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I Loved

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I loved it when you put flowers in my hair. The soft summer breeze, the scent of spider lilies dancing in the dust.


I loved it when you called me your princess.


I loved it when you called me your Queen.


I loved it when


I loved you.





I picked a corpse flower and wove it into your hair.


It was beautiful.


You were beautiful.


You adjusted your glasses and you laughed. “Doesn’t this make me look silly?”


I took your hand. “No. I think...I think you look cute.”


Then, silence.






“Let’s stay like this forever.”




But you chose someone else. You chose him . The artist; the one who painted his love onto a canvas. The one who, in the end, both built your palace and stole your heart.


You chose someone else, and perhaps I can, in time, forgive you.


The one I’ll never forgive is myself.


Because, in the end, I didn’t steal your heart.


You stole mine.