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After a couple of fruitless hours the doorbell rang, she looked at the clock which said 6 PM ‘Must be dinner.’ Emma had started on another book, but hadn’t moved from her spot next to the queen.

“Emma, I need to get the door, OK?” Emma nodded and stood. She followed close behind Regina to the foyer. Regina took a deep breath and opened the door. A young teen held a paper bag and a bottle of coke. “Delivery?” he spoke gingerly. She thanked the boy and handed the bag to Emma closing the door behind her when he turned to leave.

“Hungry dear?” the blonde nodded. “Good, let us get some plates and sit down at the table, shall we?” Emma didn’t move until Regina did, allowing the queen to lead the way. “Grab a couple of plates and some napkins won’t you?” Regina grabbed glasses and utensils and headed into the dining room. The mayor normally sat at the head of the table, but Emma set the place settings down next to one another on the same side of the table. Regina thought to correct the girl, but remembered the blonde was having a I-need-to-be-in-your-personal-space-or-I’m-gonna-die thing and decided against it. It didn’t matter where she sat and if it made Emma less stressed out, so be it.

They ate in virtual silence, Regina quietly studying Emma's behavior, trying to figure it out. She took a bite of her salad and felt the girl's hand grasp her upper thigh under the table. In her surprise, she jumped so violently the table bounced and the glasses spilled across the surface. Regina leapt to her feet and grabbed napkins to mop up the mess before it spilled to the floor. “Miss Swan! Go get more napkins!” she snapped, anger dripping from her lips her black eyes pulled tight and Emma ran to the other room and was back with a roll of paper towel and cleaned up the mess.

“I’m sorry Regina.” The girl had followed her into the kitchen, her body so close to the queen she could feel the caress of her heat. Regina started to feel the stress of the savior's incessant need, but didn’t say anything, she didn’t turn to look at the girl, she just took a step away from her. Emma laid her hand upon Regina's back, the sheer white top the queen had been wearing made the touch feel feather soft. Regina slowly shook her head, “Emma…” she warned. Emma pressed herself up against Regina's back, burying her nose in the queen's hair, her hands wrapped around Regina's hips, digging into the flesh through her tight black dress pants. The savior pulled the queen's hips tight against herself, and whispered into the queen's neck, “I just need to taste you Regina.”

Regina let go of the breath she had been unaware she was holding and tried to pull away from the blonde. Emma held onto her with a fierce strength, her hands slid over Regina's abdomen un-tucking her shirt and ground her hips against the queen's ass.

Regina grabbed at Emma's hands trying to pull herself free from the girl, but Emma had a clear advantage over the queen and moved with her as she tried to walk away. Strong hands slid up over the queen's breasts grabbing at them hard. “Miss SWAN! That is enough!!” the queen yelled, frustration at not being able to pull free from the girl adding to the force of her voice. Emma ripped open Regina's top, the buttons flew and bounced across the linoleum.

“EMMA!” she cried as Emma slammed her hard against the wall they had been slowly approaching. Real fear gripped the queen as she felt the strength of the woman pinning her. Emma gripped the queen’s wrists above her head with one hand and with the other slipped under her bra. Regina's body betrayed her and responded to the rough touches, tight knotted points formed under Emma's exploratory caresses. She pushed back against Emma trying to buck her off but Emma's grip held her in place. Her hand slid down over her stomach unbuckling , unbuttoning and unzipping as she traversed. Regina’s voice was frantic, “STOP EMMA!! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! EMMA!” she could hear the blonde's breath was labored, thick with desire as she whispered into her ear. She told the mayor how good she felt, professed her love and desire and how she wanted to taste her. The words, “You’re PERFECT.” were whispered into the mayor’s ear and the queen suddenly felt old fear as her mind was flooded with memories she kept buried and hidden, memories that have never ever seen the light of day. Those words leaking from drunken lips, being held down, being broken, by a man who owned her.

Emma’s hand slipped down under the queen’s wet panties, the savior let out a ragged sigh of desire and relief as she caressed the queen. Regina's mind cracked and she threw her head back against the savior’s face. The stunt had been enough to make Emma stumble backwards, letting the queen go. Regina whipped around, her rage visible in her eyes, she shoved Emma backward and growled through tears and pain that was once well forgotten.

Emma’s nose was gushing blood and she was holding her face looking as confused as one could look, as if she hadn’t just been forcing herself upon Regina. “What the hell did you think you were doing EMMA??!” It was not really a question but her frustration came out as anger and couldn’t stay bottled up any longer. She was exploding with fear and anger and needed a way to channel it. She stormed back into the dining room, just to get away from the puzzled look on that impossible woman. She settled back down onto her chair at the table, her hands shaking as she held her shirt together. She lifted one hand and held it to her throbbing head. Regina was a swirling hot mess of emotions, things she didn’t want to think about pricking her conscious mind. The king. Bile bid an attempt to surface and she swallowed hard to keep it at bay. She was breathing heavily, shaking to her very core, it had been another life.

Another girl. Not Regina. Another girl the king had torn the soul from. Not her. It was some other girl he broke. Some other girl he… raped… some other girl who pleaded and begged for him to stop. Some other girl was ripped open and used. Some other girl. Not Regina. She sat shaking her head silently holding in her pain, holding it in because if she dared let it escape the world would burn.

Emma came into the dining room and sat upon the floor next to Regina. She didn’t touch the queen, still highly confused about what had happened, but knew her queen was upset with her. She had done something wrong, she knew, but didn’t know what. She whispered, “I'm sorry. I love you.” And Regina laughed with surprise and anguish at the absurdity of her current situation. She forced herself to look down at the girl, she didn’t mean to harm her and she knew very well the woman wouldn’t intentionally harm her either. The blood from her nose wasn’t severe and Regina guessed it wasn’t broken. “Emma,” she closed her eyes and tried to tap into the depleted well of patience for even a drop to help her cope. She came up empty. That’s how she felt. Empty. Raw. Defeated.

Aside from the fact Emma wouldn’t have stopped, no matter what Regina had said, she really wasn’t angry at the girl. It wasn’t her fault. It was Hook’s. The rage she felt wasn’t for the blonde sitting at her feet. Her turmoil surfaced as she looked down into the sad green eyes. She couldn’t be held responsible for her actions. It tore at Regina because Regina had longed for her touches for so long, longed for someone to want her, to look at her and not see the villain she knew herself to be. The only one who ever looked at her and told her they loved her had been Daniel, and until the night she saved the savior from the clutches of the pig pirate Hook, she hadn’t realized how she longed for it. For someone to truly feel that for only her. Her strength was wavering and it had been barely 24 hours.

What if this continues for weeks? For months? Or years??

She felt the need to get away, run, hide. Bury herself in a deep dark hole where this hurt could never find her. The hurt of knowing Emma, once freed from this curse would go back to how they were before. Not looking at her with those brilliant green eyes, not wanting to hold her hand as they walked, not wanting to kiss her or touch her or love her. The queen would go back to her life of loneliness and solitude and after the savior remembered how she had been bound to the queen, she would see the betrayal in those eyes and then most likely, never see them again. Then the question crossed her mind. The question to herself she dare not answer.

What was the real reason she didn’t want to involve the imp? Henry was right, he would know how to fix this. Her fear bubbled up, her vulnerability hit its apex and she needed to go. She stood and ran for the front door before Emma realized she had been moving. Once outside she waved her hand and sealed the girl in. Emma ripped open the front door and smacked face first into the barrier. Regina did not look back hearing the woman's panicked screams for her in her wake. She removed her cell from her pocket and texted David.


Regina: Come to the mansion NOW. Emma needs you.

Her cell buzzed his response but she kept walking, her stocking feet cold from the damp pavement. She held her shirt together the best she could, shivering in the night air. Emma’s cries breaking her heart, tears streaming down her face. She got in her car and drove into town.