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CAUTION!! Vampire's in training

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A dark shadow walked through the halls of stone, not even acknowledging the wraiths that floated through the halls as well. It walked down a set of stone steps heading into the heart of this hell, it made its way passed empty cells and rusted bars. Soon coming to a stop in front of the only cell occupied with in the depths.

Inside the cell was a petite and feminine looking young man. His midnight black hair now reached the floor and was straight, where once it was short and unmanageable. His body was unmarred, no sign of the scars that once littered it, and his pale skin almost glowed in the dark. But what was most stunning, were his glowing green eyes that were the same color as the killing curse, though they no longer held the spark for life they once did.

It stepped through the bars and walked over to the small body, pulling him into its arms. The man wrapped his arms around its waist and held on for dear life.

“Have you finally come to release me from this world?” Asked a soft bell like voice.
“No Master, but I have come to give you a second chance at life with them and hopefully more.”

The man stayed quiet for some time before looking up at the face of Death. “Do you mean that? Do you promise that it won’t end the same?”

Death nodded his head before picking up his Master and walking the halls once more, ignoring the screams of fear from the other prisoners. He walked down the steps and towards the edge of the water not once looking back at Azkaban.

Death looked down at the sleeping face of his Master, he loved that his Master trusted him so much. He bent his head and kissed his Masters forehead, smiling when he cuddled closer.

“I promise Master that this time will be different, I will kill anyone that tries to take this second chance away.”
And just like that, they were gone from the wizarding world.



Two beings stocked their prey through the trees and made sure to stay up wind, as they didn’t want to be sniffed out. They had watched their prey for a few hours in hopes that they would lead them to their hide out. But after almost five hours they were nowhere close to finding it.

Their prey suddenly moved fast and the chase was on. They ran through the trees and passed buildings when their prey took a sharp right turn and vanished.

Felix let out a string of curses, Demetri had a subtle pout on his face. They had been charged with following the twins when they came back to Volterra smelling of, per their Masters, the sweetest and most delicious blood they had ever smelt.

Unfortunately, when asked, read demanded, where they had been they both said that they could not say as they had made a binding promise, Marcus confirmed it.

So Aro assigned them to, what they call, twin watch and it’s very difficult. In the beginning, the twins would wander around before vanishing but as the weeks passed they became very creative. Overall, this became a game of cat and mouse for the four vampires.

As both vampires were walking back to, once again, tell Aro that they lost the twins they caught a mouthwatering scent. Both vampires followed it through the buildings and towards the market. They weaved through the crowd and spotted the source of the smell.

Standing in front of a fruit vendor was a petite male. His short platinum blonde hair was neatly styled and he wore a white turtleneck with skin tight black jeans. He looked up at them with stunning silver eyes and glared before paying for his fruit and walking away.

They followed him through town and towards the forest. He made his way down a dirt path and towards a steel gate. They were going to follow but where stopped when they suddenly found themselves upside down.

“Why the bloody hell are you two following me?!” A voice shouted with a heavy British accent.

Both vampires looked up and saw that it was the blonde they had been following. His hands were on his hips and a dark look was on his face. Both vampires tried to get loose but failed. They opened their mouths to reply but stopped when they heard giggling from above them.

Looking up, they saw a little boy with pale skin and dark red eyes.

An Immortal Child.

They noticed the rope in the child’s hand and followed it down to their legs and back up, just in time to see the kid let go. They hit the ground with a loud thud but were on their feet in an instant.

They looked up but the child was gone and so was the blonde, but not his scent. They followed it passed the gate and down a little stone path. The sudden light of the sun temporarily blinded them when they left the forest. Once they could see again, they found themselves in a beautiful garden with an old looking manor in the center.

They listened for any sound of life before moving forward. They were about half way to the manor when an ear-splitting scream stopped them.

“Teddy, what have I told you about leaving the manor without telling me?! You’re lucky that Draco was with you or your ass would be mine!” A bell like voice shouted, British accent making it sound musical.

“I’m sorry mummy. I just wanted to meet Uncle Drake at the gate but he had weird people following him and I needed to do something! Uncle Fred and Uncle George said that the best way to get someone to stop following you is to catch them!” A little voice quickly said, they could only assume it was the child.

“Mum, he does have a point.” A familiar male voice chimed in.

“Alec, stay out of this! Mum is right, Teddy could have been badly injured or killed if he was found by some vampire!” They were surprised by the concern in Jane’ voice.

They moved forward and carefully looked over the hedge. On the other side was Alec and Jane sitting at a glass lawn table glaring at each other. They looked away and saw the blonde they were following being glared at by a short and petite raven haired male. Said male would glare at the blonde and then glared at the small child.

“Teddy, I have these rules for a reason, I don’t want you to be taken from me and you’re grounded for wearing the cloaking pendent your Uncle’s have been working on. And Jane, don’t yell at your brother.” The raven then hugged the child before looking at the blonde. “Now, what is this I’m hearing about you being followed?”

The blonde scuffed and sat down next to Alec. “They were just two vampires that were being nosy and followed me.”

“Draco.” Was all the raven said.

The blonde bit his lip and tried to avoid eye contact but it didn’t work. “Fine, I thought they smelt pretty good but that means nothing!” The raven just snorted. “It means everything to you, you just don’t want to admit it.

They shook they heads, they needed to focus. The twins were found but now they needed to capture the child and bring him back. They moved quickly and grabbed the child and took off.

Felix held the child as they ran back to Volterra. The boy screamed and thrashed as they entered.

Their masters looked at them before looking at the small child. “Who is this?” Aro was the first to ask.

“An Immortal child.” Was Demetri’ response.


Aro stepped forward and reached out for the child only to grasp air. He looked up and found Jane and Alec holding the child as he cried into Alec’ chest. He was confused, the child had no heart beat and yet he cried. Before Aro could ponder this thought anymore, a fist met his face, sending him flying.

He looked up and saw a beautiful, willowy angel. Then the smell hit him and he gasped as did his brothers.

This was their mate.

Aro tried to stand but a force was keeping him down on the ground. He looked at the Guards but they too were unmoving. “Give me a reason I shouldn’t kill you.” Asked a soft bell like voice.

Aro could feel the anger coming from their little mate and it upset him. “We do not understand, what has upset you little one?” He was then slammed into the floor.

“You kidnapped my son!”

If Aro could pale further, he would.


Hadrian was in shock and then he was pissed. His baby was taken and they would pay for it. He followed Jane and Alec towards Volterra and watched as they blew up the doors. He entered just in time to see Alec scoop up Teddy and move over to Jane.

He didn’t even remember punching the Vampire that was about to touch his son until the idiot was on the floor.

“Give me a reason I shouldn’t kill you.” He hissed; almost slipping into parseltongue.

The Vampires looked shocked and then confused, before the one on the floor spoke. “We do not understand, what has upset you little one?”

This just pissed Hadrian off more. “You kidnapped my son!”

He saw the Vampires eyes widen but before he could say anything, the blonde Vampire spoke up with a sneer on his face. “We have kidnapped no child, only an abomination.” Then he pointed at Teddy. “That thing shouldn’t even exist. It is a crime to make an Immortal child. Mate or not, you will be punished for the crime!”

The air was suddenly very cold and the shadows grew. Hadrian could feel his blood boiling and the need to kill this bastard growing. His fingers twitched and the Vampire was suddenly in front of him.

“My son is not an abomination nor is he an Immortal child. He is wearing a pendent that hides his heart beat and thanks to his mother, he can change what he looks like. As for being your mate, I would rather be tortured again before I let a bastard like you came anywhere near me and my family.”

Hadrian then threw the Vampire at the one still on the floor before moving over to his children. He checked Teddy over and kissed his forehead when he found nothing wrong.

He then turned back to the Vampires on the floor, taking note that the tall black-haired Vampire looked ashamed of the other twos actions, and glare at them.

“Stay the hell away from my family or I will kill you.” He hissed before turning to leave. He didn’t make it far before a splitting pain ran through his head and he collapsed on the floor, screaming in pain.


Aro’ eyes widened when their little mate turned to leave. He couldn’t let that happen! He quickly looked to Chelsea and nodded. He watched her focus her gaze on the retreating males back and give a satisfied smirk. If he were human, he would have let out a relieved sigh. Sure, this wasn’t fair to control their mate like this but Aro was a selfish man and he would be damned if he was going to lose his mate.

The smug look on his face vanished when their little mate doubled over in pain and screamed bloody murder. Not long after, three men suddenly appeared next to the screaming male.

The first had long blonde hair and his pale face was full of concern. The second had shoulder length black hair but his back was to them. And the third had short dark brown hair and his face showed both anger and concern.

“Jane, what happened?” The blonde asked. She didn’t answer, she just charged Chelsea and threw her through the wall. “Stay the fuck out of his head you bitch!”

The male stopped screaming as soon as Chelsea had been thrown from the room and her focus lost. Aro watched the black-haired male pull out some glass bottles from his pockets and had the younger male swallow them.

“We need to get him home.”

The other two males agreed before the brown-haired male picked up the younger. He then turned towards them and sneered.

“You came near my little brother again and I will personally kill you.”

Before they could leave though, a tall black figure appeared in the middle of the room and a cold voice filled the silence.
“I will not stand by as you idiots slowly ruin my Masters second chance. I now understand why my sister hates watching over your worlds and why she willingly let me have this one. You Volturi morons think that you have all the power but you don’t, I do!” The shadows covered the walls and the torch flames grew high.

The dark being moved closer to them and a scythe touched Aro’ neck. “You three were made his mates so that he could finally be protected and loved. Not belittled and controlled. The only one that hasn’t pissed me off is Marcus and he will be the only one allowed to be with Hadrian unsupervised. This will be your only warning, abuse my Master and I will throw you in a never-ending hell. OH, remember that nothing can escape death, not even Vampires. You just prolong the inevitable.”