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Snow: Hey Ruby did you see Emma?

Red: yeah

Snow: Is she ok? I mean, how does she look?

Red: um, no, she really isn’t. Gina is handling it though.

Snow: WHY does everyone keep telling me that???

Red: bcs she is Snow, rly.

Snow: how was she, can you just tell me that?

Red: she punched me in the face

Snow: WHAT????

Red: whoever that girl is, it isnt our Emma.


Snow sat silently stewing, contemplating going against her husband’s wishes and going up to the mayor’s mansion to see her daughter for herself.

Red: Snow? I know what you are thinking, dont do it.

Snow: You don’t know what I’m thinking!

Red: u want to go up there and try to take care of ur little girl, only that woman, isnt emma.

Red: Gina, since you haven’t asked, is ragged, taking care of her for the last two days, she is doing a good job, against impossible circumstances.


Snow blushed when she realized her friend was right, not only about her intent, but her refusal in seeing the queen as anything other than what she has always been, Evil.

Snow: OK. You are right.

Red: Ik

Red: Ur my bestie, I can always call you out on ur shit.

Snow: lol I love you Red.

Red: I love you too sweetie

Red: a couple more days

Red: we will get our girl back

Snow: how’s your face?

Red: it suits me LOL I look kind of bad ass.

Snow: Why did she hit you?

Red: I think she thought I was coming on to Gina.

Snow: uh… were you?

Red: no, but we flirt, she’s hot u kno?

Snow: ew Red, come on

Red: don’t knock the mayor, she has got it goin on girl.

Snow: I have no comment on the matter.

Red: LMAO I bet.

Snow: I’m going to go get my grandson out of bed.

Red: ttys SW xxo


Ruby flicked off her phone and sat back on her couch bringing the ice bag back to her swollen cheek. “Damn Emma I’m gonna owe you one girl. You got a hell of a right hook!”


Emma was sitting on the cold smooth cement of the basement floor, the bucket David brought on the floor to her side, the pestle and mortar between her legs and she was happily grinding away. Regina took the glass bowl Emma had been dumping the ground up mineral into and measured out the precise amount needed before adding it to the churning concoction that was being heated over a flame.

“That’s all we need baby.” Emma's head looked up from her work, “We’re done?” Regina nodded and yawned into the back of her hand. “Now all we have to do is wait for the compound to heat enough to produce a chemical reaction, it will turn the gray fluid you see here,” pointing to the flask above the flame, “into a light blue liquid. It shouldn’t take long now that we’ve added the binding agent.” Emma watched the flask with wonder as it stirred around, the funnel of the liquid reaching the bottom of the glass flask spun around like a mini tornado.

Regina admired her son’s mother, kneeling upon the basement floor, looking at the mixture in awe. Regina was leaning over the table, her hands bracing herself as they waited. Emma covered the closest hand to her with one of her own. “You are amazing Regina.” She said, her green eyes bright and round looking up at her. Suddenly she gasped “Look!” the liquid started to change and Regina removed the flask from the heat with a pair of tongs. She waved her hand under the glass bottom and the compound slowed its whirling within the flask. She poured it, in its entirety, into another glass basin, one that had, affixed to the bottom, a coiled glass tube. The bright blue liquid cooled gently as it emptied its contents. Regina twisted a lever at the bottom of the coiled tube and the blue color circled its way down, dripping into a glass test tube she had waiting for it. She filled the tube three quarters of the way full and lifted her prize with a smile. She felt the side of the glass, it was still warm to the touch but not burning as it had been on the heat. “All done, Miss Swan.” Emma got up and stood next to the brunette, “Now what?”

Regina grasped Emma’s hand and led her back upstairs. Emma followed her queen into the living room and allowed herself to be lowered down to the couch. The queen sat next to her and handed her the vial. “Now you drink up.” Emma didn’t hesitate, complete trust shown through her eyes as she up ended the vial pouring the contents down her throat. Emma smiled at the queen, “Now what?” Regina chuckled at the savior’s exuberance, ”Now we wait Miss Swan.” Emma leaned in and kissed the queen. “I know what we can do while we wait.” Before Regina could rebuff her, Emma doubled over clutching her stomach and groaned out in pain. “I don’t feel good R’gina!”

The mayor was a little shocked the compound reacted so quickly, but was hopeful that detoxing the woman's system would also be quick. “Okay, Emma.” She rubbed the girl's back in soothing circles. Emma put her head down on the queen's lap and squeezed her eyes tight. “It hurts R’gina!” Regina knew there was nothing she could do for the girl, so she whispered soothing words into her ear as she rubbed the girl's back. “I have something that will put you out Emma, but I want to make sure you are not having a bad reaction before I do.”

Emma’s pained eyes looked up at her and panted, “This is definitely a BAD reaction!!” Regina kissed her on her temple, “No, this is normal honey. Be a brave girl for me and I promise soon, I will take away the pain.” Emma nodded weakly still groaning and grabbed at her core. “That’s my girl. You are doing so good baby, I promise, this whole mess will be over soon.” Regina kissed her as she whispered to her, pushing blonde curls away from the savior's sweaty face.

After Regina was satisfied that Emma was not having a magical adverse reaction, she pulled the girl up, wrapped her arm around the mayor’s shoulders and led her up to her bedroom, supporting the bulk of Emma’s weight as they traversed the winding staircase.

She pushed through her bedroom door and sat the blonde down on the bed. Emma laid back, she had been barely coherent for the last half an hour, her lips painfully pulled into a permanent grimace, her skin slick with sweat had taken on a slight gray hue. Regina cursed herself under her breath, ‘I should have had her change before giving her the potion. Way to think ahead Regina.’ She considered changing the girl, but decided it was better just to cover her up, she lifted Emma's legs up onto the bed and covered her now shivering frame with the sheets and comforter from her bed. She went to the closet and pulled down an extra couple of blankets, shaking out one and laying it over top of the girl. “Is that enough baby? Do you need another one?” A blonde head barely shook ‘No.’

“Okay, I’m going to give you something to make you sleep ok baby?” Emma responded with a groan, and shook violently under the covers. Regina pressed her wrist to Emma's forehead. “You’re a little warm, but that is also to be expected.” She took the black case Ruby brought over and opened it with a snap. She removed one of the darts, looking at the tip with a worried face. It was much thicker than she had thought it would be. She had thought it would be a syringe and she wasn’t sure how to go about administering the dose Emma would need. The girl’s cries were increasing in severity and she logically deduced the darts would be shot into their target and deposit the payload within. She pulled back the blankets, grabbing the top of Emma’s yoga pants, pulled them down and jammed the tip of the dart into the thick part of her outer thigh. She watched as the bottom of the dart sunk into the cylinder as the fluid injected itself into the blonde. Emma’s body stilled, her breathing slowed and deepened. Regina left the dart in her thigh for an extra few seconds before yanking it back out. She grabbed a tissue from the side of the bed and pressed it against the spot of blood the tip of the dart had left. She dabbed it till she was satisfied it was clotted and pulled the woman's pants back up, tucking her back under the covers. She went into the bathroom and retrieved a wash cloth, she ran it over with cool water, squeezing out the excess. She sat back down next to the blonde and dabbed the sweat away from her pale graying features. “Soon sweetheart. This will be over.” As pleased as she was the girl lying before her would no longer be suffering, Regina's heart hung heavy with the impending loss. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Regina opened her eyes slowly, the room was dark but she could still see Emma’s still outline laying next to her. She had fallen asleep on top of the covers, holding the girl's hand. She checked Emma over making sure she was okay, satisfied with what she found she got up and went downstairs to call David.

“David, it’s Regina. I got the potion done and Emma has taken it and is now sleeping.”

“How is she?” She knew he wanted reassurances that his daughter would come out of this just as she was before. “She is going to be fine.” She said with her mayoral placating tone. She dare not tell him of her selfish desire and growing fear that his daughter would never be able to look at her the same again. She bottled that up and continued on as if nothing was wrong. “May I speak with Henry?” David hummed into the phone, “Henry is with Mary Margaret down at Granny's.” She tried not to let her disappointment cloud her tone, “Alright then dear, I’ll keep you apprised of the situation. It has been a long trying day, and I’m turning in.” She didn’t really hear anything else David said to her as they exchanged pleasantries and disconnected their call. Her heart was betraying her, she could feel it breaking as if Emma had already left, had already accused her of whatever atrocities the woman will think the last 48 hours had been.

The doorbell rang and snapped her out of her daze. “Dinner. Right.” She opened the door and met eyes with the delivery boy from the previous evening. “Delivery?” he asked, handing her several bags. She thanked him and closed the door. Her stomach lurched at the thought of food, but knew she needed to keep up her strength. Back in the kitchen, she peered inside one of the bags, a chicken salad with Russian dressing. “Perfect.” She said to no one. She grabbed a fork and went into her dining room. “Right. Hurricane Emma.” She waved her hand and the room filled with the familiar purple smoke, as it cleared, the room returned to its pristine condition. She pulled out the chair at the top of the table and sat down to eat her dinner.

Halfway through she was poking at it more than she was eating it, and she decided that half a salad was better than no salad and packed it back up and put the remainder of the food into the fridge. She went into her study and poured herself a glass of cider, half a tumbler would do the trick. She sipped it back, the familiar burn warming her insides as it traveled down into her stomach. She decided a bath would be divine and headed back upstairs.

While in her bath she finished off her cider, her thoughts had become more muddled as she drank away her sorrows, allowing her to relax into the heat the water provided. She was resting her head and closing her eyes when she heard Emma stir. She sighed deeply and cut the bath short.

She wrapped her silky blue robe on over her mostly damp naked form and went out to check on her semi-conscious friend. She sat down next to her on the bed and checked the blonde’s temperature with the inside of her wrist. Green eyes rolled fighting to open against the heavy sedative. She mumbled incoherently, and Regina soothed her head with the palm of her hand, stroking her hair and shushing her in soft tones. She was still sweating pretty bad, but stilled as the brunette soothed her, she drifted off to sleep once more. Regina, confident Emma had stilled for the night once again, stood and got dressed for bed.

She settled down on her side of the bed and took out the book she intended on reading throughout the night, she looked one last time over at the girl’s slow breathing form and cracked open the adventure she was to take that evening. She knew sleep wouldn’t come to her anyway, and she wanted to keep an eye on Emma for any changes in her condition, not willing to take any chances this first night.

Around 5 AM Emma roused from her sleep once more after not moving a mere inch since Regina's bath. The brunette put the book down on the side table and rolled over to face Emma. She struggled to open her eyes but was able to speak, “Gina….? Water…”

The queen jumped up and got a fresh glass of water from the bathroom, circling her bed she helped Emma sit up, holding the glass as Emma gulped it down. “Not too fast baby.” She used Emma’s term of endearment absentmindedly and Emma swallowed a larger gulp of water than she had been prepared for and choked, coughing and sputtering all over. Regina put the glass down and rubbed her back, gently reminding the girl to breathe.

Once Emma calmed herself, she laid back down, the outburst had exhausted her. Regina thought she may have fallen back asleep until the woman spoke. “What is going on?” Regina straightened up before she answered, “What do you remember?” Emma doubled over as a sharp pain ripped through her stomach. “Ginaaaaaa!” Emma cried out. Regina grimaced at the pain she saw in her friend’s face, “Okay sweetheart, it’s okay, you are getting better baby, it won’t be long now.” She pushed the savior’s hair from her sweat riddled forehead. Regina grabbed the cloth from the side table and wrung out the excess water in the bowl she left on the side and dabbed the girl's forehead.

Emma’s body started to shake once again as the potion wreaked havoc over her entire being. “W-What is h-happening to me?” Regina prepared another dose of tranquilizer and spoke softly to the blonde. “You were poisoned, I made the antidote, I’m keeping you tranq’d, the detox process is painful, you need to sleep it off. Can I get you anything before I put you back out?” Emma meekly nodded, “Water.” Regina swiftly stood and refilled Emma's glass.

Emma sat up and sucked back the glass. “Do you need to… um…” pointing towards the bathroom. Emma shook her head, “I’m just thirsty.” Regina refilled the glass once more and Emma chugged it back. Regina pulled back the blanket and went to pull down Emma's yoga pants to gain access to the muscular thigh she had used to administer the drug previously, when Emma's breath hitched and fear and question crossed her light blonde features. Regina pulled out a dart from the black case she had on the night stand and patted her thigh gently, reassuring the blonde by a soft smile, “It’s ok Emma. It won’t hurt…” she jabbed the tip of the needle into her thigh and the girl cried out in pain. “much.” An evil smile crossed the brunette’s dark features as Emma weakly muttered, “Stop enjoying this so…. much….” Emma lolled her head back as her body relaxed into the bed. Regina pulled the dart out of her leg and dabbed the bloody puncture wound till it clotted, then pulled her pants back up and tucked her back into bed. Emma’s features relaxed, her body stopped shaking as it had been and she lazily put her hand over Regina's and squeezed the sentiment she couldn’t quite form with words. Regina sadly placed her other hand on top of Emma’s, knowing this thing was coming to a close.

Emma didn’t seem to remember, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t. She would have to tell her, and then she would lose her. A tear brimmed and fell from her lashes as she bent down and kissed the girl chastely on the cheek.