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You are worthy

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“Remember sweetie. After school you have a doctors appointment.” Magnus’s mother reminded him. It was Magnus’s twelfth birthday, the age where every child has to take a blood test, in order to check the child’s second gender. Magnus didn’t really understand the concept of the whole ‘Alpha, beta, omega’ thing and when he asked his parents, they weren’t really helpful. All they told him was that he didn’t need to worry as he would be a alpha for definite, and if not that then he would be a beta. The one time Magnus asked what an omega was, he had received a slap from his father and a scolding from his mother. His mother had told him that was a bad word. Magnus never repeated it again.

Magnus sighed. It sucked that he had to go to the doctors on his birthday. He rather go to the park with his friends. He nodded and picked up his school bag from where it lay near the door and after kissing his parents cheeks in goodbye, Magnus ran out of the house and made his way to school.

When he arrived at school, all his friends hugged him and wished him happy birthday and it made Magnus smile. He was the smallest in his year group, so everyone knew his birthday. Magnus sat down in his chair waited for class to begin. Their teacher, who was a fat plump women, walked in and smiled. “Hello class. Today we will be learning all about the differences in our second genders. So all the alpha’s put your hand up.” She called out, and most of the class put their hand up, proudly. Their teacher beamed. “Good. Okay now the beta’s put your hand up.” She said, and a bunch of people put their hand in the air. She didn’t bother asking for the omega’s to put their hand up, and Magnus wondered why. What was so bad about omega’s? Why couldn’t we even say the word?

“Okay class. Let me tell you the differences.” Their teacher said, breaking Magnus out of his thoughts. She explained about how alpha’s are the stronger and superior to almost everyone else. She then moved onto beta’s, explaining how they were the normal everyday kind of people. Magnus's curiosity got the best of him and before he could stop himself he raised is hand. The teacher smiled at Magnus. “Yes Magnus?”
“What about omega’s?” He asked. His voice full of innocence. But their teacher didn’t see Magnus’s innocence, her smile changed quickly into a snarl, which made Magnus whimper back into his seat, slightly frightened. “Omega’s are the lesser beings. They deserve to be treated liked slaves and to be used for pleasure. That is the only place for them in this world.” She snarled, glaring at Magnus. Magnus merely nodded and lowered his gaze.


Magnus walked home, enjoying the sun hitting his face, his skin soaking up the heat. Before he knew it, he had arrived home. His mother met him at the door and before Magnus had a chance to change out of his school uniform, his parents rushed him into the car and his father drove them to the doctors. Magnus sat in between his mother and father, whilst waiting for the doctor to call for Magnus. He kept himself busy by doing what he always did; making up stories inside his head.

The brave warrior slid his blade through the demon threatening to kill his sister. His sister had her whip ready and waiting and didn’t really need protection from her brother but it was her brother’s job. She smiled at the thought and wrapped her whip around the second demon coming towards her, and pulled on tightly until the whip turned said demon into nothing. She smirked over at her brother who just rolled his eyes. She laughed and –

“Magnus Bane?” Magnus was pulled out of his thoughts as his name was called, and he was ushered into a room, by his parents. The doctor smiled at him, before pulling his sleeve up. “This will only sting a tiny bit.” The doctor whispered and Magnus nodded. He flinched as the needle went into his skin, and he watched as his blood went through the tube and into a small bottle. After the doctor was done, he patched up Magnus’s arm and smiled at him before asking his parents to wait in the waiting room for the results. The parents obliged and took his hand again, and led him to where they sat before. Magnus smiled to himself as he was able to go back into his thoughts.

“I told you I can do it.” The warrior’s sister bragged and the warrior rolled his eyes again. The warrior opened his mouth to reply, but just as he did a blond boy came running at them. “Help!” He cried and the warrior and his sister ran towards him and saw that the blonde boy had a deep cut in his chest. “Help me.” He cried and collapsed onto the floor. “Give me your stele.” The warrior’s sister asked her brother and her brother handed it over in a rush. They both leaned down and she –

“Mr and Mrs Bane. You need to come with me.” The doctor’s voice interrupted Magnus’s thoughts once again. Magnus followed his parents into the same room, they had just came out of. The doctor wore a solemn expression on his face. “Mr and Mrs Bane, I am sorry to tell you that your son is an omega.” He said. Magnus heard his mother gasp and burst into tears, and his father shouting at the doctor, asking him to do the tests again. Magnus was confused for a minute as to why his mother was crying and his father yelling, but then he remembered what his teacher had said. Omega’s were the lesser beings. The ones who deserved to be treated like slaves. But surely his parents won’t do that to him… right?

After his parents got over their shock, they drove home in silence and as soon as they got home, Magnus was told to go up to his room and not come out. Magnus obliged and decided to play with his toys. He was in the middle of playing, when he heard loud yelling and the sound of the front door closing. Magnus was too scared to go down and check what happened, but after a while when the house filled with silence, he decided to be brave, like his warriors in his mind, and slowly opened his bedroom door and walked down the stairs. The house felt empty, he couldn’t hear his mother humming in the kitchen as she cooked. Magnus looked around, but his parents weren’t in sight. “Mama? Papa?” Magnus called out, but got no reply.

Magnus decided to go out and check in the barn. He slowly made his way over there, and saw something he realised then and there, that he couldn’t get out of his mind. His mother was hung from the ceiling, with the rope around her throat. Her eyes rolled back inside her head, and her mouth hung open. “Mama!” Magnus yelled and ran towards his mother. But she was too high up for Magnus to take her down. “Mama.” Magnus tried calling her again, hoping against hope that maybe she was still alive.

He got no response and just when he was about to call her again, his father stepped into the entrance of the barn. His gasp caught Magnus’s attention and Magnus saw his father’s expression change from shock to anger. His icy glare fixed upon Magnus, and he snarled wearing a disguised look. “You!” He shrieked. And Magnus took a step back. “It’s all your fault!” He yelled walking towards Magnus in long strides. “You killed your mother.” He yelled and pushed Magnus. Magnus lost his balance and fell, whilst hitting his head on a metal rod. Pain shot through him, and his mind became fuzzy and when he touched his head to feel the damage, his hand came away bloody. His father smirked and walked away, leaving Magnus alone with his dead mother’s body hanging from the ceiling.

Soon everything went dark. 


Magnus woke, and as soon as his body woke up he started to shiver as the cold air hit his skin. He still lay on the floor of the barn. As his memories came back, Magnus looked around the barn, searching for his mother but her body was nowhere to be seen. Magnus slowly got up, wincing when the sharp pain, he had felt earlier, return. But he pushed himself to walk and he slowly made his way to the house. He walked in and saw his father on the sofa watching tv, as if nothing had happened. “Papa?” He called out in a small voice. His father turned around and glared at him.
“Oh. Your still alive.” He said, and Magnus flinched. “That’s good. Your owner will come and pick you up tomorrow.” His father continued.
“Owner?” Magnus asked, confused. His father rolled his eyes.
“Yes. Owner. Did you think I will keep you? No son of mine is an omega. Some one I know will take good care of you.” His father replied, and the tone his father used, told Magnus that where ever he was going, and who ever his ‘owner’ was, it wasn’t going to be pretty.


And he was right. The man, Valentine was his name, came around five in the morning and his father dragged him from his bed, and pushed him into a van. Magnus cried for his father to help him, for his father to change his mind but then he was pushed into the van and someone placed a needle into his arm and Magnus felt his body switch off and his eyes feel droopy. He fell into a dreamless sleep.

When he awoke, the first thing that registered to him was the smell. It reeked of what Magnus thought was urine and vomit. Which almost made Magnus vomit too. But before he could a door opened and light flooded into the room. “He is awake.” The voice said. The voice came closer and Magnus saw a middles aged man, smirking at him. His eyes full of glee. A second voice followed soon after. “He isn’t like any other omega’s. The middles aged man hummed in reply.
“No. He is special. His scent is just…” The man leaned forward and into Magnus’s neck and inhaled. Magnus flinched and whimpered away. “Don’t be afraid now. I will take good care of you.” The man said, before the man pushed a needle into his arm, and everything went dark.

Over the years, his first owner, Valentine, taught him how an omega should behave. If Magnus did something wrong, he would get punished. At first it was physical, as Valentine would beat him until he was unconscious, but then it all changed. As he grew older, his scent heightened, as did the desire the alpha’s felt as he walked by. When he reached the age of seventeen Valentine ‘gifted’ him to his son, Jonathon. Magnus was taught to never disobey his masters, so when Jonathon told him to take his clothes off and bend over onto the bed. Magnus obliged. Having no idea what he was doing. He had never done this before, never been taught about what this was.

He felt a sharp pain in his anus, as Johnathon pushed inside of him making him cry out as the pain was very intense. Johnathon didn’t wait for Magnus to adjust and started to move in and out moaning. Whilst Magnus cried out in pain, trying to tell Johnathon to stop and not caring what the punishment he would receive. Anything was better than this. But Johnathon didn’t stop, he continued until he groaned loudly and emptied himself inside Magnus.

Johnathon left Magnus and Magnus couldn’t bring himself to get up. He winced as he tried to move, and after he slowly stood up, he fell back down onto the bed as the pain shot thought his entire body. Slowly, he made his way through the room and into the bathroom attached. He was in Johnathon’s room and even though he knew that he shouldn’t be using his shower, right now he couldn’t care less. He stepped under the warm water, and slowly cleaned himself. But no matter how hard he cleaned, he still felt so… dirty.

That wasn’t the last time, Johnathon used him for his own pleasures. As Magnus grew, he taught himself to not feel the pain anymore, he taught himself not to feel altogether.


Magnus rushed around the kitchen, as he tried to make the dinner. His now owner, Johnathon had told him that he will be bringing a guest with him so Magnus had to make extra. It was hard work but Magnus managed. Just as Johnathon walked in side the house, Magnus had just finished setting the table. Johnathon shooed him away and told his guest to follow. Magnus didn’t get to see his guest, as he ran back into the kitchens.

He was very thirsty, but over the years he had learnt to ask the master before drinking a sip of water. He had also learnt that interrupting his master whilst he was in a meeting would earn him days without food. So Magnus waited, until his name was called and he had to go back into the dining room. “Yes sir?” Magnus said. He briefly met eyes with the visitor but didn’t allow himself to look directly at another alpha for too long. Last time he let his eyes linger, he was punished. “Pour my drink.” Johnathon said, and Magnus rushed to do as told.

He poured the water into his master’s cup and as he did so he was practically drooling at the sight of water. He did the same for the visitor. “Do you want some?” The visitor asked. Magnus jerked his head in surprise, as he realised the visitor must have seen Magnus drooling over the jug of water. The visitor’s voice was calm and gentle and when Magnus looked into his eyes, he was amazed to see soft hazel eyes stare back. “Here take my cup.” The man said, and Magnus felt himself nodding before he realised what he was doing and stopped himself and shook his head mutely and walked towards Johnathon. “Anything else sir?” Magnus asked, not daring to meet the visitor’s eyes again.

“No. Bitch. But I will call you when there is, now get the fuck out.” Jonathon snarled. Magnus was used to being called names, so he merely nodded and turned around. But from the corner of his eye, he thought he saw the visitor flinch as he heard Johnathon address Magnus the way he did.

Magnus pushed that thought aside as he continued to walk to the kitchen.