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A new HAPPY Creepypasta life

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I don’t know how long I stood there just watching the Veil. Its faint blue glow pulling me in, promising to take the pain away, for that’s all I felt anymore. All those I loved were gone, even little Teddy.

He died of Dragon Pox and thanks to that pink bitch, no hospital would treat him. I paid her back though, the way her blood flowed down her disgusting body as I tortured her. She’s still alive, but will never be the same, for she too feels the same pain I do and death would just give. her. peace. And she didn’t deserve that!

My steps echoed through the quiet room as I slowly walked towards the Veil. I heard them coming to stop me. Not ME but their precious Boy-Who-Lived. I wonder what they would think if they knew the real me, the murder, the torturer, the freak.

I didn’t turn around when they came in, yelling at me to stop, and begging me to come back. I didn’t turn around when they started firing spells at me. I could feel the familiar sadistic grin forming on my face and the need the kill, but I still didn’t turn around.

I heard Dumblefuck trying to tell me about the greater good, but I ignored him. I ran my fingers over the Veil and felt it trying to pull me in. I looked over my shoulder and felt giddy at the look of pure shock on their faces. I knew that I had change and I now loved the way I looked. My hair was now knee length and flowed in soft curls but still black as night. I now looked more feminine, that didn’t bother me as I liked to wear more feminine clothing then anything. But the most startling thing to change were my eyes; my pupils were slit like a cat’s and the normal emerald color was now a glowing Acid green.

I looked back at the Veil and closed my eyes before falling in. I expected it to feel like I was falling through the air, not falling on to a hard floor. I looked up when I heard someone chuckle and came face to face with a woman who looked no older than me.

Her hair was a soft grey and braided over her shoulder. She looked to be wearing a silk blue kimono that had a silver floral design all over it.

“Well, I never thought I would see the day that the great Harry Potter would enter my office. Wait, which one are you?” I watched as she got up and opened a grey file cabinet. She looked through it for a couple of minutes before giving a triumphant shout that soon turned into a sad grimace.

She motioned for me to take a seat as she read the blood red folder. I could see that she was in deep thought before she nodded and pulled out a black folder.

“All right, I can give you two options, but first let me introduce myself. I’m Scarlett but my formal title is The Judge, I’m also the guardian of worlds and I would like to offer you the chance at a new HAPPY life. You’re more than welcome to refuse and I will gladly send you to your family but please think about it before you decide. I have to go check some things and will be back in a couple of hours, I would like your answer by then.” And with that she left.

I sat there for I don’t know how long and just stared at me hands, lost in thought. She said that I had two options, die, or be given a new HAPPY life. A part of me wanted to die but a stronger part wanted this new life she offered.

I looked up when she came back in and didn’t even blink at the blood covering her once beautiful silk kimono. “I would like this ‘new life’ you offered.” I told her before she could even ask for my answer. She smiled and handed me the black folder.

“This world will be the best fit for you and your…… need. I will place you in Germany where a longtime friend of mine is, he’ll help you or he’ll be doing the paperwork he’s been neglecting.” She then stood, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out the door and down the hallway. We soon came to a dark oak door with an odd white symbol on the door, it was a circle with an X in the middle.
“In this world, you’ll still have your magic but it will be slightly different, how I’m not sure. You’ll still hold the title of Master of Death but you won’t be the only immortal. Now, I’m going to give you a little gift but don’t open it until you find my friend.” She then handed me a beautiful dark oak box and pushed me out the door.

I could feel myself falling through the air but I soon landed gently on the ground. I looked around and found myself in the middle of a forest. I walked through the trees until I came across a tree with the same symbol as the door and followed them.

I soon found myself entering a clearing full of beautiful blue flowers. In the center of the field was a tall figure standing in the moon light. I walked towards them, shivers running up and down my spine as I got closer.

They turned to look at me and I had to fight the blush that tried to cover my face, how I found a man with no face handsome I don’t know, but he was. I could feel him looking at me and it made me fidget.

“I’m assuming you’re the friend Scarlett told me to find?”

I watched him tilt his head to the side just slightly before nodding. I smiled and held out my hand for him to take. “I’m Hadrian Potter but you can call me Hady.” This time the blush won.

He gently took my hand and I could feel the blush intensify. I shivered when I heard a deep voice in my head.

“I am known as Slenderman but you may call me what you wish.”

He then pulled my hand up to his ‘face’ and ‘kissed’ the back of it, I could feel my brain short circuiting. I felt his gaze move to the box in my other hand and if he could, I’m sure he would be raising his eyebrow in a silent question.

“Scarlett told me to open it once I fond you…..” I trailed off once I felt the box pulsing.

I set it on the ground as it slowly grew and opened it once it stopped. Inside was a beautiful scythe; the handle was a beautiful black obsidian and the blade was a stunning crystal with veins of Acid going through it, making it glow a faint green.

I picked it up and felt the knowledge on how to use it enter my head. I got so dizzy that I would have fallen if it wasn’t for Slender.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, it was just a lot to take in at once.”

I saw him nod and blushed when I realized where I was. When I became dizzy Slender caught me and pulled me to his chest. I felt a tingly feeling going up my spine and it made me shiver.

I blushed when his hand tightened around my waist and he then picked me up. I squeaked and locked my arms around his neck. I then hit him when he chuckled.

“So, where to now?”
“Were would you like to go?”