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Emma lifted her head from its uncomfortable position hanging forward. The dead weight of her unconsciousness stretched and contorted her muscles leaving them stiff and aching. She winced at the pain to the back of her head as it grazed something hard behind her. She couldn’t see and felt the cloth around her eyes immediately when her eyelids tried to open. She was hanging in a standing position and she forced herself to take the weight of herself back on her feet. She was tied to something wooden, both arms and legs. The ache in her muscles sang out as she tried to steady herself on her shaky legs.

She tried to use her magic to release the bonds, but couldn’t summon it up. She realized she was nude and her heart began to quicken and a deep blush burned across her chest and face. She could smell the salty air of the docks and the unmistakable scent of rum in the room. “Killian.” she spat in a hoarse voice. She heard him chuckle from the other side of the room and her stomach flipped.

“Yes love.” he growled menacingly.

She felt the dread wash over her and the panic she was stuffing away bled into her words, “What are you doing??”

Why getting my happy ending love!”

She pulled at the binds on her arms, knowing it was a futile attempt, but her mind started to catch up on the fact she was in danger. He laughed. “Tsk tsk tsk, Swan.”

“Why am I blind folded? I know it is you!” She found her anger and tapped into it. ‘How dare he do… whatever it is he is doing!!’

“It is a game Swan!” he sang and she could hear the smug smile in his voice.

“I’m not in the mood for games.” She hissed.

“Oh you will be.” His smile darkened as he circled around her.

She realized she was probably in serious danger from this man whom less than a week ago would have been in her bed. She took a deep breath and swallowed hard summoning her courage, “This isn’t the way to win me back Hook.” He slapped her across the face as a response and her head snapped back with the force of it. Her lip busted open and started to drip down her lip, he grabbed her jaw and ran his thumb across the bloody line that ran into the cleft of her chin. He pulled himself closer to her, pushing his leather clad body up against her naked flesh and seethed, “This is exactly how I am going to win you back Swan. Soon, you won’t be able to think of anything but the love of your life, your Killian Jones.”

The stench of booze made her stomach flip and she struggled against his strong grip, “You must be insane if you think for one second I’ll ever be with you after this.” He laughed at her bravado and released his grasp, pushing her face away from him with contempt. His boots clicked hollow against the floorboards as he stepped away from her, “Oh but love, I’ve got assurances.” She heard something slide along wood, like a bottle or a jar maybe. He tapped the object against the wood for dramatic effect. She swallowed audibly as fear of the unknown gripped her heart.

“What are you talking about?” her small voice sounded foreign even to herself.

He walked back over to her running his fingers over her abdomen, her stomach lurched and she almost vomited. He whispered into her ear, “You see Swan, you and your beloved are not the only ones who can use magic in this town. I’ve been to some pretty interesting worlds Swan,” he let his hands slide back down her body as he whispered, “I’ve met some pretty interesting people,” he licked up the side of her jawbone to her earlobe, “and I have picked up some very interesting things.” With a nip at her lobe he pulled back away from her.

Emma’s mind was reeling trying to make sense of what was happening and how she could possibly get out of it. She was trying to focus and think of the last thing she solidly remembered before waking up with Killian.

YouTube. Okay okay, so the station. He grabbed me from work. I texted Ruby about meeting her, he must have grabbed me before then. Judging by the headache he smucked me with something. Okay Ruby may not think it is odd I didn’t show, but Regina will. And she will come. I just need to keep him busy and stay alive, until she finds me.’

Her attention focused back to the situation at hand when she smelled a perfumey sweet scent fill the air around her and then Killian’s voice once again, “This, Swan, is said to be the ultimate love potion. Once it touches your skin, you will beg me to be with you. And once I am, you won’t ever want anyone else, ever.”

Emma stiffened at the prospect of being forced into a relationship with this lunatic. “It’s magic. It won’t be real Killian.” her voice croaked.

“I don’t care.” she could hear his smile in his voice. Then, his hand cupped her bare breast, pinching gently at her nipples which were hardened by the cool air. She started to thrash and pull at the ropes that bound her in place.

“I think I’ll make you beg for it Swan.” He removed his hand and leaned in close, “This is going to be so good.” his deep sultry voice chilled her blood in her veins. She felt a cold wet fluid touch her nipple, then the soft bristles of a brush as it slid the fluid around her breast. After a few moments Emma felt stirring deep within her abdomen, a yearning that wasn’t natural. Her chest was on fire, raw and throbbing. Killian started to giggle as the brush painted the sweet fluid over to her other breast, her nipples grew impossibly hard and she let out a groan of pleasure. She pulled on the restraints desperately trying to free herself, the toothy rope bit into her wrists and burned her flesh. She could only focus on the magical viscous liquid seeping into her pores setting her entire body a flame. She tried to talk to him again, “Killian, Please don’t do this.” She yelled out her fear consuming her, “You will be raping me!!! Killian!” Hook just laughed at the anguished pleas of his love, “Is it really rape if you are begging me for it??”

She nodded her head and replied weakly, “YES!” The brush made its way lower on her body, he circled around her navel slowly, seductively, “So be it Swan. You brought this on yourself.” He pushed his fingers into the folds of her sex, opening her to the cool air. “You are so hot already Swan, I love how wet you get for me.” he said as he pushed his fingers into her. She tried futilely to close her legs but the bindings had her ankles spread too far. He dipped the brush back into the liquid and painted her hood with the magical potion. She screamed out as the heat from the liquid burned through her core. He released her folds back into place and settled in for her torture. She heard his taunting fade back into the fog as the potion gripped her and she bit her lip to keep herself from moaning out. Her muscles were tense and fear settled over her as she thought she just may beg him to fuck her. Her hips started to buck wildly at the air and a slick sheen of sweat covered her body from the strain.

“Soon my love, I am enjoying your torment.” He sat back and watched the blonde writhe and moan against the restraints. A sick smile crossed his lips, and his pants grew tight with his excitement.


Regina sprinkled the locator potion on a shirt Emma had in the back seat of her car, she waved her hands over it quickly casting the spell and then watched as it took off. She followed it up the stairs and out of her family crypt, she kicked off her heels and ran after it. Once it reached the graveyard it started to pick up speed. Up until that point she had been goal focused, now running after the floating shirt she allowed the panic to set in. That animal has her, she was sure of it and Regina knew better than most the depths of his depravity. The shirt twisted and turned as if caught in a wind, and she followed it to the other side of town, toward the docks. “Of course. The pirate brings her to the water.” she rolled her eyes at the predictability of it, ‘He has no ship!’, her brain tried to make sense of the madness. “I swear if he’s harmed her I will break every bone in his body, starting with his cock.”

Regina padded up the dock, her stockinged feet torn to shreds, following the dancing shirt. She heard muffled moaning and the shirt dropped to the wooden floorboards in front of a small shack just off the boardwalk. The sun was setting just below the horizon and the light from within the shack flickered as if it were illuminated by candles. Regina hesitated for just a second, ‘What if they made up?’ She pushed that thought away as soon as she heard the sound of her friend in agony.

Those are not sexy sounds.’

She opened the door slowly, and saw Killian sitting on a bench with his pants around his knees, stroking his erect member. She didn’t see Emma from where she was at the door, but she could hear the girl’s cries and knew she was there. She tried to cast an immobilization spell but realized quickly she couldn’t feel her magic. Her eyes frantically looked around herself and noticed a large wooden ore next to the entrance of the shack. She slipped inside the door and quietly picked up the ore, she tiptoed up behind the pirate and as she pulled back the man caught her from his peripheral vision, but just a tad too late. He tried to get up and rush forward, toward the sheriff, but Regina made contact with the broad side of the ore to the back of Killian’s head.

The man crumpled and was laid out unconscious at her feet. She dropped the ore and focused on the nude savior, she was spread eagle and tied to a rowboat. Dark bloody marks trailed her chest and abdomen and she was thrashing about, groaning and pleading breathlessly. The queen’s heart thundered in her chest. “Emma!! What did he do to you?!”

Regina rushed over to her friend and pulled the blindfold off of her. The blonde’s hair was slick with sweat, yellow tendrils stuck to her face and her eyes were unfocused and feral. The state of the sheriff shocked Regina and she put a soothing hand to the girl’s forehead. “Emma? It’s okay, you’re safe now.”

Emma’s eyes seemed to focus a little and she recognized the mayor’s voice instantly. “Regina?” her hoarse raspy voice weak from her tortured screams. Regina looked over the girl’s body to assess the damage and realized what she thought was blood was in fact some sticky purple goop. Regina tried to unbind one of the sheriff’s wrists only to have Emma shake her head and scream, “Get it off!! Please!! Get this shit off of me!!”

Regina made a move to wipe it away but then asked, “What is it?”

Emma started thrashing against her ties, her hips pushing out toward the brunette, without relief her head dropped back and she screamed, “Please! It burns!!”

“O-Okay.” Regina’s heart broke with the desperate begging from the savior as she looked around the room for something to wipe the girl down with. She saw nothing in the immediate area and Emma’s cries were increasing in their urgency. “R’Gina!?!?”

The mayor stripped off her jacket and ripped the lining out of the expensive coat. She looked up at Emma before touching her as if to seek further permission.

The savior’s cheeks were stained with tears and her eyes seemed to refuse to make contact with Regina so she focused on the task at hand. She cupped the blonde’s breast and wiped the sticky fluid off of her.

The mayor was shocked when Emma’s body went completely rigid at the light contact and she let out a loud satisfied groan.

At the mayor’s touch, a sweet mix of pleasure and pain shot down the blonde’s body and she exclaimed, “Oh fuck yes!”

Regina was taken aback by the blonde’s reaction and exclaimed, “MISS SWAN!!” Emma ignored the shock in her friend’s face and her moans deepened as she felt the silky fabric tickle over her nipple and pleasure shot straight down to her dripping wet core.

Regina continued to wipe the thick sticky stripes off of her breasts, chest and abdomen. As the queen worked her way down the savior’s body she tried to ignore how the girl was moaning and undulating her hips, it was starting to effect the queen.

The savior bucked her hips wildly and panted breathlessly each touch to her raw swollen nipples exploded sexual pleasure straight to her core, “Please Regina more!”

The brunette ignored her friend’s pleas and knelt down before the princess and began to wipe off her thighs. She immediately noticed the clear wet desire that was running down the inside of the woman’s thighs and the purple tint to that liquid. Emma’s arousal was thick in the air and Regina found her body start to react to the panting desperate pleas from the savior. She instantly felt alarmed at how turned on she was. The girl’s modest patch of blonde curls, damp with desire shot a sharp bolt down her back and between her own legs. She looked up at Emma, the unfocused green eyes were almost black with desire and she shuddered with need. Regina tore off a new piece of cloth and spread open the savior’s sex and wiped along the inside of her slick center.

Emma’s eyes instantly focused and her hips thrust against Regina’s gentle caress.


Regina closed her eyes and quietly cursed the pirate for whatever he has done to this girl, and then cursed herself for getting turned on by the woman. She carefully rubbed the cloth up and down the girl’s opening, very much aware that her own core was dripping wet. Emma was moaning and rubbing herself against Regina’s caress. The cloth fell away and her bare fingers rubbed against Emma’s swollen nub.

Emma cried out, “Yes! Regina!!” she thrashed and screamed out in her pleasure, goading the queen on. Regina pushed her fingers down to Emma’s opening and they slipped easily inside of her and Regina moaned out at the feeling. Emma met Regina’s thrusts with what little movement she had and panted for Regina to fuck her. The mayor closed her eyes and relished in the slick feel of her friend, the way the woman’s walls closed around and gripped Regina’s fingers felt like magic.

Emma’s cries died down as her whole body slammed outward and started to shake violently into her orgasm and Regina dutifully drew out the girl’s pleasure with forceful deliberate strokes. Emma’s body stilled and hung limp off of the restraints that bound her, completely unconscious. Regina removed her shaky hand from the girls’ sex, her fingers slick with the savior’s juices and looked up at her. “Oh god, what did I do?” Regina closed her eyes, her body shook as she silently cried in anger and shame. ‘My friend was in trouble, and I took advantage of her.’ She looked down at Hook, ‘I am no better than Killian.’

She loosened the ropes that had her friend bound and lowered her to the wooden floor. The mayor scanned the room but the woman’s clothes were nowhere to be found. Emma was peacefully unconscious and Regina inspected the girl’s body for any more of the potion she may have missed. Satisfied that she removed it all she untied the rope that was used to bind Emma and tied a half-naked Hook up, who was still, thankfully, unconscious. In her frustration she kicked the unconscious man. She was angry, angry at him, angry at herself. She was here to save the savior and instead, she raped her. ‘What the hell was I thinking?’

She struggled as she lifted Emma’s limp body and carried her out of the shack, as soon as she stepped out into the cool night air she felt her magic rush back into her and she and the sheriff disappeared in a purple cloud of smoke.

They reappeared in Regina’s bedroom, she laid the blonde back onto her bed gently. Regina’s mind reeled over what had just happened, ‘Clearly whatever that sludge was on her made her ask me to… to…’ Proper fear then took root within the queen, will Emma hate her for what she has done? She swallowed hard and turned to her wardrobe, she removed an over-sized tee shirt and dressed Emma, then tucked the woman into bed. Regina sat next to the blonde for just a moment looking down on her as she slept. She pushed wild strands of blonde from the girl’s face and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m so sorry Emma. Please forgive me.”

Regina went into the bathroom. Standing in front of the sink she looked at herself in the mirror. The well together mayor that the woman regularly portrays was long gone and in her place was a weary, scared, foolish girl.

She begged me to touch her.’

Emma would never—’

She must be under a spell or whatever that crap was on her—A potion!’

A potion that makes her—makes her what?’

Makes her act a damn fool, that’s what!’

You’re the one who listened to her, you knew she was behaving oddly, you knew and you did it anyway. This is such a mess.’ The conversation she was having with herself did nothing but agitate her guilt. ‘What other strange behaviors is Emma going to exhibit when she wakes up? Henry can’t witness this.’

Regina took out her phone and was inundated by text messages, missed calls and voicemail messages from Henry, David, Snow and Ruby. She called David first, he being the level headed of the idiot charming couple.

“I have her David. We are at the mansion.”

“Where was she? Is she okay?”

“I believe she is unharmed. Killian had her. Would you mind keeping Henry? She may have been affected by magic and is not herself. Until I am sure what it is we are dealing with, I would prefer to not subject our child. Whatever it is, I will find a way to fix it, but I think until I do, Emma would prefer to be… Discrete.”

David paused at the queen’s choice of words. His anger present in his next question.

“What did he do to her?”

“Nothing that cannot be undone, David. I will find a way.”

“Did he hurt her?”

“It appears as though I got there and stopped him before he did any real damage.”

A sigh of relief breathed on the other end of the line.

“What can we do to help?”

“He is tied up in a shack down on the docks, pier 4. Go get his ass and throw it, not so gently, into jail please?”

“You got it.”

“Thank you David. There is a vial of purple magic we need, do not get it on you David. Also, I want to question him in the morning so make sure he can talk when I get there.”

He chuckled. “Why wouldn’t he be able to talk Regina?”

“You’ll know exactly what he was going to do to your daughter when you see how I left him.”

David’s mirth disappeared instantly and the line went deathly quiet.

“Don’t let your wife come up here please? I think it will be bad enough for her that I’ve seen her this way.”

She received a very quiet, “Thank you Regina.” And she hung up the phone.

Next she texts Henry, who was sure to have listened to David’s side of the conversation she just had with the man.


Mom: Sweetheart, Your mother is safe. We are at home. She has been affected by magic. You are to stay with Charming and Snow until I fix this. PLEASE listen to me and stay put.

Henry: are you okay?

Mom: Yes honey. Everyone is okay.


A long pause, she knew her son was trying to mull around the no doubt worried David vs. his mother’s calmer assessment of the situation.

Henry: Okay. I love you. Tell Ma I love her too. Let me know if I can help. I’ll call you tomorrow after school.


Regina took a deep breath. Pride beamed from within her at the maturity of her son.

Mom: Both Emma and I love you Henry. Very much. Get some sleep my prince.

She removed her clothes and ran a bath. She brushed through her chocolate brown hair and tied it up high on her head. She picked her phone back up and texts Ruby.


Regina: I found Emma. She is okay.

Ruby: Are you okay? What happened?

Regina: I am well, thank you for asking.

Regina: Hook kidnapped her, with intent on harming her.

Ruby: OMG that sob!!!!! I am literally going to rip his throat out!!!

Regina: Not before I question the bastard.

Ruby: Is Emma okay?

Regina: She will be. I’ll stop by tomorrow.

Ruby: cu then. Take care, Regina.


Regina shut her phone off and turned off the bath water. The heat penetrated her muscles as she lowered herself down into the water. She closed her eyes for a moment and allowed the heat to push the evening’s events from her mind. She wet a washcloth and scrubbed down her body, then laid back draping the cloth over her eyes and relaxed.