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Harriet Potter: The Girl Who Fucks Slytherins

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Harriet woke up angry from her dream. She dreamt that some Aurors were attempting to use crucio on her, she was Voldemort in the dream. So, in the end, she used Avada Kedavra on the Aurors. She was raging in her dream and woke up the same. She accidentally set the curtains of her bed on fire which she quickly put out.

"Are you okay?" A voice behind her now burnt curtains said. Harriet pulled back the curtains to see Hermione with wide eyes and her mouth open. She just groaned and got up to gather her showering items. She also grabbed her school robes and went across the hall to shower. Lavender was just finishing brushing her hair as Harriet set down her things. Harriet waited until Lavender left to undress. When she was done undressing, she quickly showered. The water washed away her sweat that came from her dream. She turned off the water and dried herself off. She dressed in her school robes while she dried her hair with a spell. Hermione came in when Harriet was violently brushing her teeth.

"Are you sure your okay?" Hermione asked while grabbing the brush on the counter. She brushed her hair which made it bigger. Harriet never brushed her hair because it was so unruly.

"Just a bad dream," Harriet sighed as she put her toothbrush down.

"How are you going to be today?" Hermione asked.

"Fucking pissed at everyone," Harriet snapped. Last night her name came out of the Goblet of Fire. She screamed at the Professors that she didn't put her name in the Goblet nor did she ask someone older to put her name in. No one believed her, not even Dumbledore. The students were whispering harsh things behind her like her being an attention seeker and way worse. Ron and the boys hated her but Neville refused to choose sides which she was thankful for. Today was going to be hell.

"I don't think you put your name," Hermione said softly.

"Thank you 'mione," Harriet smirked when Hermione twitched at her nickname but smiled anyway. They both grabbed their school bags and headed to the Great Hall for breakfast. Everyone glared at them as they passed. The Great Hall was filled with harsh whispers directed at Harriet. She just tuned them out and sat down to eat. Gryffindors moved away from them as soon as they sat down. Hermione glared at them for making them moving so dramatic which shut them up. Harriet worked on an essay for charms which she was supposed to do last night but she was too busy arguing with the Professors. Hermione piled fruits on her plate and Harriet's plate. Harriet rarely eats enough fruit for Hermione's liking. Harriet thanked her and ate some strawberries while continuing to write.



Classes were terrible each one, in charms, she broke her wand and in potions, her potion was brown instead of white. Both teachers and students were treating her terribly the whole day. Harriet was walking back from her last class to her dorm. She didn't have enough energy to eat dinner in the Great Hall after what happened at lunch. Malfoy threw a nasty hex at her which hit her on the cheek. It made her right cheek a dark blue color like a bruise. Everyone in the hall laughed as she got up to go to the nurse. She sighed and leaned up against the wall. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths until she heard someone walk towards her. She sighed again and slowly opened her eyes to see a random Slytherin student right in front of her. She pressed her back against the wall and gasped. The Slytherin was a very attractive male with longer brown hair and blue eyes. He was taller than her by about a head and was very built compared to her. She couldn't put a name to his face but she has seen him in the halls before. He was a sixth year student who was very good a potions. That's all that she knew though.

"Are you alright?" His voice was deep which made her shiver.

"Yeah just tired," She whispered back.

"You sure?" He said while placing his hand on her head and stepped closer so their chests were almost touching.

"Yeah, I promise," She whispered. He leaned down so his face was more close to hers. His eyes flickered from her eyes to her lips. She tilted her head up so their lips were lightly touching. He pressed harder on her lips while sucking on her bottom lip. He groaned and pressed his body against hers. She moaned and slid her hands into his hair while he put his hands on her hips. She kissed him harder and licked his lips lightly. He opened his mouth and let her search the inside of his mouth. They twirled their tongues together and moved in sync. He started to rock against her which made her gasp. He took this opportunity to kiss her neck. She tilted her head and let him explore her neck. She moaned louder when he bit down on a spot under her ear. He continued to lick and bite her neck until he was satisfied with the marks on her neck. Harriet was a moaning mess and he wasn't any better. He was rock hard in his pants from just the noises she was making. He pressed his groin against her hip and slammed his lips against hers. She tugged on his hair which made him groan. He pulled back to look into her eyes.

"Do you want to?" He asked while playing with the end of her skirt.

"Yes, and I take the potion so don't worry," She has been taking a birth control potion since the beginning of the year just to be safe.

"Are you sure?" He asked again and rubbed her upper thigh. She slammed her lips into his and kissed him passionately to show him her answer. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist which made him groan deeply and rub his clothed erection against her cunt. She gasped and tried to push against his erection more. He opened up her blouse and started to kiss the top of her breasts. Harriet made her bra disappear with a wordless spell which made the Slytherin very excited. He immediately started to lick and kiss her breasts. She threw her head back moaning loudly when he started to suck on one of her nipples. He dug his fingernails into her upper thighs as he nibbled on her other nipple and squeezed her other breast. She moaned and tightened her legs around him. Her red panties were completely soaked by now and her legs were shaking. She pulled on his hair to get him off her chest and kissed him with her tongue battling for dominance. He unzipped his pants and brought out his cock which was about 7 inches. She moaned from just looking at the size of it and used another wordless spell to make her panties disappear. Her skirt was rolled up to her hips and showed off her bare cunt. He groaned and dipped his fingers into her. He pushed one finger into her which made her shout a little bit.

"Have you ever had sex?" He asked while he pumping his finger in and out of her.

"No," She moaned out while panting and throwing her head back. He shoved another finger into her and sped up.

"I'm surprised that the Girl Who Lived has never been fucked before," He smirked as he shoved another finger into her and searched for her g-spot. When he found it and rubbed it which made Harriet gasp and groan. She arched her back as he continued to fuck her with his fingers and rubbed her clit. She begged for him to fuck her now.

"I think you are ready now," He said as he positioned his cock at her opening. They both moaned as the tip of his cock entered her. He pushed in about halfway and pulled back out. He slowly fucked into her until he was balls deep in her. She was wincing a little at the pain and stretch but she knew it would fade.

"Ready?" He asked while trying to stop panting. She contracted around him and kissed him again. He slowly pulled out while they were still kissing and pushed back in. She shivered and moaned while focusing on the pleasure and not the pain. He continued to fuck her slowly until she told him to go faster. He slammed into her which made her scream. He looked at her worried that he hurt her.

"More," She moaned. He slammed into her again which made both of them moan. He continued to slam into her cervix while always hitting her g-spot until she started to moan and fist his hair. He kept hitting her g-spot until she came with a loud moan that could make anyone blush. He fucked her until her orgasm was done and came into her. Harriet gasped at the feeling of cum deep inside of her. They stayed there panting until he let go of her legs and pulled out. She slowly let her legs down with cum running down her legs. He smirked at her seeing his cum running down her legs. She whispered a cleaning spell to get rid of the cum and sweat. He put himself in his pants while Harriet redid the buttons on her blouse. He pulled out his wand and said a spell to get rid of the sex smell that was on both of them. They kissed and promised to do this again before parting their separate ways. Harriet walked to her dorm in a trance. She just lost her virginity in the middle of the corridor where anyone could see. But she was no longer angry or frustrated, she was calm and satisfied now. She laid down to sleep completely relaxed and tired.