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The queen awoke a few hours later. It was 5:30 AM, just like every other day, but this day Emma Swan was lying peacefully next to her. An enchanted Emma, not HER Emma. She got up and cleaned herself up before dressing herself in her business suit armor. Her dark eyes black as night, her hair up and away from her flawless face, she was every bit the Evil Queen Killian expected her to be. You want her, you got her you swarmy bastard.

She turned on her phone and texted her charge’s father.

Regina: Is the pirate secure?


She shut down her phone and looked back at her Swan.

That is not your Swan you idiot.’ She closed her eyes and steadied herself.

YOU don’t HAVE Emma.’ The scariest thoughts she had before sleep came charging back to her. ‘What if there is no cure? Is it a curse? Could Henry be her true love's kiss to break it if it is a curse?? What if he isn’t, and she has to stay this way? Mad with desire for her son’s Mother?’ she pushed the very next thought from her mind before it could even sully her with its selfish root. ‘There HAS to be a way out of this.’


She scribbled a simple note for the unconscious girl:

Be back soon, you may NOT leave this room, please stay put.

~Always, Regina~


She bent down and kissed the girl on the forehead, she wasn't expecting true loves kiss to pulse out between them, yet she was disappointed none the less. She backed away from the sleeping savior and closed the door as she left the room. She bounded down the stairs with purpose towards the kitchen and then poured herself coffee grateful for the auto timer she set up as part of her nightly routine. Her phone rumbled on the counter and she picked it up as she sipped the warm brew.


David: He is.

Regina: is his jaw intact?

David: yes.

Regina: well done David. I will fix this.

David: Did he… force her…?

Regina: No. I believe I got there in time.

David: Can’t she tell you?

Regina: No. Our princess is not herself David. Can you meet me while I question the pig?

David: I’ll be at the station in 10 minutes.


She clicked off her phone as she downed the remainder of her coffee then headed out the door.



Regina pulled her car over to park across the street from the station behind Charming’s empty truck. David was presumably already inside. She let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t that she didn't trust herself not to kill the filthy pirate, but she had killed for much less. She exited the vehicle and straightened her posture to that of the queen she once was and strode with confidence into the station, heels clicking against the pavement.

David was standing in the center of the squad room, arms crossed with a look of pure disdain on his normally serene face. She strode past Charming and flung open the cell door lifting the battered pirate by the neck with her magic, and cutting off his air. Magic sizzled and popped around the queen in her rage and her voice boomed. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER????”

The pirate struggled to speak but was unable, his feeble attempts only caused him to choke and spit as his face turned a dark purple from strain. She pulled the pirate closer and whispered, “Here are the rules, pig. I am going to ask you some questions, if your answers please me you will die fairly quickly. If you lie to me, I will sodomize you with your own hook! Do you understand Killian?” He nodded the best he could, his features turning ashen as his eyes bulged from his sockets.

She loosened the magic around his neck so he may speak, however he remained suspended in the air and his blood flow was still severely compromised. He gasped frantically for air making a futile attempt to loosen further the magical grasp around his neck.

She casually walked away from her captive, looking at the prince who had not moved a single muscle and Regina smiled sweetly at him because the man had come so far in her eyes. She laid on her sickly sweet queenly tone that had served her well during her reign of terror, the venom and honey mixture both soothing and deadly will suit her purposes quite nicely to intimidate.

She turned back to the captive with a wide maniacal grin. “Question one: What is the name of the potion you gave her?”

Killian, who normally was very confident while under interrogation, saw insanity in the queen's eyes like he had never seen before and believed her threats and truth fell from his lips. “It is made of the Popotus herb.” He choked out. Regina didn’t recognize the name, not even a little bit, and creeping worry entered her heart, though she doesn’t show it.

“Question Two: What did it do to her?”

He smirked with sinister joy. “You know very well what it has done to her love.”

The queen stormed over to him and thrust into his chest and ripped out his heart. She squeezed it hard, an evil sneer shown her pleasure at causing agony throughout the man.

“I’m sorry dear, wrong answer.” She spit through gritted teeth.

He screamed out in anguish. “It was supposed to make her fall in love with me!!!”

She released the pressure on his heart. “Love is not what she is feeling pig!”

His smile returned as the queen’s words registered within him, “Were you intimate with her?” she turned from him revealing nothing and beckoned Charming. As the blond walked closer, she noticed the bruises and cuts all along his knuckles from where the prince beat the prisoner the previous evening.

She handed him Hook's heart with a wildly violent smile. “Hold this won’t you dear?” she turned and ripped off Hook’s hook and held it up to the light for inspection. She punctured her thumb on the tip in a theatrical show then glided around the suspended pirate slowly. She scraped the pointed blade across the man’s exposed fleshy flank and rested the tip above his backside. She dug the point into his tender albeit bruised flesh and opened up the skin in a singular strong stroke.

He screeched out in his agony and panted in his pain as warm blood trickled down the crack of his ass. “If you were, you are bound to her!! She will only desire you for the rest of her life!” the pirate screamed.

Charming saw the panic look in the queen's eyes before she slipped her mask back into place and continued. “Question Three: Why would you do this to her? This woman you claim to love so?”

She dug the sharp implement under the waistband of his pants, pulling them down in an unmasked threat, slowly exposing more of his pale skin.

“I wanted her to love me! To be with me!”

She circled back around the prisoner quickly in order to meet his blue pleading eyes, her voice booming in the small confines of the jail cell. “WHAT SHE IS FEELING ISN’T REAL YOU OAF!!” David, in his own anger squeezed Hook’s heart harder within his hand, and the man cried out, “I didn’t care!! I wanted her so badly I didn’t c-c-aa-r!!!” the pirate started to sputter and choke, his skin once again turning a dark purple with strain.

The shocked queen turned to meet a fiery rage in the once peace loving prince. Rage she had never seen before as he slowly crushed the pirate’s heart. She carefully approached the blond and put her hand on his shoulder and whispered, “Not yet prince.”

The words reached the angry man and although his rage did not vanish he seemed to return from wherever revenge filled place he had just been and he lightened his grip on his daughter’s rapist’s life.

The queen cocked her head back toward the prisoner and spun the shiny hook around in her hand playfully. Her low sweet voice, thick with fire and rage, blanketed the room once again. “Question four: How do we break the spell?”

Killian, realizing he probably wasn’t getting out of this alive laughed heartily and quipped, “I don’t know love, I had no intention of ever breaking it!” His careless laughter bore into the queen and she wanted nothing more than to snap the man’s neck. She settled for his mangled arm instead. The pops and snaps echoed just before the screech took over and the queen smiled at the sound. The satisfaction of his agony filled her with a sense of gratification she hadn’t felt in decades.

Yes, there was something so very fulfilling about the dark.

She whipped around and took the heart from David's grasp and plunged it back into the screaming man's chest. Without another word she turned and walked out of the cell, slamming the door with the force of the rage she most certainly felt. With a flick of her wrist she released the man from his suspension, allowing him to drop to the ground, broken, bloody and battered.

She turned her head and quipped, “I’ll leave you in the care of her Father until I am ready to skin you, swine.” Her lips curled up into an all familiar sneer as the words hissed from between her clenched jaw. As she walked past Charming she nodded to him to follow her out.

When she reached the door of the station she was blinded by the day, the entire world spun around and her eyes started to darken. She lost her balance and Charming caught the surprisingly petite queen mid-swoon.

“Regina!” the blond cried out in surprise and she managed to hold off the darkness but her head was pounding from the effort. She leaned against him to steady herself, her anguish written across her delicate features, her mouth open in a silent scream and tears streaming down her cheeks.

This was a side of Regina the blond prince had never witnessed. His heart quickened in his panic and he held her tightly, uncertain as to what to do to help her. He gently held the brunette in his strong arms and asked, “You can fix this right Regina?” his soft voice pulled her back from the brink and she buried her face into his soft red flannel shirt for just a moment as she composed herself. The arms that held her began to move up and down over her back in an attempt to comfort her, or perhaps himself.

“It was an accident David.” She whispered finally.

“What was?”

“I…” she swallowed thickly, “She was in agony and strapped down, he had the potion all over her body, I was trying to remove it, David, and she… she…” She looked up at him finally, the reality of how she found his daughter etched in pain in his fair blue eyes, “What am I going to do if I can’t find...” Her hand covered her mouth out of sheer fear of the remainder of that sentence, and its inevitable answer. New tears bloomed from under her eyelashes, “I didn’t mean to bind her to me.” David’s large and surprisingly comforting hand grasped the back of her head and held her to him once more. His voice vibrated in his chest as he spoke. “You saved her Regina.”

“I love her David.” She squeezed her eyes shut, the admission fell from her lips before she could stop it, but he did not release her nor recoil in disgust, he just simply held her.

After she fully calmed herself she broke their embrace and lifted her hand to her forehead willing the sinus headache she currently had to subside so she could think.

“I am going to check on her, I’ve got several books I can look for this Popotus Herb within them, I don’t want to involve the imp or the bug until I have to.” He nodded in agreement. “So you don’t know what the herb is?” she shook her head slowly, but feigned confidence, “But I will find out.”

He nodded again and then awkwardly thrust his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans and looked down. “Don’t ever tell Snow how close we came to losing her.” the request was softly spoken but there was a deep seeded plead that the queen recognized immediately. She nodded in agreement, “No need to worry her mother with that imagery, I am sorry you have to bear that, David.” He smiled Emma's half smile, “Me too.”

Without another word she picked up her car keys that had fallen to the ground when she came outside and walked back to her vehicle. After driving to her crypt and whooshing all of the books she held therein to the trunk of her car she set off for home.


“Damn.” Her stomach let out an angry reminder she hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday’s salad at lunch. She took out her phone and dialed the diner.

Red answered the phone and Regina quickly placed an order for both herself and Emma. “Red, I’m on my way in, would you please place an order for pick up?

“Sure Gi. What can we get you?”

“Mozza burger with onion rings and a chicken salad sandwich on rye, thousand island on the side and an assorted vegetable platter please.”

“Got it, one Swan Special and a Mayor’s Lunchie Munchie with side sauce and a veggie nibbler. That it?”

Regina chuckled at the color of the waitress’ humor and added a coke for the blonde and a bottled water for herself.

“No problem hot stuff, order up in fifteen!”

They said their goodbyes and the mayor turned her vehicle around and headed back down towards the center of town. She smiled at how quickly the wolf had become so familiar with her and she had to admit she genuinely liked the girl. The woman’s wit was surprising and more often than not she made the mayor smile whenever she happened to visit Granny’s establishment. She took a deep breath as she parked the Benz in front of the diner and tried to decide how she was going to explain to Emma’s best friend what the hell happened to her, in the least disturbing imagery possible.