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I Found Myself When I Found You

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If you were to ask Trinity Gomez how she ended up in such a ridiculous situation she would probably blame the bane of her existence, Zack Taylor. You see, Zack has a bad habit of bringing Trini down with him with his idiotic and arguably dangerous schemes. They're arguable of course because Zack would insist that there was nothing dangerous about about his newest bright idea, and Trini would argue. Zack and Trini have pulled off some pretty amazing pranks in their lives, but this time was different. This time, they got caught and now the duo had to spend their summer at the Angel Grove Rehabilitation Center for Unruly Teens. "Pretty fancy name for a crock of shit." Trini thought to herself as she set her bag down at the front desk while her mother filled out the paperwork.

"Now I expect you to come out of this program with a different attitude, Trinity. You will not be allowed in our home until you decide to change your ways." Her mother, June, said as she signed her name to the final sheet. "I warned you time and time again to stay out of trouble. But somehow it finds you."

Trini rolled her eyes and mock saluted her mother. "Aye aye captain."

June shot her daughter a disapproving look and turned to the counselor who had just walked through a door from the end of a long, white corridor. "I trust you can take it from here." She nodded towards the man, who was rather short and didn't stop smiling since he arrived.

"Of course Mrs. Gomez! No need to fret, your daughter is in excellent hands!" He gestured excitedly, barely noticing the groan of annoyance that Trini just let out. "You must be Trinity! My name is Alphie, and I'll be your rehabilitation coach for the duration of your stay here!" Alphie said as he grabbed Trini's
bag and led her away from her mother and through the door he had appeared from. "Welcome to your new home for the next few months. We're so very pleased to be helping you become a better version of yourself, Trinity."

"It's Trini, actually." Trini grumbled as she took in her surroundings. Alphie was leading her through what looked like a living area. There were a couple T.V.'s and couches, a book shelf along one wall, and a bunch of tables and chairs. All in all, it didn't look as bad as Trini had initially thought it would.

"Right, right, of course! Trini! What a wonderful nickname. It suits you." Alphie smiled, gently ushering Trini through the facility. "As you can see, this is our common area. This is where you will spend your free time between therapy if you choose. We have plenty of books, movies, and game boards to use so feel free to take a look around once you're all settled in. However, this room is based on behavior, so if you do not comply with the rules, your common room privileges will be revoked." He said, a solemn look crossing his face for a split second before he went back to walking Trini down another hallway.

"These are our dormitories. We are separated by sex, so unfortunately you will not have a male roommate." Alphie said with a wheezing laugh, despite the scowl on Trini's face. "Our common room is co-ed however, so be on your best behavior!"

Trini had to suppress the urge to roll her eyes. Alphie seemed nice and all, but she was starting to get a little annoyed with his whole happy go lucky attitude. She sincerely hoped that he didn't expect her to have a breakthrough while she was here. The only reason she agreed to this was because it was either be "rehabilitated or go to juvie. And Trini definitely didn't want to do the latter. So she decided before she came in that she would go through the motions and put forth the minimal amount of effort allowed.

"Okay so that's the tour! Now I want to introduce you to someone very special....your roommate!" Alphie clapped excitedly, completely unfazed by Trini's forced smile. "I think you'll like her. She's a wonderful girl." He said as he knocked on the door in front of him. "Kimberly! Your roommate is here!"

This was the part that Trini was dreading. Meeting her roommate. All she needed was to be stuck with someone completely insufferable. It didn't take a lot to annoy Trini and there was little to no chance that she could make it through the entirety of the program without wanting to smother an annoying roommate in their sleep.

"Hi! I'm Kim!"

Trini's head shot up when she heard the most beautiful sound in the world, only to be blown away by the stunning girl in front of her. She was tall. At least six inches taller than her, with a shoulder length hair cut in a stylish bob. Her eyes were a deep brown and her smile...well, there was a reason Trini could not find her voice to introduce herself.

"I-I uh, I'm uh, I'm Trinity- uh no uhm, I'm uh, Trini, yeah...yeah Trini." She stammered, her cheeks flush with embarassment.

The girl in front of her laughed softly. "Nice to meet you Trini. Want me to help you unpack?" Kimberly asked as she gently took Trini's hand and led her into their room. "I'll take it from here, Alphie!"

Alphie flashed the girls a smile and two thumbs up before he left, much to Trini's dismay. She hesitantly met Kimberly's eyes and in that moment, Trini knew she was absolutely, one hundred percent screwed.