you.” Rachel admitted with a small smile, wrapping her arms loosely around Quinn’s neck. She shifted her head so that their foreheads were pressed together and smiled at the sigh that Quinn emitted.

“I feel like every day will be an adventure with you by my side sweet girl.” Quinn smiled and Rachel grinned, blushing slightly as her eyes drifted downwards. “Why do you do that so much?”

“Pardon?” Rachel frowned, looking back up at Quinn before blushing again at the intense look she saw in the hazel eyes and glancing back down at her lap.

“That. You look down whenever you’re complimented. It’s adorable; don’t get me wrong, I’m just wondering why.” Quinn pressed with a small smile, kissing Rachel’s temple when her blush deepened.

“Papa always says that demureness is the mark of a real lady. He tells me that no future spouse would want someone who brazenly takes compliments or is shameless and immodest.” Rachel explained, reciting what she had been taught her entire life.

“Well, he’s half right. Shamelessness and immodesty are ugly qualities but you needn’t avert your eyes every time I pay you a compliment. There are going to be many my sweet girl, you are beautiful and deserve to be told that. A simple thank you will suffice.” Quinn smiled and raised the hand that was on Rachel’s leg to catch her chin in her fingers. She turned the girl’s face so that she was staring into her eyes.

“Yes Quinn, thank you.” She blushed slightly and Quinn chuckled, lightly brushing their lips together.

The beep of a car horn made them both jump and Quinn deftly moved Rachel off of her lap, rushing to the window. “It’s Mike, are you ready my love?”

A pale hand extended out and Rachel took a deep breath before sliding her tan hand into Quinn’s. As Quinn began to lightly pull her out of the room, she stopped and frowned. “What about the bags?”

“Mike will deal with those. Come on sweet girl.” Quinn smiled and led her downstairs to where Mike was talking with Rachel’s fathers.

“Q.” Mike grinned and Quinn did too, accepting the hug from her friend.

“First room on the right. Bags are by the door.” Quinn instructed with a small smile and Mike nodded, gave Rachel a small salute and heading up the stairs.

“I guess this is it Bunny.” Hiram pouted, running his hand over Rachel’s hair lovingly. Before he could breakdown, Leroy tugged Rachel into a hug, holding her head to his chest.

“Be good and remember your lessons. Your Daddy and I will visit you as much as we can Songbird.”

“We love you so much,” Hiram added and embraced them both from behind.

“I love you both so much.” Rachel squeaked out and she felt the tears drift down her cheeks into her Papa’s shirt.

After many more long hugs and many kisses, Rachel and Quinn headed out to her car. Quinn held open the passenger seat and Rachel slid in before the pink haired girl rushed around to climb in the driver’s side.

“Are you okay?” Quinn asked, wiping a tear from Rachel’s cheek. The brunette nodded and did up her seatbelt, sitting back into the expensive leather of Quinn’s Maserati sedan. The pink haired girl didn’t push her fiancée to speak but once they were out of the Berrys drive, she rested a hand on the brunette’s thigh in an action that she hoped was comforting. Rachel placed her own hand over it, trapping it there as she pulled strength from Quinn.

Rachel watched out the window as the urban area of Lima disappeared and they headed out past the richest houses where the leaders of the other gangs resided. Finally, the green fields that surrounded the town came into view and they drove for a few miles before Quinn turned off the main road, approaching a gate. A red light above the rear view mirror flashed and the gate opened. Instead of continuing down the long drive as Rachel was used to when arriving at the Fabrays, Quinn took a left turn down a side path the brunette had never even noticed. They approached another gate which opened slowly and the path then turned into tarmac as they headed down a hill and underground.

The garage was flooded with harsh fluorescent light which illuminated the plethora of cars that the Fabrays kept in the garage. There had to be over thirty cars in the garage and Rachel gasped as she recognized the logos of some very expensive brands.

“You can drive any of mine and Daddy loves you so he’d probably even let you take a spin in some of his,” Quinn spoke up in an amused tone, watching the wonder on Rachel’s face as she pulled into one of the spaces.

“This… this is…” Rachel was lost for words. She knew the Fabrays had money but this was ridiculous.

“This is just the beginning my love.” Quinn smiled and switched off the engine, climbing out and rushing to open Rachel’s door before she could do it herself. She extended a hand to help the girl out which was accepted and Rachel kept their hands clasped as Quinn shut the passenger door and locked the expensive car with the click of a button. “Come on, I’ll show you inside.”

She led Rachel over to an elevator and pressed the letter Q on the options for the lift. Rachel noticed that the only other options were Atrium and F, which she guessed stood for Frannie even though the older Fabray had not lived in the mansion since her advantageous marriage to an heir from a notorious New York gang.

The ping of the elevator distracted Rachel from her thoughts and Quinn led her out into the house with a hand on the small of her back. Rachel recognized Quinn’s wing of the house and the large living area the senior members of the clan spent their time in. Even now, Tina was lying on one of the large couches but she simply gave a wave and returned back to watching her TV show.

“Would you like to see your room?” Quinn asked with a small smile and Rachel nodded eagerly, eliciting a chuckle from the pink haired girl. “It’s just this way.”

They turned a corner and headed to the end of a hallway before walking up a flight of stairs. There was a small walkway at the top which split into two, heading off in separate directions. Quinn led Rachel down the one to the right which ended with a large white door. With a small smile, the pink haired girl opened it and gestured the brunette inside.

Rachel gasped as she walked into the room. It was twice the size of the one in her father’s house and painted a gorgeous shade of sky blue. She could see that three of her bags had been placed in the corner for Rachel to do with as she willed. A huge white four poster bed sat in the middle of the room and the bedding was a gorgeous chevron pattern incorporating the blue of the walls with the white of the rest of the furniture.

“It’s beautiful.” She whispered tearfully. With her playbills and posters up, it would be her dream room. She turned to Quinn and wrapped her in a hug. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome sweet girl; you can, of course, redecorate in any way you wish.” The pink haired girl smiled, squeezing her fiancée tightly. “Come on. You haven’t even seen the cool parts.”

She pulled away and led Rachel to a set of double doors which slid open. Rachel gasped as she stared at the largest walk in closet she had ever seen. There were plush seats to lounge on and the entire back wall was filled with shoes. The other two walls were lined with space for clothes and Rachel noticed those which she had packed that morning hung up along with some very gorgeous dresses she most definitely had never owned. “Quinn…”

“I told Mom not to go overboard but she does what she wants. She’s insisting on taking you shopping tomorrow as well if you’d like. She says it’ll be a bonding trip.” Quinn smiled at Rachel, caressing her cheek.

“This is too much.” Rachel sighed, looking down at her cheap flip flops that were currently on her feet. “I’m not worth all of this.”

“Yes, you are. You’re worth all of this and more. Who’s the one with all the money?” Quinn asked with a smirk and Rachel giggled.

“You.” She smiled, biting her lip as she looked up at Quinn.

“Exactly and if I want to spend it draping you in diamonds from head to toe then so be it. Got it?” Quinn asked with a raised eyebrow and Rachel giggled again.

“Yes Quinn, thank you.” She smiled as Quinn leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“Speaking of diamonds. Mom said she was donating some of her old jewelry, I don’t know if it’s in here yet.” She walked over to a panel in a wall and pressed a few buttons. Rachel gasped as three drawers opened, revealing layer after layer of sparkling jewelry. “Guess so.”

“It’s gorgeous.” Rachel gasped, fingers hovering over a stunning necklace enlaced with diamonds and rubies.

“Then it’s perfect for you. Mom’s so happy now that she’s got someone to talk girly with again. Since Frannie left she’s been starved for someone to hand stuff like this down to.” Quinn smiled and kissed Rachel’s temple before dragging her out of the closet gently by her hand. “Now for the coolest part.”

She opened the glass French doors that led out onto a balcony. There was a small table and chair there which matched the décor of the room but as Rachel walked round to the left, she gasped at what she could see.

A dining area was set up, overlooking the huge grounds of the Fabray estate and behind the table and chairs, French doors led into a small kitchenette which looked stocked to the brim.

“If you keep walking around, it’s also attached to my room. Daddy insists we eat dinner altogether but breakfast and lunch are all ours. I thought when the weather’s nice that maybe we could eat out here.” Quinn smiled and Rachel grinned, amazed at the thought that Quinn had put into her arrival.

“It’s gorgeous. Can I see your room?” She asked excitedly and Quinn chuckled with a nod, leading her around another corner. On the balcony sat a table and chair along with a bean bag but Rachel gasped as they headed inside the French doors. Quinn’s room was gorgeous.

It was very elegantly decorated with the prevailing color seeming to be cream. One entire wall was lined with books and a four poster bed even larger than the one in Rachel’s room sat pushed up against the opposite wall. The rest of the room was taken up by three couches set out in a horseshoe. The final wall was dominated by pictures of Quinn and her family. It was stunning.

“Wow.” Rachel said stunned, looking around the large bedroom.

“It’s a bit of a sanctuary. I had it redecorated last year, before that it was Fabray red.” Quinn laughed and Rachel giggled slightly as well at the horrified tone in Quinn’s voice. The small brunette let out a yawn. It was almost as if the tiring events of the past day were only just catching up with her. She’d barely slept the night before, anticipating the events of that day. “How much sleep did you get last night Rachel?”

“Um, I don’t know. Maybe four hours?” She shrugged as she worked it out in her head. They hadn’t arrived home until midnight and Rachel knew she tossed and turned for at least two hours before finally drifting off.

“No wonder you’re so tired. Why don’t you get some rest? I’ll wake you up in time for dinner, okay?” Quinn said sweetly, kissing Rachel’s forehead.

“Okay.” Rachel conceded, thinking that maybe a nap was a good thing.

“No wonder you’re dead on your feet; the last couple of days have been so stressful for you. Poor little eyes. Do you want to stay in here or go to your room?” Quinn asked, carefully kissing each of Rachel’s eyelids as they fluttered shut.

“I wouldn’t want to disturb you; I’ll go to my room.” Rachel nodded and Quinn kissed her forehead.

“Okay sweet girl. Get some rest.” Quinn smiled and joined their lips briefly before walking her to the door of her new room. “Sleep well.”

Rachel yawned loudly and shut the door behind Quinn. It was like she was only just realizing how tired she was. With a groan, she headed into the closet and found a gorgeous red chiffon nightgown that fell to rest on her thighs. She shoved her clothes into the laundry basket and climbed into bed, drifting off to sleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

::: ::: ::: :::

She woke up of her own accord three hours later feeling a lot more refreshed and comfortable. The bed in her new room was like sleeping on clouds and Rachel was instantaneously in love with it. Glancing at the clock, she noticed that it was five o’clock and she groaned, standing up out of bed as her stomach rumbled.

She didn’t know what time the Fabrays usually ate dinner nor did she know what attire would be acceptable so she figured finding Quinn would be the best course of action. She found the matching robe to the nightgown and pulled it tight across her body before slipping across the hall, knocking lightly on the door. There was no reply but Rachel figured it couldn’t harm to poke her head in just to see if Quinn was there.

There was no sign of the pink haired girl in the room but just as Rachel was about to leave, she heard Quinn’s familiar voice floating through an open doorway. Frowning slightly, she headed over to see Quinn furiously typing on a laptop, holding her phone to her ear by her shoulder.

“No, I don’t care what you have to do, just get it done or there will be hell to pay. Get your fucking ass in gear and don’t bother calling back until it’s done or I will personally be calling the Hudson-Hummels and the Schuesters to tell them that you and your pathetic little family are gangless.” Quinn growled into her phone and Rachel was reminded of the Quinn she was used to. It was so different to the Quinn Rachel had been shown over the past couple of days. With a huff, Quinn ended the call and Rachel decided it would be as good of a time as any to knock lightly on the wooden frame of the open door.

The pink head flew up and Rachel watched as Quinn’s facial features relaxed, splitting into a smile. “Sorry for interrupting.” Rachel blushed, biting her lip and shifting her weight awkwardly between her feet.

“Of course not sweet girl, come here.” Quinn smiled and extending her hand. Rachel smiled shyly and slid gracefully onto the gang leader’s lap, suddenly painfully aware of her attire. “Did you sleep well? I poked my head in a couple of hours ago and you were out like a light.”

“Yes Quinn, thank you. The bed is exceedingly comfortable.” Rachel smiled, still worrying her bottom lip with her teeth.

“I'm glad gorgeous. This is pretty.” Quinn tugged slightly at the end of the nightgown and Rachel blushed.

“I found it in the closet. I hope that’s okay.” She replied politely.

“Of course it is sweetie, everything in that room… no, everything in this wing is yours.” Quinn said sweetly, running her fingers through Rachel’s sleep mussed hair.

Rachel blushed and looked down again but her cheeks colored even further and her hand flew to her mouth in a gasp as her stomach let out a loud growl. Quinn laughed loudly, her thumb coming to massage Rachel’s stomach through the thin material of the robe and nightgown.

“Hungry?” Quinn teased but Rachel kept her head downcast.

“I'm sorry.” She gasped, mortified and buried her head in her hands.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Quinn asked with a frown, tugging at Rachel’s hands gently to get her to remove them from her face. “Please tell me what’s wrong, sweet girl.”

“That was so embarrassing and not at all ladylike, I'm so sorry,” Rachel mumbled, finally letting Quinn grab her hands to drag them away from her bright red face.

“Goodness Rachel, no one can be ladylike all the time. To be honest, you’re so perfect; I was starting to wonder if you were some sort of robot scientifically engineered to be my perfect wife. It’s nice to see that you’re human just like the rest of us.” Quinn laughed and Rachel managed a small smile, still slightly mortified. “Now, dinner’s not until seven so shall we see about getting some food in that stomach of yours?”

“Yes please.” Rachel blushed with a small frown. Quinn chuckled and lifted her to stand on her feet before standing up from the chair herself. She led Rachel through to the small kitchenette she’d seen earlier.

“Alright, what do you fancy? PB&J? Cheese? A packet of chips?” Quinn asked, gesturing for Rachel to sit up at the breakfast bar on a stool.

“A PB&J sounds lovely but I can make it myself Quinn.” Rachel pressed, knowing that food was her business whereas Quinn should be concerning herself with matters of well… business.

“Nonsense. I can make you a sandwich.” Quinn smiled and quickly did just that, presenting it to her on a black plate with a small smile.

“Thank you, Quinn.” She smiled and happily ate up the food, grateful for the sustenance seeing as all she had consumed that day was her morning smoothie and two bottles of water.

“There, that should placate that growling stomach of yours until dinner.” Quinn quipped and Rachel chuckled slightly, placing the plate in the sink. She went to wash it up but was stopped by Quinn’s hand reaching around her to turn the faucet off. “Got to give the staff something to do.”

“Oh, okay.” Rachel blushed and nodded, turning around to lean up against the counter so that she could talk to Quinn. “I was wondering… what would… how formal…”

“Dinner?” Quinn asked with a smile and Rachel nodded, letting out a relieved smile. “Relax gorgeous, you’re fine. Wear whatever you want. Mom will be in something ridiculously fancy and Daddy wears a shirt all the time but I'm not changing. Just wear something you’re comfortable in.”

“Okay.” Rachel smiled with a small nod, looking down at her bare feet. “And shoes?”

“Oh yeah, you might want to put some of those on. Only because Mom is notorious for dropping glasses and I don’t want you getting hurt.” Quinn smiled, running her knuckles over Rachel’s cheekbone. The tiny brunette blushed and nodded.

“Yes, Quinn.”

“Did you want some help unpacking?” The pink haired girl asked and Rachel smiled.

“Yes Quinn, as long as you don’t have work you need to be attending to.” The diminutive girl answered and Quinn chuckled.

“My main priority for the next week is you, my love. Work can wait.” Quinn smiled sincerely and Rachel grinned.

Quinn helped Rachel turn the beautiful room into one that was idiosyncratic to the small brunette. Her playbills and posters went up and the frames holding pictures of Rachel and her fathers were set on the large vanity.

Once they were done, Quinn smiled and pulled Rachel into a loose hug. “I’ll leave you to get changed.” She kissed her softly and smiled before leaving the room through the main door.

Rachel grinned now that the room felt more like hers and headed into the closet. She knew that Quinn had told her to wear something that was comfortable but she also wanted to impress her future mother and father-in-law.

She smiled as she found a pretty white sweater with three quarter length sleeves with square cut outs down them. With a happy grin, she headed over to the hanging skirts and pulled out a gray pleated wool skirt. She pulled her new outfit on and checked it out in the mirror with a smile on her face.

With intrigue, she headed over to the panel she’d seen Quinn press earlier and gasped as it sprung to life at her touch. There were many options that intrigued Rachel such as Sunglasses, Jewellery and Lingerie (that was one that she would work up to, she said to herself) but at that moment she grinned and tapped the screen where it said Knee Socks.

The small diva had a liking for the long socks that elongated her already expansive legs and she knew that a good pair would be just what her current outfit needed. With a small squeal, she realized that there were two whole drawers filled with her favorite fashion item. She extracted a pair of over the knee black socks which had cut outs throughout them as well before selecting a pair of heeled loafers from the back wall. One final glance in the mirror told her that she was happy with the outfit so she headed over to the vanity to touch up her makeup and sort out her hair.

Ten minutes later, she was finished and she smiled, reflecting on the day. She was optimistic for what lied in store.

“Hey, you ready to go down?” Quinn's voice asked from the door and Rachel turned to see the girl smiling at her.

“Of course.” Rachel rushed up and over to her fiancée, accepting the offered hand. “I was hoping you’d come and get me. I was terrified of getting lost.”

Quinn chuckled and squeezed the hand she was holding. “I know it’s a lot to take in. You look beautiful by the way.”

“Thank you, Quinn.” Rachel blushed but resisted the urge to look down at her feet, remembering her conversation with Quinn earlier in the day. “Um, I was wondering if maybe after dinner we could try that new thing a little more?”

Rachel bit her lip and her voice was quiet but Quinn managed to work out what she was saying and the pink haired girl chuckled slightly. “You don’t know how happy that would make me sweet girl.”

Rachel frowned as they passed through the main portion of the house and headed up a flight of stairs. “Um… Quinn?”

“Oh sorry, gorgeous. The main dining room’s too big so we normally just have family dinners in Mom and Daddy’s wing.” The pink haired girl explained and turned a corner, leading them into a large sitting area where Russell and Judy were sat on a couch.

“Ah, there you two are! We were beginning to get worried.” Russell grinned and stood from the couch, pulling Quinn into a hug and then, much to the small brunette’s surprise, he hugged Rachel as well.

“Sorry, Daddy,” Quinn said but didn’t seem sincere as she rolled her eyes.

“I trust the room is to your liking Rachel?” Russell asked, leading the girl over to the couch.

“Very much so Sir, thank you.” She smiled politely, sitting down gracefully and resting her hands on her knees.

“Can I get you a drink Rachel?” Judy asked, moving towards the large bar that was set up on one side of the room.

“Um, just some water would be wonderful, thank you.” She replied, unused to this sort of treatment.

“Still or sparkling?”

“Still, please.”

The glass was placed down in front of her and she thanked the Fabray matriarch with a small smile.

“Hey, where’s my drink?” Quinn quipped, winking at Rachel who giggled slightly.

“I’ll make you a drink when you get some manners, young lady,” Judy replied, lightly hitting Quinn on the back of her head but she placed a glass of lemonade down in front of the pink haired girl anyway. This caused Rachel to giggle more, biting her lip as Quinn sat next to her on the couch.

“Are you laughing at me?” Quinn asked with a teasing smirk and Rachel giggled, nodding slightly. “Even my own fiancée.” She rolled her eyes but kissed Rachel’s temple lightly to assure her that she was joking.

“I hope my daughter’s being hospitable Rachel and not the caveman that she usually is,” Judy smirked, passing Russell a tumbler of whiskey as she sat down next to the man.

“Goodness, let’s not turn her completely against me, shall we?” Quinn laughed, leaning back on the couch.

“She’s been wonderful.” Rachel smiled, glancing at Quinn quickly who winked at her with a smirk.

“That’s good to hear Rachel.” Russell smiled at the girl.

“Rachel, I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me shopping tomorrow? I'm in desperate need of a new dress for a function Russell has coming up and I would love your advice.” Judy smiled sweetly at Rachel who nodded eagerly.

“Of course Mrs. Fabray, I would love to.”

“Oh honey, lose all that nonsense. It’s Judy, okay?” The Fabray matriarch smiled at her and Rachel smiled back.

“Of course Judy, thank you.”

Dinner passed without a hitch and Rachel was surprised to see how funny and loving Russell was around his family. Much like Quinn, she had only really been privy to his harsh, ruling side but there were so many layers to both the Fabray leaders and she was really looking forward to learning more about them both.

“Alright, I'm tired and I don’t want Rachel to get lost so we’re gonna hit the hay,” Quinn said after a while.

“Alright sweetheart. Rachel, I’ll meet you in the atrium at nine tomorrow?” Judy asked and Rachel smiled.

“Of course Judy, that sounds lovely. Thank you.”

“Alright girlies, get some rest.” Russell smiled and stood to hug them both before sending them on their way.

“I wanted to show you something before we go back to our wing, if that’s okay?” Quinn asked as they headed down the stairs into the main area of the mansion.

“Of course Quinn.” Rachel smiled and allowed herself to be lead down a flight of stairs into a basement area. The brunette gasped as she realized that the basement had been converted into a large home gym, complete with every piece of equipment she could ever want.

“I noticed the elliptical in your bedroom earlier and I just wanted to tell you that you can use this whenever you want.” Quinn shrugged, accepting the excited hug from her fiancée.

“Thank you so much.” Rachel grinned, looking up at Quinn adoringly.

“Anything for you baby girl.”

Something inside Rachel soared at the term of endearment and she rose up onto her toes, pressing her lips against Quinn’s. The pink haired girl groaned and tightened her arms around Rachel’s waist, tugging her slightly closer. When Rachel felt Quinn’s tongue dart out to slide over her lips, she opened her mouth immediately and their tongues danced over one another, moving as if they were made for each other. Quinn’s hands slid down from Rachel’s waist, coming to rest on her ass and the small brunette groaned as the pink haired girl squeezed. Rachel moved her hands up into Quinn’s hair, rising up as far as she could on her toes.

Quinn pulled away with a gasp, both girls breathing deeply.

“Did- did I do something wrong?” Rachel asked breathlessly, unsure as to why Quinn had ended the kiss.

“Oh, no baby girl. I just don’t think this is the best place. Let me take you upstairs?” Quinn asked, raising one hand to caress her fiancée’s cheek. Rachel smiled shyly and nodded, squealing as Quinn deftly wrapped one arm around her waist and the other under her knees, lifting her into her arms.

“Quinn!” She squealed, wrapping her arms around the pink haired girl’s neck as she began the ascent to Quinn’s wing of the house. “You know I have two legs that work perfectly well?”

“Maybe I want to carry you, sweet girl, did you ever think of that?” Quinn asked with a cocky smirk, smiling as Rachel rolled her eyes and rested her head on Quinn’s shoulder.