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Primal Lust

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There was a light touch to my mind, probing. Not invasive, but definitely noticeable. I opened my eyes to stare into Spock’s dark eyes.


“How long have I been asleep?”

“A few hours. My elder has gone to secure more food for us. For you. You need nourishment.”

“And a shower.”

Spock’s lips turned up. “Let me assist you.”

“No offense, babe, but if you do, we’ll be at it again.” I sat up, feeling stiff all over, bone tired, still.

“I can control myself.”

“Maybe.” I grinned. “But I can’t control myself. You two are making me insatiable.”

Spock looked vaguely scandalized for a moment before softening. “I will start the shower.”

I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down on the bed beside me. “How about you, sweetheart? Are you okay? That was pretty intense earlier.”

“It is all…unexpected,” Spock admitted. “But not unwelcome.”

“You two…I mean…wow. I never…”

“Nor did I.” He blushed a little. “But perhaps we can keep our-our activities private.”

I laughed. “Sweetheart, I’m not going to go on talking about it. It’s our business and no one else’s.”

He nodded. “That shower.”

I smiled as he rose and went into the bathroom to start the shower.

I spent a long time letting the hot shower loosen up my tight muscles and wash away the hours of sex. I was hungry and tired, but I also felt so loved, so cherished. More wanted than I had ever been in my life. Not just for sex but for me, for my heart.

The Vulcans were in the kitchen making spaghetti when I came out of the bedroom, dressed in loose fitting pants and a t-shirt. Having recently witnessed their illicit activities I was somewhat amused to see them all prim and proper and fully dressed as they worked to cook for us.

Spock Prime turned to greet me, opening his arms wide, and my heart full to bursting, I went into them as they closed around me.

“Mmm. You smell and look good, Jim,” he said, as he held me tight.

“Showers do wonders.”

He pulled away from me then and directed me toward a chair, which, I noted with some amusement, contained a cushion.

“Sit, while we finish.”

I wasn’t about to argue, and the truth was I enjoyed their care of me. They had both been so solicitous since having me move in with them after I’d been released from the hospital.

When Prime walked back into the kitchen to fuss with something, it was my first officer who came to me, carrying a steaming hot cup of coffee, which I gratefully took.

My eyes shining, I murmured, as I took a sip, “Love you.”

“I would enjoy a declaration of love as well,” Prime called from his position by the stove.

I laughed. “I love you, too. I’m crazy about both of my Spocks.”

Spock stroked a hand across my face, letting me feel his affection through his touch. It was a heady thing.

“That touch telepathy stuff is very cool.”

The two of them exchanged a look.

“What?” I asked as Spock returned to the kitchen with Prime.

“You know of Vulcan bonds, do you not, Jim?” Prime asked.

“Yeah somewhat. Why?”

“My counterpart was bonded to your counterpart in his universe,” Spock said. “And because you are essentially James Kirk, the bond he shared with that Kirk, exists in you.”

“So.” I blinked rapidly and pointed at him. “You and I are bonded?”

“Yes. And you are bonded to Spock, also.”

“What? How?”

“It is a T’hy’la bond, Jim. Kirks and Spocks are likely bonded in all universes. All timelines,” Prime explained. “Normally, your bond would only be with our young friend here, but because I am also in this universe, your mind, your bond, has adapted and accepted both of us.”

“Uh.” I sipped at my coffee. “That’s a lot to take in.”

“It does not change anything except that we are all, essentially, mated,” Prime insisted.

I laughed. “That doesn’t change anything? I’ve acquired two Vulcan husbands and that doesn’t change anything?”

He shrugged. ”Well.”

“Are you upset?” Spock asked, rather fretfully.

“No.” I held out my hands. “Come here.”

He rushed at me and I took his hands in mine and drew him down to sit on my lap.

“Upset? That you belong to me and I belong to you? There’s no way I’m upset by that. It’s fantastic news, Spock. To me it is. And I bet it is to Spock over there, because he’s been without his Jim for a long time.”

“Yes,” Prime’s soft agreement came quickly.

“I’ve been in love with you for a long time,” I told him. “But you were with Uhura and—”

“Not anymore.”

“I know, but are you okay with it?”

“Yes, Spock,” Prime said. “You must be fully accepting of it as well. I am a lot older than either of you and eventually—”

“Hey, don’t.”

“Jim. I am old, there is not getting around that. Eventually it will be only you and Spock. We must all acknowledge that. I am not going anywhere soon, though.”

“Keep it that way,” I said, sharply. “Spock?”

He nodded and leaned down to kiss me. “I am happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been. I am pleased to be your mate. And his.” He glanced at Prime somewhat shyly.

Prime actually smiled. It was a very good look. “Dinner is served.”

We had a very nice dinner, the three of us, talking about the future, Starfleet, the Enterprise. The simple spaghetti and bread were surprisingly delicious. And afterward, Spock and I did the dishes while Prime rested.

I did some work on a terminal after that, catching up on messages from the ‘Fleet and crew, and then after a time, it was Spock who drew me away and to the bedroom.

Prime was waiting for us, naked, and lying on his back in our bed, hand lazily stroking his erection. I thought about making a joke about him starting without us, but instead, I just stood there, staring greedily at the sight as Spock removed my clothes and then his own.

I knelt on the bed and scooted over to Prime, aiming my open mouth for the stiff shaft in his hand. He let out a low moan when I drew him inside my mouth, sucking him deep.

Behind me, Spock had placed himself under my ass, his hands parting my cheeks. I closed my eyes on a grown of my own when I felt the stab of his tongue at my hole.

My fingers cupped squeezed the balls of the elder Vulcan as I sucked him down, deep throating him, until I could barely keep from gagging on the size of him. His hands cupped my head as he pushed up into me, thrusting, thrusting.

From his position, Spock’s hand came up around my throbbing dick to stroke it, even as he continued to pleasure me with his tongue.   

Just as I was sure I would pass out from being unable to breathe, Prime pulled out of my mouth and repositioned himself behind me, pushing Spock away. I gestured for Spock to claim the spot Prime had recently vacated and he scrambled to do so. I quickly swallowed him down even as Prime pushed his hard throbbing cock, between my cheeks, inside me.

It didn’t take Spock hardly any time at all, with quick, frantic thrusts in between my lips, to come in a rush, filling up my mouth.

Prime then seized me fully, fingers digging into my hips as he slammed into me over and over again. He slipped a hand around the front of me to fist my erection, which he jerked in rhythm to his thrusts.

“So-so good,” I gasped out.

He leaned over, fastening his teeth into my neck, more a suckle, then a bite, and I lost it. I came and came, shooting all over the sheets, even as Prime pumped deep within me, releasing his own sperm inside me.

We collapsed in a heap then, the three of us. A tangle of limbs. Spock’s hand on my face, my hand on Prime’s face, and his on Spock’s. We fell asleep like this…content.