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Damn You Baldy

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A person who's ideally suited to one another. It's that person whom the universe had specifically made and chosen for you and you alone. A soulmate, is that someone who's going to be with you through thick and thin, and through the harsh waves of life. Someone who will bear the pain and burden with you, and will be with you even when the sun burns out. It's someone you can't imagine being without once you met them, and it's that someone you feel has filled a part of you you never knew was empty in the first place. It's someone who makes you whole, and you make them whole in return.


But it is universally agreed by nearly every living person on this godforsaken planet that before finding that soulmate, was a complete pain in the ass. 


Figuratively and literally. 


"Whatever pain you bear, I will be there with you,"


The saying was quite metaphorical literal in a sense, 


It was normal to figuratively and literally feel what your soulmate was feeling nowadays. Whatever physical pain was inflicted upon you, your soulmate would feel it as well. Quite troublesome and sometimes excruciatingly painful as it, it's the way of life for people. Some take pride in the marks that lay on their skin, indicating the mark they finally met their soulmate, while some just wither in embarrassment with the ridiculous marks that form on their body. It was quite obvious that someone had a particularly interesting meeting with their soulmate when a handprint mark was seen spread across someone's cheek. Now that's an introduction. Fortunately, there aren't any reports of a person dying from the pain inflicted on their soulmates, but unfortunately that would mean that whatever kind of agonizing torture someone's soulmate was in, their partner would definitely feel it as well. 


Being with your soulmate was quite literally, a pain in the ass. 


And for you, it was quite more than a pain in the ass. 

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Your soulmate was quite troublesome. Although, the word 'troublesome' was simply an understatement.


Your soulmate was a pain in the ass.




Fuck, you haven't even met your soulmate and he or she (you never know) had already caused you so much trouble in your life, you questioned your soulmate's antics, a lot. At one point you thought your soulmate was an assassin being caught and interrogated most of the time or some street thug of some kind that always gets into trouble somehow and gets themselves beaten up to a pulp. It has been like this for years, and you cursed this damn soulmate connection that the universe had gifted upon the human species. Though, it was considered normal for people to suddenly wince or crunch down in pain out of the blue in this world, it was the norm, and it happened to the people you knew from time to time. Sometimes, one of your friends would suddenly curse out of nowhere and grab their knees, arm, stomach or any other body parts where their soulmate was injured, but give them a few seconds and they'd be shaking it off and just laugh at the sudden outburst. But for you, oh no, you, it looked like you were going through hell whenever the pain hit you. At first, during your younger years, the pain you experienced were just like the kids around you. Sometimes, you would feel a sudden pain hitting you in your stomach, other times your back as if you fell, and other times your knees get hurt. You just shrugged it off like the others, assuming that your soulmate either tripped or fell while playing with their friends. You were a bit worried when your parents had told you about this when you were around 4 years old, but they had reassured you that it is a normal thing and also part of growing up, and of course, you at that time being a naive, innocent child, believed them. Kids fell down and end up hurting themselves all the time, so this shouldn't be too different right?


Things changed when you got into junior high. You had gotten used to the pain by then, you still felt slight pangs here and there but it wasn't as excruciating as what one might describe. Most of the time, the pain was bearable.


It wasn't until a couple weeks into 7th grade when you started feeling pain like that you couldn't quite measure. The first encounter came to you during lunch, when a supposed hangout with a couple close friends turned out to be a hellfest in the end. In the middle of an interesting conversation, you felt a struck of pain surge through your gut, the pain was so excruciating you found yourself on the floor and crying like you'd lost an arm. Your hands gripped at the hem of your shirt, and eventually the people around you realized that this was not how a 7th grader would normally experience. Immediately you were sent to the medical wing, for the nurse tried to tend for you as much as possible. For several minutes, you felt the same searing pain hit you in various places, as if the surface of your skin was being pummeled to a pulp. It felt as if sharpened knuckles hit you on your face, your back and even between your legs. After what seemed to hours of relentless torture, the pain finally subsided, and before you knew it found yourself heading back to class. You and the nurse both assumed at the time that your soulmate was probably not in the best of situations at the moment, and at that time you truly, genuinely did felt bad for him or her...


And it was like that throughout your junior high years and high school years. You had been known to be the kid that always seem to need to go to clinic every fucking five seconds, and it frustrated you to no end. Almost everyone in the school knew of your current state, and teenagers... Teenagers tend to like to gossip a whole lot. Rumors started to rise about you, about your soulmate, and even about your supposed involvement with the delinquent soulmate. Rumors and gossip started to spread throughout the school, and at first you waved them off, thinking that in time it would disappear in the wind like how most rumors went.


But then the bullying happened, and life just seemed to fucking roll down the hill from there. Your were poked at and made fun of, even accusing of being involved with a criminal at times. It came to the point where words weren't enough to cause pain, and instead force was. Chants that mocked you started spreading around, insults worsened, and physical pain was inflicted upon you. "Oh don't you want to get back at your soulmate?" They say. "We're just trying to help you." They'd add. You came to garner resentment to your peers and eventually, resentment to your soulmate as well. You were seen as a criminal for something that you couldn't control, insulted and humiliated because of a partner that seems to refuse to stray from trouble. The pain caused by your soulmate, and by those around you worsened, so much so that you could no longer tell who inflicted what. You got bullied for it too. You would get kicked, punched and shoved around whenever there were no teachers near the vicinity. Reasoning didn't seem to get through those fuckers heads, so you resorted to residing with your head instead. No point in trying to fight back, that would only solidify the rumor of you being an apparent delinquent. 


Fortunately, the pain stopped after the second year of high school. All unexpected pangs of pain from your soulmate suddenly ceased, and for a moment you thought your soulmate had died, but your ability to still feel touch said otherwise. The bullying only stopped however, when you had moved high schools. Fresh faces, fresh start right? Once out of high school you felt free, as if the bounds on your soul had been lifted after so much pain and suffering.


After graduating high school you managed to enter a university in City X, and boy you were having the time of your life. Of course, university was not easy, you lived on your own with your roommate, Lily, who had became your best friend since then. Though, at least one benefit from having your soulmate being beaten up all the time had caused you to build a strong endurance and durability, but that was all...


But then, it happened again...


And the pain happened during your graduation ceremony, out of all times. Of course, the most important time of your life did it have to happen, of-fucking-course. At the time, you were overjoyed yet nervous and terrified at the same time - which you didn't think was possible until then. All that hard work, stressful nights, tears, blood and coffee that you had poured over your projects, thesis, essays and presentations had paid off, earning you a degree at your course which you had studied in. Your grades were flat 2 and at times, when you worked hard enough, were flat 1. You didn't consider yourself the smartest person in the campus, but goddamnit did you work hard for this moment. And right now, you felt you earned it. Who wouldn't? And now, you were there, as you shook your professor's hand and accepted the award before walking off stage. Graduation was terrifying, and you were basically saying goodbye to your adolescence and welcoming adulthood into your life.


But as you walked off the stage, you felt a sudden pain, a pain far more excruciating than what you have felt in your entire life hit you hard on the back. You shrieked as you fell to your knees, the audience suddenly gaped at your from as you let out an agonizing scream, you were shaking badly as you rolled up into a ball and gripped on the flesh of your arm, trying to focus on something else besides the pain, but it was too much. Once the security had came to your aid, you were already passed out.


The next day, you found yourself in a comfy bed, staring at the white ceiling and a monitor beeping beside you. You soon came to realization that you were in a hospital. You groaned to yourself as the memory of the event that had happened the day before had come flooding back into your mind. You remembered how the crowd suddenly went silent, murmurs, mumbles which eventually led to screaming.


What a way to welcome adulthood...


But it didn't seem to stop there.


The following day, after you were discharged from the hospital, your best friend had offered for you to come live with her to help pay off the rent. Lily, the ever faithful friend that you could actually rely on. The both of you were unemployed, and were on a job hunt at that, as you would call it. Surprisingly, you had a line of job offers in your email and phone calls from a couple company. It seems your grades had piqued interests from companies looking for employees. You had agreed to one job offer as a ______, and you were scheduled for an interview on the following week. You were more than happy at this news, and Lily was quite impressed. (and quite jealous too)


The next day, was fine as you went on with your day, looking up the internet for tips on how to act for the interview, and your friend Lily had went out job hunting, leaving you currently alone at the moment. It wasn't until after noon when you started to feel some slight pain on your joints, but you shrugged it off.



You just wanted to have peace in your life. Was that too hard to ask?

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Damn this fucking curse...

You hissed as another sharp pain struck your entire body, your fists were clenched so tight you were certain the nails would bore into the palm of your hands and bleed. Your teeth clenched and grinded onto the soft cotton fabric of your pillow, as you curled up into a ball on your bed. Knowing that there was nothing that you could do about your current situation, you lay there and hoped that the pain would soon fade away.

It has been like this for years now.

A couple minutes later, and you felt yourself easing back into reality. You sighed in relief through gritted teeth, before releasing your grip on your pillow, you finally sat up from your bed, your head throbbed in pain as you did so.

You reached into your nightstand and opened the drawers.

“Ugh… Fuck I’m out of tylenol.” You cursed as your fingertips felt the empty space within the drawer. You groaned, opting for just water instead, you groggily hopped off your bed and proceeded to the kitchen.

As you opened the door to the living room, your eyes landed on a certain red-head, Lily, who was just by the front door taking off her sandals and a small brown leather bag by her side.

“Oh hey (Y/N)! How are you feeling?” Lily says out of breath as she set aside her sandals and hung her coat on the hanger.

“I feel like shit that’s what…” You groggily replied, grabbing a glass from the cabinet which sat above the counter and headed towards the sink.

“Your soulmate got themselves in trouble again?” Lily raised a brow as she crossed her arms and leaned by the wall beside her.

“Yup…” You said gruffly, you throat felt like it was burning, as you filled up the glass with water before drinking it. You felt the cold but refreshing liquid down your throat, slightly easing your headache. You sighed in relief, before setting the glass down onto the sink. “So what happened with your date with your ‘significant other’?” You asked as you then turned towards the red-head.

“Well it was fun, we both got to know each other better, and I’m already started to like her…” Lily sighed dreamily, as she thought of her date.

You rolled your eyes. Your roommate Lily was quite hopeless romantic, and was quite obsessed with finding her soulmate, so imagine her joy when she finally did, but was a little bit surprised when her soulmate was a fellow female, but well, love is still love. The girl had just recently met her soulmate a week ago, and you were quite amused by the silly handprint on the back of her neck when she came running to your room, squealing like a child, pointing at the mark, as if it was an ancient, groundbreaking artifact.

“So, was she really the perfect one for you?” You asked once more,

“Yup! We had so much in common though, and we had quite the same interest in… Things.” She wiggled her eyebrows at the last part, which only caused you cough and roll your eyes in disgust.

God, Lily and her kinks.

“Oh yeah! I bought you some aspirins while I was out. I figured you ran out of tylenol, and don’t worry and no no, you don’t need to thank me, I know I am the best friend!” She smiled triumphantly as she dug into her bag, and handed you a small paper bag. You smiled genuinely and accepted the paper bag.

“What would I do without you,” You chuckled.


Curse this damned link...

Sighing in relief as you lay on your bed once again, the bed dipped and bounced up and down as you moved around. The medicine had finally taken effect and the headache had finally subsided. Grabbing your pillow and hugging it, you took in another deep breath as your mind wandered off to the events that had happened earlier.

Thinking back, the pain had no longer came in as frequently as it did three years ago.

Those three years were the worst years of your life…

Your mind wandered off to the events of your graduation, when you stumbled and fell as you walked off the stage. That stinging pain that had struck your back, it was as if a clawed creature had slammed you across the room, and you ended up letting out a blood-curdling scream as the audience gaped at you and professors called for the security. You let out a strained moan as the event popped up in your head. You had promised that you would never bring up that situation three years ago.

Speaking of three years ago, did I mention that it felt like a living hell during those three years?

Those three years felt like you were walking on the searing heat of the fire. The pain felt like a sharp toothed creature bit and nipped on your joints and flesh. Your legs and arms felt heavy every time you tried to lift them, it was as if you were trying to lift two blocks of concrete every day. There were days when you felt like you were rolling on shards of glass, or your body was slammed towards a hard surface more than five times in a row. Some days, you couldn’t even bring yourself to move any of your limbs because if you did, an excruciating pain would shoot up your spine.

Since the pain was nearly unbearable, it happened so often that there were times where you passed out, and your friend Lily had to drive you to the hospital whenever you lost consciousness. Matter of fact, you lost conscious so frequently that you had lost count of your visits to the hospital. Hence why the doctors knew you all too well...

Because of your frequent visits to the hospital, your visits were written onto your medical health records, to which companies are required to check before you are accepted into a job position. Because of your current state during that time, you weren’t deemed fit to get a job as a ________. When you got the word that you weren’t accepted for the job, you had began having troubles. Not just financially but also emotionally. You didn’t take it well, and you still being quite young at the time and had troubles during your younger years, went into a ‘ not-so-good’ state.

But things only got worse from there.

One day, you got word from your mother that…

Your father had passed away.

You could vaguely understand the words that were spoken from the other side of the phone once your ears had picked up on that one small but heartbreaking phrase. Your world at that moment came crumbling down, the agony that you felt in that moment was more painful than any other, and it was the worst of all.

You weren’t even there for his funeral.

Your damn soul mate had to go out and beat themselves up one way or another the day before the funeral of your father. You lost consciousness once again, and had to stay in the hospital for three days before being discharged. You remember that day when your eyes fluttered open and saw yourself staring at that familiar white ceiling, and in that moment realized that you had missed your father’s funeral. You remember that day when the nurses had to pin you down to the bed to prevent you from hurting yourself. You were glad that you had Lily as your only support, the only person who had helped you get up at your worst moment, and you were more than grateful for that.

From then on since that day, you couldn’t even find the heart within you to even try to understand your soulmate. You threw away all your hopes for your significant other, and gave up trying to find them altogether. You were too broken. All your life you tried to find a reason to why your soul mate would do such things to themselves, you tried telling yourself that they probably didn’t mean to, but it seemed like they had to hurt themselves at the worst times. It seems as if they were doing it on purpose, it seemed unreasonable right now but it was the most reasonable explanation that you had at the time. They’d always find a way to get you in trouble. You got hurt so often, that you began to question if your soulmate was even a human. And you began to question yourself. Do they know me? Why are they doing this to me? What are they doing to themselves? What did I do wrong to them? You even tried to get them back, but it only seemed to hurt you more.

Back then you swooned at the thought of meeting your ‘one and only’, but now…

Only pure hatred filled your being at the mere thought of facing your soulmate.

You stopped trying to understand your soulmate and instead wanted them gone.

You don’t want to meet your soulmate…

You don’t want them in your life

You don’t need them…





Knock knock

“(Y/N)?” A voice called from the other side of the door.


Ignoring the voice, you shifted and rolled to the side of the bed, now facing a blank wall. The room was dimly lit, hardly lit at all, your only source of light is the small lamp that sat on your nightstand.

“(Y/N), do you need to talk?” Lily called out once again, the voice slightly muffled.

You took in another deep breath, “I just… Need a minute by myself Lily,” You say as lifted your arm, and rolled down the sleeve of your shirt, your eyes fixated on those familiar red scars and marks that littered your arms.

There was a slight silence that filled the air.

“Just know that I’m here (Y/N), if you want to talk, you know where to find me.” She said before you were engulfed by the comforting silence once again. You’ve been pushing her away frequently, and it was worrying her, but knowing your situation with your significant other, she knows you needed the alone time.

She just hoped that you were okay…



Staring at his wrists, Saitama couldn’t help but stare at it. Once again, he found himself pondering about what his soulmate was doing to themselves.

Saitama wasn’t the type of guy who would go out and run around frantically looking for his one and only, and he’s not the guy who obsesses over finding his soulmate. But he couldn’t help but wonder about the feeling of being with your significant other. He wasn’t very experienced in relationships, and wasn’t really exposed to it, so in short he had no idea what he would do once he does meet his soulmate.

Are you supposed to get married once you meet them? Well, the universe had specifically made them for you. But marrying a complete and total stranger was odd to Saitama, since he heard of instances where two people immediately got married after realizing that they are soulmates, but it was still an odd thought to him. His eyes fixated at his arm, where he would feel slight pangs of pain. 

He never thought of his soulmate as any trouble, but from time to time, he would feel something, as if an object was scraping at his limbs. It wasn’t the worst feeling in the world, but it got him wondering what his soulmate was doing. Once again he found himself lost in thought as he blankly stared at his arm, not noticing the door clicking open and close and footsteps walking towards him.

“Sensei,” Was what snapped him out of it.

“Oh… Hey Genos,” He simply greeted as he rolled off the sleeves of his hoodie, “What’s up man?”

“I came back with information about the following sales coming this weekend, as you have ordered, and have printed all the time and date of the upcoming sales. I’ve even calculated how much money that might be spend this weekend due to the sales, sensei.” Genos stated in his usual monotone voice.

“Oh, nice.” Saitama says as he stood up and went to the kitchen to drink. Saitama was already used to Genos suddenly barging in out of nowhere, well, the teen basically lives with him anyways since he agreed to let him stay with the bald hero. What an odd kid...

Genos watched as the bald man slowly but calmly made his way to the counter before grabbing a glass and filling it with water. The young cyborg found himself wondering what his master could be thinking. It wasn’t uncommon for the teen to find his teacher staring at his limbs from time to time, but he had decided to avoid talking about it since he assumed it has something to do with his bald head…


But today, he was quite curious and decided to bring it up.


“Sensei, I noticed that you’ve been staring at your left arm quite often. Not to mention that you have spent exactly one hour, three minutes and forty-eight seconds in the washroom or more recently, whereas it usually takes you only forty-three minutes and twenty-five seconds five weeks ago.” Genos stated as he simply watched his teacher stop midway from filling his glass with water, and slowly turn towards him. 

“Uh… So you’ve noticed.” Saitama rubbed the back of his neck before setting down the glass and the pitcher, grimacing slightly at the fact that Genos observes and records his action every single time.

The bald man lightly shook his head as rested his elbow by the counter and turned to the teen, “Hey Genos…”

“Yes Sensei?”

“Have you found your soulmate?”


“No I have not Sensei, and I do not have any interest in finding them at the moment.” Genos simply replied, Saitama only mouthing an ‘Oh’, before looking down.


“Why do you ask Sensei?” Genos says, breaking the silence,

“Nah… Just curious.” Saitama shrugs as he walks back into the living room, and grabs a manga book from his shelf and starts reading. Genos silently watches as the bald man lay on his couch, manga in hand. Genos decided to bring out his notebook and start taking notes of Saitama’s position and continued to observe his master. Just a few hours ago, the bald hero had just taken care of another monster, and of course, as we all know who he is, it only took him one punch to finish the job.


It was just another normal day for our bald hero, as always, while it was just another stressed day in your life...


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“You can either have immortality, or the memory to feel. You can’t have both.”



Plopping herself down onto the soft cushion of her couch, with a remote in her right hand and a mug of ice cream on the other, Lily made herself comfortable as she turned on the T.V. She relished on the soft fabric of her pillow and laid back. Contemplating on what to watch, she shrugged as she opted to just watch the news instead, a tad bit curious on what’s going on and about currently. 


After setting the channel to the news channel, she scooped a spoonful of ice cream before gobbling it, diving in for another round.


“--A large monster had appeared in City Z, the disaster threat is speculated to be level Demon due to its large size and shape.”  


“Oh damn… Good thing I didn’t move to City Z,” Lily mumbled as she watched the news.


The sound of the bedroom door opening and closing had caused the girl to turn towards your bedroom, “Your shift’s up?” She asked. You nod in response as you adjusted your uniform, it was plain and simple. You wore a simple light blue sleeved blouse with black pants. You walked towards the front door to put on your flats and grabbing your jacket.


You grabbed your backpack and went to the door, “You be careful (Y/N),” Lily reminded, her mouth still occupied with the spoon. You simply chuckled. Lily was always had a sweet tooth, and would always jump at the chance to eat her favoured cold treat anytime in the day if the opportunity was presented. “I will,” You say back in reply before heading out. You sighed as you went on your small trip to the supermarket, the place that you work in. Working as a stock clerk was a pretty simply but still quite a demanding job a times, usually moving around and unpacking merchandise and checking if the product is damaged or mislabeled and put them in the appropriate department, yada yada, was your usual routine that you would repeat over and over in your head just to keep yourself on task.


You found yourself lucky that you even managed to get a job, well seeing as the supermarket needed workers (real bad) back at the time you applied and that your soulmate had finally concluded your suffering for 3 years straight, you finally landed on a job. The job wasn’t that all too bad, it was manageable and you managed to work around it with your soulmate’s mischief. Speaking of which, you found yourself at the entrance of the supermarket. You entered the store and checked in, placing your bag at your locker, put on your name tag and I.D  and headed into the aisles and began checking products.


Today, there were quite a lot of people, since there was a huge sale going on at the supermarket, so you expected for more customers coming up to you. You weren’t quite fond of being around a lot of people, but you had a job to do...



Running his hands over a small, smooth, white, oval shaped object, Saitama couldn’t help but… Stare. He shifted his gaze over to the transparent glass, then back to the egg, then back to the glass again.


Well, King was right, he does share a similarity with an egg.


Seeing that his master had suddenly stopped midway whilst picking eggs, Genos slowly walked over to the bald man, “You know Sensei, if you wish to have a hair transplant, I would gladly ask Doctor Kuseno to--”


“Nobody said anything about hair Genos,”


“You seem to be out of focus today Sensei,” Genos pointed out in response, before dilating his eyes back to the oval shaped object in his teacher’s hand. Saitama shook his head, placing down the egg before moving towards the next aisle, Genos following suite. “Oh Genos, could you go get some bananas from the fruit aisle?”


“Yes Sensei, I’ll be back shortly,” Genos nodded before heading off towards the said aisle, separating from his teacher, which was, at the other side of the supermarket. Seeing that Genos was out of sight, Saitama opted to purchase some ramen instead since it doesn’t require much work to prepare before consuming it, plus it was pretty cheap, so he headed off to the noodles and pasta section.


Stock prices were quite low today, and well, Saitama being Saitama, settled to buy some groceries from the supermarket since he was quite low on supplies. Finally reaching the said aisle, he eyed through the various brands that were neatly displayed on the shelves, looking for a specific brand of ramen, or rather the cheapest brand. Reaching the end of the aisle, he noticed that his personal favourite brand of ramen was missing. He stepped back and pondered, seems they were out of stock.


Right on cue, he noticed a certain smaller figure carrying a box, step into the aisle.


You stopped as you noticed a somewhat familiar presence out of the corner of your eye. You lowered your arms to fully accommodate the unknown presence before you and once you did, you saw that familiar bald head.


Saitama turned towards you, his jaw nearly dropped as he observed your features. He gazed at your (H/L), (H/C) that flowed like waterfalls, your bright (E/C) eyes had a spark in them, something that he didn't have, and your inviting aura seemed to lure him in. His heart skipped a beat as he gazed at you, the sensation was quite new to him.


Though, he had to admit…


You were a pretty cute girl.


“Oh, hello,” You greeted nonchalantly, tilting your head to the side.


“Can I help you with something?” You set down the box as you gave the man a small smile. You recognize the man, oddly enough, you recalled one time he went grocery shopping in this supermarket about a month ago. Wait how did you know that? Perhaps it was his bald head that would stand out if you were to place the man among a large group of people. Other than that you couldn't understand why this stranger, which you’ve seen for only six to eight seconds, manage to remain in the back of your head.


Well, in the meantime his bald head was the only plausible reason why you remembered this guy, but the guy doesn’t look too bad himself. He was kind of your type actually.


“I was just looking for a… Specific brand of ramen…” Saitama says, pausing between words, as he tried to find a coherent sentence. His eyes then caught your name tag, cautiously reading the letters. (Y/N) was your name, He reads in his head.


“Ah!” You immediately bent down and opened the box, revealing a box full of ramen. You grabbed one package, and showed it the bald hero, “Is this the brand you’re looking for?”


“Actually yeah,” He replied as you handed him the packet. For a moment he thought he would have to stop by the ramen house instead, but now this saves him the trouble. Hearing a familiar buzzing from your two way radio that hung from your belt, you sheepishly scratched your neck muttering a quick, “Excuse me,” before answering the radio.


“(Y/N), I kinda need you on aisle 6, some kid threw a goddamn tantrum over a teddy bear,” The voice said in a frustrating tone, you knew it all too well, and it belonged to your co-worker, Mako. You chuckled and replied, “I’ll be right there, hold your horses,” as you rolled your eyes. “Thank god…” Mako says before the radio went silent. Knowing that Mako found himself in the weirdest circumstances, he always came to you for assistance, since he didn't have as much experience as you did. It was easy to imagine what kind of terrible circumstance he would find himself in, and today was probably one of his unlucky days. The poor boy was probably nervous right as we speak, you stifled a laugh at the thought of it itself, before clearing your throat and turn towards the bald man in front of you, “I’m sorry, but I need to be somewhere else,” You apologized. 


“Nah, its all good… Thanks for the help, guess I’ll see you around,” He says blankly, just as you turn around. “See you around,” You said back with a smile, before heading off.


Saitama just stood there as he watched you left, his feet refused to move for some reason, and he found himself thinking about you. His heart audibly beating against his chest, his eyes watched your departure, before you turn around the corner, out of his line of sight. He should get moving, but his body seemed to disobey him. It was odd. He only talked to you for only just a few seconds, but he felt like he was reeled into you. Normally, he doesn’t linger about people he barely knew. He willed himself to move, but he didn’t, not realizing that he had fallen into a deep reverie.


“Sensei! I brought the bananas that you asked for,”


Genos got him to snap out of his deep thoughts, which he didn't realize until he finally broke out of it. The bald man shook his head, as he turned towards the blonde teen, “Oh... “ He simply says as he turned his gaze somewhere else. "Just... Hold on to it real quick," Saitama says before turning on his heel to move to the next aisle. Tilting his head, the teen sensed his teacher’s disinterest, which was unusual, since the bald hero normally had an odd preference for bananas.


Genos immediately followed after the bald hero, still holding onto the fruit as he was told. “Sensei, it seems like something has been bothering you lately, are you alright?” The cyborg asked, to which Saitama simply shook his head in response. “I’m fine Genos… We should get going,” He responded before heading off, Genos didn’t want to question his teacher’s sudden lack of enthusiasm lately, so he obliged and chose to remain silent instead.


A thought came up in Saitama's head--


“Hey Genos… Remind me to stop by this place from time to time,” Saitama added. The teen was slightly taken aback by his master’s remark, “Of course Sensei,”


Perhaps he had just took a liking to this place, the stock prices around here are quite low, Genos thought as he followed his master.



The day had finally concluded, and so did your shift. You stepped out of the supermarket, and took in a deep breath of the cool crisp air, the path back home was embedded into your head. Even at night, the roads and streets still bustled with life, even though the sun had deemed itself to rest, and the stars awakening into the night, illuminating the night sky. You stared at your flats as you made your way back home, the sound of the cars and vehicles passing by, you had tuned the world into a white noise in the back of your ead. You kept on walking, lost in thought as the world around you seem to grow smaller and smaller as you kept walking. The path seemingly growing narrower and narrower every step you took, and for a moment you thought you've been dreaming. Then suddenly, the world came to a halt, suddenly feeling lightheaded.


Your heart had sped up, but for reasons you couldn't understand. Cold sweat ran down your forehead, and your hands trembled slightly.


"What the hell??" You muttered under your breath.


As you looked up, you noticed you were standing in front of the house that you and Lily had shared. Managing to calm your heart down, you reached into your backpack and grabbed the spare keys that Lily had given you. You walked up the porch, and proceeded to unlock the front door.  




Hearing light snores coming from the living room and the whirring sound of the air conditioner, you figured that your roommate had fallen asleep whilst watching Netflix, seeing that the television was still on. You shook your head, a small smile graced your lips at the sleeping form of your dearest friend. You decided to just clean up her mess instead of waking her up, you slowly approached the girl and grab two empty mugs before making a beeline towards the kitchen, and washing the mug. As you turned on the faucet, your warm calloused hands were met with that cold but refreshing liquid, gushing down the back of your palm.


You sighed in relief, slightly basking in its coolness before proceeding to dip the two mugs with soap.


“Ahhh, what?... I swear I didn’t take that last slice of pizza,” You heard your roommate groan as she woke up. Lily looked around the room, realizing that it was dimly lit, she then heard a small snicker from behind her. “Oh hey (Y/N), you’re here…” She yawned as you placed the two mugs into the dishwasher to dry up.


“I hope you didn’t go to the hospital without telling me, because if you did you’re in big trouble young lady,” Lily said in a scolding tone and pretty accurate British accent, as if she was your mother. You rolled your eyes, “No I did not, mother,” You said playfully.


“Ah… Good,” She responded with a stretch. “So, how did work go?” She asked as she stood up, “Pretty good, customers came in quite steadily, and I met this cute guy…” You replied nonchalantly, not realizing that you had piqued your roommate’s interest with the last remark. “Oh really? Care to share who he is?” Lily smirked as she raised both of her brows, you rolled your eyes once more.


“He was just a customer, and I was just doing my job. Just thought he was cute, and that’s it.” You crossed your arms as you leaned back. “What? You didn’t even get his name?” Lily pouted,


“No I did not, now leave me be.” You chuckled as you made your way to your room, “You know you can’t be alone forever (Y/N)! You need to find someone sooner or later,” Lily suggested as you opened the door to your bedroom, “Yeah right,” you grumbled as you entered and closed the door with a faint click.


Lily sighed as she leaned onto the couch, “She really needs to find someone…” She shook her head, before turning off the television and make her way to her bedroom as well, longing for her nice and comfortable bed.



You sighed in relief as you took off your blouse and dark pants, throwing the two attire aside and opted to wear a simple oversized sweatshirt that you got from university. You jumped onto your bed, your entire body greeted by the soft sheets of your bed. You sighed as you lifted the covers and turned off the small lamp that sat on your nightstand.


The room was instantly consumed into darkness, but you happily welcomed the darkness and instead willed yourself back into that familiar world of bliss.




You couldn't sleep...


Instead, you found yourself thinking back to the events that had happened earlier. Today your soulmate had decided to not wreak havoc, since you didn't feel a damn thing, and you were more than happy at the new revelation. Though that thought didn't seem to bother you at all, but you couldn't stop yourself from thinking about your encounter with that bald man. You didn't understand why you couldn't get him out of your head, you didn't even know his name and you talked to him for only a couple seconds before attending to some business. He was a complete stranger, but your thoughts seemed to be consumed by that man. 


You twisted and turned to find a comfortable position but to no avail. You groaned audibly as you grabbed your pillow and buried your face in it. You couldn't get him out of your head, and you didn't know why.


You hate to admit it, but it seemed that you had grown attracted to a complete and total stranger...

Chapter Text

"I'm just a hero for fun..."




“Kekekeke! Fear me you putrid humans!”


Screams rang straight through the air as civilians ran as far as they could from the obscenely shaped creature before them. The creature resembled that of  a human’s anatomy, but it’s arms and legs were irregularly elongated, some were completely obscured. Long tendrils and sharp thorns protruded from all over the creature’s body. Branches with red leaves grew from the long tendrils and thorns as a gooey red liquidy-substance dripped from the creature’s eyes and from the cracks in its limbs. A horrid smell radiated off of the odd creature as it trudged through the city, throwing vehicles all over the place in a craze of madness.


“Kekeke! I am the Horrendous Plant Man! Fear my incredible strength! Kekeke!” His obnoxious laughter could be heard across the blocks and around the corner as he wreaked havoc across the streets.


“You puny humans have contaminated the earth long enough! Cutting down trees and shoving all your toxic wastes in the once beautiful rainforests. It is I, Horrendous Plant Man who will destroy all of you once and for all!” He screeched with a wicked smile. The creature released a barrage of sharp branches, piercing through the buildings and destroying the city.


His long tendrils dug into the streets before suddenly erupting in the air, bringing large debris and concrete raining from the sky. Civilians scattered for cover, some unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire and was crushed underneath the debris.


More screams pierced the air, alongside the creature’s obnoxious laughter that could deafen an average person’s ear.


“Gee can you like shut up? You’ve got a really annoying laugh man,” A calm, uninterested voice said through the chaos. The creature turned towards the source of the voice with a frustrated growl.


“Who said that?!” He bellowed,


“‘Me,” replied the anonymous voice.


Finally finding the owner of the perpetrator’s voice he finds a bald man in yellow jumpsuit donning a cape and red gloves and boots.


Saitama pinched his nose as he tried to avoid the stench radiating off of the creature. “You smell too, you should go have a shower before you go around wrecking cities,”


The creature’s nose flared, it’s face contorting and intertwining in such a horrifying manner. Rage seethed through its teeth as he gradually grew in size.


“You dare say that in front of ME?!!” He snarled, “Prepare to die!”  He says as he released a frightening barrage of branches at the man.


To the normal human eye, the branches pierced through the air in such incredible speeds that it would all simply be a blur. But to Saitama, the branches moved so slowly in his eyes that he simply didn’t bother trying to dodge at all, knowing the outcome whether he tanks or dodges it.


Opting not to move out of his position, he simply stayed put. He deflected and tanked some of the branches but was left unscathed at all, not a single scratch nor a drop of sweat on him at all.


The creature was left in disbelief as he saw the man completely unharmed, as if his branches were but a bunch of toys thrown at him.


“Man, your attacks are so boring and weak man,” Saitama sighed, already disinterested and disappointed in the villain.


“W-what?! How dare you speak to me that way! I’ll have you killed you little bi—“


And suddenly, the creature was in pieces as its remains fell to the ground. A loud ringing sound was the aftermath as Saitama had his fist raised.


Once again, another villain defeated in one punch.


“That guy was annoying,” he said nonchalantly as he wiped off the dirt on his gloves. He looked around, finding that the city had already been empty, civilians had already long fled from the scene. It was if he was in a ghost town.


“Wonder if that store is still open,” He ponders as he returns to his usual path.



You sighed as you dropped the box onto the floor, groaning as you straighten your back and stare at the empty shelf that was high above you. The ladder that you had deemed as yours was damaged due to an incident earlier with some random unsupervised kid and the other ladders were currently used by your other peers who were - right now - nowhere near the aisle you were in now. You had just recovered from nearly doubling over due to a sharp pain that attacked nearly every surface of your body, during your break of all times too. You sighed, you still could not get used to that...


“The hell am I supposed to do now?” You sighed.


You had to relocate the paper towels to the other side of the aisle, as a new batch of a different brand had just been ordered. But god damn it , why did the towels had to be at the very top of the shelves where anyone remotely under 5” was unlucky enough not to be able to get their desired paper towels. Speaking of that, now you figured out why the damn ladders were used so frequently in the supermarket.


You took a sharp inhale, and tried to reach for the top shelves. You stood on the tip of your toes as you tried to gain leverage as much as possible with your impossibly small frame. Your fingers could barely touch the paper towels at all, much less grab a single one of those. You stretched and tried to extend your arm further as much as possible but to no use, “Ugh, curse these short arms!” You muttered to yourself as you let your the balls of your feet fall flat back onto the floor. After regathering your composure, you tried again, this time really trying to extend your arms as much as a human can.


That is until a hand easily reached up and grabbed the paper towel before you. You rolled back on your feet to turn to the person who had just grabbed the product, finding yourself face to face with the same, uncanny, bald head that you could never seem to forget.


The man tilted his head, “Trying to get this?”


Thank the fucking heavens, you sighed in relief as you smiled, “Y-yes actually! Thank you so much,”


He simply nodded as he handed you the towel. Upon handing you the paper towels, a sense of ardency seem to overwhelm you, but only for the briefest of moments. You nearly tripped on your own footing - while standing - from the feeling itself, but it was gone in an instant. You felt your heart spike up, as if adrenaline had suddenly rushed through your veins in that very moment. You looked at the man before you, but he didn’t seem to take much notice. You took another sharp intake of breath as you quickly turned away, hoping not to look like you’ve been struck with some odd epiphany about ducks or anything random or mundane.


“So why exactly are you reaching for those towels?” He asked as he looked up at the rows of paper towels placed neatly above the top shelf.


You sighed, finally getting your shit together. “Well, these new batches came in and I have to relocate those brands to a different aisle, but as you can see, I’m too short for it.” You explained.


“Why not use a ladder or something?” He asked, “I wish… But all the other ladders are being used right now, and the one that I usually used was damaged by some kid.” You sighed, “So I guess I have to do this manually,”


There was a pregnant pause between the two of you, as you count the number of paper towels on the top of the shelf to get yourself focused. And also to put your mind on something other than the man beside you.


“I could help you,”


Your eyes quickly shot towards the bald man whose focus still lay on the towels at the top shelf. You were taken aback, so far no customer in your line of work, so it was quite a surprise. “Oh, no no! Uh, you don’t have to! I don’t want to waste your tim--,”


“But I want to.” He cut you off. “Besides there’s not much for me to do anyways. Might as well help someone who needs it,”


At that no coherent words were able to leave your mouth. Is this professional? Is there some kind of law against this? I’m not so sure… Oh god what if it is? But why would there be a law against a customer helping out a worker? Your heart rate spiked like crazy, as a dozen words seem to accumulate in your throat but never seem to escape through your mouth. Though you did appreciate the offer, but putting what you were thinking right now into words didn’t seem to be working out for you at the moment.


The man took notice of your inability to reply, “Cat got your tongue or something?” He raised a brow. “It’s not like this will take hours, it’s just moving around towels,” He added.


With that you stuttered, muttering things to yourself that you yourself couldn’t even comprehend. What the hell is going on with you (Y/N)?? Get your shit together, what the fuck… You mentally slapped yourself. You have a job to do dammit, why are you like this all of a sudden. You quickly shook your head and took a quiet, but quick breath to recompose yourself.


“T-thank you… The offer is very appreciated,” You finally said.


“Mhm,” The bald man simply nodded before walking towards the box beside you. “So you just need to replace those brands with these huh,” He asked.


“Yup,” You nodded, a bit too eager.


You watched as the man hummed to himself once more before reaching up and grabbing the paper towels from the top shelf one by one, replacing each one with a different brand, handing each of the previous ones to you. You watched how easily he reached up to the top shelf, and you soon found yourself staring at his arms. They were very well defined arms. The guy was actually pretty built, his muscles bulging just the slightest whenever he bends his elbows, but it was still so mesmerizing watching him move. Eventually you caught yourself staring and quickly turned away, not wanting to seem creepy or anything of the matter.


Before you knew it though, he was already finished replacing the brands, and he announced it with a quick “Done,” and a quick dust of his hands.


You quickly shook your head, and smiled at him, “Thank you so much for your help!”


“It’s no problem,” He simply replied. As you went to place the previous brands of towels onto the box, you quickly paused as a thought crossed your mind.


“May I have your name sir?” You asked the man, who turned to you.


“Oh… it’s Saitama,” He replied.


As you heard the name, you repeated it in the back of your head. For some odd reason you felt as if the name was familiar. As if you had heard it before and had called the name numerous times. But you were sure you knew no one in your lifetime with that name. Saitama, well at least it’s not a bad name, You thought to yourself. You could remember the name, and you’d definitely remember that face. Well, you already did for the past couple weeks, you couldn’t get him out of your head anyways.


“And you’re (y/n) right? Nice name,” The man, Saitama pointed out.


You couldn’t help a sudden warm feeling that tingled throughout your body, but similarly like last time, it was only for a brief moment. You couldn’t exactly pinpoint why you somehow liked a stranger saying your name, and complimenting to. Usually you would just think of the gesture as nice, but it didn’t make you feel like this before.


Before you realized it, a faint blush tinged your cheeks and the tips of your ears from the compliment.


“Thanks… Yours isn’t pretty bad either,” You replied, wanting to return the kind gesture.


You got a small smile from the man in response, and it only seemed to deepen the redness that dusted your cheeks. You quickly looked down, What the fuck is happening to you (y/n)???? You couldn’t understand why you were so responsive to a person you know nothing about? Why are you feeling this way from this guy?


It was then you realized you had a job to do as you stared at the brands of paper towels placed neatly in the box before you. Oh yeah, you had to place these somewhere else. You quickly bent down and grabbed the box, “Oh crap I have to move these,” You silently swore to yourself.


“Oh and thank you so much for your help again! But I have to get moving,” You said to Saitama with a sheepish smile. He nodded, “Yeah no problem.” and with that you left.


As you walked down the aisle, you idled a bit with the carton box whilst the man refused to leave your thoughts. Your heart had certainly skipped a beat everytime you were in any close proximity with him and to be quite frank it was a bit frightening. It’s just that some random stranger manages to make you feel this way was both strange yet familiar.


Before you knew it you found yourself by the aisle that you were supposed to place these brands.


You groaned as you once again stared at the very top of the shelves.


How the fuck am I going to do this?? You thought to yourself as you grumbled in frustration, trying your best to even push and hopefully tip the damn towels on the shelves.


“Oh… You still stuck with that?”


The same man from earlier had just entered the aisle, seeing you in your very stressed state. He smiled as you continue to struggle, even on your tippy toes. You could practically feel a tear about to roll down your cheek.


“Yes… Please help me…”


The man ended up helping you, again. But you find yourself enjoying his company...



“I’m home!”


“Oh welcome back—,” Your roommate stopped in her tracks as you practically jumped onto the sofa and stuffed your entire face into the pillow. Lily watched as you kicked and rolled in excitement? Anger? Frustration? She couldn’t really tell if you were happy or you were upset.


“Uhh… (y/n)? You okay girl??” She hesitantly asked as you finally removed the fluffed pillow from your face. Your face was red, as if you were blushing, and your chest rose and fell so quickly. You looked as if you had just ran a thousand miles. Confused about your current state, Lily approached you and placed a palm on your forehead.


“What’s up??” She asked.


You finally looked up at her with wide eyes, “I don’t really know, b-but I feel like I’m being mind-controlled!”


Lily furrowed her brows as she sat beside you, “Wait, what do you mean by that?”


“I-I don’t know, i-it’s just… this guy makes me feel, weird everytime I’m close to him and I feel like I-I’m going through some kind of adrenaline rush like --”


“Ooooh, I think someone’s got a crush,” Lily cooed, and with that your mouth close shut.


“What?! No… T-that’s not it… I j-just - well, actually… I--” You started stuttering, incoherent words deciding to slip out of your mouth instead of the usual normal ones that you always let out. You hadn’t notice the deep red color starting to dust your cheeks as Lily continued to snicker.


“O… M… G, you definitely have a crush!” a large grin mischievously spread across her face as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down, putting a huge emphasis on the word ‘crush’. Lily acted like a child on a sugar rush most of the time. She started snickering and teasing you about your supposed crush. “Shut your trap you!” You yelled out and threw the pillow straight at her face, to which she dramatically fell down. “AH! How could you do this to me… I thought we were friendssss~ bleh,” She drawled out before she faked-passed out, laying her knuckles on her forehead. You rolled your eyes, and nudged your foot on the side of her waist, garnering an immediate interaction.


“NO! You know I hate being tickled ther-- hey!” She immediately jolted and shoved your foot away as you laughed triumphantly.


“Whatever, I’m going in my room!” You stood up and made a quick bee line to your room, “Hey wait! You haven’t told me the name of this mystery man -- h-hey! Wait up! Oh come on!!” You heard her muffled groan from the other side of the room. You rolled your eyes as you went to change out of your current outfit. But you found yourself idling with the hem of your shirt as your mind wandered back to the strange bald man. You still couldn’t understand if it was infatuation that you had for the man.

Saitama, that was his name… You muttered his name under your breath, your tongue moving effortlessly as you drawled out the ‘s’ for some time. You weren’t gonna forget that name anytime soon…