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i believe you have the wrong number (or just the right one)

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Unknown number (03.12):


you little shti

jsut wsnted to tell u

im doing wll without u

whos boring AND plain now ha

u gnna regret letting me go


Byulyi (07.19):


i think you got the wrong number?


Unknown number (13.54):


I'm so sorry

This is embarrassing

I saw my ex's pic on instagram

It was with his new girlfriend and I thought I still had my his number memorized

I felt so pathetic and then I got drunk

Oh now I'm rambling

I'm a failure of a human being

I'm sorry, I won't bother you again


Byulyi (14.10):

its okay

i know whats its like to have trouble with feelings

i mean... do you wanna talk about it?


Unknown number (14.12):

I want to


You don't have to do this

Don't feel pressured to talk to me

Or something like that


Byulyi (14.30):


not feeling pressured at all

its just... you seem sad i guess??

so i wanted to help

is that weird?

Unknown number (14.32):

Well, I would like to talk

If that won't bother you

I can't talk to my friends about it

They all hate my ex

I mean he was a douche but still

Are you busy?

Byulyi (14.45):


i have some work things to do

but im free after that

so we can talk later

if thats okay with you


Byulyi (14.48):


dont you go to work

are you a minor???

Unknown number (14.50):


I took the day off

I'm 26 haha

Byulyi (14.51):

youre 26??

im 25

youre older than me

Unknown number (14.53):

Better use honorifics then

Byulyi (14.54):

so cruel ㅠㅠ

what honorific should i call you

are you a man or a woman

Unknown number (14.55):

A woman

You're not a pervert, are you?

Byulyi (14.59):


but i wouldnt tell you even if i was

Unknown number (15.02):

Hmm true

What's your name?

Byulyi (15.03):


nice to meet you, unnie

Unknown number (15.05):

My name is Yongsun

So you're a girl too?

Byulyi (15.06):


now i have to work sorry

ill text you

is that okay?

Yongsun unnie (15.08):


More than okay

Talk to you later ^^