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Gender Bend Tumblr Prompt's

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James licked his lips at the sight before him, pre-cum dripping from his erection as he shifted against the strong yet gentle rope that were wrapped around his wrists. The rope kept him pinned to the footboard’s metal post’s to keep him from touching out to touch the sight of Alec and Q.

Q’s black hair that was usually up in a professional bun was flowing loose down her back. Her fingers were raking through Alec’s short dirty blond hair from where his face was buried between her legs, licking and mouthing at her wet cunt. Her groans were like liquid ecstasy to James and he could only watch. Her thighs were clad in black silk hold up stockings, she was given added height thanks to the heels she had on. A matching lacey bra covered her small but perky breasts and she had a long silver chain around her neck with a simple key hanging between her breasts.

“So good for me love.” Q groaned as she jerked her hips towards Alec’s face, the naked man on his knees groaned out in response to the words. James shifted and let out his own groan when the toy that had been worked inside of him before he had been tied up to the bed moved just enough to brush against his prostate.

“I’m allowing you to make me cum, think of it as a reward for staying with me all this time.” Q smiled as she stroked Alec’s hair and James winced a bit at the obvious meaning behind her words.

“Thank you Mistress Q.” Alec looked up at her with hazy eyes, but pure adoration on his face and Q caressed his cheek with the same look on her face. James swallowed and he hoped one day he would get that same look from Q, he wanted to make it happen and he was willing to do anything for her as he always had been even if he didn’t realize it.

“That’s my good boy.” Q crooned before tapped his head and he dove back into eating her out with gusto. She arched her back as she leaned back against the wall, hooking one leg around Alec’s board shoulders, urging him on.

James could only watch and slightly bounce on the dildo as Q came undone by Alec’s mouth, body trembling, face flushing and helpless groans spilling from her red lips. Alec pulled back after little obvious licks to her tingling pussy, his chin a mess with her cum but he looked pleased with the results of his actions.

“Mm, you were always so good with your mouth.” Q traced Alec’s chin pleased with her orgasm before patting his cheek gently.

“Will you fetch me you’re favorite toy love?” Q asked, tilting her head towards the hidden in plain sight chest that James now knew contained all sorts of toys ranging from simple lube and vibrators to BDSM harnesses and whips.

Alec’s face lit up and he crawled over to the chest, giving them both a good view of the cage that was wrapped around his cock. James swallowed hard when Alec turned back to Q with a strap on with a wide black dildo attached to the front of the harness.

“Good choice love.” Q praised as he offered it up to her with a shy look on his face. She tilted her hips forward and watched as Alec expertly placed the harness around her hips before he sucked and licked at the dildo, intent on getting it wet with his saliva.

“You know me so well love.” Q praised watching Alec’s mouth move around her cock. “Now show me that greedy hole of yours and I’ll give you what you want.”

“Yes Mistress Q.” Alec blushed but he twisted around, pressing his forehead to the floor and knees were wide apart exposing his hole to Q who hummed as she gently swatted Alec’s ass. She knelt behind him, palming the flesh and looked up to make eye contact with James.

Q wickedly licked her lips before he thrusted her hips forward, pushing her cock deep into Alec. The agent groaned out happily at the feeling, and James echoed the groan as Q started to give gentle rolls of her hips.

Q draped her body across Alec’s back, her teeth nipping at Alec’s ear as her hips moved in time with the backward jerks Alec was giving as moans spilled from his lips.

“You’re so good for me love, you’re doing so well. You’ve come so far since we’ve started this, I’m so proud of you love.” Q praised Alec, an arm wrapped around his torso in a hug as their bodies were pressed together in an extremely intimate way.

“Do you want my to take the cage off tonight love? Tell me what you want, do you want to come with my cock up your ass?” Q asked, eyes flicking to James who was now actively riding the toy and his cock was leaking steadily by this point. It was from sheer force alone that he hadn’t come yet.

“N-No Mistress not yet. I want to… I want to…” Alec trailed off as he groaned when the toy hit against his prostate.

“You want to complete your training first don’t you love? You want to be able to come inside of me, just like I promised? Such a good boy for me, you’re perfect.” Q grinned happy at the choice her beautiful sub made. Alec’s breathing hitched at her words and the way she moved her hips as she spoke.

Q grinned when Alec all but collapsed on the floor, ass still up in the air as his caged cock trickled out cum the best it could with the cage tight around him. Q smiled as she unhooked the dildo from her harness and backed away leaving the toy inside of Alec in the way he loved. She kissed him gently as she settled him on his side so he was facing James, his eyes glassy and completely settled in his subspace and James fought back a spike of jealousy at the sight.

“Now, what to do with you?” Q swayed her hips as she tossed the harness onto the bed behind James, giving him a perfect sightline to her wet cunt that was inches away from him and just begging to be touched.

“You agreed to this, to all of this and I plan on training you more or less the same way I trained Alec. I’ve seen the way you watch him, us. You want this, you want to fall into subspace with my cock up your ass.” Q knelt in front of James, keeping her knees spread wide so he could clearly see her pussy.

“Or maybe, you would fall into subspace with your limbs tied and whip marks on your back and ass, you’d like a bit of pain wouldn’t you? Don’t worry pet, I’m very versatile.” Q purred as she raked her nails down his chest, watching as his nipples pebbled at the rough treatment and the images she was planting in his mind.

“Q…” James couldn’t believe the way his voice sounded and he gasped when a sudden sting came from his groin as Q pulled back her hand from where she slapped his cock.

“Mistress Q.” James tested out the name and groaned when her long fingers wrapped around him and stroked him a few times.

“Good boy.” She praised as she slowly touched him, cradling his balls every so often. She kept glancing behind her to check on Alec who was watching them with a dopey smile and he gave her a small nod showing her that he was good for now.

“Now before your training really starts, I’m going to let you choose how you come. Keep in mind, it will be a while before I let you come of your own free will again.” Q reached behind James so her chest was right in front of his face and he wanted to nip and lick at her hidden breasts but knew better now. She came back into his sight, holding an identical cock cage that Alec had in her hand. He swallowed back a whimper at the sight and his cock twitched.

“Now tell me pet, where do you want to come?” Q leaned forward to kiss and nip at the column of James throat.

James licked his lips and couldn’t stop his eyes from falling down her wet cunt and she let out a soft knowing chuckle.

“So predicable, but okay.” Q agreed and suddenly she was straddling his lap, one hand wrapped around his cock.

“Enjoy this pet, it will be a long while before you’ll feel it again.” Q promised as she sank down on his cock with ease, her body opening up for James cock. Both of them groaned at the sensations and she reached around to unlatch her bra before she tugged his face forward so he could access her chest better.

“Just like that.” Q groaned as she started to bounce up and down on James cock while his mouth started assaulting her nipples.

“Mistress.” James groaned out, eyes rolling up into his head as she squeezed around him and gyrated her hips in a way that had him helpless below her. Plus the dildo that was still pressing deeper and deeper into him, James couldn’t hold on much longer no matter how much he wanted to.

“Come for me pet, come for your Mistress like a good boy.” Q’s silky voice whispered in his ear and his control snapped. His hips jerked and he strained against the rope bondage as he spilled inside of her tight, hot cunt.

“Good boy.” She purred and he groaned when she climbed off of him and his seed spilled down her thighs out of her throbbing pussy. She gave him a knowing look and he gasped weakly as cool metal wrapped around his limp cock and a soft click made him look down at his new cock cage and the way the key to the lock was added to the chain around her neck.

“We’ll start your training tomorrow pet, now we are going to cuddle and tomorrow you can start the day by drawing all of us a bath. Alec makes to die for pancakes.” Q spoke softly, happily as she untied his wrists, kissing the bruises skin and slowly helped him to his feet, the toy slipping out of his ass making him whimper at the sudden empty feeling but soon he was wrapped up with soft, warm blankets and Alec was curled up next to him and he could feel the soft body of Q pressing against his back.

For the first time in a long while James felt safe and wanted and he never wanted for it to end.

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“Normally you’re not this shy Scarlett.” Len stated, stroking his thumb across the Speedster’s lower lip, slightly swollen from their make out sensation that ended up with them curled up on the couch in Barri’s apartment. Her long hair that was usually up in a ponytail was down around her shoulders and half way to sex hair, some strands were plastered to her flushed face and the right shoulder of her shirt was half way down her arm exposing the light blue strap of her bra.

“Len, I well… I have something to tell you.” Barri bit her lower lips looking nervous and Len didn’t like that look on her.

“You know you can tell me anything Barri.” Len brushed some of the strands off of her face and she looked away a flush rising up on her cheeks.

“You know how this is my first long term relationship?” She played with the hem of her red shirt, Len humming in agreement.

“Well… I uh, I’ve never actually you know… Done it with a guy, I mean I’ve given hand and blowjobs and stuff back in college but it was all drunken encounters and well… Yeah I’m a virgin and I want you to be my first.” Barri hurried through her speech, not making eye contact with her boyfriend. She gasped when strong fingers took her chin and she was dragged into a possessive kiss, which she melted into.

“It would be my honor Barri, thank you for trusting me with this.” Len breathed against her lips and smiled at the dazed look on her face.

“I trust you Len and I want you. I’ve wanted you for a while, but uh… I’m a virgin when it comes to penetration with a man, but well… I kind of… Toys?” She offered weakly and Len let out a laugh.

“Barri you naughty little minx, you’ll have to show me your toys later.” Len grinned at the new knowledge.

“Jerk.” She muttered before groaning when Len’s hands landed on the front of her shirt, groping her breasts through her shirt and bra.

“Just tell me if you need to slow down or stop, I don’t want to hurt you.” Len murmured as he leaned down to kiss at her throat.

“Mm, Len.” Barri groaned, head tilting back. She moved her arms when Len tugged the hem of her shirt up and over her head. Len took a second to appreciate the ice blue bra that Barri was wearing before he reached behind her to unhook it. She blushed but kept her arms at her side when her breasts were exposed to her lover. Len smiled reassuringly at her before he ducked his head down and swiped his tongue across her right nipple, left hand coming up to cup her other breast making her gasp and shiver against him.

Len mouthed at the areola, teasing the nub with his teeth before kissing across her chest to give the same treatment to her left breast while her fingers came up to grab at his head groans spilling from her lips as her hips jerked forward.

“Oh my god, Len.” She whimpered before gasping loudly when his right hand slipped up under the hem of her skirt, fingers stroking lightly at the front of her panties. Len moaned softly against her chest when he felt how drenched the fabric was and couldn’t hold back any longer.

Len pushed the fabric to the side and rubbed the pads of his fingers over her wet, throbbing pussy lips.

“You’re so wet already Scarlet, is this because of me?” Len teased as he applied more pressure, pulling back to look at the flushed and slack jaw expression that Barri was taking on.

“Yes, god yes. Please Len.” Barri’s voice hitched, as her hips started moving on their own, needing more of Len’s touch.

“If I had known you were this horny whenever I was around I could have gotten you off a lot sooner.” Len commented as he easily slipped his index finger into her, making Barri gasp and body jerk causing her breasts to bounce.

“Oh my god.” Barri gasped, nails digging into Len’s shoulders, as she pressed closer making his finger go deeper into her.

“Len’s fine Scarlet.” Len smirked as he kissed her lips as he rubbed his thumb over her clit, his lips swallowing her new groan.

“Bed, lets move to ahhh, the bed.” Barri whined, chest heaving with the new sensations.

Len smiled at the displeased noise she made when he tugged his finger out, letting the fabric of her panties slide back into place. Len scooped her up into his arms and hurried towards the bedroom, needing to get her clothes off of her fully.

He gently tossed her onto the bed and hurried out of his clothes before tugging her skirt and panties off fully, pushing her thighs apart before she could close them in embarrassment.

“You’re so beautiful Barri.” Len praised as he took in her naked, flushed body and glistening pussy that made his cock throb under the boxer’s he had left on.

“I want to see you too Len.” She smiled shyly at him as she sat up, trembling fingers hooking in the waistband of his boxers. Len just smiled and tilted his hips letting her pull the last piece of fabric off.

“Wow… You’re so much bigger than my toys… Are you sure you’ll fit?” Barri asked breathlessly as she slowly wrapped her fingers around Len’s wide, long erection.

“I won’t hurt you Barri, trust me.” Len said honestly seeing how nervous she was even as she stroked him making him harder and harder.

“Now lay back and let me make you feel good.” Len gently pushed her back onto the bed before settling down so his face was between her thighs. He winked up at her before pressing his lips to her slick folds. The reaction was instant; she groaned loudly her body trembling and legs shaking on each side of his head. Len licked at her, tasting her directly from the source. He pushed his tongue into her while bringing up his hand, he listened to the noises of pleasure she was making before he re added his finger into her while starting to thrust his tongue in and out of her at a quick pace.

“Len! Ahh, oh my god!” Barri arched her back, hand coming down to rest on the top of Len’s head tilting her hips towards him in a silent plead for more. Len hummed and she moaned louder at the vibrations and the way he slipped a second finger into her, spreading them wide and twisting his tongue in a way that had her legs shaking uncontrollably. Len focused on stretching her while making her feel better than any toy could and he was pleased when he could add a third finger. Her cunt sucking his fingers in by this point and he knew she was almost ready. He leaned up after giving her pussy one last rather harsh lick that had her whimpering. She reached for him with basically black eyes and he kissed her passionately, letting her taste herself on his lips.

She pulled him closer, legs hooking around his hips as he pumped his fingers in and out of her slowly, teasingly.

“Please Len, I can’t wait any more.” Barri begged she was throbbing painfully and needed more than just fingers inside of her.

“Okay, I’ve got you Barri.” Len promised as he pulled his fingers out of and he reached over to where he had spotted a condom and some lube, clearly she had been prepared for how their date was going to end. He rolled the condom onto his painfully hard erection and added copious amounts of lube onto his own length before drizzling some over her heated cunt, making her gasp at the feeling of the cool liquid.

“This is going to hurt, but if you’ve played with yourself you won’t bleed.” Len cupped her cheek with his clean hand while using his other hand to guide the tip of his cock between her pussy lips.

“I won’t, now please Len.” Barri agreed ass she wiggled her hips making him chuckle before he pushed in until the head of his cock popped through the resistance and he was basically sucked into her until he was fully inside of her tight heat. He kept his eyes on her the whole time in case of any signs of discomfort so he could stop but she took all of him with just pleasured gasps and little keens that made Len want to just give up control and fuck into her roughly. He stilled and waited for her to get her breathing back under control.

“I’m okay Len, you can move, fuck I need you to move.” Barri grabbed his arm, rolling her hips experimentally.

“Whatever you want Scarlet.” Len smiled as he leaned down to kiss her, moving his hips to get into the right rhythm with the one she was setting with the jerks of her own hips and the way she was clenching down around him.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Barri chanted, eyes rolling up into her head when his cock brushed over that spot inside of her that made her world explode around her. Len adjusted his angle and started to focus on that spot, needing to make her cum before he did.

“Right there, fuck Len, fuck!” Barri cried out in ecstasy she never felt before, nails digging into her boyfriend’s back as she felt a pressure build up in her gut and she clamped down on Len’s cock tightly only letting him give shallow thrusts and when Len’s teeth found her right nipple again she let out a scream of pleasure as her body arched underneath him.

Len swore as he orgasmed harder than he had ever before at the sight and feeling of Barri orgasming properly for the first time. He collapsed on top of her, his cock throbbing inside of her soaked cunt and he pressed absent kisses along her throat as Barri enjoyed her post-orgasm bliss.

“We… Are doing that again.” Barri panted out, nails gently scraping over Len’s scalp.

“You got it Scarlet, just maybe tomorrow yeah?” Len murmured as he settled under the feeling of Barri still warm and wet around his cock and the scrap of her nails against his scalp.

“…Good plan.” Barri agreed, voice sleepy but content and Len leaned up just enough to kiss her chastely before the two settled down still embraced together.

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Lena hummed along to the pounding music that flooded the club, she gasped as hands reached from behind her and cupped her breasts through her skimpy, almost sheer crop top that she had matched with a mini-skirt for her night out. She felt the outline of an erection brushing against her ass and she grinded back against the newcomer and grinned when she felt his fingers start to grope her through her top and bra.

“Like what you see?” Lena purred loud enough for the guy behind her to hear.

“Oh you’re the hottest slut I’ve seen in a while, that’s for sure.” The man’s voice rumbled in her ear, it wasn’t extremely deep but she shivered nevertheless.

“I think you’ll find something more interesting a bit lower.” She pushed her hips back against his erection in an obvious invite.

“I think so too.” She could basically hear the smirk and she gasped in time with the music when his hand slipped down past the waistband of her skirt and started rubbing at her bare pussy.

“You were just waiting for this weren’t you? You’re already so fucking wet.” The man sounded pleased as he started to toy with her wet cunt, making her wetter than she was before. He slipped a finger into her, thumb pressing down harshly on her clit making her gasp and reach back to grab onto his neck as she grinded keeping up the pretense of dancing.

“I bet I could make you come just like this.” The man mused and Lena smirked as she reached down and withdrew his hand from her skirt before spinning around and grabbing the outline of his cock.

“Not even with this could you make me come on this dance floor. Now I’m going to find a real cock to make me come, ciao.” She pecked his cheek, patting his cock before weaving her way through the dance floor. She was nearing the seedy bathroom when a large hand caught her wrist and she spun around to tell the man off but paused when she caught site of the handsome face and solid, buff figure along with the obvious erection that was in his jeans and she felt her cunt pulse needily at the sight.

“Hi there.” Lena purred as she twisted her wrist in order to lace their fingers together and she yanked him closer so they were pressed against each other.

“I saw you on the floor, you okay?” The man rumbled and she felt her knees go a bit weak.

“Did you think I needed saving? Maybe I liked it, maybe I wanted more?” She raised an eyebrow at him and he rumbled in his throat.

“I left because his cock felt far too small to be of any use to me, but you on the other hand…” She smirked as she rubbed the front of his jeans making him groan lowly.

“I’m so fucking wet right now I bet you’d slide in with no problems.” Lena stated playfully and grinned when he all but growled and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her into the bathroom and into the last stall. She grinned when she was manhandled into the club’s bathroom. She pulled the hem of her skirt up and braced herself against the wall that made up one side of the stall.

“Come on big boy, we have to make this quick or my boyfriend will come looking.” She grinned wolfishly at the man over her shoulder, groaning at the sight of his thick, hard cock standing erect out of his jeans. He was sliding his hand over himself to spread the pre-cum as he grinned at her words and at her soaked cunt between her spread legs.

“Maybe if you can make me cum, I’ll let you come in me and I’ll make my boyfriend clean me of it tonight.” She tossed in and gasped happily when he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her. With no pause for rest he started roughly slamming in and out of her, breathing heavy in her ear while she arched against him enjoying every moment of the rough treatment.

“Does your boyfriend know what a slut you are?” He asked as he reached up under her shirt and bra to palm her breasts.

“He fucking loves it when I come home full of another man’s cum.” Lena grinned as she was rocked back and forth from the rough thrusts.

“I’m gonna fill your slutty little cunt full of my cum then, I want you to drip my seed when you walk across that dance floor.” The man growled.

“Oh yes, god yes, fuck me harder!” Lena pushed back and groaned when he smacked her ass a few times before pounding back into her.

“Fucking take it slut.” He groaned in her ear and she felt his cock throbbing deep inside of her and she couldn’t help but clench down on him tightly as a pressure gave way in her stomach. She slapped a hand over her own mouth to muffle her cry of pleasure as she came, her cum dripping past the man’s cock and she whimpered when she felt his cum warm her gut. He smirked against her shoulder before pulling back, tucking his dirtied cock into his jeans and smacked her ass watching some of his cum drip from her red and swollen pussy lips.

“Fuck that’s a good sight, see you around slut.” The man grinned as she tugged her skirt back into place as he opened the door and he was gone and Lena couldn’t help but run her fingertips through the cum on her thighs and licked her fingers clean with a smirk on her face.


“So did you have fun?” Barry asked as he tugged off his pants looking at Lena who was lounging on their large bed, legs spread wide and dried cum splattered over her thighs and cunt.

“That was the best.” Lena said happily as Mick leaned down to kiss her.

“Fucking you against the bathroom stall was fun.” He grinned and Lena hummed her agreement.

“Next time Mick gets to be the guy who gets rejected.” Barry huffed; he had fun as well even if he didn’t get to finger fuck their girlfriend on the dance floor like he wanted to.

“Alright, alright.” She promised, waving him over and a knowing look crossed Mick’s face.

“You know, you promised that you’d get your boyfriend to clean you of my cum when you got home.” Mick purred and Barry groaned as his eyes drifted to their favorite place on their lover.

“A promise is a promise, get over here Scarlet.” Lena grinned as Barry hurried to settle between her legs and she let out a hoarse groan as Barry’s talented mouth went to work on her thighs and tongue twisted around her pussy before prodding inside of her. Lewd slurping and squishing noises came from where Barry was actively eating her out and Mick propped himself up on his elbow to watch the sight of his lovers intently.

“Just like that Barry.” Lena encouraged, pushing his head forward as she tangled her fingers in his hair, tugging every so often as she got wet again at his actions. Barry hummed at the fresh wetness on his face and put more effort into his actions, wanting to make her cum at least once that night.

Lena groaned, locking her legs around Barry’s shoulders as she grinded against his face. Mick reached down to fondle her breasts knowing how much she liked it, she grinned hazily up at him before groaning in pleasure when Barry’s tongue found that spot. After everything they had done that night she was screaming moments later as she arched violently into their touches as she came over Barry’s face.

She collapsed onto the bed, totally exhausted and she smiled dopily at the sight of Mick dragging Barry and his cum covered face into a kiss before she made grabby hands at them and they curled up on either side of her.

“You should make more promises like that.” Barry muttered and Lena giggled as her head was tucked underneath Mick’s chin as he rumbled his agreement and she sighed as she drifted off to sleep.

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Harley smothered a gasp from where she was peering into Professor Snart’s classroom. Professor Snart had Professor Allen bent over the side of his desk, his hips moving quickly and hard not giving Harley any sights of his cock as he fucked into the other man’s ass. She bit her lower lip and found her hand was already down past the waistband of her plaid skirt. She didn’t bother to stop, she will admit to fantasy’s about seeing her two favorite Professor’s together like this but she had been between them. She wasn’t complaining though, Professor Allen sounded like pure sin as Professor Snart who was biting at his neck now as he roughly fucked into him.

Harley started rubbing her fingers over her cunt, not even bothered by how wet she already was. She cupped her left breast with her free hand and was glad she had forgone a bra underneath her white blouse and just added a skinny tie instead. She will be the first to admit that she had a massive school uniform kink and so what if she was in College now? She still liked wearing it and if she happened to only wear it to Professor Snart and Allen’s classes then so what?

“Miss Rathaway, if you want to watch come get a better view at least.” Professor Snart’s voice made her startle, but she withdrew her hand and confidently walked into the room, shutting the door firmly behind her. She wasn’t ashamed, not at all.

“There she is.” Professor Snart grinned as he rubbed circles on Professor Allen’s hip, still buried inside of him.

“This is your fault you know.” Professor Allen turned his flushed face to her and she blushed at how amazing he looked like this.

“What is Professor?” She asked innocently.

“You can drop the Professor thing Harley, as we’ve told you many times.” Len reminded her.

“Yes Leonard.” Harley smirked. “Now Barry, how is this my fault exactly?”

“You and your school girl outfits, the way you sit front row centre with your legs spread wide showing off those panties that always seemed to be soaking by the time our lecture’s are over.” Len named off the reasons.

“We came here to talk about it with each other and then well.” Barry blushed when Len shifted reminding them all that he was still buried inside of Barry.

“So what I’m getting here is that you both want me and instead of bending me over your desks you fuck each other?” Harley toyed with the hem of her skirt looking up at them with a knowing smirk.

“You’re our student.” Barry stammered when he understood what she was laying out for them.

“I’m of age and I’m giving my full consent.” Harley strode closer.

“We won’t be gentle.” Len warned, as he looked her up and down.

“Just how I like it.” She assured him.

“We’ll use you however we like, you’ll just be our fuck hole nothing more.” Len carried on as he slowly pulled out of Barry giving Harley her first good look of his cock and it was bigger than her toys by far and her cunt throbbed and she couldn’t wait to have that inside of her. Barry wasn’t as thick as Len as he leaned against the desk, his cock was longer and more curved and she wanted to see if it could choke her.

“Can’t wait… Professor’s.” She purred and she saw them exchange looks and nods and she knew that she was going to have fun.

“Show us what panties you wore today?” Barry suggested as he reached into the desk draw to withdraw a bottle of lube and a box of condoms. Harley lifted her skirt up to show them the white lace that was soaked at the front already.

“Naughty little slut.” Len purred as he stepped forward and ripped her shirt open, cupping her bare breasts roughly making her groan at the touch.

“Yes Professor.” She crooned before gasping when he tugged her over to the desk, bending her over with a strong grip.

“You wanna keep her mouth busy for a while?” Len glanced at Barry who was fisting his cock.

“Hell yeah, I’ve been wanting to do this since she first stepped into my class. Now open that pretty mouth of yours.” Barry moved so he was sitting on the edge of the desk with a slight wince and spread his legs to fit her body between them. He twisted his fingers in her long blonde hair and tugged her face towards his erection.

“Mmm, thank you for this meal Professor.” Harley grinned as she opened her mouth and swallowed Barry’s cock the best she could.

“Well all her mouthing off seems to have paid off, she’s a good cocksucker.” Barry told Len who had just finished rolling the condom onto his cock and lube over himself.

“I’ll try her mouth out after.” Len grinned as he flipped up her skirt and tugged her soaked panties down to tangle around her knees. He took himself in hand and ran the tip of his cock over her slick folds, feeling her throbbing with arousal.

“But for now, I’m going to turn this pretty little cunt into a fuck hole.” Len smirked and Barry rolled his eyes, Len was such a dirty talker and he knew it. He pushed the head of his cock into her, growling when he felt some resistance. Before he slid in the rest of the way smoothly and fuck it was a good as he hoped.

“Is she tight like a virgin or loose like a whore?” Barry asked as he used his grip on Harley’s hair to jerk her forward down onto his cock, to take him further into her mouth, which she willingly did.

“Something in between, good to know she hasn’t been bending over for every guy on campus.” Len remarked as he smacked her ass, liking the way her pale skin reddened before he grabbed her hips and started to pound into her.

“I think she likes that.” Barry grinned as Harley groaned helplessly before she deep-throated Barry’s cock.

“Of course she does.” Len grinned as he smacked her ass again. Len groaned he could feel his climax approaching after having been fucking Barry’s tight, pert ass before Harley had joined them.

“I’m not gonna last.” Len grunted out making Barry look up from where Harley was bobbing her head, sucking his cock happily.

“You can use the slut’s mouth after.” Barry suggested and Len nodded his agreement before letting out a cry as he came, filling the condom of his seed. Len took a moment to regain his breath before he pulled out; he removed the condom and tied it off tossing it in the trash.

Barry yanked her mouth off of his cock, taking the offered condom from Len. He moved off the desk so he and Len could swap positions as he rolled the condom on and stood behind Harley who looked up at Len who placed his cock against her lower lip.

“Keep me warm our pretty little cocksucker.” Len ordered and she wrapped her lips around his limp cock and just let him sit inside of her warm, wet mouth.

“You wrecked her cunt.” Barry complained as he used his thumbs to pull her pussy lips apart, still glistening with lube.

“That’s sloppy seconds for you, but does it really matter? A fuck hole is a fuck hole after all.” Len grinned when Barry smacked her ass making her whimper around his cock.

“Too true, ah fuck she still feels so good on my cock.” Barry groaned out as he slipped inside of her, going deeper than Len did making Harley squirm and gasp around the cock in her mouth.

“From now on, when you come to our classes you don’t wear panties and you want until after everyone leaves, understood?” Len asked Harley as Barry fucked into her with steady, precise control that he always seemed to have.

Harley nodded the best she could as she groaned around Len’s cock when Barry’s cock hit against her G-Spot in a way that had her coming a moment later, pussy clenching down around Barry’s cock as she squirted around him.

“Fuck she squirted, that’s so damn hot.” Barry groaned, head dropping back as he filled the condom with his own seed.

“So you’re just as good as we thought you’d be. No going back now, you’re our personal fuck hole Harley.” Len tugged her head up, his cock falling out of her mouth.

“Yes Professor’s, I’m looking forward to it.” She smiled hazily, feeling sore from her jaw down to her knees where her panties were now being pulled up to settle around her soaked, sensitive cunt.

“That’s our good cock slut.” Barry patted her ass with a smirk that mirrored the one on Len’s face as they looked down at their new lover.

Chapter Text

d’Artagnan bit her lower lip to stop from breaking her straight face façade. She shifted a bit in her chair as she tapped her pen against the papers in front of her that were handed out at the start of the meeting. She gave Aramis a side glance to see him sporting his usual smug smirk as if he didn’t have his hand between her legs, fingers rubbing and teasing her getting wetter by the moment cunt.

d’Artagnan was throbbing and had to stop the urge to not only clench her thighs together but to push down on the talented fingers. She turned her attention back to the meeting and hide a smirk when she saw Aramis frown for a moment and she swallowed back a gasp almost too late when two of his fingers pressed inside of her completely. She couldn’t help but squeeze down on his fingers almost on reflex and she huffed quietly when she spotted a triumphant smirk appear on Aramis’ face.

d’Artagnan let out a quiet sigh of relief when the meeting was finished moments later, but she couldn’t exactly move with Aramis’ fingers buried inside of her cunt and now his thumb was pressing against her clit making her hips buck a bit before she got herself under control.

She was so focused on making sure she didn’t show any reactions she didn’t notice they were the only one’s left in the room, the blinds still pulled down over the windows.

“You impressed me d’Artagnan, I thought for sure you would crack.” Aramis spoke, eyes full of lust as he started to pump his fingers in and out of her, quiet lewd noises were being created at the movement. She let out a soft groan and didn’t bother to hide the buck of her hips.

“I think I’ll reward you for that.” Aramis withdrew his fingers chuckling at the cut off whine of displeasure that d’Artagnan gave before she cut herself off.

“What are you talking abou-ooohhhh.” d’Artagnan groaned, head dropping back over the back of the chair when Aramis knelt between her now spread legs and his mouth descended on her wet sex.

“Oh my god, Aramis!” She hissed out, still conscious of them being in the conference room and anyone could hear or walk in on them like this. She grabbed onto his rather perfect hair for some sort of balance as she made aborted jerks of her hips while his tongue and lips made her wetter and hornier than when he was fingering her under the table.

“You taste so good d’Artagnan.” Aramis purred, she barely heard him as his face was still pressed against her pussy and didn’t wait for a respond as he went back to licking her. She shuddered and curled over Aramis’ head, clutching at his hair as she muffled her own groan behind her hand as something exploded in her stomach and Aramis groaned happily as he licked all of her cum, until her cunt was tingling and somewhat clean. Aramis leaned back on his heels and grinned at her, his chin soaked with her cum making her blush. He wiped her chin clean with his hand before licking his fingers clean.

“Oh my god Aramis, stop that!” She buried her face in her hands, feeling her cheeks heating up at the sight.

“Oh you better hurry d’Artagnan, don’t want to be late for that call with your client.” Aramis winked as he rose to his feet and adjusted his erection in his pants before sauntering out of the room only when d’Artagnan stood up, clothes back in place like they hadn’t just got it on.

“Jerk.” d’Artagnan blushed as she tugged at her skirt one more time before she entered her office and blinked at the sight of Porthos sitting on her chair with a familiar shit-eating grin on his face.

“Porthos, you know I have a call with my client in a few minutes.” She strode over to her desk to get her headset up and running, she stopped when she felt large hands run down her back and over the curve of her ass.

“You did well, keeping your face straight while Aramis played with you.” Porthos gave his approval before his large hand slipped around her thigh and ran his fingers over her still sticky and wet cunt.

d’Artagnan whimpered a bit at the new touch to her still sensitive pussy and she as yanked back onto Porthos’ lap, feeling his erection sliding against her ass. He rucked her skirt up just enough and rocked his hips forward, sliding his cock against her pussy, making her cunt throb and twitch at the touch.

“Porthos, I have call!” d’Artagnan insisted before his hand covered her mouth just as he pulled her downwards, impaling her on his cock. d’Artagnan squirmed on his lap as she adjusted to the new stretch and burn, so different from Aramis’ mouth and fingers but damn Porthos was not a small man and it felt wonderful.

d’Artagnan jerked when she heard her phone ringing and she looked at the headset.

“You better get that d’Artagnan.” She could hear the grin in Porthos’ voice as he jerked his hips up making her groan before she shook her head and pulled her headset on.

“Hello Mr. Rochefort, how are you doing today?” She asked trying to keep her voice level, not sounding like she was stuffed full with her co-worker’s cock.

Porthos reached around to slide his hands up underneath her shirt and bra to pinch her nipples while giving small rolls of his hips before they turned into shallow thrusts. He grinned when he heard her voice hitch for a moment before she carried on like nothing was wrong, he didn’t want to mess up this call for her too badly but he did need to move.

He started off slow but before long he had her bouncing up and down on his cock, her voice was steady but he could tell she was feeling it by the way she was grinding down on him and her cunt was becoming soaked and clenching around him every other movement.

“Thank you for your time today Mr. Rochefort, I’m sorry I have to cut our call short something has come up that needs my attention…Yes, I will email those to you later, yes thank you. Good-bye Mr. Rochefort.” d’Artagnan tossed her headset off after hearing the dial tone and let out a groan as she rested her head back against Porthos’ shoulders.

“Such a good girl.” Porthos chuckled and slammed up harder into her, enjoying her gasps and keening noise.

“Porthos, please, fuck don’t tease me anymore.” d’Artagnan started to bounce up and down on his cock, hand going down to rub at her own clit.

“Of course love, but we have a meeting with Athos now. You’re going to have to wait.” Porthos lifted d’Artagnan up off his cock and she whined as he pulled her outfit back into place, knowing full well how open, wet and needy she was at this moment.

“Come on, you know Athos doesn’t like it when we are late for his reviews.” Porthos said cheerfully as he tucked himself back into his dress slacks and headed towards the door.

“Bastard.” d’Artagnan grumbled annoyed as she checked her up-do before following Porthos, they met up with a smug as always Aramis and entered their boss’s office.

“Right on time, that’s a first. Porthos, Aramis have a seat, d’Artagnan come over here.” Athos stood up from his chair when the trio entered his office, the door locking shut behind them. Porthos and Aramis settled in their chairs in front of the suspiciously clear desk while d’Artagnan walked around to stand next to Athos.

“How did she do today?” Athos asked as he tipped her head back taking in her flushed state and dilated pupils.

“Kept it together during the meeting.” Aramis reported as Athos slowly unbuttoned the front of d’Artagnan’s blouse showing her white lace bra.

“Almost lost it during her phone call but didn’t once stutter or let on that she had my cock inside of her.” Porthos reported as Athos pulled off d’Artagnan’s skirt, seeing how wet she still was.

“Clearly you aren’t fucking her correctly, let me show you how you get her to break her focus.” Athos smirked as he felt how open she still was.

d’Artagnan grinned when she found herself on her back, spread open on Athos’ desk and he was rubbing his cock against her pussy, using her juices to slick himself up. She reached down and held her legs by the hollows of her knees blushing but Damnit she was horny as hell and so empty. She needed Athos and she needed him now.

“Porthos left you needy huh? That wasn’t very good of him.” Athos sent Porthos a smirk and suddenly he was fully inside of d’Artagnan. She let out a soft cry, back arching and chest heaving as Athos started to thrust in and out of her steadily.

“Now tell me about the week’s earning reports.” Athos spoke causally to the other two who were stroking their own cocks while he pounded into d’Artagnan, hands on either side of her hips as she was pushed up the desk. She heard the others start to talk, like they were just in a daily meeting but she couldn’t focus any more.

d’Artagnan’s head was hazy and all she could feel was Athos’ cock sliding in and out of her and how much she wanted more. She jerked her hips up to meet Athos’ thrusts and was pretty sure he asked her something but she could only groan and let her head drop down onto the desk as his thrusts grew harder and faster in a way that was having her come undone.

d’Artagnan gasped when she felt warm liquid hit her chest and she opened her eyes, not noticing she had closed them and saw Aramis and Porthos looking wrecked but still looking at her like she was an angel. That look plus the way Athos’ cock hit against that place inside of her had her crying out in pleasure as her orgasm rushed through her, leaving her twitching and loose limped on Athos’ desk. Athos pulled his cock out just in time to coat her cunt with his cum and everything turned dark for a moment.

“When you feel up to it love, we’ll go home and get you some food and a bath, don’t worry.” d’Artagnan heard as her senses returned to her, feeling dried cum on her chest and pussy and a dull ache inside of her and tingling of her pussy.

“There you are how do you feel?” Athos’ voice reached her next and she felt a glass being placed at her lips and she swallowed the water happily.

“Good, so good.” d’Artagnan slurred and got soft laughter in return and softer kisses were pressed against her face. “Love it when we do this.”

“We love it too baby.” Aramis reassured their lover and she gave them a happy smile.

Chapter Text

Barry slowly stroked himself as he watched the perfect sight before him, a muffled moan making him grip himself a bit harder as Lena squirmed from her place on the bed.

Barry had her wrists tied to a spreader bar that was hanging down from a hook in the ceiling; she was in the middle of her bed on her knees. Her pert breasts were bouncing with every move she made as her hips jerked against the Hitachi magic wand that was shoved down her panties, pressing hard against her pussy on the highest level. Her pretty red painted lips were stretched around a just as red ball gag and her white blonde hair was plastered to her face as she grinded against the vibrator obvious need in her actions.

Barry moved over to the bed to kneel down behind Lena, hand coming down to smack her ass in warning.

“What did I say about trying to come?” Barry questioned and Lena made a muffled noise behind her gag.

“Right, not until I’m inside of you. Usually this is where I would toy with you and decide which hole I’ll use tonight, but my decision is easier. After all two of your holes are already so busy, I’ll just use your tightest one.” Barry spoke aloud as he poured lube over his fingers and shoved his middle finger into her ass.

Lena jerked in her bonds, it wasn’t the first time Barry had fucked her ass through so she settled moments later as Barry used his fingers to stretch her ass open enough for his cock. Barry grabbed her hips, peering over her shoulder to make sure the magic wand was still in place, teasing her in the way she loved. He grinned and slowly inched his cock into her tight, hot ass.

Lena leaned back against him as he started a slow, but hard rhythm as he slid in and out of her ass. His hands ran up her stomach to squeeze and fondle her chest as he used his hips alone to fuck her ass, forcing her forward and further onto the vibrator making her gasp and moan as the vibrations and the feeling of Barry’s large cock in her ass all became too much for her. She let out a muffled scream as she came, body shaking and hips jerking uncontrollable only for Barry to wrap his arms tight around to her to hold her in place as he pounded her ass through her orgasm.

She sagged limply against Barry, whimpering around the gag as the vibrations hummed against her sensitive cunt making her wiggle in an effort to get away as it was overwhelming. Barry noticed this and tugged the wand out of her soaked panties and she let out a quiet breath of relief.

Barry bit down on her neck to muffle his own groan as he came, filling her tight ass hole with his seed liking that he didn’t need a condom when he fucked her there and that was one of the reasons he liked playing with her ass so much. Still buried balls deep in her ass, Barry reached up to untie her wrists from the spreader bar before easing the gag out of her mouth. He held her tight when she slumped back against him, totally out of it.

“I’ve got you Lena.” Barry promised as he lowered them onto their sides on the bed, cock not moving from its place inside of her and he curled up around her kissing the bite mark he left on her shoulder.

“Did you enjoy that?” Barry asked kissing her cheek next getting a slow nod from her.

“So much, you know I love it when you do that to me.” Lena said, voice slurring and Barry grinned at the wrecked state he caused her to be in.

“Tomorrow I’ll play your ass instead of your pussy baby.” Barry promised.

“Promises, promises.” Lena chuckled fondly before closing her eyes to get some deserved rest.

Chapter Text

“This is stupid, I mean what the hell kind of power is gender swap?” Hartley, or rather Harley Rathaway raved as she entered the house the Rouges were using as a safe house for the time being.

“Whose there?” Mick’s growl echoed around the house.

“It’s Hartley dumbass! I got whammied by some Meta on the way home and now I have boobs!” Harley raved annoyed as she stormed into the living room where Mark, Len and Mick were sitting. All of the Alpha’s on edge but relaxed when they recognized the scent, but their eyes easily found her new chest.

“So… Harley, you’re a girl now?” Len raised an eyebrow while Mark sniffed the air interested.

“Apparently.” Harley said dryly.

“You’re sweating.” Mick stated eyes going wide.

“Yeah I think it’s a side effect of being whammied.” Harley wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

“I don’t think so Hart.” Mark commented as he stood up, walking over to her slowly.

“What?” Harley asked concerned now.

“You’re I heat. Whatever that Meta did to you, it kick started your heat.” Len rose to his feet along with Mick.

“What? Oh god, no, no. I’m on suppressors!” Harley denied but Mark touched her arm and she let out a loud keen as her knees buckled and Mark caught her lowering her to the floor.

“I don’t think Meta power’s care about that sort of thing.” Mick said weakly, brushing her hair off of her face.

“What do you want to do? Do you want to ride it out alone? We can leave and I can call Lisa, she’s a Beta and well a girl…” Len trailed off.

“Or we can stay and help you through your heat.” Mark spoke up next.

“As your Alpha’s because male or female you are our Omega.” Mick said quickly before Harley could say it was because she was female now.

“It’s your choice.” Len promised.

“I…I want you guys to stay and help me… As my Alpha’s.” Harley said firmly and stepped out of her clothes without delay and stared at them until they go the message and stripped out of their clothes as well.

“But how is this going to work? I know how the Omega female body works from school but uh…” Harley blushed at the sight of the three Alphas and their massive Alpha cocks.

“You have three holes, pretty straight forward I think.” Mick raised an eyebrow as Harley closed her legs to stop them from seeing how wet she was getting from just seeing them naked like this.

“My ass? Are you kidding?” Harley’s voice raised a pitch making the Alpha’s wince at the volume.

“Let me show you Damnit.” Mark had enough and flipped her onto her stomach, lifting her ass into the air and before Harley could even fight back, he wiggled his finger into her ass and she let out a gasp.

“Ohhh.” She groaned out as pleasure emitted from her ass and slick trickled down her ass cheeks.

“Female Omega’s ass’s are another source of pleasure and they self lubricate like your cunt does.” Mark explained as he added a second finger and grinned when Harley started to push back against the digits, a small whine building up in her throat.

“I’ll take her mouth then.” Len grinned as Mick reached around to rub at her wet pussy making her groan and jerk down to the touch.

“Up we go.” Mark withdrew his fingers and lifted Harley up at the same he pushed his cock into her ass while Mick moved so he was below Harley whose mouth was open in a loud, long groan and her eyes were hazy from being penetrated by an Alpha’s cock.

“Slow, don’t overwhelm her.” Mick warned and Mark grumbled but lowered her slowly so Mick’s cock slipped inside of her wet cunt, that opened up easily for the Alpha’s cock.

Harley was on her hands and knees, Mick’s mouth attacking her nipples while his cock rammed in and out of her cunt while Mark pounded in and out of her ass. She looked up with lust filled eyes when Len’s scent hit her full on as his cock came into her sight line. She opened her mouth in an invitation and not the mention the fact her mouth was watering at the sight of the Alpha’s cock.

“Good girl.” Len grinned when she latched onto his cock with focus, sucking at the head before swirling her tongue along the shaft before she started to bob her head in time with the thrusts Mick and Mark were giving into her.

“You look perfect like this.” Mick praised as he fondled her breasts while pushing himself deeper into her and her eyes rolled up into her head groaning around Len’s cock.

“Fuck I’m gonna knot soon.” Mark growled, fingers digging into her hips as he rolled his hips to go deeper into her.

“Me too, fuck she’s so good and tight.” Mick grunted and Len smirked as he stroked her blonde hair soothingly, knowing that he would never knot her mouth as it was a danger to her and his Alpha instinct rejected the idea strongly.

“Come on Alpha’s, knot me, breed me.” Harley begged after moving her mouth off of Len’s cock before diving back in making Len chuckle.

“You heard our Omega, knot her good.” Len grinned and Mark groaned as his knot swelled and he pushed it into her ass, keeping them locked together as he started to pump her full of his cum. Mick doing the same, watching in awe as her pussy stretched around his knot and swallowed his cum.

Harley whimpered around Len’s cock as her Alpha’s knot’s stretched her and their cum started to fill her making her feel warm from the inside. She gasped startled when Len’s cum flowed over her tongue, not having expecting that but she swallowed it all on reflex before Len pulled back and palmed her cheek with a loving look.

“You’re doing so well for us, our pretty Omega.” Len crooned soothingly and she gave him a small smile as the two Alpha’s knots throbbed inside of her and another load of cum flooded into her making her whimper.

“Just relax.” Len helped lower Harley onto Mick’s chest and Mark knelt behind her the best he could with his knot still stuck in her ass, both Harley and Mick groaned as the movement forced his knot deeper into her.

“You okay?” Mick asked quietly, stroking her hair as Len settled beside them, stroking her hair as well.

“So okay.” She smiled at them before closing her eyes to enjoy the bliss that came from orgasming and having two of her Alpha’s knots inside of her and her third comforting her while they waited. Maybe that Meta did her a favor, she would decide in the morning.

Chapter Text

“You know I’m getting sick of this Lena, this is the third time this week you’ve tried to do heists and none of them have been successful.” Barry tugged off his cowl as he looked at Captain Cold who was for some reason sport a smirk on her face; hood and goggles pushed back and white blonde hair in a fishtail braid.

“Aw you don’t like seeing little old me? That’s cold Barry.” She pouted and Barry ran his hand through his hair in annoyance.

“I do have other things to do Lena, god you’re being such a brat.” Barry rolled his eyes.

“What are you going to do about it? Bend me over your knee and spank me?” Lena scoffed but she felt her cunt throb at the mere thought.

“I might if it gets you to stop.” Barry said half considering the idea and a smile spread across his lips when he saw her shift, so her thighs rubbed together.

“Oh I think you’d like that, well let’s see.” Barry used his speed and suddenly he was sitting on a chair in his empty apartment he had sped them to after the failed robbery. She was bent across his lap and he yanked down her pants and panties until they rested just under the curve of her ass.

“Barry!” She gasped before letting out helpless groan when his hand came down on her ass.

“I’ll give you 10 and we’ll go from here, after all naughty girl’s get punished.” Barry ran his hand over her ass before bringing his hand down again, grinning when she groaned and humped against him almost on reflex. Barry used his speed to deliver 5 more quick spanks that had her gasping and writhing on his lap. He gave the remaining three slaps quickly, feeling his own cock starting to fill at the sight of her red ass and her squirming on his lap.

“You took them well, now let’s see if my theory was right…Oh would you look at that, you’re so wet already.” Barry groaned when he reached between her thighs and stroked at her drenched pussy.

“Oh this is going to be fun and maybe if you’re good I’ll even let you come.” Barry smirked as he slipped a finger into her tight cunt making her gasp and arch at the feeling, but he placed his forearm over her back to keep her in place and used his powers to vibrate his hand. She let out a keen at the strong vibrations as he added a second finger and slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her all while vibrating.

“Oh my god!” She whimpered, even her strongest vibrator had nothing on this and she couldn’t help but hump down against Barry’s thighs needing more friction.

“Keep moving like that and I’ll have to tie you up.” Barry warned as he pressed his vibrating thumb against her clit making her gasp and wiggle even more.

“Brat.” Barry tsk’ed when she disobeyed his warning, then in a gust of wind their positions were changed. She was stripped naked and her legs were draped over the arms of the chair where rope were looped around her calves to keep her legs open and her arms were tied up over her head.

Barry was still fully clothed, but he was kneeling between her legs with a sedative look on his face as he looked up from her wet core.

“Now let’s see how long you last until your begging to come.” Barry said in a voice Lena didn’t think was possible of Barry Allen but it sent shivers down her body. Barry raised his vibrating hand again and pressed his fingers against her clit making her buck her hip and strain against the ropes.

Barry leaned down as he moved his finger down to push two of them back into her tight hole, he vibrated his tongue and then pressed it against her clit. Lena let out a cry as she jerked against the ropes while Barry ever so slowly fingered and licked her knowing full well what he was doing to her.

Lena let out a strangled sob as she felt her orgasm building and she started to jerk her hips needily but gasped when Barry pulled away from her completely before spanking her pussy making her whimper and she was throbbing with need.

“None of that, you’ll come if I allow you to.” Barry tsk’ed as he reached up to pinch her pebbled nipples to make his point. Lena twisted against the sudden pinches and sighed when she felt her need for her orgasm to disappear.

Barry nodded more to himself and stood up, Lena licked her lips absently watching as he pulled himself free of his suit pants, he was dripping pre-cum, long and hard. She couldn’t help the small jerk of her hips as he stroked himself before grabbing the base of his cock.

Barry gave Lena a smirk before he pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy before he started to slide his cock between her pussy lips, making her moan and flex her cunt as he started to vibrate his cock as he teased her with the tip of his cock. He pressed the head of his cock against her clit and she thrashed against the sensations of the teasing. She keened, back arching when Barry pressed just the tip of his cock inside of her, giving her a small taste of what him being inside of her could feel like before he pulled back to slap his cock against her cunt a few times.

“This is all your going to get today Lena.” Barry stated and chuckled.

“I thought you were the good guy here.” She gasped when he moved his cock away completely before he plunged three of his vibrating fingers back into her, resting them there keeping her spread wide around his digits.

“You’re being punished remember.” Barry reminded her as he leaned down to lick at her nipples, getting them wet so when he pulled back her wet nipples became even more erect as she shivered in the cool air of the apartment.

“But as you said I am a good guy overall so I’ll let you come tonight.” Barry grinned at her before his fingers vibrated faster than before and he started to rapidly pump his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Barry, please, please, please.” Lena let out soft sobs as her body shook with need as her orgasm built up hurriedly and she prayed he would follow through this time. She let out a scream of pleasure as her orgasm flowed over her and her cum squirted out around his fingers as he kept finger fucking her through her orgasm.

Lena’s head fell to the side as she panted through her orgasm and whimpered when his fingers were tugged out of her. She felt him cup her cheek and turn her head to inspect her blissed out face.

“You did so well Lena, don’t worry I’ll take care of you.” Barry promised kissing her lips gently before he untied her legs and arms, sweeping her up into his arms. Lena nuzzled against the leather of his Flash suit before she was gently cleaned up with a warm rag and then wrapped in a blanket and Barry’s warm, firm body spooned her from behind.

“You seem pleased.” Barry commented and she turned her head to flash him a grin.

“I got what I wanted, the Flash’s attention.” She smirked and he laughed.

“You could have just asked me out you know.” Barry blushed as he buried his face between her shoulder blades.

“Yeah but where is the fun in that? Plus you know I like it rough.” Lena laughed at the shyness that Barry was now displaying, such a change from before and it was nice to see he could switch between the two.

“Brat.” Barry commented fondly as he wrapped his arms around her, one hand resting on top of her cunt and one resting just underneath her breasts making her feel safe and protected.

Chapter Text

“Whoa! Scottie you need to learn how to knock man! I could have been naked or something!” Stiles held her hand to her chest as she spun around in her desk chair to see the freshly turned True Alpha leaning against the window, his Alpha red eyes flashing in the dark of her room.

“Hmm.” Scott hummed as he stepped closer his eyes still red.

“You know when you called me your Alpha before?”

“Yeah what about it?” Stiles leaned back in her chair, keeping her tone level even as her heart raced in her chest as Scott leaned forward with his hands on the arms of her chair, their faces inches apart now.

“I smelt something, arousal, your arousal when you called me your Alpha.” Scott’s fangs glinted in the light from her desk lamp.

“I think your nose is mistaken Scottie.” Stiles denied and she knew he could hear the lie in her voice but he just smiled.

“Humor me, call me your Alpha again.” Scott asked, tilting his head to the side.

“It won’t prove anything but fine… My Alpha.” She breathed out and blushed when his nose flared as her cunt gave a throb.

“That’s what I thought, you’re not as innocent as you make everyone think you are.” Scott commented.

“Everyone knows my mind is the dirtiest there is.” Stiles scoffed trying not to press her thighs together to relieve some of the pressure that was building between them.

“Yeah mind, but not body. If only they knew.” Scott hummed in what sounded like approval and she squeaked when she was suddenly bouncing on her bed staring up at her ceiling. She looked down wide-eyed when a hand clutched at the waistband of her sweatpants and she arched her hips when the air of her room hit her heated pussy when the fabric was ripped off her legs.

“Scott!” She whimpered before groaning when a large hand cupped her cunt with a growl coming from the owner.

“You’re mine Stiles, I’m your Alpha but you are mine.” He said possessively, red eyes staring down at her with intensity.

“Oh my god Scott!” She whined before it turned into a surprised gasp when his hand slapped her cunt.

“No, what are you going to call me?” He growled and she blushed as his fingers started to rub along the seam of her pussy.

“Alpha, my Alpha.” She blushed as she spoke but the words felt right, just like the way Scott was looming over her and his hand on her cunt.

“That’s a good girl, Stiles tell me the truth. Are you still a Virgin?” Scott asked as he tugged her shirt up over her head showing her bare breasts, which he admired for a moment before pulling back to strip his own shirt and jeans. That action made Stiles stare wide eyed, he had really grown up lately and oh god his cock was massive and she felt liquid trickle down her thighs at the sight of it.

“Yes, well other than toys because I am a healthy girl with a sex drive.” She admitted and she wished she could stop talking and managed to stop before she went into descriptions of the toys she had.

“Good, you belong to me, this belongs to me.” Scott snarled as he slapped her cunt again making her legs jerk out to the sides and a keen escape her lips, her nipples going erect in the cold air and the rough treatment. She knew she a pain kink after going through what she has gone through and fuck being taken care of and owned like what Scott was implying was heaven to her.

“What about Allison?” Stiles asked when her brain caught up with the rest of her body and reality set in.

“We aren’t getting back together and fuck ever since you grew into your body I’ve wanted you, I’ve loved you for so long Stiles you have no idea.” Scott traced her cheek with his hand as he crawled over her body, voice soft in comparison to the snarl he had on moments ago.

“Damnit your making me cry like a baby, I’ve loved you just as long you big idiot even when you a goofy human with your big puppy dog eyes and floppy hair.” She sniffed as she rubbed at her eyes and got a blinding smile in response before Scott pressed their lips together in their first kiss. Stiles ran her fingers through his hair before their kiss broke and he kissed down her neck before nipped and sucked at her breasts, fondling them gently.

“I love the gentle version of you Scott, but right now I rather have my big bad Alpha back if you don’t mind.” Stiles purred having noticed that his possessive actions and red Alpha eyes had disappeared.

“Oh? You want it rough then? I can make that happen.” Scott’s eyes turned red again as he let his wolf run a bit freer. He grabbed her knees and shoved them apart as he settled between them on the bed.

“Like that?” He smirked as he ran his fingers over her pussy lips making her squirm.

“Yeah, like that.” She breathed out, hips moving in time with the strokes he was giving her.

“Should have known you’d like it rough, such a little slut.” Scott hummed and she blushed brightly, but not correcting him and suddenly his mouth was on her pussy. He was dragging his tongue down between her folds before he toyed with her clit, hands strong on her knees holding her in place as she writhed at the new sensations he was giving her.

“Oh my god, Alphhaaa!” She dragged out the title knowing what it did to Scott now, hands reaching down to tangle in his hair as she grinded against his face. Scott hooked one of her legs around his shoulders to free up his hand to slide his finger into her, her natural lubrication easing the way.

“Fuck you’re so wet already, you want this so bad don’t you my little slut?” Scott purred looking up from where he was fingering her to take in her flushed, turned on look as he flicked his tongue out against her clit.

“So bad Alpha, please don’t make me wait any longer.” Stiles begged, wiggling her hips as Scott added a second finger making her groan at the stretch.

“We’ll have to work on your patience and stamina later I guess.” Scott chuckled as he twisted his fingers that made her whole body jerk and strain against his solid grip on her knee and she dug her heel into his shoulder.

Scott flashed her a literal wolf grin before she made a noise in surprise when suddenly she was on her stomach and hips were being jerked up high into the air.

“Now I’m going to mark my territory, you are going to smell like me for weeks after this. If you make one dog joke about this I will edge you for hours like the dirty slut you are.” Scott growled in warning as he lined his cock up to her cunt, dragging his length through her wetness before reaching into the side drawer to get a bottle of lube he smelt and he slathered his member up remembering at the last second that she was still a virgin and lots of lube was needed.

“Alpha, hurry please.” Stiles groaned as she grabbed onto a pillow to burry her face into as she felt the tip of his cock slide into her, her mind was slowly becoming hazy with lust and need and it was all she could do not to thrust back on his cock.

“Remember I own this cunt now.” Scott growled, the words feeling odd in his mouth but felt her pussy throb and clench down on him at the words and he decided Stiles enjoyed it. He grabbed her hips and pushed forward, growling at the tight heat that wrapped around him and the sinful noises that Stiles was releasing as she was penetrated by a real cock for the first time.

Scott forced himself to stay still until Stiles gave him a signal that she was alright to move, his human nails digging into her hips and eyes flashing as he smothered his groans as her walls fluttered and moved around him.

“I’m okay Alpha.” Stiles said as she gave a small roll of her hips gasping as his cock shifted inside of her.

“Good.” Scott grinned as he adjusted his hold of her hips before she started to hammer in and out of her at a quick, rough pace. Stiles let out a strangled groan, clutching at her pillow as she hung on the best she could as the Alpha behind her took what he wanted from her and she felt her head go cloudy.

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder Alpha.” She babbled before her hair was grabbed and pulled back making her back arch as Scott used that as leverage to fuck deeper into her.

“You were made for this weren’t you? Born to take your Alpha’s cock.” Scott growled as he grinded his cock into her, reaching down with his free hand to rub and slap at her clit making her cried out helplessly and he grinned when he felt her cum, squirting out around his cock making his fingers soaked. He didn’t stop his movements, no he hadn’t come yet so he fucked her through her orgasm and past turning her into a moaning helpless mess and the only thing keeping her hips up was his grip.

“Mine!” Scott snarled as he slammed himself into her one last time as his cock released a massive load of cum, soaking her cunt even further. He grinned as some of his cum leaked out around his cock and he let them collapse together on their sides. He lifted her leg over his hip and rubbed at her cunt, feeling how wet she was and their mingled scent hit his nose making him rumble in pleasure.

“Are we going to stay like this now Alpha?” Stiles’ voice was slurred and hazy and Scott preened at being the reason behind it.

“Yes we are.” He agreed as he rested his chin on top of her head.

“I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.” She grumbled as she settled back against his chest.

“I’ll give you a bath tomorrow, but remember from now on this is mine and no one, not even you can touch it without my permission.” Scott reminded her possessively as he cupped her throbbing, dirty, used cunt and she shivered.

“Oh yes Alpha.” She agreed before he heard her breathing even out and he kissed her head knowing she had passed out and he settled in for the night.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure this is a good idea Slade?” Oliver hissed at his boyfriend over the top of their girlfriend Barri’s head as she took in the room of the BDSM/sex club that Slade had taken them to for the night.

“Oh yeah, look at our girl Oliver.” Slade smirked and they both looked down at Barri who was wearing black panties with fishnet thigh high stockings and high heels. Her torso and breasts were covered in a leather corset and a familiar leather collar was sitting around her neck. She was clutching at their hands but her thighs were rubbing together as she stared at the sight of a woman sucking a man’s cock, a leash in the man’s hand tugging her forward to take more of his cock.

Oliver couldn’t help but slip his hand down into her panties and groaned at how wet she was, so he rubbed her clit a bit making her gasp and squirm from between them. She grabbed at his wrist as her hips jerked up to the touch, Oliver pulled out his now wet fingers and pressed them to Slade’s lips letting him have a taste, he licked Oliver’s fingers clean with a groan.

“Go get us some drinks Ollie, I’m going to get Barri better situated.” Slade wrapped her arm around Barri’s waist, tugging her off towards where two wooden posts with leather cuffs were hanging from them and Oliver nodded his agreement.

Oliver leaned against the bar, getting their favorite drinks smirking at the sight of a woman bent over the counter, talking on her phone while a man fucked her from behind. Oliver sipped his drink, one that he would share with Barri as they had the same taste in alcohol while Slade like bitter flavors.

Oliver never thought this would be his life, he had loved Slade back on the island and then everything happened and he never thought he would see the man again… Then he met Barri and he fell hard and fast for her. Thankfully it was returned and instead of returning to Central she transferred to Starling and they had been going strong ever since.

Well until Slade appeared and kidnapped her, he had not expected to see them talking about sex and kinks when he crashed into the warehouse Slade took her. From there he learned that Barri and her beautiful mind created peace for them, peace in the form of a triad and Oliver had the pleasure of watching them fall in love as they bonded over their shared love for him.

Now they were here at a BDSM/sex club because Slade wanted to show them off to the community he was apart of. Oliver was snapped out of his musing when he had to worm his way through a crowd in the area where Slade had been leading Barry and he saw what had attracted such a crowd.

Barri had been stripped of her clothes minus her collar and had her wrists encased in the leather cuffs keeping her arms spread wide. Her mouth was dropped open as she let out noises of pleasure, face flushed and head tipped backwards by Slade’s hand in her hair. Slade had one hand gripping her hip as he fucked hard and deep into her wet pussy from behind, groaning and grunting with every thrust into her tight hole he gave.

“Oliver, come over here.” Slade’s face lit up when he spotted their third and the crowd parted for him to get to his lovers. Slade pulled him into a possessive kiss before tugging at his pants.

“What do you want tonight love?” Slade purred as he tugged Oliver out of his pants.

“I want to fuck her mouth.” Oliver grinned when Barri groaned at his words and he moved over to stand in front of her just as Slade pressed her down so her mouth was at the right level to suck Oliver. Barri didn’t waste any time in taking Oliver into her mouth, tongue probing at the slit and sucking hard at the tip before she started to bob her head in time with the thrusts Slade was still giving her. Oliver held her head in place and jerked his hips forward making her take more, knowing full well what her mouth and throat could handle. He heard words coming from the crowd but he was too focused on fucking her perfect mouth than to answer their questions. He looked up to see Slade was in the same boat and the audience settled down, sticking to quietly touching each themselves or their partner(s).

Oliver didn’t care, he could feel his orgasm approaching and he pulled her forward so his cock was sitting at the back of her mouth and she groaned around him, sending him over the edge and his cum poured down her throat. She swallowed it all in a practiced motion before Oliver moved back and stroked her hair, she nuzzled against his thigh as he watched as Slade reached around to toy with her clit as he grinded deeper into her. Barri’s back arched letting out a loud cry as she came on Slade’s cock, Oliver watched as their mixed cum dripped out of her cunt when Slade removed his cock from her.

Slade didn’t bother putting his cock back into his pants and Oliver moved to unlock Barri’s wrists from the cuffs and cradled her in his arms as Slade got rid of the crowd before he joined the two at a corner booth. Barri was kissing Oliver happy from her place sitting sideways on his lap.

“You did so well out there for us Barri.” Slade praised as he sat next to them, hand slipping down to gently rub her soaked pussy making her squirm on Oliver’s lap who was rolling her nipples between his fingers.

“Hands on the table baby.” Oliver order and she twisted to do what she was told and her legs were moved around so she was straddling Oliver’s lap. She was facing the club and anyone watching got a good view of her O face as Oliver’s cock thrusted into her. Slade turned her head to the side and kissed her while Oliver started to bounce her up and down on his cock.

“You’re soaked with Slade’s cum, but fuck you’re still so tight around me.” Oliver groaned as he pressed Barri flat down onto the table, noticing when a waitress came over.

“Can I get you anything?” She took in the sight of Oliver’s cock sliding in and out of Barri’s pussy while Slade sat next to them, her focus more on Slade and he knew it.

“Thanks but I have everything I need right here.” Slade smirked as he reached down to rub at her full pussy making Barri writhe and gasp at the added sensation. The waitress nodded and left seeing that the three were otherwise occupied with each other.

“Oh my god, I don’t think I can last much longer.” Barri whimpered as she was pulled back up, her breasts sticking out letting Slade latch onto her nipples with his lips.

“Then don’t, let everyone hear you as you come on Oliver’s cock.” Slade ordered in a rough voice and Barri let out a shriek of pleasure that merged with the music that was playing through out the club but the people closet to them looked over and smiled at the blissed out look on her face as she was still being bounced up and down on Oliver’s cock.

“Good girl.” Slade praised and Oliver groaned into her neck as he added his cum to Slade’s inside of their girlfriend. He wrapped his arms around her and Slade kissed them both pleased at how well they had taken this experience and seemed to be flourishing in it in fact and he decided they would come visit again.

Chapter Text

Barri sighed dramatically as she flopped onto the love seat, tossing her legs up over Roy’s lap, the Meta not even looking up from his book. Just moving enough to wrap a hand around her ankle.

“You’re extra dramatic today.” Axel commented as he looked up from his video game he was beating Hartley at.

“Yeah well I’m frustrated.” Barri huffed as she tugged her hair out of its pony tail, dragging her fingers through it in lieu of a comb.

“I thought you had a date with what’s his name last night?” Mick asked and Barri grinned at the huff in his voice and annoyed look on his face.

“Yeah well at least he had fun, didn’t even make me come once and I had to hold back. Secret identities are bullshit.” She complained rubbing her eyes thinking back to the disaster of a night she had with her date.

“Wait, not even once? What kind of asshole only gets them selves off?” Hartley paused their game to look at her in concern.

“Well I had to fake didn’t I because of this little trick.” She vibrated her hand for show not noticing the looks Mick, Len and Mark were exchanging.

“So have you ever actually you know, orgasmed since you got your powers?” Mark leaned forward on his knees giving her a searching look.

“One word. Toys, lots and lots of toys they are literally the best thing ever.” Barri said thankfully.

“We have an idea, just hear us out before you make your choice… How about we get you off? I mean your super speed and metabolism and the six of us? I think we have a pretty decent chance to make you properly come at least once.” Len offered up a suggestion making Roy look up from his book and Axel groaned under his breath while Hartley adjusted his glasses.

“Okay.” Barri agreed simply making them double take for a second.

“Are you sure you don’t need to I don’t know think about it?” Mick raised an eyebrow.

“Not really, I know and trust all of you. I know you won’t use this to your advantage outside of the house and I know you will stop whenever I use my safe word, which is Eobard by the way.” Barri shrugged her shoulders as she spoke the truth, swinging her legs off of Roy’s lap and standing up.

“So where do we want to do this?” She asked, hands on her hips at the still processing boys.

“I have the biggest bed and well I have a chest in my room. Go take a look and we’ll be in there in a minute.” Mark stood up and tugged her close, kissing her neck before swatting her ass. Barri giggled and took off to his room excitement clear.

“We do exactly what she tells us to, she safe words we stop everything and take care of her. She is better than all of us and we all know it minus her, she deserves the best and we are going to give it to her. Understood?” Len rose up and stared them all down, his words ringing true with all of them as they all gave noises of agreement before they headed to Mark’s bedroom.

Barri was standing there in her matching red bra and panties looking rather pleased at her choices she had laid out on Mark’s bed.

“So I think these would be good ones to use tonight, what do you think?” She looked at them with excitement and lust flashing in her eyes. She had picked out a strong yet soft coil of bondage rope that Len brushing his fingers over, pleased at the good taste that Barri had. Next to the bondage rope laid out various dildos and bottles of lube and the last thing was a clear flared base dildo.

“What’s this?” Axel asked curiously as he picked it up and blinked in surprise as he felt how flexible and pliant it was.

“It’s called a sex sleeve, I think it will be perfect. See you guys work this into me and then you fuck into it bareback, you can come inside of me, as I rather not have six guys shooting their loads inside of my pussy. My mouth and ass however are totally fine.” She winked as she explained the toy to Axel who blushed at her words but nodded looking at it in a new light.

“I will add that no more than two in each of my holes, that’s the most I’ve taken with my toys so…” She tailed off before gasping when mick pressed against her, unlatching her bra to cup and roll her nipples making her groan and arch into his touch.

“You’re fucking perfect Doll.” Mick rumbled as he kissed down her neck while Roy moved up to tug her already wet panties off down her legs making the others moan at the sight of her glistening pussy as she spread her legs to let them see.

“And you guys are very overdressed, but Len I noticed you with the ropes, I’m guessing you’re the rope master here?” She pulled away from Mick to pick up the rope handing it to Len.

“I am.” Len took the offered rope and raked his eyes over her body while the others hurried out of their clothes.

“How do you want me?” Barri asked as she climbed up onto the large bed and Len felt his cock press against his jeans as his mind filled with ideas.

“How about on your knees and arms up behind your back?” Len stepped forward and she hummed her agreement and moved into the position. He carefully looped the rope around her arms so they were held apart at a comfortable distance behind her back before he lifted them up until she nodded saying that it was the most comfortable there and he tied the ends of the ropes to the long rope that was strong between the two posts at the end of the large four poster bed.

“God, you’re beautiful.” Len breathed out at the arch of Barri’s body and the inviting sight that they all were seeing now.

“This feels so good Len, thank you.” Barri smiled over her shoulder, licking her lips when she spotted all six of her men now naked, cocks erect at the ready.

“We’ll work you open okay Barri?” Hartley tugged Axel forward

“Yes.” She nodded and let out a gasp when Hartley’s mouth pressed against her cunt and a slick finger pressed into her ass. She wiggled against the ropes as Hartley teased her clit with his teeth before pushing his tongue into her slick folds while Axel fingered her ass, slowly adding a second finger into her. She gasped and groaned, head dropping down her hair spilling over her face when Hartley pushed two fingers into her pussy. She squirmed and whimpered when the four fingers inside of her became six and started pumping in and out of her making her tremble as she felt her climax approach in her gut.

Barri’s body started to vibrate and she waited for the two to pull away but instead they just tonged and finger fucked her faster and harder and she let out a cry of pleasure and surprise as her orgasm washed over her whole body and she came, hoping Hartley didn’t mind but he didn’t seem to as he kept licking at her. She was thankful for the ropes as they were the only thing her holding her up before she felt her strength returning and her pussy leaked more slick as she throbbed when Hartley pulled away and Axel did the same.

“You’re already ready go again aren’t you?” Mick said fondly as he pushed her hair out of her face and she just grinned at him before gasping when her pussy lips were spread wide and a the flexible rubber of the cock sleeve was pushed into place by Mark. She wiggled her hips to adjust to the feeling of it inside of her before she smiled at Mark who was now settling below her, between her knees while a hand caressed her ass.

“That was just the start.” Mark promised as he thrusted up into the sleeve, the rubber molding around his length and size making her groan loudly at the feeling of being filled and stretched open. Mark’s hands and mouth found her breasts and were kneading them with a firm grip as he rolled her nipple around between his teeth making her clench around him repeatedly before she was pushed down further onto him as Roy inched into her ass making her eyes roll up before two cock’s were pressed against her lips. She peered up at Len and Mick who were looking down at her with adoration as she dropped open and her mouth and let them take turns fucking their cocks into her mouth. She sucked and licked at their cocks before groaning loudly around them in turn making them groan as Mark and Roy started to pound into her at the same time, in the same rhythm.

Roy grabbed onto her head, arching her back as he fucked into the tightness of her ass groaning, this was like heaven and he had never fucked a woman’s ass before and now he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t. Mark grabbed her hips and thrusted up as hard and fast as he could, even with the cock sleeve surrounded his cock he could still feel her warm, wet, tightness that was wrapped around him like a vice grip.

Len and Mick watched as their cocks disappeared into her mouth as they took turns tugging her head towards them, she swallowed around their hard organs, humming and groaning making them feel closer and closer to their orgasms. Hartley and Axel were watching in amazement and lust, touching them selves just enough not to come as they wanted their own turn with Barri who looked to be in her element with four cocks taking their turns with her.

“Fuck.” Mark swore as he reached down and rubbed at her clit harshly as his hips stuttered feeling his orgasm beginning and he groaned as he came, his seed filling the sleeve even as she clenched around him. He tugged his now limp cock out of her, watching his cum dripping out of her cunt with a smirk on his lips, he kept rubbing at her clit while Roy smacked her ass as he groaned loudly, holding her tight to his groin as he orgasmed as well. Mark felt his limp cock twitch as Barri’s body vibrated like she had before and watched as cum dripped out from around the sleeve staining the bed sheets below her.

“Fucking hell.” Roy swore as he pulled out of her, licking his lips as rivers of his cock slipped out of her open ass hole. Mark moved out from under her to help Roy move to the side just as Mick and Len groaned, their cock’s lacing Barri’s pretty face with ropes of cum and landing in her mouth which she licked up the best she could.

“Go on boys, she’s good and open for you.” Mark nodded at Axel and Hartley who both hurried to her as their cocks were rock hard and he bet they were starting to ache. Hartley grabbed her ass and slammed into her gaping hole without delay making her groan voice was rough and she let out a cry as Axel took up Mark’s position and thrusted up into her cunt, not caring about the other man’s cum, he just fucked up into her while mouthing roughly at her breasts.

Hartley smacked her ass as he pounded hard into her ass knowing he wasn’t going to last and he knew Axel was in the same boat as him if the hurried and hard thrusts were anything to go by. Barri’s eyes were closed as she moaned as the two new cocks pounded her and she pushed down against axel before moving back against Hartley feeling her body starting to vibrate. It was like once she had an orgasm her body was ready and willing to come over and over again and it was perfect.

“I can’t, fuck.” Hartley swore, as he pressed hard against her ass, spilling his cum into her while Axel let out a loud groan as he pressed his groin to her pussy tightly letting the sleeve soak up his cum as she clenched around him and her cum leaked down onto his own groin making him grin at the fact they made her cum again.

Barri whimpered when Hartley and Axel pulled out and she felt the sleeve being tugged out of her throbbing cunt and smiled when she felt a new one being pushed into her without letting her feel empty for too long. She gasped in surprise when she fell a bit before she was embraced in Mick’s arms as Len un-looped the rope from her arms, bruises forming but already starting to heal.

She felt her hips being lifted up a bit making her look back and she let out a cry as she was dropped down onto Mick’s thick cock, spreading her wider than the other two cock’s had.

“Remember to breath Barri.” Mick advised and she looked down at him confused before her mouth dropped open in a O as another cock inched in next to Mick, still inside the sleeve and she was held in place by Mick’s steel like hands and arms.

“Fuck you’re even tighter like this.” Len breathed in her ear as he inched into her cunt next to Mick.

“Len, Mick, oh my god.” She groaned out before Len bottomed out and the head of a cock pressed against her ass making her whine helplessly as it slid in fully, a flared base setting against her ass making her realize it was one of the dildo’s she had picked before.

“Don’t worry Scarlet we’re keeping all your holes filled.” Len promised as the dildo was worked in and out of her, she glanced back to see Axel and Mark taking turns working it in and out of her before a hand in her hair turned her head forward.

Hartley and Roy were kneeling there with their cocks hard again, Barri grinned and ducked down taking Roy’s cock down to the root making him groan lewdly while Hartley stroked her hair before pulling her off of Roy’s cock and onto his. She let them take turns tugging her head back and forth between their cocks while Len and Mick worked out a rhythm.

She had never felt so full before and his mind was drifting away from her as she was fucked over and over again, feeling full and she could feel their cocks throbbing inside of her and her mouth was full of cum like her ass was. She felt her body vibrate and it seemed to also speed up the men’s thrusts and she pulled off of their cocks as she let out a scream of pure pleasure as she orgasmed and she collapsed forward onto Mick, breathing heavily and she passed out.

When Barri came back to her sense, she felt clean and empty making her squirm but she was sandwiched between in a pile of warm bodies.

“How are you feeling Scarlett?” Len asked, stroking her face when he noticed she was conscious.

“The best I’ve ever felt, I might even be sore tomorrow.” She joked weakly before she felt the bed shift for a moment before the weight returned.

“This should help.” Mick offered up as Mark lifted her leg up over his hip and Barri let out a moan of happiness when a cool dildo was slid into her used cunt. She closed her eyes as the cooling sensation soothed her aching cunt and it filled that empty feeling.

“God yes, oh why have I never tried that before?” She groaned happily and she spotted Mick ducking his head like he was shy at her praise.

“I’m sorry to say Barri, but after that I don’t think we can let you go out with other guys.” Hartley said speaking what she figured was on all their minds.

“Good because I don’t think any other guy will ever be able to give me that kind of pleasure again.” She agreed and snuggled down to rest some more, the cold dildo inside of her helping her relax further and she felt her men cuddle up closer to her clearly pleased at her answer.

Chapter Text

Cisco sighed as tugged his tie off, he had a long stressful day at Ramon Industries. He had sent his arm candy for the day home with a nice paycheck. He hated that he had to keep a different girl on his arm while in public, he much rather show off his beautiful Barri but they both agreed she liked her job at CCPD too much to give it all up to be his arm candy so he acted like the ass hole bachelor in the public eye. Meanwhile he got to come home to his beautiful lover who was apparently in the kitchen cooking if the smell and noises were anything to go by.

Cisco tossed his jacket onto the back of his couch and leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen, grinning at the sight of his Barri fluttering around in the kitchen. Her long brown hair up in a high ponytail that flicked around with every movement, it whipped around when she turned to smile brightly at him.

“Welcome home baby!” She bounced over to get a kiss, which Cisco happily gave her.

“Thanks Barri, now what are you doing in here?” Cisco tried to peek in one of the pots only to be smacked by a wooden spoon in her hand as she tried for stern but only looked adorable.

“No peeking, you are going to sit that fine ass of yours down and I’m going to serve you dinner. I can tell you had a long day so let me take care of everything tonight!” She said cheerfully shooing him to where the dinning room table was located.

“Alright, alright.” He laughed sitting down on his chair, flipping through something on his tablet as he let Barri take control of dinner.

“Here we go!” She placed a bowl of spaghetti down and Cisco lit up, it was his favorite meal ever.

“You’re the best Barri.” Cisco praised as he inhaled the scent of the sauce.

“Oh I’m about to get a lot better then.” She smirked as she pulled his chair back before settling down between his legs, looking up at him with a seductive look on her face.

“What are you, oh my god!” Cisco’s eyes rolled up into his head when she tugged him out of his dress pants and swallowed him down to the root in one go. He grabbed her head, trying to regain control before she pulled back and licked her lips up at him.

“I’ve been practicing my deep-throating, so while you eat I’ll keep your cock warm and hard okay baby?” Barri fluttered her eyes at Cisco before swallowing him back down before settling down with him basically down her throat. Cisco took a few breaths to steady him self before he did what she told him to and he started to eat his dinner. It was like the spaghetti was super enhanced but Cisco figured it was because he was so turned on by the fact Barri was cock warming him while he ate like it was an every day occurrence.

He pushed his bowl away and wiped his mouth on his napkin before tangling his fingers in her hair that had been pulled out of its tail. He tugged her back off his cock and hissed when the cool air hit his heated cock.

“Done already?” Barri looked up at him, lips stretched wide, swollen red and slick with saliva and pre-cum.

“It was perfect, just like you are.” Cisco leaned down and kissed her, their tongues twisting together passionately before she broke the kiss and rose to her feet, keeping a hand on his chest to keep him seated.

“Let me do all the work tonight baby.” She repeated as she reached behind to undo the ties of the frilly apron and his cock throbbed when the fabric fell away to reveal she was totally naked underneath it. Her cunt was freshly shaved and he could see how wet she always was as she straddled him, hands firm on his shoulders.

“Whatever you want love.” He agreed his voice hitching when she rubbed her pussy lips over the tip of his erection, making him clutch her waist on reflex. She grabbed his hands and moved them up to cup her breasts, which he did happily fingers toying with her nipples while she used her hold on his shoulders to lower herself down onto his cock.

“Ooooohhhhh.” She groaned out, head falling back as he penetrated her, spreading her wide as she settled down on his groin, his cock fully inside of her.

“Fuck Barri.” Cisco swore as he squeezed her breasts as he stared down at where his cock was swallowed by her cunt. It had been a while since they both had time like this and clearly she had been waiting a while. She didn’t waste any more time and she started rocking back and forth, adjusting to his size inside of her.

She groaned as she started to bounce, feeling the drag of his cock inside of her as she rose up until the head of his cock was the only thing inside of her. She dropped back down and both of them groaned so loud it was almost a scream and she repeated the action loving the feeling she got from it. She went slower the first few times as she got the hang of it again and now she was riding him quick and fast, making sure to clench around his cock with every drag of him leaving her.

“Damnit Barri.” Cisco growled, head dropping back as she rode him fast and hard, her ass slapping against his thighs each time she dropped down. He couldn’t help but leave her breasts in order to grab onto her ass, holding her cheeks apart as she rode him, face buried in his neck by this point.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. I don’t think I can last any longer Cisco.” Barri whimpered, arching her back as she ground down on his cock.

“Then come for me, come on my cock like my good girl.” Cisco’s voice was rough, low and husky now and Barri cried out when his head ducked down to bite at her breasts and one hand moved to rub harshly at her clit. That was all she needed and she was flying over the edge as her cum dripped around his cock, walls vice lock tight around his cock and he groaned into her chest as his cock throbbed and twitched inside of her tight warmth as he came hard, spilling his cum inside of her making her sigh at the spreading warmth.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled his head up for a kiss, one that he happily returned as they basked in their post-orgasm bliss.

“I’ve missed you baby.” She whispered after, nuzzling her into his neck with a content sigh as his cock throbbed inside of her just as throbbing cunt, but she didn’t plan on moving just yet.

“I did too and I have to say, this is the best welcome home I’ve gotten in a long while.” Cisco teased and she swatted his chest playfully.

“Yes well I had the day off.” She huffed making him chuckle as he kissed her head as he held her closer.

Chapter Text

“This is ridiculous, stupid Ramon and his stupid acid.” Hartley Rathaway or rather Harley Rathaway grumbled as she dumped her male clothes into the hazardous waste bin before she jumped into the thankfully deserted lab showers. She quickly but efficiently sanitized herself not wanting to get caught in her natural state. She was so focused on hurrying that she didn’t hear the door slide open and didn’t see her boss Harrison Wells walk in looking around interested.

“Mr. Rathaway are you alright?” Harrison called out as he corner of her shower stall and stopped his eyes going wide as he took in her wet, naked form.

“Mr. Wells! Uh I can explain?” She gasped as she spun around to hide her private parts away from his gaze as she scrambled for a towel that she wrapped around her body.

“That you thought you would have a better chance getting a job pretending to be a male? I understand Miss Rathaway, but I think you owe me a dinner and a full explanation.” Harrison offered not being able to stop himself, he had sworn he wouldn’t get involved with anyone in this time but seeing a naked FEMALE Hartley in front of him (he had been male the first time around) did in his self control.

“Dinner…Yeah okay, that sounds nice.” Harley agreed, knees locking together, it was a well-kept secret that she had the biggest lady boner for her boss.

“And maybe if we’re both lucky I’ll get another peek under that towel.” Harrison winked and Harley laughed softly.

“As a warning, I’m rather adventurous in bed if we get that far and my real name is Harley.” She winked as she brushed past him in search for her spare set of clothes.

“Looking forward to it Harley.” Harrison smirked at her back.

Thankfully dinner was a major success and a few months alter found the new couple in Harrison’s lavish bedroom.

“I wish you could see what you look like right now Harley.” Harrison groaned at the sight of his lover naked, blindfolded and legs spread wide up in the air. Rope looping around the hollows of her knees and tying back to the posts of the headboard, her hands were gripping her thighs as she presented herself to her lover.

“Harrison, don’t tease me.” Harley huffed, shivering when she felt his fingers run over her bare, quivering pussy.

“The new lingerie looks good on you love.” Harrison tweaked the yellow lacy bra strap and smiled at the crotch less yellow panties that had holes exactly where he wanted them.

“Too bad I can’t see it.” Harley sassed before gasping when his hand came down on her pussy in a stinging slap.

“You know what backtalk gets you Harley, do you want me to spank your cut little cunt today?” Harrison raised an eyebrow.

“You know how much I like it Harrison.” She smirked and groaned when he brought his hand down again.

“If you keep going like this I will get my flogger and then I won’t be able to fuck you here.” Harrison teased her reddening pussy and watched her shiver.

“I’ll be good Harrison.” She promised, she hated the flogger and hated when she couldn’t get her lover inside of her after it.

“Good girl, but you still have to take your punishment. Only 8 more spank’s.” He grinned as he brought his hand down on her cunt again, watching her arch her back and legs strain against the rope. He got a rush at the sight of her so helpless for him and how much trust she gave him, he almost lost count of how many times he brought his hand down on her pussy but he stopped when he reached 10 like he always did.

“You took your punishment so well love, you can pick what we do next how does that sound?” Harrison brushed her hair off of her face, careful of the blindfold.

“…Can I ride you tonight Harrison?” She asked breathless.

“Of course you can love. Now I’m going to untie you, but leave the blindfold on. You look so pretty with it on I don’t want to take it off.” Harrison undid the knots and lowered her legs gently onto the bed.

“Hands in front of you love.” Harrison grabbed a pair of handcuffs and latched them around her wrists when she did as she was asked of.

Harrison slicked up his erection with lube before settling himself onto the bed and helped her climb on top of him, straddling him so her back was facing him.

“Go on love, ride me like you want.” Harrison grinned as she lifted herself up a bit, grabbing his cock and she guided it into her red, throbbing cunt and they both groaned as she sank down onto him fully.

“Damnit just like that my pretty little slut.” Harrison smacked her ass as she started to ride him like she was born to do it and by this point she rode him like it was her job.

“Please Harrison, I want you to fuck me, I want you to breed me. Oh my god, I want you to fill me with your cum!” She pleaded, head dropping back and his cock throbbed and he had to do his best not to come right then.

“Fuck yeah, I’ll breed you up real good.” Harrison swore as he sat up to grab her breasts from behind and thrust up harder.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Harley cried as she was bounced on his cock from the strength behind his thrusts alone.

“I’ll fill every hole you have with my cum and plug you up so you’re good and ready for whenever I need to replenish my seed.” Harrison was already planning as his hand moved down to her stomach for a second before reaching down to harshly rub her clit.

“I want to be so full, full of your cum Harrison!” Harley was lost in the pleasure now and she just needed him to come.

“Fucking take it all my new cum slut.” Harrison growled as his cock twitched and he spilled her cunt with his seed.

Harley gasped as she collapsed back against Harrison’s chest as she came around his cock just from being filled with his cum like that.

“I’m going to hold you to that Harley, you’re not going to go a moment without both of your holes full of my cum.” Harrison smirked against her neck at the thought.

“Yes Harrison.” She agreed, liking the sound of being full in the way her lover described.

Chapter Text

Sherlock gasped when she was suddenly pinned against the brick wall of a nearby house that made up part of the alleyway that John had tugged her down the moment their case was solved. She could feel his erection digging into her ass and his hot breath on her neck as his hands pinned her wrists to the wall.

“John?” She asked teasingly before gasping when John spanked her ass in warning. “Sir?”

“You were being a brat today and you know it, and when you weren’t being a brat you were being a tease. It’s like you wanted me to bend you over in front of everyone and show you your place. Legs spread wide and my cock buried in your cunt.” John told her as he started to hike her skirt up until it was bunched up around her waist, her lower half encased in black nylon.

“Sir.” Sherlock whimpered at the picture he painted for her.

“That sight is only for my eyes, you belong to me and I’m going to show you your place.” John promised as his hands moved down, pleased when she kept her hands pressed against the wall. John groped her ass before grabbing onto the seam of her pantyhose and ripped it open easily.

John groped her ass with one hand as he tugged himself free of his pants and pressed the head of his cock against her cunt, it was tight because the pantyhose kept her thighs close together but he had enough room to move and that was all he needed.

John pressed his cock into her; she was still loose from being finger fucked in the shower that morning. She let out a groan that was cut off by John’s hand covering her mouth.

“Be quiet baby, unless you want someone to find us because even if someone does see us I’m not going to stop.” John told her, voice rough and hard just like his cock that was pounding mercilessly into her, taking his pleasure from her. Sherlock nodded, biting her lower lip to stifle a groan of pleasure at the feeling of John’s cock splitting her open.

She pushed back against him needing more as she moved her arms to bury her face against them to keep quiet while John moved his hands around to the front of her pantyhose, which he then tore open in order to get to her clit. He rubbed and slapped at her clit while fucking into her from behind, feeling her getting wetter and wetter with his actions and he grinned against her neck. Sherlock’s body started to tremble and her knees locked while she had to work harder at being silent.

“Go on, come for me. I can’t wait to walk home with you knowing that your pantyhose are ripped and your leaking my cum.” John moaned in her ear and that sent her over the edge, she clapped her hands over her mouth as she orgasmed, muffling any noises she made the best she could as she shuddered through her orgasm while John pumped her full of his cum not having lasting much longer than her.

John pinned Sherlock to the wall again, but this time with his body as they both kissed breathing through their post orgasm haze. John recovered first and slowly pulled his now limp cock out of her and smirked at the sight of his cum staining her pantyhose. He slapped her exposed ass one more time before rolling her skirt back down into place.

“Come on Sherlock, time to go home. If you make it there without limping I’ll give you a bath?” John offered and Sherlock nodded her head, not trusting her voice and he watched with a smirk as she strode ahead of him, not giving any indication that she was leaking his cum with every step or that underneath her skirt her pantyhose were ripped at the ass and the crotch. John liked pampering Sherlock in the bath and usually it ended with her coming again on his fingers so he hoped she could keep this façade up until they reached 221B.

Chapter Text

“How is it fair that you look so good both being pampered and being punished.” Percival asked as he dragged the tip of the riding crop down her cheek, her lips spread wide around the breathable ball gag. She shifted, not being able to move much as the collar around her neck that had become a everyday wardrobe item for her kept her in place helped by the chains that were keeping the collar attached to the bar that she was leaning against. Her spread legs twitched as the bands around her thighs kept her open thanks to the chains attached to another lower bar behind her. Her wrists were tied to a spreader bar that was settled on the ground behind her ass.

Percival moved the crop down over her pebbled nipples before slapped the leather tip against them, turning them a pretty pink as she gasped around the gag.

“You ran off and got hurt while trying to save some of your beasts. I understand why you did it but that doesn’t mean I approve and you have to be punished for it. That is our deal remember pet?” Percival stroked the crop over her glistening cunt, which jerked up at the contact, and he withdrew the crop in a teasing move. Nadia nodded her head the best she could with the taunt chains on her collar keeping her still.

“Good girl, now it’s time for some fun.” Percival held up an inflatable dildo that was already slick with lube.

Nadia squirmed at the sight of the toy, she always felt stretched and sore the next day after they used that and Percival smirked at the sight before he knelt down between her held open legs and pushed the tip of the toy inside of her. She wiggled her hips as Percival watched intently as her pussy opened up to swallow in the toy inch by inch until it was buried deep inside of her.

“Another inch sounds like a good place to start, don’t you think pet?” Percival grinned at his lover who whined around the ball gag when he gave the pump the needed squeezes as the width of the dildo grew in size. Percival rubbed his thumb over her clit in slow strokes before squeezing again inflating the dildo more and he didn’t stop this time. He watched groaning, feeling his own cock straining against the fabric of his dress pants as the toy stretched her pussy wider and wider and he itched to be inside of her, but she would enjoy that far too much.

He stopped when he saw her arms jerk and her head drop back, the ball gag moving when she bit down on it. He let some of the air out of the toy but kept it at a good big size. He left it buried inside of her to reach up and pinch her nipples before lowering his mouth to nip and suck at them, never being able to stay away from her perfect sized breasts.

Nadia arched into his mouth, hips humping up into the air trying to get the dildo to fuck her cunt further, stifled sob around the ball gag when it didn’t move an inch.

“Such a needy little thing aren’t you pet?” Percival teased as he grasped the bottom of the toy and ever so slowly dragged it out of her, watching as the wide toy popped out of her cunt before he slammed it back in. Nadia screamed around the gag, body arching in pleasure and light pain before Percival set a brutal pattern of slowly dragging the toy out of her before slamming it back in, never giving her a moment to even focus on what as happening. With his free hand he pinched and slapped her nipples while biting and mouthing at her neck under her collar.

Nadia squirmed and moaned around the ball gag as her body jerked and moved in time with Percival’s movements. She could feel her orgasm building up and she knew there was a good chance she would pass out from this one, this position and toy were known to do that to her. She pulled against the restraints before she let out a cry of pleasure around the ball gag as she came, her cum barely dripping out of her cunt thanks to the inflatable dildo inside of her.

“Oh pet, look at the mess you’ve made.” Percival purred as he slowly pulled the toy out of her completely, grinning as her cum gushed out her, pooling on the ground beneath her and staining her thighs.

Nadia whimpered around the ball gag, slumped back in her restraints as Percival used his fingers to hook into her cunt and pulled her wide with an inspecting look on his face.

“Good girl, maybe I’ll fix you with a vibrator tomorrow to keep you satisfied.” Percival gently patted her drenched, gaping cunt before he unlocked her from the harsh restraints, kissing and massaging her skin before he clipped a leash to the D ring at the front of her leather collar and tugged on it. She looked up at him hazily but obediently crawled after him towards the bed where he lifted her up onto the soft mattress and she sighed into the pillow after Percival eased the ball gag out of her mouth kissing her soundly, hand tight on her hip. He had stripped himself of his pants before he settled in behind her on the bed.

“How are you feeling pet?” He asked, thumb stroking her lower lip while he rubbed the tip of his cock against her wrecked cunt.

“Amazing Master, thank you.” Nadia spoke, voice slurred and floaty letting out a breathless gasp when he slide into her, resting there as he settled in for the night, this was the position they always took at the end of the night.

“Of course pet, you took your punishment so well for me and what did we learn?” He asked as he tugged her against his chest, tucking her head under his chin.

“Not to run off without at least telling you and getting back up.” She slurred as she nuzzled against his chest as her eyes closed as sleep tugged at her and she fell asleep fully, full of Percival’s cock feeling safe and loved for.

“Good girl.” Percival kissed her temple as he stroked her hair watching her sleep and feeling her pussy throb around him.

Chapter Text

“How are you feeling baby?” Stefani asked as she used her riding crop to tape her boyfriend Bucky’s locked up cock, she had put in chastity a few weeks ago.

“Good Stef.” Bucky’s hips jerked at the touch to his locked cock.

“I think it’s time I told you why I locked you up, why I’ve taken to fucking you with my toys.” Stefani decided as she sat in front of her boyfriend, showcasing the black fabric corset that she was wearing paired only with thigh high stockings and matching heels.

“See I read your little journal a while back, you must have been drunk when you wrote it but that is usually when you’re the most honest. Ah I think you know which one I’m talking about.” Stefani smiled when Bucky’s cheeks heated up as it hit him which entry she was talking about.

“The one about you wanting to see another man fuck me and maybe fuck you. Today’s your lucky day sweetheart because I’m going to let you in on a secret. For the past few weeks when I’ve been late, I was riding my boss’s cock and I would come home full of his cum which I would use to fuck myself with a toy while you were asleep.” Stefani smirked as she spread her legs wider to show him her wet cunt, which was started to touch as she remembered her encounters with her boss.

“Tony Stark?” Bucky breathed out remembering who was her boss as his eyes stayed trained at where her fingers were moving over her pussy.

“He is hung like a fucking horse and makes me come, over and over again.” Stefani leaned forward with a grin on her face. “And he’s coming over here so you can have the best seat in the house to him fucking me.”

“Stefani, oh my god.” Bucky groaned out when she reached out with her wet fingers to stroke his caged cock.

“I knew you’d like that.” She grinned as the doorbell rang and she moved away from him, leaving him kneeling on the floor of their living room. He watched her answer the door and Tony Stark stepped into the room, looking impeccable in his three-piece suit and he beamed at her when she kissed his cheek before tugging him towards where Bucky was waiting.

“So this is the famous Bucky, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Tony smirked down at Bucky whose long hair was covering his face before he looked up at Tony who licked his lips at the sight of his cock bound and kneeling on the floor.

“You too.” He rasped out as his eyes drifted to where the massive outline of his cock was standing out against his suit pants.

“Are you boys ready for some fun?” Stefani slapped her crop against the flat of her palm making Bucky shiver and Tony grin.

“You know it babe.” Tony winked before he stripped out of his clothes and Bucky swallowed at the length and girth of Tony’s cock, Stefani wasn’t lying when she said he was hung like a horse.

Stefani dropped her to knees, hand wrapping around Tony’s cock while Tony’s hand stroked her blonde hair while she beckoned Bucky to come closer.

“Now Buck, I want you to get his cock good and wet for me. It’s just like when you suck my strap on, but oh so much better.” She grinned as she tangled her free hand in Bucky’s long hair and pushed his face down towards Tony’s cock roughly while making him move onto his hands and knee’s.

“Hell yeah.” Tony grinned when Bucky slowly dropped open his mouth and Stefani slammed his head down so her boyfriend took her lover’s whole cock in one go, Tony groaned when he felt Bucky gagging around him for a moment or two.

Stefani tugged Bucky’s head back letting him get a gasp of air before she pushed his head forward again, this time Bucky was ready for it and relaxed his mouth and throat as Tony’s thick cock filled his mouth.

“That’s it, suck his cock my pretty boy.” Stefani crooned as she dragged her crop down Bucky’s back before Tony made a choked noise that she knew he made when there was too much teeth and Stefani brought the crop down hard on Bucky’s ass.

“Be careful now Buck, don’t make me punish you.” Stefani warned as she stood up now that Bucky was sucking Tony off of his own free will.

“How is his cock sucking skills?” She asked Tony as she dragged the crop over Bucky’s skin.

“Needs some work.” Tony smirked and Stefani brought the crop down hard on Bucky’s caged cock making him whimper around Tony’s cock.

“Put more effort into it boy, don’t embarrass me.” Stefani warned as Tony wormed his fingers into Bucky’s hair to tug him forward as he thrusted his hips making Bucky deep throat him again.

“He is much better with a cock down his throat.” Tony grunted as his hips worked forward, using Bucky’s mouth for his own pleasure.

“That’s my pretty boy.” Stefani crooned reaching down to stroke Bucky’s caged cock.

“You should bring him to the office, we’d train him real good for you.” Tony offered and Stefani petted Bucky’s hair.

“I’ll think about it, thanks babe.” Stefani kissed Tony over where her boyfriend was sucking him off.

“I think that’s enough.” Stefani decided as she pulled Bucky off of Tony’s salvia coated, rock hard cock. Bucky’s lips were red and shiny with salvia and some of Tony’s pre-cum as he moved back to settle on his knees.

“Now keep your eyes on me, but don’t even think about touching yourself.” Stefani ordered as she pushed Tony down onto the couch that was behind, he laughed as he held his arms open for her. The obvious familiarity between them made Bucky’s cock throb in its cage.

Stefani winked before she straddled Tony backwards, his hands coming up behind her to untie the corset letting it fall away before he fondled and groped her breasts. Stefani kept eye contact with Bucky as she lifted herself up before impaling herself down on Tony’s large cock.

Bucky licked his lips, shifting on his knees at the sight of his girlfriend’s pussy lips spread as Tony’s cock disappeared inside of her with ease before she settled down letting him rest fully inside of her. She reached back to grab onto the back of Tony’s neck groaning happily at having him inside of her again.

“Come over here pretty boy.” She grinned at him while Tony rolled her nipples between his fingers while kissing down her neck. Bucky swallowed and crawled forward until he was kneeling right in front of where the two were connected and that was when Stefani started to slowly rise up showing Tony’s cock before she dropped back down taking him back inside.

She leaned back and started to move her hips making them both groan at the action and Bucky clenched his hands into fists to stop himself from touching any of them.

“Go on Buck, use that mouth of yours.” She wiggled her hips as she tangled her fingers in his hand tugging him forward. Buck surged forward and licked around where Tony’s cock was seated inside of his girlfriend. His actions make the other two groan and Stefani moved faster, bouncing up and down on Tony making sure to give herself and Tony pleasure and Bucky a damn good show.

“Fuck you’re so big Tony.” Stefani moaned as Tony gripped her hips and started rapidly fucking up into her with his own groans of pleasure.

“Your dirty little cunt takes me so well.” Tony praised noticing Bucky groan out at his words and he kissed Stefani’s neck seeing the smile on her face at Bucky’s reaction.

“I’d love to see T’Challa fuck you.” He threw out there making her groan and clench down tightly around Tony’s cock, hips moving faster with Tony’s.

“Oh he’d be so good.” Stefani’s eyes fluttered before she looked down at Bucky who was softly licking at where Tony’s cock was sliding in and out of her, but his eyes flickered up at her in question.

“I bet he gives meaning to the phrase, big black cock.” She explained and Bucky groaned against their connected bodies before Stefani pushed his head back with a stern look before moving Tony’s right hand down her pussy. Tony took the cue and started to rub at her clit making her squirm and cry out as she came, urging Tony to fall along with her. Tony moaned into her neck as he orgasmed and Bucky watched opened mouth as Tony’s cock pulsed inside of his girlfriend’s cunt as he filled her with his seed.

Stefani turned and kissed Tony passionately on the mouth, her boss returning the kiss happily and Bucky watched as they moved so Tony was on his hands and knees above Stefani who was now stretched out on the couch, his cock already starting to harden as he rubbed against her cum soaked cunt.

“Come over here pretty boy.” Stefani turned away letting Tony moved down to her chest while she beckoned her boyfriend over. Bucky moved and she stroked his cheek with a dazed look on her face and he nuzzled her palm.

“The fun’s not over yet baby, I want you to get on your hands and knees.” She ordered, tapping Tony’s head and he winked at her as he moved away, stroking himself back to his full size. He licked his lips as Bucky moved onto all four while Stefani shifted on the couch, legs spread out on either side of Bucky’s head.

“Now you’re going to lick me clean of Tony’s cum while he fucks your tight little hole, don’t worry it’s just like taking my strap-on but oh so much better.” She reassured him waiting for a nod of consent before she pushed his head down to her used cunt moaning when he set to cleaning her of Tony’s cum.

“God, you were kidding when you said he had a nice ass.” Tony complimented as he fondled Bucky’s ass before slapped it grinning as Bucky whined against Stefani, which in turned made her groan from the vibrations. Tony grabbed a bottle of lube that Stefani had prepared for him, slathering himself up before resting the tip of his cock against Bucky’s hole, having been told that Stefani fucked him with her strap-on before she left for work that morning.

Tony held onto Bucky’s hips, pulling them up a bit higher before he slowly inched himself into Bucky’s tight, hot hole. He threw his head back letting out a cry of pleasure, not even Stefani had been this tight when they had first hooked up and he couldn’t help but push the rest of himself into Bucky quickly making the other man jerk forward with a groan.

“Fuck.” Tony swore before he started to thrust into Bucky, starting slow but that didn’t last long and soon he was pounding into Bucky’s ass with no hesitation.

“How does a real cock feel pretty boy? Feels good right? Now you know why I keep going back.” Stefani grinned as she took control of Bucky and held his face down as she grinded against his face groaning as she locked eyes with Tony who grinned in response.

“I’m sure he’ll be joining us next time.” Tony said knowingly as he cupped Bucky’s bound cock, feeling it throbbing in place and the way the other man was moving back against his cock needily.

“That I have no doubt, I think we’re turning him into a cock slut Mr. Stark.” Stefani grinned hazily at Tony as she petted her boyfriend’s hair.

“Well you know what every cock slut needs?” Tony grinned when her eyes lit up and she licked her lips.

“Oh you’ll love this pretty boy.” Stefani purred out a promise as Tony’s hips started to stutter and he buried himself deeper into the other man’s tight hole and let out a long groan. Stefani pulled Bucky’s face up so they were looking at each other.

“A large load of cum inside of you.” She finished Tony’s thought as he did just that, spilling his cum inside of Bucky filling him up for the first time ever with cum. Tony collapsed over Bucky’s back, kissing down the other man’s spine as he regained his breath, he winced as he gently as he could pulled out and smacked Bucky’s ass lightly as some of his cum trickled down his thighs.

“That felt good didn’t it pretty boy?” Stefani crooned as she took in the look of him totally in his subspace and kissed all over his face happily while Tony settled on the couch beside her smiling at the look on Bucky’s face as well.

“God look at him, he’s fucking perfect.” Tony praised as he caressed Bucky’s cheek whom sighed at his touch.

“Yes he is and I can’t wait until we do this again.” Stefani grinned as she looked at her content boyfriend and lover.

Chapter Text

“I’m sorry, the law says what?” Lancelot wasn’t sure he heard their Queen right.

“That an unmarried Queen of Camelot needs to be ugh, be ‘bred’ by her most trusted and noble knights in hope of producing a strong heir at least once a month. I’m working on getting rid of that damn law with Morgana but we aren’t there yet. So I need to go through with it and that is why I called you all here. I want to ask if any of you would be willing to… ‘Bred’ me tonight.” Arthur blushed, arms crossed over her chest.

“You know me and Merlin are right here with you Arthur.” Leon stepped up, tilting her head up to gently kiss her lips. The others watched amazed as their strong, badass Queen all but melted into the kiss, clutching at the front of Leon’s chainmail. Leon stroked her hair when she buried her face against his chest, her cheeks bright red when she noticed how her Knights were looking at her.

“If you’re sure Princess, then I’m willing.” Gwaine stepped forward, taking Arthur into his arms peppering her face with soft kisses. She giggled at the feeling of his beard brushing over her face.

“I am as well.” Lancelot stepped up next, taking the blonde into his arms next, but he nuzzled at her neck making her sigh at the protection she felt from his arms, the same one she got when she was in Leon or Merlin’s arms before this.

“Don’t forget about us.” Percival smiled as he and Elyan stepped up to sandwich their Queen between them, kissing and nuzzling at her face and neck.

“Do I even need to say it?” Merlin smirked at her, making her laugh and push at him before tugging him in for a breathtaking kiss that was obviously familiar between the two.

“I think these are in the way Princess.” Gwaine grinned as his fingers started to unfasten her clothes and she let him with a knowing look and soon she was standing before her Knights, her lovers completely naked. She normally wasn’t shy, but under their gazes she shifted and felt the urge to grab a sheet to cover herself up.

“You’re so beautiful.” Percival breathed out as he literally lifted her up into his arms to kiss her passionately on her mouth, hands kneading at the globes of her ass. She looped her arms around his neck, nails scraping over his scalp before giggling when she was dropped onto the bed and she bounced a bit on the piles of silk sheets and soft fur blankets.

Arthur looked up at the sight of her Knights and Merlin looking down at her with predatory looks on their faces. She blushed but tossed her arms over her head, spreading her legs wide while arching her hips up in an obvious invitation.

Lancelot moved first and settled between her legs, hand cupping her cunt, fingers rubbing at her getting wetter and wetter at his touch while she gasped and grabbed at the pillow behind her head.

“Just relax my Queen, we’ll take care of you.” Lancelot promised before he lowered his head down and pressed his lips to her pussy making her cry out and her legs twitched.

Suddenly sets of hands pressed down on her naked body, caressing and fondling her while Merlin leaned down and kissed Arthur, fingers stroking through her growing longer hair.

“She’s looser than I thought.” Lancelot commented as he easily pushed two of his fingers into her making her hips buck up but Elyan and Gwaine’s hands pushed her back down onto the bed gently but with strength.

“Since Leon and I were the only ones outside of Uther, Morgana, Gwen and Gaius that knew Arthur was a female… We had to keep her content somehow, she’s gets very tense sometimes.” Merlin smirked as he subtly told the other men that he and Leon slept with Arthur all the time.

“Well now we can help out when she gets tense.” Gwaine promised as he leaned down to tease a nipple with his lips and teeth making her reach out to tangle in his long hair making him groan as she tugged at it.

“God she is swallowing your fingers Lance.” Elyan groaned as he caught sight of him easing a third finger inside of her, spreading her wide with ease.

“Are you sure we’ll fit?” Percival asked Merlin and Leon quietly not wanting to startle Arthur, but he and Elyan were not small men in any sense.

“Don’t worry she can take it and I’ll use a bit of magic to help ease the way a bit.” Merlin promised his eyes flashing gold with his magic for a moment.

“We’ll loosen her up first if that makes you feel better.” Leon suggested and relief crossed Percival’s face as he nodded his agreement.

“Alright Lance, she’s good and ready now.” Leon tapped Lance’s curly hair and he pulled away with one last lick to her clit, his lips and chin wet already. Elyan took Lance’s wet fingers and sucked at them, groaning at the taste of their Queen on the Knight’s fingers.

They watched as Leon lined himself up at her core and groaned as he sank into her, Arthur’s legs wrapped around his waist as she moved against him in a familiar way.

“Just going to loosen you up baby, then the others will breed you.” Leon promised making her eyes widen at his words as she leaked a bit more around his cock.

“Oh she liked that.” Merlin grinned as he noticed her reaction to Leon’s words.

“She likes the idea that we are going to breed her tonight.”

Arthur groaned helplessly as Percival joined Gwaine with teasing her nipples while Lancelot and Elyan stroked them selves watching the scene before them.

“Don’t worry your Highness you’re going to be overflowing with our cum by the end of the night.” Gwaine promised before going back to her breast as she whimpered at his words.

“Nothing but our little breeding whore tonight.” Leon crooned as he slowly thrusted into her, not speeding up but just using his cock to loosen her up even further.

“Yes!” She groaned out before Leon pulled out of her and nodded at Merlin as he placed the head of his cock against her asshole, feeling her tense up for a moment before Merlin’s eyes flashed gold. Arthur relaxed completely as Leon pushed slowly into her ass, getting sucked in easily with no resistance thanks to Merlin and his wonderful magic.

“Here is where the real fun beginnings men.” Leon grinned at them as he shifted Arthur, slipping out of her ass and moving her around until her back rested against his chest and he pushed back in, before hooking her hands in the hollows of her knees and she gasped as she was suddenly airborne, her ass was spread out on Leon’s cock as he held her open, exposed to everyone in the room.

“Who wants her first?” Leon smirked as he rested his chin on her head and didn’t even blink when Gwaine moved towards them, taking his erection in hand. He thrusted right into her open pussy, kissing her soundly as he wasted no time in thrusting into her their groans muffled by their connected lips.

“She likes it rough Gwaine, so don’t hold back.” Merlin advised as he ran his hand down Gwaine’s back before playfully swatting his ass. Gwaine took Merlin’s advice to heart and started to pound in and out of Arthur who mewled and scrambled at his shoulders, nails digging into his skin as she tried to move against him but Leon kept her in place. Percival moved to stand behind Leon who gratefully took the offered support by leaning back against his strong chest.

“Fuck.” Gwaine breathed across her lips and her head tilted back against Leon’s shoulder letting out a loud cry that mingled with Gwaine’s when he buried himself inside of Arthur, shooting a load of cum inside of her, really beginning the start of the night and she squirmed at the feeling before decided actually liked it.

Leon took a few steps to the side when Gwaine pulled out of her and Lancelot met him there, pushing his own cock into Arthur not leaving her empty for long. Arthur gasped, arms thrown up over Leon’s shoulders to hang onto him. Percival braced Leon again but this time his hands came up from behind him to cup their Queen’s breasts, his large hands covering them completely. Elyan started to run his hands up and down Lancelot’s back, wanting to be connected apart of the beautiful sight before him as well.

Leon gave slow thrusts of his hips, in time with Lancelot so she as being fucked in both holes while Arthur moaned happily at the sensations. Lancelot wasn’t as rough as Gwaine, his thrusts were a lot smoother but they were just as powerful and deep. Lancelot bounced her slightly and she gasped as Lancelot pushed Gwaine’s cum deeper into her but some was pulled out of her as well, either way it didn’t matter as Lancelot groaned against her neck as Arthur moved an arm to tangle her fingers in Lancelot’s curly hair holding him closer.

“Go on Lancelot, fill her up good.” Merlin grinned from where he was cuddled with Gwaine who was watching the group intently. Lancelot groaned louder at Merlin’s words and another load of cum was added into Arthur’s cunt making her keen as she arched between the two men who were pressed against her from both sides.

“How do you feel your Highness?” Leon asked as he watched as Lancelot stepped back, his cock limp between his thighs.

“Full.” She slurred.

“Not yet your Highness but soon.” Leon promised as he gave Percival and Elyan a look and they backed off to make sure Gwaine and Lancelot were okay while Merlin helped lower Arthur off of Leon’s cock and licked his lips at the sight of the cum dripping from Gwaine and Lancelot’s cum.

“Do you have enough strength to hold yourself open for us Arthur?” Merlin asked as she stroked Arthur’s thigh gently.

“N-No, I don’t think so.” She shook her head realizing that her strength was failing her already. Her body wasn’t used to this sort of thing but the way she felt with two of her Knight’s cum inside of her she thought she could get used to it.

“That’s okay baby.” Merlin crooned and his eyes flashed gold and her pussy lips were spread wide open to show the pool of cum that had slipped out of her body. Merlin and Leon took them selves in hand and started to stroke them selves.

“We’re going to get you good and messy so Percival and Elyan’s cocks will slide right in with no problems.” Leon promised as he and Merlin started to come, never being able to last long when with Arthur like this. They groaned louder at the sight of their cum coating Arthur’s spread pussy before Merlin reached down and pushed some of it back into her making her hips jerk up with a mewl.

“Make sure to be gentle with her, she is a bit messy right now.” Merlin patted Arthur’s clit before moving out of the way, Elyan sliding into his spot and he had to grip the base of his cock to stop from coming at the sight of her cunt alone.

“Go on Elyan.” Leon encouraged while Merlin moved over to Percival, winking at him before dropping to his knees and swallowing the large man’s just as large and thick cock in one go his eyes flashing gold to make it easier on his mouth and throat.

Elyan lifted Arthur’s legs up and out and he let out a gasp of pleasure as he slid inside of Arthur with utter ease, even with his thickness that other lovers had so much trouble with in the past. Elyan gripped her ankles tightly and he started to pound in and out of Arthur, going rougher and faster than he ever had with past lovers, always having to be careful but Arthur was groaning and quiet beg for ‘more’ and ‘harder’ falling from her lips as she writhed on the bed. She dropped open her mouth when she noticed Gwaine and Lancelot kneeling by her face, their hands working over their hard again cocks letting bits of cum drop into her mouth.

“I don’t think I can last any longer.” Elyan groaned out glancing at Leon who was still at his side, watching them intently in case anything got too much for Arthur.

“Then don’t, add your cum to our breeding whore.” Leon encouraged and Arthur let out a boarder line scream when Elyan slammed himself inside of her, flooding her with his cum while she squirted her cum out around his thick cock.

She blinked, mouth still open wide as she felt ropes of warm cum splatter over her face, some falling in her mouth but most of it hitting her cheeks, chin and collarbone as Gwaine and Lancelot came again.

Arthur knew she must be a wreck of cum by now but she still had Percival to go and Merlin was leading him over his massive cock glistening with pre-cum and saliva from where Merlin had blown him. She smiled hazily up at him and made weak hand movements to pull him down to her.

Percival went willingly, kissing her gently as he wrapped her shaking legs around his waist as he inched in to her, taking his time even though there was no resistance, it was a smooth slide but he didn’t want to chance it. It took longer than the others but Percival was finally, fully sheathed inside of Arthur and he barely had to roll his hips once before Arthur was keening loudly as she came on his cock and that did wonders for Percival’s pride.

He kept kissing her and moved his hands down to squeeze her breasts again and started moving, slow at first before she locked her heels behind him, digging them into the small of his back.

“Fuck her faster, she likes it rough.” Leon offered up and Percival gave one look at Arthur who looked like she was on cloud 9 but gave a nod of agreement with Leon’s words. He kissed her one last time before moving them so she was straddling his waist and the shift in gravity made his cock go deeper into her than any of the other Knights had before.

“Yeeesss.” She let out a loud moan of pleasure as he used his arm strength to lift her up and impale her down on his cock, over and over again. Percival mouthed at her breasts as he pulled her down one last time, keeping his cock deep inside of her while he throbbed and filled her with his cum.

Arthur groaned knowing that it was so much more than the other’s loads and her stomach felt like it was bulging while she felt heavy. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she let out a scream as her best orgasm yet washed over her and she actually blacked out.

When she woke up she was on her side, a cock resting inside of her soaked, sore, throbbing cunt just there keeping her Knight’s cum inside of her and keeping her full.

“Hey Arthur, how do you feel?” Merlin asked from behind her, clearly he was the one was inside of her.

She tried to speak but only made a weak noise and heard chuckles from around the room and she peered at the others who were scattered around the room. They were all still naked but they looked happy and satisfied with them selves. Her head was resting on a strong chest and she looked up and smiled at Percival’s peaceful sleeping face and snuggled down between two of her lovers and was content to stay like that and forget everything until she had to face the day.

“Sleep Princess we’ve got you.” Gwaine’s caring voice sent her off to sleep without worry.

Chapter Text

“Oh my god.” Barri breathed out from her place on her knees in front of her boyfriend. His long, thick cock was jutting out from his groin and her mouth watered at the sight of it.

“Impressed?” Mick rumbled, large fingers stroking through his girlfriend’s brown hair.

“I thought fat cock’s like this only existed in porn.” She admitted and made a keening noise when she couldn’t fit her whole hand around his girth.

“Is it too much?” Mick asked worried, they had done things before but he refused to penetrate her until she was fully ready and comfortable. In fact this was the first time Barri had ever seen his cock but apparently by the lustful look on her face she was impressed and excited.

“God no, you’re going to feel amazing inside of me.” She groaned as she leaned forward, wrapping her lips around the head of his cock groaning when it almost completely filled her mouth. She pressed her hands to his muscular thighs and relaxed her jaw and throat as she slowly moved forward, swiping her tongue up and down the sides of Mick’s cock, already feeling him bump against the back of her throat and she hadn’t even taken half of his cock into her mouth yet. She groaned around his cock at the realization and her cunt gave a needy throb as she fought back the urge to reach down and touch herself.

“Don’t force yourself Doll.” Mick swallowed hard at the feeling of Barri’s mouth on his cock. She hummed around him making him groan as his fingers tightened in her hair.

“On day.” She muttered when she pulled back before licking around the tip before swallowing down what she could manage.

“Keep doing that Doll and the show will be done before it even gets started.” Mick groaned out tugging her off his cock.

“Well we don’t want that.” She kissed the head of his cock before slowly rising up from her knees. Mick pulled her against his body for a kiss, hands covering both her breasts easily making her lean against him with a groan at how small she was compared to him.

“You’re already soaking.” Mick marveled as she grinded against his thigh, smearing her wetness against his skin.

“This is your fault.” She breathed out, head tipping backwards as Mick left hickies over her neck and collarbone while his fingers massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples teasingly.

“I best do something about it then.” He easily lifted Barri up into his arms knowing that how easily he could manhandle her turned her on. She groaned and arched her hips in his arms before giggling when she bounced on the bed when Mick tossed her down.

Mick slotted himself between her legs, propping her right leg up over his hip and ran three of his fingers over her cunt, covering her completely with just three of his big fingers.

“If your tight little cunt can take four of my fingers, I’ll fuck you with my big fat cock.” Mick promised, voice rough with lust as his fingers spread her pussy lips.

“Mick.” She squirmed hips moving against his fingers in an effort to get him to finger her already. She was hot with need and Mick chuckled before sliding a finger into her, both groaning at the action before Mick quickly added a second finger when feeling how loose and wet she was already.

“I’ve been thinking about this for so long.” Barri groaned out, grinding down on his fingers needily.

“You and me both Doll.” Mick leaned down to kiss her, his thumb rubbing over her clit as he worked her wider so his third finger could slip inside of her. She gasped as he spread them wide inside of her, hips jerking up but Mick held her down with his free hand on her hip. She keened, back arching when he added the tip of his fourth finger inside of her, he kept an eye on her face as he slowly extended his pinky inside of her and she didn’t safe word out so he kept going.

“Oh yes, god Mick more!” She groaned out as she pushed down on his fingers wantonly spread her own legs open further.

“That’s it Doll.” Mick praised as he leaned down to kiss at her nipples while he started to slowly pump his fingers in and out of her, feeling her clench and flex around him.

“Can I have your cock yet?” She asked, eyes flicking down to where his heavy hard cock was resting against her thigh teasingly.

“Not yet Doll, I want to make you come at least once before we get there.” Mick used his thumb to press against her clit, moving his hand faster and watched amazed as Barri’s back arched and hips moved on her own and his moans merged with her’s as she came squirting out around his fingers and he felt his cock leak pre-cum on her thigh. He didn’t think squirting was a real thing but fuck Barri made it look good.

She slumped back onto the bed, breathing heavily as Mick gently fingered her through her orgasm before pulling his drenched fingers out of her cunt. He wiped her juices on his cock before reaching for a bottle of lube he had placed aside for later.

He slathered his cock up with as much lube as he could and debated for a moment before he pushed the tip of the squeeze bottle into her cunt and emptied some into her. She wiggled and gasped as the cool liquid flowed into her, but she understood the need for extra amounts of lube. Mick glanced around and snagged an extra pillow, gently lifting her hips up to put the pillow there to prop her up a bit more.

“How do you want to do this Doll?” Mick stroked her hip as he held his cock by the base.

“Like this, I want to see your fat cock disappearing into my tight little cunt.” She wrapped her trembling legs around his waist and Mick grinned at the dirty talk that was falling from his oh so innocent looking girlfriend’s mouth.

“God I love it when you talk dirty Doll.” Mick kissed her deeply before leaning up and guiding his cock into her slick folds. Mick and Barri let out groans in sync when the head of his cock popped into her completely.

“It’s such a tight fit.” Mick grunted as he grabbed onto her hips with his free hand as he slowly inched himself into her, glad for all the extra lube and the stretching they had done before as he just slid right along just little resistance.

“Fuck, Mick you’re SO big! You’re filling me so well, fuck, fuck!” Barri writhed on the bed, arms bending so she could grab onto the pillow that was just above her head.

“How are you still so tight, you’re perfect Doll so fucking perfect for me.” Mick rambled as he finally bottomed out, his whole cock sheathed inside of her. He swallowed hard at the sight of a bulge in the lower part of her stomach and he couldn’t help but rub his hand over it. Barri let out a gasp and arched into the touch, clenching down on Mick’s massive cock.

“Mick, I need you to move.” Barri pleaded as she reached up for him. He nodded and leaned down for her to grab onto his shoulders for leverage as he started to shallowly thrust in and out of her. Barri tilted her head back, her hair spilling out around her on the bed as she clung to Mick getting used to the drag of his cock in and out of her, stretching her wide and filling her with every thrust that were becoming harder, deeper and faster.

Barri couldn’t help but chanted Mick’s name as her mouth dropped down in pleasure as she felt another orgasm begin to build up in her gut and she grinded against him and his right hand moved over and he rubbed at her clit knowing she would come undone at the touch. Come undone she is Barri let out a scream she tried to muffle by burying her face in Mick’s neck as her body shook and she came around his cock, her eyes fluttering closed.

Mick wrapped his arms around her and thrusted into her tight passage a few more times before he let out this own cry as he spilled into her. He kept her close to his body as he shuddered through his own orgasm before they both collapsed together on the bed, still locked together and neither of them moving.

“God I love you Doll.” Mick whispered.

“Mm, love you too babe.” Barri whispered back as she snuggled closer to him, groaning when it made his limp but still massive cock shift inside of her.

“We are so doing that again and again and again.” She trailed off as she fell asleep against his chest, making Mick grin and kiss her head lovingly as he rested his cheek on top of her hair.

Chapter Text

“What a needy little slut you are. You couldn’t even wait until I got home to start could you huh?” Charlie shook his head as he entered his and Barri’s room. His girlfriend in a plaid skirt, thigh high stockings and a white blouse was on her hands and knees, ass pressing back against the mirror as she fucked herself back onto a thick dildo that was stuck to the reflective surface.

“I was so horny after you fingered before you went to work, I’m sorry Charlie.” Barri whined, not stopping from where she was fucking herself back on the dildo. Charlie stepped into the room, tossing his shirt off onto the bed before kneeling down in front of his girlfriend, cupping her chin rather roughly.

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood or I would punish you for this. For now, show me your progress.” He ordered leaned back as Barri pulled off of the dildo completely before turned around in order to press her forehead to the floor as she reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart to show Charlie her open and soaked cunt.

“Not bad, don’t worry I’ll give you what you want. However you’re going to keep using that toy, train that mouth of yours. I want you to watch in the mirror as you swallow that dildo while I fuck your dirty cunt.” Charlie grinned as he shoved his jeans and underwear down just far enough for his erection to spring free.

Barri pushed herself up onto her hands and surged forward taking the wet with lube and some of her own juices into her mouth, groaning as it filled her mouth and throat. She groaned when she felt the tip of her boyfriend’s cock pushing into her, he liked to tease her when he found her like this. Charlie gave shallow thrusts, just moving the head of his cock in and out of her pussy before he grabbed her ankles keeping her legs out to the side and he slammed his hips forward, sheathing himself fully inside of his girlfriend.

“Yeah just like that, keep sucking it my pretty little cock slut.” Charlie crooned as he watched as Barri was rocked forward with each of his thrusts taking more of the dildo into her mouth, groaning around the toy as he took his time in thrusting into her.

“Mmm, Charlie harder please.” Barri got out around the dildo in her mouth and Charlie grinned at her plead, Barri usually didn’t beg unless she was desperate and horny as hell.

“What’s that my slut of a girlfriend wants it harder? I can make that work, now remember to breath when that dildo is shoved down your throat.” Charlie ordered before he slammed his hips forward and brutally hammered into her pussy, giving her no time to react as she was forced to swallow the toy completely. She gagged for a bit before she breathed through her nose as she swallowed around the toy that was stretching her throat.

“Just like that.” Charlie grunted out as he felt his climax building up in his gut and he slammed into her cunt a few more times before he let out a cry of pleasure, spilling his load into her cunt before he pulled out smacking her ass as she dripped some of his cum. He grabbed her long brown hair, pulling her off the toy before shoving his cock into her mouth, letting her clean him up of his cum like she was trained to do.

“You didn’t come did you? Go on then, use the toy to get off. I can wait.” Charlie noticed her body shaking and her aborted moves to touch herself when he pulled his now clean and limp cock free of her mouth.

“Thank you Charlie.” She nodded and twisted around to slam herself back onto the dildo, Charlie watched as his cum trickled down her thighs as she thrusted back against it with abandon. Lewd moans falling from her lips as she did and Charlie watched as she reached down and rubbed at her clit and she tipped over the edge, crying out loudly before slumping down onto the ground, the toy still buried in her dirty cunt.

“That’s my girl.” Charlie eased her off of the toy before gathering her up in his arms. “How does a nice warm bath sound hmm?”

“So good Charlie.” She smiled dazed up at him yet she was content Charlie could tell and that made him happy.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure Eddie’s going to be okay with this?” Barri asked Iris nervous as she watched Iris finish setting up the toys they were going to use tonight.

“Trust me Barri, he will be more than okay with this.” Iris reassured the other girl smiling at the nervous look on her face as she shifted on Iris and Eddie’s bed. “You can step back anytime you want Barri, we won’t hold it against you.”

“Thanks Iris.” Barri grinned as her fears disappeared.

“Iris?” Eddie’s voice called out and Barri smiled at him when he entered the bedroom, tugging at his tie. His eyes widened at the sight of her on the bed and Iris standing by a line of sex toys that he knew all too well.

“So you got her to agree then?” Eddie asked as he stepped in front of Barri, gently cupping her cheek so they could make eye contact.

“She’s actually worried about you not wanting to.” Iris draped herself over her boyfriend’s back smiling down at Barri who blushed.

“How could I not?” Eddie asked her before leaning down and pressing their lips together. Barri gasped into the kiss before returning it, hand wrapping itself in his tie to pull him closer.

“God that’s hot, I can’t wait to see you fuck her babe.” Iris groaned as she started to strip Eddie of his clothes leaving him naked while Iris and Barry were wearing matching leather corsets and stocky looking black panties that had a lot of straps around their hips.

“I’ll make you feel so good Barri, I promise.” Eddie said when their lips parted and Barri flashed him a smile before she moved back up on the bed, holding her legs apart to see that her panties had a split down the middle to reveal her wet pussy.

“God you’re perfect.” Eddie said in awe as he rested between her thighs, head ducking down with Iris’ hand in his hair guiding him to her crotch.

“That’s right, get her good and wet sweetheart.” Iris crooned as she controlled the way Eddie used his mouth on Barri’s pussy. Barri groaned, arching up off the bed her fingers clutching at the sheets below her as she humped against Eddie’s face forcing his tongue to go deeper into her.

“He has a good mouth doesn’t he?” Iris sounded proud.

“So good.” Barri groaned before glaring at Iris when Eddie was pulled away from her, his lips and chin wet and he had a smile on his face.

“Now hold her legs open and fuck her just like you’ve been wanting to do for so long.” Iris encouraged as she reached down and covered his erection in lube, kissing at his neck while looking Barri who blushed at her words.

“Come on then Eddie, don’t keep me waiting.” Barri spread her own legs, hands on her thighs keeping herself exposed. Eddie groaned and he moved forward so their hips slotted together, he teased his cock along her pussy, getting them both wetter.

“You heard the woman sweetie.” Iris laughed as she smacked his ass playfully and Eddie moved forward his cock sinking into Barri’s cunt, both of them groaning out in pleasure. Eddie leaned forward over Barri on his hands, pressing their lips together while Iris caressed his ass a bit before settling down so she had a close up of Eddie’s cock sliding in and out of Barri. She groaned as she watched his cock almost pull out fully, she grabbed the base of his cock and guided him back into Barri making them both groan again, even louder when her hand pressed against their skin.

Barri tangled her fingers in Eddie’s blond hair, tugging his mouth down her to chest while she pushed the top of the corset down just enough for her small perk breasts to pop out. He attacked her nipples with his mouth and she groaned as Iris picked up the pace making Eddie fuck her faster.

“Just like that.” Iris encouraged licking her lips at the sight of Eddie’s cock disappearing deeper and deeper into Barri’s cunt that was sucking him in with every thrust.

“Eddie, oh my god!” Barri groaned out, humping up against him desperately as a need built up in her stomach. It had been so long since she had been with a man like this and she wasn’t lasting long.

“Fuck Barri, you’re so tight.” Eddie groaned out as he buried his face into her chest as she stroked his blond hair. Iris groaned when she got a front row seat of Eddie’s cock throbbing and filling Barri with his cum, some trickling out the sides of Barri’s cunt which mixed with her own. Iris pulled Eddie out of Barri, watching as his cum leaking out of her in rivers before she leaned down, hands cupping his balls and she swallowed around his limp cock, swirling her tongue to clean him of his remaining cum. Eddie groaned at the sight his cum sliding out of Barri and the feeling of Iris’ mouth around his cock.

“You did so well for us sweetie.” Iris spoke after she pulled away from his cock, licking her lips clean of his cum while Barri looked up at them with hooded eyes.

“Now close your eyes and wait for us on the bed, we have a surprise for you.” Iris kissed Eddie before Barri slowly stood up from the bed, blushing when the blond’s cum ran down her thighs. Eddie closed his eyes and waited, he heard giggles and soft words as things got moved around.

“Take a good look baby.” Iris ordered and his eyes flew up and he felt his cock start to harden again at the sight before him. Both girls had their corset’s back in place and large, lubed up strap-on’s sticking out from their crotches. Barri’s was black and thick while Iris’ was white and long.

“Now I’m going to fuck you first, now be a good boy and spread your legs.” Iris stepped forward as Barri circled around her to push Eddie down onto the bed with a playful smile. Eddie willingly went, feeling his cock heavy against his stomach as the head of Iris’ strap-on pressed against his hole.

“Will he be okay without prep?” Barri asked concerned about Eddie who just blushed at her worry for him.

“Oh I fucked him like this before he left for work today, he’s good and ready to be fucked again.” Iris grinned as she jerked her hips forward sheathing the dildo deep into him, making him gasp and grind down on the familiar way it filled him.

“Look at how hard he’s getting from this.” Barri said in amazement before wrapping her hand around his cock, slowly stroking himself before she leaned down and wrapped her lips around his cock. Eddie hung onto the bed sheets in order not to touch either of the ladies, Iris having driven that rule home a while ago so he just pushed down on Iris’ strap-on and up into Barri’s mouth. Barri groaned around Eddie’s cock while she watched intently as Iris fucked her dildo in and of the blond.

“God that’s hot.” Barri bit her lower lip once she let Eddie’s cock fall from her lips.

“You’ll see something better when we finish with him.” Iris promised knowing full well how wrecked Eddie looked after a round with her and her single strap-on.

Barri grinned before moving up to Eddie’s head and straddled his face, rubbing her strap-on pleased when Eddie got the idea and dropped his mouth open. Barri grinned and leaned forward so she was on hands and knees over his head, pushing her hips down feeding Eddie her thick black strap-on. Eddie took it the best he could with the girth stretched his lips and throat open wider than it had been in a while.

“Just like that.” Barri encouraged as she gave shallow thrusts in and out of his mouth, allowing him to adjust and take more in his own time watching him upside down groaning as he bobbed up and down on her dildo.

“Not yet sweetie.” Iris shook her head as she reached down and wrapped her fingers tight around the base of his cock, stopping him from coming. She rolled her hips before pulling out, leaving his hole clenching at the sudden empty space inside of him.

“Now for a new toy.” Iris said excitement in her face and Barri kept thrusting into Eddie’s mouth while moving her head to look up at the toy Iris grabbed and her lips spread into a grin.

“Oh yes.” She approved before she moved back up to her knees and tugged her salvia coated dildo out of the blond’s mouth, kissing his swelling lips getting a hazy smile in response before Barri moved down to watch Iris as she gripped Eddie’s cock tightly with a smirk on her face.

“Why didn’t you do this before when he was fucking me?” Barri pouted as she helped lube up the penis extender, it was clear and slipped on over Eddie’s cock to give him a few extra inches making him wider and wider.

“I wanted to see him fill you with his cum, you can fuck him now don’t worry Barri.” Iris laughed at the pout Barri had before her face lit up as she looked down at Eddie’s ass.

“Go on then.” Iris teased and Barri knelt between Eddie’s legs, grabbing his knees and spreading them wider than Iris had them and she thrusted into him, watching as his hole stretched wider as his body adjusted to the thickness of her strap-on.

Barri started with slow thrusts in order not to overwhelm Eddie as Iris was now lowering herself (sans her strap-on) down onto Eddie’s cock with the extender already halfway inside of her. Iris placed a hand on her boyfriend’s chest for balance as she fully took him inside of her, a hand rubbing over her slightly bulging stomach thanks to the extender he was deeper inside of her than he ever had been.

“How does he feel?” Barri asked as Iris started to slowly bounce up and down on her boyfriend’s cock.

“So fucking good oh my god why haven’t we used this before?” Iris’ eyes rolled up into her head as she grinded down on Eddie making him groan when Barri started to move in and out of him, her hands on his knees keeping them apart.

“You two are going to be the death of me.” Eddie groaned out helplessly bucking against the ladies.

“The best way to go really.” Iris grinned wolfishly breathing heavily as she rode him faster, pulling his hands up to grope her breasts making her groan louder as he started to fondle and roll her nipples while Barri fucked him and hard fast.

“I don’t think I can last!” Eddie groaned, body shaking and jerking as his orgasm built up.

“Go on then sweetie come for us.” Iris encouraged while Barri grinded her strap-on deeper into Eddie hoping she was getting his prostate, giving him pleasure.

Eddie let out a loud cry, body arching and hips jerking as his orgasm wrecked through his body. Iris getting her own orgasm moments later, her back bowing as she let out her own cry and Barri smiled as she stilled inside of Eddie, just letting her strap-on rest inside of him her fingers stroking his thighs soothingly.

Soon Eddie and Iris managed to get free of each other and the penis extender and Barri gently eased herself out of Eddie taking her harness off before gasping when she was tugged into the place between the two. Iris tossed her leg over Barri’s hip as she cuddled up to her back with a contented sigh while Eddie pressed against her front, tucking her head underneath his chin and she let out a soft sigh as her eyes fluttered shut.

“I’m glad you joined us Barri.” Eddie thanked her and she felt a smile pull at her lips.

“Me too Eddie.” She whispered back before she joined Iris in the land of much needed slumber.

Chapter Text

“Mick what are you doing? This is ridiculous.” Barri wiggled against the silk ties that had her wrists bound to the top of a frame that felt cool to the touch on her naked body. Another tie was wrapped around her eyes but she could hear and sometimes feel Mick moving around behind her.

“I want to try something new and damn if you don’t so pretty tied up like this.” Mick praised and chuckled when Barri’s cheek flushed a pretty pink. He had picked up on her praise kink rather early on and he exploited it with every chance he could get. It had earned him a lot of sex most of it private but some of it public and that had been fun.

Right now however he wanted to try to see how hard he could make her come and he had found a great way to do so.

“Okay Doll, open your eyes.” Mick grinned as he untied the makeshift blindfold and watched as Barri saw her face and Mick right behind her in the reflection of the mirror. Her eyes were wide as she realized what was going to happen and her cheeks turned red.

“So pretty.” Mick crooned as his hands came up from behind her, one hand cupping one of her breasts while his other hand came down to cover her cunt, fingers toying with her slick folds.

“So wet for me already, I be I could slide right in with no prep at all. What do you think Doll?” Mick asked as he moved to grip her hips and she gasped when she saw and felt Mick thrust his cock between her thighs, rubbing against the bottom of her cunt.

Barri groaned, watching intently as his thick cock appeared and disappeared between her thighs and the head of his cock brushed against the mirror she was tied to.

“Mick.” She whined head dropping back but her eyes were pinned to the sight of his cock by her cunt, which was throbbing with need and she couldn’t help but push down against him.

“I want you to watch as I open your pretty little cunt up on my cock, can you do that for me Doll? Can you watch as I fuck you?” Mick asked as he fondled her breasts watching, as her nipples became hard points.

“Yes Mick!” She nodded her agreement not caring about the red blush she could see on her cheeks. She kept her eyes on where her lower half was reflected in the mirror and her mouth dropped open as a mewl came from her as she watched as Mick’s cock pushed into her, she had never seen him fuck her from this angle before and she felt and saw her face heat up further as his cock spread her wide.

“So fucking beautiful.” Mick groaned out, nipping at her neck as he started to move and in and out of her in a quick pace while she pushed back against him needing more.

“Mick, oh god we look.” She groaned out, not being able to look away from the sight of them having sex in the mirror. She noticed that Mick was in the same boat and she grinned at him getting a smile in return, before Barri gasped when she was pushed against the mirror fully while Mick started to pound into her harder from behind.

Barri clung to the ties around her wrists the best she could as she was rocked against the mirror from the power behind Mick’s thrusts.

“Mick, oh I’m so close!” She cried out in warning, keening when he wrapped her hair around his hand, tugging her backwards so she arched and his free hand moved down to her clit.

“Watch yourself come Doll, I want you to see how damn good you look when I make you come.” Mick growled and Barri let out a cry watching as her body shook against her lover’s and she came, spurting out around his cock and some of it hit the mirror in front of her.

“Fuck that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” Mick praised before he buried his cock back into her dripping cunt and Barri groaned helplessly as she watched as his cock emptied his cum into her and a gush of it ran down her thighs when he pulled back.

“What do did you think Doll?” Mick asked as he reached up to untie her wrists.

“We are doing that again.” She stated making Mick rumble out laughter before kissing her soundly.

Chapter Text

Eddie froze in his place, he had just entered interrogation room 1, it was during the skeleton shift that the nights had and no one was using the room. He had forgotten a file there that he needed to grab before he went home. What he saw made him freeze and go very, very quiet as he tried to process the sight before him.

Barri Allen, his girlfriend’s little sister and his partner’s surrogate daughter was currently naked on the table, her wrists were in handcuffs that were chained to the bar in the middle of the table. Her long pale legs were wrapped tightly around Mick Rory’s waist as said man pounded into her, his hands fondling her breasts making her gasp and give little keens of pleasure that matched the blissed out expression on her face.

Eddie’s first thought was ‘Barri is hot’ and right after that was ‘oh god she’s getting raped by a criminal!’

“Don’t move or make a sound Detective.” A voice drawled in his ear and he felt the barrel of a gun poking at his back. Eddie turned his head to the side to catch a look at the man, Leonard Snart who was Rory’s partner.

“You think she’s being raped don’t you? Look closer, look at her face, see how she’s moving and listen.” Leonard drawled needing to dispel what he knew was going through Eddie’s mind at the sight before him. Eddie swallowed but turned his eyes back to where Barri and Rory were.

Rory was looking down at Barri like she hung the moon and the stars, his thrusts were hard but they had control to them like he wanted to give her pleasure and no pain if he could help it. Barri was straining against the handcuffs like she wanted to reach up to embrace the man.

“I know Doll, but you look so good like this.” Rory rumbled as he leaned and kissed her soundly. “I’ll let you loose once Len comes back, you can touch all you want after how does that sound?”

“So good Mick.” Barri’s eyes fluttered as her back arched when Rory’s fingers gently stroked her clit making her hips wiggle as she pressed up against his fingers.

“We love her Detective and for some unknown reason she loves us back. If you tell anyone about this, it will break her into pieces that may never be put back together. I won’t shoot you right now because it will upset her, but a single bullet in your body will be nothing compared to what Mick, my other Rouges and I will do to you and anyone who makes her cry. Now go the bathroom and deal with that, then go home to Miss West hold her tight and go to sleep. Forget you ever saw this, but don’t forget that she is loved and happy with us.” Len whispered in Eddie’s ear.

Eddie took one last look at Barri who looked blissfully happy with Rory kissing her and giving her pleasure with every movement. Eddie nodded while looking at Len, trying not to notice his own erection in his pants.

“Good man.” Len moved the gun away from Eddie’s back and nudged him away from the door. Eddie swiftly walked away glancing over his shoulder just in time to see Snart smile as he heard Barri’s voice call out his name happy to see him. Eddie bit back his own smile and moved towards the bathroom to do what Leonard suggested and rid himself of his erection and the image of his girlfriend’s sister naked and speared on a cock like that.

Chapter Text

“Are these really necessary Captain?” Spock raised an unimpressed eyebrow at his captain and lover as he tugged at the ropes that kept his wrists pinned to the arms of the chair Jamie had excitedly pushed him down on when he entered their shared rooms. She took no time in stripping herself of her clothes before she grinned at him as she held something behind her back.

“I know you are worried about hurting me when we have sex, so I forced Bones to give me the safe human to Vulcan sex talk. It was awkward for both of us so we are never going to speak of it again, but I learned a lot and have been putting it to use.” Jamie rambled.

“Jamie?” Spock felt his mouth go dry when she pulled out what she had been hiding behind her back, it was a dildo replicate of a Vulcan penis with the green tint and the double ridges.

“I can fit the whole thing inside of me now, I just wanted to show you that I can handle you even though I’m a virgin. If you have pointers I’ll accept them happily Mr. Spock.” Jamie said lust in her voice as she settled the dildo onto the ground, sticking it there with a suction cup she attached to the bottom of the toy before slicking it up with a generous amount of lube. Spock had known Jamie was a virgin contrary to the rumors that flew around Star Fleet, that was another reason Spock had held back, he didn’t wish any sort of harm on her and he knew he would loose control if he fully got her in bed.

“Jamie you…” Spock was at a lost for words when he watched her straddle the toy and she sank down onto it with ease, proving her words.

“Am I doing this right Mr. Spock?” Jamie asked innocently as she leaned back on her hands, moving her hips slowly giving Spock a good view of the Vulcan style dildo sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

“Yes, you’re doing very well so far.” Spock’s voice was strained as he tried to control the swell of lust that was rushing through his veins at the sight of his lover opening herself up on the toy that she had gotten just so she could train herself to have sex with him. No one had gone through that much effort for him in he past and he had to fight back the urge to toss her over his shoulder and fuck her rougher than she ever had been before.

“Thank you Mr. Spock.” She breathed out as she picked up the pace before, pushing herself up to her knees so she could fondle her own breasts, pinching her nipples making herself groan.

“How many times have you come from riding this toy?” Spock asked, feeling his own cock straining against his Star Fleet Issue pants.

“10 Mr. Spock.” Jamie admitted as she rubbed at her clit, she groaned out head dropping back as her hips started to stutter before she ground down on it so it was fully sheathed inside of her and Spock watched amazed as she came on it. Her cum splattered over her thighs and the toy itself when she slowly pulled it out of herself.

“Make that 11.” She grinned hazily at him and Spock felt his control snap, he easily broke out of the ropes and scooped her up in his arms, kissing her the human way plundering her mouth before tossing her down onto the bed looking down her with a predatory look on his face. He tore his shirt and pants off so Jamie could see what a real Vulcan cock looked like.

“God Spock, get over here.” Jamie groaned at the sight of his cock, glistening with the natural lubrication that Bones had told her about before.

Spock crawled over her body, pressing his cock against her wet, loose cunt. Jamie grabbed on of his hands and started sucking on his first two fingers, knowing full well what she was doing to him.

“Jamie.” Spock growled out a warning as he shoved his fingers deeper into her mouth making her moan around him. Spock’s cock twitched as more lubrication oozed from the tip and smeared on her already wet cunt, which jerked up against him in need.

“Please Spock, will you finally fuck me or should I go get my toy again?” She asked, moving like she was going to go get the discarded toy from the ground.

“You are mine Jamie, you will never be using that toy again if I am here.” Spock pinned her wrists up over her head making her gasp before she squirmed in pleasure as her Vulcan’s urges took control of him.

“Yes Spock.” She breathed out, leaving her wrists above her head when he moved his bruising grip to her thighs, yanking them wide apart to get a better sightline of where he was lining his cock up to her ready pussy. With one last look at Jamie, Spock sunk into her, she took them in with ease and a fleeting thought of how well she prepared herself with that toy passed through Spock’s mind before all rational thought disappeared when she clenched and twitched around him.

“Oh, oh, oh, Spock!” She gasped when Spock started to rock in and out of her, sliding deeper with each movement. Her body arched up underneath him, her breasts pushing up against his chest.

Spock’s fingers dug into her thighs before he wrapped his arms around her waist and shifted their positions so she was straddling him, causing him to shift and go deeper into her. Jamie scratched at his back as she groaned loudly as she moved her hips like she had when she was riding the dildo before.

Jamie looped her arms around Spock’s strong shoulder as he started rapidly thrusting up into her, hitting against that place inside of her that she had only found once or twice during her ‘training’ with her dildo but Spock found it easily and was hammering against it. Jamie groaned loudly before leaning down and tracing the tip of Spock’s ear before gently sucking on it. Her thought of his ears being sensitive was correct when Spock moaned against her breasts where his face was currently pressed. She used her other hand to stroke and trace his other ear while she mirrored the action with her tongue.

Spock let out a literal snarl and slammed up into her using most of strength while his elegant, long fingers rubbed and toyed at her clit with strong movements. Jamie let out a loud cry of pure pleasure her back bowing and Spock held her upright with a strong arm across the small of her back as he stayed buried inside of her, groaning at the feeling of her cum dripping out around his cock and how her walls fluttered around him making it very hard not for Spock to come right then and there.

He kissed Jamie’s slack lips as he gently lowered her back down onto the bed before he eased himself out of her loose and open cunt and a dazed look on her face making a flare of pride flared at the sight and the knowledge he had been the reason behind it.

He gripped himself and quickly worked his cock over before he doubled over with a loud groan as he spilled his cum, painting her stomach and cunt with his cum before he collapsed onto the bed beside Jamie. He then curled her up in his arms protectively as they enjoyed their cost-orgasm bliss.

“Love you T'hy'la.” Jamie smiled as she nuzzled into Spock’s chest, lifting her hand up lazily with her two fingers extended.

“And I you T'hy'la.” Spock pressed their fingers together in a Vulcan kiss as he kissed her head in the human way making her hum with affection.

Chapter Text

“Do try to be quiet, we don’t want to get caught.” Harry winked up at Hermon who was now slapping both hands over his mouth, his eyes trained on the sight of Harry kneeling at his feet, arm pinned around his hips holding him tight against the bookcase of the library.

“Especially not Ron, you know how jealous he gets.” Harry said in a knowing voice before his mouth became busy with Hermon’s cock. All thoughts of well anything flew from Hermon’s mind as he needily thrusted into Harry’s warm, wet mouth in a familiar rhythm between the two.

Harry swallowed around Hermon’s cock, loving the way it filled his mouth and every move made any thought fly out of his mind. Here right now he wasn’t The Harry Potter; he was just Hermon’s boyfriend who was making him feel amazing. So he kept sucking and licked at him, fingers toying with his boyfriend’s balls knowing how it got Hermon off faster.

“Harry, I’m not going to last.” Hermon groaned out in a quiet voice, hips bucking up rapidly now enjoying the way Harry was eagerly taking it with no issues, the two had gone this many times before and Harry’s gag reflex was basically nonexistent at this point.

Harry looked up at him with dark eyes as he hollowed his cheeks, taking him down to the root. Hermon let out a muffled groan as he slumped against the bookshelves as he spilled himself into Harry’s mouth, the dark haired teen swallow every last drop before pulling back from his boyfriend’s limp cock, licking his lips as he put him back into his trousers.

“Get up here.” Hermon grabbed onto Harry’s hair, gently tugging at the strands to urge him to his feet. Harry grinned and allowed him self to be pulled to his feet and then pulled into a kiss. Harry groaned into the kiss when Hermon’s hand slipped down the front of his own trousers, taking Harry’s hard cock into his hand, stroking him quickly in a way that Hermon knew Harry adored. Harry started hump against his hand, desperate for his own release now that Hermon had started touching him like this.

“Come on sweetheart, come for me.” Hermon whispered in Harry’s ear before tucking his boyfriend’s face into the crook of his neck to help muffle the groan of pleasure that Harry was releasing as his seed coated Hermon’s hand and the front of Harry’s black trousers thankfully the dark patch would blend well as the two well knew by now.

Harry hazily looked at Hermon when said teen extracted his hand from his pants, hand sticky with cum. Harry blushed and stuttered as Hermon slowly licked his own hand clean of Harry’s release.

“You are the worst.” Harry grumbled.

“And who was the one with my cock in their mouth, swallowing all of my cum?” Hermon countered, smiling when Harry’s face turned bright red.

“The. Worst.” Harry reiterated making Hermon laugh before lacing their finger together to head back to their table.

“About bloody time, what the hell took so long?” Ron grumbled, eyeing their laced fingers. He was fine with them together, really but being reminded wasn’t something he enjoyed.

“Oh you know, this and that.” Hermon waved his free hand dismissively as the two took their seats.

“Yeah, yeah! You know when I get a girlfriend and we are all trying to study we are going to disappear and get off in some random corner! See how you too like it.” Ron grumbled.

“Oh that will be the day.” Hermon snorted and Harry elbowed him playfully.

“Laugh it up you two.” Ron huffed but couldn’t help but smile if not a bit jealously at the two lovers. He wanted what they had and he just wish he had better luck .

Chapter Text

“I don’t know about this.” Bucky said nervously as he looked at Stefani and Toni who were smiled softly at him, well Stefani was while Toni was just leering at him.

“What better way to get rid of one version of brainwashing then replacing it with another?” Toni placed her hands on her hips cockily.

“It’s worth a try Buck.” Stefani smiled at him, stepping closer and cupping the back of his neck with her hand to press their foreheads together.

“Okay… Okay, what do you have in mind?” He looked over at Toni having the feeling she was the brain of this plan.

“We figured that if you become addicted to us then it should be powerful enough for you to fight any remaining programing.” Toni stepped forward to sandwich him between her and Stefani before smiling coyly as she groped the outline of his cock through his sweatpants. Bucky let out a startled but pleasured moan at her touch making both females grin.

“What do you think Buck, will you let us try our version of brainwashing?” Stefani asked as her hand joined Toni’s as they starred to stroke him over the fabric of his pants.

“I…Uh, but I…” Bucky looked away not feeling he deserved what these beautiful women were offering him.

“If you want to be punished then let us punish you, it will so much better than anything you could do to yourself.” Toni promised, her voice low with lust and promise.

“Toni’s very good at punishments.” Stefani agreed, gnawing on her lower lip and James cock twitched at the implication that the two of them had been together more than once.

“Okay, I accept.” Bucky agreed and he was tugged down into a harsh, biting kiss from Toni who dominated his mouth within seconds before pulling away and Stefani’s mouth was on his. Her kiss was much gentler and kinder, but he enjoyed both kisses very much. He groaned when cool air hit his half hard cock with Stefani tugged his sweatpants off completely so he was naked in front of the two woman.

“Solider you have a new objective.” Toni’s voice was firm in his ear as she moved so she was behind him, hands coming up around him to pluck and toy with his nipples while Stefani moved down his neck using her mouth to leave bite marks in her wake.

“Yes Mistress.” Bucky said almost automatically and felt Toni’s lips curve up into a smile at his ear.

“You are to protect both your Mistress’s and care for them in anyway they require of you.” Toni nipped at the lobe of his ear, voice rough with lust and Stefani groaned against Bucky’s neck showing her approval of the order.

“Yes Mistress.” Bucky agreed and the need to please his Mistress’ suddenly overcame him and he reached out to palm at Stefani’s breasts, they fit in his hands just as well as he remembered they did.

“Good boy, now Stef why don’t you get our solider into the mood?” Toni peered at the blonde over Bucky’s shoulder grinning at the sight of the other woman’s nipples perking up under Bucky’s hands.

“It would be my pleasure.” Stefani purred as she sank to her knees, one hand wrapped around the base of Bucky’s cock before she sucked the tip into her mouth, both groaning at the contact.

“Hands behind your back solider don’t touch her.” Toni ordered seeing how Bucky was moving down to grip Stefani’s blonde hair. Bucky automatically did what he was ordered of and Toni reward him with a kiss to the neck while Stefani took more of Bucky into her mouth, inch by inch until the head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat.

Toni moved down to kneel next to Stefani in front of Bucky and tugged her back by her blonde hair. Stefani fluttered her eyelashes at Toni before the two kissed, making sure the tip of Bucky’s cock was between their lips. The long haired man’s hips jerked as their soft lips moved around one of the most sensitive part of his cock as they kissed.

Toni fondled his balls while they kissed and Stefani slowly stroked the rest of his shaft and soon Bucky was rock hard between them, pre-cum dripping and smearing over their lips.

“Was he this big before as well?” Toni asked when she pulled back, licking her lips clean of pre-cum and salvia while Stefani mouthed along Bucky’s shaft humming.

“I think he’s wider now.” The blonde answered truthfully and Toni nodded in understanding. She raised an eyebrow at Stefani who huffed but rose to her feet, cradling Bucky’s face between her hands she dove in for a passionate kiss to let their new lover taste him self on her lips. Bucky was busy with Stefani’s talented mouth that he had almost forgotten about Toni by his feet until cool metal clicked tightly around his erection and his cock and balls were tugged on making him groan into Stefani’s mouth before their kiss broke.

Bucky looked down to see Toni smirked up at him with a leash around her hand, said leash was attached to a metal ringed cock cage that was tight around his cock and balls. She tugged on the leash again making Bucky’s knees give a bit as he groaned at the pressure.

“All part of your training solider.” She grinned as she rose to her feet and started over to the nearby couch, literally pulling Bucky along by his balls. Stefani bounced after them and pushed Bucky down onto the couch before fondling his caged cock and balls with an interested look on her face.

“Such a good look for them.” Stefani agreed as she petted his cock while Toni smirked as Bucky throbbed inside the cage and soft whimpers escaped from Bucky’s mouth above them.

“Told you that my punishments would be better.” Toni reminded Bucky as she stood up, leaning down to give Bucky a biting kiss that he returned, hands still behind his back as not to touch.

“That’s our good solider.” Toni crooned when she noticed how he was still obeying her previous order and Bucky felt his cheeks heat up at the praise.

“Now Stefani is going to use that mouth of yours. I want you to get her good and wet, can you do that solider?” Toni asked as she toyed with nipples noticing how it made him groan before and she was disappointed by his reaction this time.

“Yes Mistress.” Bucky felt his caged cock throb at the idea and the way Stefani’s face lit up and she hurried to move up onto the couch. Bucky dropped to his knees and turned to face Stefani who was happily spreading her legs, her skirt having ridden up to show she was bare underneath and her pussy was already wet. Bucky kept his hands clasped behind his back, he made eye contact with her for a moment before he lowered his head and licked at her.

Stefani gasped, hips arching and hands coming down to tangle in Bucky’s hair as his mouth started to work, tasting each inch of her making her slicker and slicker as her arousal spiked higher.

“God Buck, you’ve always been so good with your mouth.” Stefani groaned, head tipping back against the couch her eyes closing as groans and hitches of breath fell from her lips unrestrained. Toni watched the two move together almost in sync before she reached down and started to stroke Bucky’s caged cock, watching as his hips moved against her grip needily and some pre-cum escaped from the top of the cage making her smile before she brought her hand down on his balls making him groan against Stefani which in turn made her groan.

It was a beautiful chain reaction so Toni did this a few more times and the result was the same each time and she enjoyed seeing them both relaxing into their pleasure.

“Alright I think you’ve had enough fun for now.” Toni chuckled as she tugged Bucky away from Stefani’s soaked cunt by the leash attached to his cock cage. Both made soft whining noises at the sudden lack of contact making Toni chuckle and stroke Bucky’s hair before tugging him to his feet while Stefani watched interested, her fingers rubbing slow circles on her clit just to keep herself aroused as Toni turned away for a moment only to return with an interesting strap on.

Toni grinned as she attached the toy to Bucky’s hips, a small rubber ring just underneath the strap on making more sense as she stretched it around Bucky’s cock cage. She grinned when she saw the realization appear on Bucky’s face and his cheeks heated up as she lube up the attached dildo before he was shoved back onto the couch.

“Go on Stef, get what you want.” Toni encouraged with a smile when both let out loud groans of pleasure. Stefani was sinking down on the dildo with ease, facing Bucky who was watching her with awe on his face as her blonde hair fell in front of her pleasure slacken face as the toy opened her wide. Her thighs twitched as she finally had the toy fully inside of her with her hands sprawled on Bucky’s chest for balance. Stefani slowly started to roll her hips, adjusting to the size of the toy inside of her causing more groans to escape from her lips.

Toni settled on the couch next to Bucky, kissing along the column of Bucky’s neck both of them watching as Stefani found her rhythm and started to actively ride the toy with enthusiasm as she chased after her own pleasure with no hindrance.

“Go on solider, touch her and make her come.” Toni ordered and Bucky let out a ‘oof’ of air as he moved, one hand firm on her hip while his other hand dove down to rub and play with clit and circling the area where the dildo was entering her. His mouth found her bouncing breasts and he took pleasure in licking and nipping at her nipples. Stefani cried out in pure pleasure, body arching up at the added sensations. Toni stroked Bucky’s hair watching the two intently, feeling her own thighs slick with her own arousal just from watching the two in such ecstasy.

Stefani let out a scream as her body arched violently, Bucky wrapped his arm around her back to stop her from falling backwards as her orgasm wracked her body, her cum spilling out around the toy that was still buried inside of her cunt. She let out a soft sigh of contentment and collapsed forward on Bucky’s chest, he simply held her and kissed her hair before looking over at Toni.

“Good job solider, you’re doing wonderfully for your first time with us.” Toni praised as Stefani hummed her agreement as she nuzzled against Bucky’s chest.

“What about you Mistress?” Bucky asked as he moved one hand down to slide underneath her own skirt to cup her damp pussy.

“Mm taking your new objective seriously aren’t we?” Toni teased breathlessly before arching her back when two of his fingers easily slipped into her.

“Yes Mistress.” A smile appeared on his lips before he started to pump his fingers in and out of her cunt, making her grab onto the couch and rock down onto his fingers eagerly, easily taking a third finger.

Stefani reached out to rub the pads of her fingers against Toni’s clit knowing how much she enjoyed that. Toni let out a helpless cry as she came, already having been so worked up from her lover’s show before hand and she slumped back against the arm of the couch, chest heaving but with a smile on her face when Bucky withdrew his fingers and licked them clean of her cum.

“Good solider.” Toni praised breathlessly.

“So good.” Stefani agreed with the other female’s words.

“But as part of your training, that little cock cage stays on. Understood solider?” Toni asked, extending her foot to tap the cage lightly.

“Yes Mistresses.” Bucky agreed, content to obey his new orders and fulfill his new objective for as long as his Mistresses wanted.

Chapter Text

Barri hurried to shut the window to her lab, it’s been storming all day and a strong gust of wind had torn open her lab window. She winced against the cold air but managed to lock the window before she was suddenly pressed against the windowpane. A strong, firm body was pressed against her making her gasp when the feeling of a beard brushed over her neck as lips nipped at her skin.

“You’re really pushing your luck here Mark.” Barri murmured as she tilted her head to allow the Meta better access to her neck.

“The station is almost empty, I checked and you know I can never stay away from you for long.” Mark bit at her earlobe as his hands slid up her stomach to cup her breasts through her shirt. Barri groaned leaning back against him at the touch, she reached an arm around to tug him down in for a kiss.

“Desk.” She rasped out, grinding back against his obvious erection.

“Yeah.” Mark agreed and let Barri lead them over to her desk that was mostly clear of her paper work. Barri bent herself over her desk, legs spreading wide and she looked up at him over her shoulder with dark eyes.

“We don’t have much time, so hurry.” She winked and Mark growled at the sight and at the hem of the skirt she was wearing that day.

“Damn you’re so hot.” Mark groaned as he flipped her skirt up and tugged her white lace panties down around her thighs, thumb running down her cunt making her shiver and clutch at the desk’s edge.

“You’re so wet already.” Mark marveled as he squeezed two of his fingers into her hole, making sure she was ready for him he didn’t want to hurt her.

“I’m ready, come on Mark.” Barri wiggled her hips needily making Mark chuckle as his fingers slipped out of her. He stepped up behind her, tugging himself out of his jeans slicking himself up with some lube that he put in his pocket before heading over here.

“Mark.” Barri whined before gasping head dropping down onto the desk top with a quiet thud when Mark pushed himself into her. Her wet, tight walls wrapped around him sucking him in deeper, not being able to stop himself he thrusted the rest of the way in making Barri scrambled at the desk top as little hitches of breath escaped from her mouth.

Mark leaned forward to lace their fingers together pinning her hands down to the desk as he started to actively thrust in and out of her. Mark mouthed at her neck and left hickies in his wake knowing they would disappear soon enough, but he had no problem putting them back into place.

“Harder Mark, make me feel it.” Barri ordered turning her head to the side to kiss the corner of his mouth.

“You asked for it sweetheart.” Mark felt his cock throb inside of her at her telling him to fuck her harder.

“Keep you hands on the table and don’t move. Remember, be quiet we don’t want anyone walking in on us.” Mark ordered in response. She nodded and kept her hands on the desk table when he moved to grab her hips tightly. Mark drew back until just the tip of his cock rested inside of her, he smirked to himself before he slammed himself back in. Barri smothered a gasp by biting her lower lip as she was pushed forward against the desk, her clit rubbing at the edge of the desk.

“Yes just like that.” Barri praised as Mark repeated the movement, moving faster and faster with each thrust. Barri covered her mouth with her hand as she arched her back, holding onto the edge of the desk as Mark moved.

“God you’re fucking perfect.” Mark groaned lowly into her ear as he reached down and around pushing back her skirt to rub her clit in time with his deep thrusts.

“I’m going to come if you keep that up.” Barri warned as she jerked up against his fingers before back against his cock.

“That’s the plan sweetheart.” Mark purred and Barri gasped leaning back against Mark fully. Mark tipped her head up to kiss her when he felt her cunt throb and clench around him like it did when she was about to orgasm. Sure enough Barri let out a cry that was swallowed by Mark’s mouth and her hips jerked back against him needily. Mark couldn’t stop his own orgasm and he spilled his seed inside of her, holding her close as they both enjoyed the blissful sensation that came after their orgasms.

“You better go, I’ll be home soon.” Barri shooed him as she pulled herself off of Mark’s cock, tugging her panties back up and Mark licked his lips at the sight of the fabric covering up her cum stained cunt before she smoothed her skirt out and gave him a pointed look at the door.

“Alright, I’ll make you something to eat and I’ll cue up the latest Game of Thrones.” Mark kissed her one last time before heading to the window and his powers stormed around him lifting him out in the storm that was still happening outside.

“Show off.” Barri muttered fondly before she twisted as the door opened and Singh walked in with a few files in his hand and Barri let out a quiet sigh of relief that Mark had left without getting caught.

Chapter Text

“Fuck this.” Lena growled as she reached forward, grasping Mick by the front of his suit yanking him down into a bruising kiss. Mick was taken back for a moment before he returned the kiss just as fiercely his arms wrapping around her back to hold her tight to his body.

“We were never good at words, but we always solved our problems another way.” Lena reminded Mick as she reached down and groped him through his pants making him growl and buck up into her touch.

“Unless you have a problem with that?” Lena raised an eyebrow.

“Are you gonna keep talking?” Mick snarled at her as he tore her shirt off of her, roughly palming her through her bra.

“Ditch the armor.” Lena snarled back as she wiggled out of her jeans and shoes leaving her in her bra and panties. Mick followed her lead until he was stark naked in front of her. She pushed on his chest and Mick allowed her to push him down onto the floor of the unit so she could straddle his waist, grinding against his growing erection. Mick unlatched her bra and fondled her now bare breasts while Lena pushed the crotch of her panties to the side, gripping his cock in order to rub the tip against her wet cunt teasingly.

“Fuck, you are so big.” Lena groaned as she slowly sunk down onto his cock, making Mick moan lowly as he watched as his cock disappeared inside of her tight hole, having forgotten how damn good this was when he was with her. He moved to caress her stomach when his wrists were grabbed and slammed above his head.

“You don’t get to touch, you have to earn that again. So right now I’m in control.” Lena ordered leaning down to bite at Mick’s neck making him groan and thrust up into her out of reflex.

“I’m in control.” Lena said firmly as she started to slowly bounce up and down on his cock, taking him at her own pace not caring about the growls Mick was giving right now and the way his hands balled into fists in an effort not to touch her.

“Good.” Lena grinned before her head tipped back as she let out a breathless moan as she started to move faster, feeling her climax fast approaching it had been so long since she had been with anyone like this. She arched her back and rubbed at her own clit while she clenched around Mick’s cock as the head hit her G-spot sending stars flying behind her closed eyelids.

“Mick!” She cried out in pleasure as she orgasmed around Mick, trembling from her place on top of him and she heard an echoing groan coming from Mick and she keened when she felt warmth spread in her gut as he came inside of her.

“Fuck, I missed that, missed you.” Mick whispered roughly as he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close not willing to be parted from her just yet.

“You’re such an idiot.” Lena muttered into his neck, forcing back tears as she embraced her lover, glad he was back with her.

“Your idiot, yeah, yeah I remember.” Mick teased back with a smile growing on his lips.


“This is stupid, you know I’m fine.” Lena huffed as Ray dropped her onto the floor of the hanger of the Waverider.

“Sorry Len, Captain’s orders that if any of your vitals changed I was to take you back to the ship ASAP.” Ray said rubbing his neck as Lena tugged her loose shirt down further but her baby bump was beginning to show now.

“Ugh.” Lena huffed as she stalked out of the hanger; Ray called out a ‘sorry’ one last time before she heard his suit take off as he headed back to help the others with the battle.

“They bench you too?” Mick asked amused at the sight of Lena stalking through the halls of the ship, tugging at her shirt.

“Something like that.” She glared at the bracelet that was on her wrist that held Gideon to monitor her and her baby’s vitals’.

“Are you okay?” Mick’s face twisted with concern when Lena leaned against the wall with a sigh, arm coming to rest across her stomach. He stepped forward and she gave him a hard look before it melted away with a sigh.

“I’m fine, just cramping up. This is all your fault you know.” She huffed.

“How are your period cramps my fault?” Mick questioned.

“They aren’t period cramps idiot.” Lena snarked lifting her shirt to show her small baby bump, “It’s all the joys of being pregnant.”

“You’re, what?” Mick eyes locked onto the bump, eyes widening as he understood her words.

“It’s yours idiot.” She said, her voice softer than usual and Mick’s hand trembled as he reached towards her stomach. He paused and looked up at her now understanding why he was not allowed to touch her during sex.

“Go on Mick.” Lena encouraged and Mick swallowed thickly before he placed his palm against her stomach and gasped at the feeling. He put his other hand on the other side of her stomach before sinking to his knees so he could stare at her bump where their baby was growing.

“When?” Mick asked voice thick with emotions.

“Before I left you, I had to do what was best for my baby and you almost got us all killed. I was always coming back to you idiot I love you, but then, well.” She sniffed, hating the emotions that came with her pregnancy.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry. I had no idea, how could I not know?” Mick rambled feeling tears falling down his cheeks unbidden but he didn’t care and he pressed his forehead to her stomach and felt her hand rest on his head in comfort as everything sank in and he reacted to all the time that he had lost and the things he had done.

“I’ve got you Mick, you’re here now and we’ll be together and our baby will be part of the best family ever.” Lena promised in a soft crooning voice and Mick knew that she would be the best mother and damned if he wasn’t the best father he could be.

“I’ll take care of you Lena, you and our baby I swear it.” Mick promised fiercely pressing a kiss to her stomach to seal his oath.

Chapter Text

Peter grinned from where he was watching the training room from the one way mirror he had installed so he could watch Stiles whenever he wasn’t in there with her. To think all of this started because he had spotted her fucking herself with a toy when he had come by to check on her after a close encounter with the monster of the week. Things escalated from there and Peter was enjoying every minute of it, no one could have guessed how obedient and kinky she truly was.

Right now she was on her knees, lips spread wide and her nose was resting against the wall a large dildo was stuck down her throat. A line of other dildos were mounted on the wall beside her and Peter thought that was his best idea yet. Each one had a tube running through the dildo’s shaft and opened up at the head, usually it was used for an alternate version of cum but he used it for water. So if Stiles wanted water she had to suck the dildos. Each one she had to do something different, one was on a timer to train her cock warming skills, another one was thick to stretch her lips wide and so on. The one she was currently on was one to use for deep throating and she could now take it without gagging.

Peter watched her pull back after her throat convulsed as she swallowed down the water. She licked her lips of the remaining water before turning to crawl over to another part of the room, her breasts swaying and the little bells that were attached to the nipple clamps chimed making Peter grin before he palmed himself through his pants when his eyes fell on her lower half.

Stiles had a thick leather chastity belt attached to her waist, a strap going between her legs to cover her ass and cunt fully so she couldn’t touch herself even if she wanted to. Only Peter had the key for it and he knew full well that a decent sized princess plug was worked into her ass after all he put it there yesterday with his own hands.

Stiles started to slick up a large, thick dildo before attaching it to a fucking machine as per her orders and Peter grinned as she positioned herself over it, arms lifting up over her head and she managed to cuff herself to the leather cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling. She wiggled around until she was comfortable and then settled down to wait.

Peter decided that Stiles had waited long enough and entered the room, grinning when her head swirled towards him and a smile spread across her lips.

“How are you doing baby?” Peter asked as he flicked the bells hanging from her nipples making her groan softly.

“Good Sir, are you going to fuck me today?” She asked wiggling her hips as he cupped her breasts teasingly.

“Hm, not yet. You aren’t trained up to my standards yet.” Peter said after a moment of consideration making Stiles whine in disappointment. He moved away to look at the dildo and shook his head, removing the toy from the machine before pulling out another one making her breathing hitching at the sight of the knot near the bottom of the toy.

“I thought it was time for an upgrade, do you think you can take it?” Peter asked as he poured basically a bottle of lube over the toy before tugging a chain up from under his shirt to show a key that would unlock her chastity belt. She wiggled her hips and let out a groan as he unlocked the belt and eased it off of her hips, grinning at the sight of her wet cunt.

“Time for the real fun.” Peter grinned as he stepped away to pick up a bit gag, which was fastened between her lips before he picked up the remote for the fucking machine. He smiled at the sight of the toy slowly sliding up into her pussy, which spread her wide as it ever so slowly entered her. Stiles groaned around the gag her chest heaving making the bells jingle with each movement as she adjusted to the size of the dildo.

“It’s going in easier than I thought, you really are becoming a good loose cock slut.” Peter praised hand on her stomach watching as the start of the fake knot started to enter her. She let out a cry, squirming in her restraints head falling backwards eyes fluttering shut.

“Oh you like that don’t you?” Peter grinned at the sight of the knot disappearing into her body until the toy bottomed out while Peter let it stay inside of her, rubbing her stomach soothingly as her body opened around the knot.

“Of course you do, you’re such a good whore for me.” Peter grinned before he flicked a dial the remote and the toy was tugged out of her before he adjusted the dial once more and watched with a smirk on his face as the toy sped up and started pounding up into her. Stiles cried out around the bit gag, legs trembling and wrists twisting in the cuffs as the toy fucked her hard with lube dripping down her thighs.

“Don’t act like you don’t love this, I know you do.” Peter smacked her cunt making Stiles whimper behind the gag, as her hips started moving down towards the dildo, need open on her face.

“That’s it, fuck yourself on that knot and maybe one day you’ll be ready for mine.” Peter flashed his eyes knowing it got Stiles going and he was proven right as she keened and fucked herself down on the knotting dildo.

“I think you’re ready for your next stage of training.” Peter smiled as he knelt down to fiddle with a bottle and a tube that was attached to the knotting dildo. She watched him with hazy eyes, hips jerking in time with the thrusts from the machine.

“Soon you’ll not only be a cock slut but a cum slut as well.” Peter grinned as he pushed a button and watched as Stiles face went slack as synthesized cum started to fill her up, some dripping out of her as the whole bottle was emptied into her.

“Another one I think.” Peter smiled as he reached up to slap her pussy, making her keen as he attached another bottle to the tube and Stiles arched her back, her stomach slowly extending as the cum filled her. Her thighs were stained with cum and she was hanging limply in the cuffs, knees buckling as the dildo kept the brutal pace as it pumped her full of more and more fake cum while Peter watched, jerking himself off.

The second bottle was soon emptied and Peter stopped the toy keeping the knot firmly inside of her drenched cunt, smirking at the sight of her completely wrecked and limbs trembling as her hips jerked.

“No coming today slut, don’t make me put clamps on your cunt again.” Peter warned her, slapping her clit making her whine behind the gag. He stood up and jerked himself off until he came, his cum covering her breasts and stomach.

“Good girl.” Peter patted her cheek before smirking as he raised the remote again and made a show of twisting the dial, starting up the machine again. Her whole body shuddered and she hung her head forward against her chest as the sweet torture started again with Peter watching over her, training her so when she was fully trained they would have so much more fun.

Chapter Text

“Told you that they wouldn’t wait.” Pidge smirked at Keith and Hunk who were staring at Shiro and Lance on the large bed in Shiro’s room.

Shiro’s long hair was flowing down her arched back, fingers digging into the headboard as her body trembled. She was straddling Lance’s head, her lips and tongue working away at Shiro’s cunt with her hands firmly grasping Shiro’s thighs to keep her in place even as the older woman squirmed and gasped.

“God they look amazing.” Hunk said in awe, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Lance however. They had been roommates at the Garrison, sure he knew she was a female and kept it quiet at her request. That didn’t however stop Hunk from imagining what she looked like underneath all of those layers and as time went on his love for her only grew. Keith on he other hand did take in Lance and felt his pants get tighter but in the end his eyes stayed on Shiro who was quivering above Lance.

“Go on, don’t keep them waiting.” Pidge grinned, they didn’t care per-say about wanting to get in any of their friend’s pants but they did want to see them all happy and in pleasure so they would lend a helping hand here and there.

Hunk and Keith scrambled up onto the bed without delay. Keith turned Shiro’s head towards him before pressing their lips together for a kiss that had Shiro groaning and her flesh hand wrapping around his neck to tug him closer. Hunk on the other hand pulled Lance down away from Shiro making her laugh softly when Hunk cradled her face in his large hands just staring at her in awe.

“Hey Hunky, Hunky.” Lance teased before tugging him down into a kiss, sharing Shiro’s taste between them and Hunk melted into the soft kiss. Lance arched up against his solid body with a groan as she tugged at his clothes, wanting to press their skin together. Hunk broke their kiss to pull his own clothes off, Lance’s hands following the now exposed trail of skin with a happy look on her face.

Shiro has all but ripped Keith’s clothes off in an effort to get him just as naked as she was. Keith groaned at the treatment as Shiro pushed him down onto the bed, kissing Keith’s skin as she went making him wiggle and groan at the press of her lips against his skin.

“Shiro.” Keith groaned when Shiro’s mouth found his erection, eagerly swallowing around the organ. Keith’ hips bucked up at the warm, wetness that now engulfed his cock as he worked his fingers into her hair. Shiro hummed happily around his length, feeling it thicken in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around him and sucked at the head before slowly bobbing her head taking him deeper and deeper each time.
“Hunk, don’t keep me waiting.” Lance whined as she tugged at Hunk’s dark hair.

“You heard the lady Hunk, do what you have wanted to do to her since you found out she was a she.” Pidge encouraged as they settled against the far side of the bed, keeping an eye on both pairs while shoving a hand down their pants not wanting to be left out of the pleasure.

Hunk gave Lance a wolfish grin before his large hands parted her thighs and he ducked his head down between them. Lance gave a short yelp that turned into a long groan as Hunk’s lips and tongue started to work away against her cunt, making her more and more aroused with each move he made.

“Oh my god!” Lance keened as she arched up off the bed, hands finding his hair as he kept her pinned down and spread on the bed with his hands alone.

“Go on Keith, fuck her mouth you can see how bad she wants it.” Pidge turned her attention to Keith and Shiro where she was still sucking at his cock and Keith was still keeping his movements short and under control.

“Shiro?” Keith panted out, not wanting to hurt her even if he did want to wreck her.

“Please Keith, fuck my mouth like you want to.” Shiro mouthed along the sides of his shaft, looking up at him with want clear on her face. Keith felt his control breaking and he tugged at her hair making her whine softly as she looked at him with an excited look on her face.

“Tongue out and try not to gag.” Keith ordered, voice rough making Shiro shiver as she stuck her tongue out and groaned when Keith slide his cock along her tongue as he gripped her head and started to thrust in and out of her mouth. Slowly at first then he picked up the pace until the head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat, making her gag the first few times before she got her breathing under control.

She placed her hands on Keith’s thighs and groaned as he fucked her mouth; using her like he wanted and she loved it. She felt her cunt throb with each move of his cock in her mouth and her thighs were wet with her arousal and need.

“God Shiro, you’re mouth is so fucking good.” Keith groaned as he clung to her hair, hips stuttering as his climax approached quickly. He pulled back and quickly jerked him self off, Shiro peered up at him while keeping her mouth open and the sight pushed Keith over the edge. He groaned loudly as his cum spattered over her face, standing out against the flush that covered her face. His cock twitched as she licked her lips clean of his cum.

“Come here.” Keith pulled Shiro into his arms to kiss her; Shiro happily went and sighed into the soft kiss as their hands wandered and bodies grinded against each other.

Lance was a mess, brown hair stuck to her face as she writhed on the bed, Hunk kept driving her right to that edge with his mouth and sometimes fingers before pulling back to press soft and sometimes biting kisses to her thighs until her orgasm had backed off.

“Please, please, please Hunk!” Lance cried out wiggling helplessly as Hunk ever so slowly licked at her, opening her with his tongue and fingers.

“I don’t want you to cum until I’m inside of you.” Hunk stated and Lance gave a moan at the thought as she arched up against him.

“I’m ready Hunk, fuck I’m so wet you know this please, please!” Lance babbled tugging at his hair to make him look at her and she groaned at the sight of his lips and chin slick and his eyes dark with lust.

“You’re soaking, but I don’t want to hurt you.” Hunk said as he moved one hand up to cup her bare breast, squeezing and rolling her nipple between his thick fingers making her mewl in pleasure.

“I want to feel you inside of me for days Hunk, please I’ve been wanting this for so, so long.” Lance pleaded as she arched into his hand.

“Just fuck her already.” Pidge huffed as they tossed a bottle of lotion at Hunk, their hand working beneath their pants while they watched intently.

“You heard them.” Lance grinned as she lifted her legs up to her chest where she held them wide, keeping herself exposed to him fully. Hunk groaned at the sight as he slathered his painfully hard cock with the lotion before he rested the tip of his cock against her wet cunt.

“Hunk.” She grinded against him in need and Hunk steeled his nerves and pushed in, there was some resistance at first but once the head of his cock was in the rest of him followed smoothly until he was balls deep inside of Lance’s tight, wet heat. Lance wrapped her legs around Hunk as her hands scrambled at his shoulders to bring him down into a kiss, which he happily returned.


Shiro gripped at the bed sheets on either side of her, biting at her lower lip as she squirmed on the bed. Keith had four fingers deep inside of her and his mouth and free hand were working on her nipples making them hard nubs.

“Keith!” Shiro whined, her voice a wreck and her body trembling as Keith slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her, opening her wider with each move of his hand.

“What do you want Shiro? Tell me what you want.” Keith purred as he kissed down her stomach to flick his tongue over her clit making her gasp and squirm against the sensation.

“I want you inside of me, I want to make both of us feel good.” Shiro admitted as she arched when Keith’s fingers brushed over that spot inside of her that had her seeing stars.

“God Shiro, you’re perfect.” Keith muttered in amazement before kissing her lips soundly.

“Shiro I think you should ride him, he would love that.” Pidge suggested and Keith groaned at the thought of Shiro on top of him like that. Shiro nodded eagerly wiggled her hips, Keith eased his fingers out of her and laughed breathlessly when she flipped him onto his back before straddling his hips while rubbing her ass back against his erection.

Keith groaned at the sight and reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart as she gripped his cock teasing the head with her wet cunt before she sunk down onto him in one swift movement. The move caused them both to groan out in pleasure as Shiro took Keith’s fully inside of her.

Hunk was moving now, steady powerful thrust in and out Lance who was raking her nails down his back as she pressed against him groaning needily. His hands covered her breasts easily as he kissed down her neck, leaving hickies in his wake as he went deeper into Lance with each thrust. Lance kept her heels locked in the small of Hunk’s back, urging him forward with each move, their groans mixed together as Lance trembled underneath of him.

“Hunk, oh I’m so close!” She exclaimed before letting out a scream as her vision blacked out when Hunk slammed his cock against her G-spot and she orgasmed around his thick cock that had her spread so wide. Her arms fell up over her head as she panted, clenching around Hunk who was pounding into her with his own groans of pleasure.

“Oohh!” Lance gasped when she felt his cock throb inside of her and warmth spilled through her as Hunk collapsed onto her after he came. She stroked through his hair, kissing whatever piece of skin she could reach.

“That’s gonna happen again.” Hunk muttered against her neck making Lance give a huff of laugh before she wiggled a bit to get more comfortable under his weight feeling exhaust and content to stay where they were locked together.

Urged on by the other’s orgasms, Shiro sped up her slow grinding movements to quick bouncing ones, taking Keith inside of her with every move of her hips. Keith was watching her with unrestrained love and awe in his face, even as he reached up to cup and toy with her bouncing breast’s making her groan. He started thrusting harder up into her in time with her own movements, she gasp from her place above him as she worked her hips desperately as she clenched around his cock.

“Keith!” She groaned loudly, back arching when he moved his hand down so he could ease another finger inside of her alongside his cock while his other hand rubbed at her clit. This gave her exactly what she needed to fall over that edge and she came around Keith’s cock, pulling him into his own orgasm. He embraced her as they both rode out the effects of their orgasms before twisting them so they were resting on their sides next to Lance and Hunk. Said couple reached over and somehow they all ended up in a cuddle pile.

“Pidge, get your skinny ass in here.” Lance freed an arm, reaching over her head blindly for them. Pidge was breathing heavily, their hand covered in their own cum from just playing with themselves and watching the others. Pidge shed their clothes and shifted into the empty space Lance and Shiro had made for them and soon they were sandwiched by the other four and they couldn’t stop the smile that was on their face.

Chapter Text

Mick looked at Lena, she obviously was exhausted and she kept going over the plans they had made for their next heist. Mick knew she had them memorized by now, but he knew Lena the best. She got so into her head that she couldn’t focus on anything else until the job was done. Usually he let it go as the job was the next day but this job was in a week, he couldn’t let her go on like this for a week.

Mick rose from his chair and strode over to where she was bent over the edge of the table. He grabbed her around her waist and easily slung her over his shoulder.

“Mick! What are you doing? Put me down!” Lena squeaked in surprise as she wiggled from her place over Mick’s shoulder, watching her plans getting farther and farther away.

“Stay still.” Mick grunted as he swatted her ass making her gasp but she settled down to hang limply over his shoulder and Mick knew she was pouting. Mick entered his rooms before tossing her onto his bed, making her grunt as she bounced slightly.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Lena crossed her arms, but knew better than to get off the bed.

“You’re exhausted, you need a break and if you can’t do it alone I will help you.” Mick warned as he turned back to face her, leather cuffs dangling from his fingers. Lena swallowed as she fidgeted on the bed as she looked at the cuffs and took in her own state. She lowered her eyes and held up her wrists for the cuffs.

“Good girl.” Mick smiled, it had taken them a long time to get to a place where Lena could be honest with what she needed.

He tugged her shirt and bra off before kneeling on the bed in front her of and kissed her wrists before locking the cuffs into place. Watching as her shoulders sagged just enough for him to know she was putting her total trust in him.

“Just let me take care of you baby.” Mick rumbled as he gently pushed her onto her back, tugging her jeans and panties off leaving her naked on the bed in front of him. Mick palmed her thighs and spread her legs wider to inspect her cunt, which was already glistening as her arousal spiked up from the praise and the leather cuffs on her wrists.

“Look at you, I’ve barely touched you and you’re already this wet.” Mick rumbled as he ran his thumb over her slick folds making her shudder at the touch, her hips twitching at the gentle caress.

“Mick.” She let out something akin to a mewl as he gently rubbed his thumb up and down over her pussy.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me or will I have to punish you a bit?” Mick asked as he toyed with her clit between his thumb and index finger making her gasp and squirm on the bed.

“A bit rough, I’m thinking too much.” Lena admitted and groaned when Mick lowered his head to give her cunt a lick as a reward.

“When we’re done here you will be thinking of nothing but getting off.” Mick promised and Lena gasped when she was suddenly flipped onto her stomach and her hips were pulled up.

“Yes Mick!” She wiggled her ass a bit as she buried her face in the soft pillow to smother a gasp when his hand came down on her ass in warning. She shivered when cool lube trickled over her ass hole and she groaned when a thick finger eased into her tight hole, spreading the lube inside of her while loosening her ass up.

“Do you know what this means?” Mick asked as he worked a second finger into her hole, feeling her relax around his fingers as they had done this numerous times before.

“Yes.” Lena turned her head so Mick could hear her words.

“Tell me.” Mick insisted as he added a third, not wanting to hurt her after all he was not a small man in anyway.

“Tonight is about your pleasure and I’ll come when you allow me to.” Lena said knowing exactly what was going to happen to her tonight and she could feel her arousal spike up knowing how well she would come tonight if Mick felt like she deserved it.

“Good girl.” Mick praised as he added more lube to her now open ass before smacking the skin liking the way Lena’s pale skin reddened up at the sting of his hand. He tugged Lena up by her hair and she whimpered at the slight pain coming from her scalp before she was kneeling and facing Mick as he settled in front of her propped up against the headboard, slicking up his large cock.

“Come on sweetheart, backwards if you don’t mind.” Mick smirked as he crooked his finger at his lover whose cheeks heated up; she obeyed however and lowered herself down onto Mick’s lap backwards. She felt his large hands pulling her ass cheeks apart and the fat head of his cock inching into her ass.

“Shh, I got you.” Mick reassured as she whined as his cock stretched her ass wide like every time they did this but soon she could feel his balls flush against her ass. His hands moved so one hand was covering one of her breasts fully while his other hand came down to cup her cunt teasingly.

Both of them moaned when Mick gave small thrusts upwards while rubbing at her wet pussy, teasing her in time with his thrusts that were growing faster, harder and deeper.

Mick pulled her legs so they were draped over his bent knees in order to get a better angle for fucking up into her. He felt her push against his fingers, trying to get more pleasure and he huffed slightly. Mick brought his hand down on her cunt hard causing her to gasp and whine at the slap.

“You’ll take what I give you.” Mick reminded as he brought his hand down in, in time with his thrusts up into her. She strained against the cuffs as the pain and pleasure mixed together as Mick slapped and thrusted over and over as he kept her on edge and chased his own orgasm.

Mick changed from spanking her cunt to rubbing it with gentle touches that he knew was undoing Lena at the seams as sinful noises fell from her lips as she writhed on top of him. Mick groaned against her neck as his orgasm overcame him completely, spilling seed inside of her ass. Mick wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as he rode out his orgasm.

“You were good for me baby, I’ll let you come.” Mick promised as he lifted her up off his lap, grinned as his cum spilled out of her now open asshole. He laid her back onto the bed, slotting between her legs and slipped his fingers into her needy cunt. She let out a loud cry as he quickly worked his fingers in and out of her; curling and stroking at her intent on bring her over the edge.

“Mick!” Lena cried out, cuffed arms coming up overhead, as her body arched as she shook while she finally came having been teased for so long. Mick just stroked her through her orgasm, he always enjoyed watching her come and then the bliss that crossed her face as her mind went fully blank all thoughts gone from her mind, just how he wanted her tonight. He unlocked the cuffs, kissing the revealed skin before he tugged her so she was lying on her chest as he stroked her hair.

“Mick?” Lena asked hazily, tilting her head just enough to peer up at him.

“Sleep my good girl, you’ve earned it.” Mick kissed her forehead with a smile when she nuzzled at his chest as she drifted off to a well-deserved sleep with Mick watching over her.

Chapter Text

“Welcome home Master!” Renee grinned as she bounced over excitedly to Slade before dropping to her knees, nuzzling her cheek against the crotch of his pants while holding up a hand that had her leash was clutched in.

“How’s my good girl doing today?” Slade crooned as he stroked her hair, taking the offered leash tugging on it slightly watching as the collar made Renee lurch forward more against his hardening cock, she started to mouth at it through the fabric.

“Much better with you home Master, I was so horny today but I didn’t touch myself just like your orders.” She looked up at him with a proud look on her face.

“That’s my good girl.” Slade praised as he pulled out a pretty diamond pair of earrings which she gasped and shook her long brown hair back to let him access her ears. He knelt down and put them in place and he smiled at the blush that crossed her face at the gift. Before he rose up to his feet and pulled off his suit jacket, Renee scrambling to her feet to take the jacket to hang it up properly. He kissed her forehead in a silent praise before rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt to his elbows as he looked around their apartment.

“Where’s Olivia?” He asked not seeing his blonde nearby.

“Right here big guy.” Olivia’s tone was sassy as she sauntered into the room wearing a silk robe and Slade’s eyebrow rose up.

“You look like you were doing something you weren’t allowed to do.” Slade tugged her so she was flush against his body.

“What would that be Master?” She asked in a mocking tone before she gasped when Slade’s hand passed the folds of the robes to press his fingers against her wet, throbbing cunt.

“You’re wet and loose like you played with yourself, now tell me the truth or I’ll have to get it out of you in another way.” Slade ordered as his fingers easily slipped into her, he hooked his fingers inside of her making her rise up on her tiptoes as she groaned.

“I did play with myself, got off too.” She said breathlessly but a smirk on her lips.

“I always knew you were stubborn, but disobeying my rules like this will get you punished you naughty little slut.” Slade growled as he withdrew his fingers, his cock pressing against his pants now at the idea’s of what he was going to do to his sassy slave.

“Well for starter’s bad girls don’t get clothes.” Slade tore the robe off her body leaving her naked before pushing her down onto her knees in front of him, knowing she would stay there. She did while Renee watched silently as Slade collected a few items before pulling Renee close to him and whispered a few orders into her ear and she nodded and hurried away to comply.

“Where is she going?” Olivia asked before gasping when Slade yanked her hair so her head was pulled back.

“Bad girl’s don’t get to speak, their mouths are only good for one thing and that is taking their Master’s cock, but I’m not even sure you deserve that tonight.” Slade smirked as he held up a ball gag and she opened her mouth wiggling her eyebrows as he fastened it around her head, the red ball keeping her lips spread open.

Slade smirked as he knelt down and connected a silver chain between the silver rings that were pierced through her nipples and he tugged on the chain a bit making her arch her back and groan around the gag. He grinned and attached the clip of the leash to the middle of the nipple chain and rose to his feet. He tugged on the chain and she pitched forward onto her hands and knees and whimpered around the gag as she crawled slowly after Slade was who making his way to their bedroom where Renee was waiting.

Renee was kneeling by the door with a slightly proud look on her face when Slade took in what she had prepared, exactly what he had asked of her.

“It’s perfect, thank you my good, good girl.” Slade praised Renee, caressing her cheek before leading Olivia over to the chair.

“Up you go.” Slade crossed his arms as he watched Olivia settled on the chair and unhooked the leash before grabbing her legs and pushing them upwards so they were resting up near her head, he knew her flexibility very well by now.

Slade attached leather cuffs to her ankles to help keep her legs upright before maneuvering her arms around her knees before using matching cuff’s to restrain her wrists to the arms of the chair, exposing her totally.

“Renee, be a good girl and bring me the big, black plug and the Hitachi would you darling?” Slade ordered Renee while tugging at the nipple chain making Olivia groan and wiggle in place. “Oh and get the plug nice and wet for me would you?”

“Yes Master.” Renee placed the Hitachi into Slade’s outstretched hand before raising the large plug to her lips and swallowed it down, hollowing out her cheeks as she got the plug wet with salvia just like ordered. Slade tapped her head and she removed the plug and shuffled forward when Slade used her leash to move her to kneel at his feet but be facing Olivia.

“Slide it right into her tight ass pet.” Slade urged and watching as Olivia squirmed as Renee ever so slowly pushed the large plug into the blonde’s ass until it was fully seated inside of her and her head was tipped backwards her eyes hazy.

“That’s my good girl.” Slade praised petting Renee’s hair before wrapped the leather of the leash around his hand to make her twist around so she was facing him.

“And good girl’s get rewarded.” Slade pulled himself out of his pants and nodded at Renee who eagerly lurched forward to wrap her lips around his cock. Slade groaned lowly as Renee put her talented mouth to work, sucking and licking at him making him grow harder and harder in her mouth. Slade tugged on the leash making her swallow him down to the root, she gagged slightly before adjusting and she swallowed around him making her throat convulse.

“Oh you want to suck me too don’t you?” Slade smirked at Olivia who was watching with a look of longing in her eyes. “Too bad, only good girl’s get my cock and you weren’t a good girl today.”

Slade pulled Renee off of his cock, running the tip of his cock over her swelling lips making her shift on her knees.

“Go get us a chair pet.” Slade ordered as he stepped back releasing her leash to let her move. While Renee went to drag a chair over Slade turned on the Hitachi and picked up a nearby roll of bondage tape and dragged the vibrating head over Olivia’s cunt before resting it right against her clit before tightly tapping the handle of the toy to her body to keep it in place as it vibrated against her nonstop.

“Now enjoy that while I show you what you’re missing out by being a little slut today, now don’t you dare come before I allow you or you’ll regret it.” Slade warned as Renee placed a chair right in front of Olivia’s chair and Slade sat down stroking himself before holding his base so his cock was upright.

“Come on pet, climb on let’s show Olivia what good girl’s get from their Master’s.” Slade encouraged Renee who shed her panties but left her stockings and detailed corset that Slade had gifted her. Renee straddled Slade so her back was resting against his chest, the tip of his cock rubbing against her pussy making her groan happily as she rose herself up. She reached down and spread her own pussy open before dropping down onto Slade, taking his cock fully in one go.

“Ohh Master.” Renee groaned unable to help it as Slade’s cock spread her wide and filled her in a way she had been craving all day, Slade rubbed circles on her hips as they both adjusted and he mouthed down her neck to refresh some of the marks he had left yesterday.

“Show her what a good girl you are for your Master.” Slade encouraged, fingers toying with her clit teasingly to get her moving. Renee clutched at the chair arm’s to get better balance and she started to ride Slade’s cock keeping her legs spread wide in order to give Olivia a good view of Slade’s cock sliding in and out of her.

“Such a good girl for me.” Slade groaned as he used his grip on her hips to help her take him deeper and harder.

“Oh my god, Master.” Renee’s eyes rolled up into her head as his cock pounded against that spot inside of her and she screamed when his fingers toyed with her clit making her vision white out for a moment as she came around his cock. She clenched down tight on Slade’s cock dragging him over the edge with her and she keened when she felt his cum flow into her, some of it dripping out around his cock.

“Good girl’s get my cum, but bad ones only get the leftovers.” Slade stated after he gently lifted Renee up off his cock, grinning as his cum dripped out of her before he settled her down on the bed that was only a few feet away, he kissed her tenderly as he wrapped her up with blankets making sure she is comfortable before moving back over to Olivia, knowing Renee was drowsily watching the two.

Slade rubbed his limp come covered cock over Olivia’s cunt, which was soaking, from the vibrator that was whirring away against her. He tucked himself away and titled her head back and smiled at the sight of her eyes hazy and mouth slack around the ball gag. Her body twitching every time the Hitachi hit her clit and Slade grinned at how out of it she was.

“You’re going to stay like this until I feel that you deserve to come. So settle in for a long night you naughty little slut.” Slade tugged on the nipple chain maker her hips buck up against the toy before Slade started to toy with the plug that was wedged up her ass before adjusting the level on the vibrator and grinned when Olivia arched up in her restraints and Slade kissed her neck under her collar and she leaned into the press of his lips trying to grin around her ball gag, this was what she was aiming for when she got herself off against Slade’s orders and she was going to enjoy every second of it.

Chapter Text

“Is Sherlock okay? She’s wobbling all about.” Greg commented to John as the two sat in the surveillance van keeping an eye on Sherlock who was undercover as a hooker trying to find their suspect. Her long curly black hair was loose around her shoulders; her breasts were pushed up in the black V-neck shirt she was wearing along with a tight pink mini skirt and black stilettos.

“She looks a bit off balance.” John agreed as he watched her talk with some sleazy looking men.

“…I hate to ask, but she is back on drugs again?” Greg asked worriedly, he wouldn’t admit to the soft spot he had for the female who was currently in the middle of a lion’s den.

“Drugs?” John asked and put on his thinking face when in reality he remembered the real reason why Sherlock was wobbling about.


“Sir please, not again.” Sherlock begged from where she was on face down on their bed, her knees spread wide and ass up in the air with John kneeling behind her.

“You can take another load I’m sure.” John insisted as he kept up his brutal pace of thrusting his cock in and out of her well used cunt enjoying the way his other loads of cum were not only forced deeper into her but also slipping down her thighs.

“Sir.” Sherlock’s voice was hoarse from screaming out her release two timed already and she was throbbing around John’s cock, as he grew larger as he approached his third orgasm.

“Don’t deny you love when I fuck you like a slut.” John tangled his hand in her long hair, making her rise to her elbows so he could growl in her ear.

“Sir, I’m so close.” Sherlock keened, eyes rolling up into her head as her mouth went slack as she was rocked forward by the power behind John’s now erratic thrusts.

John reached down and rubbed at her oversensitive clit as he buried his cock deep inside of her as he emptied another load of cum into her. He felt her cum cover his fingers and she collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily. John tugged himself out of his lover and grinned at the sight of her overused pussy, which was raw and swollen from the hard fucking’s it had taken.

John grinned proud at the sight, feeling his cock getting hard again. It was never a problem for him to get it up when he was with Sherlock and today more so, after all she was about to go undercover as a hooker and have horny men surrounding her. He couldn’t send her into that place without putting his claim on her.
“I bet you feel empty now don’t you sweetheart?” John crooned as he pulled a vibrating dildo out of a box, grinning as he felt the cool temperature of the toy and he easily slid it into her making her squirm and breath out as it soothed her heated and throbbing cunt.

“We have to meet Greg in two hours, try to be ready by then.” John rested on the bed, tugging her onto his chest as she nodded before her eyes slipped shut as she fell basically unconscious and John picked up a book to read while he waited.

“Damn, you really look like a hooker.” John exclaimed as he inspected the tight bright pink mini skirt that Sherlock had squeezed into an hour and a half later, both refreshed as they always bounced back quickly.

“I think that’s the point.” Sherlock fluffed her hair looking in a mirror, pouting a bit to showcase her red lipstick.

“Something’s missing though.” John stepped up behind her, hands tugging at the waistband of her skirt.

“Like what Sir?” She purred as she tilted her hips allowing him to tug the skirt down around her thighs.

“Hold your panties out for me.” John ordered and Sherlock turned to face John and tugged her panties down a bit to expose her still red pussy where the dildo was still buried inside of her, the panties keeping it in place. She held out the front area and blushed watching John quickly jerk himself off as he stared at her cunt with a knowing smirk on his lips. John groaned loudly as he spilled his cum into her panties and she gasped at the sight and the feeling of his cum on her skin.

John tugged her panties back into place and rubbed his fingers against the front, smearing his cum over her pussy making her wiggle and gasp at the sensation.

“Much better, now whenever you walk you will feel my cum, marking you as mine.” John pulled her mini skirt back into place before swatting her ass.

“What do you say?” He gripped her chin to kiss her neck.

“Thank you Sir.” She gasped out.

“Good girl, now let’s get going. You have men to seduce.”


“John?” Greg asked snapping John out of his memory.

“No it’s not drugs, it must just be that skirt and those stilettos. She’s not used to them, that’s all it is I bet.” John brushed off Greg’s worry as he shoved his hands into his pant pockets and fiddled with a dial. He hide a smirk when Sherlock on screen stumbled a bit before hiding it by leaning against a wall looking at their target from under her eyelashes and pouty red lips moving as she talked. John bit back a smirk at how the vibrating dildo affected her; he had been playing with it on and off all night. They still had a long time to go, he knew her panties would not only be soaked with his cum by the end of the night, after all he knew Sherlock well.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure?” Barri asked as Mick fixed Len into the wrist restraints that matched the ones on his ankles, keeping him spread eagle against a metal frame that Barri used just for this purpose.

“Yes, I need to get out of my head Mistress.” Len kept his head bowed, breathing even as he relaxed against the familiar leather restraints.

“Alright, but safe word out if it gets to be too much.” Barri warned as she walked over, her heels clicking against the floor before she caressed his cheek.

“Yes Mistress.” Len agreed before gasping when Mick’s mouth suddenly engulfed his half hard cock. He didn’t do much other than let him sit in his mouth and suckle at him, coaxing him to his full size. Barri tapped Mick’s head, grinning when Mick let out a whine of displeasure as he withdrew from Len’s fully erect cock.

“Go get him loose and wet for me?” Barri suggested knowing full well that Mick had an oral fetish, Mick’s eyes lit up and hurried around the frame before dropping to his knees again, hands gripping Len’s ass cheeks before he dove in with his lips and tongue making Len give out a long moan as Mick started to rim him.

Barri smiled as pleasure appeared on Len’s face before she gripped his cock in her hand as she slipped on a cock ring, making it tight around the base and his balls knowing full well how it stops any of Len’s orgasms in it’s tracks. Len let out a noise of displeasure when Barri gently stroked him making his cock strain against the ring further.

“Don’t worry love, we’ll take care of you.” Barri promised before she ducked down to tease Len’s nipples with her mouth and her free hand came up to pluck and pinch his other nipple.

Len let the cuffs take more of his weight as he leaned forward a bit as Mick opened him wider with his tongue and his fingers while Barri played with his nipples until they were red, erect nubs that were now sensitive to the air of the room. He could feel all his thoughts and stress of the days slowly start to float away as he focused on his lovers that were being so attentive to him and the building up need in his stomach.

Len let out a keen as a cool pinching sensation came from his nipples, he glanced down to see Barri fastening nipple clamps to his chest, a silver chain connecting the clamps and she flicked the metal pieces and smiled at the gasping whine Len gave in response.

“Good work baby.” Barri praised Mick as she walked around the frame, hand dragging across Len’s chest as she moved. Mick smiled up at her praise, thumbs pulling Len’s hole wide to show how loose and ready he was now.

Barri helped Mick to his feet and playfully swatted the larger man’s ass making Mick wink at her as he walked around so he was face to face with Len again. Mick tilted Len’s face up and smiled happy at the slacken look and hazy eyes that Len was sporting. Barri’s right hand wrapped around Len’s throat from behind, her touch gentle and non-threatening as she pressed her body to his back.

Mick moaned in time with Len as Barri eased her thick strap-on into Len, inch by inch ever so slowly and carefully. Len’s mouth dropped open in an O as Barri slid home, her dildo fully sheathed inside of him keeping him stretched open and giving him the feeling of being completely full.

“There we go, you like this don’t you?” Barri crooned in Len’s ear, fingers moving down to rest at the base of Len’s throat just holding him there as she waited until Len gave some sort of indication of being ready for her to move.

“Yes Mistress.” Len’s voice was rough and his words were already slurred making both Mick and Barri smile at how far Len had dropped into his subspace already.

“Trust us to give you what you need?” Barri prompted as she moved her hands down to grip Len’s twitching hips as he experimentally pushed back against her giving a quivering gasp of air as the action pressed Barri’s strap-on deeper into him.

“Yes, god yes.” Len nodded quickly his eyes closing and head dropping back against Barri’s.

“Good boy.” Barri praised as she slowly drew her hips back, letting the dildo move with her body before just as slowly she pushed it back into Len. She kept up the slow, steady yet strong pace of thrusting in and out of Len, not changing her pace at all no matter how much Len groaned and let out gasping pleads for her to move faster.

Mick watched as Barri’s strap-on disappeared into Len with each movement as he stroked the back of Len’s neck soothingly with one hand. The other one palming Barri’s cheek getting a kiss pressed to his palm in return.

“Go on baby, have some fun.” Barri encouraged with that knowing smile on her lips as she kept her steady rhythm up even as Len tried to rock back against her with need. Mick grinned before he dropped back down to his knees again, he kissed the tip of Len’s now angry looking erection as it strained against the cock ring. He smirked up at Len before swallowing him down until he felt the cock ring touching his lips. Mick wrapped his hands around Len’s thighs to anchor himself before he started to match Barri’s pace, slowly moving his head back until just the tip remained in his mouth before he pushed forward swallowing around Len’s length as it stretched his mouth obscenely wide.

Len was floating, all he could really feel was the urgent need to orgasm as a warm mouth ever so slowly engulfed his aching cock before it retreated for a moment before the process started again, repeating and never changing. Barri’s slender fingers were digging into the flesh of his hips as she moved behind him, opening him wider with every movement she made as the dildo moved in and out of him.

Every so often the head of the toy would hit against his prostate making the bound man howl in pleasure as his cock throbbed in Mick’s mouth as his release was denied from him yet again. Len hung in the cuffs knowing they would hold his weight as he writhed between his lovers and soon nothing was in his mind expect for the sensations his lovers were giving him. Len knew his voice was hoarse at this point from all the noises that were being extracted from him from his lover’s actions alone and he was grateful to the cuffs because he knew they were the only thing that were keeping him upright at this point.

“Mick is going to make you come, how does that sound love?” Barri purred into his ear as her hands came up around his chest to tug on the chain between the nipple clamps making Len groan and arch into the slightly painful sensations.

“Yes, please, please, please.” Len knew he was babbling now but he didn’t care the need for release was overwhelming.

“You heard him baby, I know how much you like making him come.” Barri smiled at the groan she heard from Mick and knew without question that Mick would follow her orders, just like Len did when her boy’s positions were reversed.

Mick tugged off the cock ring and quickly took Len back into his mouth just as Len let out a scream as he finally orgasmed, helped along by the grinding of the dildo against his prostate that Barri was currently doing. Mick swallowed all of Len’s cum, not wasting a drop of it and he just suckled his lover’s cock until it was limp on his tongue.

Len was trembling in the cuffs now and Mick withdrew knowing how oversensitive Len was after he came. Mick winced as he rose to his feet, feeling his own cock heavy between his thighs. Barri was slowly easing her strap-on out of Len, making soothing noises every time Len’s breathing hitched. Mick embraced Len close to his chest as Barri reached up on her tiptoes in order to undo the cuffs letting Len slump against Mick in a hazed state.

Mick eased Len over to the nearby bed, settling him down with gentle touches and soft kisses as he wrapped him up in a fluffy blanket. Barri had ditched her strap-on before she crawled up the length of the bed to kiss Len squarely on the mouth, nails gently raking over Len’s scalp. Mick eased the nipple clamps off of Len’s red, abused nipples before pressing open mouth kisses to the heated skin making Len sigh into Barri’s mouth.

Mick noticed how Barri was rubbing her thighs together, her cunt glistening and he couldn’t help but lick his lips at the sight before wrapping an arm around her hips, cupping her wet cunt.

Barri gasped before it turned into a mewl when Mick started to rub at her with his rough, thick fingers. Len watched them with a half interested look on his face as Barri reached behind her to hold onto Mick’s neck as she humped against his hand needily.

“Will you let me help you come like I did with Len?” Mick rumbled in her ear, kissing her neck as he spoke.

“Please.” Barri agreed before laughing when Mick twisted her around so she was on her back next to Len who had wangled one hand out in order to stroke her hair as Mick settled between her spread legs. Barri watched Mick with dark eyes as he pressed his mouth to her cunt, his tongue easily sliding into her. She gasped and arched up into the touch, his arm becoming a strong band across her hips as she squirmed on the bed as Mick ate her out with precision. He knew just where to touch her to make her go crazy and bring her closer and close to that edge that had been eluding her all night.

Mick groaned before he sucked hard at her clit and that single action made her scream out as she bucked underneath him as she orgasmed. She lay limp under Mick’s gentle licks, her body trembling as her chest heaved up and down as she tried to regain her breath. She smiled up at Mick who was now up on his knees, hands hovering over his erection. His chin and lips were slick with her cum and his lips were swollen up.

“Go on baby, come on me.” Barri encouraged giving small jerks of her hips making Mick groan before it turned into a cry as he quickly worked himself over and it didn’t take long for him to come, painting her cunt and thighs with his cum before he collapsed next to Barri breathing just as heavily as she had been a moment ago.

‘Thank you.” Len whispered as he reached out for his lovers who both clasped his offered hand with a smile that he knew was only for the three of them.

Chapter Text

“So this is your master plan to get me to join your Rouges instead of Snart? Stick me in a mirror? I have to say I’m not that impressed Scudder.” Maria huffed, wriggling her hips but yes she was stuck in the mirror Sam had used to pull her into his hideout.

“I have to admit that I am impressed, if I had known you were a little slut I would have done this to start with.” Sam commented, licking his lips as he walked around the mirror he had Maria stuck in. She had clearly been getting ready for the night, she was only half dressed with a skirt and bra on. Her breasts hung down in front of her as she looked up at him unimpressed but what he really was commenting on was the fact underneath her skirt she had forgone panties and her cunt was freshly shaved.

“I was hoping to get lucky tonight, but you’re putting a crimp in my plan.” Maria wasn’t ashamed of her state of dress and her words. She was horny as hell and had been getting dressed with the intention for a fuck of any sorts and well panties usually just got in the way.

She was however annoyed that her wrists were also trapped in the mirror right by her hips so her only balance was the mirror that thankfully seemed stable and her feet that were firmly planted on the ground.

“I think we both can get lucky tonight.” Sam suggested as he ran his hand over Maria’s ass before flipping her skirt up fully exposing her lower half.

“Are you suggesting we have sex?” Maria couldn’t help the bolt of pleasure that went through her; she was always adventurous when it came to sex but she had never had it in this position and well, colors her interested.

“If my words don’t impress you maybe my actions can.” Sam offered as he moved around to the other side of the mirror to let her see the large bulge forming in his pants and she absently licked her lips. She tipped her head up the best she could at this angle and spotted the lustful look on Sam’s face and she smirked.

“Let’s see how good you are at giving orders Sam and I’ll think about joining your little team, only if you rock my world.” She winked obviously licking her lips as an invitation. Sam groaned as he unzipped his pants, pulling his hard cock out as he stepped forward.

“Suck it slut.” Sam growled as he shoved his cock at her mouth, forcing her lips open. Maria groaned happily at the feel of his cock in her mouth, she sucked at the head as she swirled her tongue around the skin before probing the slit with her tongue. Sam groaned as he grabbed a fistful of her hair, tugging on it making her wiggle in her position in the mirror.

“Put your tongue out.” Sam ordered when he pulled back, stroking himself with his free hand. Maria did as he asked and looked up at him with dark eyes and gagged a bit when Sam shoved his cock into her mouth fully, making her deep throat him. She groaned around his cock as he set a brutal pace of fucking her mouth without care, both hands on her head to keep her head in place. Maria felt her cunt throb at the treatment; she did like it rough after all and if he fucked her mouth like this she couldn’t wait till he got to her pussy.

Maria gasped for air when Sam pulled back, his cock dripping salvia and pre-cum as he gripped the base of his erection. He was breathing heavy as well but his lips were tilted up into a smirk.

“I hope all your holes are as good as this one.” Sam commented as he patted her cheek, she merely smirked up at him with a knowing look on her face as he swiped the head of his cock against her swollen lips once more before moving around out of her line of sight.

Maria groaned when she felt the head of his cock run up and down the seam of her pussy, a hand strong on her hip and she let out a loud moan when the swollen head of Sam’s cock pushed inside of her, moving steadily past any resistance there until he was sliding smoothly and she felt his balls press against her when he bottomed out.

“Fuck you’re so tight and hot around my cock.” Sam groaned when Maria clenched around him as she adjusted to being so stretched and full again. Sam grabbed her hips and started to hammer into her, spreading her wide on his cock with every thrust. Maria was rocked forward with each thrust and she groaned loudly as her eyes rolled up into her head, he was fucking even rougher than he had fucked her mouth and it was so good.

“You were born to take cock weren’t you? God who would have thought you were such a slut?” Sam grinned, shaking his hair out of his face as he watched as her cunt greedily swallowed his cock with every thrust he gave.

“Are you going to talk or are you going to fuck me?” She shot back breathlessly before let out a cry as he thrusted deeper into her while bring his hand down on her ass in a warning.

Sam grinned as he popped his thumb into his mouth; coating it with saliva he moved down and slowly pushed his thumb into her tight little ass hole. Maria let out a surprised cry and wiggled against the odd sensation before Sam smacked her ass again with his free hand, hips still pistoning in and out of her cunt not slowly down at all.

He kept his thumb inside her ass and used his grip on her for more leverage, to pull her back onto his thrusts and he felt his climax fasted approaching, his response was just to fuck her harder and when he felt his orgasm wash over him he kept his cock buried firmly inside of her while holding in her place with his thumb still in her ass.

Maria whimpered as she felt his cum gush out of her when he tugged his now limp cock out of his used pussy and she could feel her orgasm right there, she needed it so bad.

“Such a pretty sight.” Sam smirked as he scooped some of his cum up with his fingers and shoved it back inside of her, thumb rubbing hard against her clit and smiled when Maria let out a scream as she orgasmed around his fingers, her cum adding to the mess Sam had already made.

“So I think it’s safe to say if you join me then this will be happening a lot more. I’ll give you time to think it over.” Sam used his powers and Maria found herself on her bed in her room, legs spread wide and cum fresh on her thighs and lips swollen and slick with saliva and pre-cum still.

Maria smiled at the thought of how sore she was going to be tomorrow, but she will admit she would do it again so maybe there was something to think about when it came to Sam’s offer.

Chapter Text

“How do they feel?” Cassian asked as he sat back on his knees, brushing his fiery red hair out of his eyes as he took in the sight of Ezekiel. The dark haired man was naked and propped up against their headboard, his arms were stretched out to the side and his wrists were being held t the posts of the headboard with rope that he was currently testing out.

“Good, I can get out of these easily if I need to.” Ezekiel confirmed before smothering a gasp when his boyfriend’s hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him until he was to his full size.

“Try not to need to, I’m going to drive you crazy tonight.” Cassian promised as he ran his thumb over the tip of Ezekiel’s cock watching the resulting shiver that made its way over Ezekiel’s body. He settled himself down for a better position as he ran the tip of his tongue down the slit in Ezekiel’s cock, with just the right amount of pressure that made Ezekiel groan softly and hips twitch.

“God look at you, I’ve barely touched you and you’re already so fucking ready for it.” Cassian crooned impressed as he rolled Ezekiel’s balls with one hand making him arch his back off the bed as it was paired with Cassian sucking on the head of his cock hard.

“Cass.” Ezekiel whined as he strained against the ropes wanting to tangle his fingers in his hair like he always did when they were in this position but he couldn’t.

“Let me take care of you and if you’re a good boy I might even fuck you. You love it when I bend you over and fuck you like you’re a two-bit whore.” Cassian purred as he licked down Ezekiel’s shaft teasingly, locking eyes with Ezekiel. Ezekiel let out a moan at the dark, lust filled look that was expressed on Cassian’s face even as he moved his head down slowly, taking Ezekiel’s cock into his mouth until the head of his cock hit the back of Cassian’s throat. Cassian hummed around Ezekiel’s cock making the man gasp and tug at the ropes around his wrists.

“There, good and hard just the way I like you.” Cassian purred as he rubbed the palm of his hand over the spit slick head of Ezekiel’s cock making him groan at the sensation. Cassian pulled out a bottle of lube and poured some over his hand before he reached down and rubbed at Ezekiel’s hole, making the other man gasp and twitch away from the touch for a moment.

“No matter how many times I wreck this hole, it’s still so fucking tight.” Cassian praised as he eased his first finger into Ezekiel with a practiced move.

“Cassian.” Ezekiel whined as another finger was added and his fingers crooked inside of Ezekiel making him grind down against his lover’s fingers with need.

“So fucking needy, why haven’t I fitted you with a plug yet? It would keep you open and full all the time and I could ease it out of you and just slide right in whenever I felt like it.” Cassian breathed out his idea’s as he added a third one letting Ezekiel fuck himself on his fingers at his own pace.

“Cassian, oh yes, yes please that!” Ezekiel’s eyes were blown wide at this point as he fucked himself down on Cassian’s fingers desperate for more.

“Do you want me to get it now?” Cassian asked teasingly as he started to withdraw his fingers, chuckling when Ezekiel let out a noise of displeasure as he pushed towards the fingers needily.

“Not yet hmm? Okay, okay.” Cassian laughed, but retracted his fingers nonetheless knowing Ezekiel was loose enough.

“Should I use lube or do you have another suggestion?” Cassian asked as he stroked himself, smearing some of his pre-cum over his aching erection. Ezekiel eyed his lover’s with lust in his face and he slowly parted his lips in an obvious invitation.

“That’s my good boy.” Cassian chuckled as he moved so he standing with Ezekiel between his legs, he brushed the tip of his cock over Ezekiel’s open mouth before sliding it into the welcoming mouth. Cassian groaned as he gripped onto Ezekiel’s silky hair for leverage as he started to thrust in and out of Ezekiel’s mouth, knowing how much his lover liked the rough treatment. Ezekiel let out a happy, encouraging groan around his lover’s cock.

“There, good and wet.” Cassian pulled back, his cock wet with pre-cum and Ezekiel’s saliva. Cassian kept a solid hold on the base of his own cock as he moved back to his previous position, grinning at the sight of Ezekiel’s lips swelling up slightly. Ezekiel spread his legs willingly, hips rising up drawing attention to his rock hard erection that was dripping pre-cum as Ezekiel got turned on further and further.

Cassian guided the head of his cock to Ezekiel’s loosen hole, pushing in until he moved past the ring of muscles. That was when Cassian gripped the hollows of Ezekiel’s knees, lifting his legs up and apart as he slid in until his balls were pressing against Ezekiel’s ass. Ezekiel’s tight heat was gripping him tightly; drawing him in deeper making them both a moaning mess at the sensation they both were feeling.

“God you’re so fucking perfect for me.” Cassian praised as he leaned down and peppered Ezekiel’s pleasure slacken face with kisses.

“Cass, move, please, please.” Ezekiel babbled as he pushed down onto his lover’s cock.

“I got you baby.” Cassian promised and he pulled out slowly before he slammed back into Ezekiel earning a cry of pleasure before Cassian set the pace of the slow withdraw and the quick and hard slam back in. It was undoing Ezekiel with each move and the way Cassian’s cock hit against his prostate in the just right way that had him writhing and cock leaking steadily.

“I bet you can come just from my cock tonight, what do you think? Can you do it? Can you be a good boy for me?” Cassian crooned as he angled his cock just enough for his cock to hammer against Ezekiel’s prostate. Ezekiel let out a loud cry as his body shook under the force of his orgasm as he came untouched, hips jerking and walls clenching down around his lover’s cock making Cassian groan helplessly while watching as Ezekiel rode out his orgasm.

“That was so fucking perfect for me Ezekiel.” Cassian praised as Ezekiel went slack underneath him and cum started to cool on his own stomach. Cassian let out a loud noise of pleasure as he thrusted himself into Ezekiel on last time before his own orgasm washed over him. Cassian dropped down onto Ezekiel’s chest, the room was full of their heavy breathing as they both recovered from their pleasure filled orgasms.


Cassian hummed happily when he felt Ezekiel’s fingers carding through his hair and smiled knowing how quick with his hands his lovely thief was.

“I love you my thief.” Cassian smiled against Ezekiel’s chest.

“I love you too Cass.” Ezekiel whispered back still shy when it came to openly admitting his love for Cassian.

Chapter Text

Charlie groaned hips twitching helplessly as he strained against the cuffs that kept his wrists and ankles restrained against the posts of the large bed. Cassie and Barri smiled innocently up at him from their place between his spread legs, lips shiny with salvia and pre-cum as they lavished Charlie’s cock. Taking turns to lick up and down the side of his cock closer to them before kissing and repeating the action, over and over again until Charlie was a hard, leaking, groaning mess.

“Mm, can I get his cock first?” Barri asked turning to Cassie as she licked at the bead of pre-cum as she spoke.

“Such a cock slut.” Cassie chuckled fondly as she rested her cheek on Charlie’s thigh to watch as Barri sucked at Charlie’s cock.

“I know how much you like his mouth, so really I’m doing you a favor.” Barri winked at Cassie before pulling off to stroke Charlie further.

“You okay with this babe?” Cassie lifted her head in order to see if Charlie was onboard with that idea.

“So okay.” Charlie’s words were slurred already but he couldn’t help but need more. Barri grinned and she was suddenly straddling their lover’s waist. Cassie sucked Charlie’s cock into her mouth one last time before she held it up straight for Barri.

Barri easily lowered herself onto their lover’s cock, groaning loudly as Charlie’s cock stretched and filled her while Cassie watched the way Barri’s cunt opened up for Charlie’s thick cock, feeling her own cunt throb at the sight.

“God.” Cassie groaned as Barri started to move right away, desperate for it and it showed on her face.

“Barri.” Charlie gasped out as he strained against the cuffs again, the need to touch her overwhelming as she arched her back while she moved, her small breasts bouncing with every move she made. Cassie pressed against Barri’s back, hands cupping said breasts as she mouthed at the brunette’s neck making Barri reached back to latch onto Cassie’s neck as she rocked backwards and forwards on Charlie’s cock.

“God, you’re so big Charlie, you’re filling me so good.” Barri whined as she ground down on Charlie making them both groan.

“I’m jealous now.” Cassie pouted playfully as she pinched Barri’s nipples making the other girl gasp and arch her back further.

“Then join us.” Barri breathed out as her eyes rolling up into her head as she balanced herself on Charlie’s thighs.

Cassie grinned as she moved, rubbing at her self as she went getting herself good and wet before she positioned herself over Charlie’s face. Charlie leaned up and pressed his lips against her cunt, the action causing them both to groan needily.

“Just like that.” Cassie encouraged as she reached behind herself to grab onto the headboard to give her self better balance. Cassie groaned as she grinded down against Charlie and his ever-moving mouth, tongue probing deeper into her as he licked her open.

Barri pushed herself forward, one hand wrapping around Cassie’s neck to pull her into an open mouthed kiss while her other hand was placed on Charlie’s chest for balance. She worked her hips, clenching down on their lover’s cock every so often. His cock brushed against that spot inside of Barri that had her crying out in pleasure, breaking the kiss with Cassie as her hips started to move randomly out of her control.

“Yes, yes, yes!” She chanted as she fucked herself down onto Charlie with desperate movements. Her brown hair flew out around her head as her body shook and jerked violently as she orgasmed. She clenched impossibly tight around Charlie who groaned against Cassie’s cunt making her shiver as the vibrations ran through her body.

Barri collapsed forward into Cassie’s arms, who held her against her chest letting her regain her breath as she rode out her orgasm. Cassie let out a breathless laugh at the whine Charlie gave when she moved away from his wet mouth. Cassie eased Barri off of their lover’s cock to settle her on the bed beside them.

Cassie licked her lips at the sight of Charlie’s leaking, throbbing angry looking erection that was coated in Barri’s cum. Cassie took up Barri’s position and easily took Charlie’s cock into herself, clenching down hard on his cock.

“Goddamnit it Cassie.” Charlie gritted his teeth as he used his will power to stop himself from coming right then and there.

“Don’t you dare come until I do, ladies first after all.” Cassie winked at him as she rode him ever so slowly, knowing exactly what she was doing to him, but the torturously slow pace didn’t last as Cassie was right at that edge as well and couldn’t help herself from moving faster.

“Oh god!” She cried as Barri’s slender fingers rubbed at her cunt, Barri’s actions pulling her over the edge making her scream in pleasure. Barri eased Cassie onto the bed beside her, kissing her soundly while Charlie keened at the sight of his lovers making out net to him and the way his own climax was clawing at him.

“I’ve got you baby.” Barri promised as she crawled to her original place between their lover’s legs.

“I bet I can make you come with one finger.” Barri smiled sensually at him as she cupped his balls with one hand before she wrapped her fingers of her free hand before rubbing circles against the head of Charlie’s erection, a smile forming when his hips started to buck and twitch.

“Come on baby, come for me.” She crooned as she added more pressure to the movement and let out a little laugh when Charlie let out his cry of pleasure as he came, cum spurting up before landing on his stomach. Barri watched with a smile on her face, she loved making him come like this and seeing the pleasure that stretched across his face as he orgasmed.

Cassie unbuckled the cuffs, kissing the revealed skin before curling up on one side of Charlie while Barri took the other; he wrapped his arms around his girls and kissed them both. Happy he could finally touch them so he took this chance to pepper them with kisses that had them giggling and cuddling closer to him.

“Next time I get to be in charge.” Charlie insisted.

“Deal.” Barri agreed.

“We’ll see.” Cassie smirked making her lovers chuckle fondly.

Chapter Text

“What about Finn?” Poe gasped out as Rey kissed down her neck, the other woman’s hands squeezing her breasts with slender fingers.

“Oh trust me, he’ll be here soon enough.” Rey grinned seductively at Poe as she grinded their naked bodies against each other.

“Won’t he get mad?” Poe asked breathlessly as she swallowed down a loud groan.

“Mad? Oh no, he’s been dreaming about getting you in bed with us for a while now. He’s just too shy to bring it up.” Rey grinned as she reached down to rub at Poe’s cunt watching as she arched up into her touch with a groan.

“Oh!” Poe’s eyes widened in realization and Rey hummed as she felt the other woman get wetter as her words settled in.

“You started without me?” Finn’s voice made the two women look up to where he was entering the room, already stripping as he approached the bed.

“You were taking too long.” Rey purred as she slipped a finger into Poe making her jerk up off the bed, thighs spreading wider on reflex Finn groaned as he stroked himself at the sight of the two beautiful women on the bed, tangled together.

“She’s so wet and loose already, seems like she really wants you Finn.” Rey commented as she held up her wet fingers for Finn to lick, which he did with a happy noise making Poe blush.

“Is that true Poe?” Finn asked as he crawled over her body, both groaning when his cock brushed against her cunt. Rey smiled as she ran her hand up and down Finn’s back as she watched the two.

“Yes, but you were with Rey and I…” Poe looked over Finn’s shoulders to see Rey smiling supportively down at her making her meet Finn’s eyes, which were warm and soft.

“We both want you Poe, but we weren’t sure how you would react. Apparently Rey got tired of waiting.” Finn smiled as Poe placed her hand on his cheek.

“Is she always like this?” Poe asked teasingly.

“Yes I am, now kiss already.” Rey pushed Finn’s head down and Poe met him half way, kissing him intently while Rey watched them. When their kiss broke, Rey dragged Finn into a kiss while Poe watched them with half lidded eyes.

Rey pushed Finn to the side and he quickly moved away letting Rey take his place on her hands and knees overtop of Poe. Rey leaned down and kissed her and made a hand gesture at Finn who moved and Poe’s body jumped when Finn’s lips touched against her cunt. Finn licked at her pussy before probing at her with his tongue making her groan when Rey broke their kiss.

Poe’s head rolled to the side to watch Finn’s head bob between her thighs while his fingers easily entered Rey’s exposed cunt who pushed back against the digits eagerly. Poe leaned up and kissed at Rey’s bouncing breasts liking the way the other woman moaned at their combined actions. Finn rolled his tongue and hummed making Poe gasp and wiggle underneath Rey who laughed breathlessly as she effortlessly rode Finn’s fingers.

Finn pulled away with a slick chin and fingers when Rey tapped his head and Poe pushed herself up onto her elbows when Rey rolled off of her and she blushed at the wetness that was coating his chin knowing it was from her.

Finn groaned when Rey’s hand wrapped around his cock, smearing his pre-cum over the head of his cock before she winked at Poe before she ducked down to take Finn’s cock into her mouth. Poe swallowed hard at the sight of Finn’s dark cock passing between Rey’s lips as she sucked at him, lewd slurping noises filling the room as she bobbed her head.

“Sorry I had to get him good and wet for you.” Rey explained when she pulled back from his now salvia slicken cock, holding onto the base of his big black cock with one hand.

“Now keep your legs open baby.” Rey guided Finn’s cock to Poe’s wet, waiting cunt. Finn grabbed onto her bent knees, holding her steady as he allowed Rey to help push the head of his cock into Poe’s cunt. Poe’s mouth dropped open in an ‘O’ as Finn slowly filled her, opening her wider than any one else had before and even now with just half of his cock inside of her she understood the whole saying ‘once you go black, you never go back’.

Rey allowed Finn to thrust the rest of his cock into Poe their groans mingling together as she watched them, her hand stroking one of Poe’s thighs as watched intently where Finn was now slowly thrusting in and out of Poe who was clutching at her arm with one hand and her other hand was tangled up in the bed sheets.

“Harder Finn, she wants it rough don’t you baby?” Rey ordered seeing how Poe was rocking against Finn, need clear on her face.

“Yesss!” Poe groaned out before letting out a cry when Finn slammed into her, much harder than before and suddenly it was like a flip had been switched and Poe was a mess of groans and cries as she was roughly fucked and all she could do was hold on as Finn took total control.

“Oh yeah just like that, look how badly she wants it, look at how she is taking her pounding so eagerly.” Rey murmured filthy words of encouragement as she tugged on Poe’s nipples adding more pleasure to her already sensitive body.

“You’re going to come on his gorgeous cock and then you can watch as he fucks me after, how does that sound?” Rey purred as Finn pressed close to Poe, grinding his hips as Rey slid her hand down to rub and toy at Poe’s clit.

In response Poe let out a scream as her body thrashed underneath their bodies as she came, her cum leaking out onto the bed sheets below her when he slowly withdrew his still hard cock from her gaping cunt. Poe lay limply on the bed, breathing heavily as Finn leaned down and kissed her gently in total contrast to the rough pounding he had just been giving her.

“Look at how much of a mess she is, you did this to her Finn.” Rey’s voice was low and full of lust as Finn slowly took in Poe’s body, seeing what a mess her cunt was now and he blushed ducking his head to gently kiss her clit making Poe give a hoarse moan.

“She deserves it and so much more, with us she will always look like this. Stated and content.” Rey promised as she tugged Finn towards her, wrapping her strong legs around Finn’s waist.

“Watch us baby.” Rey encouraged Poe to let her head loll to the side in order to watch Finn thrust into Rey with one smooth thrust. Rey dug her nails into Finn’s shoulders and used that as leverage to push Finn down so she was straddling him, his cock still deep inside of her.

“One day you’ll be able to ride him like this, he’s a slut for it.” Rey explained to Poe as she bounced up and down on him, taking his cock like a pro, making circles with her hips and rocking back and forth on him.

Poe watched with desire as Rey turned Finn into a mess like he had turned her into minutes prior. It was amazing and Finn was arching up violently giving his own cry of pleasure as he came, Poe could see his cock throbbing inside of Rey’s cunt as she squeezed around him and rode his softening cock to reach her own climax. Poe couldn’t help but reach over and rub at Rey’s clit wanting to help her reach her own orgasm.

Rey let out her own scream as she came, her cum running down her thighs mixing with Finn’s before she rolled off of him and tugged Poe closer so they were sandwiching her.

“So, do you want this?” Rey asked as she tugged Finn’s head down to rest on her chest, Poe smiling when she spotted the out of it look on his face but he still managed to smile at her and lace their fingers together.

“Yes, god yes. I really do.” Poe answered honestly getting a smile from the other two and she squealed when Finn and Rey smothered her with hugs and kisses.

Chapter Text

“Hell, are you sure you’re still a virgin?” Roy swore as he tangled his fingers in Maria’s brown hair, hips jerking forward forcing more of his cock into her mouth. She sucked at him as she looked up at him from her place on her hands and knees before winking making Roy groan.

“She’s tight as one.” Mick commented from where he and Hartley were working their fingers into her wet cunt, spreading her open carefully and slowly not wanting to hurt her. Maria groaned around Roy’s cock that was filling her mouth completely as she spread her legs further and gave small thrusts back against their fingers.

Maria startled before relaxing when she felt a lubed up finger traced her asshole, she trusted these men and they had already told her exactly what they were going to do to her that night. She was going to lose her virginity in every way and she was already so wet from their words and promises that Hartley and Mick’s fingers slid smoothly inside of her.

Maria focused on sucking Roy while Len eased his finger into her ass while Mick and Hartley toyed with her cunt, making her shiver and groan against the onslaught of sensations.

“Think she can take two?” Hartley wondered as he eased his fingers out of her cunt to stroke him self while Mick rolled a condom onto his cock, slicking himself up moments after while Len copied his actions.

“I’m sure she’s up to the task.” Roy shuffled over a bit, Maria letting his cock fall out from between her lips as she was manhandled by Mick into a better position for him and Len. She was laying on Len’s chest, his arms wrapped underneath her knees keeping her held open while Mick took Len’s cock by the base and Maria let her mouth drop open in a loud cry of pleasure as the swollen head of Len’s very large cock penetrated her tight ass.

Hartley and Roy stroked her hair as Len stayed still while Mick guided Len’s cock deeper into Maria’s ass, stretching her tight hole wider than his fingers had before. Hartley and Roy moved from playing with her hair to playing with her nipples making her gasp and squirm on Len’s cock, taking it deeper into her self.

“Relax, relax.” Len murmured as she tensed slightly when Mick pressed the head of his cock against the folds of her cunt. She relaxed as Mick rubbed circles on her hips as he slowly inched into her virgin cunt. Maria let out a high-pitched noise as she was filled with Mick’s cock until he was fully sheathed inside of her.

“How do you feel Maria?” Hartley asked, cupping her cheek seeing that the others were too focused and or out of it to check in with her.

“Full, so full.” She slurred as she smiled up at him hazily as Roy licked at her nipples and the others stayed still.

“Full in a good way right?” Hartley asked worriedly and she gave him a smile.

“A very good way.” She assured him before she rolled her hips making all three of them groan as the movement shifted their cocks inside of her.

“Oh god yes!” She groaned out and her eyes rolled up into her head when Mick started to thrust into her, long sensual drags and Len gave shallow thrusts up into her from his place below her. Roy thumbed at her lower lip and she seductively opened her mouth in an invitation. She groaned as the heads of Roy and Hartley’s cock entered her mouth, it was a tight and slightly awkward fit but she couldn’t care less. She sucked and licked at their cocks while Mick and Len synced up their thrusts going harder and faster than before.

“She’s so fucking tight.” Mick rumbled out as she snapped his hips, driving deep into Maria who wiggled and groaned as all of her senses were overwhelmed with pure pleasure, something she had never felt before and was enjoying every second of it. She let the others take control of their movements and she just did her best to suck at the cocks that were taking turns pushing in and out of her mouth.

Maria arched violently, hands grabbing at Mick’s shoulders tightly as her body shivered and her hips started to jerk on their own and she gasped for air. Roy and Hartley moved back to watch her as she came hard on Mick’s cock, her face going slack with pleasure and eyes rolling up.

Mick swore as Maria let out a cry, her pussy clenching down on his cock as she orgasmed, drawing him over into his own orgasm, Len following behind them. Biting down on Maria’s neck to muffle his cry, the three of them panting as they lay together in a heap, hands caressing and touching anything they could reach comfortably without moving.

Maria craned her head to the side when she heard Hartley groaning out, she smiled hazily at the sight of Hartley on his hands and knees, Roy pumping three fingers in and out of him rapidly.

“Just getting him ready for you sweetheart.” Roy grinned at her when he caught her staring at them with open want on her face.

“We’ll get her ready then.” Len spoke and Maria groaned when Mick pulled out of her before Len followed suit, making her feel open and strangely empty. Len seemed to notice as he helped her up to her knees while Mick moved to get her the harness while Maria leaned back against Len who slipped his fingers into her wet, loose cunt just slowly spreading his fingers to lessen the empty feeling. She sighed as she turned to kiss his face the best she could.

Mick smiled at her as he secured the strap-on to her hips making her groan softly as it rubbed against her sensitive cunt before Len kissed down her neck and kneaded her breasts as she watched as Mick lubed up the dildo.

“He’s taken much larger so don’t worry and Hart likes it rough.” Mick encouraged as Roy tugged Hartley over to her, Hartley pulled her into a kiss before he twisted around to show her his ready ass.

“Good boy.” Maria praised with a hoarse voice as she caressed his ass as she pressed the head of her strap-on against his hole.

“Just like that.” Roy encouraged as he swapped places with Len and she groaned when Len’s fingers were replaced with the head of Roy’s cock. Maria pushed into Hartley as Roy pushed into her, their groans mingling together. Maria let Hartley and Roy take control of the speed and she let her eyes flutter close as Mick and Len groped and kissed her from her place rocking between the other two men.
It wasn’t long until the same feeling from before bubbled up inside of Maria as Roy took a more brutal pace than Mick had and she groaned helplessly as she was forced to fuck into Hartley harder as Hartley pushed back against her strap-on wantonly.

Roy groaned against Maria’s ear as she clenched down tightly around his cock as she came with a loud cry, slumping against Roy’s strong torso who held her up even as he came moments later. Hartley got himself off with one hand on his cock and fucking himself on the toy up his ass before Mick caught him when his arms gave out when he came over his own hand.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Len asked as Roy eased Maria down onto the bed, Len gently cleaning her with a lukewarm rag.

“This is going to be an every day occurrence right?” Maria asked with a dazed smile on her lips.

“We’ll talk tomorrow.” Len promised as he kissed her temple as her eyes fluttered closed as exhaustion caught up with her.

Chapter Text

Olivia made muffled noises against the solid ball gag that was between her lips, straining against the cuffs that were keeping her legs in place against the desk legs while the wrist cuffs kept her bent over her desk, arms pulling out to the sides.

“You know the rules Olivia, you have been avoiding your work and this is your punishment.” Felicity tsk’ed as she adjusted her strap-on making sure the long and wide dildo was dripping with lube, not wanting to hurt her in that way. She did however reach around to yank on the chain that connected the nipple clamps that’s were fastened to Olivia’s nipples watching as the other blonde spazed against the restraints at the harsh tug. With one last adjustment of her glasses, Felicity pushed her hips forward watching as Olivia’s wet, loose pussy swallow up the length and girth of the dildo.

Olivia moaned helplessly as Felicity speared her open with her favorite strap-on and didn’t waste anytime as she started to move rapidly. Olivia twisted in the cuffs and tried to push back against the pleasure that was arching through her but she was only rewarded with a slightly painful slap to her clit in warning.

“Now I’m going to read you your reports for the day and if you come before I finish then well, you know what will happen.” Felicity stated as she grabbed her tablet off the table and kept a steady pace of her hips moving forward and backwards, fucking Olivia even as she read aloud the reports. She tugged on the nipple clamps every so often just to keep Olivia’s head out of the clouds as it tended to do when they were like this.

Olivia made a muffled noise of relief again when she noticed Felicity place the tablet down before it turned into a barely muffled scream of pleasure when Felicity started to pound the dildo against that one spot that her seeing stars and her clit was being spanked again. She was sure Felicity was talking to her but she couldn’t hear anything all she could really focus on was the need to come.

“Do you want to come? Do you think you deserve to?” Felicity whispered into Olivia’s ear before biting down on the lobe as she grinded her hips against the other blonde’s ass. Olivia was rambling out pleads into the gag as she pushed back against Felicity wantonly.

“Not yet I think, maybe not at all.” Felicity hummed as she arched her own back in order to watch as the strap-on slid in and out of Olivia’s now gaping cunt and felt her own leak more and more.

“This is going to be a long night for you, maybe we should go over those reports again.” Felicity grinned as she picked up the tablet chuckling at the groan that Olivia gave as her head dropped down against the surface of her desk.


Felicity just smiled as she started to read and slow down her thrusts so they were agonizingly slow and steady and sometimes even stopping when she felt like Olivia was too close to coming. It was going to be very long night for Olivia but that was her punishment and Felicity was happy to enforce it.

Chapter Text

“Crap, crap, crap.” Jax muttered to herself as she eyed at Len and Mick who were stripping out of their infected clothes. They had been shoved into the decontamination showers.

“Might want to hurry up kid before that acid eats through your clothes.” Len’s smug voice knocked Jax out of her absent mindset.

“Right, right.” Jax took a few steadying breathes as she wiggled out of her baggy jeans, pulling her panties with her and she stripped her shirt and sports bra off, leaving herself totally exposed. She risked a glance behind her and blushed when she spotted Len and Mick looking her up and down.

She braced herself for their accusing words, but all she got was an interested grunt from Mick and an upwards tilt of his lips from Len before they both turned back to the showers. Jax let out a breath of relief and turned back to her own shower, missing the silent conversation that Mick and Len were having behind her back.

Jax however did notice how Mick basically picked her up when he found her alone in the halls of the Waverider afterwards.

“Mick! What the hell?” Jax thrashed in Mick’s strong arms, trying not to melt against him.

“Do you really think we wouldn’t want answers?” Mick asked curiously as he entered Len’s room where said man was waiting, propped up on the pillows at the head of his bed and a smirk on his lips.

“I can explain!” Jax insisted as Mick dropped her down and Len tugged her into his arms so she was cradled between his bent legs, her back to his chest.

“Let me guess, you liked playing sports, it more comfortable to wear baggy clothes?” Len hazarded a guess.

“…Yeah, I looked more like a guy even when I hit puberty so it was easy to go with it and well… I was treated better as a mechanic as a guy instead of a girl.” Jax explained.

“Do you identify as a man?” Mick asked interested as he settled by their feet, his large hand easily wrapping around her ankle in a loose grip.

“No, I’m very much a female just with baggy clothes and a buzz cut.” Jax said firmly.

“Why did you keep it a secret?” Len asked, nails gently scrapping over Jax’s scalp liking the way she melted against him.

“I just didn’t really think about it to be honest, I didn’t think it was a big deal.” Jax shrugged as she turned into a helpless mess from the gentle petting from Len.

“It’s not, but damn you have no idea what seeing you in those showers did to us.” Mick rumbled as he slowly ran his hand up to her thigh, giving her plenty of time to stop him, but she didn’t and Mick flashed her a smile.

“Back at you big guy.” Jax winked, not being able to stop herself after all she had caught sight of what the two men were packing and she was a healthy female with a decent sex drive that had been very lacking as of late.

“Tell us if you don’t want this and we’ll stop.” Len tipped her head upwards.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Jax breathed out and groaned softly into the possessive kiss that Len laid on her. She reached up to grasp at the back of Len’s neck when she felt Mick’s fingers work at the button and fly of her jeans. Jax lifted her hips up just enough for Mick to slip her jeans off of her hips while Len’s hand toyed with the hem of her shirt.

They broke their kiss and she lifted her arms for Len to pull her shirt off leaving her in her bra and panties in between the still fully dressed men. She blushed when their eyes raked over her alethic form and she spotted Mick’s pants getting tighter and she felt Len’s erection starting to dig into her back.

“I think that you guys are far too overdressed.” Jax commented running her hands down Len’s jean clad thighs. Mick didn’t waste any time and he chucked off his shirt and jeans leaving him just in his boxers that were tented, showing the outline of his rather large cock that made Jax lick her lips. Jax reached forward and tugged Mick into a kiss while she felt Len move as he shed his clothes behind her.

Mick dominated her mouth and Jax allowed it, groaning when one hand groped her breast and his other hand rubbed at her through the fabric of her panties.

“You’ve already soaked your panties, such a little slut.” Mick purred as she jerked up into his touch as he applied more pressure to her cunt.

“Put your arms up Doll.” Mick ordered and Jax was confused but she raised her arms over her head and titled her head back when she felt silk wrap around her wrists, tying them together just tight enough.

“You did keep this secret from us, so I think you need to be punished a bit.” Len purred as he unlatched her strapless bra letting her breasts spring free, Mick leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and she gasped wiggling under the action.

“What do you have in mind?” She asked breathlessly.

“A few good spanks should be enough for now at least.” Len decided as he smoothed his hand over the swell of her ass.

“I think she likes this plan.” Mick commented as he felt her twitch below him at Len’s words.

“Do you trust us?” Len asked turning Jax’s head to the side to lock eyes.

“Yes, if it’s too much I’ll say Red okay?” She wasn’t new at things like this; ah college had been good times.

“Good girl.” Len nodded his approval as he kissed her once more, just a fleeting peck before Mick moved off the bed to grab something while Len manhandled her into place.

Jax rested on her forearms, knees spread apart and ass high up in the air. She turned to see where Mick went as she could feel Len behind her, peeling her drenched panties down from her wet cunt until she was completely naked for them.

“Do you mind?” Mick held up a camera.

“If anyone other than us sees these I will castrate you.” Jax threatened but nodded her consent with a blush on her cheeks.

“No one else will get to see you like this expect us.” Mick swore as he raised the camera to take a photo of Jax bent over with Len caress her ass.

“Count to 10 for me, if you forget I’ll start again.” Len ordered before he brought his hand down on her ass, watching as her ass jiggled at the slap.

“One!” She gasped out; she did as Len asked and counted aloud not missing a single spank even when Len did a few in a row. By the time they reached ten her ass was stinging and she was slumped fully against the bed, highly aroused.

“Good girl.” Len praised as he smoothed a hand over her reddening ass before he slipped a finger into her making her arch her back and jerk on the bed at the surprise penetration before it turned into a wanton groan.

“God that’s hot.” Mick rumbled as he clicked away, getting a good shot of Len adding another finger into Jax as he started to stretch her open. Len just hummed his agreement as he focused on opening her up with his fingers as Mick moved around and tugged Jax up enough for him to kneel in front of her, his now exposed cock bouncing in front of her face.

“Go on firebug, I know you want to.” Mick encouraged and at his words Jax latched onto his cock eagerly, tongue sweeping across the head of Mick’s cock making him groan at the contact. Jax looked up just in time for Mick to take another photo of her lips wrapped around his cock. She winked at him and turned her focus to sucking and licking at the cock that was filling every inch of mouth completely. Mick groaned and grabbed onto her head with one hand as he started to thrust into her mouth needily while Len pumped three of his fingers in and out of her from behind.

Jax groaned as the head of Mick’s cock bumped against the back of her throat, she breathed out through her nose before she started to bob her head, deep-throating Mick every so often loving how he would gasp and hips would jerk uncontrollably whenever she did that.

Mick tugged his cock out of Jax’s spit and pre-cum stained lips making her look up at him with her mouth still open in confusion before it turned into understanding and pleasure as she let out a keen as the head of Len’s cock pressed into her. Len tugged her up onto her knees; one hand holding her hip in place while his other hand came up to cup her breast as he slowly inched into her cunt.

Jax let out strangled noises as she writhed against Len, arching and gasping as he slowly entered her, spreading her wide on his cock. Mick took a few photos of them before he moved forward letting her drop her tied hands over his head for balance. Mick licked down her neck as he rubbed her clit gently making her keen as Len was finally sheathed inside of her making her feel full and stretched.

Jax sagged against them as she adjusted to the light burn that quickly turned into pleasure making her give a shallow roll of her hips making herself and Len groan at the movement.

“Do you want it soft or hard tonight?” Mick asked as he rolled her nipples between his fingers making her squirm under the sensations.

“Hard.” She breathed out, she had enough gentle sex in the past and she just knew that they would give her the rough fucking she always dreamt about.

“Good girl.” Len breathed out as his hands moved down to firmly grip her hips as he withdrew until just the tip rested inside of her cunt, giving Mick a look. Mick moved back to rest against the headboard, camera at the ready and a smirk on his face. Jax let out a cry as Len slammed back into her harshly before he moved back and repeated the action over and over again.

Without Mick there to steady her Jax couldn’t help but fall over so she was back in the position she was when Len was spanking her, the angle letting Len drive into her hard and faster than before. Jax let out noises of pleasure as she was pushed down against the bed, her ass being pulled up higher into the air as Len fucked into her.

Mick grabbed her head and she looked up at him with a hazy look on her face before he shoved his cock into her mouth. She groaned but relaxed and let the two men use her, rocking her between them and her mind drifted, it was an amazing sensation and she knew she would sore tomorrow but it would be worth it.

Jax let out a muffled cry around Mick’s cock when Len spanked her clit and it was just what she needed to orgasm. She thrashed on the bed as she came around Len’s cock who kept thrusting into her not caring about her pleasure as he chased his own, Mick doing the same with her mouth. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she swallowed down cum that Mick was now releasing into her mouth as he came, cock throbbing in her mouth before he pulled back and she licked her aching lips absently. She felt Len slam into her once more and she heard his own cry as he came, doubling over her back. All three of them breathing heavily as they enjoyed the after glow of their orgasms.

Mick untied the tie from her wrists and shuffled down as Len pulled himself out of her used cunt before rolling onto the other side of the bed. They sandwiched her between them and she nuzzled against Mick’s chest letting out a content sigh as Len spooned her and his hand came to gently stroke her throbbing cunt, trying to sooth the ache that was starting to form.

Jax peered up when she heard a familiar click and smiled at Mick who had just taken another photo of the three of them before she closed her eyes and let her head fall back against Mick’s chest again.

“No one but us.” Mick promised as he kissed her temple.

Chapter Text

“Come on Bodhi, this is unneeded.” Cass insisted as she squirmed in the rope that Bodhi had wrapped around her limbs, keeping her and Jyn tied together. They were both on their backs, arms tied up above their heads and legs tangled together, their cunts just brushing against each other.

“I think it is.” Bodhi insisted as she looked down at them with a pleased look on her face, Jyn had a ball gag in between her lips and was playfully glaring up at their lover.

“Last time I looked away you two took off on another suicide mission so excuse me if I want to make sure you two can’t go anywhere anytime soon. At least not until I’m done with you and you won’t want to leave.” Bodhi said as she knelt down next to their bound forms, one arm hidden behind her back and a smirk on her face.

“Oh gods.” Cass groan when Bodhi revealed what she was hiding, it was a vibrator that was already buzzing at a high level. Cass and Jyn let out cries of pleasure as Bodhi settled the vibrator in the small space between their cunts so it was stuck there and the vibrations ran through both their bodies.

“That’s beautiful.” Bodhi smiled at the sight of her lovers writhing and squirming in their bonds and against the vibrator, both clearly eager for more. Cass’s mouth dropped open just enough for Bodhi to fit a gag into her mouth making Cass give Bodhi a glare before her eyes closed in pleasure.

Bodhi moved over to tug at the nipple clamps that were fastened around Jyn’s nipples making her arch and keen around the ball gag as she wiggled against the pinching sensations. Bodhi ran her finger tips down Jyn’s taunt stomach before toying with her clit, feeling how wet she was just from the vibrator and both groaned when she felt her only get wetter and wetter at each touch.

Bodhi lifted her other hand to copy her action on Cass’s clit before moving down to rub at their pussy lips, slipping her fingers into their cunts. Soon she was pumping two of her fingers in and out of them while they writhed and groaned below her.

She kept up the steady pace of fucking them as the vibrator automatically moved up to a higher level that had the other two keening around their gags.

“I’m going to make you guys come and come until you’re dry and exhausted.” Bodhi promised as she added a third finger into each of them, grinning when one after each other they let out muffled cries as they came around her fingers.

Bodhi kept the pace she had set prior and repeated her actions over and over. She kept an eye on both of her lovers just in case it became too much for either of them. This was about making sure they got all the pleasure they deserved and having them in sight and protected with her.

She had been so lost in thought that she almost missed their second orgasm’s, chuckling when she noticed that Cass squirted and looked totally out of it afterwards while Jyn grinded down on Bodhi’s fingers and the vibrator eager for even more.

Bodhi removed her fingers and the toy away from the two, Cass giving a soft sigh while Jyn whined in displeasure. Bodhi sliced free the ropes and glanced at Jyn who nodded at Cass instead. Bodhi lifted Cass into her arms and settled their out of it lover onto the nearby bed, kissing her gently once the gag was removed and Cass let out a contented sigh, slowly coming back to herself. Bodhi lifted Jyn up onto the bed next before turning to a case where she lifted her strap-on and harness out, attaching them to her hips and slicking up the dildo.

Jyn just spread her legs wider when she caught sight of the strap-on making Bodhi smile as she settled between said legs. Bodhi lifted Jyn’s legs up around her hips and looked at Cass who was watching intently, hips twitching a bit at the sight of the large wet with lube dildo.

Bodhi put her hands onto Jyn’s hips, lifting her up just enough for a smooth slide in. Jyn threw her arms up over her head as she groaned into the gag as Bodhi’s strap-on opened her wider than her fingers did.

“Look at you, so ready for more even through you’ve come twice already.” Bodhi praised as she started up the slow, steady pace from before, making sure to pull the toy out so only the head remained inside before pushing it back in fully before repeating the process. Jyn reached up and clawed at her back, as she rocked down against the dildo, needing more and more but Bodhi kept a steady pace.

Cass leveled herself up in order to kiss down Bodhi’s neck watching as the toy disappeared into Jyn with each jerk of Bodhi’s hips and she groaned against the dark haired woman’s neck, hand going down to rub at her own clit again not being able to help the bolts of pleasure that came from her cunt at the sight.

Bodhi groaned as she felt her own orgasm approaching, that was why she picked that strap-on, it always got her off when she used it on one of her lovers. Jyn let out a cry so loud the gag couldn’t even muffle it fully as she came for the third time that night, come leaking out around the dildo before she slumped against the bed, totally out of it. Bodhi eased the toy out of Jyn who whimpered at the movement before sighing contently.

Bodhi tossed the harness off to the side and clutched at Cass’s shoulder as the other girl’s hand came down to rub at her wet cunt harshly just in the way Bodhi needed in order to come. Bodhi let out a cry as her body arched towards Cass who held her close as their lover came and the brunette maneuvered the two of them onto the bed around Jyn who had worked the gag out of her mouth with sluggish movements.

Jyn tossed her arms around Bodhi and Cass before snuggling down with a soft sigh of happiness as she fell asleep almost right away while Cass pressed more kisses to Bodhi with a quiet ‘thank you’ before following their lover into slumber, leaving Bodhi to smile stupidly as she curled closer to her lovers and just basked in the glow and happiness of being with them.

Chapter Text

“God look at you.” Lena groaned as she poured more lube onto her strap-on from where she sat on the bed, eyes trained on her girlfriend. Barri smiled hazily at her from where her wrists were cuffed behind her back, kneeling on the bed with her knees parted wide to show off where stocking clips were being misused.

The clips were attached to her pussy lips, holding them open wide and Lena was thoroughly enjoying the sight of her girlfriend being held open.

“Lena.” Barri groaned as the clips tugged at her when she shifted slightly on the bed making Lena grin at the sight.

“Don’t worry baby, I promised you fun and I’ll give you that.” Lena moved forward, the large strap-on bobbing as she moved until Lena could tap the head of the toy against her held open cunt teasingly.

“Don’t tease me Lena.” Barri whined as she shuddered at the feeling of the head of the toy teasing her as Lena grinned as she thrusted the tip in and out of her shallowly.

“It’s so much fun through baby.” Lena smirked as she pinched her girlfriend’s nipples with just enough pressure to make Barri gasp and wiggled against the sensation.

“But your right, I’m not one for prolong teasing.” Lena agreed as she reached down and gently tugged the clips off of Barri’s pussy lips as she thrusted her strap-on into her completely, letting the girth of the toy keep her spread instead of the clips.

Barri gasped loudly grinding down against the toy, wrists straining against the cuffs but enjoyed the way Lena wrapped her hands around her hips and used that leverage to move her against her strap-on, fucking the toy deeper and harder into her. Barri cried out in pleasure when the large toy found that spot in front of her, she felt so full with the girth of the toy inside of her and the way Lena was hammering the toy into her sensitive cunt, working her over in the way Lena knew Barri loved.

Lena eased Barri onto her back, hands holding her hips up to take pressure off of her cuffed wrists that were still behind her back and to make it easier for Lena to thrust into Barri with her strap-on. Lena leaned down to kiss Barri soundly, hands coming up to cup her breasts, squeezing and rolling her nipples in time with the thrusts she gave with her strap-on. Barri groaned into Lena’s mouth, legs wrapping around her girlfriend’s waist to grind and hump against her. Barri’s orgasm built up and her locked legs started to tremble.

“Go on baby, be a good girl for me.” Lena knew all the signs of Barri’s approaching orgasm by this point.

“Oh my god! Lena!” Barri cried out, back arching up as her hips stuttered as she came around Lena’s strap-on, body trembling through the aftershocks as Lena gently eased out of her, tossing the harness and toy aside just looking down at her in awe.

“You’re so beautiful like this baby.” Lena said in a lustful voice before letting out her own groan when Barri tugged her close with her lean runner legs, rubbing their cunts together.

“Barri!” Lena shuddered as they slide against each other smoothly, eased by Barri’s cum and Lena’s own arousal.

“Come on, come on, wanna see you come Lena.” Barri pulled Lena down for another kiss as she dug her heels into the small of Lena back, urging her to move faster.

Lena let out her own cry as she tipped over the edge, her cum joining Barri’s cum, neither woman stopping in their movements just rocking against each other in soft, gentle motions.

“That’s my beautiful girlfriend.” Barri praised planting kisses all over Lena’s face smile widening when Lena blushed under the kisses and praise.

Chapter Text

“Lena I want his cock this time.” Rae pouted as she and Lena sat next to Mick who was stretched out on their bed, his erection straining at the cock ring already as he growled at the sight of the two Omega’s both of who were pregnant with his pups fighting over who would get to ride him first. He couldn’t say a word because of the gag Lena had cheekily fit him with before the two Omegas’ stripped down.

“You got it last time and I’m way wetter than you are right now.” Lena spread her legs to show the others her soaked cunt that was just visible underneath her swelling stomach.

“So unfair.” Rae relented with her pout still in place as she rubbed at her own stomach before creeping down to rub at her own cunt.

“Don’t complain, you get his mouth and we both know how good he is with his mouth.” Lena purred as she straddled their Alpha’s lap, stroking at his cock before lowering herself down onto it with a long drawn out groan as the Alpha’s cock filled her.

“Ooohhh, yes!” Lena groaned out happily as that empty void inside of her, finally filled by the Alpha’s cock. Rae huffed slightly as Lena carefully started to move on Mick’s cock so she straddled Mick’s face so she was facing Lena.

“I need you to tongue fuck me hard and deep okay? Make up for the lack of your cock in me Alpha.” Rae ordered as she grinded down on Mick’s face who already had his tongue pressing into her.

“Good idea.” Lena praised as she rocked back and forth on Mick’s cock, hips working desperately as her stomach and breasts bounced with every move. Rae leaned forward and press her lips to Lena who groaned in response as she kissed back just as eagerly. Rae worked her own hips, mindful of her own growing stomach as Mick ate her out with gusto, hands holding onto her thighs letting her control her own movements.

Rae arched into Lena’s hands as the other woman groped her tender breasts prompting Rae to reach down and toy with Lena’s clit. Both woman groaning as they gave each other pleasure as they got more pleasure from their Alpha who was groaning and jerking helplessly underneath them.

Lena was the first to come, she had already been on edge all day and finally getting their Alpha’s cock into her and Rae playing with her clit sent her over the edge. Lena broke the kiss to arch her back letting out a long keening noise. Rae watched in awe as Lena orgasmed, shaking from her place on top of Mick as she pushed herself down against Mick’s mouth and his tongue that was only licking and pushing deeper into her with each thrust of his tongue.

Lena collapsed against Rae who held her close, both of them taking care not to crush their stomach’s. Rae stroked Lena’s blonde hair and helped ease her off of Mick’s still rock hard erection thanks to the cock ring.

“My turn!” Rae said greedily as she moved down Mick’s body to impale her onto Mick’s cock moaning happily. She wasted no time in fucking herself down onto him, Lena rested herself on Mick’s chest as the Alpha groaned, hands gluing them selves to her bulging stomach.

“Ohh yes, yes, yes!” Rae chanted, her back aching as her eyes rolling up into her head as Mick’s large cock brought her to her much-needed orgasm. Lena caught Rae before she could collapse off of Mick totally, Mick let out a muffled whimper when his aching, wet cock was hit by the cool air of the room instead of the warm, silkiness that were the insides of his beautiful Omega’s.

“Should we let him come? He’s been so good for us.” Rae asked Lena who was petting her dark hair and crooning at her as she eyed Rae’s extended stomach every so often.

“I suppose he deserves that, but remember he did knock both of us up.” Lena muttered still slightly annoyed about that, but when Rae rubbed her stomach soothingly Lena softened and together they moved back to Mick.

Rae eased the gag out and was instantly pulled down for a heated kiss, hands groping her breasts. Lena eased the cock ring off and had barely wrapped her fingers around him before he was coming, ropes of cum spurting up into the air before landing on his stomach making her give a small laugh as a smile stretched across her face as Mick relaxed instantly on the bed.

Lena took it upon herself to clean his cock clean of any remaining cum from his limp cock, Mick groan softly into Rae’s mouth holding her closer as Lena used soft, teasing licks to his cock to clean him up.

When Mick was clean, Lena leaned up and tugged Rae into a kiss forcing her to abandon the kiss with Mick but groaned happily at the taste of Mick on Lena’s lips.

“Get over here.” Mick’s voice was rough as he held open his arms for his Omega’s. They kissed one last time before curling up around Mick who held them close, reverently as he took in their scents that were mixing with his own now thanks to the bundles of joy that were growing in their swelling stomach’s.

“Mine.” Mick rumbled making Rae and Lena smile against his chest as he cradled them close.

Chapter Text

“I will admit standing up to pee is a different experience.” Iris commented as she, no he settled down on the couch next to Barry who hadn’t taken his eyes off of Iris in her new form.

“You’re staring babe.” Iris commented liking the fact that Barry still loved him even if right now she was a he.

“Sorry Iris, just god you look just as amazing as a man and I’m trying to figure out how that’s fair.” Barry commented inching closer to Iris who smiled at the fact that Iris was bigger than Barry in this new body.

“Well it’s nice that you still love me and everything but I don’t think I can deal with being a guy for very much longer.” Iris admitted as he ran his fingers through Barry’s hair watching the way Barry melted under his larger, stronger hand.

“Really? I had hoped you could last a bit longer.” Barry sighed dramatically getting Iris’ attention.

“Oh yeah?” Iris asked curiously before gasping out in surprise and pleasure when Barry’s hand groped at his cock.

“I had hoped you would have picked up on my idea by now. You know the fact you can fuck me with your own cock instead of a strap-on now?” Barry groped Iris further, watching as his jeans became tented as he got harder almost instantly.

“Fuck, why didn’t I think of that?” Iris groaned as he bucked up into the touch.

“Just like me take care of it baby.” Barry smiled as he sank to his knees between Iris’ legs, hands already working on pulling Iris’ cock out of his jeans. Barry hummed as he slowly stroked Iris wanting to give Iris the most pleasure he could. Iris reached down and tangled his fingers in Barry’s hair in a familiar move. Iris let out a choked groan when Barry’s lips wrapped around his cock, actually feeling Barry’s wet, warm mouth around his cock.

“God Barry, you’re mouth is amazing!” Iris groaned out helplessly as Barry took more and more of him until he literally could not fit anymore into his mouth. He used his hands to stroke and fondle the rest of Iris’ cock and balls while sucking and licking at his cock.

“You’re giving more meaning to big black cock.” Barry murmured before he hollowed his cheeks and bob his head in order to coax Iris to a larger size. His lips were stretched obscenely around the girth of Iris’ cock and he started to palm himself through his jeans as he grew harder and harder at having such a large cock in his mouth.

“You keep that up and I’m going to come before I get inside of you.” Iris groaned, tugging at Barry’s hair to pull him off of his cock.

“How do you want me?” Barry asked as they stood up, hands tugging at each other’s clothes until they were fully naked and pressed against each other, hands roaming aimlessly.

“Hands and knees baby.” Iris swatted Barry’s ass playfully as he tugged Barry towards the bedroom, walking awkwardly impaired by the erection he was sporting and growled when he heard Barry laughing behind him.

The laughter turned into a gasp when Barry was tossed onto the bed and pinned down by Iris who took over their kiss in an instant as they grinded against each other.

When their kiss broke, Barry pushed Iris back a bit just in order to twist around to settle on his hands and knees, presenting his pale ass to Iris who just groped him, always loving his lover’s ass and he couldn’t wait to feel his tight hole around him. Iris pulled Barry’s ass cheeks apart and groaned at the sight of Barry’s loose, wet with lube hole.

“Someone came prepared.” Iris teased as he easily pushed three fingers into Barry watching as he rocked back against the digits, already eager for more.

“I did have a plan.” Barry gasped out needing much more than just fingers.

“It’s a very good plan love, now don’t hold back. You know I like your voice.” Iris’ voice took on a huskier tone as he withdrew his fingers; he coated his cock up with copious amounts of lube before he pressed the fat head of his cock against Barry’s twitching hole. Iris stroked Barry’s back once more before he pushed forward, both groaning when his cock pushed past the tight ring of muscles before his cock slid in smoothly inch-by-inch.

“God Barry, you’re so fucking tight and perfect around me.” Iris groaned as he braced himself with hands on Barry’s hips.

“You’re so big.” Barry’s arms gave out and he slumped forward onto the bed, mouth slacken as groans spilled out at the way he was being stretched wide and filled to the brim in a way Iris’ strap-on couldn’t before.

“Are you okay?” Iris asked worried about Barry who was almost completely slack underneath him.

“Keep going.” Barry groaned as he clenched at the bed sheet rocking his hips back making them both groan louder.

“You’re fucking amazing.” Iris said in awe as he started to move, slowly at first not wanting to overwhelm either of them at the sensations after all if it had Iris’ head spinning he could only imaging what it was like for Barry.

However the slow, easy pace didn’t last long as Barry keened and slammed himself back against Iris, taking him fully inside of him making them both cry out.

“You want it rough then? I’ll give you rough.” Iris growled out, gripping Barry’s hips tighter.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Barry chanted as he was forced down against the bed as Iris started to hammer in and out of him with no restraint any longer. The head of Iris’ cock hitting against his prostate with every thrust had Barry crying out and scrambling at the sheets below him as his cock steadily leaked pre-cum under the rough treatment.

“Come on Barry, come on my cock!” Iris ordered in a low, rough tone that had Barry shivering before letting out a scream as his cock spurted out cum totally untouched and he slumped down onto the bed half conscious as Iris let out his own cry as Barry’s orgasm triggered his own.

Iris twisted them so they were on their sides and Iris was still inside of Barry, arms strong around Barry’s body just holding him tight.

“I could get used to this.” Iris commented and Barry hummed mostly unconscious by this point but he had a smile on his face as Iris kissed down his neck.

“Shower sex next, I have a list.” Barry commented sleepily making Iris laugh softly into his neck.

Chapter Text

Loki whimpered around Tony’s cock that was being shoved in and out of her mouth, his hand tight in her hair for leverage.

“Keep sucking.” Natasha ordered as she slapped Loki’s cunt before pressing the vibrator back against her already dripping pussy. Loki did as she was told as she tugged at the chains that were keeping her arms tied behind her back.

“Do try not to break her too soon Nat.” Tony reminded the other woman who huffed as she tugged on the nipple chain grinning as Loki choked around Tony’s cock as the small weights attached to her nipple clamps swayed and tugged on her nipples.

“No promises.” Natasha gave Tony a devilish smile as she thrusted three of her fingers into Loki’s cunt, spreading them wide to add to the sensations of the vibrator against her clit.

“If you make her cum too soon then you won’t get to fuck her.” Tony reminded her as he stroked Loki’s hair, his thrusting less harsh now and was content to just let her suckle and lick at him.

“Spoilsport.” Natasha relented by turning the vibrator off but kept pumping her now four fingers in and out of Loki, determined to spread her open on her fingers.

“How loose is she?” Tony asked peering down to watch Natasha finger-fuck Loki.

“Loose enough that I think she can take both of us.” Natasha said confidently making Loki groan around Tony’s cock at the throb of pleasure that went through her body at the mere idea.

“Fucking finally.” Tony smiled as he pulled his cock out of Loki’s mouth, a debauched look on the raven’s face as her mouth stayed open in the shape it had taken thanks to having Tony’s cock in there for such a long time. Natasha withdrew her wet fingers to move to get her strap-on.

Tony knelt behind Loki, he grabbed onto her hips and both of them groaned out in pleasure as Tony easily sank into her cunt as he held her close to his body, mouth down her neck as she dropped her head back against his shoulder.

“You’re right, still feels like there is room for one more.” Tony commented as he started to thrust up into her, watching as Natasha re-joined them, her strap-on glistening with lube. She knelt down in front of Loki, brushing the head of her dildo against Loki’s already full cunt teasingly.

“Such a good little slut.” Natasha praised as she tugged on the nipple chain again, making Loki give a strangled noise of pleasure. Tony held her still as Natasha slowly inched her own cock inside of Loki alongside of Tony’s throbbing erection that was already buried deep inside of her.

Loki’s mouth dropped open and any noise she would have made were muffled by Tony pushing a couple of his fingers into her mouth as she was stretched wider than ever before as Natasha’s strap-on was fully inside of her next to Tony.

“Remember to breath.” Tony advised seeing how impatient Natasha was looking as she toyed with Loki’s nipples and the small weights attached to them. Loki sucked at Tony’s fingers to distract herself before it turned into a choked moan as Natasha started to move, Tony staying still for a bit longer just until Loki started to willingly rock between them. That was when he started to move as well, opposite of the thrusts Natasha was giving.

“How does she feel?” Natasha asked, a bit out of breath as her red hair stuck to her face as she snapped her hips forward repeatedly, forcing Loki back against Tony’s cock.

“So fucking tight, god it’s amazing!” Tony groaned out, it was a tight fit having both him and Natasha inside of Loki, Tony could barely do more other than give shallow thrusts but it was so overwhelming.

Tony moaned into Loki’s neck as his hips snapped forward on their own as he came, filling Loki with his cum while Natasha kept moving in and out of Loki. Tony eased himself out of Loki before collapsing backwards, his cock limp between his thighs and chest heaving as he watched as Natasha drove into Loki with abandon. Tony moved back up and turned Loki’s head to the side to kiss her while Natasha used her strap-on to bring both of them to their orgasms.

Tony did his best to hold both of the ladies up as they collapsed against each other as their orgasms sapped their strength. Tony peppered Natasha’s face with soft kisses as he lowered her onto the bed, unlatching the harness off of her hips before gently stroking her cunt making her groan and wiggle at the gender touch.

Tony let the chains drop off of Loki’s arms and gently unfastened the nipple clamps and weights. He sucked at her abused nipples while cupping her cunt liking the feeling of how wet and loose she was against his hand.

“Did you like it Loks?” Tony asked as he pulled the two girls close to him on the bed.

“It was the best, thank you.” Loki smiled hazily and Natasha hummed her agreement, Loki was surprisingly the kinkiest out of the three of them and was always up for new things.

“Doing that again next week.” Natasha decided making Loki nod her agreement and Tony to chuckle as he kissed their heads, not sure how he got so lucky.

Chapter Text

Harriet thrashed against Uma’s strong grip as she bucked up against the magic want vibrator that was being held firmly against her exposed cunt. Harriet moaned as she arched up away from Uma’s just as naked body that was holding her from behind.

“Look at you, I haven’t even made you come yet and you’re already a mess.” Uma purred, grabbing onto Harriet’s chin forcing her to look at the mirror that was standing opposite of the bed. Harriet blushed brightly at the sight of the mirror reflected, Gil sitting on a chair next to the chair. He was watching the two women with a predatory look on his face as he stroked his own erection ever so slowly, keeping himself from coming too soon.

Harriet’s legs were being kept open by Uma’s darker ones, a the toy being firmly pressed against her wet, shiny cunt while Uma kept her chin hooked over Harriet’s shoulder making their eyes meet in the mirror before she gave a shark like smile.

“What do you think Gil?” Uma asked as her free hand moved up to squeeze one of Harriet’s breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipple. Harriet let out a keen as the slight pain mingled with the strong vibrations that were coming from the toy against her cunt.

“Looks like the whore is ready to come.” Gil rumbled as he stood up, hand tight around the base of his cock as he stepped closer to the bed.

“Oh I think your right.” Uma agreed seeing how much Harriet was squirming, leaking and whining. Uma moved the toy away much to Harriet’s dismay as her hips bucked up needing some sort of friction.

Harriet let out a scream as Gil was suddenly slamming into her wet, loose cunt. His hard, large cock splitting her wide as he started to thrust in and out of her with no hesitation as his hands groped her breasts. Harriet let out another scream when Uma pressed the vibrator against her clit and she was pretty sure she blacked out for a moment or so as she came harder than she had before as Gil fucked her through her orgasm.

Harriet came back to herself to feel empty and sticky. She opened her eyes and realized that she was on her side on the empty space of the bed. Uma had Gil’s wrists pinned to the bed above his head, a predatory smile on her lips as she rode Gil fast and hard.

“Ah, look who is awake.” Uma grinned at her, not pausing in her movements making Gil a moaning mess underneath her.

“Think you’re strong enough to join us?” Uma asked before laughing tossing her head back when Harriet tried to raise herself up into a sitting position but her arms were shaking far too much to support her weight so she flopped back down onto the bed.

“Didn’t think so, we really wrecked you.” Uma’s smile was large before she let out a groan as she grinded down on Gil’s cock, using him for her own pleasure even as he arched and jerked up underneath her.

“You do have a habit of doing that.” Even Harriet’s voice was hoarse and rough as she curled up on her side, thighs clenched together to ease her throbbing cunt.

“You can’t deny that it’s fun though.” Uma grinned breathlessly before she let out a cry as she impaled herself down onto Gil’s cock achieving her own orgasm. Harriet and Gil watched amazed as Uma rode Gils’ cock throughout her own orgasm before she eased herself off of Gil’s still rock hard cock before she smacked it with a smirk on her lips.

“Be a good boy and get yourself off.” Uma ordered as she moved over to pull Harriet into her arms, just holding her close to stroke her hair as their bodies pressed together intimately.

Gil’s hand grabbed his cock and roughly jerked him self off not being to wait any longer. Harriet watched over Uma’s shoulder as his cock spurted cum over his stomach as he let out a long moan of pleasure before he settled back down onto the bed, breathing heavily. Uma tugged at her hair to pull her into a dominating kiss that Harriet gave into willingly.

Gil curled up on the other side of Uma, pressing kisses down her spine and shoulder blades while wrapping his arms around them. He let out a sigh of content when Uma allowed it and even settled down in his embrace, Harriet doing the same even going as far to kiss Gil over Uma’s shoulder.

“Tomorrow we’ll tie Gil up and split his little hole open on your strap-on’s.” Uma promised making Gil groan and Harriet shiver in excitement but she was far too exhausted to do anything other than that.

“Promises, promises.” Gil murmured.

“You know I follow through.” Uma shot back with a smirk making Gil nod, as he knew very well that she always followed through.

Chapter Text

“Oh god, this is so easy.” Len moaned as he stroked his new cock, at first he had been cursing the damn Meta who had gender swapped him and Barry or Barri with an I now. However when he found out how easy it was to masturbate Len found he was changing his mind real fast.

“I miss my cock, this is impossible!” Barri moaned from her place across from Len, both seated on the bathroom floor, she was working her fingers with a frustrated look on her face.

“Now you know my frustration.” Len smirked as he took in Barri’s new female form, her little breasts would fit perfectly in his hands but damn her lips were fuller now and he had the largest urge to see them wrapped around his new cock.

“Fuck, fuck, I hate this!” Barri looked like she was close to tears now as she rubbed uselessly at her cunt.

“Hey, breathe baby. I’ll make you a deal okay?” Len moved over to take Barri’s face between his surprisingly large hands.

“A deal?” She sniffed giggling slightly when Len kissed her cheeks.

“I want to see why you like getting blow jobs so much and I’ll show you why I squirt when you fuck me?” Len suggested and Barri blushed as she considered the offer.

“Okay.” She agreed and her fingers wrapped around Len’s erection making him gasp at the sensation that felt so different than when he was jerking himself off moments ago. She stroked him with well seasoned stroked and twists of her wrists as she licked her lips seeming to work up her nerve.

Len groaned out when Barri’s lips wrapped around the head of his cock, bolts of pleasure racing over his body and Len suddenly understood why Barri loved this so much. The sight of Barri’s head moving forward, lips stretching out around the girth of his cock as she took him deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Len groaned as he grabbed onto her hair and started to thrust forward, slow at first but Barri grabbed onto his ass and pulled him forward harder and faster so her nose was buried against his public hair briefly as she deep-throated his cock. Barri right hand moved to lift up his thigh slightly, Len got the idea and soon he had one foot balanced against the counter behind her and found he had much better angle to fuck her mouth. He did so with hard thrusts both of them groaning at the treatment and Barri was rubbing at herself again as she sucked and slurped around his cock.

“Oh god, Barri!” Len’s breath was knocked out of him as he orgasmed, his cum spilling into Barri’s mouth who swallowed it down the best she could, but some ended up on her chin and dripping down onto her breasts.

“Fuck, I so get it now.” Len panted as he fell down onto his ass, looking at her in amazement.

“I hope you can get that up again because I’m so horny right now.” Barri’s voice was rough from the rough face fuck she just took as she tugged at her own nipples and her fingers pressed against her cunt, wiggling in place on the ground.

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” Len commented as he was already half hard again, he shifted to his knees and reached down to press his own fingers against her cunt. Barri gasped and spread her legs wide, hips jerking as he made small circles against her wet cunt, fingers teasing her entrance.

“Right there, oh please, please!” Barri grabbed at his shoulders as he slipped his finger into her, loving how wet she already was just from sucking him off.

“How do you want it?” Len asked as he added a second finger, spreading them as wide as he could making her grind down against his fingers as she started to ride his fingers with need.

“Counter? I don’t care, I just need you in me.” Barri breathed out, a little whine escaping from her lips.

“Okay, okay.” Len decided this was a very good idea so he withdrew his fingers, chuckling when she whined and chased them making an annoyed face.

Len was happy at how easily he lifted her up onto the counter top above them; he yanked her legs apart and tugged her closer to his body so his cock slid across her cunt. Both of them groaning at the teasing action before Barri held her own legs open by holding onto the hollows of her knees giving Len a lust filled look.

“Fuck me Len.” Barri purred and her whole body arched when Len pushed the head of his cock into her.

“Hell, how do you not come the second your inside of me?” Len groaned out as he resisted the urge to just slam into the tight, silky heat that was gripping him so needily as he pushed into Barri’s untouched cunt.

“Ooooohhhhh!” Barri groaned out, mouth dropping into a ‘O’ as she was penetrated and that ache she had been feeling was finally filled.

“It’s an effort, oh my god this is amazing!” Barri arched her back as her hands trembled on where she was holding her legs apart. Len noticed this and tugged her legs around his waist and placed her hands on his shoulder, she smiled gratefully at him before she threw her head back as she let out another gasping noise when Len pushed fully inside of her.

Len’s will power was being pushed to the limit, he just couldn’t believe how tight and amazing it felt inside of her, Len had to give Barri more credit that he managed to hold out long enough to make her orgasm if Len felt like this every time.

“I’m okay, move, fucking move.” Barri groaned out as she grinded against him wantonly.

“Okay, okay.” Len nodded as he rolled his hips and they both let out long groans of surprise and pleasure. It spurred Len onwards to start thrusting in and out of her, Barri let out a stream of babbling nonsensical words as she matched his thrusts. The two were wildly humping against each other as they tried to reach their climaxes.

“I can’t, oh god Barri, I’m going to come!” Len let out a cry as his hips started to jerk on their own, driving deeper into her each time.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Barri clung to him as she tried to get there as well, but Len came before her. He spilled inside of her tight passage and used the wall behind her head to keep himself up right even as his cock softened inside of her.

“I’ll get you there I promise.” Len knew from experiences how frustrating it was to come so close to that edge and not be pushed over. He withdrew from her before dropping to his knees, hands pressing down on her thighs as he dove in with his mouth.

Barri let out a startled cry that turned into a pleasured moan as she grabbed onto his head, hips jerking against his face desperately as Len ate her out. Len didn’t care about the taste of his own cum on his tongue, he was focused on making her orgasm and it didn’t take much. Barri’s body thrashed underneath his hands and she let out a scream as her body arched as she came. Len gave her soft licks through her whole orgasm not minding the new wave of cum that entered his mouth and coated his chin.

Barri weakly tugged Len up and pulled him down into a kiss winding her arms around his neck to hold him close.

“Oh, so that’s why you’re always so out of it after.” Barri murmured when their kiss broke as she slumped against his chest as he combed his fingers through her hair.

“I think we both have a new perspective to each other’s pleasure.” Len hummed already feeling his cock twitch with an effort to get hard again but Len was exhausted so it didn’t amount to anything.

“So when we turn back, I get all the blow jobs?” Barri asked slyly.

“As long as you eat me out more.” Len shot back making Barri laugh her agreement before stretching up to kiss him again.

Chapter Text

“Before we go in there.” Mal tugged Bernadette to a halt, suddenly looking nervous.

“What’s wrong Mal?” Bernadette aka Ben asked her girlfriend worriedly, taking her hands in her own.

“You know that E, Carlos and Jay share everything with me?” Mal searched for the right words.

“Yeah?” Ben wondered where this was going, after all they were on their way to meet the other three.

“We share everything Ben.” Mal emphasized and waited until it clicked and Ben’s eyes widened.

“Oh you mean…?” Ben trailed off blushing.

“I was wondering if you… If you wanted to join us? I mean I haven’t since we got together but… I was hoping, I mean, uh…” Mal stammered looking anywhere but at her girlfriend.

“Hey, look at me Mal.” Ben took Mal’s chin in her fingers making her purple haired girlfriend look at her.

“I’m okay with it, really I am. I mean it’s not like the others aren’t attractive and I know you all far too well for it to be awkward afterwards. I will admit that I had been waiting for this, so really I’m okay with this. Let’s go before they get impatient and start without us.” Ben flashed Mal a reassuring smile. Mal just threw herself at Ben, pressing their lips together and wound her arms around Ben’s neck. The two embraced like that for a while before Mal broke their kiss and gave Ben a wild smile before towing her down the hall towards Jay and Carlos’ room.

“Looks like they got impatient.” Mal agreed as the two stepped into the room, the door locking behind them as Ben’s mouth went dry and her cunt throbbed at the sight on the pushed together beds in front of them.

All three of them were naked; Carlos was on his hands and knees between Evie and Jay. Jay was pounding into his ass roughly, hands tight on the smaller man’s hips while Carlos had his head buried between Evie’s thighs as he eat her out making her moan and twitch underneath him. Carlos looked like he was in heaven and Evie was to focused on pushing Carlos’ head closer to her to notice Ben and Mal. Jay however did when he shook his head to get his long hair out of his eyes.

“Welcome to the party.” Jay grinned as he locked eyes with them even as he shoved into Carlos making him whine against Evie.

“Sorry we’re late.” Mal said as she started to strip, prompting Ben to follow suit, if a bit slower as she was suddenly shy at being naked around these four beautiful people.

“Nah you’re just on time.” Jay held a hand out to them; Mal tugged Ben closer and smiled when Jay palmed Ben’s cheek with a questioning look on his face. Ben exchanged a look with Mal who nodded; Ben leaned forward and kissed Jay who was still thrusting into Carlos. Mal plastered herself to Jay’s back, peering over his shoulder to watch his cock disappear into Carlos while Jay tasted every inch of Ben’s mouth, hand sliding down her neck to cup one of her breasts, squeezing it gently.

Ben groaned, as she pressed closer to Jay wanting more already. Jay broke the kiss to leave biting kisses down her neck as he kneaded her breast while Mal took possession of her girlfriend’s mouth. Jay let out a noise that was muffled by Ben’s neck as his hips grinded against Carlos’ ass and soon he was pulling back, cum slipping out of Carlos’ hole.

Mal tugged Jay into a kiss while Ben smoothed her hands down Carlos’ back and ass looking at his sloppy hole with arousal.

“Hi.” Carlos smiled dazedly at her over his shoulder.

“Hi.” She smiled back and leaned down to give him a kiss.

“Glad you decided to join us.” Evie spoke next, tugging the blonde into a kiss next.

“Me too.” Ben admitted as Carlos managed to twist himself around so he was on his back looking up at the girls, his cock hard against his stomach. Ben slowly reached down and slowly stroked his cock making him keen and thrust up into her hand.

“Don’t let him come yet, I want to ride him.” Evie told Ben who blushed but nodded as she watched as Evie easily straddled Carlos and let out a long moan as she lowered herself down onto his cock, his cock sinking into her smoothly.

Ben let out her own groan at the sight before she snaked her hand down to rub at herself when she noticed that Jay had Mal bent over, her hands gripping the headboard as he plowed into her from behind. He was whispering something low in her ear making her lips curve up into a smile as she gasped every so often as he fucked into her roughly.

“Come here Ben.” Carlos tugged at her thighs to get her attention, he smiled up at her as he urged her to straddle his face. Evie grabbed onto Ben’s hands to help her settle and watched as her back arched like she had been zapped by something as Carlos’ talented tongue lapped at her.

“Oohh.” Ben groaned as she slowly grinded down against Carlos’ face.

“He’s very good with his mouth and has an oral fixation so we just put it to good use.” Evie breathed out as she started to bounce up and down on Carlos’ cock, one hand on the back of Ben’s neck.

“Good idea.” Ben gasped out as she started to move her hips faster as Carlos gripped her thighs as he ate her out excitedly. Evie pulled Ben forward into another kiss, one hand still on the back of the blonde’s neck but her other hand moved to cup her breast before sliding further down to rub at her clit as Carlos lapped at her cunt.

Ben mewled as she arched towards the touches the kiss breaking. She shyly reached her hand out to copy the action on Evie’s clit smiling when the blue haired woman let out a pleased noise and her hips moved faster.

“I know your faces Benny, come whenever you want.” Mal’s voice was against her ear making Ben startled not realizing that Mal and Jay had joined them, Jay’s cock half hard between his thighs and Mal’s cunt looking wetter and looser than before.

Ben let out a cry when Jay’s mouth latched onto one of her nipples while squeezing her other breast with his hand while Mal’s fingers joined Evie’s on her clit as Carlos’ tongue probed her deeper and harder. She was overwhelmed with sensations from the four of them around her and she came hard, her whole body jerking as they continued to touch and stroke her throughout her orgasm. She felt shaky afterwards and smiled gratefully at Jay who was currently bundling her up in his arms, pulling her onto a free space on the bed. He cradled her in between his legs and his arms wrapped around her chest as he placed gentle kisses over any skin he could reach.

“Thanks Jay.” Ben didn’t recognize her own voice.

“Of course, I’m very good at reading people and knowing what they need.” Jay’s touches and voice was soft as he held her close, just caressing her as his hands wandered over her body.

“For example?” Ben asked curiously as she turned back to the sight of Evie orgasming thanks to Carlos and Mal before she pulled herself free to curl up next to Carlos who was still groaning and hips twitching as Mal teasingly cleaned his limp, over simulated cock of any cum.

“Mal needed it rough, Carlos needed to be surrounded by people who love him and Evie wanted to be in control. I just wanted to make them happy and you Ben, you wanted to be welcomed in as one of us and not as the Queen, just as Ben. I hope we did that for you.” Jay explained as Carlos brushed some of Mal’s purple hair out of her face getting a small smile return.

“You did, you all did… Next time though I think you’ll find I may want something different.” Ben promised making Jay laugh.

“Looking forward to it Queenie.” Jay teased making Ben giggle a bit before they were joined by the others in what Ben could only call a puppy pile and she found she couldn’t be happier.

Chapter Text

“It’s bigger than I thought it would be.” Barry commented as he paused from licking at Caitlin’s new cock, the gender-switching collar tight around her neck as the now male Caitlin leered down at him.

“I’ll take that as a compliment then.” Caitlin’s new voice was low and rumbling as his hand rubbed over Barry’s spiked up hair as the brunet on his knees licked and sucked at his new cock, urging him closer and closer to his climax.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.” Barry spoke from where he was licking at the underside of Caitlin’s cock teasingly.

“Keep going like that and I might not last enough for that to happen.” Caitlin now understood why all men seemed to love having their cock’s sucked and Barry was very talented at it.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll manage, but fine.” Barry placed one last lick across the head of Caitlin’s cock before backing off. Barry winked at Caitlin before he settled onto his back as he hoisted his legs up and apart while giving Caitlin a seductive look.

“Damn Barry.” Caitlin breathed out as he fell to his knees and pushed the head of his aching erection against Barry’s already loose and wet hole.

“Go on, I think we both are going to enjoy this.” Barry encouraged in a low, needy tone of voice as he wiggled in place. Caitlin grabbed his ankles and yanked them up and to the sides making Barry drop his arms above his head. Caitlin let out a growl as he thrusted his hips forward much like he did when he was a she and had her strap-on attached to her hips. This was a 100 times better as he could feel the tight heat that wrapped around his cock and every little twitch that Barry gave as he gasped and let out small keens of pleasure as he penetrated.

Caitlin knew he was close to his orgasm so he didn’t waste anytime. He started to hammer into Barry, his balls making an obscene slapping noise against Barry’s ass with every forward thrust. Barry scrambled at his broad shoulders as he rocked back against Caitlin; his own cock trapped between their stomach’s, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. Caitlin reached down with one hand, letting Barry drop his now free leg over his shoulder as he thrusted down against Caitlin with a hazed look covering his face. Caitlin tightly gripped the base of Barry’s cock not intending on letting him come just yet.

Caitlin increased the strength and pace of his thrusts making Barry cry out as his walls squeezed down around Caitlin’s cock, giving just enough pressure for Caitlin to let out a long, loud cry as his orgasm was punched out of him as he spilled into Barry. Barry writhed as his own orgasm was pushed away from him by Caitlin’s tight grip on his cock and whimpered when Caitlin pulled out, some of his cum leaking out of his now very loose hole as his legs fell onto the ground aimlessly as Caitlin shifted.

Caitlin moved so he was straddling Barry’s lap, guiding the other man’s cock towards his own stretched hole, Caitlin was going to enjoy every aspect of being a man and his mouth dropped open as he let out a groan as he lowered himself onto Barry’s erect cock. The width of Barry’s cock opened him up in a way fingers just couldn’t and Caitlin had to struggle to keep his wits about himself. He slowly rocked back and forth against Barry once he was fully seated in Barry’s lap; he was understanding why Barry was always a mess after he was fucked like this.

Barry grabbed onto Caitlin’s hips with a helpless moan as Caitlin started to clench around his sensitive cock and bounce in a way that had Barry a groaning mess underneath him.

“I’m going to come!” Barry warned as his hips moved up against Caitlin, going deeper into that tight channel that had his mind spinning.

“Come inside of me!” Caitlin groaned as he raked his nails down Barry’s chest as he grinded down against him needily, one hand already jerking himself off as he was rock hard again. Barry let out a noise sort of like a scream but more strangled as his hips rose up off the bed and his cock throbbed as he came inside of Caitlin’s tight ass.

Caitlin groaned as he painted Barry’s chest with his own cum as the two stayed locked together in their positions as they came down from their orgasms. Caitlin climbed off of Barry and tugged the collar off of her neck, her body shifting back to her usual female form, her cunt glistening from between her thighs.

“You’re turn.” Caitlin grinned as she leaned down and fastened the collar around Barry’s neck watching as Barry’s male form shifted so he was just as female as she was now.

“I don’t know Cait, I’m exhausted.” Barry whined even as she felt up her new breasts with interest.

“You’ve barely done anything, but don’t worry I’ll do all the work.” Caitlin rolled her eyes fondly before she settled between Barry’s spread legs again.

“Well if you insist.” Barry chuckled before it turned into a gasp when Caitlin pressed her mouth to Barry’s new cunt. Caitlin licked at her wet folds before sliding her tongue into Barry who started to buck off the bed, mewls falling from her lips.

“You’re already so wet and you said you were exhausted.” Caitlin teased as she eased her fingers into Barry when she moved away from her pussy, her lips and chin slick with Barry’s juices.

“When you ahh, do that, I’m, nghh, ahh.” Barry couldn’t get a full sentence out as she kept getting interrupted with groans and gasps as Caitlin expertly fingered her, finding every pleasure spot inside of her with no problems.

“Should I make you come like this or should I get my strap-on?” Caitlin teased as she used her thumb to rub against Barry’s clit and watched as Barry writhed and let out a cry as she came, her cum leaking out around Caitlin’s fingers. Barry collapsed back onto the bed, a panting half conscious mess.

“Maybe next time.” Caitlin said softly as she gently tugged her fingers out getting a soft whimper from Barry. Caitlin unlatched the collar and Barry turned back to his male form, holding one arm out for Caitlin to curl up under, which she did so and sigh contently against his neck as they settled down.

“Next time.” Barry promised in a slurred voice and Caitlin smiled at the agreement before resting her head against his chest as she tossed her arm over him.