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Mr. Gold appeared out of a cloud of black smoke behind Belle. “Well dearie, seems as though our Savior is in a bit of a pickle wouldn’t you say?” Regina was emotionally exhausted and was thoroughly not in the mood for Rumpel’s digs. “How do we fix it?” she simply said. “Luckily for you, I have a recipe that will purge Miss Swan’s system of the toxin.” He paused, “Between us, we should have all the ingredients.” Regina's eyes blurred under the thick wet tears that rose up at hearing the news, she choked out a laugh and brought her hands to her lips almost thanking some higher power. “Thank you.” She said with sincerity.

Belle slid into his arms and whispered so he was the only one who could hear her, “I love you.” Resting her hand over his chest and her head on his shoulder she leaned into him. Regina stood and wiped the tear streaks away from her cheeks. “What do you want for it? I’ll pay anything.” He waved his hand in the air with a smug smirk, “This one is on me dearie.” Belle hugged him tighter. He produced a scroll from thin air and handed it to Regina. The queen unrolled the parchment and looked over the devastatingly long list of ingredients. She studied the careful swirling script ticking off items she knew she had. They went over to the bench and she went over the list more closely, pointing to Rumpel each item she either didn’t recognize or didn’t have. Each item Rumpel produced quickly from his magic supply rack that lined the wall. Belle took each jar or satchel of dried plant material and put them into a leather pouch.

Once they reached the bottom, the last item was listed, it wasn’t something that either sorcerer had on hand but it was something that could be mined on the outskirts of town, Regina knew every inch of the town they all lived in, it was designed to her own specifications after all. “David can go get this tomorrow.” She said, confident the man would help. She looked back at Rumpel, “Thank you again. I know you said this one was on you, but truly Gold, I owe you one.” his mouth turned down at the sentiment, he knew very well the evil queen would rather die by a million splinters then owe him, and he couldn’t wrap his wicked little mind around the woman's statement. He decided to ignore the out pour of emotion the woman was expressing and focus on the task at hand. “I am sure you have the necessary equipment dearie? It may take a few days to purge her system.” she nodded, picking up Belle’s ‘grocery bag’ and put her hand on the girl's shoulder. “Thanks again Belle.” She turned and walked from the shop. Once the bell on the front door rang out, Belle said thoughtfully, “She really is a tortured soul. I hope she finds her happiness one day.” Rumpel looked at his sweet adoring Belle, wondering what had gone on while he was away. “Indeed.” He said simply.


Regina got in her car and drove out to the graveyard that held her family mausoleum. She took out her phone and checked through her messages quickly, then dialed David.

“Hi.” A tense voice answered in a whisper careful not to say her name out loud. “Is she ok David?” she asked, already feeling guilty for leaving her like that. “Gods no!” he said, “but I have her looking through books to keep her busy.” He sounded drained. This had been the first interaction with his daughter since Hook had taken her and Regina imagined it had been a pretty big shock. She felt awful for not being able to be there when he got there to make the transition smoother, but she also knew Emma would lose it when she left either way and she needed to go.

It was an impossible situation, but she was sorry for the man. “Okay, I’ve got something that will help. I am just picking up some supplies, and I will need your assistance getting one of the ingredients tomorrow.”

“That is great news Reg…” he froze for just a moment swallowing her name from touching his lips. “That is good. We need to get her back. S-she.. “ he couldn’t quite finish his thought.

“I know David. I’ll be home in 20 minutes. Thank you.” She said, “A-and I’m sorry you had to see her this way. It is heartbreaking.” A sniffle on the line stunned her. “She doesn’t think she deserves to be loved. How… how is that even... Possible?” she had no answer for the man.

“She may not think she deserves it, but I know Emma, OUR Emma, she knows she is. You can’t trust what she says right now, she isn’t herself.” He laughed tightly, “You sure can say that again.”

“I’ll be home soon.” She finished the call and got out of the car. The heels she had kicked off yesterday still lay in the grass. She picked them up and shook them off making sure no unwanted crawly inhabitants had taken refuge within and then slipped them on her feet and made her way to her crypt.

She found the items she needed quickly and locked up. On her way back to her car she stopped and took a deep breath. Letting it out slowly then once more, allowing her past demons to return to their dark station within the part of her she never thought about. ‘You’re PERFECT’ settled over her and made her stomach lurch, she bent over and emptied her stomach contents next to some poor unfortunate soul’s gravestone. Her fingertips gripped the cold stone and it calmed her nerves. She let the chill seep into her, numbing her from the outside in. She stood back up wiping her mouth with her hand, and returned to her vehicle.

Regina pulled up in front of her home about 30 minutes after her conversation with David, the front door was closed and she didn’t hear anything and took that as a good sign David had his daughter busy. She gathered the bag from Belle, which now contained the ingredients from her crypt as well and went into the house.

Emma heard the door and leapt up from behind the desk, opting to climb over the desk instead of taking the time to go around, consequently dumping the stacks of books upon the floor. Regina held her shirt together and greeted David who was now fully blushing. Emma burst through the study door and wrapped herself around the queen. “OH MY GOD!” she instantly started crying in the brunette’s arms. Regina looked over at David nervous of his reaction, knowing full well Emma was probably going ape shit this whole time about Regina, but seeing his daughter in the arms of his former nemesis was quite another thing altogether. She looked for signs of discomfort on his part and when she didn’t see any, she wrapped her arms around the sobbing girl, holding her tightly. “I’m so sorry Regina!” the girl barely made out through stuttering sobs. “It’s okay dear, I’m here now. I’m sorry for leaving you like that. It won’t happen again.” They stood there for a long while before the blonde calmed down enough for Regina to pull her from her arms, however she wouldn’t let go of the brunette and Regina simply allowed her to keep contact.

“The guy came and we… helped… look for the books R’Gina.” David looked like someone had smacked him in the face with a dead rat. Surprise and disgust with a touch of revoltion. “She doesn’t know who I am.” He said quietly. He hadn’t even realized his daughter didn’t know him, with everything that happened that night, how could he not know? Tears welled and stung in his eyes and Regina felt for the man. “David is our family Emma.” She said with a half-smile that reached her eyes pouring all of her sympathy for the man into her obsidian orbs.

The blonde turned around and looked at him, a far off look trying to place him but couldn’t quite find the memories. When she turned Regina saw the cuts along her neck and her eyes bulged, they were rather deep and the blood had now dried, but was significant and had stained the girl’s shirt. “What happened??” she looked at David for answers. He looked down allowing the pools to breach his lids and run down his cheeks. “She was pretty upset you weren’t here.” He looked back up and crisp blue eyes met Regina's dark questioning ones. “The dining room is destroyed.” The blonde abandoned trying to place the man and turned back to her Regina. She had ignored their conversation and could only think about curling up in the safety of her love's arms. She tried to hug the brunette once more but was denied. “David in the top drawer of my desk there is a map of the town, could you bring it to the kitchen dear?” the brunette, whose hand was still being held by the blonde kicked off her heels by the door and walked into the kitchen, Emma in tow. She rested her plunder on the counter and turned when David came in with the map.

She spread it out on the island counter and showed him exactly where he needed to go tomorrow to procure the last ingredient. She explained to him how long it would take and asked if he had any questions. He shook his head slowly. “You can find this place then?” he nodded. He started shuffling between his feet and looked down. “Mr. Nolan, what is it?” Regina used his curse name formally to grab his attention. He snapped up and realized his fidgeting.

“Snow wants to see her.” He hesitated, “I don’t think she should see her like this. It will break her heart.” Emma had been standing behind Regina and slid her hands around the petite queen’s waist holding her tightly, whispering ‘I love you’s into her back. “I agree. Snow needs to focus on taking care of my son, and in turn, I will take care of her daughter.” He nodded adamantly. “Tomorrow, I need at least a quarter pound of the mineral, bring a bucket David. We can do this.” Trying to convince herself as much as the girl's father. “We CAN.” He nodded and his eyes bulged as Emma decided now was a good time to caress Regina's breast. Regina's eyes looked empty and she grabbed the woman's wrist and stopped her mid grope. “I should go.” He said in a higher pitch than his normal calm voice. He folded up the map and quickly slipped out the front. Regina phoned him immediately.

“David? Come back. I need you to bring some stuff home with you for my son.”

“Uh, yeah… uh… okay. I uh, I’ll wait here. Okay?”

she sighed. “Of course.” she clicked off the phone and looked to the savior. “Emma come help me upstairs dear.” Emma let go of the brunette and slipped her hand inside the queen's hand and let the queen lead the way without a word. Regina packed up some of Henry's clothes and a blue quilt he liked to sleep with packing them into an overnight bag. She went over to his comic collection, Emma right behind her the entire way, and grabbed several of the comics she knew he was reading and rested them on top. She also packed up his vita and dumped a few of his games in the side pocket. They went back downstairs and she opened the door, handing the bag over to David. He was pacing on the front porch. “Relax dear, you’ll wear a rut into my porch.” He tried not to look the women in the eye as he grabbed the bag and murmured good night, heading back to his truck.

Regina had seen the dining room through the open doorway in the kitchen and decided she had no desire to deal with it that night. She left the satchel in the kitchen and she went upstairs, Emma still in tow. They went directly into the bathroom once they got to the bedroom and she made motion to draw the bath. “Let’s get that bloody mess off of you shall we Miss Swan?”

Emma had a permanent dreamy smile painted across her face, her dimples carved deeply upon her cheeks. She lifted her arms and allowed Regina to remove the tee shirt she had been wearing. Regina took the shirt and ran cold water over it in the sink, letting it soak while she tended to the girl's wounds. She gently coaxed Emma down onto the closed toilet and lifted her chin exposing her elongated neck for better view. She saw several small razor cuts that ran parallel to the blonde's jaw bone, not as deep as she first suspected but there was still quite a bit of blood. She ran a wash cloth under some water and dabbed at the cuts, removing the dried blood and any material that may be in them.

“How did this happen Miss Swan?”

The woman shrugged her shoulders.

“Was this before David came or after?” Emma looked away from Regina, “After.” She said almost embarrassed. Regina knew from the girl’s actions and David's comments on the matter that the blonde had done this to herself. She let out a staggering sigh and finished cleaning her neck and shoulder of the dried blood. She then lifted Emma's hands, and removed the old bandages from her wrists and inspected the woman's knuckles. The new damage was raw and broken. The blonde winced as Regina swiped the rough cloth over them. “How exactly did this happen?” She was curious, but asked to keep the girl focused on something other than the pain.“ Emma shrugged. “Well then Miss Swan, I hope whomever you were battling fared worse dear.” Emma smiled brightly. Regina settled down to her knees before the girl. “You really need to help me, Emma.” She sighed knowing the girl couldn’t.

“Anything my queen.” Green eyes not quite clear or focused stared at her. “Emma, it's okay. Nevermind. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Emma took Regina's free hand and cupped her own breast with it. “I want you to feel me Regina, I can’t think of anything else.” She sucked in a breath as Regina's cool hand met Emma's hot flesh. “I am well aware Miss Swan, but you need a bath dear.” She removed her hand and turned from the girl, turning the bathwater off. “Strip and get in dear.” Emma did exactly as she was told. “Wash yourself up, do you need help with your hair?” Emma thought about it and then smiled wickedly and nodded emphatically. As transparent as the blonde was Regina couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the girl.

“Alright then Miss Swan, dunk!” The blonde bent her knees and her head disappeared under the hot water. Her golden locks floated for a moment on the water’s surface then disappeared as well. She stayed under for a moment and Regina's eyes, as if they had a mind of their own, flashed down to the girls open apex. Her knees were bent and partly sticking up out of the water; her dark blonde curls swayed in the current of the tub. Regina removed her torn top and tossed it in the hamper. She left on her bra and dress pants and knelt down next to the head of the tub. Emma sat back up spitting water from her mouth, rubbing the water from her eyes and giggling like a giddy child. Regina squirted some shampoo into the palm of her hand and began massaging it into the girl's golden locks, making sure her scalp was completely sudsy before pulling the soap down to the tips. The blonde let out content moans of pleasure as Regina worked her fingers across her scalp.

I can do this for a few more days. I can do this for a few more days.’ Regina chanted silently.

The two got ready for bed, Regina did her best to push off the blonde's incessant attempts to touch or be touched as she towel dried the sheriff and got her dressed. Finally Regina sighed loudly and waved her hand and put the girl to sleep. She went into the bathroom and got out the last of the sleeping pills and put them on her side of the bed. She left the girl sprawled out across the bed and went downstairs. In the kitchen, she grabbed the bag of ingredients. She passed through the dining room eying the destruction with pained regret. The bloody marks against the wall, the broken plateware, the place was a literal mess. She sighed once more, aware there was nothing more she could have done to prevent the situation. She was too far gone emotionally after Emma's attack. ‘You could have gone to the imp immediately.’ She growled at her own mind’s betrayal. ‘I didn’t want anyone to know about… the binding.’ She admitted to herself as if she had to defend her actions against her own mind. ‘Especially Gold.’ Her hand reached her forehead rubbing it as the headache pounded against her skull.

She took her bounty down into the basement. The place was immaculate considering how little it was used. Her cider distillery equipment was set along the side wall when you first traverse the staircase. Rows and rows of wooden shelving filled with bottled cider lined the back wall completely. A separate smaller wooden case held bottles of wine the queen kept on hand. The newest addition was a small refrigerator in the corner fully stocked with the sheriff's favorite beer. She knew when she bought the fridge its purpose, but at the time had told herself she needed the extra room, for ‘Party foods and whatnot.’ Thus far the only items that have ever graced the inside have been ale. Along the far wall she has boxes of tubes and glass containers of varying sizes and shapes. She cleared off a work bench and started to set up her potion equipment.