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accidental everything

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Jeon Jungkook is what you can call Instagram famous.

He has about 100k followers on his account. He doesn’t know how, he doesn’t know why, but he’s grateful. Of course he is. His account is what he says, his lifework, his safe haven. Contrary to most people, he doesn’t post any selfies. This is where he posts his work. This is where he posts his own drawings , this is where he posts his photography , his poetry.

It’s cheesy, and he knows it. No one except for a few really close people know about this account of his, and he wants it to keep it that way. It’s not that he’s ashamed, oh no, hell no. But he has to admit that it’s a little bit embarrassing. He’s about to turn 23 years old, for fucks sake. He’s about to be an university senior (early student, a prodigy some say), he’s about to graduate, he majors in photography and yet his head is always ducked, his eyes always stuck on his phone, fingers swiping across the touchscreen of his iPhone while the corner of his lips tugged into a small, yet bright, smile with every compliment he gets.

It’s silly, he knows. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t love it. And boy does he love it, he makes sure to at least post one picture every other day and he even gets giddy when he does so. Namjoon always scoffs whenever Jungkook tries to explain his love for his Instagram. Namjoon always shrugs and just deems it as one of his crazy fetishes. It always ends up with a blush on Jungkook’s cheek and an invisible fume coming out of his ears.

But last week, Jungkook got himself a job. A decent job. And he himself is surprised at that. Well, most people wouldn’t call it decent, but it pays, and that’s all that matters, no? He works at the reception of a Tattoo Parlor called Bangtat . (“You work where, Jungkook?” His mother spat. “A tattoo parlor, mom! But, the only thing I do is answer the phone for when someone books a reservation. And it pays!”). His mom wanted him to get a job, (“It’s summer, honey. No school, you’re already 22. Get. A. Job.”), so he got one. And now his mom is all indignant because it’s a place of Sin ? He just doesn’t get it.


It was a Friday, his third day at work, and he was finally done. Once you open the door of Bangtat you enter the reception and in the back right corner sits a large desk, a broken fan, a computer and a sitting Jeon Jungkook. It was already 11PM when he took a quick glance at the clock hanging on the wall, just above the door.

“Hyung, Yoongi hyung,” he said as he stood up, grabbed his bag from the floor and entered the backroom, where Yoongi did all his work, alone . Yoongi had his tongue out, his face was scrunched up into a frown as he was busy tatting someone’s arm up with Jesus. “Yes, Jeon?” He muttered without really looking up at him, he was busy. “It’s already late and this is your last customer, so is it fine if I go home now?” Yoongi just hummed and waved his hand, Jungkook took that as an okay. So he turned around on his heels and set foot, hearing a soft ting when he left the parlor.

He smiled when the soft yet cold summer breeze hit his face. It was literal hell inside Bangtat, Yoongi didn’t believe in AC, he said that it’s something society set up for us, the people. Bullshit, Jungkook thought but didn’t say out loud. The man gives him his paycheck.

He feels up his butt to check if his phone was still there, and yes. With a sigh he took out his phone to check the notifications he got, there were lots, and knowing himself he can’t focus on both walking and checking his phone at the same time. So he reluctantly put it back in his back-pocket and resumed walking back home.

He literally kicked his shoes off when he got back to his apartment, jacket thrown onto the floor along with his bag (“I’ll clean it tomorrow.”) before he went straight to his bed.

Jungkook moved out when he was 18. He preferred to live alone, he loves his family, but quietness is what he needs. He convinced his mom by telling an excuse, it was to make it easier for him to go to college, now it’s just a 10 minute walk. Way better than an one hour bus ride if he stayed at home.

His apartment is small, but big enough for him. It’s cozy. And quiet. A relatively small living room with a couch, table and a tv, in the corner was something you could call a kitchen. Then there was just one bedroom, his work desk was located there, along with his camera and school books, in one corner of the room, located by the window was his bed that was big enough for one person, and a closet filled with clothes was set against the wall. And if you wished to go to the toilet, the only way to go there was through Jungkook’s bedroom and to the bathroom, which had no bath (Jungkook cried when he found out) and just a shower.

Not bothering to shower or to get dressed in proper sleeping attire, he took off his t-shirt, tucked himself into his soft bed and took out his phone. The brightness of the screen blinding him for just a second, his room was dark as he didn’t bother to turn the lights on either, but his eyes quickly adjusted with the help of frantically blinking. He ignored the messages he got from Namjoon and Hoseok and went straight to Instagram (what a surprise). He’s gotten about 8k likes from the picture he’s posted this morning, and the thought made him smile.

When another notification popped up onto the screen.


gotzerojams liked your post.    130w.


“130 weeks ago? Is this person stalking me,” he snorted loudly and refreshed his notification box only to see that the notification disappeared. He scrunched his nose as curiosity fueled his veins. “Let me just… search this person up, yeah.”

Gotzerojams is barely reaching 1k followers, not that it matters, but it was just something that he noticed. There was no mention of his name anywhere, just an age. 17. Jungkook went through the person’s pictures, there were no pictures of the person self. Just like me . Only half-assed photographs of flowers, sunsets and lots and lots of kittens . Jungkook assumed they must be their own kittens.

Just scrolling through the photos made Jungkook smile. It wasn’t much, just an average 10 photos but everything about his feed screamed Cute and Innocent and everything Pure. And everything screamed that this person didn’t care about it not matching at all . And without thinking much about it, he tapped the follow button. Just pleasing another fan. What harm can it do?


Jimin on the other hand, was on the verge of screaming (and almost crying) when he went through his daily check up on his favorite Instagram account. He himself didn’t do much with this social media platform, it was just so he could fit in. You know, just posting one pic a month and stalking the rest. And almost 1k followers from just that! He was proud, just a little bit. Little did he know that he would be obsessed with the user jeonglebooks, some friends even thought he was in love with the person behind it, be it a girl or a man. Jimin deemed them crazy. How can one love someone just because of their Instagram?

Still, there was an unspoken rule to not like pictures that were at least more than one month old. This picture is more than two years old. His eyes widened and he brought the screen impossibly close to his face, before he fucking yelped. Taehyung who was sat on the floor looked up from the manga he was reading (“Real books are for nerds, Jimin.” “But you are a nerd.”). “What’s up, Jims?”

Jimin looked absolutely flustered when he sat his phone down onto his lap, before licking his lips and looking straight at Taehyung.

“I think I broke the rule.”

“What rule?”

“The do-not-like-old-pictures on Instagram rule!” Jimin yelled, throwing his hands up in the air as if he was offended that Taehyung didn’t immediately caught on. Taehyung just raised one eyebrow, cleared his throat as he fixated his gaze back to One Piece , “which account?” “Jeonglebooks.” A groan. “For fucks sake, Jimin! That person has a shit ton of followers, he wouldn’t notice you liked an old picture. Besides, if it bothers you, just unlike the pic.”

And jimin did just that.

Three minutes later and he got a new follower.

His heart dropped.



“How would you say this,” he pondered for a second, tapping his lips. “Oh, yeah! I think senpai noticed me.” The room got eerily quiet, which resulted in a pout from Jimin. “Jeonglebook followed me.” “Oh.”

Sometimes, Jimin wonders why Taehyung's his best friend.

“What should I do?” Jimin whined while he was hugging his phone close to his chest, it almost looked like it was his most prized possession. Taehyung only shrugged, not bothering to look at Jimin again. Jimin's smile was so bright, Taehyung could bet that it was brighter than his own future.

“Don’t you like the dude. Why don’t you just hit him up? Slide into those dms, maybe?” Jimin just gaped at him as if he was crazy, widening his eyes and shook his head like a lunatic. “Never! I’d never!”

“Suit yourself.”


It’s 3AM. Jimin is wide awake.Taehyung is on his bed, hugging him from behind and deeply asleep. Jimin thought, fuck it, there must be a lot of people that slide into their dms? Right? Before actually getting his phone from beneath his pillow, quickly looking over his shoulder to check if Taehyung was truly sleeping, before unlocking his phone and opening the app.

He had to take a deep breath. Breathe, Jimin. He clicked the message button. Breathe, Jimin. He’s not going to notice you. And he typed out a message.


hey! i saw you followed me and it’s an honor, really. i'm a big fan of your work. ^__^


He mentally yelled when he pressed send, squealing and hiding his face in his hands after he tugged his phone back under his pillow. He just cannot believe he actually did that. He took another deep breath, why was he even this nervous for someone he has never met? It doesn't make any sense.

He sighed loudly, his head was literally pounding. He knew that he was being too dramatic over something just this small.

Slowly but surely, he managed to fall asleep even through the snoring of the man behind him.


Fucking Kim Taehyung.