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Emma got into her bug and drove up to Regina's, not sure what she was going to say to the woman. Her heart quickened in her chest, her stomach tied all up in knots. She parked her car in front of the manor and sat for just a moment. Regina's words crept in from her subconscious, Forgive me Emma…

Please believe me when I say I’m sorry for what happened at the docks…

That was… That wasn’t how I wanted it to be…

I’m sorry Emma…


How she wanted it to be?’

Emma hastily got out of her car, and strode with purpose up the walk and knocked on the front door of 108 Mifflin. She waited a moment, but didn't hear the familiar click of heels on tile. Pressing her ear up against the white wood door of the manor, she rang the doorbell.


She looked over and saw the Mercedes in the driveway then returned to the door and pounded on it loudly. “Regina??” she called out. Still nothing. Her irrational fear center started to panic and she banged on the door again. She stomped over and grabbed the spare key from the rock hiding place in the front trellis and quickly entered the manor. The pristine home was still and quiet; the only noise was a faint rumble of the dryer going in the back room. She called out for the brunette again and checked the first floor completely before racing upstairs. All the doors in the hall are closed so she knocked lightly on the queen's bedroom first, opening it tentatively. Regina wasn’t there, but the bed was made up with a different set of sheets than had been when she was there earlier that morning. She circled around and poked her head in the bathroom. Everything was perfect, but completely empty. She went back out into the hall and tried Henry's room, no knock, she just pushed open the door, not really expecting the woman to be there, “Regina?”

No Regina.

She let out a loud breath and headed towards the guest bedroom. She opened the door, almost expecting the room to be empty as well, but much to her relief, Regina was lying on top of the bedspread, fully dressed, her headphones in her ears, plugged into her cell phone. She was facing away from the door, towards the wall.

Emma having a full view of the device screen, could see the woman was watching a video of some sort. As she moved closer she noticed herself on the small screen and recognized it as Henry's last birthday.

' Rubes had Regina's phone and was taking photographs that day. She must have taken video too. ' she thought to herself.

Henry was sitting in front of both of his mother's, his smile was brilliant. Regina was laughing and standing next to Emma who was whispering something into her ear.

Do birthday wishes actually come true?” Emma had whispered to Regina that day. “The rest of make believe seems to be real, why not that?” Regina laughed, “Don’t be ludicrous Miss Swan!” Emma chuckled, “My 28th birthday wish came true! I’m just saying, the kid has an active imagination and we could be fighting sword toting leprechauns by the end of the week!”

Just then the brunette stifled a strangled sob and Emma realized she was crying.

The sheriff froze, uncertain if she should now make her presence known? If… is it too late to back out of the room? Will Regina get mad if she intrudes?? Why is she crying over Henry’s birthday??? Her mind spun out of control until Belle’s words echo in her mind ‘she thinks you’ll leave and never return…’


Swan you are a fucking idiot.’

She took a deep breath and made her way to the foot of the bed attempting to minimize startling Regina. Even with the careful consideration, the mayor was still frightened.

“Miss Swan!” Regina exclaimed as she pulled the earbuds from her ears. She turned her head from Emma in an attempt to hide her face while she wiped the tears from her cheeks. She sat up, on the edge of the bed stiffly expecting confrontation, but Emma simply sat down next to her, and crossed her feet at her ankles. “Emma? What happened to your feet??” the mayor’s eyes were drawn to the blood soaked rags that adorned the savior’s feet. Emma had honestly completely forgot she had been running around town with bloodied bare feet and blushed before offering up a half hearted explanation. “Oh.. uh.. I got glass in em?” Regina looked at her, her eyebrows raised, expecting more of an explanation. “I walked on broken glass.” Emma offered with a shrug and a smile.

Regina shook her head slightly, her eyebrows knit tightly together, “And then you decided to trek through the Amazon forest in nothing but rags tied to your feet??” Emma’s blush deepened, “Yeah, that. I didn’t have shoes.” Regina shook her head in disbelief. Uncertainty and fear got pushed to the back burner and operation Swan Heal took over, “You leave my care for 5 minutes and you destroy your feet, I swear Miss Swan!” Emma wiggled her toes at the brunette, “Maybe I just like it when you take care of me.” She smiled wide and her dimples dug their way into her cheeks.

Regina bit back the urge to wrap herself up around the sheriff and instead slid back into old habits. “You certainly must. Let’s go! In the bathroom with your grubby paws.” Emma was up and led the way padding down the hallway into the master bedroom's en suite bath.

Regina set her down on the seated toilet and filled the sink with warm soapy water. She unwrapped the rags that were bound to Emma’s feet and tossed them away. She took a washcloth and knelt down before the savior and began to clean off the dirt, without a word. Emma knew she was going to need to lead this conversation, but wasn’t sure how to start.

“So, Henry's birthday?” the brunette flashed a look up to meet the blonde's eyes, then quickly refocused on the task at hand. “Mhmm.” She hummed her answer, but didn’t elaborate.

“Are you okay?”

“Of course dear.” Regina offered her politician smile as reassurance, but Emma saw right through the facade and pushed on.

“Oh? It seemed like you were upset is all.”

“I just miss Henry.”

“Ah. Of course.”

Another long pause as Regina rinsed out the cloth and started on the other foot. ‘Shit this is painful.’

Emma huffed. “So, I confronted Hook.” Regina’s eyes bulged as she went level 9 momma bear, “Emma! Alone?? Are you okay??” Emma couldn’t help the smirk that crossed her lips at Regina's concern. “Yeah, I’m really good actually. I told him I was letting you decide his fate.” Regina was visibly taken aback, “Me? Wouldn’t your parents be a better choice—?”

Emma shook her head, “Please, Snow White and Prince Charming? Right! I want him to be actually punished Regina!”

The brunette snickered at the jib towards the idiots. “Yes well I’m sure—“

“He didn’t just violate me Regina,” Emma interrupted the no doubt well crafted dig “he violated you, our relationship, our family.”

Regina stilled her work on Emma’s feet and was very quiet as she bit her bottom lip. She didn’t look at the blonde however so Emma continued. “I’m sure we will come up with something that fits the crime. Together.” The brunette nodded and continued cleaning Emma's feet in silence. Finally she ran the flat of her palm over the bottom of the savior’s soles. “Can you feel any glass in there?”

Emma wiggled her toes. “It doesn’t hurt, but I think I’m running on adrenaline truth be told. Ask me again at dinner tonight.” She watched Regina intently as her eyes shifted back and forth, Emma could almost hear the gears turning within the brunette’s head.

She wiggled her toes again and asked, “So are they good?” Regina nodded then braced her hand on the tub lip and pushed herself up. She walked back into her bedroom and Emma followed. The blonde quickly formulated a plan and decided exactly how it needed to be executed. She reached forward and grabbed the brunette’s hand, “Regina sit for a second?” The queen turned and sat down on the edge of the bed. Emma knelt down in front of the queen so she could stay in the woman’s line of sight. “The cure worked. I’m me again right?” Regina clasped her hands in her lap tightly and nodded, “It appears so Miss Swan.”

“And I’m completely in control of my actions?”

“That remains to be seen, I’ve seen you trip over thin air.”

Emma joked with the queen, “Yeah well, it wasn’t that thin!” She looked up into frightened chocolate eyes and fought the urge to take the older woman’s hands. “I… uh.. Left this morning because…”

Regina stiffened and cut her off, “There is no need to discuss this Miss Swan, believe me I understand completely.”

“I don’t think you do, can I finish?” Emma asked and sat back on her heels.

Regina rolled her eyes but felt the corners of her mouth twitch upward, “I’m uncertain if you can, but you certainly may.”

Emma’s smile was brilliant and it shown with all the emotion she had in regards to this woman. “I went to Gold's shop this morning.”

Regina's eyebrows rose, “Before 5:30 Emma?? I imagine he loved that!”

Emma chuckled nervously, “Yeah he loved the fact I broke in even less.”

Instantly the guarded woman was gone and her exasperated friend sat in her place, “Are you mentally deficient? He is the Dark One Emma! You don’t break into the Dark One's home before the man has a chance to have his morning tea!” she sat and stared bewildered at the mirth filled blonde sitting before her. “He could kill you! I’m rather impressed he didn’t to be honest!”

Emma pushed a strand of her own hair from her face. “I’m fairly certain Belle saved my skin.” she explained sheepishly.

Regina shifted uncomfortably at the mention of the girl’s name, “Yes well, his weakness is that insufferable girl.”

Emma watched as the queen meticulously rebuilt the walls she had prior to her outburst and so the sheriff continued, “So I went there because I thought the antidote wasn’t working.”

Regina stared intently into Emma's eyes, studying her before she shook her head and asked, “Why would you think that, you are obviously better.” Emma’s heart skipped as she lifted her hands into Regina's lap, resting them tentatively upon the brunette’s tightly clasped hands. The mayor stiffened and furrowed her brow, but didn’t pull away.

Emma grabbed her gusto and opened her mouth, “The feelings that I ha—“

“No.” Regina stood, pushing Emma back, distancing herself from the blonde crouched on the floor.

“Regina..” Emma tried. Regina faced the balcony, the morning sun bathing her as she held her midsection the way she does when she is physically holding herself together. “There is just a residual… something… but it will pass…”

Emma stood and walked up behind her, “No.” She interrupted the woman quickly, “The potion that was used, it just allowed me to feel things I’d already felt but had locked away over fear of rejection.” Emma was standing barely a hair's width away from the woman. The heat between them radiating, cascading in waves. Regina shook her head in disbelief.

“Hear me out.” Emma pleaded then asked, “May I touch you?” the heat of Emma’s words danced over the mayor’s neck, and she swallowed heavily. The mayor wordlessly nodded in response to the question posed and Emma instantly pressed her body against the queen, her hands wrapped themselves around her hips and Emma pulled her even closer. “Regina” Emma whispered into the queen's ear. Regina's hands reached up and covered her face. Emma turned her around and wrapped her arms around her. “Hey it is okay.” Regina shook her head, “It really isn’t. You will get all of your memories back… eventually.”

Emma lifted Regina's chin forcing the woman to look her in the eye. “I remember.” Confusion struck the onyx eyes staring back at her.

“I remember you rescuing me Regina. I was in agony and about to be… harmed... by someone who had kidnapped me. You knew before anyone else that I was in trouble. You took charge and got to me in time. You saved me from…” Emma gulped, and then steadied herself. “You not only saved me, but you stopped at nothing to find a cure. You were separated from our son, you suffered at my hand, repeatedly…” Emma's sad eyes raked over Regina's wrists that still bore the bruises of Emma's kitchen attack.

She grasped Regina's arm and kissed the inside of her wrist. She felt the goose bumps that formed on the queen’s skin at her touch, and her eyes flicked back up and she allowed herself the first real look at the woman she loved. Emma couldn’t stop herself from cupping the cheek of the beautiful mayor. “Despite it all you took care of me, saved me from myself, kept me safe and nursed me back to health.”

Tears were free flowing down the queen’s cheeks, she looked up at Emma reading the intent in her eyes. “That’s what you do for family Emma.” Regina's voice was small and haggard.

“That’s what you do for someone you love, Regina.” Emma countered and as she saw the guarded woman’s tired facade fall away, she slid her hand behind the queen’s neck and pulled her into a hard kiss that stole her breath right from her lungs.

Regina melted into the savior's lips, her arms circling around the blonde's shoulders holding her tight. Emma let out a weak whine of loss as Regina broke their embrace. “What exactly…” the brunette searched for the question she needed answered before she invested herself fully to what they were doing. “I love you Regina Mills. I am in love with you and I want to spend every day for the rest of my life worshiping your existence.” The brunette’s face lit up as her smile crossed her lips. “My queen.” Emma finished with a playful smirk.

Regina's smile faded as desire poured into her eyes. “Say it again.”

“I love you Regina.”


Emma kissed her sweetly and repeated the phrase once more.

“Now you’ve said it three times, you can’t take it back.” the queen warned and Emma chuckled, “I have no intention of taking it back Regina.”

The brunette crushed her lips against Emma's in a passionate kiss. She let go of herself and placed her hope in the hands of the savior.

Emma encircled her arms around the queen to steady her. A silent control was gained and given and Emma smiled into their kiss. Her hands slid around the mayor and held her firm while backing them up towards the bed, she pushed herself tightly against the brunette’s body. She maneuvered Regina around and laid her back onto the bed, following her decent, never breaking their kiss.

The sheriff flicked her tongue along the bottom of the queen’s lip, silently asking for permission. Regina growled and parted her lips just a bit, Emma slipped into the warm mouth seeking out the mayor's tongue. They twisted their tongues in a hungry battle for dominance. Emma’s hands dragged down the queen's body her knee pushing between Regina's, realizing the queen’s clothing was causing resistance she broke their fevered kiss, both of them panting. “That skirt has got to go.” Regina hummed her agreement and Emma sat up, straddling the woman beneath her. She unzipped the side of the offending garment and slid it over the queen's hips, exposing the red lace of the woman's thong.

Emma’s desire coiled at the base of her spine as she sat and took in this beautiful woman. Her hands ran up Regina's thighs, lifting the bottom of her silky red shirt as she ascended up her smooth abdomen. Emerald pools darken as they took in Regina's body, she unbuttoned the silken top as she moved up, exposing more of the mayor's amber skin.

Regina arched her back as Emma slipped her hands behind to unclasp her bra, removing it and the shirt slowly. The cool air tightened the already hard peaks of Regina's breasts. Emma let out a guttural groan and dove into the woman below her, her hot mouth encompassing a stiff dusky tip, her hand grasping and squeezing the other.

Regina twisted her body up into the savior’s mouth her hands raked into her blonde locks holding the tangled mess from Emma's face as she kneaded and bit at Regina's nipples. Regina spread open her thighs silently begging to be touched as she stretched her neck back and moaned out under Emma's ministrations.

Emma’s hand left Regina’s peak in favor of slipping down her body to her hip, grinding her mound into the mayor’s heat. A groan voluntarily slipped from the brunette as Emma's thigh pressed up against her apex.

Regina's hands slipped down Emma's sculpted body, sliding under her yoga pants pulling them down as far as she could reach. “Off!” she breathlessly exclaimed the command and Emma groaned her displeasure at stopping her own exploration of the brunette and released the woman so she could disrobe herself. She slid the cotton pants down off her hips and pulled the cotton tee up over her head. She hadn’t been wearing undergarments so she slid herself back into position. Regina had slipped her thumbs under the lacy material that covered her center, but Emma grabbed her wrists to stop her.

“Aah aah, I wish the pleasure of unwrapping you, my queen.”

Regina let out a staggered sigh as Emma's hands resumed their exploration. Their bodies met in time as their lips collided falling into a synchronized rhythm, pushing both of their bodies to a fevered pitch. “Emma…” the name was groaned out from deep within Regina's throat. “I need you…” Her hips circled and bucked up against Emma's thigh. “Please…” Emma took Regina's lip between her teeth biting down as she pulled away, slipping down Regina's body. Regina opened her thighs to make room for Emma to kneel between them. Emma’s hooded gaze traveled down to where the red fabric had been darkened with the mayor’s excitement and her thumb gently glided over the lace. Regina’s hips bucked involuntarily, releasing a moan from the queen.

Regina grabbed at the blonde's hand trying to push her into her heat. “Oh no you don’t, Madam Mayor. Hands above your head. Grab the headboard, and don’t let go, if you let go I stop touching you, do you understand?” Emma instructed firmly, embracing the power the little brunette had given over.

Regina let out a groan of disapproval, but slipped her hands around the slats of the head board anyway. “Good girl.” Emma cooed, refocusing herself on the mayor's hips. She dragged her fingernails up amber thighs, causing goosebumps to spread in their wake, eliciting groans and expletives from flawless lips.

Emma crept one finger under the material and pulled down slowly. The fabric rolled down over her hips and Regina lifted herself to allow it to slide down more easily. Emma balled her fingers as she slid her knuckles down past the neat, trimmed curls. She straightened them out as she dragged them against her slick wet velvet folds. “Fuck you are so wet!” she whispered and then breathed in the unbridled power of it. Her fingertips coaxed the brunette’s dark curls to open; Regina let out a sigh as the cool air caressed her inner folds, feeling suddenly exposed, she pulled up her knees bending her legs and opening herself up before the blonde. Hooded dark eyes watching the savior’s every move.

Emma coated her fingers in Regina's velvety essence as she dragged her fingers the length of the woman’s sex. The savior slipped two fingers into her queen and felt her clench around the intrusion; A shuddering groan fell from Regina's lips. Emma pushed in deep then stilled her hand to allow Regina time to adjust to the feeling. She felt Regina’s sex twitch as Emma slid her thumb up over her hood; Just a light swipe, but it caused the queen to quake and she expelled fresh nectar from deep within. She ducked her blonde head down, running her tongue the length of the queen’s pink petals.

Regina lifted her hips off the bed pushing herself into Emma's mouth, grinding against her lips as Emma sucked her tight bundle of nerves into her mouth. Emma pumped her fingers slowly, gently as she sucked; the queen shuddered and tensed her body tight and cursed out loud as she quickly neared her climax. “Fuck me Em-ma!” With a smile, Emma hummed against the delicate flesh; Face deep in the queen, she quickened her pace, her lips and teeth nipped at the woman's clit, she added a third finger mid thrust and Regina tumbled over the edge, entire body quaking in her orgasm. "Em-maaaaa!!!" The savior shuddered in pleasure as her queen cried out in her pinnacle, physically feeling the brunette’s pleasure, Emma also reached her own climax, unable to contain herself.

Emma released her captive with a pop, removing her stilled fingers she sucked and licked up the queen’s honeyed nectar.

“May I release the headboard now Emma?” Regina asked, struggling to regain her composure, after completely coming undone just moments before.

“Yes you MAY.” Emma said with a smile.

Regina pulled the blonde up and devoured her lips in a hot passionate kiss. “I taste good on your lips Miss Swan.” A whimper escaped the blonde as the mayor took back some of the power she gave over to the savior and rolled the two of them over, straddling the sheriff beneath her. “But I think it is time for me to return the favor.”