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Listen to Bette Midler instead

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He’s exhausted and sore and hearing music and it takes him a minute to realize that it’s not for the usual reasons. No, there’s a solid weight across his chest and stomach, trapping him in an awkward angle against the armrest of the couch.

‘I got you baby…’

He looks down and tries to muffle a giggle at the sorry state his friend and lover is in. His mouth was wide open, soft snores issuing. Right, that accounts for the soreness. Exhaustion from the last mission? Check.

‘I…got …you…’

Right…music…ah, there it is. They had left the radio on. He supposed Face had wanted to do some post mission ‘relaxation’, but after a few drinks they were too tired to do much more than cuddle.

The music changed from Sonny and Cher to a decidedly more sad tune. He ignored it in favor of trying to move his lover into a more comfortable position. After about a minute of trying to move Face’s dead weight gently, he began to seriously consider just dumping his ass onto the floor-

‘Counting stars wishing I was okay
Crashing down was my biggest mistake’

He twitched a bit at the lyrics issuing from the speaker.

‘I never ever ever meant to hurt you
I only did what I had to
Counting stars again

Hey, I'll take this day by day by day
Under the covers I'm okay I guess Life's too short and i feel’CLICK

He really didn’t need anymore reminders. He threw the remote down in annoyance. He wasn’t even sure how he managed to pick it up.

“You ok?” a hazily blinking Face asked.

Murdock just blinked at him. Now he was awake? “Yeah, fine. Just, uh, wanted to. You know. Listen to Bette Midler instead.”

The priceless look on Face was enough to chase what tiny darkness that had started to seep in away.