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Eight days of mayhem

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Eren has been interning at St. Maria’s Hospital for over a week when he met Levi. Looking back at it, it’s been quite a silly way how to start a relationship.

The first time they met, Eren walked in on Levi sitting in the waiting room with a tissue pressed to his broken nose, covered in numerous bruises and scratches, looking vaguely disgusted at the state he is in. Eren took him into his office, looking over his wounds and treating them accordingly. He was pretty impressed about the man not even blinking when he corrected his nose.

“Here, take these,” the doctor thrust a small bottle of painkillers into Levi’s hand, instructing him to follow the instructions on the label carefully, trusting the man to be responsible. And he was - closely following the doctor’s orders to the last word.

At that time, Eren had no idea that Levi is going to become a frequent visitor. Especially in his office. It’s become nearly a weekly routine - sometimes he would stop by once, sometimes twice and sometimes, Eren wouldn’t see him for more than two weeks. Usually, he came in with smaller injuries that still need to be tended to be a professional, twice it was a broken finger but one time, he really took the cake by coming in with a knife stuck in his thigh, walking himself to the hospital, scaring all the other patients. That, in turn, alerted Eren, who ran out of his office just to witness Levi sitting there casually, wiping away the blood dripping from his leg with a paper towel.

Eren grabbed him and rushed him into his office, hurriedly washing himself so he could treat the wound and sew it shut. It happened without words and in a rush but Eren’s never felt his hands be steadier and his mind more focused. Once he was done, he set everything down, tearing the surgical mask off his face.

“What do you do to always end up like this? Now with a goddamn knife, no less,” he fussed, animatedly gesturing around with his hands, his entire body expressing distress and frustration.

“I got into a street fight,” Levi simply replied in a monotone, borderline bored voice but that only seemed to spur the doctor on more.

“Mr. Ackerman--”

“Levi,” the other immediately corrected, “my name is Levi. I don’t use my last name unless necessary.”

“Levi, then,” Eren sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose, looking the man over, “are you doing this on purpose? I don’t know anyone who would get in fights this serious so often on accident unless you have a lot of enemies but even then…”
Okay, that’s a lie, he used to get into fights often as well but none were as serious as this. He would never get stabbed. And so close to the femoral artery, too!

For a while, Levi remained silent but then dropped his head, a small smirk gracing his lips. One that he didn’t let the doctor see until he was ready to admit his low move.

“You are right. I got into fights on purpose. Just to see you and have you fuss over me. It’s adorable.”
Eren’s mouth dropped open at that abrupt confession. He stared at Levi for what seemed to be the longest time ever, before slapping his injured thigh with a decent amount of strength, disappointed when he got no reaction but a huff.

“I’ll stop fighting when you give me your number, “ the injured man eventually said, being completely serious with it - no smirks, no sign of joking. Eren did his best not to react but he could easily feel the flush creeping up his neck, colouring his cheeks and ears. After that, he stomped away with a: “You're impossible!” going back to his desk to prescribe him another dose of pain medicine, shoving the note at Levi's chest mercilessly. And then he threw him out, a “Get out!” resonating as he slammed the door closed after him.

As Levi was leaving, he found a hastily scrawled number at the back of the receipt, immediately saving the number so he wouldn't lose it.

Several months later, push came to shove and Eren gave in, seeing as he has managed to fall in love with his patient one way or another.
Now, seeing Levi as his assistant in his surgical ambulance, he can't help but wonder how far they have come. Luckily, Levi doesn't let him think long after closing the door after their last patient, immediately pinning Eren to the wall.

“So where were we?”