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“Regina?” A weary voice called from the other room. The savior’s voice had the sound of panic to it that caused Regina to jump out of the tub, and rush to the blonde’s side in nothing more than her satin navy robe.

Emma was sitting up in the center of the queen’s bed, her eyes were red rimmed and wide as she took in the surroundings. Her cheek was turning a deep shade of purple where it looked like the pirate had hit her and the cut on her lip had her dry blood caked down her chin.

Regina put on her everything-is-ok-smile she had on reserve solely for Henry and sat next to the blonde.

“I’m here Emma.” She dabbed the blood away from the girl’s mouth with a wet wash cloth, and Emma winced in pain and hissed. Regina lightened her touch and shot a small half smile towards the savior. “Sorry.”

Emma’s hands reached up and covered Regina’s, her green eyes met deep brown and before the mayor could react the woman lunged forward. She grabbed ahold of the queen by her robe and drew her in, crashing their lips together hard.

Regina was immobilized for a moment in her shock and out of automated response kissed the girl back. She gathered her senses after a moment and pulled away. “Emma what are you doing?” she demanded angrily.

Emma lunged again and spoke with the desperate need she felt, “Please Regina! I need to taste you!”

Regina shook her head in disbelief and pushed the savior back onto the bed. She stood, putting distance between herself and the blonde and exclaimed, “No! Emma?! What has—? This isn’t you!”

“It IS me!” the distraught girl insisted, “Don’t you want me?” The savior was inching back towards the brunette with a maniacal smile across her face, “I am very skilled at love making Regina, especially to a woman.” She went on to tell the mayor about her previous encounters and all the things she had been so very skilled at.

Regina looked shocked and confused at her friend’s admission, and behavior, and concluded she was right, this, whatever this was, has to do with whatever Killian did.

Something magic.

Something that changed her.

This isn’t Emma, not my Emma.

The savior got down on all fours and started to crawl down the bed towards the brunette in a very seductive manner, her voice rumbled deep, thick with lust. “I can make you feel so good Regina.” She licked her lips and dropped her eyes down the mayor’s partially covered damp form. “I would treat you like the queen you are Regina. I would strap on and fuck you so much better than that whiny little bitch Robin. I would make you come so…” Regina was shocked when her hand reached out and slapped the girl across the face. The cut on her lip erupted in fresh blood trickling down the woman’s chin. Emma’s tongue darted out and licked up the fresh blood with a coy smile.

It wasn’t the mention of Robin that made Regina react so harshly, not really. It was to stop the girl from continuing, Regina was weakening her resolve, she wanted Emma. She had wanted her for so long. She wanted to let Emma ravage her. She couldn’t let that happen.

She wouldn’t let that happen, and god's help her hold on.

Emma needs to stop!

Regina’s core pulsed with her own need, her heart was pounding in her chest, her breath shallow and quick. She wanted Emma to do everything she had just promised she could.

It is rape. It’s rape. It is rape because she is under a spell and cannot give consent. It is rape Regina. You’ve already raped her once.’

Those thoughts sobered the mayor.

Emma still holding her newly reddened cheek was smiling devilishly. “Don’t you want me your Majesty?” sex dripping off the girl’s use of her official title, weakened Regina’s knees and she let out a high pitched moan. The brunette shook her head, but couldn’t give voice her objection. Hurt crossed the lovely green eyes and it pained Regina straight to her core.

Desperation crept into the savior and she started to beg, “I need you, Regina. I want you. I LOVE you, Regina!”

Regina physically lost the breath from her lungs, as if someone had punched her square in the gut. She turned away from the blonde, she couldn’t bear to look at her. She gathered her strength quietly reminding herself the woman was under a spell.

Was it much too much to ask to allow it to be broken by removing the potion from the girl’s skin?? She turned back around and Emma was laying back on the bed, she had stripped off her clothing and sprawled her legs wide. Her eyes were hooded as her fingers ran through her sex moaning at the caress. “I want to feel you inside me Regina! I want you to fill me up your majesty!” the blonde hissed and groaned as she plunged her own fingers inside herself.

Regina was shocked to say the least at the sight and she quickly waved her hands and magically put the blonde under a temporary sleeping spell.

With a deep sigh she lowered herself down onto the floor, her back against the side of the bed, her shaking hands covered her face, tears prickling at the edges of her eyes.

I need to find out what he did to her.’

Her entire body was pulsing with desire over the sight she just witnessed.

Get a grip Regina.’

She took a deep breath and magically sealed off the room, preventing magic to be cast within its confines. The only thing that would make this situation worse would be the very emotional savior using her own magic within the confines of her house. She set a temporary barrier on the room as well to keep the blonde in, and everyone else out. The only person who could come and go as she pleased was herself. It wasn’t the worst jail cell she had ever seen. The girl was safe. Safe from others and more importantly, safe from herself.

Regina sighed loudly. ‘The sleeping spell is temporary, but should last the night and I won’t be able to use it more than a few times before it just won’t be effective. Worry about that later. For now, she is safe.’ She rose from the floor and then sat next to the blonde once again. She took the wet wash cloth she had used to clean the woman's bloody lip, and scrubbed down her body, eliminating every trace of the potion. She noticed the faint stain of purple on Emma's porcelain skin, it shimmered and pulsed with its magic. Her fingertips traced the stains, careful not to touch the savior anywhere inappropriate. She felt the magic. It was strong, and old and smelled of licorice. She redressed her friend and gently tucked the unconscious girl under the bedsheets.

Her mind flooded with too many thoughts. She stood and started to pace at the foot of the bed. “What else do you need to do Regina?” She bit at her thumbnail as she thought aloud to herself. “You need to go see that bastard and find out what the hell he did to her! Then find out if we can UNDO it. Then rip his jelly fish spine from his dead rotting corpse!” she smiled to herself at hurting the pig. “But first, you need to sleep.” Her shoulders slumped forward, weary from the stress of the evening. She went to her closet and got into a pair of her silk pajamas and crawled into the bed with Emma. She tried desperately to push the images of the savior out of her mind from that evening, but her entire body was on fire and sleep did not come easily.

What if the spell cannot be broken?’ her own mind mocked her speaking out her fears as she welcomed darkness.


Regina was roused from her restless, dreamless, sleep during the night by probing fingers under her silk pajama bottoms. It felt so wonderful, her body ached and her center pulsed with the contact. Fresh liquid gushed from her quivering opening as the skillful hand teased her slick folds. Her back arched and her thighs parted; a moan escaped before her senses snapped her from her foggy unconscious state to reality. Her eyes popped open and the savior was leaning on her side, her body pressed up against her, her face buried in the mayor's tousled locks, her hand working between the queen’s thighs.

“Emma!!” Regina grabbed at the girl's arm and clamped her legs shut, “Emma stop!” She cried as tears started streaming from her eyes.

“Please Emma? Stop!” she didn’t recognize her own sorrowful voice.

The blonde’s desire faded from her face, replaced with pain and confusion. “But I love you Regina.”

Sobs raked the former queen as her dark heart broke within her chest, “No Miss Swan. You don’t.”

Emma was stunned for a moment, confused by the mayor’s reaction and Regina was able to pull the girl's arm out from under her clothing. She could smell her own desire that coated the fingers of the savior as she detangled herself and slid away from the blonde’s strong embrace.

Emma looked at her own hand and touched her fingers to her own lips. Regina watched as she slipped her fingers into her mouth. “Fuck you taste so good Regina!” No matter how much Regina wanted the girl, it couldn’t be like this.

Regina slipped out of the bed, fumbled in the dark for her nightstand and pulled a pair of cuffs from the drawer, an ancient artifact from her time with Graham. A wide dimpled smile crossed the blonde's face at the sight of the metal gleaming in the moonlight. “Yesssssss!!!” Emma hissed, lust reemerging on the savior’s face and she held her wrists out gladly. Regina cuffed the girl to her bed, arms above her head. The sheriff moaned, arched her back which displayed her pebbled nipples through her nightshirt and pulled teasingly at the restraints as Regina slowly backed herself off the bed.

The mayor retreated into the bathroom closing the door behind her as Emma shouted her name. “Where are you going??” the savior’s voice was panicked.

Regina leaned into the back of the door, listening to her charge scream frantically in the other room. She took a deep breath and pulled together her strength.

Sleeping pills.’

She rushed to the sink and opened the medicine cabinet and ripped through boxes and vials of various meds, allowing them to fall into the sink below until she found the package she was looking for. She ripped it open and silently cursed, ‘Only a few left. Damn. Add shopping to the to-do list for the morning.’ She filled a glass with water from the sink and went back out into her room and turned on the lamp on the side of her bed.

Emma was sitting up and had turned herself around with her feet against the headboard, and was pulling frighteningly hard at the restraints ripping her already raw wrists in the process.

“EMMA!! STOP!!” the queen's powerful voice froze the girl mid yank. Regina rushed over to her, the blood and rawness was staining her pale wrists, dripping down onto the pillowcase between Emma's legs.

“Regina!!” Emma exclaimed relieved.

The queen within her took over. “Emma Swan I forbid you to cause yourself harm!!” Emma lost the joy she felt and started to rebut the accusation, when Regina interrupted her. “Ah AHT! I am SPEAKING!”

The blonde closed her mouth and averted her eyes.

“You WILL abide my wishes!” Regina snapped sharply and the blonde’s head nodded in silent acceptance. “Now. Take this.” She slipped the pills one at a time into the girl's mouth, and allowed her to sip the water after each one.

She stood and made motion to go back to the bathroom, leaving the glass on the end table. Emma gasped in desperation and started to pull on her restraints again, “REGINA!! DON’T GO!!”

Regina spun around, and snapped at her, “I am merely in the next room Miss Swan!” she saw the anguish on the girl's face and took a deep breath and softened her tone. “I’m getting something to help your wrists sweetheart.” She added, “It hurts me to see you in pain.”

The addition wasn’t a lie, the angry mess that was now the savior’s wrists, did indeed pain the queen. Emma looked hysterical, “Don’t leave me!” As unfathomably ridiculous as the request was, it struck Regina hard. “I’m not leaving you Emma. Please, may I get what I need to help you?” the messy blonde head nodded, but her brows were pulled tight with worry.

Regina was back in less than a moment; she unbound the savior gently, hissing at the angry torn flesh. Regina could have easily have healed her with magic, but figured in her highly emotional state that more traditional methods should be utilized.

Magic was unpredictable when she was upset, and she had no intention on paying any more prices for the easy way out. She cleaned away the blood that was drying around the girl's wrists, soothed the broken skin with a thin layer of greasy antibiotic salve and wrapped her wrists with cotton gauze.

Emma dropped her hands down to Regina's thighs and the brunette jumped, “Emma please,“ her voice tired and weary. She looked into the girl's sparkling green eyes and begged her, “Fight this Emma. I need you… to fight this.”

The lost look in the savior’s eyes made her look like a stranger than the woman the mayor knew and cared for. Emma reached up and stroked the queen's cheek, her green eyes focused on the object of her obsession. “I would do anything for you My Queen.” She leaned in close and placed a feather soft kiss upon Regina's lips.

Regina didn’t kiss her back, but didn’t have the will to stop her either. She swallowed hard as Emma pulled away, she could see the girl’s eyelids were heavy with sleep. “Sleep now Miss Swan.” Regina’s words were tender and Emma slumped back onto the bed and closed her eyes.

Regina crawled into bed next to her sleepy charge, she leaned over onto her side, looking intently at this woman who drove her to insanity. She smiled sadly at the peace the girl had in slumber, and pushed her messy blonde hair from her face. She gently stroked Emma's head, the way she did to Henry when he was a little boy.

Emma’s breathing was deep and steady, both signs the woman was unconscious. “Emma,“ She whispered so faint, it was barely a breath, “I will fix this darling.” She swallowed, stuffing her fears down deep, “When I do, my only hope is that you forgive me. That is all I want from you Emma. Forgive me for giving into my desires.” She bit her lip and decided this will be the only time she will ever be able to tell the girl the truth. “I..I..” the words caught in her throat and she steadied herself, “I love you Emma Swan. I think I have loved you for some time now. I am never happier than when Sunday rolls around and we become a family. You, me and our son.” Fresh tears start to sting her chocolate eyes and her voice wavered with emotion. “I treasure our friendship Emma, and I don’t want to… do anything to ruin that.” She smiled sadly and continued. “Please believe me when I say I’m sorry for what happened at the docks. That was…” she took a deep breath to steady herself, “That wasn’t how I wanted it to be.” She cursed Hook silently. “I’m sorry Emma.” Tears came freely, Regina buried her face into her pillow and cried herself to sleep.