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A Place to Call Home

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3 years later…

Iwaizumi Tooru was late. But he already knew that was going to happen. Because every time they had meetings at work like this, they always ended up going overtime. It was fine though, because according to the text message on his phone, Iwa had already picked up Eiji.

But, when Iwa picked up Eiji that meant that Oikawa was the one who’d have to stop at the grocery store before getting home. Not that he didn’t like the grocery store, he just hated doing it on weekdays like this, because honest to god his feet were killing him. Even so, it couldn’t be helped. Because they were out of soy sauce. More than that though, the omega was dying for some pudding. So Oikawa was pretty sure he would’ve ended up at the grocery store no matter what.

This was already the third time this week. Fourth, if you counted two nights ago, when he made Iwa run down to the family mart for some instant yakisoba.

He’d started craving yakisoba, recently. Iwa, being the brilliant man that he was, not only brought back the yakisoba, but cheese curry ramen as well.

Oikawa loved him.

When he finally made it to the grocery store though, and he walked past the rows of ice creams, he couldn’t decide if he wanted chocolate pudding or chocolate ice cream. He stood between the aisles, worrying his bottom lip and trying to figure out which one he’d be happier with. In the end it didn’t really matter, because Oikawa proudly declared out loud that he deserved both, and so he grabbed them both, adding them to his basket.

He rubbed his swollen belly as he continued down the aisles, grabbing a packet of dried sardines before heading over to the checkout.

He’d stopped caring what he ate about three months ago. It’d definitely helped balance out his mood swings. If this baby wanted to eat nothing but curry ramen and chocolate pudding then Oikawa was just gonna give it to her.

A harsh kick to his stomach almost made him drop his wallet as he was paying, and the cashier asked if he was all right, but Oikawa insisted that he was fine. It was as if the baby knew that food was on the way. After paying, he made his way back home as fast as he could—which was pretty slow, actually—but Oikawa thought it was relatively fast, for someone who was already eight months in.

Really, his only drive at the moment was the fact that he’d be able to take off his shoes once he got home. If he had any less self control he would’ve parked himself on the sidewalk, kicked off his shoes and slurped the pudding straight from the cup.

He almost did. Didn’t. But he could have.

Opening his front door was a bit of a struggle, but he managed, pushing his way through and sighing in relief as he kicked off his shoes. He could hear Iwa and Eiji playing in the living room, so he called out to them to let them know he was home.

“Mom!!” Eiji came running, popping his head out in the hallway, “Dad’s teaching me to wrestle!” He said, dashing back into the living room before finishing his last syllable. Oikawa followed him, asking why Iwa was teaching him how to wrestle in the first place. He set the bag down on the kitchen counter, and Iwa greeted him with a kiss to his cheek, the alpha rubbing his tummy at the same time, “It’s not wrestling, it’s self defense.”

“Yeah yeah!” Eiji hyped him up, “Self defense!”

Oikawa was too tired to argue it, so he just shrugged his shoulders, digging through the grocery bag and pulling out a spoon from the drawer.

“Pudding?” Iwa asked.

“Mmm,” Oikawa nodded, motioning to the bag, “I bought ice—“ his speech broke off, Oikawa grimacing and holding onto his stomach. In a moment, Iwa’s hand was on his back, the other resting over Oikawa’s stomach, making sure the omega was ok. “Kicking again?”

“It’s been nonstop since I left work,” Oikawa managed a smile, though he was obviously in a bit of pain, “She’s an alpha alright.”

“Is she kicking now??” Eiji came up, also placing his hands on his mom’s stomach, “I wanna feel it!”

It didn’t take very long, because the baby kicked again, making Eiji scream. Oikawa wasn’t sure if it was out of horror or delight.

“Why don’t you sit down?” Iwa smiled, “I’ll rub your feet.”

Oikawa couldn’t stop the tears, because they just came out all on their own, the omega sniffling and nodding his head, “Yeah—thank you—I just—I really want my pudding—”

Eiji ignored it all, because his mom spontaneously bursting into tears was nothing new. He watched as his Iwa kissed Oikawa’s temple, rubbing his back with encouragement, “Alright. Pudding and foot rubs.”

The omega nodded, because the tears were gone, as if they’d never been there to begin with, Oikawa ripping open the top of the pudding cup. They walked over to the couch together, tailed by Eiji, all three of them sitting down next to each other.

Eiji picked the show, which Oikawa vetoed, because he needed something that ‘wouldn’t give him a headache.’ They finally landed on some sort of cooking show, not that it mattered, because the volume was so low they couldn’t really hear it, and when they were all together like this the time was mostly spent talking about what they did for the day. As promised, Iwa rubbed his husband’s feet while they all talked, Oikawa mumbling his way through, because he was scarfing down the pudding cup.

Eventually, though, once they all finished their stories, they did end up watching the cooking show. Oikawa eased into the couch, sighing and letting out a soft purr.

“Mom’s relaxed now,” Eiji snickered, turning the volume up a bit more.

“It’s cuz your dad’s great at foot massages,” Iwa said, pointing to himself. Oikawa smirked at that, leaning over as best he could to kiss Iwa on the cheek. “I’m gonna get another pudding cup,” he said. Iwa nodded, knowing better than to offer to grab one for him. Oikawa stood up slowly, making his way around the couch before he stopped, gripping the back of the couch and spasming suddenly.


The omega’s knuckles went white from the grip, a gasp catching in his throat as he staggered a bit, and Iwa got up on instinct, rushing to his omega’s side.


Oikawa shook his head, smiling a bit, “I’m ok,” he said, “Hajime.”

“Did she kick you again?” Iwa ran a hand against Oikawa’s back, and Oikawa shook his head again, gripping onto his husband, “Hajime,” he repeated, licking his lips, “What I’m about to say—I don’t want you to panic.”

Naturally, that only caused the alpha to panic, “Does it hurt? Should we go to the hospital?”

“Hajime,” Oikawa repeated, voice smooth and soft, “Nothing hurts. I’m fine, and the baby is fine. But my water just broke.”

The way the alpha paled was like nothing the omega had ever seen. “Your…your water…” Iwa managed.

Oikawa nodded slowly, “It broke.”

“Does that mean you peed yourself?” Eiji asked, looking over the couch, pointing down at his mom’s pants.

It was only then that Iwa glanced down, noticing the fact that Oikawa’s pants were dripping wet. That seemed to be enough to finally kick him into gear, “We gotta—hospital—Eiji!!”

“Yes,” Oikawa said simply, “That’s why we packed my bags in advance—”

“Right—bags—I’m on it—”

“And I’ll call my mom,” Oikawa nodded again, as if he were walking Iwa through all the steps.

“Right—Mom—and I’m—bags—”

“Upstairs,” Oikawa gave a pained smile, and luckily Iwa didn’t need more direction than that, just dashed up the stairs to get the bags.

“Did the baby pee on you Mom?” Eiji asked, still staring at his mom in fascination.

Oikawa closed his eyes so as to not smack his own child. “Eiji, go get me a towel.”


That’s when the first contraction hit.

He whined, calling out for Hajime, and as the dull pain began to spread, his own voice spiked into a panic the second time, calling out to Hajime again. Right now more than ever, instinct demanded his mate by his side.


A blur. That was the only way to describe everything that happened between rushing from the house to the hospital. Because Iwa didn’t remember a damn thing. Was only really able to register that he was there, and Eiji was there, and Oikawa’s parents were there. But none of that explained why there weren’t like ten nurses and two doctors tending to his mate who was about to give birth. Apparently, there was something about the timing of contractions, and something about the baby not being ready, but Iwa had no idea how an omega’s water could break and the baby still not be ready. Wasn’t it like, the water breaks, and you immediately go into labor?

Iwa didn’t know. Didn’t know anything, and was too scared to look anything up. So he was just going to stay by Oikawa’s side, holding both his and Eiji’s hand, and talk about baseball, because that seemed to be what his mind defaulted to.

He would’ve kept going too, if Oikawa didn’t tell him to shut the fuck up.

Because baseball was definitely not Oikawa’s default. He really wished Oikawa would’ve let him though, because if he couldn’t talk about easy things like that his head slipped into questions. And when he asked Oikawa a bunch of questions like that it just made him sound ridiculously nervous. He didn’t want to be that alpha. The one where the omega has to calm them down because they’re too damn busy freaking the fuck out.

It helped having his parents there, because both of them were pretty calm, but that just made Iwa freak out even more. Because he was supposed to be better than that. He shouldn’t have to rely on so many people to get it together long enough so he could be there for Oikawa.

Granted, it did get better once Bokuto and Akaashi arrived. Because Bokuto had been there the first time Oikawa had given birth. So Iwa figured if he fucked up then at least Bokuto would be there to pick up the slack. Though, Iwa was pretty surprised when Bokuto did finally walk in, and the first thing he said was, “You’re a hell of a lot calmer this time around.”

“Well it’s not the first time I do this,” Oikawa bit back with some snark. “Besides,” he continued, rubbing his thumb over Iwa’s hand, “My mate’s here.”

Iwa hadn’t thought of it like that. Hadn’t even really considered that Oikawa was probably comparing the two experiences, but it made sense if he was, and even if all Iwa could do was just be there then—he sure as hell wasn’t going to let go of Oikawa’s hand.

After a few hours, Oikawa said that it was time to call one of the nurses. Iwa had no idea how the hell he was supposed to know that, but apparently it was the contractions again, and Iwa guessed if it was your own body then you’d know when the baby was ready, but regardless, it just shot his mind into a brand new panic. Iwa didn’t really know the whole story, but for whatever reason, Oikawa had already requested that it be just the two of them in the room while he gave birth. Which meant Iwa would be on his own from this point on.

Luckily, Bokuto put his hand over his shoulder, which seemed to ground him, if only for a few moments. “I’ll get the nurse,” he said, “And Fumi’s gonna take Eiji to the cafeteria.”

After that it became another blur, until the nurses started to tell Oikawa to push, then it all became clear again. Maybe it was because Oikawa’s scent changed. Maybe it was because, now that Eiji and everyone else was gone, Oikawa was finally letting his guard down, his expression showing a lot more than it had while they’d been waiting. Whichever one it was, though, Iwa knew his omega was scared. And he sure as fuck wasn’t gonna let his own anxieties get in the way of helping him.

He squeezed his mate’s hand, nuzzling into his hair gently. “Breathing, just like we practiced,” he murmured, “Two in and one out—you’re gonna do great.”

Oikawa nodded, wincing as he began to push, holding onto Iwa’s hand as if everything depended on it.

It was hard to watch, the longer it dragged on. Because the longer it took, the more Oikawa began to sweat and the more his face contorted in pain.

“We can see the head, Iwaizumi-san. Almost there. You’re doing very well.”

Oikawa tossed his head back to the ceiling, tears streaming down his cheeks. That was all it took for Iwa to bark at one of the nurses to do something about it. Wouldn’t it be better to just have a cesarean at this point?

But no one was given the chance to say anything, because Oikawa let out a scream that Iwa had never heard from anyone in his entire life, and it was absolutely terrifying, both in how carnal it was, and in how hard he got his hand squeezed in the process, but not moments after, a new scream joined the room, a high pitched squeal of annoyance owned by none other than his tiny tiny girl of a pup.

Oikawa’s grip on Iwa’s hand fell, the omega sinking into the bed, and Iwa was caught between making sure his mate was ok, and keeping his eyes on the nurses that were holding his child.

“Omega girl,” one of the nurses called out, before rushing to put a blanket on her, placing her on Oikawa’s chest while they cleaned her up.

Both Oikawa and Iwa looked at each other, scoffing a bit, Iwa shaking his head, “An omega, huh?”

“Hey,” Oikawa breathed, holding the pup close, speaking directly to her, “You came out pretty quickly for someone that kicks so much…” he giggled to himself, letting out a long sigh of relief, upon which Iwa nuzzled him, because he just couldn’t help it.

“She’s beautiful,” Iwa said, wanting nothing more than to hold her as well.

“She has your eyes, Hajime.”

Iwa’s eyes widened, hovering over them, “Really?”

“Mmm,” Oikawa smiled and bit his lip, giggling softly to himself as he adjusted his hold a bit, so that Iwa could get a better look.

They were most certainly Iwa’s eyes.

The scent in the room was impossible to describe. Iwa knew that there were other people there, but it felt like nothing else existed other than himself, Oikawa, and their new baby. Because although the baby carried its own scent, something strangely fresh but equally nostalgic, most of all was the purity in Oikawa’s, something Iwa wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to smell again.

“And what will you be naming her?” One of the nurses asked, looking at longingly at the baby as everyone else was.

“Kaori,” they both replied at the same time, before the both of them laughed, Oikawa leaning into his alpha. 

“Kaori,” Oikawa repeated with a nod, “Iwaizumi Kaori.”


Because Kaori was born so late in the day, they kept Oikawa overnight. Iwa stayed with him, so that they could leave the minute they were given the all-clear. Oikawa was not a fan of hospitals, so he wanted to be ready to go as soon as possible. Bokuto and Akaashi took Eiji for the night, and Oikawa’s parents said they’d fix up the house to have it ready for them once they got home. Iwa was finally able to hold his own child, even got to watch Oikawa feed her, and in those moments he realized what people meant when they talked about having a baby.

They become your world. In a way that couldn’t be described with words. But then again, words had never really been Iwa’s forte to begin with.

The next morning, after a breakfast he didn’t touch because it was, quote, nauseating, Oikawa was released from the hospital. Due to the lack of food, Iwa promised to make him something once they got home. As much as he wanted to carry Kaori to the car, Oikawa wasn’t letting her go, keeping her close to his chest and talking to her as if she could understand every bit of what he was saying.

It was a short drive back to the apartment, much shorter than the drive to the hospital, that was for sure, Oikawa holding Kaori to his chest the whole way through.

Iwa always thought babies were supposed to cry a bunch, but maybe she was just too tired to be crying right now. She’d slept through most of the night, only really starting to cry when she’d wanted some food.

“Your scent works on babies too,” Oikawa cooed at him, all but glowing, letting out soft little purrs to soothe the baby. It made Iwa want to jump and hug him all at the same time. “You’re beautiful,” he blurted, a bit dumbly, but all too honest, and Oikawa giggled again in that soft way, leaning over to nuzzle him.

“And she’s beautiful too,” Iwa added, pulling up to their apartment and bringing the car to a stop.

“She’s feisty for an omega,” Oikawa murmured, “I thought for sure she’d be an alpha.”

“Doesn’t that just mean she’s got your personality?” Iwa hummed, unhooking his seat belt so he could properly scent his mate. Oikawa giggled again (he’d been doing that a lot), purring into Iwa’s neck and letting out soft little hums. “I hope not,” he bit his lip, “I’m too stubborn.”

“We’re both stubborn,” Iwa provided, “So we’re kinda screwed in that department.”

“Do you think Eiji will get jealous?”

“More than likely. I think we’re in for a rollercoaster.”

“I’m not a huge fan of rollercoasters,” Oikawa admitted.

“I’ll hold your hand the whole way through,” Iwa said, taking hold of the omega’s hand and giving it a soft squeeze and kissing Oikawa’s reddening cheeks for good measure. “Then I guess we’ll be ok,” Oikawa returned, squeezing Iwa’s hand back, “Don’t you dare let go, Hajime.”

“You know I won’t.”

Oikawa leaned in to kiss him, Kaori cooing in his arms. “We should get inside,” he said, adjusting Kaori, “Everyone’s waiting, aren’t they?”

“Mm,” Iwa nodded, “They probably are.”

They walked up to the third floor together, Iwa carrying all the bags while Oikawa cradled Kaori. Iwa pulled out his keys, opening the door, his hand on the handle as he turned to Oikawa, flashing a smile.

“Welcome home, Kaori.”

Oikawa smiled as the door opened to reveal everyone inside, Eiji yelling out before everyone else and welcoming his mom home. That triggered another series of ‘welcome homes’ and as they made their way further into the house, Oikawa realized they’d even gone so far as to make a banner. He couldn’t help but laugh, Iwa’s arm around his shoulder making him feel light as air. Eiji ran up to them, and Iwa picked him up, the four of them standing across from everyone else.

Iwa glanced down at his mate for a moment, his hand finding its way around Oikawa’s shoulder again to give it a squeeze, and Oikawa did that giggling thing again, turning to officially greet everyone in the room.

“We’re home!”