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Hunters and Fighters

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I guess I should start with hi! I'm Violet Winter, I'm 16 and I am a 6th year here at Ilvermorny school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was assigned to tell you first years about this school before the sorting. We have four houses, Wampus, Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, and Thunderbird. I'm in Wampus, and we tend towards the warriors and the body, our mascot is obviously a Wampus, which is basically six legged big cat, almost like a cougar. Thunderbird wants the adventurers. It represents the soul. Horned Serpent is the scholars and the mind, and Pukwudgie is the healer and the heart. No, the houses do not directly correlate to Hogwarts back in England. Sure some have similarities, such as Wampus is similar to Gryffindor and Horned Serpent is like Ravenclaw, but they are not the same, they do not go off of your traits, they go off of what you best represent, the mind, the heart, the soul, or the body. No, we do not use a hat to read your mind and sort you, we have you stand in front of the statues of each house mascot and they will react if they want you. It's scary to be an 11 year old to go up and get judged by giant wooden statues, I know, but it's even more terrifying when more than one reacts at once. Yeah, it can happen, and it happened to me. All four of the statues reacted at the same time and I screamed. It's once in a decade, and trust me, no one was expecting all of them to react. When more than one reacts, you chose where you want to be. It's a decision that will shape your life for the next 7 years.Why did I pick Wampus? Because I felt that I best fit the terms. Warrior and body. My twin sister is in Pukwudgie and my twin brother is in Horned Serpent. What? Oh yeah, we're triplets. Yeah, I suppose it's cool. Their names? Vincent and Velvet, but call Velvet 'Juliet', other wise she might strangle you. No joke. Do you blame her with a name like Velvet? You are more than welcome to seek us for guidance. If you are sorted into Thunderbird, look for Jack Archer, he will help you. He's my boyfriend, and I trust he will be more than happy to help you. If he sighs and asks you if I sent you, grin and nod. He can't refuse to help someone that I sent. Or you can just fake some tears and say you miss your parents, he can't turn away a poor first year who is crying. Unlike Hogwarts, your house does not decide where you sit at meals or who your friends are, it just determines your classes and your sleeping arrangements. However, the first two weeks, you'll sit with your houses. Just to get acquainted. Trust me, you will most likely have more friends from other houses than your own. Thunderbird and Wampus commonly have classes together, while Horned Serpent and Pukwudgie have them together. the best idea to have the Thunderbirds and Wampus together, because when you have them together, someone is probably going to get hurt. The Pukwudgie aren't happy when we get hurt. If you have questions, feel free to look for me or Juliet. I mean, we're identical, I'll just be wearing a Wampus robe, not a Pukwudgie one. Be free my children! Go get sorted! Become one of us!