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Beneath My Skin

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“Oh my God he’s coming.”
“Hold it together!”
“Hey Tay!”
“The show was amazing!”
Taylor was already grinning as he made his way down the line of barricaded fans.
“Hi,” he greeted the first of their group, quickly autographing the poster that had been pushed toward him and moving on to a nearby CD cover, “you guys enjoy the show?”
“When are you coming back?”
“Are you coming here on the Christmas tour?!”
Taylor locked eyes with a shorter blond who didn’t have anything for him to sign. Instead he offered to shake her hand. She quickly and energetically took hold of it.
“I saw you on the balcony,” he mused with narrowed eyes, “you were very… animated.”
She immediately blushed.
“It was great,” he quickly insisted, covering her hand with his other, “if only the whole crowd had as much energy as you did.”
He smiled and moved on to take a quick selfie with the girl next to her. The blond could barely contain herself and her friends had to purposely drag her away from the barrier.
“Carly! Oh my God!”
“What just happened?!”
“I don’t know!” she was shaking with excitement and feeling slightly dizzy.
She turned back to the crowd to see that Taylor had already left, and Isaac was signing where they’d just been.
“Come on we need to get back to the car! We have a long drive ahead of us,” her friend took her by the arm.
They followed the small group back toward the parking lot, having to go down a thin alley on the way. They’d barely reached the end when Carly suddenly collapsed.
“Carly!” the friend with her rushed to her side.
“What’s wrong?!” another called from a distance.
The girl knelt at her side, quickly helping her sit up against the brick wall. The other three crowded around them.
“Carly?” she patted her face, trying to wake her up, “CARLY!”
“I’m calling an ambulance.”
“We don’t have time! We have to get to Atlanta!”
“Shut up Lane!”
“She’s not coming to. Oh my God.”
“Hello? 911?!”