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Damn You Baldy

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A person who's ideally suited to one another. It's that person whom the universe had specifically made and chosen for you and you alone. A soulmate, is that someone who's going to be with you through thick and thin, and through the harsh waves of life. Someone who will bear the pain and burden with you, and will be with you even when the sun burns out. It's someone you can't imagine being without once you met them, and it's that someone you feel has filled a part of you you never knew was empty in the first place. It's someone who makes you whole, and you make them whole in return.


But it is universally agreed by nearly every living person on this godforsaken planet that before finding that soulmate, was a complete pain in the ass. 


Figuratively and literally. 


"Whatever pain you bear, I will be there with you,"


The saying was quite metaphorical literal in a sense, 


It was normal to figuratively and literally feel what your soulmate was feeling nowadays. Whatever physical pain was inflicted upon you, your soulmate would feel it as well. Quite troublesome and sometimes excruciatingly painful as it, it's the way of life for people. Some take pride in the marks that lay on their skin, indicating the mark they finally met their soulmate, while some just wither in embarrassment with the ridiculous marks that form on their body. It was quite obvious that someone had a particularly interesting meeting with their soulmate when a handprint mark was seen spread across someone's cheek. Now that's an introduction. Fortunately, there aren't any reports of a person dying from the pain inflicted on their soulmates, but unfortunately that would mean that whatever kind of agonizing torture someone's soulmate was in, their partner would definitely feel it as well. 


Being with your soulmate was quite literally, a pain in the ass. 


And for you, it was quite more than a pain in the ass.