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The one upping contest

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------Level 1-------

Saitama was sitting at the bar, alone as usual with his “drink”. The night club was a seedy place with dark lighting, dark furniture, and smoke that hung in the air. This was a place he didn’t want to be, but he couldn’t put it off any longer. He needed to feed and there was his target just across the dance floor, an obviously intoxicated woman dancing off beat.

He wore a black suit and tie, a relic from his job hunting days, and he hoped he passed for an off the clock salaryman just looking for a drink. Saitama knew he wasn’t much of a catch with his bald head and it couldn’t have looked like he made much money with his faded suit, but he had his ways. He just had to get her laughing.

She stumbled to the bar in her black cocktail dress asking for another mixer. Her cheeks were flushed rosy and eyes glazed in a relaxed way. If ever there was a chance it was now.

Saitama pretended to take a sip from his glass and swallowed back his nerves. He could do this.

“Hi, how was heaven when you left it?”

She turned to him, bangs still clinging to the sweat on her forehead. “Huh?”

He got her attention. Good.

“Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”

She closed her mouth and trembled with repressed giggles that give way to a slight smile.

“Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?”

An audible giggle that time, like music chimes. “That’s so lame!” She said.

“But it made you laugh,” Saitama replied with a small turn of the lips. “Say, was you father an alien? Because there’s nothing else like you on Earth!”

A real laugh that time, he was on a roll.

“I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art.”

This was the fun part. Working them up with cheep lines and silly jokes. It gave a chance for Saitama to exercise his wit.

“Are you French because Eiffel for you.”

A real belly laugh that time. He might have a chance. He leaned closer and tried a classic, “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.”

She gave a snort, and falls back to catch her breath.

“I’d say God Bless you, but it looks like he already did.”

“Stop! Where do you get all this?” she asked happily. There must have been tears in her eyes because she was fanning her face with her hands while she fought to catch her breath.

“I’m just a guy who likes puns,” Saitama modestly replied.

“Well aren’t you just pun-derful,” she retorted, taking a sip of her drink.

She got it! Too bad he’d… no don’t think about it.

“Say you want to get out of here?” He leaned in close and took her hand by the wrist, “Grab some coffee?” He could feel the pulse beneath her skin. He locked eyes with her and concentrated, and her face relaxed as the hypnosis took place.

“Is this seat taken?”

The spell broke, and all eyes were on the tall blonde behind the girl wearing a grey three piece suit and tugging at his cuffs, striking what saitama can only describe as a male model pose.

“I heard laughter and knew it had to be of a beautiful woman.”

The girl was already swooning from that million watt smile.

‘Who’s this guy?’ Saitama thought, ‘Rolling up like Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl. I was here first! No way I'm gonna let some playboy run off with my meal.’

“I don’t know your name but I’m sure it is as beautiful as you are,” the blonde purred.

She blushed and smiled.

“Your hand looks heavy. Would you like me to hold it for you?” The blonde continued.

She gave him her hand with a small “oh” sound. He took it and brought it to his lip.

“If being beautiful was a crime, you’d surely be guilty as charged.”

He kissed her hand, and she let out a long sigh.

Saitama raised a brow. He can hear her heart seed up, ‘Is she really falling for this crap?’

“Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” The tall, blonde, pretty boy asks. This upshot completely stole all of her attention, ignoring that Saitama was even there.

“Who me? Oh! I’m uh…office clerk.” She swallowed as he lowered onto the stool next to her’s.

“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

‘Ok enough of this! It's time I upped the ante.’

“Do you have a map?” Saitama asked grabbing her attention, “I keep on getting lost in your eyes.”

She turned to look at him and chuckled. He was still in the game.

“If beauty were time, you would definitely be an eternity.” The playboy delivers the line effortlessly, like polished silk over marble.

Some people just didn’t know when to quit! But two can play at this game. “If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber,” Saitama says getting a giggle from the drunk.

“I just realized this that you look a lot like my next girlfriend.”

“If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple.”

“Kiss me if I’m wrong. But I think we’ve met before.”

“If you were words on a page, you’d be fine print.”

“Wouldn’t we look cute on a wedding cake together.”

“Are you a keyboard? Because you are my type.”

The hot blonde took her by the chin and with eyes sparkling, said, “If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years, they could not create a work of art as beautiful as you.”

‘Okay, I can admit, the guy was smooth, but I won't be so easily defeated. This game of wit was just getting good!’

The young drunk woman was loving the attention of two men fighting over her, but over time she was becoming more and more uncomfortable as she went from the object of affection to the battleground.

Blondy took her hand again and yelled, “Feel my vest, it’s made of boyfriend material!”

‘Okay, that was kinda’ cute,’ she thought.

Baldy took her hand on the other side, “Is your name Wi-fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection.”

'And not his best,’ she thought.

They were each holding a hand and shouting across her. The heat from their pressed in bodies was sobering and the more she thought about it, the creepier and more unfunny they both got.

“I know this is going to sound cheesy,” baldy started, “but I think you’re the grate-est.”

'OK, that’s just bad,’ she thought.

“Can I follow you home?” asked blondy, “Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams.”

She squinted, 'OK…Weirdo’

“Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.”

She rolled her eyes at Baldy’s line and thought, 'Lame.’

At this point they weren’t even talking to her. They locked scowls and were trading lines with each other.

“May I borrow your phone? I want to call your mother and thank her for bringing you into this world!”

'Creeper…’ she looked at blondy and scowled.

“Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications!”

'You already DID a version of that,’ She thought of Baldy’s joke.

“If I followed you home, would you keep me?!”

'You are no puppy!’ She looked at Blondy wide eyed.

“My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in!”

'Ewww,’ she made a face to match her disgust at Baldy. “OK. No! If you two want to get laid so bad, why don’t you, GO FUCK EACH OTHER!” The young woman pushed her way out between them and both men watched her storm off.

‘Well there went my meal for the night,’ Saitama lamented. ‘But playboy’s still here. I'm not into dudes, but beggars can't be choosers. Besides, this might be a challenge.’

He plastered on a smirk and finger gunned, “Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you’ve got fine written all over you.“


Genos approached all his prey like a calculated predator. Women were easy, he knew what they wanted, and the right words to say, but men were another matter. Far less complicated than women, regardless they had their own rules for flirting. This would be…different, but Genos didn’t have time to work up another mark. He needed essence now!

And this salaryman wasn’t un-attractive.

“You know what? Your eyes are the exact color of my Porsche.” Genos said with a smirk. Besides it’s not like they would go all the way. What would be harm in a little challenge?

“You don’t need keys to drive me crazy,” Saitama relaxed and put his elbow on the bar.

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?” No reason to be suave, not in this situation. No, Genos could be as smug as he liked especially for this fool.

“Are you a cat because I’m feline a connection between us.”

Genos held back a grin. That was so awful he almost lost his cool persona. Maybe this office drone had a secret technique after all, “There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.”

“Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.”

“Was your father a thief? ‘Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.”

Playboy knew some classics. ”I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.”

“Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?”

‘Oh this guy is good!’ Saitama inwardly crowed and mentally cracked his knuckles, ‘but I’m better!’

“Didn’t I see you on the cover of Vogue? Somebody call the cops, because it’s got to be illegal to look that good!”

‘That should catch him off guard,’ Saitama thought.

Genos didn’t falter at the complement and charged forward, “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”

Saitama was a little taken aback, but the banter was fun, this playboy could really keep up. ”You must be a broom, ‘cause you just swept me off my feet.”

“Life without you is like a broken pencil… pointless.”

Saitama really did laugh at that last one. “Is that a ruler in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Saitama internally winced. He just went there. He crossed the no-homo line. He didn’t mean to, but pencils made him think rulers and out popped the dick jokes! Obviously neither of them were gay, they were both just hitting on the same chick! Now Saitama had to go and make the game weird.

Genos didn’t miss a beat, “That’s a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?”

Oh? Playboy’s still in the game? Saitama grinned and leaned-in to the suggestive banter, “Your dad must have been a baker, because you’ve got a nice set of buns.”

Playboy doubled down and grinned back, “That’s a beautiful smile, but it’d look even better if it was all you were wearing.”

Damn! Playboy was cool as ice. “I would tell you a joke about my dick, but it’s too long!”

“Why don’t you surprise your roommate and not come home tonight?” Genos looked him up and down with hungry eyes.

Saitama called his bluff, ”If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?”

Saitama must have won from how quiet the blonde got.

Genos considered his next move, and ordered a drink. On arrival he dramatically plucked the cherry from the top and popped it in his mouth. A moment later he pulled out the knotted stem, “I’d say the odds are in your favor.” He smiled and put down the knot. The game was fun, but things really had to move along. Genos touched the bald man’s knee, ”If I tell you that you have a great body, will you hold it against me?” Yellow eyes locked onto black eyes as he focused his seduction energy.

Saitama couldn’t let himself be outmaneuvered in a game of chicken. He touched Playboy’s thigh, “Only if you promise to make breakfast.”

‘No effect?’ Genos questioned, ‘Males must be immune.’ This would be a real challenge, and Genos would have to use his devilish charisma instead of magic. Genos tangled their legs together and got closer, touching nose to nose. “Your lips look so lonely…Would they like to meet mine?”

“If I had a garden I’d put your tulips and my tulips together.” Saitama knew that one was bad, but still the pretty boy was getting impossibly closer.

“I’ve been wondering, do your lips taste as good as they look?” Genos fluttered his long, gold eyelashes.

Saitama was really regretting not bringing tic tacs because he could feel soft petals brush against his own rough lips. Saitama could have sworn the boy’s lips would have been sticky the way they shined so glossy, but no, only smooth pouty clouds. It sent shocks down his spine and poked at the beast caged within. He had to say something slick quick, or risk blowing everything. ”My lips are skittles. Wanna taste the rainbow?”

It was too late. Saitama’s mind was in too deep with the cheesiest pick up lines. All he could hope for was a miracle that this worked in his favor and didn’t blow up in his face.

No one in the world could deliver such a crude line with the absolute confidence Genos just witnesses from this man. The air of manliness that became his aura as he unwaveringly pitched his line was pure brilliance.

Genos had to have a taste.

Normally he was good about waiting, taking his time to tease his prey to the peak of frustration. It made the feeding all that more delicious. Climaxes were better to feed off of, and actual bodily fluids were the best, but Genos had little interest in sex. He would deliver a show stopping kiss then walk away, dropping the girl like a bad habit.

Genos wet his lips and gave the other man a simple peck. A familiar touch of flesh, the smell of sweat, a hum of eagerness, and that taste… Salaryman was hungry for something; Genos had to have more. Genos bit at baldy’s bottom lip, then pretended he was moving away. The fool’s eyes were half lidded as he chased after Genos's touch. The incubus smiled to himself, playing hard-to-get was fun, though, it was a game he rarely indulge in. He cupped the bald man's face and pressed their lips deeper together.

God that felt nice. It had been so long since Saitama had been touched. Pressing his lips to the warm skin of a tranced girl wasn't the same as someone kissing back. Someone that wanted to kiss back. This kid was really getting caught up in the game, but so was Saitama. It made it hard not to melt like putty in playboy’s hands. Saitama was mentally thanking himself for picking a spot at the end of the bar. It was like they had the whole place to themselves.

Saitama squeezed to find a hand full of muscular thigh. It didn't turn him off, nor did it when he slid his palm up the smooth fabric to grip playboy’s hip.

Genos responded in kind and dragged his nails up cheap suit pants, to grope at washboard abs. Salaryman man was just full of surprises.

Saitama broke off the kiss. It was getting hard to keep his fangs in his head, and the other head in check!

Genos relished the disheveled look on the poor fool’s face and licksed the shell of his ear.

Saitama humed and ran fingers through playboy’s hair. You would think it would be super gelled for that spiky-hair effect, but no, it was soft to the touch. Saitama couldn't help digging his fingers in and feeling the length to the scalp, nostalgia building up in his fingertips.

Saitama's voice was breathy, “I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.”

That shouldn't have been as nice to hear as it was. It was dumb and corny, but Genos was having fun with his meal for a change and sucked on an ear lobe.

Playboy was moving down from Saitama's lobe, loosening his tie to suck his neck, and by god did that feel good. Saitama shut his eyes and sucked in his bottom lip to maintain composure. He needed to gain the upper hand quick!

As he ran his other hand down the blonde’s back he asked, “Are you Israeli? Cause you Israeli hot,”

Saitama felt a snort into the side of his neck and a smile. That should buy him a moment to think.

”Do you like sales?” Saitama asked while Playboy unbuttoned the collar of his shirt to lick at the collar bone. Saitama was breathing hard and having a real hard time concentrating. “Because if you're looking for a good one, clothing is 100% off at my place.” Saitama made a move and grabbed his ass.

“Only if you're buying,” the blonde said coolly and moved his hands down to Saitama's crotch and tugged at the zipper.

Instantly Saitama's eyes popped wide open and his head flushed red. He grabbed playboy by the hand and lead him out the back door of the club.

-----Level 2-----

They barely make it out the back door without tripping over each other. Genos grabbed salaryman by the loose collar and pushed him into the building wall. It's a sloppy desperate make out—tongues invading mouths and hands searching for purchase. Salaryman may have been bald but he was no slouch. The loose fitting suit hid perfectly sculpted marble! Salaryman really was full of surprises. Genos had to know more.

“Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?” Genos asked then returned to sucking on his adams apple.

“It's uh... Sai...ta. Saito! Yours?” Fake names were good right? It's alright to lie to someone you'll never see again.

“Call me Jen.” Playboy only takes a second to speak before returning to assault his neck.

Seems like sSitama wasn't the only one giving a fake name.

Feeling up and making out were all well and good, but they were too out in the open. It was only a matter of time before someone came out on their smoke break and interrupted them. Saitama needed somewhere private, somewhere intimate. Then his eyes caught the pink neon sign of a love hotel. Saitama knew this place was seedy, but damn.


They look like drunk newlyweds, using teamwork to open a door, rather than untangle from each other. They stumbled into the lobby wrapped in each others arms, still giggling. Saitama cleared his throat, “We would like a room.” Playboy Jen was feeling up his chest though the open collar of his shirt and it was distracting as hell.

The woman behind the plexiglass clicked the intercom, “How long will you be staying? We offer rates by the hour or the half hour. Which would you prefer?”

Really? Half hour rates? This place was seedy and over priced! Saitama didn't want to seem like a two pump chump, but then again he didn't exactly budget in a love hotel either! Saitama fumbled for his change purse already mentally calculating time versus cost.

Jen slapped down a stack of bills, “We would like the whole night.”

Saitama's eyes bugged out, ‘DAMN! Maybe that bit about the porsche was true!’

They barely make it in the room with the forethought to lock the door before clothes start to fly off. Mouths still intertwined, Jen is trying to get saitama's shirt untucked while feeling up his ass. Saitama has discarded his blazer and is working on Jen's jacket.

Buttons popped and Jen licked Saitama’s chest.

Saitama pushed Jen to the wall and grabbed a handful of firm but plush cheek.

Genos wrapped his legs around him and Salaryman Saito lifted him. Apparently the muscles weren't just for show.

Normally Genos wouldn't go this far, teasing to get the prey worked up to a peak of sex arousal.

But this was different….

This man had no sumet to his mountain of growing sexual tension. Genos never lost himself in the game, but this intense flood of sexual desire was enough to drown in.

Genos had a far off thought, ‘what is your limit?’ He pushed harder for dominance but moaned when the bald man pushed back, loving the command in his growls.



Saitama didn't like taking advantage of women. Sure he had to be charming and seductive to get what he wanted, but he would only drink what was needed then make the girl forget and leave.

But this was different….

Saitama was getting carried away in the fight for dominance. For every push, blondy pushed back. Saitama had never met a rival, an equal, in this game he played. Playboy Jen was good, but ultimately Saitama would win.

Confident in their seclusion, Saitama breathed in the scent at the nape of pretty boys neck and let his fangs drop.

Genos eyes sprung open, surprised by teeth in his flesh. There was only a moment of pain that quickly shifted to arousal and Genos moaned loudly.

‘Something's off,’ Saitama thought between swallows, ‘His blood tastes like fire.’

Saitama could taste the boy's lust and it poured into him awaking the caged beast. Saitama pushed him up the wall, sucking deeply at the bite, pressing his erection into pretty boy's crotch.

‘IT'S HOT! I WANT IT ALL!’ a dark thought growled in his mind.

The energy salaryman gave off was like nothing Genos had ever felt. His aura was a galaxy with wave after wave of pure raw power and Genos greedily feed off the flames. He could feel through his suit pants the bald man's erection pressing into his own growing length.

Genos dug his claws into the back of Salaryman’s white shirt and rutted their hard-ons together. Waitless in his arms but bound by his gravity, Genos could feel the celestial bodies move. A sea of stars:

Surrounded him…

Penetrated him…

Became him…

It was cold, hot, electric, then all went white as his body became a supernova.


Saitama was losing himself in the feeding. He didn't want to stop, so he bit deeper, sucked harder, slurped and licked as hot blood poured down his throat. It was like nothing he ever tasted before, so much flavor and desire swirled into one. It wasn't enough, he had to have more!

He felt the boy in his arms go tense, then Playboy went slack. Panic forced Saitama to release, ‘Fuck! Did I just kill him?’

The hunger, the lust, the need for more; all were gone. Saitama felt a cold breeze settle in his guts. He never killed before. He wasn't human anymore, but he wasn't a killer either!

Limp in his arms, Saitama lowered the blonde to the floor. Adrenaline pumped in with the panic, kickstarting his brain into emergency medical check. The room was dark, but Saitama had perfect vision.

Blood was everywhere.

The pale blonde looked extra pale with that angry open wound bleeding from his neck. Saitama hurriedly licked at the bite to close it. Hating his taste buds all the more.

Checklist one: wound closed, but the kid looked out of it, but he also looked…different? His eyes barely opened showing black, where there use to be whites.

Genos saw the salaryman’s scarlet red eyes and the blood on his fangs, dripping down his chin. "Beautiful," he breathed out before the room spun and his eyes rolled back.

Saitama caught his lolling head and felt a short horn on the side. Saitama moved his hand to the boy's cheek, it felt clammy.

‘That's bad,’ Saitama thought.

“Oi don't pass out!” Saitama shouted, “You just lost a lot of blood. Don't go to sleep!"

Saitama tried to help him to his feet, but the kid’s legs were like wet noodles and he just plopped back to the floor, laughing like a drunk as he landed. Pretty boy had a silly grin plastered on his face. Saitama could see a full set of fangs when he giggled.


This had never happened to Genos before. Never had he ever experienced such joyful ecstasy from a climax. He had been to the stars and was still in free fall back to Earth. The beautiful creature before him looked so worried.

‘Why is he so concerned?’ He wondered. ‘I've never been happier!’ Genos's head felt heavy and light at the same time. Sleep sounded so good.


For the first time in a long time, Saitama was scared. ‘Even if the boy wasn't human he didn't deserve to die just because I lost control!’ Saitama mind raced for answers, he would have to do something desperate. Something he really hoped wasn't movie make believe.

Saitama bit into his own wrist, drawing blood. “Drink,” he told him.

Feeling the command more than hearing it, Genos wrapped his lips around the dripping wound and licked at it. He could taste the fear, but it was warm like a spiced wine, and Genos swallowed thoughtlessly.

The feeling of falling turned into landing as adrenalyn poured into him. Genoss eyes went wide as his mouth sucked in the high octane fuel. Power brimmed at his fingertips and in an instant his strength was back. Energy danced across his skin, so much so he might peel out of it. Conflicted, he wanted to stop, but he yearned for more. The decision was made for him when the wrist was pulled away.

"Hey buddy, you ok?" The bald, crimson eyed creature asked.

Genos was more than ok. He felt like he could take over the world. He had never experienced such raw essence.

"That was incredible,” was all he could manage to say.

Saitama hung his head, both in relief as well as shame. “Sorry. I went too far." Saitama put his hand on Jen's shoulder and looked deep into his inhuman eyes, "Get some rest. It's just a dream."


------level 3------

Genos made an amused yet irritated face, 'Is he really trying to charm ME?'

Genos tilted his head ever so slightly, "You know that won’t work on me. By now you've noticed I'm not human."

Saitama winced and his voice tightened, "Didn't hurt to try."

Genos looked down. His blood was soaked into his shirt and collar, “Such a messy eater,” he said, still euphoric.

“I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me.” A look of shame, then a hand covered his face, “Your blood was so...different.” The vampire's eyes have settled back to their normal shade of black, and they stare at Genos. “What are you?” he whispered softly.

Genos leaned back onto the wall, head tilted in a cocky manor. “I'm an incubus,” he said, like it was never a mystery.

“Aren't incubus into women?” The vampire asked nonchalant.

“I would have been, but you chased her off,” Genos answered with a smile.

Saitama thought the incubus smiled like a brat.

“Oi!” Saitama yelled in realization. Then more quietly under his breath, “You did that.”

Genos chuckled to himself, “I've never heard of a vampire having such strong essence.” He started crawling toward the kneeling man.

Saitama blushed and backed up. “I'm pretty new at this vampire thing.” He smiled weakly like telling a bad joke. Saitama quickly got to his feet and Playboy rose with him as black leathery wings unfolded from behind him, grinning a bit too toothy.

“No one has ever made me feel the way you did,” Genos said. “Let me,” the incubus bit his lip and hummed, “return the favor.” His eyes shone like gold on ebony.

Saitama’s ears blushed red and sweat built up on the back of his head. Still backing up, Saitama answered, “No I'm good. You don't have to-” He's cut off as he stumbled and fell onto the bed, landing with a thump on his rump.

“But I want to…” the incubus leaned over him and cooed so softly, “and I think you do too.” Genos looked down, ogling his crotch, and gave a sexy half smile showing off a fang.

Saitama was caught wide eyed, and betrayed by his own dick. His semi hard-on had become a full on erection, tenting his pants. Bloodsucking always got Saitama shamefully excited, but did HE havta’ act all sexy? The way he bit his lip, those inhuman eyes, and the way they shone, like they could undress Saitama with a glance alone.

Saitama scooted back on the bed in protest, but only opened himself up more. Genos laid between his legs and quickly undid his belt and zipper like a pro locksmith. The bald vampire's cock sprung free into Genos's face.

‘It's…big,’ Genos noticed as a penis popped up in his face like a picture book.

”Sorry,” Saitama looked away, aroused and embarrassed. “Laundry day,” he laughed quietly hoping that would explain why he was commando under his suit pants.

‘This man is far more than average,’ Genos thought while taking the cock in his hand and wetting his lips with a forked tongue, making sure his prey saw.

Saitama eyes locked on the erotic incubus. “S-shit,” he said quietly, but with a lot of feeling.

The phallus in Genos's palm stood tall, thick, and hard like a great obelisk with veins like vines cascading down the sides. Genos gave a couple of light pums to gage the texture. As Genos stroked up he was surprised to learn the vampire was uncut. The skin gathered up and over the head, hiding it in a lump of wrinkles. As Genos pulled down, the skin revealed a glistening pink head, weeping with desire. It was different from his own, but not unpleasant. Still moving his hand Genos kissed the tip to taste the clear fluid.

“Aaahhhh!” Caught by surprise, Saitama moaned out a scream he meant to keep in.

Genos’s hair bristled and his skin tingled in response. That sound made him want to tease even more. He locked eyes with the vampire and gave a long lick up the shaft, spreading the tips of his tongue on either side of the shaft.

Saitama showed a fang when he bit his lip and tried to stifle a small moan as his body shuddered.

'This is going to be fun!' Genos smiled to himself. This was his first male, but Genos knew what he liked on himself. He played with the head; rubbed his lips on the glans, wrapped his long tongue around its girth, while his hand worked the shaft.

“Aaaahhhhhh!!!! KID! Gnfff!”

Genos was having a blast! The bald vampire was like candy, spices, and everything fun wrapped into one. Genos loved the control and wanted to play more, but the man's rock hard member twitched I’m his hand, impatient and angry. Sucking at just the tip, Genos tucked his fangs behind his lips, set his jaw, and sank his mouth down the shaft, taking the full length in one go.

Saitama gripped the sheets and fell back. He felt helpless under the incubus’s ministrations, but he had to see. He leaned forward on his elbows and fought hard not to moan while he watched Playboy bob his head. Saitama reached and stroked his hand through the blond’s short hair, finding that same horn as before.

Genos leaned into the touch with a moan. He never broke eye contact as he bobbed and sucked. Saitama's fingers stroked softly and slowly on the blonde's head, but turned into needy pushes, and Genos moaned every time Saitama's cock touched the back of his throat.

‘He's moaning. Is he enjoying this?' Saitama shoved the blonde's head a little harder on his cock, and felt the incubus’s throat convulse as he gagged and pulled off with a cough.

“S-Sorry…” he wasn't, but Saitama felt it was the polite thing to say.

The incubus’s eyes looked hazed with lust as he smiled at Saitama and gave a long pump to Saitama's cock, spreading the saliva. He sunk his mouth back down his length, taking Saitama into his throat.

Saitama was losing himself and started thrusting up into that sinful mouth. Blondie moaned with every involuntary swallow of Saitama's cock. Eyes locked watching the rapture as the vampire came undone. The incubus was just so eager to please, he worked his tongue in tandem with his throat.

Saitama’s breathing had become harsh wines as he fought to hold it in. He squinted as a deep moan from the incubus vibrated his balls. He held blonde locks down and came with a grunt filling that swirling vortex of a mouth.

The cock in Genos’s mouth pumped hot visceral essence down his throat, and he swallowed only to have more fill his mouth. He swallowed again as more shot down his throat, drowning him in a flood of cum.

Overstuffed on essence, Genos pulled off the cock and took a deep breath. Dizzy and euphoric, he laid his head on a hip and licked at the spunk on the deflating penis.

Saitama panted with an arm over his eyes. “Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?” he asked half jokingly.

Genos considered his possible responses. “...Wow…” was the best he could manage.

Both of them giggled like middle school kids at the lackluster response. They were a mess, but also well fed and relaxed. Saitama couldn't help but ask,”Wanna watch TV?”

The laughing incubus suddenly stopped. Saitama felt the muscular arm wrapped around his hips tense.

Genos asked quietly, “You want me to stay?”

Saitama sighed internally. It's too late, he's already made things weird. This wasn't a date, it wasn’t even a proper hookup. Embarrassed, Saitama scrambled out a recovery, “Y-you don't HAVE to, but ummmm…The room’s already paid for. We could just…hang out or uhhhhh…if you, want?”

“Smooth. REAL smooth,’ the dark sarcastic voice inside Saitama's head whispered.

Genos looked up washboard abs as thoughts raced in his mind, ‘Did he really... ASK... what I want?’ He saw the vampire with the most painful wince. Genos thought, ‘The most powerful creature I have ever encountered is being...shy.’

He found It was endearing and smiled fondly, “I'll stay. I want to.”

----- cutscene -----

Saitama stood in the small shower and let the hot water seep into his body and thoughts swirled in his mind. It had been a strange evening. One filled with steamy lovemaking and near death. The water dripped from Saitama’s brow, falling to the tile.

A thought breezed through his mind as he stared vacantly, ‘What were they going to do?’ It had been so long since Saitama hung out, he wasn't sure he knew how any more. The guy Saitama nearly killed sucked him off and now they were… ‘what?’ the voice started, ‘Watch TV? Pretend it didn’t happen? Or worse… talk about WHAT happened?’ Saitama was as still as a statue at that thought.

‘How would he explain himself?’ An inner voice said, ‘Could he explain anything? Was he expected to apologize? Would that be too late? Is what he did even forgivable?’

Saitama didn’t know how much time had been wasted just staring off into space. ‘Would he even be out there anymore?’ he wondered. ‘Either way I can't hide here forever,’ he reasoned.

With a cheap towel wrapped at his hips, Saitama begrudgingly stepped into the room.

He had been too distracted to notice the room when they first fell through the door. Taking a hard look now, he was grateful for that distraction. The room was as big as his apartment, even lacking a kitchen, but Saitama could tell it was dated with what looked like a Valentine's Day theme; given away by the tacky “love” decor and faded pink wallpaper.

Saitama gave the dimly lit room a once over. There was white crown molding and gold plaster cupids, that really needed a touch up. The floor had a white area shag rug, that looked liked it had been cleaned one too many times. The bed, was big, but was a relic of the past with the heart shaped headboard and defunct coin slot. No doubt, this bed had seen a lot of action over the years. The kicker was an old condom dispenser in the corner. On the upside there was a TV, albeit small, but it was there.

‘This place really was never updated,’ Saitama thought, ‘You just don't see stuff like this anymore.’

Saitama’s eyes caught a glint of something move and saw a forked tail swish from under the towel wrapped around Blondie’s waist.

Like him the incubus was dressed in a bath towel. Unlike him, the incubus had found a purpose for the tacky decorations and hung their suits for them to air out. Saitama could see sparkles flow from the monster’s hand and the stains vanished. It was the coolest thing Saitama had ever seen.

As Saitama walked closer he understood how he didn't notice the wings before; they were tucked tight against pretty boy’s back. Under a normal shirt, they would have gone unnoticed.

The monster took notice of Saitama and his tail swished higher, exposing his rump. “What is the name of your dry cleaner?” the incubus asked breaking Saitama's gaze.

“Hu?” Saitama responded smartly, realizing he'd been caught staring.

The monster grinned. Saitama thought he looked too pleased for a naked guy with an obvious bite mark, but he quickly schooled himself to a more professional cool expression, “My magic will only remove so much. I will pay to have your suit cleaned and tailored Saito-san.” Saitama inhaled sharply, remembering the spur of the moment fake name he gave. The air collided coldly in his belly. “Actually,” he started, bringing a hand up to rub the back of his neck, a nervous habit from when he was human with hair, “It’s Saitama.” He lets out a breath, but can't bring himself to look at the other guy, “Sorry about…misleading you.”

‘Lying’ his inner voice corrected.

Genos was puzzled the vampire would give his real name. Then remembered honesty comes easy for the powerful. Genos smiled in the knowledge he is not perceived as a threat, “It's not too surprising. I also give out fake names.”

The bald vampire eyes look like they wanted to ask, but his lips turned inward preventing the question. ‘Powerful and polite,’ Genos observed.

He decided to show his own comfort in his strength and answered for him, “The name is Genos.”

“I see the Gen part now,” Saitama points out lamely. “And you don't hafta’ do that. It’s fine. You got the stain out. That's enough.” He waved his hands dismissively.

Genos wanted to argue his point, that he desired to help, but thought better of it, not wanting to insult a vampire’s pride. Then again… Genos really wasn’t supposed to DESIRE anything. He buttoned his lip and gave a curt nod.

Feeling the conversation was behind them, Saitama walked over to inspect the bed with the pink, leopard print comforter, and fake fur pillows. He pulled back the blankets and the sheets were a sickly white, and combined with the thread bare spread, it maked one wary about curling up beneath it.

“This seems like one of those, sleep on top of the blankets sort of place,” Saitama declared after folding the bedding back into place.

“Agreed,” Genos said in a deep tone.

Saitama sat on the bed, then thought better as Genos approached and scooted to the opposite side making room and leaving space between them.

Saitama grabbed the remote and quickly scrolled through title after title of porn; to his horror all the channels were pay per view. Some titles he recognized, most he didn't, but all with outlandish prices. His irritation grew, until finally he snapped, “Give me a break!” and tossed the remote on the bed in a huff.

Genos delicately picked the discarded controller up and surffed through the channel menu, “This one has a free preview.”

“Better than nothing,” Saitama said in his blasé way.

Turned out it was an old black and white Dracula movie, from back when the public believed monsters to be a myth. The budget was low, but high on the melodrama.

On the TV, a coffin opened to show a long fanged corpse that rose like a stiff board. Then the “Count” made a sudden declaration to the viewer.

“Children of the night awaken. It is now the hour of the dead.”

Cue dramatic organ music in the background.

“This is so corny, we could make popcorn,” Saitama commented. “Really, who talks like that?”

The TV vampire then wrapped all but his eyes in his cloak and dashed away. Next you see the long dead count, sneak out the crypt in the most obvious way possible, and in the next frame turn into a bat on strings to fly away off camera.

“And why do movies always show vampires living in the creepiest of place?”

Genos could tell Saitama was making a show of being irritated, but was actually making light of the film. As an incubus, Genos was good at reading moods, and it was obvious that Saitama was the type of guy to make jokes in a tense situation, and the more tense he was, the worse the joke.

Genos matched this playful tone out of reflex, “Why? Do you not sleep in a coffin lined with grave dirt in a crypt?”

Saitama gave him the side eye, already suspicious of the change in tone. For Genos, this flirtatious social que was learned via survival. The more human he appeared, the more comfortable his prey became, but this seemed to have the opposite effect on vampires.

“No,” Saitama answered. “I live in an apartment and sleep in a bed, like a normal person. Why? do you hang from the ceiling to sleep?” Saitama smirked and raised an eyebrow toward Genos’s wings.

Genos calculated it would be best to tone down the charm, and just be direct, “My body does not require sleep. ”

“Oh…. “ Saitama dropped his smirk, “Well my body does.”

Saitama turned his attention back to the movie just in time to watch the Vampire get burned by sunlight. Saitama wasn’t phased by the low budget death, but it peaked Genos's curiosity.

“I've always wondered are the vampire weaknesses really true?”

“Like with sunlight?” Saitama turned to clarify. “It burns a bit, but not “turn to ash” kinda burn, more like a scalding burn.”

Genos wasn't expecting an answer, but if he could learn more about this marvelous being, he wouldn’t let the chance slip away. “What about Garlic? I've heard it can ward off vampires.”

“Smells strong, that's about it. Since I can't eat food anymore, I don't worry about buying it.”

“Can you…” Genos took a moment to think, he wasn't sure how many questions he would be allowed to ask, “Not see your reflection in mirrors?”

“I wish…” Saitama grumbled. “No, I see myself in the mornings just fine.”

“Is it true a vampire must be invited in, before they can cross a threshold?”

“That's a thing? Well, I don't really do BnEs, so it hasn't been an issue.”

“Ah!” Genos remarked noticing a shared thread. “I too don't enter human dwellings. Only weak and stupid monsters draw attention to themselves with a home invasion. I find it much easier to hunt for prey in public places.”

“Yeah, it seems like the only way to meet people is at a club or a bar. I'd rather be home reading, not hanging out in bars picking up chicks.”

Genos felt they had something in common, “Isee. I, too, must seek out females to feed on to recharge my magic, or risk being exposed as a monster.”

“Magic?” Saitama questioned. “Like street magic with cards and disappearing coins?”

“No. I mean real magic. From the Eight Schools of Magic; Abjuration, Evocation, Illusion, Transmutation, Enchantment, Necromancy, Conjunction, and Restoration.” Genos gives a demonstration by holding up his hand and causing light to dance from his palm.

Saitama was captivated by the display, “Wow! That's so cool! How did you do that?”

“Most of my abilities are based in the Illusion school of Magic; Seduction, Hypnosis, and Charm.”

“Oooh. Can you do others? Other…schools you said?”

“I can, but to a limited use. For example I used Restoration magic to clean the suits.”

“That's super neat. You could save so much on detergent…..” Saitama muttered to himself.

‘This is amazing!’ genos thought, ‘It’s like every vampire weakness doesn't apply to him. I am dealing with, truely, an apex predator!!!!’ genos's excited thoughts run away with him, his wings unfold as he full body turned to saitama with both knees on the bed, “Can you transform into a bat? Can you fly?” Eyes big like a kid on a field trip. “And what about Holy symbols like Crosses! crucifixes! and holy water!… what about going into a church?!”

“Whoa whoa, take it easy. One at a time,” Saitama chuckled, “20 words or less. I'm not really religious, so i haven't had those problems and I didn't get any of the cool stuff. I just got your run of the mill vampire powers.”

Genos pulled up his towel and folded his wings back into place before sitting on the bed, essentially curbing his enthusiasm. “What are your run-of-the-mill vampire powers?” he asked cooly.

“oh ya know,” Saitama looks up considering his thoughts, “your basic package;” saitama listed them out as he counted out on his fingers, “increased speed and strength, heightened senses, faster healing, better stamina….. Oh! And fangs.” he points the last one out.

Genos thought the list seemed short. “only a true master in the arcane arts would not bother to consider even basic abilities like mine, important enough to mention.”

“Dude I don't have anything like that. I can trance and erase memories a little, but nothing like, magical. it's More like just a suggestion.”

Genos was aghast, “how can you possibly hunt like that? I would never feed without seduction.”

“What kinda girls do you go for?” Saitama asked seemingly changing the topic.

“any that are alone and that I can easily isolate.” Genos answered quickly.

“i go for the ones I can make laugh. It's the only way a guy like me has a chance.” Saitama smiled, but seemed rather down on himself, “I'm the “lie and wait, funny pick up line” type of guy.”

“What do you do if no one approaches? Or if they don't laugh?”

Saitama rolled his shoulders in a Shrug, “i guess i don't eat, but it's fun to tell puns. I find it a challenge coming up with new ones.” Saitama changed the topic again, “What about you? What's your style? i bet you neg.”

“I don't need to.” Genos says a little smug, “I find that genuine kindness is enough to get what I want.”

It was about then the free preview ran out.

“i can pay for it,” genos offered.

“Don’t you dare!” Saitama chastised.

The channel was changed and there was another free preview, also an old monster movie.

“What's with all the monster movies? Must be that time of year again.” Saitama stated mostly to himself.

After a moment of watching a mummy slow chase after the female lead saitama asked, “can I ask you a personal question?”

“i don’t see why not.” Genos replied with his full attention.

“Are incubus like succubus?”

“in what way?”

“succubus appear in dreams and seduce men through sex…. that results in death. Sooooooo, is it true?” saitama pauses waiting for genos to pick up the hint, which he did not, “the Death by sex part?”

Genos is cool as he answered, “it is possible. if i were to drain a woman of all their essence they would surely die, just as if a vampire where to drink all the blood.”

“And if i hadn’t interfeared, would you have drained that girl dry?” saitama’s tone was remarkably serious.

Genos sighed, “I have no interest in leaving a trail of bodies. It draws investigations and I wont do anything to compromise my way of life here in the human realm. I take extra precautions to keep a low profile. It’s why i have a job, an apartment, and bills. All of it is to keep up the appearance of normalcy and I keep a tight schedule, so no one can assume otherwise.”

Saitama seemed satisfied with the answer, and turned his attention back to the tv, but Something was bothering genos, “Now many I ask you a personal question?” genos brow were set in a hard scowl.

Saitama was nervous, but it was only fair. He got to ask a personal question. No reason to deny the same courtesy he was given, “shoot” he finally decided on.

”would you have taken her to this love hotel?” genos's eyes did not waiver, and stared into saitama’s soul.

“Hu?” saitama said off guard.

“that girl. If she was here instead of me, would you have brought her here to this love hotel?”

Saitama blushed, “NO,NO, I'm not like that! I'm not into pushing down women I've tranced…..” he was holding up his arms in an x shape. Talking fast he added “And i don't usually grind on people like that either. i normal just duck into the shadows, but we were getting pretty heated” saitama gave a snaggle tooth grin and rubbed the back of head in a nervous way, “and i didn’t want someone catching us and break the mood…”

‘since i haven't eaten in a month!’ Saitama thinks to himself.

“would you have killed that girl if i hadn’t interrupted?” genos asked completely serious, “would you have drained her dry?”

Saitama stopped, all embarrassment gone, “no. i don't kill…” he dropped his hand and became very grey. “Something about your blood is just different.....” ashamed he adds, “i'm not like…that. that's not what I'm about. I only take what I need because I have to. I don't want to be this.” the mood dropped to the floor.

“sorry for tricking you….” He added

‘almost killing you’…. The dark thought corrected.

“I usually don't take that much or makeout with…. Or fondle-er groupe the women-erm people i bite…..sorry for all that.” saitama
Clutched his towel, all at once feeling naked and exposed. His skin goosebumped like a chilly wind blew past.

Genos softened understanding this was not a willing vampire. Much in the same way devils like genos were summoned not of their will.

“I understand…” genos began, “I never let passion take control and I also won't needlessly force anyone into intercourse. A deep kiss is enough to sustain my magic, but with you it was… different. I didn't want it to stop. Even when i felt teeth in my flesh, i wanted more. If you hadn't have bit first i don't know if i could have stopped.”

Genos sounded very serious and a little frightened to saitama. It felt like The atmosphere was heavy but clear. They needed something to lighten the mood.

‘Perfect time for a joke’ saitama thought. “Why do vampires need cold medicine?” Saitama asked suddenly, “For their coffin!” and answered just as fast with a fanged half smile.

At first genos was confused, but saitama didn't stop “wow this movie Sphinx!” he gave a little half grin and pointed to the black and white mummy on screen.

“Oi, Why do mummies have no friends?” this time saitama paused long enough for Genos to answer.

“Why,” genos stated, playing along with whatever this game was.

“Because they’re too wrapped up in themselves!” saitama was Laughing loudly with his fangs exposed at his own joke.

‘He's being funny,’ genos realized and smiled at his laughter.

Someone dies on screen and genos decided it's his turn to play and made fun of the special effects, “That’s obviously a dummy and not a body.”

Saitama didn't miss a beat, “they call that blood? More like syrup.”

This was Fun and relaxing. It was like they had a theater all their own.

They grew more comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere. Naturally moving closed on the small bed. Saitama did not flinch when they bumped shoulders and put an arm around genos as they sat and made fun of old monster movie previews. Slowly, Sitting, moved to slumping that became snuggled close together on the not so big bed into the early hours of the morning.

Topic slowly changed from bad jokes to talk of daily life. Saitama had been know to work an odd job or two, always a graveyard shift, and only when he wanted to save money to buy a new game or manga. He wouldn't stay long at a job, only enough for a couple of paychecks and then quit. It didn't bother saitama too much, he was always a little reclusive.

Genos learned Saitama lived a lonely life, mostly Hanging out in his tiny one room apartment in the abandoned part of the city, that conveniently had running water and power. He wished for someone to hangout with, which involved playing video games, watching tv, and discussing manga. and he only went out to shop for night sales, or walk the park with someone called Rover.

“Rover?” Genos asked while cuddled face to face with saitama.

“He's a stray that followed me home. He's gone a lot, but always comes back. It's probably all the treats I give him. That reminds me, I need to check the sale paper and see if there are any coupons.”

A bit amused Genos asked, “Coupons?”

“Yeah the path of “extreme couponing” isn't easy. You gotta clip the best coupons and work out time of sale, versus coupon, versus location of store to get the max percentage off. most of the good sales are during the day, but that's for food items. I usually can wait to the end of the month for detergent to go reduced sale.”

“Really? I had no idea.” genos smiles at the sudden enthusiasm of the vampire.

“It's the best way to save!” Saitama went on bragging, “Being a vampire, I've saved a lot on grocery bills. Back when I was struggling to pay rent, I used to wish I didn't have to eat. Now… I don't.” Saitama seems to drift off on a dark sea of thought, “Didn't think I'd miss the taste of convenience store bento so much.” but then his dark brown sullen eyes meet genos's golden orbs and he came back to himself, “Now I spend less money on food but I spend more on detergent! I have to starch and iron my suit, get dressed with a tie, go out to a smoke filled bar, talk to people! It's such a hassle! But i do get to sleep all day, and have super powers,” His tone was playful again like he never took a dark dip and took genos's hand to hold it.

Genos was laughing softly. He couldn't think of a time he laughed so much in his short life as a summoned hell spawn. He truly felt at ease with this creature. Genos moved his fingers between saitama's and held his hand, “I thought you liked the “challenge” of puns.”

“There's that I suppose… But If I had your powers it would be a big help and one less thing to worry about,” saitama gives a big sigh,“I wish the apartment would clean itself. THAT would be a big help.” Saitama had his smile back, “So what do you do when you're not looking for a meal?”

“I'm a host.” Genos said honestly.

“How does an incubus become a host?” Saitama
asked in a joyful way.


“After my mistress grew bored of me; I was released. I had no desire to return to her or the hell plane I was spawned from, so I stayed and made a life for myself working as a host.”

“But why a host?” Saitama inquired, then asked in a joking tone, “Don't incubus sneak through windows at night and feed on dreams?”

“That would be home invasion and that's how the dumb ones get caught,” Genos rebutted, but went on to explain, “Though I can feed on dreams, body fluids are far more filling. The host job is just a cover for hunting.”

Saitama does a funny voice asking, “Aren't incubus always horny and corrupting virgins?” clearly making fun of incubus stereotypes.

“Not interested in spreading corruption. Remember I wish to keep a low profile,” Genos raised a eyebrow and smirked.

Saitama was so willing to talk about anything and Genos found the normalcy refreshing. A light hearted chat about shopping and cleaning was something he never had before. Something he never expected to enjoy so much, but there were somethings Saitama wasn't willing to talk about. Genos willed himself to ask the question that had bothered him for hours, “Why are you a vampire?”


Saitama told the story of a young unemployed man with aspirations of being a hero, that threw himself into training. “It was summer when I started running at night to avoid the heat. One night I was taking my usual route in the park, when something hit me. I remember a brief moment of pain and then everything went dark. When I woke up hours later, covered in mud, I felt light headed, but shook it off and went home. The rest of the week I had the worst fever I ever had; chills, shakes, sweats, migraines. I held up in my apartment and waited for it to pass.”

“I had no family or friends so no one was there to see the change from living to undead. By the end of the weak all of my hair fell out and I wasn’t human anymore.…. That was 3 years ago.” Saitama lets out a big breath he was holding.

“That sounds…. Lonely,” Genos laid his head on the bald man’s chest. When he did not flinch away Genos pushed closer. It was odd not hearing the thumping of a living heart.

“It's alright I was never close to people before this, now it just seems fitting.”

“Is this why you asked me to stay, even though I’m a incubus? Because you were lonely?”


Genos flinched when Saitama moved to look at him, “No… I'm not…. I got my manga and my apartment and a dog. I'm not…..” Saitama looked into those sad gold eyes, and he couldn’t finish the lie. He cleared his throat instead, “It's late, the sun will be up soon. You don't have to stay…. If you don’t want.”

“I’ll stay,” Genos wrapped an arm around saitama’s chest and held him tight.

——The next morning-----

They lay, sleeping in each others embrace on top of the spotted comforter as sunlight beamed in from behind a curtain of a previously unrecognised wind. Saitama jumped as the warm light hit him, but felt no pain. Saitama blinked at his hand once then twice, inspecting it as if it were a dream.

The jolt woke Genos. What time was it? And when had he dozed off?

Puzzled, Saitama placed his hand back in the narrow slip of light, but still there were no scorch marks.

“Hey would you look at that! Your blood really is different,” Saitama was more than happy to exclaim as he rose from the bed putting more of himself in dawn’s light.


Genos watched from the bed as Saitama pranced around naked, tanning from the sun's rays. Eventually Saitama put his pants on; all good things come to an end after all.

Saitama was at a loss for words as he dress in front of the naked incubus, “Thanks….. This was fun….”


genos swishes his tail like a cat as his mind wanders off in deep thought. Suddenly the movement stops and Genos stands to declare,
“I accept your offer. I will stay with you master!”

“What offer?” Saitama asked mid buckle.

“You gave me your blood and made me an offer. That is the start of a pact for devils like me and I accept. I promise my loyalty to you and I live to serve you until you see fit to release me,” Genos bowed from the other side of the bed.


Saitama paused a moment then said, “…. I release you.”

“I refuse.”

Saitama rolled his eyes, slumped his shoulders, and scoffed, “Genos I don't need you to keep me company. I'm a grown man!”

“But you do need blood. If I stay with you Master neither of us will have to hunt, which you agree is quite taxing.”


Saitama grumbled and grabbed for his shirt.

Genos was making no motions to get dressed as he continued, “And I can fulfill other wishes for you. I could protect your home while you slept, you would never have to clean again, and I can do all your shopping for you! And give you a steady supply of blood.”

Saitama grumbles again, “fine! Whatever. Just don't make a big deal out of it.”

Chapter Text

As soon as Genos was free from his night shift, he made his way over to Saitama's apartment in the middle of the night.

“MASTER SAITAMA!” Genos shouted at the apartment door.

Saitama checked the peep hole and saw Genos. ‘Why is he standing around like an idiot?’ he wondered, then reluctantly opened the door.

“You actually came…” Saitama groaned. He didn't even tell Genos where he lived, Genos just showed up at his door looking like he walked off the cover of a teen idol magazine.

Inside, Genos was sat down at a low table and given a cup of tea.

“Go home when you're done drinking. I'm not looking for any servants,” Saitama stated bluntly.


“Can I live here?” Genos asked abruptly, blinking at Satama innocently.

‘Is he for real?’ Saitama questioned. He remembered seeing Genos at the bar, dressed in designer threads. He reasoned Genos had to be accustomed to a more luxurious lifestyle than him, so Saitama was a little more than embarrassed that this pretty-boy host wanted to live with him in the gutter.

“Yeah, hell no,” Saitama finally answered.

Genos dropped a fat wad of cash on the table, “I'll pay the rent.”

“You know there is no rent,” Saitama still refused, picking pride before greed. A difficult choice.


“Then I will pay rent at a new apartment.”

“I don't have any reason to move.”

Genos was a little offended his master refused to let him move in, and more than a little confused when he refused to move to a nicer abode. It would seem his new master was a proud vampire that had his own way of doing things.

“If I cannot move in, and you will not move, then to keep to our pact I will have to visit every day to serve you master.”

Saitama sighed and rubbed his face.

“What shall we start with?”

Genos looked around the room. The apartment was small, the table in the middle of the room taking up most of the available space. The rest was taken up by clothes lying about in varying stages of clean and dirty on the floor, on the computer desk, and chair. A waste basket full to the brim of used tissue sat next to the desk, and empty dog food cans laid around an empty food dish in the corner next to his rolled up futon, stuffed next to a disorganized overfilled closet. Blackout curtains hung over a sliding glass door that had been left cracked open, the breeze from the balcony moving the heavy drapes. Dust covered stacks of DVDs in front of the TV, towers of manga on top of an already filled bookcase, and piles of video games.

Genos spotted a controller. “Video games perhaps?” he asked playfully.


After another round of an absurdly quick loss for Genos in the fighting game, Saitama sighed and said, “You know you don't have to force yourself."

"What do you mean?"

“It's like you find new ways to lose faster. You don't have to keep playing just to amuse me.”

It appeared his master did not enjoy an easy win, Genos would have to provide a better challenge.

"Perhaps master is just that good." Genos swapped over to a racing game and pressed start.

"Trust me, I'm not." Saitama looked back to the TV and picked a car, "And aren't you tired?"

"As a devil, sleep is not required," Genos stated automatically.

"No I mean holding that disguise up, or do you not take it down?"

Genos side glanced at his master. He was still dressed in his host clothes, maintaining his human appearance. "You mean the charm?" Genos looked back at the screen, "It's not...too demanding."

"You don't have to wear it."

Genos swallowed, I wanted master to be comfortable."

"I already know what you look like." Saitama turned his controller like a steering wheel and leaned his body into a curve.

"You don't... mind?" Genos had placed his controller down, and was shyly looking at Saitama, "Me looking like a devil?"

Saitama was shirtless and sitting in his pj pants and gave Genos a half smile, "Make yourself at home."

Genos shrugged off his suit coat and dress shirt, then stretched his wings and tail to their full span, dropping the charm. It felt good to expand the mussels in his back and wings, but it felt better knowing his master considered him part of his home.

Genos's former mistress would make him hold a charm for nearly a month at a time. Holding a charm is like holding a glass of water in the air. The longer you hold it, the heavier it gets, but this is why Genos hasn't been exposed as a devil.


After sunrise his master went to sleep and Genos tried to make himself useful in other ways. GOD knows he spent enough time waiting on that witch that he knew his way around a laundry room and cleaning supplies.

She had a kink for humiliation and would make Genos dress in maid's clothes, then have him on his knees scrubbing the floors. Genos shuddered at the memory and was glad to be rid of that woman.

Hours pass and Genos has run out of things to clean, not surprisingly, it wasn't a large apartment. So Genos pulled a manga from the bookshelf and began to read. He noticed from the discount stickers they were bought second hand, and many were worn down as if reread many times. Genos also noticed missing book numbers. He took a mental note to find the missing books and replace the torn copies.



It was fall, nights were long and came early. As the sun set his master rose.

"Good morning master. How was your rest?" Genos greeted.

Saitama was in the middle of a yawn and nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard Genos' voice. He had forgotten about him and hadn’t expected for him to still be there.

"Dude! Don't scare me like that!" Saitama took in deep breaths he did not need, putting a hand over his non-beating heart. After calming a bit he noticed a luster to the room, "Did you clean the place?"

"One of your complaints was “I wish the apartment would clean itself". For your benefit I have washed and put away the laundry, arranged by color in your closet, sorted the trash, washed and put away the dishes, wiped the floors and walls.”

"Looks nice. Thanks man."

"You are too kind, Master, it is what I am here to do. I live to serve."

"But you didn't have to do ALL this," Saitama motioned with his hand to the entire room. "And it's just Saitama by the way, you don't need to keep calling me Master."

"But I want are my Master after all."

Saitama cheeks blushed a bit and he tried to sound annoyed, "Alright fine, but just don't do it in public." Saitama saw the evening street light glow from under the curtains. "Shoot man, it's late." He whipped his head toward Genos so fast the motion blurs, "Don't you have work?"

"Not till later. Until then would you like to discuss this manga," Genos held up the volume he was reading, something about a boy that turns into a roach, but no one notices.

Saitama sighed, "Yeah I'd like that."


Instead of moving in, Genos had come over everyday for the past week and had become Saitama's personal maid. He’s tried to keep to all of Saitama's known wishes of someone to hangout with, which involved; playing video games, watching tv, and discussing manga. Genos gladly does all of this with Saitama the few hours before the sun is up, but he isn't very good at any of those things because he doesn't understand why they are amusing.

Saitama thought Genos would get tired of chores and hanging out, but Genos seemed dedicated to this "contract" they have. Even going as far as to "prepare his meal", and presenting his pretty neck in seductive ways.

Finally Saitama had enough and sat up from his lounging position. “Genos what will happen to you…if I can't stop myself?” Saitama asked in all seriousness.

“As long as I feed, my body will heal.”

“Even if you have no blood?” Saitama asked bleakly.

“It isn't a cause for alarm,” Genos reassured.

“Genos this is your life were talking about. I almost couldn't stop myself last time, what makes you think I will stop this time?”

“I know you won't go too far, I trust you.”


Saitama thought Genos was taking the situation too lightly, “Well I don't trust me. We'll find another way.” Saitama returned to lounging and rolled over away from Genos.

“But Master Saitama, you must feed. I am fairly certain vampires must feed daily to maintain health and domain. For your benefit, I am more than willing to provide the nourishment you need to-”

“I’M NOT DOING IT!” Saitama turned and shouted suddenly.

Genos went rigid. This is the first time he has seen his master angry. He pushed him too hard, now Genos would learn this master's style of punishment.

“Just drop it will ya?” Saitama said far more quietly than was needed and turned away again.

Genos was still waiting quietly. Waiting for whatever punishment was instore to start.
But his master seemed content in not looking at him, ‘An odd choice,’ Genos felt, ‘Perhaps I had not gone too far? Further data is needed I will have to study this Master closely.’


It started with soft moaning echoing in the room as the darkness faded into a dim, golden light. Muscle flexed beneath the tight grip he had on smooth hips, rising and falling, as a tightness engulfed his aching cock. Hot, wet muscle contracted as Saitama thrusted up into it, the firm grip on his cock the perfect pressure. He moaned.

Fire coursed through his veins where his blood stopped flowing years ago, a fresh wave hitting him with the sound of flesh on flesh. The wetness that encased his cock also dripped down his balls and tickled the crack of his ass. Each time he snapped his hips, the room reverberated with the sound of balls slapping bare skin--a sound that was so gross, and yet so sexy.

Saitama could barely think, his brain too fuzzy with pleasure to fully comprehend the situation he was in. All he really registered beyond the physical sensations were the shapely back above him, the plump ass that rode him, and the shock of damp blond hair that bounced with each thrust.

Saitama lost himself to his instinct, pistoning his hips like a man crazed and drunk on lust. Unable to curb his desire to take control, Saitama adjusted his grip, flipping them over so he was on top, turing the person to face him at the same time. He plunged back into that heat without thought, continuing to hammer the person he’s pinned under him, just as the scene came into focus. He looked down to find Genos beneath him, his face contorted in utter rapture as he took what Saitama delivered.

Saitama woke up with a jolt to find Genos sitting too close next to him.

Genos’ eyes glow like spotlights, then fade to normal, “Master?” he asked innocently.

“What the hell was that?” Saitama asked in a demanding tone, sweat dripping from his brow.

“A wet dream Master.” Genos said with a straight face.

Saitama paused with a confused look waiting for more of an explanation. “Yeah, but why?” He finally asked.

“I explained to you I can feed on dreams. This is how.”

“I thought you said a kiss was enough.”

“For your benefit I wanted to give you a scenario that was enjoyable.”

“But…You were in the dream,” Saitama pointed out.

“Was it not to your tastes? If you let me know specifics, I can tailor a dream to your liking.” Genos used his magic and was covered in a haze of sparkles, “I can be anything you want me to be.” The sparkles fade and Genos had transformed into a woman with huge breasts that was crawling toward Saitama. “I want to be of service to you Master,” even his voice had changed to something lighter and more feminine.

Saitama caught Genos by the shoulders and stopped his movements, “Stop it Genos. If you need to feed just say so.”

Genos dropped the illusion and returned to normal, “My magic...needs recharging.” It wasn't a lie but it wasn't the whole truth either.

“A kiss is enough right?”

“It will do.”

Still holding Genos’ shoulders, Saitama leaned in and kissed him. At first he was hesitant, but then the kiss slowly deepened as their tongues intertwined.

Suddenly, Saitama broke the kiss off, leaving Genos with the unfamiliar feeling of breathlessness.

Saitama looked at the bright line of light under his black curtains indicating the middle of the day. “Looks like I'm up.”

“It's late Master you should sleep,” Genos was more than a little ashamed for disturbing his Master's rest.

“Nah,” Saitama says with a yawn.

“You need your rest,” Genos tried again.

“I'll just watch the news for a while.” Saitama grabbed for the remote and turned on the TV, ignoring Genos’ pleas.

Genos has learned from the previous outburst not to push any further. If his master chose to stay awake, then it's best not to bother him.


It's the end of the week and Genos was presenting his neck again, "Master it is time for your meal. For your benefit I have prepared myself."

Saitama looked up from his manga, "Were friends now right? You don't havta' keep offering me your blood. I don't want to use you as a snack machine."


"Why not?" Genos sounded needy and desperate. He wanted so badly to feel like he did before when Saitama fed on him. Never in his life had he experienced such pleasure and his body was craving another release. "Master I am concerned. It has been a week and you need to feed. Sunlight is starting to affect you."

"But won't it hurt you?"

"Not if I also feed."

"How can that work? I'm not alive, how can you feed off my essence?"

Genos placed a hand to his chin in thought, "I am not certain. Perhaps you retained some life energy when you turned or maybe it is because you were turned not that long ago, but when you feed you give off an energy like I have never experienced. Its quite...intoxicating."

Saitama sighed, "All I know is you almost died the last time I fed. So no, I'm not taking the chance."

"Then, can I use you as my snack machine?" Genos leaned into Saitama's personal space with a smirk and Saitama flushed pink embarrassed by Genos's forwardness.

Even though Genos was an incubus, he was never into "sex." He found the process to be a dull chore and a waste of time--the main reason his mistress dismissed him. This is the first time he has pursued such a physically intimate bond on his own accord.


Then out of nowhere a barking black dog jumped between them and got into Saitama’s lap, effectively ruining the mood.

“Rover! You're back,” Saitama yelled excitedly. "Who's a good boy?" He said over and over as he scratched the panting black dog behind the ears.

The animal was obviously a mutt. The body was full and round, with strong, muscular shoulders, pointed ears, big paws, and a deep and strong under-jaw. Clearly built too large for apartment living. Where he wasn't fluffy, his hair spiked liked quills down his back and on to his bushy tail. The top of his skull was almost flat and the profile curved gently downwards from the top of the skull to the tip of the nose, which was black and bent downwards at the tip, making his face look egged shaped, not unlike it's master.

Saitama carried on cooing at the dum beast, ignoring Genos' existence, and letting the animal slobber his face with it's purple tongue.

When Genos finally had enough of being the third wheel, he boasted, "I could be a good boy!”

"....Genos I was talking to the dog. I could not have been more clearly talking to the dog.”

The dog could not have looked more smug with his triangular light brown eyes, but Genos swore the eyes were nearly red as they glared at him.


Hunting is not the same anymore. Genos could no longer get the same level of satisfaction from teasing drunk women. He craved that lustful aura from before, but his Master refused to give in to the temptation, all because of one black mutt!

Genos made attempts to seduce Saitama in order to push him over the edge. When they watched TV together, Genos would sit close to him, but the dog would push himself between them, demanding Saitama's attention. Or when Genos tried to give Saitama a romantic massage, and the dog guarded him and wouldn’t let Genos near without a fury of barks. Genos’ frustration was compounded by Saitama constantly making excuses for Rover.

Genos felt like he was competing with a dog for Saitama's attention, Saitama always dropping whatever he was doing to play with the mutt, giving him hugs and kisses that were meant for Genos.

Genos tried to ignore the mut because he made Saitama so happy, but Genos was convinced the dog had ulterior motives. There was a sign of obstinance in the animal’s eyes. For instance, whenever Saitama looked away, Rover bared his teeth at Genos, or whenever Genos stood up, Rover would bring Genos his shoes.

Saitama would reply, “Awe he's so smart. Such a good boy!”

But Genos knew better. This was a message.

The dog seemed to make more messes for Genos to clean up; tracking mud on freshly mopped floors, tearing up the sorted trash, or rolling in freshly cleaned laundry with his dog funk--undoing all Genos’ hard work and making him redo his chores. And if there was one thing Genos hated, it's repeating the same task over and over. He's already had enough of that.

Genos picked up dog toys left all over the apartment, but Rover only spread them all out again. In return, Genos hid his favorite toy, making a show of putting it atop the fridge. The dog stared him down knowingly, then trotted over to Genos's shoes and pissed on them.

And no matter where Genos was in the apartment, the dog kept getting in the way, nearly tripping him at every step.

So as part of his masterful plan, Genos dragged the dog by its leash outside as it dug its heels into the ground the whole time. He was Surprisingly strong for a medium sized breed of mutt.

Genos knew he couldn’t do anything too drastic to the beast, as it would break his Master's heart, so Genos tied it's leash tight to the the bent lamp post on the street. The thing got to live another day.

The dog ran to the end of its length and growled at him.

"You will not be interfering tonight little mutt. I'm having my way with Master, like it or not." The dog barked as Genos walked away.


"Where's Rover?" Saitama asked concerned.

"I let him out for the evening, so we could have some alone time." Genos replied smoothly and placed a hand on saitama's thigh, rubbing gently as his tail swished behind him. When alone with Saitama Genos no longer bothered to hide his true form. he gave Saitama a fanged smirk and undressed him with his demonic eyes.

Saitama squirmed under Genos's come-ons and sweating nervously. "Is it hot in here?" He pulled at his collar and scooted away.

"The room temperature is optimum," Genos moved closer, his face in Saitama's. No escape.

"Is that so?" Saitama gulped. If he was alive his heart would be pounding.

"How bout we have a snack?" Genos licked his master's ear.

“No thanks. I'm good!" the flustered vampire quickly blurted out.

Genos chuckled darkly, "I meant for me." He moved lower to suck at Saitama's neck.

Saitama's stomach dropped to the floor remembering how Genos was suppose to feed on sex. He gently pushed Genos back, "I'm not really in the mood."

Genos was surprised by his master's reaction. Was that fear he saw in those dark eyes? It couldn't be, his master feared nothing, he must be playing hard to get, just like before.

Genos gave a sultry smile, "I can get you in the mood," Genos slid a hand up saitama's shirt to caress washboard abs.

Saitama froze in place, "But we're friends now..."

"There are certain "benefits" to being "friends"." Genos slid his hand up to a peck and rubbed his thumb over a nipple. Forehead pressed to forehead he spoke in a deep smooth tone, "we can both get what we want."

'Ah, that's right,' Saitama felt something cold coil in his gut at the way Genos said “friends.” He wasn't really spending time with Saitama because he liked him, he was just using him. 'I was just food after all.' Saitama balled his fists and pulled his face away.

His master was so cute acting shy like that, "We don't have to do anything new tonight, I can use my mouth like before," Genos flicked out his forked tongue.

Saitama stared wide eyed, Genos was every bit of the lust devil he claimed to be and Saitama felt the panic well up in his chest. He quickly crawled back, "Genos stop!," but Genos followed, leaning his body over Saitama's.

Then howling interrupted their moment.

"Is that rover?" Saitama asked distracted and Genos head fell in defeat, "He sounds hurt or lost?" Saitama said worried.

"That dog...." Genos said low like a growl. "Do not fret master, I will investigate." And reluctantly pushed himself off the floor away from that adonis of a body.

Genos existed out the balcony and flew down to the interrupter, not bothering to put up his charm in the abandoned sector.

The dog growled loudly at him, at the end of his leash.

"What! What could be so important to spoil my fun?" Genos demanded.

The clouds parted and the full moon appeared, lighting up the city rubble in shades of grey. Genos watched in trepidation as the growling mutt's body doubled, then quadrupled in size popping his collar. Bones snapped and moved as its body bulked with muscle and chest went wide like a truck. Paws became long like hands and spine curved upwards until there was a towering werewolf before Genos.

The monster roared and maked a swipe for the incubus with its long claws.

"Fuck!" Genos dodged, taking to the air, “Since when is the mutt a werewolf?”

The beast charged after Genos on all fours.

Genos made illusion copies of himself and spread out amongst them, moving around to confuse and distract the monster.

Rover fell for a decoy and slammed into a building, reducing it to rubble.

The were-beast pulled it's head from the rubble, sniffed the air and in a moment red eyes zeroed in on Genos. The monster charged and knocked him out of the sky. Genos plummeted, hitting the ground hard. He scrambled to get out, but he was trapped under pieces of fallen debris and the beast was ready to charge again. Genos had to find a way to distract it.

"What's your problem?" He shouted. Not the best plan to argue with a feral monster, but Genos was running out of options.

"Ge-nos BAD! NO hurt Ta-ma!" came a low gravelly voice.

'What the actual fuck is happening? The mutt actually talks!' Genos thought with his eyes wide and teeth grit tight Az he struggled to get himself free.

Rover panted out, "Ro-ver GOOD BOY! Keep sss-Ta-ma safe! Ge-nos BAD! EAT Ge-nos!" The werewolf roared and charged Genos with his mouth open.

'Oh fuck!' the only defense Genos had left was his claws. ‘If I let the beast get close enough maybe I can wound it without losing too many body parts.’

As Genos contemplated the strategic loss of limbs, Saitama appeared out of nowhere between them and shoved the monster's snout into the ground.

"Looks like it's a full moon." Saitama stated plainly and laid his body over the beast's muzzle, holding it shut. Rover gave a couple of shakes, before finally laying on the ground ears fat to his head.

"Finally out of gas?" Saitama asked gently and pet the large monster's head.

Genos busted out of the rubble shouting, "Werewolves and vampires are natural enemies! How can you have one as a pet?"

"I don't know. I beat him in a fight one day and he followed me home, couldn't get rid of him." Saitama absentmindedly peted Rover's rising heckles. "I know I'm weird. A vampire that doesn't like feeding, and keeps a werewolf as a pet. But I didn't ask for this. I didn't want to be this. Sometimes I just miss eating udon or discount shopping or taking a nap in the sun. Or just being a normal guy that works a dead-end job, 9 to 5, dreaming of the time I'll work up the nerve to ask a girl out on a date.

“And.... So..... if you're just here for the sex, I'm not looking for anything like that. I find you attractive but I'm not into dudes. Or I thought I wasn't?” Saitama shakes his head in distress, “I don't know. I just can't handle all..... whatever this is. I don't like the sound of "friends with benefits". It sounds....." Saitama stopped suddenly and stared at the ground.

"lonely?" Genos finished.

Saitama spoke softly and looked at Genos "yeah."

Genos realized he was a fool. His shy, sweet, powerful master stood before him, broken and alone. Genos's actions had done nothing to help. The mutt was right he had hurt Saitama.

Genos's head spun with questions, ‘Had I forced myself on him? Did I misunderstand? had I done to saitama, what the witch did to me?’

He opened his mouth, closed it. Then tried again, but nothing came out. Saitama stood less than a meter from him, but he felt so much further away. Genos was losing his kind hearted master.

Saitama watched as Genos gaped like a fish then black tears welled up in his eyes and ran down his cheeks. Saitama closed the distance between them catching Genos's hand before he could cover his face. the tension released at that touch and Genos broke into a sob.

"Ah, kid..." God, he looked so young and vulnerable right now.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. " Genos knew he was babbling but couldn't stop, "I didn't know. I thought you you wanted it. I thought you liked me pleasing you." Genos was crying deeply then shouted, "I DON'T EVEN LIKE SEX! B-B-But it felt so good with you, I just wanted another taste." Genos's adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed, "if I had know you didn't want me, I wouldn't have pushed you like mistress did to me-" Genos crumbled into a fit of wailing.

Saitama pulled Genos into his arms, holding him as he shook..

‘Shit! What had this boy been through with his last owner?’ Saitama wondered.

"Don't master, it will stain," Genos said as he very weakly tried to push away.

Saitama held him tight, "don't care. I know you can get them out."

Quietly Genos asked, "I can stay?"

Saitama said warmly, "Of course you can. This is your home."

Genos cried tears of joy, "Thank you master! I vow to do better as your servant and only offering blood when you truly need it and reading signals better and not pushing you into-"

"Hey, hey, the only thing you need to do is tell me when you don't like something. No more of this "for my benefit" thing. Ok? And I promise to try to do the same. We're friends now. Friends tell each other how they feel." Genos looked at Saitama with sparkling admiration. Saitama used his sleeve to wipe away dark smudges on Genos's face. "Come on let's go inside."

Rover growled at Genos, deep like a drum.

"NO!” Saitama chastised, “No eating Genos!"

Rover whined as a reply of understanding.

"Now go run and play in the woods."

rover took took like a flash, disappearing into the dark.

"AND NO EATING CATS!" Saitama called after him.

Chapter Text

Genos officially moves in and Saitama was surprised, for a well off guy like Genos he didn't own a lot of stuff.

"Where's your stuff? I know my place isn't big, but I can make room in the closet," Saitama looked to the living room, arms crossed, "and we'll have to make sleeping arrangements, but we can make it work."

"Master Saitama there is no need to concern yourself," Genos paused so Saitama can look at him, "I just have the one suit and I do not require sleep, so no arrangements have to be made."

“Oi, what about all those fancy clothes you wear?”

Genos looked puzzled. "It is a mere illusion." As a demonstration light sparkled and the suit was suddenly a black tux, another flash and it waz snakeskin, "Men's fashion is simple. I copy the trends from magazine covers by adjusting the color and texture of the cloth."

Saitama maked a whistling sound from his lips. 'he really did walk off the cover of a teen idol magazine' he thought.

"Wow! How long can you hold that?” Saitama asked.

“Days. Weeks if necessary. My former Mistress," Genos's tone deepend in disgust at the mention, "was adamant about holding charms and illusions."

"Wait, I thought…." Saitama focused his curiosity on Genos, "Doesn't using magic like that drain you?"

"It does." Genos was curt, tone clipping at the words.

Saitama doesn't notice and carries on with his questions, "Why would she-"

Genos cut him off yelling angrily with a snarl and a cross face, "BECAUSE SHE IS A VILE WITCH THAT GETS OFF ON HUMILIATION AND SUBMISSION!!!!"

Saitama's eyebrows shot up, eyes popped open, and mouth shut closed.

Genos caught himself and schooled his attitude, "I am sorry master. I did not mean to snap like that." Now he looked ashamed and wont meet Saitama's eyes.

"It's ok, my fault for bringing it up," Saitama didn't expect for Genos to have a temper, but it comes with being roommates, always new things to learn, and Saitama let it slide. Seemed like the topic really bothered Genos anyway. "So you don't have any clothes? Not even a sleeping shirt or a bed? Not even a toothbrush?" Saitama's voice squeaked at the end. "Geeze, what are you doing with all that money?"

Genos spoke matter of fact, "I found work so that I could sustain myself. Having funds is just a side effect. I only had an apartment to maintain the appearance of normalcy."

“Ok. No more of that. we are getting you a toothbrush and other stuff you need.”


While in the store Saitama grabbed a cart and systematically walked through the store grabbing things off the shelf and throwing them in the cart.

"Mas-" Genos stopped himself in time and covered it up with a cough, "Saitama. This is not necessary." In a low voice he added, "I'm not human."

Saitama shot him a look, "Me neither, but I still need a bed and blackout curtains and a TOOTHBRUSH!" They move down another isle. "how have you been keeping clean?"

"A cleansing spell.... " Genos felt the need to elaborate, "it removes all dirt."

"So does a shower and body wash." Saitama responded plainly. "Here, Pick one." Saitama held up a red bottle and a black one.


"Shower?" Genos frowned in confusion, "Doesn't running water hurt vampires?" It was nice being in a store just before closing. It meant no one was around to hear their conversation.

"Does it?" Saitama shrugged wearing his yellow oppai hoodie, "Haven't noticed. But, I do get pinker when I step out. Always thought it was the hot water. "

The intercom beeped and a tired voice came on, "Attention valued customers the store will be closing in," a pause, "ten minutes. Please make your final selections and bring them to central check out. Thank you." Click.

Saitama maked a face. Did they really need to do that? They know genos and him are the only ones here. Saitama sighed he knows the store actually closes in 15 minutes, he turned back to Genos and asked, "which one?"

Genos eyes dart from left to right, watching the bottles like they held the fate of his future, "Which do you get?" Genos asked back.

"Usually whatever's cheap."

"Then i shall also get that"

"Oh I thought..."


Nevermind. It's dum." Saitama turned away.

Genos put his hand on saitama's before he could replace the body wash. "Thought what?" he asked quietly.

Saitama gulped, “That you'd want something nice smelling," Saitama was averting his eyes and his cheeks were dusty pale.

'This is what Master is like when he is shy.’ Genos notices, “Master must have picked these fragrances for me to choose from because he wants to smell them on me!' With that in mind Genos took each in hand and sniffed the bottles. Then declared the black one the winner.

Saitama smiled a genuine smile, "I like that one too."

Genos's time slowed to a stop that such a small gesture could make his wonderful Master smile like that, genos felt himself smiling too.

Under Genos' stare Saitama awkwardly said, "I guess we better check out..."

It was the middle of the week, not even a sale day, but they got what they needed as far a sleepover items were concerned and because it was closing the cashier didn't bother fighting about expired coupons, an added bonus.

They both carried the bags out, then Saitama said outside the store, "ahhh I missed this," Genos lifted his head to look at him, "Just being out shopping, hunting sales and stuff. But all the good sales are during the day. I miss them." Genos can tell he misses more than just sales.


After his Master's lament about missing a normal life, Genos wanted to give back what Saitama had lost and turned to the internet for research.

During the day, a large crate is delivered outside the apartment.

“What's all this?” Saitama asked puzzled.

“An experiment.” Genos answered in full confidence, “Master have you tried to eat food since becoming a vampire?”

Saitama was thrown off by the question, “When I did, I'd throw it back up, so I assumed I couldn't.”

Genos came together and he hummed in thought, "I have a theory that blood can be shaped into food, but still fundamentally stay blood." As Genos talks he removes items from the crate and set them up in the kitchen, "With Master's permission I want to try experimental cuisine, so I bought a Molecular Gastronomy Kit."

"a what?" Saitama was far out of his element when he saw labels like; fuming flasks of liquid nitrogen, led-blinking water baths, syringes, tabletop distilleries, PH meters and shelves of food chemicals with names like carrageenan, maltodextrin and xanthan.

Genos continued with his explanation, "Molecular Gastronomy or experimental cuisine is the application of scientific principles to the understanding and improvement of small scale food preparation. It seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking under different temperatures, pressures and other scientific conditions blending physics and chemistry to transform the tastes and textures of food.

“Molecular gastronomy is revolutionizing traditional cooking and transforming dining into a surprising emotional and sensory experience. experiments have resulted in new innovative dishes like hot gelatins, airs, crab ice cream, olive oil spiral, Cocktails in ice spheres, Caviar made of olive oil, And Disappearing transparent raviolis to name a few.

Genos was scowling and staring down at his countertop turned workbench. "The "chemicals" used in molecular gastronomy are all of biological origin. Even though they have been purified and some of them processed, the raw material origin is usually marine, plant, animal or microbial. These additives have been approved by EU standards and are used in very, very small amounts. The science lab equipment used just helps modern gastronomy cooks to do simple things like maintaining the temperature of the cooking water constant in a water bath, cooling food at extremely low temperatures fast with liquid nitrogen or extract flavor from food via evaporator,

Genos became more serious and his scowl deepen, "Steps need to be followed in a very specific sequence or the whole dish may be a disaster. Quantities are measured in fractions of a gram or fractions of a percentage. Slight variations in food acidity levels could be disastrous for some dishes. Later I'll have to analyze the molecular make-up of the ingredients with an infrared spectrometer nuclear magnetic resonance machine; equipment usually used by synthetic chemists and physicists, but I feel with the right leverage I can obtain one."

“Genos I don't understand a word of this. Keep it to 20 words or less." Saitama said it more like a whine than in actual anger.

Genos’ eyebrows shot upward in surprise, "I want to cook blood meals for you. So you can eat food again."

Saitama nearly stuttered, “Ge-Genos you don't gotta do that!" saitama looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. A nervous habit maybe? "Where did you even get this? how much did you pay for all this?

“¥28000.00 on amazon.”

saitama sputtered. "Genos what the hell!"

"Master saitama, are you….displeased?" Genos looked let down.

"You Don't have to spend all your money on me!"

“not hardly. I just used this weeks earnings.”

Saitama whispered like it was a secret, "Genos that's still a lot of money!"

“Master I don't have normal human expenses, not to mention I earn a paycheck and work for tips.”

"I just don't want to be a mooch."

Genos face got softer, "You aren't. You are my wonderful master. Anything I can do to fulfill your desires, I will make it happen."

Saitama let go of a losing fight, "did you get anything for yourself in here?"

“I.... don't eat master.”

“Oi? i thought you could.”

“I'm able to, but I have no functional need for it.”

“So what was your plan? Make dinner and watch me eat?” Saitama raised one brow and all he received was silence. Saitama mumbled under his breath, "You're so weird." Then spoke up, "If you're going to spend money on me your gonna get stuff for yourself, and we'll eat together." He smiled, "ok?"

Genos was ecstatic, "YES MASTER!"

“First off, I'll show you how to shop for sales and clip coupons.”

Saitama sat Genos down at the table and goes over the finesse of extreme couponing. Genos was diligently taking notes on his phone when Saitama announced they're going out for a field test.

“Right now? But it's day time." Genos scrambled to keep up.

“Yeah that's the best time for a sale.”

“what about the sun?!" Genos put on his charm as he trailed after saitama through the door.

Saitama wasn't even bothering to cover up. "I'll just work on my tan."


Saitama looked like a golden god walking in the supermarket and there was a spark in Saitama's eye Genos hadn't seen before. It's like his Master had truly come alive explaining price cuts, quality of off-name brands, and the importance of stacking coupons. It was an inspiration to Genos, that so much enjoyment could be taken from the ordinary of the everyday.



To Saitama's dismay you cannot buy blood on sale at the local grocer.

Genos used his smart phone and found a local butcher. It was an all organic, no torture, hipster place that made Saitama frown at the prices, but Genos was committed to this whole turn blood into food thing, so Saitama stepped outside to not gawk at the total cost. It was a nice day, a light breeze had the first crisp of autumn and the sun was bright. Maybe a little too bright. Saitama looked out into the street of shoppers and could see and hear their hearts beating as they hurried by. He didn't like it, but it was getting close to time to feed again, and also a job. He spent a good chunk of his savings on stuff for genos and a new game would be coming out soon. As saitama contemplated job hunting, the bell rang on the little shop and Genos stepped out.

"Was the blood real expensive?" Saitama asked thinking he would have to find a way to pay Genos back.

"Actually, blood doesn't have a price and we had to negotiate a sale for it. He was concerned I was over paying and gave me some bones for free."

Saitama beamed, "That's great! Rover will love that." They turned to walk back home, "So what did you tell him you need the blood for?"

Genos looked away with a cautious expression, "To make dog food." Genos expected his master to be miffed, referring to him as a dog, but saitama just snickered. His master really was not bothered by much, in the best ways.


They make it home and Saitama started to put away groceries in the empty fridge. Genos walked over to Rover's "spot", a corner of the apartment.

Rover was laying on his bed still in recovery from the turn and gave the devil a low growl. Geons dropped a sizeable thigh bone in front of the were-beast's nose. They still don't get along, but they aren't currently at war. Genos hoped this would be a peace offering to the monster, so to be aloud closer to Saitama.

Rover gave it a sniff then gnawed his bone.

‘Time will tell.’ Genos thought.

Genos joins saitama in the kitchen where the bald man was rubbing the back of his neck, "Since you're gonna be doing all the cooking." He started, "I got you something" and handed genos a bag.

apprehensive Genos opened the bag and pulled out a simple pink apron. In the blink of an eye he was back in the mansion, on his knees, scrubbing floors, in nothing but a maid's apron as the witched laughed.

A second later and he was back, heart beating fast, "Will I be wearing only the apron?" Genos asked slowly.

Saitama blushed and pus his hands up defensively. Only making sounds as he faltered for the right words. Genos realized Saitama really was just doing this out of the kindness of his heart, so he smirked smugly and teased him, "do you want me to only wear the apron?"

Saitama blushed more and stuttered. Genos lightened his smile and took Saitama's hand. "Thank you," Genos would not force his Master into intimacy, but it was still fun to tease.

Saitama finally finds his voice, "You're weird for a demon."

"I am a devil. Demons are different." Genos dawned his apron and set to work.

“What's the difference?”

“Demons are unique soldiers forged from sin and deal in soul trade. Devils are simple, basic, mass produced slaves that deal in sin."

Saitama had that glazed over look like he does when he's lost. Genos looked for a prop to demonstrate, "Devils are like foil."-pulls sheet- "Durable but disposable."-wods up foil-"another can easily be summoned as a replacement."-pulls new sheet.-"Both require contracts, but fundamentally differ in cost."

Saitama looked at the wadded up foil then back to Genos, "Dude you're not replaceable."

“There are many more like me to take my place if I fall." Genos busied himself pulling out a pot to boil water.

“You are you. And there's no one like you. That makes you valuable.”

Genos idlily stirred the pot not looking at his master, "I am a thing..."

Saitama learned forward grabbing his attention, “You're your own person. Not a thing, not a slave, and definitely not disposable." They stand there starting into each others eyes as more than just the pot heats up. Saitama seemed to suddenly realize his proximity and jerked back. He looked away rubbing at the back of his neck again, "I'll just hop in the shower and let you cook. "

Genos had never met someone so real, and so genuine in their feelings. His master showed real concern, compassion, and was so cute when acting shy. Genos couldn't stop the smile on his face, he felt so lucky to have a master he could only dream of. It only made him want to care for his master more.

Genos knew the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and sadness his master feels will not go away overnight or that because he is smiling now that he does not still feel it, but all the more reason to take things step by step. He would gain his Master's trust and slowly work toward intimacy.

His master was worth the wait, but....there was still the matter of feeding. Genos needed to feed daily to maintain his magic and so did Saitama for his health. If his master was unwilling to co-feed, they would have to go out at night. Perhaps his master would like to hunt together?

Genos considered how to bring up the topic, while he prepared dinner. Making ramen for himself was easy enough, but getting the blood and the chemicals to work together was proving to be a challenge. Genos expected the process to be much easier than this, but forming noodles was proving to be much harder than anticipated. As soon as he thought he got it right, it would fall apart with little to no explanation. Genos clicks his tongue at another failed attempt. He wasn't getting anywhere and soon his master would be out.


Saitama stepped out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam wearing only his white bath towel.
"How's dinner comin' buddy?" He called out and walked to the living room.

Genos started talking but suddenly blurted out "MASTER?! What happened to your skin!" Genos was yelling like the house caught on fire and looked like he saw a ghost.

"This?" Saitama looked down at his arm, "Oh. I told you, I turn a little pink. "

"That is more than a little pink!" Saitama was red as a lobster from head to toe. Master saitama was going to prove a challenge to care for.

Later, after cooling down and turning back to normal, Saitama put on his lounge clothes and set at the table as Genos brought out their bowls.

Genos set down a soup bowl of red beads, "Hu? Did we buy roe?"

Genos explained, "It is blood "caviar." I wanted to make noodles so we could have ramen together, but they kept falling apart. I don't seem to be ready for noodles yet, so I went with the easier droplets. I hope Master finds it to his liking." Genos looked apprehensive.

"As long as you tried your best." Saitama picked up his spoon and dug in.

Genos watches closely when saitama's eyes go wide. "Mmmm, Genos this is good! It's like little bubbles bursting with flavor in my mouth!" Saitama got another spoon full then another.

The tensions melted from Genos's shoulders, "I made droplets of mutton, beef and pork blood then combined then in the bowl."

"I never thought of eating animal blood, it's so good!" Across the room Rover's head popped up, "But it doesn't feel like it has the same effect." Roverlaid back down. "When I feed on humans there's a sense of satisfaction." Saitama got a far off look in his eyes, "I feel like I could eat this all day and never get full." Saitama was peering down at his bowl and noticed Genos was unusually quiet. He glanced over to see Genos has the saddest expression while clutching his chopsticks. Saitama quickly tried to perk up the mood, "But it still tastes really good, thanks man." And goes back to eating.

Genos sits up prideful, "Don't worry I will master this, so you can enjoy food once more!" It sounds like he's boasting, which was surprising when the next part came out more quietly, "......But I understand. Food doesn't do anything for me either. That's why we should hunt together."

Saitama did a Spit take shooting a bubble across the table, "wahu?"

Genos didn't miss a beat, "We both need to feed, we can hunt together, increase our changes, watch out for one another and..." he smiled shameless, "I want to know what it's like to feed when you feed."

Chapter Text

Saitama doesn't know why he agreed to go out with Genos to his place of work. Here Genos was known as Gene, rank 6 in popularity at the Paradise night club, his face was plastered on the front of the building for crying out loud!

Tonight Genos charmed his suit to appear white with an open collar pink dress shirt, and spiked up his blonde hair. He looked good, but his appearance was so plastic to the point Saitama wondered why no one else noticed. Maybe it's because they lived together now he can see the differences?

Saitama wore his salaryman suit and took up his usual place sitting alone at bar, then ordered his usual club soda. Not that he couldn't drink alcohol, but he got these free from the bartender. It tasted like nothing, but he looked less like a weirdo with a drink in his hand.

The place was full of young guys just like Genos, all of them hot like an anime protag. He watched Genos act like a prince, flirting up all the girls and convincing them to buy more drinks. Saitama heard the set up for a joke and the roar of laughter. He had never heard Genos's laugh before, but he could tell it was rehearsed and Genos wasn't listening to them, not really. His eyes lacked their normal intensity. He was totally different from home; he lost that periment scowl, and traded it for a fake smile.

Saitama had no idea what to expect, before coming in Genos said he would give him a signal, but He had no idea what that would be, so he waited anxiously, drinking his club soda.

Sometime later he saw Genos stand with a girl wrapped around his arm and shot him a look that was too flirtatious to be a glance.

Saitama wondered, 'Was that the signal?' He watched them go into a private booth and Saitama slipped in behind them unnoticed.

Gold eyes lock on the bald vampire when he entered. Saitama watched for a moment as Genos held the girl close and deep kissed before sitting in the booth behind her. Genos presented the girl's slim neck to his master.

Saitama couldn't believe they were really doing this, or that it actually worked! He could see her veins pulse, feel the heat of her body, and smell the copperyness of her blood. Saitama followed his inhuman instincts and sank his fangs into her flesh.

Genos could feel her arousal spike at the bite. He watched as his Master drank and Genos fed off the blossoming arousal of the girl though their kiss. It was so much richer than when Genos was alone, a vampire's bite was amazing at opening up the hearts darkest desires. Genos found his own desires opening up watching Saitama suck. He felt himself growing long, and pressed against the girl, pushing her closer to Saitama.

Saitama saw gold on black eyes half lidded, and full of lust watching him as he fed. Saitama found himself wanting to stop rather than forcing himself to stop. He pulled away and said, "Tastes like ketchup." After Genos, human blood was just plain.

"Saitama," Genos whispered to him. Saitama's eyes were crimson, and fangs bloody, but Genos couldn't help himself. He leaned in and kissed Saitama on the mouth. He got goosebumps at the metallic taste of blood.

Saitama was apprehensive for only a moment then pushed into the kiss, open mouthed. Tongues darted in and out as the kiss became more passionate, he threaded his fingers through Genos' hair and felt himself stiffen as the kiss deepened.

They moved closer, the girl caught between them as their kiss grew more heated. Their bodies rubbed against her's in a rut. Genos moaned into Saitama's mouth and push her out of way to get closer to his master and the girl landed unceremoniously in the booth, passed out.

"Shit. She ok?" Saitama pulled away mildly concerned.

Genos checked for a pulse, "She's fine. just drunk," he smiled sweetly, "Are you still hungry? I can go get another."

Saitama thought about it. Maybe it was just this girl that tasted off, "Ok, but let's get her cleaned up first," Genos propped her up and Saitama licked the wound closed.

After a little memory eraser, Genos helped walk her out and returned the girl to her friends which caused enough of a distraction for Saitama to slip back to the bar. In seconds Genos was back to his princely self, eyes sparkling, taking the time to explain she overexerted herself and fell asleep and that they should get her home and give her plenty of fluids.

‘He must be using a charm, so they don't question him.’ Saitama surmised. Saitama had a moment to himself too long and what happened hit him. 'What the fuck?' Saitama remembered how good kissing Genos tasted with the blood, how hot it ways when Genos ran his tongue over saitama's fangs, or how they were both using that girl to get off from kissing. Saitama put his head in his hands and felt like he would die of embarrassment.


The days pass and Genos was back and forth between their apartment and the butcher's shop, experimenting with recipes to make blood: soda, smoothies, popsicles, pudding, and chips. Noodles were still proving a challenge, but as long as they were prepared cold or eaten quickly, they held their shape.

Hunting together had gotten easier. They worked out better signals and chose more secluded locations. Genos watched as Saitama grew more confident with the routine each night.

Tonight there was someone new at the bar. Slim frame, in a high cut dress with long black hair. Saitama sat next to her, her grey eyes met his, but her smile was a little too wicked.

She downed her drink and asked, "Want to get out of here?"

Saitama raised an eyebrow, 'Maybe a prostitute?' He thought and gave a signal to Genis for "out back" as he was led off, by the slim woman.


Sonic prefered to work alone and his preferred method of hunting was bait and switch. He'd dressed in women's clothing and pretend to be a single girl having a night on the town, the prefered victim of vampires. Once a vampire zeroed in on him as the helpless prey, he would lead them off and steak their hearts.

Tonight he has caught wind of suspicious activity and has come hunting. If there was a vampire here it wouldn't take long to find it. He hadn't been there an hour when one of the undead strolled up to him. There was no mistaking the movement of a predator; footsteps too soft, body too fluid and he wasn't even hiding his gaunt cheeks, pale skin, racoon eyes, or pointed ears.

Sonic smiled. It was all too easy.

He lead the bald man out into the alleyway and pulled him in close for a kiss, but Sonic slipped up and his bad habit, a wide creepy grin, gave him away and the vampire caught the wooden stake in his hand.

‘That shouldn't be possible!’ Sonic was faster than anything living or undead, a vampire should NOT have been fast enough to stop him.

“You will pay for that!” Sonic growled, ego more than a little bruised.

At the speed of thought, Sonic dropped the stake and with his other hand pulled a silver dagger from under his dress and aimed it for the vampire's heart.

The vampire caught the dagger in his hand and snapped it.


'Not only can he touch it, he can break it?' There was no such monster that could touch the purity of silver and this monster just broke it! Sonic's instincts were screaming danger. He turned to run but the vampire grabbed him. Sonic kicked to knock the vampire back but baldy was like stone. He was in deep shit.

"She giving you trouble?" a voice from the dark asked.

'Another one?' Sonic thought, but was still locked tight in an iron grip.

"i dont think it's a girl," the vampire replied in a near bored tone.

"Doesn't matter to me," Sonic saw inhuman yellow on black eyes as the newcomer stepped into the street light.

'Fuck this one's a devil!' Sonic struggled harder, but baldy wasn't letting go and the devil pressed its chest to his back. Instantly Sonic felt the heat coil in his gut and Sonic caught his breath coming out like pants, 'Is this monster charming me? Is this MOTHER FUCKER an incubus? What's an incubus doing with a vampire anyway? Since when do monster work together!? Who gave them permission to get organized?!'

The vampire moved forward and squeezed sonic
between them, in a hot ménage à trois Sonic was unprepared for. Then he felt fangs pierce his skin and all panic was replaced with lust.

He heard the incubus whisper in his ear, "Do you want me to put it in you?"

Sonic felt a hard shaft push up against his ass and mewed weakly as a reply.

The incubus humed, "Do you want me to come in you?"

Sonic couldn't hold back his moan when he felt the cock in front grind on his own wet and hard shaft. Sonic was oh so turned on being trapped between them.

'Death by threesome was a hell of a way to go!' He closed his eyes and thought.

The build up was coming, getting him closer and closer, then suddenly it stopped. No more heat, no more sucking, no nothing! All that was left was just an aching hard on! Sonic's eyes flew open in a rage to find the two monsters making out. Sonic was pissed.

"What the fuck?!" He yelled.

The two monsters looked at sonic as if they forgot he was there and the bald vampire had a stupid confused expression, "Do you want us to help finish you off?"

'What kinda fool question is that?' Sonic thought and then said, "It'd be nice before you kill me!"

the bald vampire's eyebrows scrunched together, "We don't kill. That's not what we're about."

"And we don't "help" either." The blond incubus said in a disgusted tone.

They drop him and made moves to walk away. Leaving him stranded with a wet stain on his dress and blue balls.

Sonic turned red as a tomato, "I will get you for this! mark my words you will pay for this humiliation!" He yelled as he covered his aching boner then in a blink, he was gone.


Later somewhere in the abandoned zone Licenceless Rider was tending to Sonic's bite mark.

“I told not to play with your kills. Justice should be swift and-”

“Ok Mum!” Sonic yelled like a scolded teenager.

“You're lucky you didn't get turned!” Rider chastised.

“I've told you before, I'm a slayer! Vamps don't have that effect on me! Beside there were two of them....”

"Two vampires! Gosh darn it!" Rider doesn't like to curse and always tried to use the lesser version, "I knew I shouldn't have let you go alone! Next time you -"

Sonic cut Rider off before he got full into lecture mode, “One was an incubus!" he blurted out.

Rider was completely derailed, if the height of his bows above his glasses could be trusted, “Why's a devil with a vampire?"

“That's what i said!” Sonic said vindicated.

Rider became deathly serious, "What happened. tell me everything."

Sonic looked away in shame, "There's not much to tell. They toyed with me and let me go. Said killing wasn't what they were about."

Rider crossed his arms in thought, "That's true. There have been no reports of casualties. Only suspicious reports of loss time, lightheadedness, and memory loss. Is it possible they're not evil?"

Sonic gave him that not amused look, "Does it matter? They're monsters and they're eating people."

“But no one's died.”


Rider wanted to argue, but knew Sonic was right and drop it, "We'll have to watch them more closely."

"There's something else......" Sonic started to say, "that vamp..... he caught my dagger."

Rider jumped but regained his cool, "Even more reason to gather information."

Chapter Text

It was a gloomy overcast day and Genos was doing his normal duties of cleaning the apartment while Saitama watched news on bats, when he sensed something moving in the abandoned zone. Ever since Genos made Saitama his master, he has been able to “feel” the area around their apartment and after last night Genos thought that the hunter could have followed them and was coming back with reinforcements. So he quietly excused himself, not to disrupt his master, and went out to investigate.

The streets were empty as expected, except for the mummified bodies of dead animals. Something had been through here, and drained the blood of every living thing. Genos followed the sound of flapping and found a swarm of bats blacking out the sky and a vampire woman floating in mid air as the center of the vortex. She looked like she was wearing the "sexy vampire" Halloween costume.

"What's with you lot?" She said to her bats, "This is not nearly enough blood. Now go and get me more." Her eyes darted to the side and found Genos, appearing as an ordinary human.

"I see you make the bats suck blood, only to take it all for yourself." Genos coldly stated, "If we assume that your are controlling the bats it would explain why they are moving in such an abnormally large swarm. I wonder, if I get rid of you will this annoying swarm disband?"

"Just another pitiful human doing your master's bitting. Pathetic." Her tone shifted from cute to bitchy. "I will drink your master dry and have all of the abandoned zone to myself! After I kill you of course. Tehe-” she laughed obnoxiously. “Fetch me his blood my babies!"

Genos got a vision of the swarm of bats over taking and killing Saitama, "I will eliminate you! INCINERATE!" He yelled and let loose a surge of fire from his left palm, burning away the attacking swarm. Genos looked at his arm in shock. He didn't know what possessed him to say that, or how he was able to cast the spell but there was no discounting that power, if only he could do it again.

The vampire was amazed for a moment then grinded mincingly. She called the bats into a cyclone formation, while she transformed into a giant bat-woman.

'She must be desperate to attack during the day. Even with overcast it's still a high risk.' Genos thought tactically and dropped his charm to spread his wings and fly, ready to dodge. ‘Illusion would prove useless. A vampire's sense of smell was nearly as good as a werewolf's. Hopefully direct attacks are enough.' Genos swooped in to attack with his claws, but she quickly blocked and countered with a claw slash, that Genos managed to stop in time.

While locked in mid air combat she said, "Hmmmm you're pretty strong, maybe I should make you mine instead."

Insulted, Genos felt the fire magic heat at his palm again and aimed a blast of fire at her face, forcing her to dodge and pull away, “It's useless. You cannot escape me!” He exclaimed. It seemed the fire was powered by his rage, he could work with that.

"You look a little too dangerous to keep as my pet. I might get killed if I don't do something. Come to me my babies!" She called the bats and they surround her in a ball.

Genos pulled away to land and calculated his next move, 'She's calling more bats. She wasn't only making them collect blood in this town, but in a far bigger area. Seems like blood does not only serve as food for her. I better end this before she is done summoning them.' His eyes and left arm glow, charging another attack.

The giant sphere morphed and poured on him like a waterfall, burying him in blood sucking flying mammals. Genos released his built up charge in an explosion of fire, burning away the swarm.

"Wow that's pretty cool. Where'd you learn to do that?"

Genos spun around at the sound of his master's voice, "Master what are you doing here!" Saitama was caught in the blast of fire and was completely naked.

“Looking for you. It's all over the news to say indoors. Something is leaving dried up bodies behind.”

Laughter rained down from the sky causing them to look up at the vampire woman, "My babies have served their purpose! I have no need for them now."

"Guess it was that," Saitama interjected.

Genos turned to Saitama, "Master get away from here! She will kill you for your domain. I will buy you some time, now RUN!" There was no time to waste, he had to attack while she was distracted. He flew toward her, but she was too quick and in a flask she was in front of him. Genos raised his palm for another attack, but she sliced his arm off with her claws.

“How weak," she said mockingly. Then Genos saw his wings fall away from his body and plummeted to the ground, but her attacks didn't stop. Like a blinder of swords, she cut open his belly, chest, face, and legs.

As Genos was being thrashed all he could think was, 'I see. The more blood see consumes the faster and more powerful her body gets.' Genos hit the ground broken and immobile. Red blood pooled on the pavement from black innards. One eye was slashed out and his his face was spiderwebbed cracked like a porcelain doll, 'I let my guard down and now I have no chance of winning.'

She banked around coming in for the kill, screaming, "NOW DIE!"

Genos's last thought were of Saitama, 'I'm sorry Master. I hope I bought you enough time for you to escape.'

As Genos watched the crazed beast like vampire dive bomb him, a hand appeared and slapped her face, causing a blood splatter over a building.


Genos couldn't believe his eye. ‘Had the monster really been taken out with just one hit? Was this a dream?’ Genos thought as his vision faded to black.

Saitama put a hand to the crack on the young devil's cheek, "Genos, Genos, stay with me buddy," Saitama knew he has to act quickly before his panic set in. He bit deep into his wrist and let it pour into Genos's mouth. "Drink this and you'll be ok."


Darkness gave way to the burning fires of hell as raw power filled Genos' slashed insides and his screams were muffled by his master's arm.

Saitama was startled by the devil's response and pulled his wrist away. Saitam watched Genos' belly wounds start closing, but it was too slow. In a panic Saitama asked, "You ok? You can regrow this, right?"

Genos was panting barely able to talk, “I need to…. feed…. to heal.”

Saitama thought about how Genos needs to feed and balked, "I don't know if I can get it up!"

"You can... if you... feed."

"Genos you lost enough blood. What if i can't stop?"

“I am…. dead…. either way.”

Saitama was scared of what he would do to Genos, but the kid looked so bad, he would just have to trust he wouldn't kill him. He got between Genos' legs, and tried to get his pants down, but ripped them off instead.

Saitama felt so uneasy, he was about to have first time gay sex and he was woefully unprepared. "Don't we need lube?" Saitama asked shaky.

"No…. time." Genos panted out.

“But won't it tear or something?"

Genos focused on not blacking out as he spoke, "the bite... will… be enough."

Saitama was just going to have to trust him. His eyes go red, and he sunk his teeth into Genos's neck.

Genos inhaled deeply, and put a hand behind saitama's head, holding himself and his master steady.

Genos's spicy blood hit Saitama's mouth and instantly the arousal burned in his loins. Saitama had to use every once of his will power to pull away.

"Go slow... I'm ready." Genos said breathy.

Saitama stoked his length and lined up his cock to Genos's entrance and pushed, discovering Genos was already wet. Saitama slid in the head, basking in how plush and warm Genos felt as his opening expanded, letting in more of Saitama's length.

Genos was on the edge of pain and pleasure. His skin was on fire, and electricity bounced in his brain. Genos tried to relax as Saitama slowly filled him, but he was so thick and there seemed to be no end in sight. Genos threw his head back and moaned, he had never been so stretched.

Saitama finally bottomed out and sheathed himself. God! Genos was so fucking tight. "D-d-do you ne-need.... to get use to it?" Saitama stuttered out.

Even now his master was too kind. Genos pulled him into a kiss, tasting the metallic tang of blood And Then pulled away to look into crimson eyes "Your eyes are beautiful," and presented his neck.

Saitama could feel his fangs grow longer and reopened the bite mark to suck in more rich spice. Genos tasted like whiskey, and hot sauce meeting cinnamon and mint. It burned then cooled then burned again. It was taking a lot of self control to not rip Genos open. He was very careful to listen for Genos's heartbeat, to not drink too much.

Genos humed out a moan and weakly wrapped his legs around Saitama's low back, begging in unspoken words that Saitama answered with a push then pull of their bodies.

Saitama's aura flowed into him; a nervous wreck full of worry, fear, and hope, but not pleasure. Saitama was hard in him, but Genos could feel he wasn't into it. Genos felt like he was betraying his master, 'Even after my vow,’ he thought, ‘I am still forcing him.'

This is not how Genos wanted their "first" to be. Genos wanted to ease Saitama into gay sex, by experimenting and exploring, and working their way forward until Saitama was ready…. willing. Instead his master was forcing himself to have sex to safe Genos's life.

Genos didn't understand, he was a devil; expendable, replaceable, worthless. 'To go this far... he really would do anything for a friend. I'm pathetic. I can't even pleasure him in my final moments. I didn't deserve his kindness,' and Genos's grip slacked.

Saitama stopped sucking and put a hand to Genos good cheek, and he felt so cold. "Don't pass out. Here," saitama bit into his wrist again, "take more blood!"

Genos's eyes opened wide and glowed bright as more blood filled his throat, making him cough like he was drowning. ‘How pathetic,’ he thought, ‘I wasn't strong enough to protect my master, and now I'm not strong enough to be saved by him.’

Genos pushed his Master's bloody wrist away, "Master Saitama You are the most powerful creature I have ever met and also the kindest. You are too kind and too gentle and the world does not deserve someone so caring." Genos knew he was going to die, but to die alone or in the arms of his wonderful master? Genos would choose the later. "I'm better for having known you."


"I am sorry... I know it is over 20 words."

"No keep talking," Saitama picked Genos up, and held him in his lap, thrusting up, "Dont stop" Saitama had a tight grip on Genos' hips with nails digging into his plump ass.

Genos could feel a rush of embarrassment and excitement in his master as he poured on the praise, “You are always careful when you touch me. Your body...such power and grace, a work of art...."

Genos put his hand on Saitama's bald head, "The body of a god....."

Genos leaned forward putting forehead to forehead, "but so humble, You could have the world, but are content to read your manga."

Genos petted his scalp lightly, "I have never met anyone as great or as important as you."

Genos watched as his master's expression became more distressed, his eyes fixating and pupils dilating, "The world does not deserve you. I would see it all burn before I let it hurt you."

Saitama was moaning and thrusting with abandon into Genos's tight wet hole and Genos tightened his legs around Saitama's back, as he bucked harder and harder, but the sting of pain was worth it when Saitama hit his prostate.

Genos felt his master getting closer and it built up his own arousal. His hard phallus rubbed up against washboard abs with every thrust, making him leak.

Genos insides start to glow like molten steel, it started in his eyes, then spread down to his mouth, and chest. Through his mussel seams, to his open wounds and finally his exposed bones. All glowing the same white hot light.

Saitama full body shuddered as he reached his climax. Genos wined and felt Saitama's orgasm through his aura and he rode out the shockwave, throwing his head back screaming a moan and spraying saitama's chest.

In the same instance his wings pop out of his back and his arm reappears, both covered in lava. Genos wrapped his new arm around Saitama's back and held him, still quacking in the aftermath.

"See? I knew you could grow it back" Saitama panted out and then smiled.

"That wasn't supposed to happen." Genos whispered in his ear.


Genos looked at his new hand, "I dont have the ability to regenerate."

"but,-but my blood.... and your feeding...."

"At most that should have closed the wounds....." Genos continued in a low whisper, "not regrow..."

Saitama had a serious face, he was fearful for what it all meant, but did not want to let it show and hugged Genos close, moving a hand into blond strands for comfort.

His erection softened then slipped out and all at once Saitama realized they are still in the middle of the street, "Sticky," saitama said aloud, but Genos was boneless in his arms, "let's get you home and cleaned up."


Genos was like rag doll when Saitama put him in the tub. Genos was quiet, off in his own little words of thought while Saitama scrubbed both their bodies, removing dried spunk and street dirt. Saitama does not question it, the kid had a hard day, but He never noticed how soft Genos's skin was before today.

Saitama was using a towel to dry off Genos's hair, keeping mindful of the horns, when Genos finally spoke up, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Saitama asked.

“I failed you.” Genos’ tone was miserable.

“No you didn't.” Saitama tried to reassure.

"I forced you. I don't deserve you." Black streaks ran down Genos’ now pristine face.

Saitama really can’t handle that crying face. He cupped his hands on Genos' cheeks, "You deserve so much better than me." Saitama kissed his forehead and gazed into sad longing eyes, while rubbing Genos's cheek. Then declared, "To hell with being straight," and kissed Genos's mouth tenderly.

It took a moment but Genos kissed back gently and cupped Saitama's face. Causing the towel on his head to slip off and land in a plie on the floor. Feeling the moment was right Saitama pulled back and let the young devil breath.

Genos' eyes flickered like candle light. "May I hold you?" He asked.

Saitama nodded as a response.

Genos cautiously lowered his hands from Saitama's face to his waist and ever so softly laid his head on his master's chest, then big bat like wings movtd around and with feather light touch drape over saitama's shoulders.

Saitama nesseled his nose in the boys hair and pull Genos closer into a hug. How touch starved did he make genos feel?

"Does it feel disgusting? My wings touching you." Genos seemed to ask out of nowhere.

"Why would you say that?" Saitama sounded alarmed.

Genos thought back to the many talks his mistress had with him about intimacy and sex, with what they did being only sex. She would never let him hold her and would abandon him after getting herself off.

"Because this is intimate." Genos shrinked when he said it. His current master didn't want the sex, would he also not want the intimacy?

Saitama could hear Genos's heart flutter, "Genos. You're my best friend. It's okay to be intimate. Especially after a day like today." He could feel Genos shivering. "Are you cold? Let's wrap up in here and go into the living room." After all they were both standing in the bathroom naked and hugging.

The night was just starting, but Saitama rolled out the futons instead, "How bout you call into work and we'll call it an early night."

Genos was still weak in the knees. Never could he have imagined his former mistress being so compassionate. On autopilot he dialed his work number and managed to speak. His mind was too far away to pay attention to what excuse he gave and didn't care if the manager bought it or not. Genos hit end call and looked up to see Saitama pushing the futons together.

They crawl in under Saitama's heart comforter and Saitama pulled Genos in close thinking, 'I almost lost you today. I promise I won't let anyone hurt you like that again.'

"Can I put my wings around you?" Genos asked in the quiet dark.

"Sure buddy."

Genos moved his wings more confidently around Saitama's body, like a leather coat, but warmer and they stayed like that in comfortable silence.

Chapter Text

In the middle of the night they laid there awake holding each other, when Saitama heard a tapping on the glass door and went out on the balcony to find two bats sitting on the railing.
One black and larger than the other that was grey, both with shiny bead like eyes and ears that swiveled like radar at his approach.

“Hello new master!” They said together.

“Oi?” Saitama did not remember the news saying bats learned how to talk.

They spoke together again, “Because you defeated our old master, we are now yours to command!” Then both together said, “We look forward to working with you in the future.” And bowed their little bat heads.

It was the most adorable thing Saitama had ever seen, but he was sceptical, “So what's the catch? Are you guys not house trained or something? Where would I even keep you? Or feed you?”

The black bat’s cute voice chipped in, “We will stay in the abandoned apartments...”

And the grey bat finished in an equally small, but cute, voice, “...And deliver blood to you!”

“Gross.” Saitama made an equally disgusted expression.

Genos could hear talking from the futon, but couldn't understand, so he got up and asked, “Master who are you talking to?” Then walked over to the glass door to see two squeaky bats. “Are these rodents bothering you?”

The bats cringed and whimpered in fear.

“They were telling me how they work for me now,” Saitama explained like it was just another mundane event in life.

Genos gave him a disbelieving look, but before he could investigate, the bats squeaked again and stole his master's attention.

“You get an increase in territory size,” the black bat said.

“Adding to your already amazing power,” the grey bat added.

“We will tell you when anyone enters your territory, friend or foe, and their threat level,” the black bat explained.

“Also any rumors we might hear,” The grey bat finished.

“So I get all this just because I punched a vampire?” Saitama inquired.

“Master it appears only you can understand the bats. All I can hears are squeeks.”

The black bat squeaked again, “That is because you took over our former master's domain!” it said, almost giddy, “The size of her domain granted her power over bat kin!”

“You could have gotten flight, if you had drank her blood,” The smaller grey bat professionally informed.

“That is correct.” The black bat nodded to it’s companion, then continued with the same business-like manner, “You can claim your enemies' powers and grow stronger by drinking their blood.”

“That explains all the vampire attacks that use to happen here,” Saitama said.

Genos must have had that look of disbelief again because his master felt the need to elaborate, “It's like I would fight one every night. At first it was exciting, then it got annoying, pretty soon it was just boring, but it was a steady supply of blood though. Then all of a sudden the nightly attacks stopped.”

The black bat chimed in, “It's because those weaker vampires couldn't challenge your domain and enter it.”

“Hmmm," Saitama hummed in thought and caught a glance of a lost Genos, "After I turned, I didn't realize what happened. I thought I had gained superpowers. I was faster, stronger, tougher than I was before. It was always my dream to become a hero, I thought it was fate. So I kept up my training and kept fighting monsters. Then the cravings started. The first time I couldn't stop myself. When I came back to my senses..."


Saitama trailed off remembering how his mouth was covered in blood, like a baby needing a bib, and he didn't remember how he got that way. A moment later he came back to himself.

"After that, I would fight vampires and monsters and drink their blood. I only switched to human when I ran out. When I first met you I hadn't drank in a month.”

Genos nodded in understanding, “Any other vampire would have been in a frenzy attacking the closest living thing. Master is truly amazing.”

“It's not that impressive.”

“Please train me in your ways.” Genos bowed.

“What are you talking about?” Saitama said high pitched, on the verge of panic.

"A devil's duties are to serve and to defend. That's why I must grow stronger to protect you. Please train me to be stronger!" Genos bowed again.

Genos had taken his loss in battle a little too hard it seemed.

“I can’t train you. I'm only like this because I'm a vampire!” Saitama exclaimed.

“But you were in training! Please Master Saitama, if I follow your wisdom, I can become stronger.”

“Fine…” Saitama relented and rolled his eyes, “Just don't be disappointed when I have nothing to teach you.” Saitama made his way inside to his closet to get dressed.

“Right now?” Genos asked surprised.

“There is a night sale I want to make tomorrow, so let's get this done before the sun is up.”


Later that morning, at the break of dawn, they came back to the apartment just as Saitama was starting to tan. Genos was quiet on the trip back, near sullen.

When they first arrived at the canyon Saitama did his training in, Genos remembered begging for Saitama to "Show me no mercy". The next thing he remembered was the foreboding of death, and his master's fist stopped mere centimeters from his face.

Genos truly underestimated his Master's abilities. Even with his new found fire magic he was no match for his master.

"I will never be on master's level," Genos mumbled to himself.

“You say somethin' Genos.”

“Nothing Master.”

“Let's eat some of that udon you make for breakfast.”

His master seemed to be in good spirits, Genos decided to do the same, “Allow me to start cooking!”


Tank Top Tiger stood atop the hill gazing down the busy street and grinned, like a king smugly surveying his territory. It had been a good day as most other monsters stayed clear of his coven’s dominion. It had been his evening to patrol this particular area when, as he observed the humans wandering about, he noticed a stray and unfamiliar, bald vampire wandering his streets.

Because of the combined strength of the Tank Top clan, it had actually been a while since Tank Top Tiger had been in a good fight. As he watched the bald vampire meander about, he decided that night might be a good time to work off some raw energy, and if the bald vampire happened to be weak? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have a snack, also.

He marched down the hill, focused on the moonlit bald head, and once he was close enough, he bellowed, “HEY!”

The bald vampire paused, adjusting several plastic bags that he was holding. He turned halfway, tilting his head up, up, up, in curiosity. “Huh?” He was wearing a yellow “titty” shirt, white open button down overshirt with “hair” kanji print, khaki cargo shorts, and green crocs.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?! This is Tanktop territory!”

Saitama blinked. “And who are you again?”

“I’m Tanktop Tiger, and you’re in the wrong neck of the woods!” As he informed this obviously pathetic, tiny vampire, Tanktop Tiger smacked his fist into his other hand, flexing his massive muscles, trying to intimidate him. “This area of City Z is the sole possession of the Tanktop Clan. We own a local gym focusing on strength above all else—a fact your puny body could never contend with. If you know what’s good for you, you’d make like a tree...and get out of here!

“We are a clan full of the toughest bastards around, I myself am Class C, Rank 13. If you choose to stay, you may find yourself torn to shreds by my awesome strength and other...abilities.” Tanktop Tiger relaid all this to the bald vampire, making a blatant show of flexing his muscles and flashing a bit of fang. The other vampire didn’t appear concerned, but arrogance wasn't unusual. Tanktop Tiger knew that he’d get to enjoy the slow build of terror when he unleashed his full potential; his ability to morph into a horrifying tiger.

Saitama was catching night sales, when he got approached by a tough guy in a tiger print tanktop. Saitama stood there and picked his ear, half watching this guy posture, and listened to him go on and on about turf and territory and whatever. Then a glint of something shiny caught his eye as it flew toward him, before he caught a shuriken.

A voice like a growl cut in, “YOU!!!”

Saitama saw an otaku in a ninja costume, a leotard with metal armor and a long purple scarf with a sword on his hip. He had steel grey eyes that stared daggers into Saitama with strange purple markings on his cheeks, and his long black hair was put up in a messy top knot.

'Oh, it’s the “not-girl” from the bar.' Saitama recognised.

“This time I will finally-” Sonic started but was Interrupted by the muscle-bound meat head.

"Stay out of this hunter!” Tiger bolstered, “He's my prey."

"Don't interfere!" Sonic demanded then dropped a garlic bomb, putting the hulking vampire down, coughing and gagging.

Saitama held his nose from the awful smell. “Sorry but I'm busy right now. Talk to you some other time maybe, okay?” He asked politely, then walked off.


Sonic seathed with rage as the vampire simply walked off. “You really think you can run from me?” He dashed after him, threatening, “Lets see how you handle a little decapitation!” Sonic pulled his silver katana and swung the blade.

Saitama caught the sword in his fangs and broke it in one bite.

‘What in the world happened just now?’ Sonic thought, ‘I must've missed it…I thought I rammed my sword into his face, but my sword broke all of a sudden.’

“What part of “I’m busy,” do you not understand? Idiot! I'm a little ticked off now, so back the fuck off! Or I'll punch you.” Saitama was serious, it was a time sale and he was missing it.

Sonic shuddered in fear.


Genos heard an explosion around where his master decided to shop and ran to his aid. When he saw the hunter attacking his master, he dropped his bags, “I've seen you somewhere before…”

“I'm Speed-O-Sound Sonic, the fastest hunter alive, and I'm here to settle the score!”

“Speed-O-Sound Sonic haha what a FREAK.” Genos' tone shifted from harassing to menacing, “Get lost or I'll eliminate you.” Then he flew into combat.

With so many humans around ogling the fight, he kept his charm up and wings hidden, using his claws to slash at the irritating hunter. Genos wasn't a killer, but when it came to protecting his master he would make an exception.

Sonic jumped on top of street light, a hair's breadth from being ripped open.

“Heh! This is futile,” Genos mocked. “Attack all you want, you can't scratch me.”

“Tough talk huh? But you haven't even hit me!”
Sonic jumped down, shattering the light in a spray of glittering glass and electrical sparks, “Baldy! Take a good look! After I turn your boy toy into mincemeat, you're dust!”

“Master...this guy is a vindictive and annoying stalker. I'll erase him so he never comes back.”

“You're too slow to erase me. You don't have the ability.”

“When did I show you my ability?” Genos voice was grave, then he disappeared from sight.

Sonic only lost sight of him a second, but that nearly cost him as the devil appeared behind him. Sonic dodge in time, but by a slim margin, as the blond devil shredded his scarf from his numerous slashing attacks.

Sonic backflipped his way out of one attack only to find Genos waiting for him at the other end. Sonic bent like a reed, narrowly avoiding getting hit with claws.

Sonic counterattacked and swung with his broken sword, but Genos was not there again!

‘Why does he always move behind me?’ Sonic wondered, ‘To show off his speed?’ Sonic grew angrier at the thought, ‘Does this PUNK think he's FASTER than me?’ Then Sonic heard the rip behind him and jumped away from the devil.

Genos was holding his closed fist out. “You had lint in your hair,” He stated, dropping onic's top knot.

Loose strands of now short hair fell around Sonic's enraged face.


Rider knew better than to leave Sonic alone. He was running toward the sound of fighting and people screaming. He rounded the corner and saw Sonic fighting what must have been a devil from the way the blonde moved, and a bald vampire just watching.

'Now’s my chance!' Rider thought and called out his attack, "Holy water!" pulling the trigger and soaking the vile undead.

“A squirt gun?” The bald vampire asked unimpressed to the man in a long trench coat and glasses with brown mousy hair.

“Blessed salt!” Rider reached into his trench coat pocket and pulled out salt rocks, pummeling the vampire's flesh with them.

“What is this, sand?" The vampire licked it like a child on a playground, "Hey! Don't go around wasting really good salt! It's bad luck!" Then he shook it from his shirt.

Rider was getting frustrated, nothing seemed to work, it was time for his ultimate move! "Sunlight!" He screamed as he turned on his UV torch.

“What, did you drop your keys?” The vampire inquired.

“That's supposed to burn you!” Rider yelled in aggravation.

“It's kinda bright,” The vampire commented and squinted in the spotlight.

No holding back now, it was time to pull out all the stops. "Holy relic!" Rider yelled.

“That's neat looking. What is it?”

“It's a rosary.” Rider answered plainly, stunned by its complete lack of effect.

“Oh cool. Thanks for showing me, I guess?”

Sonic and Genos’ fight was getting more and more out of hand. The hunter was faster than him, but Genos was keeping him on the defensive. It only fueled Genos’ blind rage that he couldn't hit him.

Genos was starting to not care if he appeared human, he needed to destroy his target. 'More,' Genos thought, ‘I need more power!' He raised his right hand and called out, "Frostbite!" He raised a trail of ice trapping the hunter's foot. Genos felt a rush of adrenalin at the unexpected ice and smiled victoriously.

Sonic was trapped. Since when did an incubus, an illusion devil, know fire and ice destruction magic?! Something wasn't adding up. He tried to pull his foot free, but it was stuck good, so he used his broken sword to shatter the ice.

Genos swung wildly with his fire hand. All that mattered was the objective, "Incinerate!"

Saitama caught a glimpse of Genos charging his fire attack and knew things were serious. "Man look out!" Saitama pushed Rider out of the way and blocked the flames from Genos's blast.

Rider was laying on the ground as the sun was blocked by the bald vampire.

‘What just happened?’ Rider tried to piece together. He touched his face, “Ow,” he was bleeding from his scalp.

“Did I get you that time?” Genos said aloud, then turned to Saitama. “Master Saitama, sorry about the dust.”

“Who cares about the dust! You two need to watch what your doing! You almost got someone killed!" Saitama yelled.

Everything was destroyed, even Saitama's clothes, except for the area behind the bald vampire. The audience they drew scattered to the four winds, their screams could be heard in the distance.

Genos snapped out of his frenzy at his master's outburst and powered down. Sonic's eyes were the size of dinner plates looking in the direction of the man without clothes.

“Y-you saved me,” Rider stuttered out from his place on the ground.

Saitama looked back at him with his usual blank expression.

“WHY!” Rider screamed at the naked vampire.

“Oi?” Saitama was more than a little confused by the sudden outburst.

“We were here to KILL you!”

“It's just the right thing to do, I guess.”

“You guess?! What the SHIT answer is that?”

“Ooooh. Rider said a bad word," Sonic said quietly, while covering his mouth.

Genos looked at his opponent expecting a mocking face, instead he saw complete seriousness and worry.

“Dude. Chill.” Saitama tried to reassure.


Rider stood up and went into an incoherent rant with the improper use of curse words. “Everyone just sit your HELL down! Now what the ASS is going on? Why would a vampire risk his life for a hunter? It doesn't make sense! And you two MOTHER BITCHES, what do you think you're doing? This is a public plaza! Throwing fire around all COCK willy! People could have gotten hurt!....WHAT THE BASTARD?!

After several minutes he finally tired himself out. Rider felt hot and dizzy like his blood pressure was high. “I need to sit down,” He said, panting.

Saitama put his hand on the exasperated hunter’s shoulder. ‘It's been a long night. You two want to come over to our place and have dinner? It's not far.”


“Master!” Genos balked.

“You don't mind do you Genos?” The naked vampire asked.

".....Of course not Master Saitama.” Genos squared his shoulders and stood a little taller.

“Wait...” Sonic interjected, “Are we really doing this?”

“Ok, sure,” Rider chuckled, “Why not?”

As they are lead to the vampire’s lair, the vampire introduced himself as Saitama. The devil followed suit, only mildly miffed.

Saitama leaned over to Rider and said, "You really need to watch that language."

Rider was surprised that a vampire would take offence to foul language, “I'm sorry I offend-”

“No you're just bad at it. You're doing it all wrong,” Saitama clarified.

“Oh. I see.” Rider was more than a little embarrassed.

Chapter Text

Rider could tell Sonic was in "fight me" mode as they followed the two monsters upstairs to a small one room apartment in the abandoned zone.

The vampire, saitama, wasted no time putting on fresh clothes.

The devil, Genos, didn't bother hiding his appearance once inside. As soon as the door was closed, he dropped his charm and stretched his wings and tail, then went to the kitchen. No ordinary devil, but an incubus, Rider noticed.

Riders keen eyes scan the apartment. There was nothing lavish about it like most vampire dens and the security was nonexistent. Weirdly enough, It was like any normal home; lived in and comfortable. The two hunters take their shoes off in the hall, following the incubus’ example.

Genos walk out of the kitchen, hot pot and ingredients in tow. Saitama set up the table and all four men took their place to fit around the kotatsu.

Rider was beside himself. ‘This isn't a trap?’ He thought, ‘We were invited to dinner, to actually have dinner? and are being served hot pot by an incubus? The bald vampire looks to be having his own food? What is this world?’

“I have so many questions.... if you don't mind me asking....” Rider started.

“Master, we shouldn't give away our secrets.” Genos interjected, “They may try to come back and kill you!” the incubus was openly hostility, but continued to be courteous, serving drinks and passing out filled bowls.

“Genos, we're a little past that point. They already know where our place is. They've been watching us.”

“.... You knew about that?” Rider asked meekly.

“My bats told me.” the vampire shrugged.

“Bats?” Rider questioned, but then all the men heard a thud sound on the balcony and turned to watch a black snout push the glass door open.

"Hey Rover," Saitama went over to pet the black dog that appear from the second story balcony, "You've been out all night again. Have you been eating cats?" Saitama asked acquisitory, but Rover just wagged his tail and panted.


“Is that a dog?” Sonic asked in his usual bitchy tone, “What would you have a dog for? This shitty place isn't worth defending.”

“Sonic!” Rider chastised, but Saitama just chuckled.

"To tell the truth I'm more of a cat person, but this little guy has grown on me." He gave the animal chest scratches that caused little puppy kicks.


All of this seemed normal, like they were over at a friends house having dinner, “What breed of dog is he?” Rider asked forgetting himself.

“Werewolf.” Saitama answered simply.

Rider felt a slight jolt of fear shoot through him.

“Wait..." Sonic said squinting his eyes, "Dogs can't get lycanthropy," Rover looked at the hunters, as sonic dramatically pointed, "Only humans can!!!"

Rider's eyebrows were scrunched together above his opaque wire frame glasses, “That means at some point... he was human...?”

The group stared at the werewolf and Rover just sneezed in response.

“Well, all dog now.” Saitama laughed.

Rider’s head was spinning. ‘A werewolf as a pet? Much less the owner is a vampire? Am I in the twilight zone? Werewolves KILL vampires!’

Rider absentmindedly took a bite of his perfectly portioned serving. “This is.... amazing,” he said out loud and went for another spoonful. Everything was heated to the perfect temperature, evenly cooked, with just the right amount of tenderness, and seasoning popped in his mouth with just the right amount of savory, salty, sour and hint of sweet. Rider hummed in delight.

After watching Rider not die of poisoning, Sonic hesitantly took a bit, then attempted to inhale his bowl.

Saitama came back over to the kotatsu and sat next to the incubus, “Genos got into this big cooking spree, breaking down textures and flavors like he was a mad scientists!”

Rider remembered his textbook definition, 'Incubus consume energy through sexual intercourse. Why would-'

“Don't incubus have to fuck to stay alive?” Sonic uncouthly blurted out.

Rider should have been mortified by the outburst, but really he's not surprised. It is Sonic after all. He has know him since their training days and Sonic didn't have an ounce of shame in his body.

Genos rolled his inhuman eyes, “I feed off lust and I have no interest in sexual assault.”

Zonic stood up and slapped his hands on the table, shaking the bowls, “What the hell? What was I then?”

“A snack,” Genos said coldly.


Rider was lost by their exchange as the hunter and incubus growled and menaced at each other.

“So what's your two guy’s story?” Saitama asked changing the topic.

Rider sat up straight, remembering to be a good guest, "Oh, forgive my manners. I'm Rider and this is Sonic.

“Speed-O-Sound Sonic,” the ninja sneared, correcting mumen.

For what it was worth mumen wasn't bothered by the interruption and kept talking, “Sonic is from an ancient tribe of slayers and we met while in H.A."

“Where?” Saitama raised a brow.

“Hellsing Academy.” Genos explained, “It is the number one school for training hunters in the country. Only the most dangerous hunters walk out those doors.”

Sonic played with his kuni and had a smug expression as he chewed, “You got that right Blondie.”

“Never heard of it.” Saitama said.

Genos scowled, “They are known for being violent, hostile, arrogant, and circumventing the law. They involve bystanders in their fights and have been known to torture weaker monsters.”

Sonic was a smug as ever, “It should be no surprise I received top marks.”

Genos scowl depened in disgust, “You're both licensed killers.”

Rider blushed, "Sonic is licensed. I uh... didn't finish." He coughed to move the conversation along, "Sonic is contracted through the H.A. He gets bounties and I investigate claims of suspicious activity. Much of Z city is abandoned and what people are here are below the poverty line, so there aren't many hunters that are willing to make a name for themselves protecting a dwindling population."

“So you do the work nobody wants?” Saitama pointed out with his chopsticks.

“Basically? Yes.” Rider answered simply.

“What about you pretty boy?” Sonic asked suddenly, “You call him master, did he summon you?”

“No. We met after my former mistress released me and we formed a new contract.” Genos’ tone was harsh, not at all like his usual host self.

“A contract? With a vampire! How's that work?” Sonic mocked.

“we hunt together.” Genos said curtly.

“About that.” Rider piped up, “Do you think you could feed..... less?"

Genos’ temper exploded, “You ask too much of my master! Vampires need to feed daily to protect their domains from other vampires and hunters like you!”

“It's true,” Saitama verified, “It's not like you can get blood at the grocery store. We tried. And the animal blood is good and all, but it doesn't do a thing for me.”

‘I didn't realize...” Rider bowed in apology, “But we would like to prevent the spread of vampirism.”

“How so?” Saitama cautiously asked.

“We are unsure about the process of how a person becomes a vampire, weather it be biological, magical or both-but we do know it involves a loss of blood and a near death experience.” Rider explained at length.

“Why some stay dead and others get up again,” sonic summarized around a mouth full.

“If I may ask, how do you hunt together?” Rider asked.

Genos sighed, “We use the club where I work as a host to pick and choose. I seduce the target and feed off their desire while Master Saitama drinks their blood.”

“We pick different girls every night so no one is getting extra drained. It helps that I don't take much either. Usually a little bit of food and water, and they perk right up.” Saitama said.

Rider thought about the loose trail of clues they followed. The cases of lost time, dizziness, and lightheadedness. No one had been turned and there were no new appearances of ghouls. Then there was the case with Sonic, letting a hunter live. Were they trying to be careful? “I would still like to ask, you only feed when it's necessary. We don't really understand how vampirism is transferred, just that it is.”

Genos is still huffy, but it seemed he got through to the vampire, “we'll be more careful with who we choose and i don't hav’ta feed EVERY night.”

“Saitama!’ The blonde incubus chastised. “You can't be seriously considering their absurd request!”

“Hey they're just trying to keep the people safe. Don't want a repeat of what happened to me.”

“Of course not master. I just-I worry about your health. I don't want you to starve, when there's something that can be done about it.” the incubus genuinely looked concerned to Rider, not a devilish trait in the least.

“We all want the same thing here, Genos.” Saitama gives him a small smile.

“Do you enjoy stealing my blood?” Sonic grumbled.

“Eh it was ok. Blood's just not the same anymore after having Genos’.” Saitama glanced at a prideful incubus.

Sonic was aghast, but Genos seemed to beam at the praise and Rider decided those are questions for another time.

“what you have is a well practiced system.” Rider said putting his elbows on the table and laced his fingers together, “Must have taken years to perfect.”

“We've only been at this a couple of weeks.” Saitama clarified.

That statement took a monet for it to sink in for Rider, now all he had was one question, “How OLD are you?”

“I'm 25,” saitama replied, a bit confused what age had to do with anything.

“A quarter of a century.” Rider said in a low thoughtful tone, staring into his soup bowl.

Sonic added at the same volume, “That would explain the strength, but not the resistance.” never taking his grey eyes off the pair.

“Oh! No. That? I've only been a vampire for 3 years now.” Saitama added to the not so private conversation.

“You're HOW old?” Rider yelled stupefied.

“I didn't come here to be lied to!” Sonic yelled and slammed his fist on the table.

“No. You came here for free food.” Genos angrily pointed out.


Never breaking eye contact with the incubus, Sonic gulped down his bowl and went for another serving.

“That would make you a neophyte.” Rider explained.

“A neopet? Isn't that like a pokemon?” Saitama assumed.

“No,” Rider made a grumble like he was in physical pain from the ignorance of the question, but managed to answer, “A neophyte is like a fledgling vampire. You shouldn't be strong enough to do these things on your own. You must have a sire.”

“A what?”

Rider had an exhausted expression, trying to explain basic vampire 101 to a vampire! He was going to have to dig deep to find the patience, but Sonic was far more impatient than Rider, “The vampire who turned you dumb ass!” Sonic blerted out.

Genos snarled, bearing his fangs, but Saitama settled him with a hand to the thigh.

"No, when I got up again I was alone and I had been until I met Genos.” Saitama tried to pacify the worked up hunters, “Look, I get where you guys are coming from... A vampire on the loose sucking people's's scary stuff. The first time I met Genos," he looked over to blond and took his hand, "I thought I killed you that night...." then looked back at the hunters, "So I get why you're worried, but killing people is just not our thing."

Rider chuckled after a pause, and said, “I believe you.”

“Wha?” Sonic asked as he dropped a spoonful of soup back into his bowl.

Rider laughed out loud, “As crazy as it sounds I believe you.”

Sonic leaned over and loud whispered at Rider, “Careful. The incubus could be using a charm.”

Rider had taken on a humorous tone, overwhelmed by the ridiculousness of the situation, “I mean really, why would they lie? We attacked first and instead of obliterating us, you save my life and invite us to dinner! You could have killed us at any time. Heck, it might have been easier to kill us than make up a story like that! Like, really? A pet werewolf? Who does that? HAHA!”

Sonic watched as Rider was on the verge of hysterics. If this is causing Rider to lose his overly tight grip on reality, then it must be true, “What the hell! if Rider believes you, so do I.” After all Sonic has never known him to be wrong.

Genos was in awe at how quickly the mood changed. There was a sense of myrrh that drained the stress away. The murderous aura of the ninja hunter turned calm and relaxed. Even his master let go of the tension in his shoulders. Now it seemed like the four of them were friends at dinner, laughing and having a good time, but there was still a question Genos had to know.

“Why did you not finish becoming a hunter?” He asked the man with glasses.

Sonic butted in, “It was total bullshit! they kicked him out over not meeting,” Sonic swapped to a mocking dum sound voice and made air quotes, “the academy's ideals.” Then turned his attention to Rider, back to his usual self, “You may be a softie at heart, but you're still the best investigator hunter.”

“They kicked you out over a difference in opinion?” Saitama asked.

Rider shrugged, “I felt monsters could be reasoned with. The academy didn't feel the same.”

Chapter Text

Geos was sitting at the table focused on the TV news as it talked on in the background for Saitama, “Z city barely managed to avert complete destruction from a demon level attack. Major scars were left throughout the city-”

Saitama lounged in his boxers reading the classifieds on his laptop. He's low on funds and it's that time again for a new game to drop. Sure he could just ask Genos for it, but what kinda friend does that? A mooch is what, and Saitama was no mooch.

He glanced at Genos from his spot on the floor. The guy hasn't taken his eye off the news all days. Saitama sat up, crossing his legs to hold the laptop, “Stop brooding over it Genos. I think damaged WAS reduced to a minimum. I mean no one died right?”

Genos doesn't speak, ‘He's right…’ he thinks, ‘It's a miracle no one was hurt. If it hadn't been for him, I would have stopped at nothing to kill that hunter.’ Genos looked down at his closed fists, ‘These new powers are dangerous… it's too easy to lose myself using them. The explosive power of fire, and the chilling power of ice… it wouldn't have mattered if people were hiding, the shock wave of the attacks would have blown away everything.’

“Well anyways…” Saitama breaks the silence, “I'll be out for a bit.” and gets dressed.

Genos seems to come back to himself, “Are you going out master? I'll come with you.”

“I'm starting my new job.”

“A job?” Genos couldn't have heard him correctly.

“Yeah I gotta save up for that new game that comes out.”

“Master if you need money I could-”

Saitama sighs, “No Genos. You worked for your money, you get to spend it on you. Besides it's been a while, I'll be good for me to get out and work.”

“If you desire employment, I could put a word in with my boss.”

Saitama grimaced, “I don't think I'm the right type for that kinda work.” And scratched at his hairless head.

“but master what if you cross paths with hunters? I won't be there to protect you,” Genos was slowly rising from the table.

“We already worked out a deal with the only two hunters in the area. I'll be fine,” Saitama said as he pulled on a shirt that said shirt. “I'll just be delivering some late night pizza.”


It wasn't a great job, but he got paid on delivery and the tips weren't bad! It helped Saitama knew his ways around the city; all the little ins, and outs that saved time running on foot. It also helped he was a vampire that had a light step and could move as fast as a car. The only thing that made the job difficult was all the rubble Genos' and Sonic's fight left over.

‘Wow,’ Saitama scooped out the damage as he walked, ‘Those two caused some damage…This place is wrecked,’ Saitama walks over the broken buildings lying in the road. Scorch marks cover the ground, marking Genos’ footsteps, ‘I've seen my share of completely destroyed towns, but it sure is inconvenient if its the town you live in.’ Saitama followed a spray of broken glass, ‘Ah my favorite supermarket got smashed. And that crappy apartment building I got kicked out of is… just fine. Damn.’

Saitama cut between two still standing buildings into a back alleyway he knew to be a shortcut when a quite arrogant and hostile voice called out from behind him, “What are you doing here? You traitor.”

Saitama tuned to see a large, muscular man with tiger stripes running through his hair and eyebrows, his eyes glowed red like a matchstick in the dark. Saitama knew before he showed his fangs what he was; he could smell it. The smell of blood and decay, the scent of a vampire, but that didn't help him figure out who the vampire in the tiger striped tank top was.

“Erm. Who might you be?” Saitama asked.

The tall, meaty vampire growled like an animal, “I'm tank top tiger! How DARE you forget about me?” then he threw back his head and bellowed, “BIG BRO! THAT GUY IS HERE!” The meathead sneered at Saitama, like an angry dog, “My big bro is one of the top class B vampires and at the same time a first class tank topper!”

Saitama stared blankly at the tall figure, ’What the hell is a tank topper?’

The vampire named Tiger continued to boast, “He's on a whole nother level compared to you, so you better watch what you say when you talk to him!”

A voice came from the shadows, “You called for me lil bro?” and out jumped a large, well built man with short black hair, wearing a very simple black tank top and pants.

“Big bro Blackhole,” Tiger sighed in admiration.

Saitama's expression did not waiver, ’What exactly is black hole about you? You're just wearing a black tank top.’ Saitama mentally commented.

The big guy stood just as tall as the other and crossed his arms judgmentally, “So you're the traitorous bastard that saved those hunters! Aren't you ashamed!?” his eyes gleamed with the same red light as the other.

“The fight was getting out of hand,” Saitama explained in a dull tone, as if he was bored with the topic, “So I stopped it. I would do it again any day of the week. I'm just saying, it wasn't anything special.”

“How dare you brag about saving hunters lives! You're gonna regret it!” The striped one meanced.

The two hulking vampires eyes shined red in the dark, muscles twitched, and knuckle popped as they chuckled to themselves.

Saitama's brow creased, “So what is it you two guys want to do now?”

“Isn't it obvious? We'll beat you up so bad you'll fangs will fall out!” The striped shirt wearer boasted.

High atop a building an old man in a flowy high collar cape watched the spectacle. ‘This is how things stand right now, the strong preying upon the weak,’ He has light blue eyes and spiky white hair. He also possesses thick white eyebrows and a thick white mustache, ‘but I've been watching you. I've seen what your capable of and you are strong; perhaps the strongest among the one's I've met in my life time. For that reason I will not interfere.’

Saitama doesn't budge, but black shirt takes his stance as an act of aggression,“Heh!” Blackhole laughed, “look at this runt! He's looking for a fight!”

Saitama is still holding his delivery in one hand, “Hu? What are you talking-”

‘You got a little too greedy young one. This is why you're nothing but a class B vampire.’ The old vampire sighed and walked with a slight hunch in his back, “Guess I'll head home.” He said to himself and flipped his cape, turning into a swarm of bats that flew off.

Fists fly. Tiger is relentless throwing strike after strike and black hole turned to a shadow, taking opportunistic attacks behind Saitama's back, but Saitama just bebt like a reed in the wind, emotionally unphased by their babaris antics. That is… until someone knocked the pizza box out his hand. Saitama watched in slow motion as the box fell, spilling its contents onto the filthy pavement.

Saitama's face gave away nothing, except a vein that bulged in his smooth forehead.

That was coming out of his check.

“I have to pay for that!” Saitama shouted and sent Tiger flying down the alleyway with one punch.

Blackhole’s face morphed between confusion and rage, before finally settling on the latter, “I'll rip you apart!” he roared into Saitama's face. He extends out his massive hands ready to crush Saitama in his grip. Saitama met him halfway, laced their fingers and squeezed and just like in a child's game of mercy, Blackhole wailed like a baby. “It hurts ahhhhhhggghhh! I give! I give!”

Saitama compressed the hand in his grasp, snapping bones, “Pay for my delivery.”

Tiger got up a good 20 feet from where he was, “Looks like I'll havta make you understand what kind of position you're in!”

He howled like a beast as his muscles bulked and doubled in size. His eyes changed into slits and the striped pattern of his hair spread, covering his whole body. The vampire had Transformed into a large, man-tiger. In spite of his humanoid, five-digit hands, he still wielded sharp claws on his fingers and padded, four-toed feet.

Saitama had nothing against cats, even when they wouldn't let him pet them he still liked them. Even went out of his way to save a few, but this was no kitty, and Saitama was already ticked off for having his delivery ruined, “Well enough joking around. You guys, this is your last chance to apologize.” Saitama released Blackhole’s hand and the hulking undead curled into a sobbing ball at his feet.

Tiger makes a chuckle that sounds more like a growl, “Very well then… I'll show you the true power of the tiger.” Tiger charged forward swinging his arms as he moved, “Limb cutter!” he called out and unleashed slash attacks that shred steel dumpsters and sliced the walls.

Tiger became increasingly frustrated with Saitama's inexplicable strength and absence of fear and swings more wildly. “I won't let you escape!” Tiger roared again throwing his chest out and head back, making his massive muscles, even bigger like an all star bodybuilder. “Limb cutter meteor swarm!” Tiger aggressively called out his next attack. That only looked more of the same to Saitama, only more careless.

They were running out of room. The buildings were taking a massive beating because the lumbering beast still could not land a hit on the runt, But now the runt had nowhere to run. He was at the mercy of the tiger now. Tiger backed him up to a wall and swung both arms to bring his fists down, ready to smash the wood-be-traitor!

Saitama caught both hand as they came down above his head. He can feel the change take him as his eyes glem red and his fangs draw down at the ready. He gives a quick jab to the solar plexus, knocking the air out of the beefcake. As the big vamp goes down Saitama catches him, and sinks his teeth in.

Not worried about holding back, Saitama siphoned the hot blood from the beast. The vampire crumbled into dust in his arms. The only evidence of a meal, was barley a drop of blood on his chin ad he set his crimson eyes on the cowering dark haired vampire.

Blackhole shrieked in fear, “You killed my brother!” His hand was healing but not near fast enough. He knew he had to get away and fast!
So, he let the darkness take form and he ran as a shadow. ‘What was that!? No one told me he could do shit like that! I better back off for now….’ as he was fleeing he saw a lone woman walking down the street, ‘grab a bite and recharge!’ Blackhole left the darkness and leaped for the unsuspecting girl, fangs ready, mouth already drooling, then from out of nowhere the bald vampire was blocking his path, ‘YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME!’


“You're back early. How did the delivers go?” Genos asked from the kitchen as he finished up the dishes.

Saitama toed off his shoes in the hallway, “Oh. I got fired, but I got whole new powers!”

The new was startling for Genos, but as long as his master was pleased, perhaps things weren't as bad as they seemed.

Saitama was a giddy as a school boy with a new toy. “Check it out!” he ran to the middle of the small room and planed his socked feet wide, “you gotta see this!”

Geons can't remember a time Saitama was genuinely this excited about something outside a sale. So he gave his full attention though the kitchen opening.

“Ok here it goes!” Saitama seemed to center himself, then his muscles tensed and he started to hum in concentration.

Genos could see waves of energy flow like smoke off his body as his aura transformed with his body. At first the dark energy filled the small space.

Rover ran with his tail tucked between his legs to the balcony and Geons feared the apartment would not remain intact. Then the dark foreboding disappeared and all that was left was a small black cat.

“Merow?” it called to Genos.

“Mas-ter?” Genos questioned.

Rover tucked his head around the sliding door at the familiar sound. Drool dripped from his mouth with each step as he stalked toward the cat.

The cat locked eyes with the werewolf and morphed back to human shape.

“I am not your food!” Saitama yelled at Rover.

Genos could almost hear what the animal was thinking it was so distraught and confused.



‘Where food?’

Rover did a couple of double takes before finally returning to his bed.

Saitama felt cheated, “Just when I think I got something cool,” he muttered to himself.

“I don't understand….was it not supposed to do that?”

“No,” Saitama sighed, “the other guy could turn into this huge tiger thing.” As a demonstration Saitama held his arms out wide, “I thought I would get at least panther.”

“Master… panthers are not real. A black panther is the melanistic color variant of any big cat species.”

Genos said it so matter of factly, Saitama couldn't help but feel a little bit irked. “You know what I mean!” Saitama huffed. “The other guy had these cool shadow powers, like when I'd go to hit him he wouldn't be there and turn into darkness and stuff.”

“Perhaps those powers are more suited for you,” Genos had that IT way of speaking, as if he were asking ‘is it plugged in?’

Saitama concentrated and concentrated, but all he could manifest was a semi dark hase around his body.

“I just can't win,” the grown man whined as let his head fall forward.

Genos was ever the optimist, “Maybe it's a matter of practice, master.”

Chapter Text

"Master I understand you will be looking for more work so I took the liberty of filling out this application for you."

"Genos I only got fired today."

"Then it was fortuitous."

Saitama looked over the job description and benefits. "Hey this isn't half bad; good pay rate, lots of hours, insurance..." he mumbled to himself.

Genos returned to his dish washing, "The interview is tomorrow morning. Wear your tie and make sure you have some of my blood before going in."


"Yes Master. I tried to get you a later slot, but they only do interviews in the morning when the club is closed."

"But why so fast?!"

"I put myself down as a reference. As one of their top grossers, my name carries weight."

"Is that so…" Now that Saitama thought about it Genos' picture was on the outside of the host club.

"I believe that they think we're roommates, which is why I didn't get a policy lecture of workplace romance."

"As long as their cool with it, I wouldn't mind working with you. It says here I'd be acting as security for the idols."

Genos smiled then in a tiny voice asked,
"We are more than roommates...aren't we, Master?"

Saitama's heart dropped and sweat built up on the back of his neck, as he tried to play it cool. "Yeah man, you know how I feel about you," Saitama said with the upturn of his lips.

"Ah, yes Master," Genos smiled and returned to his duties.

'Yay he bought it,' it seemed Saitama escaped by the skin of his teeth this time.

Then Genos piped up, "How do you feel about me?"

'Oh no.' The little voice in his head said, 'It was time for the talk'. He swallowed hard. He knew he said "to hell with being straight" and kissed Genos, but they hadn't really taken if from there. He just hoped that it would work out, without having to make labels.

"It's hard to put into terms...but I do feel for you." Saitama hoped that would be enough of an explanation.

"Then will Master allow himself to feed on me?"

Saitama couldn’t help but remember how Genos liked to feed and his pants got tighter at the thought.

"Did you eat yet?"

"Yes Master! A small amount of blood loss should not affect me."


Genos was in front of Saitama in perfect seiza. Saitama got on his knees in front of Genos and caressed the blonde's neck. The incubus looked as happy as the cat that ate the cannery.

Saitama's eyes went red and he moved to the opposite side of Genos' throat and sank his fangs in. Genos gasped at the sharp brief pain then moaned, long and ethereal.

Saitama didn't spill a drop of the warm and delicious nectar as he sucked. He moved closer, and spread Genos' knees. The kid was already hard from the bite. Genos' knee moved up against his crotch and Saitama knew Genos could feel his arousal.

Thought and reason took a backseat to hormones and instinct as the two men mutually rutted into each other.

Geons head was leaned back, presenting his long elegant neck. His breath coming faster and faster, as he reached peak climax.

Saitama could taste the change in Genos' blood. It was so rich he had to stop or risk drowning. He pulled away and took a shaky breath, still in rapture from his own climax. He licked the bite wound closed as Genos caught his breath.

"Can I clean you up Master?" Genos had those sultry demonic bedroom eyes Saitama did not want to say no.

He nodded his head and leaned back to watch
Genos undo his blue jeans and lick at his half hard cock with his long forked tongue.

Genos sucked on him till Saitama was hard again. The kid was cheating wrapping his tongue around his cock and using his throat to swallow him down. Saitama couldn't stop himself from coming again and Genos swallowed every drop without spilling.

"Permission to hold you?" Genos’s tail curled and flipped behind him, giving away his apprehension.

Saitama opened his arms wide and Genos crawled up to him like a cat and laid his head in the center of Saitama's hoodie as Saitama wrapped his arm around the boy.

"Are you good?" Saitama asked, checking to see if he needed to return the favor.

"Yes. Thank you master I feel very satisfied." Then Genos draped a wing over him like a leather blanket.

It turned out to be a nice night after all.


During the job interview the following day, Saitama had to pass a physical fitness exam that tested his strength and endurance. Saitama blew their record stats out of the water and was hired on the spot.

He had been there a week and the job was working out. This autumn season had been extra bad with floods, and heavy rains that blocked the sun. Otherwise, he got to know the regulars, the ins and outs of the job, when it was ok to slack, and when to put his game face on.

One rainy night while Genos was busy doing a champagne tower, a weird guy came into the club dripping wet. His footsteps squelched as he walked across the floor.

To Saitama the young man looked homeless with his tattered clothes, lack of shoes, and long unkempt hair down to the floor. He also looked sick with his chalky grey complexion and one bulbous eye showing in the part, that stared straight ahead.

A couple of the other security guards came up to him, but the homeless guy overpowered them with little effort, twisting their arms till they snapped.

Something fishy was up. Saitama approached the newcomer before he could make a bigger scene.

"I heard rumors about an extremely strong vampire living here. I came to make him an offer," the creep said.

This guy was here...for him? That changed things, because this guy probably wasn't human. "You got one minute then I'm kicking you out of here," Saitama said with a stern tone.

Saitama sat at a table across from the dripping wet mop. He could feel the room watching them, so he crossed his arms and tried to look intimidating.

"You got quite the expansive territory," It started, "it would be a shame if hunters were to investigate it. You do us a favor, we do you a favor. Let us into your territory and well take care of the rest."

"What are you getting at?" Saitama couldn't help but feel this was like having a conversation with a yak.

'Ah straight forward kinda guy that doesn't like to mince words.' the grey man smiled, "Can we eat your corpses?"


"What?" Saitama's eyebrows shot up, making him lose his cool guy persona.

"A strong vampire such as yourself must need to feed frequently. Who wants to worry about pesky bodies, when that's what you have us for." The thing smiled with mangled teeth.

"What are you?"

"We...are ghoul."

Saitama was right. This was a type of monster that so far wasn't hostile, but Saitama didn't like how his danger sense raised the hairs on the back of his neck. He need to get this guy out, calmly and quickly. "That won't be necessary. I don't kill."

The monster was aghast. "What kinda vampire doesn't kill? You mean to tell me I walked all the way here...for nothing!" It said loudly.

"Sorry dude I'm not interested," Saitama was drawing a line in the sand, making his position clear.

The thing seathed in rage, "You're no vampire. I don't feel the presence of anything like in the rumors. You seem like you should have been one of us." It paused then said clearly, "You're a mistake."

Saitama was taken back by his words. He knew there had to be a reason he got back up as a vampire, but "mistake" was not one of them.

The monster sat up taller. "And if you're no vampire then your territory is up for grabs. I feel like staying here and becoming the rumored monster now. Consider this a challenge for domain." The ghoul stood up quickly with a dramatic flare, "Outside. Our rep versus your rep. One on one throw down."

Genos looked like he was going to move on the intruder, but Saitama gave the signal to stay put and thankfully Genos obeyed.

Saitama closed his eyes and considered his situation then glared at the ghoul and smiled, "You're starting to get my hopes up. Lead the way."

Saitama was following the monster out as Genos approached him. "Master, I sense several undead outside," he whispered.

Outside sheets of rain fell from a black sky, but Saitama, with his supernatural vision, saw that the place was surrounded by a mob of the shambling and moaning undead.

Then this behemoth of a man stepped forward from the back of the crowd. He lumbbered like a gorilla and towered over Saitama. His skin was grey and he smelled like puss and rot.

Saitama stepped out of the door way of the club onto the sidewalk. 'FUCK THAT'S COLD,' as rain pelted his smooth head it was like ice running down his neck, but Saitama held back his flench.

Genos and some of the patrons followed him to the door. "Keep the people inside," He instructed.

Genos did a good job of sheep dogging while watching Saitama from the entrance.


The ghoul from earlier met him in the rain, "This is Karnage our strongest fighter."

The massive ghoul growled low, then picked up a car on the street and threw it. The onlookers from the door screamed, but Saitama just smirked. "Acting like your so strong and getting my hopes up!" Saitama walked fully into the rain and approached the monster. The mob formed a circle like a fighting ring around the two.

"I feel it…." Karange said as Saitama came into the ring, "I can feel it….you are really….strong, are you not?"

Being much shorter, Saitama had to tilt his head up into the rain and wagged his finger at the beast. Did undead have any right to be so ripped? "Now don't you disappoint me you hear me? You're supposed to be the strongest one here right? You're clearly on a different level from the others. I know cause the look on your face is one full of confidence. And oh, make it's raining."

The tall bulky undead with long greasy hair and bulging eyes looked down on Saitama. 'Idot. He's so full of openings. I bet his ass ain't stronger than me.' His aura changed and his body gave off heat waves as he flexed its muscles and bulked, doubling in size.

Saitama stood there with his hands in his pockets waiting, "Ya done yet?"

Then the big ghoul gave a sickening grin, "What are we waiting for then? Let's kill each other."

Without waiting for a reply the ghoul punched Saitama in the face and embedded him into the pavement. The monster then jumped and landed on Saitama, deeping the crater. He then kicked Saitama out of the hole.

Saitama had barely a moment to put his arms up to block the barrage of punches and the monster bellowed, "Once I'm in Carnage Mode, I lose my mind and the urge to feed won't go away for a whole week. When I've killed you I'll go on a fucking rampage and tear this whole building down! So if you really are strong, you better try to stop me!"

Genos was nothing but a helpless on looker. 'This is bad!' He thought. He wanted to help, but he couldn't risk exposing the both of them. He would have to trust that his master had a plan and would ask for help when he needed it.

The ghoul that set up the meeting was grinning from the side lines, 'It's all over. Nothing in the world can stop him now that he's in Carnage Mode.'

Out of nowhere Saitama screamed in anger, "I JUST GOT THIS DAMN JOB!" and punched a fist sized hole clean though the middle of the monster, splattering white goop all over the street and the big ghoul collapsed in a heap.

Everyone was stunned silent. The club goers stopped screaming and the moans of the undead ceased. The rain even stopped for a moment, then slowly returned to the downpour that it was.

The lead ghoul walked up to the hard breathing Saitama. "You have proven your strength to us. If you ever have need of our services, call upon us, no charge."

The ghouls retreated into the sewers and dragged the very dead undead body with them.

Genos didn't hesitate to run to his master's side, getting soaked by the rain.

"I guess I overdid it, huh?" Saitama said to him quietly.

"Master?" Genos whispered back when he was close enough.

"I was trying to hold back, but then he was threatening the bystanders...threatening you...I forgot myself and went all out. Sorry."

"Sorry for what? You saved everyone here!" Genos tried to reassure.

"But at what cost? Now I've exposed myself. Don't stand so close or you might be exposed too."

Genos reached out for his master as if he were drawing away, 'Is this the path you wish to follow? Helping from afar, then isolating yourself? No matter the cost I will follow you, so you won't ever have to be alone again.'

They both looked back at the club as a roaring round of cheers came from the humans.

They did a double take at each other not knowing what it meant. Then the owner came running out. He was a short fat man, whose belly giggled with each step.

"I knew I was right to hire you. You saved us! You're a real hero!" The robust man grabbed and shook Saitama's hand vigorously.

"I'm no hero, but I just couldn't let that monster have it's way," Saitama remarked humbly as his arm was waved up and down.

"Nonsense! You do great work. Way better than any hunter. Expect a bonus on your next paycheck!" The owner then turned to the patrons at the door and yelled, "Drinks are on the house!"

Chapter Text

Location: Central Z City

Storm clouds block the sun and a group of young men gather for a protest.

"Why do humans rule the world? They are weak, pathetic sheep. Vampires are stronger, smarter. Hunters are the symbol of unfairness! Why should they get to decide who lives and who dies! Humans are animals that should be kept in pens ready for the slaughter! Plentiful supply of blood for all. We should be ruling the world! That's why I, Hammerhead, will change this world into one where those who want to feed can do so freely! We will create the perfect world! We're the Paradise group and I'm their leader, Hammerhead! We'll make them understand we're serious by leveling the Hellsing School of Hunters, the symbol of unfairness!"

People walked by with umbrellas in hand, not in the least concerned about the young man shouting.

"I don't think anyone is listening boss," the buck toothed vampire over his shoulder said.

"Oh they will…" Hammerhead reached out and grabbed a passersby and bit full force into their neck, cracking bone with a crunch from his fierce jaws, as fangs piercing flesh. Thus causing the street goers to scream and run in a panic.The other bald vampires followed their leader and snatched up people as if they were sushi on a conveyor belt.

As the Paradisers fed, the corpses rose as shambling undead. In no time they had a sizeable mob. They marched down the street and the people couldn't flee fast enough. The dead feasted and more undead rose with torn flesh, hollow eyes, and slack moaning jaws.

"Stop right there criminal scum!" A voice called out, "Licenceless Rider enters the scene!" A man in a black trench coat and glasses blocked the mob's path.

The vampires laughed and snickered, then the leader said, "What a joke."

Rider clicked the safety off his hand pistols. "Here I go!" He didn't hesitate to fire into the grey wall.

He took out the front line of undead, their bodies dropping limp like puppets with their strings cut.

Rider expelled his spent clips and reloaded for another volley.


Location: Z City, the Abandoned Zone

Saitama woke up with a jolt from a dream about fighting mole men. He looked around his tiny apartment and found no incubus in sight. Instead he found a small handwritten note on Genos' folded up futon.

It detailed that Genos went shopping for supplies and didn't want to wake his master. Saitama glanced at the gap under his blackout curtains. It was midmorning, but it was as dark as night outside from the rain. Offhandedly Saitama wondered if Geons took an umbrella with him. The thought left him as he yawned, and he idly turned on the TV.

The flat screen cut to an anchor woman delivering breaking news. "The terrorists responsible for the riots, call themselves the Paradise group. Several hunters have tried to stop them, but ended up as ghouls. More hunters have been dispatched, but the situation is out of control!" Someone from off to the side handed her a page, "This just in, the identity of the leader has just been established as the criminal Hammerhead." A picture of a big-headed bald dude popped up in a corner. "The group's members are all reported to be bald and dangerous vampires!"

Saitama went from mild interest to complete focus.

The anchor woman continued, "When you see a bald person on the street, please stay away as a precaution!"

Saitama sat there in shock thinking, 'What was that? Bald? Dangerous? That's like a description of me!' In a flash he was up, dressed, ready and yelling at the walls, "I just got my good reputation and now they're gonna ruin it!" He pounded his fists together. "I'll punch their heads in!!!"

Location: Hellsing Academy, A City

Sonic walked into a meeting room that had a long table. He was in his casuals, a ‘nin nin’ shirt and cargo shorts. "Why have I been called here on my day off?" He asked loud and annoyed.

The Round Table conference room was a place that only the highest rank hunters could enter. Other hunters that had already arrived and taken their seats at the table glared at Sonic.

'Looks like most of the S Class are here,' Sonic thought as he mentally tallied the attendants. 'The hot head Metal Bat S rank 15, the show off Lightspeed Flash S rank 13, the chain smoker Zombie Man S rank 8, the mad scientist Metal Knight S rank 6, the literal kid Child Emperor S rank 5, the old fart Atomic Samurai S rank 4, and that bitchy witch Tatsumaki S rank 2.' With himself as S rank 16, but a lot of seats were still empty, either because they were dispatched or couldn't be bothered to come.

The bitch had to speak first, "Don't ask me! They made me wait for two hours and still haven't explained anything!"

"Demon, Dragon, just lemme take care of it!" Followed the hot head.

A short older man with grey hair took the head of the table, "I am Shicchi of Hellsing Academy, I'm here to explain the situation. This meeting could have only been called because the unthinkable has occurred. So much has happened. Even if we do take action, we can't stop the news from leaking to the press."

"Yes there is a limit to how much information can be suppressed. What have you found?" The kid asked.

Sonic was half paying attention. These meetings could run long and boring, because they were mostly centered on collateral damage and how to promote the academy to raise funds.

The grey haired man nodded. "As you probably know, we have seen increasing numbers of a different kind of vampires and their minions in recent weeks. Naturally we took the opportunity to research these new vampires. These are our findings. The artificial vampires don't have the same morals as regular vampires. They are enraged and attack people, making them into ghouls. This particular coven call themselves the Paradise Group. We traced them back to a lab that supposedly was researching a cure for vampirism. The lab traced back to a fake charity that lead to a dummy corporation that had no real ties to anyone. From the findings in the lab, it was clear that it was just a cover story and it was actually researching on how to weaponize vampires."

The room exploded into chaos as each hunter expressed their astonishment and horror.

He held up a vial with a microchip and said, "The artificial vampirisation catalyst semiconductor known as the "freak chip". We know that it combines existing biochip technology with electric transmitter mechanisms. Many chips like these were found on the vampires' bodies. Our conjecture is that the device is used to monitor the condition, movement, mental status, and combat readiness of the vampire. However we have yet to ascertain the core mechanism of the tissue transformation which turns humans to non-humans."

An overhead projection of the chip was displayed. It looked like a flat square spider with too many legs. "As far as I can say, assuming no black magic was put on this chip, this mere chip is enough to cause the "freak effect". They took in lowly thugs, experimented on them, and gave them powers, but they went rogue and abandoned their masters. They are not elegant. They are dirty and greedy with desires for surpassing those of human beings. However their powers do not rival those of native vampires."

"Vampires with almost no self awareness...this kind of vampire never existed before," the old fart grumbled around his stalk of grass.

"Which leads me to one of my theories. Humans possess a dormant "freak gene" in some form."

Protests erupted from table. "What are you saying?!" The hot head could be heard over everyone.

"Well that's just one of the possibilities…" the older man backpedaled.

"Your investigation has gone astray!" The bitch spoke up. "For many years the Hellsing Academy have been identifying, hunting, and destroying non-humans. A freak is a freak weather they were made artificial or not! Our enemy destroyed their own factory and took the designer's life. We have but one mission, search and destroy!"

"It is clear someone is behind all this and they don't want to be found," the show off chimed in.

The older gentleman paused then said, "There's something else."

"What...there's more?" The hot head cut in.

"It's about the ghouls. Ghouls usually form as a bad turn of a vampire, however that isn't true in this case. In all these incidents every victim was turned into a ghoul, and no new vampires were found. Even the purest—youngest children—have all been turned into ghouls. Moreover when their master—the vampire—is killed, the ghouls should die along with it. Nevertheless in the most recent incident the ghouls were still living."

The room rabbled in protest and Metal Bat yelled "Outrageous!" above all of them.

"An outbreak like this cannot be contained.
We have no choice we have to burn the city to the ground." Shicchi continued.

There was a collective gasp.

Sonic stood up. "You can't be serious?!" He yelled and slammed his hands on the table.

Then the mad scientist spoke up, "We plan to shoot an incendiary missile to the heart of the city. An evacuation notice has already been issued."

"That's my jurisdiction!" Sonic yelled. "There are still people there! People that can't make it out of the city!"

Metal knight was as cold and as calculating as a robot, "By our calculations if this plague is not contained it will spread to other cities in hours and spread across the continent in mere days. The needs of the masses outweigh the needs of the few."

Sonic bolted out of the office as subsonic speeds.


Location: Z City, the Abandoned Zone

Genos arrived back from shopping to discover his Master wasn't home, which was strange because it was the middle of the day. With no way to contact him, Genos set out to find his wayward master.

While out looking, he was approached by an elderly man with white hair and a bushy white mustache.

"So you're Genos?" The elderly man inquired. "Nice to make your acquaintance. You may address me as Lord Bang."

Genos went quickly on the defensive. "How do you know me?"

"I know all about you and your master. I've been watching." His eyes were a steely, light blue.

'Another vampire,' Genos figured, 'I should be cautious, but he doesn't seem hostile. Maybe he id like my master.'

"I'm looking for my master. Have you seen him?" Genos asked.

"There isn't a soul here besides us Genos. Everyone has already evacuated."

"Evacuated? What's going on?"

"There is an army of undead marching on the city. The HA has decided to shoot a missile and burn the city because they simply do not care anymore. After all when hunters get called out here, it's usually to take care of some unreasonable and troublesome task. This time is no exception. It's just too much for them to handle and now they have left us with a worst case scenario. In 35 minutes the impact will wipe out Z city. You too should hurry and evacuate all those that are precious to you to some place far away."

"A missile?" Genos' eyes went wide. "Have the people been informed?"

"Haha it's going to cause a lot of panic!"

"What are you going to do old man?" Genos asked stoically.

"I have a name you know." The elderly man grumbled, "I can't leave my Castle, Silver Fang. It was passed on to me for generations. I have no choice but to stay. There I teach-" with a flare he took a sudden dramatic pose, "The Ever Flowing Blood Stained Fist. Heard of it?" He looked up from his outlandish display to see that the incubus had indeed left.


Location: Z City

Rider ducked behind a car for cover to catch his breath. He had been running and gunning the entire time and there still wasn't any less of them. As much as he tried he couldn't get a clear shot to the vampires. The undead were like a sponge soaking up his bullets.

'Aim for the heart and try to take them out in one shot.' Rider remembered from his training days, 'They didn't become ghouls by their own choice.' He popped in his last clip, 'Once a man becomes a ghoul, he can never return to his human form. By killing them in one shot you are minimizing their pain. It's for their own good.' He stood and fired into the crowd with perfect form and dropped more of the shamblers.

'I know that ghouls are bad turns, but not every bite makes a ghoul and ghouls don't make other ghouls. What am I fighting?' Finally his weapon clicked empty. He didn't have enough bullets for all of them. Knowing he was outmatched he begrudgingly fell back.


Saitama was running through the city at speeds that left waves behind him in the flooded streets. He was a man on a mission. He had to find those other baldies and give them what for! Except everywhere he looked they weren't there. Only people screaming and running in fear of him.

"Oh no there's one of the terrorist!" A person yelled.

"I'm not a terrorist!" Saitama angrily hollered back, not helping his case whatsoever.


Location: Elsewhere in Z City

Sonic was running as fast as his legs would let him, zipping around corners and flying down streets. He knew if Rider heard the evacuation he wouldn't leave. He would make sure all the citizens made it out first, the big hearted idiot! He had to warn him, get him out before it was too late.

As Sonic entered Z city, he had to slow his pace to dodge all the undead, that was when he nearly got impaled by a bayonet.

"This is so much fun!"

There stood an imposing middle aged man, lean with broad shoulders and very tall.

"Watch what you're doin'!" Sonic complained. "Who are you anyway?"

The man turned to Sonic. He had short, spiky gold hair flattened out towards the top. a defined squared jaw, and light facial hair with a large, wedge-shaped scar on his left cheek. "The name's father Alexander Anderson." He wore round glasses, a large white cassock, a clerical collar, white gloves, and a silver cross. "Look laddie, you're a protestant eyesore. So just go ahead and die for all I care."

A priest it seemed. Sonic never really got along with their kind. "I could have let you off like that, but you had to go and piss me off with your arrogant attitude. I'm gonna destroy you here and now, but let me get this out of the way first...I'm a class S hunter and a perfectionist when it comes to my job. If you surrender now, you will die quickly. So what will you do?" Sonic gave way to a splitting creepy grin, but quickly covered his mouth with his hand. "Whoops slipped into my bad habit again," he added playfully.

The priest grinned viciously and in a blink of the eyes was stabbing at Sonic.

“What are you doing? Was that supposed to hit me?" Sonic moved like a blur using the terrain to bounce from location to location. "You can't see me, can you? Am I too fast for you?" He zipped around the priest mocking, "It's useless." The father swung a blade at him, but Sonic easily dodged it with a backflip. "I see through your moves." Sonic leapt up and came down in a flip kick on the father's head. "There's no way I'd lose against you."

There is a pause then the priest looked up at Sonic and said, "What did ya' say ta' mey boy?"

Sonic was floored that the lethal kick had no effect and narrowly dodged another attack as it shredded his shirt.


Location: Helling Academy, A City

A staffer ran into the conference room.

"Sir! This is the latest from our intelligence agency! In Rome…. Division XIII of the Vatican Special forces, the iscariot order, has commenced operations!"

"Division XIII...the this some new instrument of Catholicism? How many were deployed?"

"Only one man was sent. A knight of the church, Paladin Father Alexander Anderson."

Metal Bat Slammed his fist on the table. "I can't believe it! The Vatican plans to walk in and save the day, boosting their popularity and donation drive."

"We have to stop the missile now! This is not the time to be fighting the Vatican!" Lightspeed Flash spoke up.

"It's too late, it's already on course," Metal Knight replied.

The room went silent.


Location: Elsewhere in Z City

Sonic was on the run with the priest hot on his heels, 'My punches and kicks aren't doing anything! Am I lacking in power?' He dodged another swipe of blades, 'I can't kill him unarmed. Gotta retreat for now to go get myself weapons.'

"Did you really think someone like me who is fighting for a noble purpose would lose to a protestant dog?!" The mad priest shouted and impaled him with dozens of bayonets. Blood squirted and bones snapped, but it was an illusion and only Sonic's clothes were hit.

Sonic stood naked before the priest in the rain. "Just you wait there. The next time we meet will be your last." Then he vanished.

"He disappeared," The father remarked. "Well it doesn't matter, let the protestant dog run for the moment. Now then…shall we get moving again."


Location: Middle of Z City

Sirens wailed as the emergency broadcast message played on loop.

"This is an emergency evacuation notice. Disaster level dragon. Please get away from here as far and as fast as you can."

Genos wasn't bothering to hide his true form as he flew through the air. He watched as people got out of their cars and stood there just waiting for the end.

'I'm not surprised most people have already given up hope. It's not just Z city, but the surrounding cities will also be affected. Trying to escape now is meaningless. There isn't enough time left!' Genos made it to the top of the highest building. 'I didn't expect to have to test this magic this soon.' He powered up both of his arms, one glowing red the other white. 'I've only been able to use one spell at a time, but let's see if I can do something about it with a full power shot from my core." The glowing lights meet in the middle of his chest and a new color emerged, blue. 'Master lives in this city too. I can't just run away and leave him here to die!' Genos focused his energy. 'In order to fire a shot from my incineration and glacier spell at full power…I need 5 seconds to charge the energy for it inside my body. The target is already in very close proximity. Even if I succeed in hitting the target what will happen? Wouldn't the missile just burst into smaller pieces and still cause a disaster? Wait, am I even strong enough to destroy it?'

Genos heard a voice from behind him.

"Well calm down."

It was the elderly vampire.

"I see your mind is clouded. You are far too young to be considering failure, son. It's best you don't think too much and just do it. Especially on last minute situations. The outcome will be the same anyway."

Genos pondered on the aging vampire's instructions, 'It's best not to think too much and just do it?' The image of his Master Saitama passed though his thoughts and he found his resolve. "Bang get down!"

"Ho!" The old vampire exclaimed.

"I'll stop thinking about the collateral damage and the consequences. I'll just poor all of myself into this one shot!" Genos then set loose a massive shot of fire and ice that hit the incoming missile. The blowback force pushed him into the building and formed a spider webbed cracked crater.

The explosion lit up the dark rainy sky in a brilliant flash of yellow and orange for a brief moment before falling to the city as fiery rubble.

Genos fell down to his knees exhausted. That used up most of his magic. He would need to feed several times before he got it all back. It was good the city was empty he could barely move his wings muchless hold up a charm.

As he turned toward Bang to say something, a boot came around and kicked him in the face sending him several stories to the ground. Then he was pinned to the pavement with bayonets through his hands and arms.

"Beautiful day today, no? Abominations…."

Genos could see it was a man, lean with broad shoulders and very tall. His round glasses shined like headlights as he stalked forward in the dark.


Location: Helling Academy, A City

"We lost track of the missile!" A staffer yelled.

"What?!" Metal Knight hollered back and ran over to the screen.

"The vampires are practically at our door!" A young woman in front of a monitor said.

"We need to evacuate!" Another staffer called out.

"Running away from vampires is bound to hurt our image," Atomic Samurai grumbled.

"There's no need for that," a gravelly voice cut through the sounds of panic. "You're luck I happened to be in when all this happened," He took a big inhale off the cigarette in his mouth, making the amber glow bright, before exhaling it slowly.

"Can we leave this to you?" Atomic Samurai asked, "You'll be up against…"

"Don't worry about that. You should worry about their lives instead." Zombieman had short, scruffy black hair, red eyes, and pale skin. He wore a shabby, open gray trench coat over his black singlet, with tan stitched pants and a thick brown belt with tanker boots.

As he walked out of the meeting room, he thought to himself, 'Paradise Group...a bunch of spineless amateurs with freak chips going on a rampage, huh? Their leader, class B criminal Hammerhead, however, might have a little more back bone.'


Location: Middle of Z City

"My boy, your pain and anguish is quite becoming. Yet your death still flees from you. Why you ask? No bayonets have penetrated your heart. Only rarely have I had hell spawn for my prey. It's only right I enjoy this."

Genos bit back his screams of anguish and growled out through gritted teeth, "WHO-ARE-YOU?" He tried to pull free of the blade, but they burned his flesh like hot irons.

The older vampire, Bang, stepped forward, "Division XIII...the Iscariot...belonging to the Vatican special forces. The most powerful group under the Vatican's command. Iscariot, which officially does not exist, specializes in the destruction of impure souls of demons, heretics, and terrorists. You are Father Alexander Anderson, Knight of the Church, a paladin. "Assassin" Anderson, "Bayonet" Anderson, "Executioner" Anderson, "Dust to Dust" Anderson are only some of your numerous aliases."

"Bingo! You bloodsucking heathen. Bang of Castle Silver Fang, creator of the blood magic martial art ever flowing blood stained fist, I assume?"

"One in the same." Bang grumbled with a grin.

Anderson chuckled, "It seems the only ones left are you two?"

"Really? You don't say…" Bang played coy.

The two men stare each other down, sizing one another up.

'Squaring off face to face with an elder vampire. Rather brave,' Bang thought. 'For a human he's quite strong.' Then he noticed the blades buring the incubus' flesh. They had been bathed in holy water. 'We wouldn't have a very good time with one of these in us.'

Father Anderson readied his bayonets and held them up in front of his face, laced between his fingers like claws.

Bang made a cut at his wrist and formed the liquid blood into a solid red scythe, with gleaming edge.

In the blink of an eye they crossed blades. Bang got a hit, but the priest blocked it and knocked him back, sending him flying into a building.

The priest threw his head back and laughed maniacally. "Hahahahah! Is that all you got you unholy abomination?"

Bang rose from the rubble. His shirt was ripped off exposing his toned and muscular frame. He rotated his right shoulder a few times and said, "My shoulders are getting stiff, I felt that a little. I admit I was careless. There are times when it's better to not hold back I guess."



Location: Outskirts of City A

People were causing riots in the streets running in fear from the ghouls.

"Boss I see our target!" The buck tooth vampire said as Hellsing Academy appeared over the horizon. "Let's go!"

But Hammerhead halted the march, "Something's here."

From the darkness Zombie Man stepped into the street light.

"I've been waiting for you Hammerhead." Lightening was a backdrop for his already dark figure.

"What do you want? You a lost rat or something?" Hammerhead mocked.

"I'm part of the Hellsing garbage disposal unit. A specialist in cleaning up subordinate trash like you."

"Specialist? What bloody fucking specialist? Are you trying to be funny? Hahaha," Hammerhead laughed then snapped his fingers, "KILL HIM!"

Ghoul cops shoot their guns and riddled the trench coat man with bullets. He collapsed to the ground.

"What? Done with it already?" Hammerhead asked, finding the defeat amusing, but stopped chuckling as he saw the dead man get back up to his feet.

"Guns have no effect on me." He pulled out his two long pistols from his coat. "Normally, you cannot kill a vampire with mere guns! That's if you were to use an ordinary gun…that's why I have anti-freak weapons, 454 castle and the 13mm jackal."

Zombie Man held his arms out and fired. Each bullet was like an exposition as it hit its intended targets. The hammer clicked and another four ghouls dropped as the bullet passed through them like a hot knife through butter. Until, finally, all that was left was a crowd of the knockoff vampires.

"How are you doing this?" Hammerhead screamed, "It's those bullets!"

"Blessed silver crosses were melted down to make these 13mm exploding shells. Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again. Using ghouls to battle was not a good idea." Zombieman taunted.

"Why are you doing this?" Hammerhead shouted desperately, "Why help the mortals?"

Zombieman raised a brow and looked down his nose to the B class criminal. "You think yourself a vampire? How pathetic. If I were to let punks like you run around creating problems, I would be in a lot of trouble." He pulled out a bloodied and bent cigarette. "If an ignorant fool like yourself were to stir up more trouble than this..." he paused to light it in the downpour, "Then the destruction of mankind is a distinct possibility. I still have too many human reasons..." he paused again to take a long drag, "I can't allow that." He blew a stream of grey smoke into the air. "NOW DIE!"


Location: Middle of Z City, Round 2

Bang prepared his stance for another round. 'Shit I took a blow way more powerful than I expected right off the bat, but I absolutely can't afford to lose here. I guess I'll have no choice but to use it.' He charged the cackling priest and turned into a swarm of bats, then rematerialized behind Father Anderson and impaled him though the chest.

Anderson coughed up blood, "Ahem!"

Bang impaled him over and over again. The priest's rib cage cracked open, but Bang did not stop until his flesh resembled ground meat.

Tiered from the excessive use of blood to work his magic, Bang jumped back to let the priest fall apart.

Instead he watched the horrific process of the man heal and stand back to his feet. "Could it be your chain attack is over?" The wounds closed shut.

Bang couldn't believe his eyes. "A regenerator?"

"Yes!" The priest joyously exclaimed. "The incantation was engineered through extensive research to destroy you and your kind. Guess I'll get a little serious now."

The priest was rejuvenated, but Bang was not. He used what remained of his power holding back bayonets with his scythe. Bang was face to face with the madman. "Supernatural regenerative ability. You Monster."

"Your powers continue to weaken and weaken as you use more blood. How pathetic." The Father yelled in Bang's face..

"Let go of Bang right now!" Genos screamed as he pulled out yet another bayonet from his arm.

Anderson could see he got one arm free and was working on the other. He hummed in thought. 'The boy still moves even after such a devastating attack. I may have underestimated him.' Then he threw back his head in great laughter.

Bang doubled down on the threat of fighting two monsters at once. "You have no chance of winning, Anderson. Retreat while you can still count yourself amongst the living."

"What sort of bullshit are you spouting?" Father Anderson spat back in his face.


Location: Outskirts of City A

Hammerhead managed to just dodge the bullets shot at him, but his cohorts were not so lucky. He watched as each of their bald heads exploded like a pinata. In a desperate attempt to take cover he punched the ground and made a crater.

'So he's decided to attack me instead of running away,' Zombie Man noticed. 'Seems like he's not as stupid as he looks.' His mouth with the cigarette twisted into a wicked smiled.

They traded punches and bullets, each getting back up after the exchange. The rain was stained with blood.

"I'm not like any vampire you've ever faced!" Hammerhead boasted. "You can regret going up against me in the after life for all eternity!" Wild as a barbarian, he punched through Zombie Man's chest, ripped out his heart then grabbed his head and twisted it off like a bottle cap.

The hunter's body fell like a sack of potatoes. Hammerhead dropped the head, still breathing hard from the exhilaration of the kill, and laughed hysterically. "I did it! I killed an S class hunter! AHAHAHAHAH!" He pumped his arm in triumph.

While the idiot was laughing Zombie Man's body stood up behind him and picked up his head.

Hammerhead turned sharply when he felt movement behind him and gaped like a fish in horror. "Didn't I pry out your heart and wrench off your head?!"

The head started talking before being placed on the shoulders, "Such techniques shall never kill me. Much like yourself, I am the fruit of our research into battling the inhuman by Hellsing Academy's science division, the House of Evolution."

The B class villain screamed for his life, turned, and started to run.

Zombie Man lined up the shot to the back of the head and hammerhead went down.

Zombie Man pulled out his cell phone and made a call as he lit another cigarette in the drizzling rain. "Threat has been neutralized…Yeah I got the body, it's right here…." He never finished the sentence as the cigarette fell from his mouth and his red eyes wet wide when he noticed the empty spot on the pavement. 'His body is gone!'



Location: Middle of Z City

Genos removed the last blade from his arm and took a knee. "I will eliminate you," he growled and flew at supernatural speeds. He readied his left fist and punched a fireball in the side of the priest's head, sending him crashing into a nearby building.

Bang, on the other hand, was spent. He collapsed to the pavement as his blood weapon reversed to liquid.

Geons was panting hard, still in recovery from the attack, 'Did I get him?' He wondered.

Suddenly the priest appeared next to him, grabbed Genos’ hand with enough force to rip his arm from the socket while punching Genos in the face and sending him flying into a wall, cracking it on impact.

"Now you ticked me off!" Father Anderson's cheek was swollen and bloodied. His glasses were shattered and lopsided.

"Let my guard down again. When will I ever learn?" Genos chastised himself as he used his powers to freeze the gaping, bleeding hole where his arm used to be, and got back to his feet.

Genos knew they didn't stand a chance. All they could do was get as far away as possible. If he could distract the crazy priest, they might just make it.

Genos took a deep breath then ran at full speed giving Father Anderson a flying kick to the face. While the man was still recovering Genos picked up Bang and flapped his wings to fly away.

"Where are you going?" The priest looked up, face already healed. "Running is useless. ~For dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return~" he said in lyrical tone, then pulled out a glass bottle from his robes and threw it at the incubus, shattering it on his back.

Genos opened his mouth in a silent scream as the flesh on his back and wings melted away from the holy water. Then he quickly plummeted to the road, landing with a thud. His right arm barely held on by threads.

Genos knew they were going to die and there was nothing that could change that. 'Shall this be my grave, Master?' He mourned, his last thoughts of Saitama.

"To think you would try to save one of your unholy brethren. Haha! I was impressed you actually managed to put a scratch on me. The scratch already healed up though. Now quietly bow down to your slaughter, abomination." The killer raised a bayonet in each hand, hell bent to decapitate the incubus and vampire.

"Stop right there!" A voice rang out with a gunshot.

Father Anderson crossed his bayonets to block the shot and both blades shattered on impact.

Genos looked up to see that it was Rider with a smoking gun.

"What are you trying to accomplish? His actions just saved the city, he's not a bad monster. You should be ashamed! The fight is over. He's hurt so bad he can't even move!"

"No don't!" Genos knew the priest had no mercy, Rider was in danger.

"I am so sick of you protestant dogs," The priest complained.

Rider lined up to fire again, but the priest closed the distance and was on him, grabbing his gun. He squeezed hard and lifted Rider into the air and slapped his body onto the pavement. Then lifted his body again and smashed him on the opposite side of the road. Finally, he threw the hunter to the side, like a used rag.

"I'm sorry," Father Anderson said solemnly to Genos, "I didn't mean to make you wait for the death blow."

"Justice tackle!" Rider was up and had his arms around the tall man in an attempt to grapple him, though it functioned more as an awkward hug. "I know I'm not expected to win," Rider said before being punched down to the ground, "a licenseless hunter, a civilian, won't be of much help," He continued. "I know that better than anyone." Still, he managed to get to his feet. "I know I'm not fit to be a hunter. I know that I'm weak. I know it all too well!" Blood was dripping from his brow. "I can't even hope to beat you! I know that better than anyone! And yet...I don't have a choice…but to do it. Because if I don't who else will. It doesn't matter if I stand a chance or not." He took a stance ready to fight. "I HAVE TO FIGHT YOU HERE AND NOW!"

Father Anderson was unmoved. "Quit spouting all that nonsense and drop dead already,” he growled and punched him again.


Location: Middle of Z City

Saitama was lost; really, really, lost.

Sure this was his town, he knew every alley way and street corner, but the whole place was one big empty ghost town. Well, except for all the shambling undead.

"Sure are a lot of monsters out today," he said to himself. Saitama left a wake of corpses behind him as he searched the city for those bald vampires. "So I heard that they went into this direction, but there's no way I can find them in this city…I think I'll go home for the day."

Then he heard a yell, "I HAVE TO FIGHT YOU HERE AND NOW!"

"Is that Rider?" Saitama asked himself. He used his supernatural speed and followed the sound and arrived just in time to catch Rider before he hit the ground. "You did well. Nice fight," he said to the nearly unconscious man.

"And another abomination pops up," the tall man in black robes said to him.

Saitama looked around taking in the scene and that was when his heart dropped to his stomach. "Woah Genos! Dude look at you, how are you even alive?"

Genos was laying on his belly in the middle of the road. His skin and wings had been burned away, exposing bone and muscle to the rain.

"Mas-ter," Genos gasped, he could barely speak.

"Thank goodness…" Saitama said under his breath, "Hold on a little longer. Just let me punch this guy."

Lightning flashed as the tall guy swung a sword at Saitama's face. Saitama turned, catching the thing in his teeth and crunched the blade. This close Saitama could see now the man was a catholic priest.

"That’s quite impressive," The Father said. "Compared to all the other trash so far, you're definitely something." Then he started to preach, "We are the ministers of God. In flaming fire we take vengeance on them that know not God and that obey not the catholic gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power, this honour have all his saints. AMEN."

"Shut up," Saitama said with his face cast in shadow as his eyes glowed red. "Blal blah blah. Are you done yet?"

Genos has never seen his master so exasperated before.

The priest growled and charged him with bayonets drawn. Then Saitama uppercut him right in his square jaw with a great booming sound. For a brief moment the rain stopped and Father Anderson was sent flying backwards to land with a thud on the pavement, unconscious.

It was then Sonic appeared from nowhere in his full ninja hunting gear saying, "I came back as fast as I could, fully equipped and ready to fight!" His smile quickly faded, when he saw the priest spread eagle on his back and Saitama's fist still smoking. "It's over?"

The scene was a lot to take in. There was an old shirtless guy getting up from laying in the road. There was Genos in a pool of his own blood and missing both arms. Then he found Rider face down in a puddle.

"Rider!" Sonic ran to his side and cradled Rider's head in his lap. Rider coughed and spat blood.

Location: Somewhere in Z City

Hammerhead was running like a scared fool through the forest, the bullet still lodged in the back of his skull. 'That was a close one! I was lucky he aimed for my head! And I was lucky my skull is many times thicker than normal! It's the first time I lost a fight! Shit! Damn you! I don't know who you are, but I swear I'll get you back for this one day.'

Out of nowhere he was hit and knocked to the ground. At first he thought it was that guy again, but in reality it was far worse. It was his vampire masters, the Paradise brothers.

Hammerhead immediately started begging for his life, "F-for-forgive m-" he was cut off with a kick to the face.

"Begging for forgiveness after stealing from the Organization. You must be one dumb motherfucker," the tan brother in the beanie hat said.

"We let you steal the chips on purpose to get real battle data though," the tall, long haired, blonde brother said.

"What do you want to do with the body?" The tan vampire asked.

"Just leave him there." The blonde answered.

Hammerhead held still playing dead as he cried. 'I'm so glad, I have such a thick skull. Mommy I promise I'll be good from now on.'


Location: Middle of Z City

Somehow Sonic appearing snapped Saitama out of his rage and he quickly reordered his priorities, "GENOS!"

Genos was hurt bad, but he still fought to get up from the ground to meet his master.

Saitama gave worried instructions. "Try not to move." He placed his hands on Genos shoulders to help hold up his torso.

Genos groaned in pain.

"What can I do? How can I fix this?" Saitama was on the verge of panic. This was worse than the time with the bat lady and he barely saved him then. Saitama promised himself he wouldn't let anything hurt Genos like that again and here he was bleeding out from his arms.


"I can heal him." It was then that Saitama noticed the old man. "But I need blood to do it," He said.


Saitama was on the verge of crying and didn't hesitate to offer his wrist. "Use mine. Take as much as you need. Old man, just please take care of Genos."

The old man used his nail that morphed into a claw to cut a small line. It was so sharp Saitama didn't even feel it. Then the old guy moved his hand above the cut and the blood floated up like a red ribbon.

Shortly after the priest went unconscious, a swarm of biblical pages came from his coat, engulfed him and he vanished.

Hours passed and they sought shelter in one of the broken office buildings. Sonic gave Rider first aid and was sitting with him making sure he didn't fall asleep from a concussion. Saitama could hear Rider insist, "I'm fine," and Sonic snapback with, "No you're not."

Bang was still hard at work, weaving blood into Genos' body and rebuilding him. Genos seemed much calmer than when he usually drank Saitama's blood and they spoke in whispers.

"I'm sorry master. I went searching for you and I let my guard down again, now I'm using all your blood." Genos sounded so remorseful.

"That's ok. Don't you worry about that. We can always get it back."

Seeing that his master wasn't angry at him, Genos smiled and half joked, "we really need to get you a mobile Master."

"I guess so," saitama tried to laugh at the situation, it was forced and fake. Saitama pet his blonde hair as tears ran down his nose. "I'm so sorry Genos. I failed to keep you safe."


"I promised myself that I'd let no one hurt you again...if I hadn't come you'd be-"

Genos cut him off with a shushing sound, "But you did come. You did save me. Just as I know you always will."

"Genos...I don't know if I'm strong enough. If I lose you-"

"You haven't lost me and you're not going to lose me. I promised you I would follow you to the very end."

They smiled sweetly at each other and Saitama finally stopped crying.

"Never have I seen a greater bond between two individuals," Bang said to them. "You truly share something great and rare. It is that kind of bond that makes this process so much better." And with that the master blood manipulator finished his work. "The wounds are closed and limbs regenerated. Try moving your arms."

Genos followed instructions and flexed his fingers, opening and closing them into fists. Then he used his new arms to push himself up to stretch his wings. The skin felt tight and his muscles ached with a soreness, but his body was intact.

"Your magic will take a while to restore. I had to use what was available to bring back your limbs. So no picking fights," The old man instructed and wagged his finger.

Genos nodded then turned his attention to his master. He leaned in, touched their foreheads together and nuzzled. As much as he hurt it always felt better to be with Saitama.

Chapter Text

Location: Middle of Z City

Saitama pulled back from his cuddle with Genos, only slightly embarrassed by the PDA and looked to Bang. "Thank you, old guy."

"I have a name you know. It's Bang." He sounded so put out for a vampire. His fangs were long and went past his bushy mustache and his lower lip.

Rider finally escaped Sonic and walked over to greet the respectable vampire, "That's amazing what you did. I've never seen a healing technique quite like that."

"Well this is about how it goes, it's just energy manipulation using blood as medium." Bang didn't appear to be above a humble brag, "How bout it? wanna give it a try? Saitama, Genos, you both seem quick on the uptake. If it's you two, you might be able to get the hang of blood manipulation magic very quickly."

Saitama waived him off, remember the backfired results of his new powers, "No I'm not interested. Genos you give it a try."

Genos tiredly shook his head, "I'm afraid I'll have to pass too. What I need is absolute destructive power."

A mop of orange hair in the shape of a mullet holding an umbrella interrupted their chat, "How dare you pair of imbeciles mock the Ever Flowing Blood Stained Fist! I, Charanko, Master Bang's best disciple, shall put you back in your place." Before he has a chance to take a stance. Genos has already grabbed him by the throat, rendering him helpless. "Guh! I give!" He coughed before Genos released him.

"This is your best disciple?" Sonic approached with a skeptical tone.

More politely Rider added, "I heard your dojo was full of skilled fighters, Master Bang."

"Well, it was until one of my disciples went on a rampage. All my skilled disciples were killed by him."

"Is he strong? What's his name?" Saitama asked. Genos slumped in his arms as if he was ready to fall asleep.

"Garou…" Bang continued, "He was my best disciple back then, but I had to expel him after giving him a good beating. Turns out, I didn't have the heart to kill my own son."

"Your...son?" Rider asked cautiously. "Forgive me, but I wasn't aware vampires could reproduce."

The old vampire hummed to himself, "Hmmm yes, neither was I. I fell in love with a young maiden some years back, but I couldn't take the light from her. I didn't know she was with child until Garou saw the picture of his mother I kept. The boy flew into a rage. Apparently I was the reason his mother died in childbirth and why he never felt like he belonged and was bullied for it. He blamed me for all the wrongs in his life and...perhaps he was right...but the events that followed...I could not have foreseen." Bang took a breath and sighed remorseful. "She was the reason I gave up human blood and swapped to a diet solely of pigs blood. It does the job, but my magic isn't as strong."

"You must be really strong then old man." Saitama said, not imagining how anyone could be satisfied off straight animal's blood.

"You imbecile!" Charanko piped up bravely, "How can you not know the famous vampire Lord Bang! Denom level monster threat. Master of Silver Fang Castle. Leading his enemies around by the nose by moving like a calm stream...only to finish them off with a blood scythe forged from his own blood! A true master of all martial arts." Charanko then pointed at Saitama, "You're just some newbie vampire aren't you? Make light of Master and you'll be in for a painful surprise!"

"Charanko, don't make me lose face!" Bang spoke up, "Saitama is many times stronger than me."

Charanko was dumbfounded, he couldn't believe his ears. "Many times…Master you must be jok-"

Bang held up his hand effectively silencing the lesser vampire. "Not another word." He then looked toward the two pairs of men and said, "You are welcome to my castle any time. Please come and visit. There is natural hot spring located under the castle, you're welcome to use it."

Rider and sonic shared a glance before Rider said, "Thanks for the offer, but I think we'll pass on that. It would be frowned upon for hunters to enter Castle Silver Fang."

"Young man what I witnessed you do today was nothing short of heroic. The way you stood up for Genos and I, with little regard for your safety was the single greatest thing I've seen a human do. To think you a hunter would take the side of we monsters…" He chuckled to himself lightly. "Mayhaps there is hope for this world."

Rider blushed below his round rim glasses, and humbly said, "I'm not really a hunter and I just did what any decent person would do in the same situation."

The elder vampire's eyes were sharp and focused but had a softness to them. "Even so, my door is always open and you are forever welcomed at Castle Silver Fang."


A few days later~

Location: City A, Hellsing Academy Main Hall

Before the Hunter Graduation Ceremony stood the head of the Hellsing Academy. She had a tall, thin build, almost to the point of being lanky with creamy brown skin, blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her attire consisted of a black blazer and black dress pants, a white buttoned shirt, black shoes and a red cravat. She also wore a pair of circular wire-rimmed glasses, "My name is Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Van Hellsing, descendant of Abraham Van Hellsing and the last of my line. When I was 12 years old, my father passed away and entrusted me with the family's mission to lead the charge against all manner of monsters and undead that would harm the people of this country.

"As the official head of the Hellsing academy, I welcome you to this fateful day. Feel proud. This Academy has been training hunters for over a century now, and you are the latest graduates in that long honorable history.

"Your enemies are to be ghouls and vampires which gain immortality by drinking human blood. Our job is to carry around garlic and holy water, put a wooden stake in its heart, chop off its head, burn its corpse, and sprinkle its ashes at the crossroads. The impure soul shall turn into ash around the figure of the cross….

"This is what we do. The Hellsing Academy was established a century ago with the intention to fight vampires. If we were to have never been created, they should surely have realized their goal of subverting mankind into a race of demonic vermin.

"Right now we have 390 C-Class, 101 B Class, 38 A Class, 17 S Class. Clearly not enough hunters for the task at hand. There now stands a wall that cannot be surpassed unless the whole of humanity works together.

"We do not expect you to do the work for free.
For every monster you defeat, you will receive a suitable reward.

"The scale of the oncoming disaster has never been higher. We are at war against a conspiracy of vampire experts and they are displaying remarkable skill. Gentlemen the enemy is just like us-"


There in the middle of the crowd was a young man with sharp features, yellow eyes, and long silver hair that spikes upwards in two large prongs, giving the feeling of a young wolf. While not being a particularly large person, he was quite muscular wearing a tight black long-sleeved shirt and loose fitting white martial arts pants.

Integra did not humor the intruder, "That's enough you can leave now."

"That's how you treat your guests? Miss officer of justice? Uhum, I made up my mind. I'll punish the cowards. Time to conduct evil...and kill everyone!"

"He's out for blood. Throw him out." She gave the order to her three A Class hunters presiding over the graduation.

All those years of watching the supposed "hero" win brought him to this day, 'The popular will win, the hated will lose, it's such a tragedy. Then I won't lose to anyone! I will become the strongest villain and change the story!'

Garou easily defeated a young man wearing a cape, mask, and a magician's top hat. Then a large muscular man with a defined mustache swung on him. Before the big man even realized it, his arm was twisted and broken on itself.

"Oh no...that looks BROKEN." Garou mocked, "The strong are strong you dumbass." And punched his lights out.

"That kid's kicking A class ass!" One of the graduates screamed.

"What the fuck!" Another called out.

"What're ya gaining from it?" A graduate asked.

"Aren't you one of us?" Someone from the crowd demanded.

Garou stopped his onslaught to lecture. "No, no, no, no. What are you talking about imbeciles? Try to stay up to date. You guys don't get monsters. Listen. Heros are always late, monsters always get the initiative. They appear with no rhyme or reason. All of you are on the human side. I'm on the monster side."

A young man with black hair cut short and dark eyes, wearing a dark blue Kung Fu suit with white trimming stepped forward, "A man calling himself a monster...what a fool! You're right, you're not human, you are scum. The A class rank 6, Blue Fire shall cremate you!" He waved his hands and made a blast of flames appear, setting more that one person on fire.

"Hohoho, interesting." Across the room Garou held the bloody stump of Blue Fire's arm and from the sleeve he pulled out a mechanical device. "As I thought, just a cheap parlor trick. If you know the trick, there's really nothing amazing about it."

Blue Fire was too enraged to feel the pain.

Knowing the situation was out of control, Integra shouted into her communication piece, "This is the center hall! There's an incident amongst the graduates. Please send in all hunters within the building and a medic team too!"


Location: City D Convention Center

The center was bustling, a large crowd drawn in to watch the gaming competition. The main attraction was the man with a paper bag on his head unleashing an infinite combo attack on his current competitor. The spectators cheered as the life bar steadily drained to zero, the man’s opponent defeated in a matter of seconds.

The man with the paper bag on his head stood from the table, shaking hands with the loser, his massive frame towering over his competitor. The crowd was buzzing with excitement.

"That's the guy they call the earth's strongest gammer."

"It's King!"

"That's King!"

"You're already in Mr. King's sights, you’ll never win."

King was a towering 8 foot tall man who wore a brown paper bag over his head with eye holes cut out. He was built like a box, all angles and straight lines, with extremely large hands and thick fingers.

"I knew I've seen his mask before! He wears it to hide his secret identity."

"King! King! King!"

"Please sign this!"

His opponent, after learning he was playing against King, kneeled before him, pleading for forgiveness, "I-I-I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you!"

The rumble of the crowd grew louder.

"The player went on his knees!"

"The dude's crying!"

"Hurray for King!"

"The other guy fainted! Is this some kinda' super power?"

"That's just King's presence."

Above the noise and chatter of the onlookers, there was a thunderous sound pounding away, the speed of its rhythm increasing by the second.

"What's that noise?"

"Don't you know that's the King engine. That's the sound that starts when the strongest gamer on earth readies for battle. It has been said there isn't a single player that could defeat him in any game!"

"How can I become as strong a player as you?" A random stranger asked the man with the paper bag.

"I'm in a hurry...can you move aside?" The tall man said in a deep masculine tone.

"Are we causing trouble for Mr. King?!"

"We're sorry!"


"Show us your face!" A fan came running out of nowhere and grabbed the paper bag. King's hands were full, he couldn't stop him in time. The fan pulled and ripped the paper bag off from under his hood.

A collective gasp came from the surrounding people as they saw the man as he truly was for the first time. King had shoulder-length, slicked-back blonde hair that he kept combed back down to the nape of his neck. His face appeared stitched together with pale green skin, and watery blue eyes. His most notorious features were three vertical scars straight over his left eye, with sunken cheeks and a defined jawline. He had a square blocky head with bolts on his neck to serve as grotesque electrodes.

'How did it end up like this?' King helplessly thought as a ripple of growing fear went through the gathered crowd and his life unraveled before him in slow motion.

Location: M City shopping district

While out shopping Genos and Saitama come across the rabble of an angry mob.

A person screamed, "What the hell is that?!"

"It's a monster, get it!" Another shouted.

"Not even five grown men could subdue it!" Someone yelled.

Genos brought the matter to the attention of his master. "Master that person appears to be in trouble."

"Who?" Saitama inquired.

More shouting could be heard, "A monster!"

"Protect the children!"

"It's over there!" The mob seemed to be chasing something.

"A monster?" Genos answered, "Master could probably wipe it out. No wait...the man in trouble is a monster."


King managed to make it to a public bathroom and barricaded himself in. As the people chasing him banged on the door, King sought refuge inside one of the empty stalls. Breathing hard he said aloud, "So they came to kill me."

Panic took over as his thoughts ran away with him, 'How did it end up like this? Scary, so scary. I'm not dangerous at all! I'm just a kid's throw away science experiment! A robot with an artificial intelligence held together by meat parts…I'm twice TEN TIMES more cowardly than anyone. I'm so scared other people can hear my heart engine revving.' King looked down under his hoodie to see his electrified dome over his heart.

His watery eyes leaked like a faucet, 'It just happens that I was created by Child Emperor to battle in pit fights with other constructs, but I was so scared I ran away. Then Hellsing Academy came and gave me the unlicensed monster title without my consent and made me a wanted man! I only play video games competitively because it's the only thing I'm good at. Now I live on the lamb as a secluded useless otaku! That's all! I am no threat to anyone! They're a threat to me!'

King gulped hard as the mob outside grew louder, 'Oh shit I don't wanna die! Think. What can I do in a situation like this?'

After racking his brain over and over, there was only one simple conclusion, 'There's absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's the end.'

The barricaded door was getting beaten off its hinges and king frantically looked around the room and found a small window, 'Can I make a run for it?'


Location: City A, Hellsing Academy Main Hall

In a matter of minutes Hellsing's graduating class were turned into a waterpark of blood that painted the walls and floor red.

All that was left standing was Integra at her podium, with blood splashed across her glasses. Her face reflected the horror she witnessed a mere few seconds before.

"Now that should make a bloody great debut for Garou The Monster. Too bad you’re no good. I can't even use you as proper stepping stones, but I admit taking on several S class hunters at once might be too harsh for me right now, so I'll take my leave." He bowed in Integra's direction. "Within half a year I'll be even stronger than now and come back through your main gate." Then he turned to leave. With every step he took, the pooled blood moved toward him and slowly absorbed into his body.

"JUST WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Integra yelled out after him.

The young man turned toward her with a cocky swagger. "The villain."


Location: M city, King's apartment

Hydraulic pistons in his legs pumped as he ran holding his hood over his face. Luckily his place wasn't far and he managed to make it behind his door before anyone else could see him.

He let out a puff of air as he relaxed, safe in his sanctuary. "I got home safely. That mob is gonna haunt my nightmares."

The apartment was the definition of Bachelor's pad. Bags of trash set off to the side, unsorted. Dishes piled up in the sink. Controllers and console wires stretched across the floor. Open chip bags and others snack packages littered every surface.

Talking to himself, King said, "I'll play the game and forget about it all. The new dating simulation, "Doki doki Sisters" limited first edition. I'm so hyped. Gotta love the excitement of a newly bought game. Can't wait to try it out. Dating games are an oasis for the heart. I can't get enough of Doki Doki Sisters' opening. I'm so pumped."

The game booted up and a cute anime girl with too big hair popped up, "Wake up onii-chan! It's morning!"

"The hell is up with the voice actress? Can she sound any more bland?" But King let it slide and moved on. "Now the name entry screen...tough choice."

"Why don't you go with King?"

Without a second guess he answered, "Nah, using my gamer tag is a bit...if anyone sees the game character calling me "King Onii-chan" I'm gonna kill myself." Thinking a moment on the question he turned to see a bald, ordinary-looking man with a thin, but well-built physique, of average height and weight. His skin was very pale with gaunt cheeks, and eyes that appeared sunken.

'….Eh? Who's this guy? What's he doing here?' King finally noticed.

"The window was open." The baldy answered his puzzled face.

"Dude this is the 22nd floor." King was quick on the response, but switched to an intimidating front. "This is quite bothersome, you can't just walk into someone else's home? Don't you know I'm a scary monster?"

"Yeah that's what I heard, but I gotta say..." He turned his shiny bald head toward the TV, "Didn't think you'd be a guy into this kinda' game."

"Onii-chan tell me your name!" The game voice said.

"STOOOOOP!" King yelled in embarrassment.

The bald man picked up a game case, "What kinda' game is this? Any fun?"

"Eh?" King questioned then saw an opening to bury the evidence of his otaku side, "AH! THAT ONE'S AN ACTION GAME!"

"Do you pilot a robot in this?" his expression was extremely passive.


"But it says Doki Doki Sisters right on the cover." The intruder's voice was bland and unremarkable.

King was in too deep to give up the facade now, "FOR REAL! HERE I THOUGHT IT READ "ANGRY ANGRY" SHOOTING STAR. THEY LIED TO ME! I'M GONNA THROW THIS ONE OUT!" In the corner of his eye he saw the TV and remembered the game was still running, "WHOOPS GOTTA TURN OFF THE POWER NOW, THEY CHARGE A LOT FOR POWER YOU KNOW! HOW EMBARRASSING, BUYING A DATING SIM BY MISTAKE! HAHAHA!" Kings insides felt like broken glass as he forced himself to fake laugh.

"Then show me this one instead." The guy was so mellow next to King's panic attack it was almost like he wasn't really there.

"YEAH YOU'RE RIGHT THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE…Eh? You wanna try this one?" King asked honestly.

"Is that a no?" He looked disappointed to King, like he was letting down a puppy. Not a cute puppy, but one of those bug-eyed, short faced breeds that drooled a lot, but still a puppy. "I thought you were bored."

"No, erm…" King started with an excuse but thought, 'What is this guy thinking? He shows no fear or respect. Why is he here anyway?'


"Oh hey King, you're really damn good at video games." The guy had joined him sitting on the floor and been watching King play for the past hour.

"Well I have topped a few game tournaments." King said in a matter of fact way, because it was a fact. It's how he made his living, but just how long was this guy gonna stay? Couldn't he leave already?

"Wow you topped? Not only are you a monster in real life, but also at video games." They settle into a comfortable silence before the bald guy bluntly asked, "So why did you attack those people?"

"Pfuh," king spit out the juice box he was sipping on and jumped to his feet abandoning the game. In a flask he was across the room, his back to the kitchen counter, 'He must be a hunter!' He thought, 'They're completely mistaken. I am a man-shaped clump of lies! I have to say it now! I have to tell him...if I don't...I'll die!'

The guy rose to his feet and approached slowly.

King screamed for his life.

"Did you seriously just piss yourself because of me? Are you ok?"

'That voice…' King was transported back in time to three years before. Just after he escaped the laboratory and was living on the streets. He was being attacked by three guys, kicking him while he was on the ground. All forms of violence scared King and all he could do was curl into a ball and hope he lived. Then out of nowhere a man in a blue tracksuit pulled the thugs off and punched them.

King was still curled up in a ball crying, when the man said to him, "They've been taken care of. Are your eyes alright?" King just kept weeping. His hands were shaking as he held his face. "The wounds don’t look too deep, try to slowly open them."

King remembered opening his eyes to the sight of a man with black hair covered in injuries. "You're terribly hurt!" King remembered saying.

"These scratches are nothing. I'm trying to become a hero for a hobby."

As King stared at the bald man though his watery eyes the two faces overlapped and became one.

King started to sob uncontrollably.

"Hey King what's the matter?" The man asked showing a hint of concern in his voice, the first real emotion that he had expressed.



Location: A city

Days later Integra was attending the funeral for the fallen hunters at Graduation. The graveyard was full of freshly turned soil and shiny new headstones. Parents, spouses, children all in black weeped for their past loved ones. The sky seemed to match the depressing mood with a grey overcast and light drissel.

Integra wore a dark veil and stood at the forefront of graves. "I don't expect to be forgiven. This is all my fault," She said to herself.

Back at her office in Hellsing Academy, she sat at her desk while her butler Walter gave a full report, "The information section of the Hellsing Academy is rigorously investigating the background of the man calling himself Garou The Human Monster." Walter was a tall, thin man who typically wore black dress pants, a white dress shirt with a purple tie, and a purple vest. He also wore white gloves and tended to keep his long hair in a tightly bound ponytail. His eyes were blue, and he wore a monocle which rested on his the bridge of his nose.

"Proceed with the investigation," Sir Integra ordered. "Leave no stone unturned. I want no information overlooked. No matter how seemingly insignificant."

From behind his back, Walter pulled out an envelope, "We received this. Please take a look at the sender's address."

Sir Integra read aloud, "Division XIII of the Iscariot organisation. Enrico Maxwell."

The letter gave instructions to meet at a specified time and place. 'To the leader of Hellsing. With this pleasant arrival of summer. Shall we visit some museums together?'

Sir Integra stabbed the letter though its wax seal after reading it.

Location: B City Art History Museum

"Our host appears to be late. Could it be...that we have fallen into another trap?" Sir Integra asked Walter as she viewed a painting of a battle.

"Impossible," he reassured, "Though we are dealing with the Vatican. They would not dare aggress against us under broad daylight. After all, we have home field advantage, and they are hundreds of miles away from any support."

It was then that two men approached from down the hallway. One was an older priest with wire frame glasses. The other man was much younger carrying a bouquet of yellow roses. He was a tall and slender man who wore white and purple garb, as well as white gloves. his long, silvery-white hair was kept in a ponytail and his eyes appeared violet in color against his fair skin.

"Good afternoon. Sorry for keeping you,” he said in a strong Italian accent.

Sir Integra was in no mood for pleasantries, "Do not approach me further." The lean man stopped dead in his tracks. "What business here does Iscariot have? How dare they send a raucous little boy to represent their band of murderers?"

"Oh, this is no good. Looks like we're not well liked here. I certainly don't feel very welcomed. First, allow me to introduce myself. I am the commander of division XIII: Enrico Maxwell. Pleased to meet you."

"I don't care who you are. Tell me why you're here."

"Now, now, there is no reason to be upset. We are here to give condolences to you and your organization. To the 135 members that fell in the line of duty and the 24 members that were injured."

Sir Integra was caught off guard by how quickly the information had spread. This man had her full attention, and not in a good way.

Maxwell's fake smile matched his fake pleasantries, "I hear your organization is on the verge of annihilation from one man calling himself a monster." It was then that he offered her the roses. "Please don't be angry. I didn't come here to fight with you."

"HOW AM I TO BELIEVE THAT?!" Sir Integra knocked the flowers out of his hand, scattering petals across the floor. "Iscariot violated countless treaties when it dispatched Father Anderson. You attacked my organization by attacking my hunter! Don't tell me you weren't aware! I have no intention of continuing this ridiculous farce."

"So what?" Maxwell had drop all the fake niceness and his tone was cold.

Sir Integra was beyond insulted, "What do you mean "so what"? What makes you think that you can step over our backs and up our stairs whenever tensions ease?"

"You are getting impudent because I treat you with you with kindness. So I suggest you shut up and listen!"

"How dare you," she growled.

He raised a hand. "Father Ronaldo." The man next to him held up a vial with a freak chip in it. "Recently some filthy bugs have been spreading through our holy land. Our research indicates most of the bugs came from your country. Because your cowardly organization can't even exterminate vermin within their own territory, it became even weaker. So as a result the vermin have poured into our territory. For us, Hellsing and the vampires are one in the same.

"What difference does it make if two or two million of your vial protestant soldiers die. We would never deal with your heretical ilk if it were not a direct order from his holiness, the Pope. However if your people continue to hold a grudge against the Vatican…section 13, without any hesitation, will exterminate both the vampires and Hellsing! Do you understand you IGNORANT HEATHEN SOW!"

Zombieman stepped from the shadows and said, "Sow? Nothing like the 13th division to put the fear of god in you. Even your insults are despicable. Oppressors of men, makers of the false peace, betrayers of the laws, slaughterers of all who oppose. It's always the same. The church has changed little in two thousand years."

"The immortal Zombie Man," Maxwell was nearly in awe and put back up his fake pleasantries, "It's the first time I've seen you with my own eyes. It is a pleasure to meet you." He bowed low.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Maxwell. And goodbye. Did you think you could call my boss a sow and leave this place alive?" Zombie Man pulled his long pistol from his coat and aimed it at Maxwell's head.

"Oh, I'm paralyzed with fright." The division leader mocked, "I'm afraid we can't be talking business anymore. For the last time: if these weren't directly important matters, we wouldn't be here. But if you wish...let's make it an even fight." He snapped his fingers and yelled out, "ANDERSON!"

At the end of the hall a tall man appeared, with bayonets at the ready. Quoting scripture, he stalked forward.

Maxwell was alarmed by the display of aggression and tried to rein him in, "No Anderson! Stop it!"

"I shall purify all, with a single blow. Mine enemies stand before mine eyes. Who shall mourn for Division XIII? Who shall mourn for the Vatican?" Anderson's green eyes were a light with killing intent.

"Your presence is enough Anderson! Stop it!" Maxwell pleated, but it fell on deaf ears. He then turned to Integra and with fear in his voice said, "Please go! We shall speak another time. Perhaps…he loses control at the sight of you!"

Zombie man didn't hesitate to draw a second gun, "Come on! It's time we got to know each other Judas Priest!"

"Hahahahaha!" Father Anderson cackled like a mad man.

Both their weapons were at the ready when a small child walked up to them and asked, "Is that a real gun?"

Everyone froze in their tracks and looked down at the small child as he asked another question, "Is that legal?" His big bright eyes looked Father Anderson up and down, "Are those knives? They sure are big. My mommy doesn't let me play with knives. What game are you two playing?" His head swiveled between the two men waiting for an answer.

"Simon Belmont get back in line!" A woman called out.

The little boy then ran back to a class of kindergartens that were passing by the open door with their teacher, laughing and chatting.

"This is the art gallery children, please come this way," the teacher's sweet voice rang out.

"Perhaps we should part," Anderson said.

"You're right. The magic is gone." Zombie Man replied and put his guns away then turned to leave. "I'm going back to sleep. Making me get up in the middle of the day after a graveyard shift. I'm dead tired."

Anderson turned away as well, and said to his Commander, "I'll return to the Vatican. There is nothing more here to do." Then smiled with joy. “This is really a wonderful museum. I shall bring the orphans next time."

"That's great," Maxwell said deflating in relief.

"Next time, Zombie Man, I shall surely kill thee." Anderson said under his breath as he walked out.

"Would you like to accompany me to the outdoor cafe for some coffee?" Maxwell awkwardly asked Integra.

"I'd love some," she chuckled. "Its seems we both have some troublesome subordinates. Speaking from one swine to another."

"Still spiteful are we? Fine! Call me what you will."

Location: Z City, Abandoned Zone, Saitama's apartment

King had come over everyday for the past week to play games. They would game all day long and stay up for hours, and through all of this, Genos had been a good host; bringing them snacks and watching them play.

Genos was happy that Saitama had a friend he could hang out with, but when King was over it was like Genos doesn't exist. Even though they worked together Genos had to put on his princely performance and Saitama blended into the background.

What was worse was that damn dog liked King. The moment King stepped through the door Rover gave him a sniff and wagged his tail. A much warmer reception than Genos had ever received.

He didn't want to feel these things, but he couldn't help feeling ignored by the only person he wished to please.

Genos was making a snack while the two played a combat game. Per usual, Saitama was losing and being vocal about it. That was when Genos made a mistake mixing ingredients "God damn it!" He cursed out loud and his temper flared, causing fire to erupt from his left hand and the flames spread to the stove.

"Fuck!" Quickly he used his left hand to extinguish the flames, but it was too late. The smoke detector was already going off. He growled loudly at the annoying thing.

"Genos?" Saitama asked.

"What?!" The response was dripping with anger.

"Everything ok?"

"FINE! Everything is FINE!"

Clearly things were not fine.

The sound of a heart beat could be heard over the beeping of the machine. "I'll come back later." And King got up from his spot in front of the TV.

"Man you don't gotta leave." They had been playing since mid morning and it was only the afternoon.

King made a quick excuse, while his heart picked up in tempo. "I got errands to run. I'll leave my system here."

"Thanks man. See ya." As soon as King closed the door he turned his attention to Genos. "Hey, What's your problem? You were real rude to King just now."

"My problem? So are you finally noticing I'm here." Genos shouted at him though the kitchen opening.

"What does that mean?" Saitama matched Genos' volume.

"It means that...." Flames were dancing up and down one of Genos' arms while ice crystals flaked off the other. "You tell me how special I am to you and then you push me away and pretend I don't exist! Am I too sexual? I stopped offering and have been waiting for you to make the first move. Is it because I'm male? Do you not find me attractive?"

Saitama puffed up his chest ready to protest, but then thought about how he had been too busy playing video games to have a relationship. Now everything seemed to make sense. Saitama really had taken Genos for granted.

Saitama slowly let out the breath he took in. Not only did he not make them official, he had been a bad boyfriend. It was time to set things right. "Genos there's something you should know."

That got the angry incubus' attention, and now all Saitama had to do was keep talking. He swallowed hard at the anxiety in his throat. "After I turned into a vampire my emotions weakened day after day until I was numb. I felt no fear, joy, anger, sadness, or pleasure. I became super strong, but I lost something fundamental to being human. Everyday was the same day and everything became a dull chore. Even fighting monsters lost its excitement when it could be ended in one punch." Genos' eye seem to soften as he listened and Saitama continued before he lost his nerve, "I don't push you away because I don't like you or I don't find you attractive. I just think you deserve someone that can give you what you need. I can't love you. I don't think I'm capable."

"Saitama," Genos said breathlessly with a pause, "Minions of hell can't feel love. We know sin, fear, hate, but we don't know love. But I feel so much more when I'm with you; loyalty, admiration, compassion. Things I never thought myself capable of. You have given me far more than I deserve and I'm sorry I cannot return a 10th of that. Devils cannot love, they can only serve."

Saitama chuckled and approached the kitchen opening above the sink, "Aren't we a pair. Declaring our NOT love for one another. Hehe." He leaned over the sink and Genos met him halfway, noses brushed past each other, "I'm sorry I ignored you. I still care about you, You're still my friend, but I can be dense. Ya gotta remind me not to forget sometimes."


Location: The Outdoor Cafe.

"I am entirely aware of your state," Maxwell began, "A short while ago your headquarters suffered the invasion of one man calling himself a monster, nearly leading to the academy's destruction. Currently all hope lies in a code name...Paradise Group. You are expending immense resources searching for an answer. We know that you have tried many methods of finding the true creators, but all efforts have failed."

Integra responded deadpan, "You've done your homework. It's just like you said."

"This is a so called special operations matter, but we do have some information. We have a set of documents in our possession. Their existence is of the utmost secrecy. Want to know what it really is? Do you really want to know? You do don't you?" Maxwell smiled, basking in the control he had over Integra.

"What are you trying to say?" Integra didn't want to play puppet to his fantasies.

"Don't you believe we can work together to solve our problems? Of course the incident a short while ago might be detrimental to our cooperation. I hope you will be able to understand and forget the matter."

"Very well. I'm satisfied."

"Of course you'll have to do one more thing...before I tell you." Maxwell had a habit of squinting one eye when he was being manipulative.


"When there's something important that you want someone else to do, isn't there something you should say? Like please?"

Walter was normal a stoic buttler, but he could not tolerate such disrespect of his master. "Don't think that we shall roll over so readily!"

"Walter! Quiet!" Integra reprimanded, "If but one sentence can make Iscariot divulge its deepest secret, is it not well worth the price? Also our power has greatly weakened. We need all of the help we can get. Remember, every drop of water is like gold to a man dying of thirst.

"Please. No matter how trivial the information, please tell me. I thank you for your assistance honorable Mr. Maxwell of the Roman Calothic Church, director of Vatican Special Operations Force Division XIII, the Iscariots."

"Okay. I got it, Miss Honorable Madam Sir Lady Integra Fairbrook Wingates Van Hellsing." Satisfied with his pound of flesh he pulled out an old file and dropped it in front of her. "I give you Millennium. It started over half a century ago during World War II. After the defeat of the nazi Germany, large numbers of nazi party loyalists fled the country. Myriad of organizations were established to aid in the escape of wanted nazi war criminals. Many of them fled to countries in South America, where there were a number of pro German states. Most of them escaped directly after or before the end of the war. This is interesting since if they had fled while the war was still on, they would have technically committed treason."

Integra read while he narrated, "Those survivors were the Millennium Group?"

"Yes. The "millennium" that we know of is both the name of an operation and of a nazi detachment. The name refers to the movement of secrete and valuable nazi items out of Germany: it also refers to the people undertaking this task. The millennium plan was underway even from the very early days of the war."

Ingera looked up at him with a gasp.

"And why do we know so much? Because their primary assistance came from...the Vatican!"


Location: Unknown

Two men watch a monitor with Integra and Maxwell sitting at the cafe.

"It looks like they finally figured it out. They know about Millennium." A man in a bloodstained white lab coat said. He wore glasses with an assortment of adjustable, multi-lensed spectacles.

"Figured it out? They still don't know a thing," a short, plump man with blond hair and golden eyes said with a wide grin. His hair was oddly styled, with a longer section coming up and then down again in the front left side of his head, like a folded piece of paper.

"You seem to be enjoying this major."

"Enjoying is hardly the word for this feeling doctor. I'm ecstatic. Positively giddy with anticipation. Just think about the terrible bloody struggle awaits us. It will be the greatest war of them all."

Chapter Text

It was late afternoon when Charanko barged into the apartment wrapped like a mummy, still sizzling from the sun.

"Did something happen? These injuries…" Genos said, barely perturbed by the sudden entrance of the redhead. He was wearing a pink apron as he served a bowl of snacks to the bald vampire, the two hunters, and a big dude with sickly skin.

"Usurpers have taken the castle!" Charanko blurted out.

"Let's go back to gaming when he's done talking," The big guy said to baldy.

'I think their number has increased,' Charanko noticed then remembered his manners, and took a perfect senza bowing before Saitama, the lord of the house. "There was a mutiny. The four Generals are trying to take Master's territory. They think the master to be weak after the events with Garou. The cyclops, Boros, turned Master Bang to stone and has him trapped in the castle, siphoning off his energy. I tried to fight them but they wiped the floor with me. I barely got out with my life. I figured you might be able to help since Master Bang said you were a stronger vampire."

Saitama sat there considering the case, then said, "Who are you?"

Genos covered his mouth and whispered to Saitama, "Master, he's currently Bang's only disciple, that weakling called Charanko, we've met him before."

Caranko prostrated himself on the floor, "PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, SAVE MY MASTER."


After school a lonely child sat on a park bench with an open magazine that he was sharing with an older boy.

"And this one's the A Class hunter, Lightning Genji. He was on patrol near my home...look I even got his autograph." Tareo was a young boy with dark hair in a bowl cut with an apparent bald spot, a unibrow and large lips. He wore a normal white T-shirt and black shorts.

"Kukuku," Garou chuckled. "An autograph...I'd like an autograph too. Can you tell me where to find him?" The older boy had a deep voice with long lanky limbs and he sat with his feet on the bench. "You think you could bring me to him?"

"Sure! Mister you like hunters too?"

Garou hopped down from the back of the bench and sat next to the kid, "That catalogue is quite nice. It even has their pictures and basic information." He smiled sly as a fox, "Say, why don't you lend it to me for a while?"

"Nah, I don't wanna."

"Aw what's the big deal, don't be like that!" Garou said like the exasperated teen that he was, but quickly regained his focus. "Oh? It even has entries for monsters. That's sweet!"

"Why're you getting hyped over monsters?" The kid mumbled suspiciously. Then he spoke up more clearly, "It's a corner about unsolved urban legend monsters. A real scary one."

Garou managed to get the magazine in his hands to look at it closer. "Nothing wrong with being scary. Don't you think it looks really cool?"

The image was of a wolf with a man's face. It looked like something straight out of an R rated horror fic to Tareo. "Mister you have a weird sense of taste."

"I wish I could have an entry in it one day." Garou seemed to say to himself.

"You want to be a hunter? Me too but…" Tearo looked down and away like he was ashamed, "I'm not very athletic."

"It's better this way."

"Mister you're creepy," Tareo said taking his magazine back.

Garou suddenly stood to his feet, "Whoops, time for my patrol. I have to get going."

'If the catalogue was right the A class hunter Golden Ball should be hanging around the bar nearby.' Garou thought as he cracked his knuckles.

Then turned to the kid and patted his head, "See ya shity brat. Show me that catalogue again some other time."

"Ummm. Okay!"

"Oh by the way…don't call me mister, I'm not that old."

"Eh what? I didn't hear you." The kid said in an old man's voice, making fun of him.

Garou did not have a comeback, "....Go home brat."


After nightfall Charanko lead the four men beyond the outskirts of the city and the abandoned zone. In the mountains laid a small town at the base of a massive castle.

"I didn't know there was a town here," Saitama said as they passed through what seemed to be a barrier into empty streets..

"It's a safe place for lesser, more obedient yokai," Charanko explained. "Master Bang allows them to say in his territory as long as they follow his rule."

From the shadows, a small voice squeaked, "Yes we found a treat~"

Soon they were surrounded by devils and ghouls, all ready to pounce.

Charanko took a combative stance. "They're normally not aggressive like this."

The monsters snarled and moved in closer. Sonic and Rider reached for their weapons.

"But they reflect the ruler of the territory. With Boros in charge these normally docile yokai will attack anything," Charanko went on explaining.

"Ya know it would kinda suck if we bit it before we even got in the castle!" Sonic growled angrily.

"So they respect power?" Genos assumed, then summoned a fireball and threw it in the middle of the mob. The lesser beasts screamed in agony and fear, before disappearing into the shadows.

Elsewhere in the highest tower of the castle, a group of dangerous individuals watched the intrepid hodgepodge group of hunters and monsters though a crystal ball.

"What a strange group of visitors," a voice said in the dark.

"No match for us of course," another added.

Boros chuckled at his compatriots, "They won't even make it past the front gate."


Walking away from the park, Garou cut through a dark alleyway as a shortcut to the bar. The sun was setting and brought with it the worst the night had to offer.

He was approached by a muscular man with a red tank top with green leaf prints and short red hair. Despite his outward appearance of a jacked healthy body, Garou could smell the tell-tale signs of blood and the grave.

"We don't take kindly to others in our territory. This is your only warning before I pulverize you," the meathead said to him.

Garou’s smile was malicious. So the monsters were finally recognizing him as a threat. He wasted no time making short work of the would-be vampire. He didn't even have to pull out any of his techniques, his strength was enough for this wanker.

"What the fuck? What do you want? I'm a Tank Top vampire. How dare you!" The beefy vampire said with a broken bloody nose.

"I ran into you by coincidence. Here I thought you'd make for a great hunt, but you're no good." Garou stood over him like a foreboding shadow.

"Damn it, remember if your an enemy of the Tank Top Clan…" he didn't have time to finish before Garou snatched his heart out of his chest his with his bare hand.

"I can't wait to fight a real threat. Until then your blood will just serve as a snack."

The blood flowed from the vampire into Garou, turning the body builder into nothing but dust.


"Well now this place is homey," Sonic said quite sarcastically as they crossed the drawbridge to the skull faced doorway.

They walked down a long stone tunnel when they were approached by a flying monster. It had one huge yellow eye as the main part of it's purple body, and two thin bat wings, as well as tentacles.

"Welcome to Silver Fang Castle." It said in it's squeaky voice, "Those who would enter the castle must undergo the judgment of the gate of betrayal."

Saitama raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean judgment?"

The eyebat pulled a leaver and unseen gears went into motion.

"Saitama, why did you haveta' ask?" Rider complained.

Following the sound of the gears Genos looked up in time to see the stone ceiling speeding towards them. "The ceiling!" Genos called out his warning just in time for the five men to catch it before it crushed them.

"Heavy isn't it?" the eyebat said. "The gateway is terribly sensitive, and quite intelligent. A complex series of gears adapts the ceilings weight precisely to the strength of its victims. Of course there is a catch. Just enough leeway remains for one. If one of you betrays the others and tries to escape, the others will be crushed. But if you all rely on each other, eventually your powers will fail you, and you will all be crushed to death!"

"Don't worry guys I got this," Saitama said confidently, then pushed up against the stone. The ceiling crumbled around his hands as it pressed down harder on the others. "I don't got this!" Saitama yelped.

The eye monster taunted them, "Decisions must be made quickly, not even the 5 of you combined can hold this ceiling for long. Only he who would betray the others is capable of entering the castle."

"I'd like to get my hands on that bat!" Charanko rumbled bitterly as he knees began to shake.

"Watch it or you'll crush us all!" Genos yelled at him.

"Bet I'm holding up more weight than you!" Charanko immaturely responded.

"I wouldn't mind betraying you," Sonic spoke up.

"Stop it Sonic this isn't the time!" Rider chastised.

"What are we supposed to do?" Genos groaned as the pressure increased.

"This has always been my favorite part of the trial," the eye bat chuckled. "Watching the way you squirm as you as your muscles begin to pop and tear under the ceiling's weight. But of course the best is your eyes. Seeing the wheel of thought turn in desperation. Thinking. Questioning yourself. How long can I hold this? Will I die this way? Will one friend betray us and escape while we flatten? Or should I be the one?"

"Don't toy with us!" Charanko bit back with as much force as a chihuahua's bark.

"Ignore that guy and stick together!" Rider said with a far more commanding voice.

"And I bet you'd think it'd be noble if we all died as a team?" Sonic said snidely.

Genos had enough of their squabbling. "Shut up and find a way out!"

"This is no time to be arguing." Saitama spoke up with authority, "Sonic you're a lot faster than any of us. We'll hold the ceiling up while you go and flip the switch."

"we can't trust him!" Genos spoke up. "Just look, he doesn't care at all about us."

"Pretty boy has a point, are you sure you want to trust me?" Sonic wickedly smiled at Saitama.

Saitama just smirked back, "Yeah but if you wanted to kill me you'd do it directly."

Sonic dropped his smile after being called on his bluff.

"If I spread my hands out I can support your part for a short time, just don't trip. I trust you." Saitama widened his stance and spread out his fingers into the cracking stone. "Go!"

Without hesitation, Sonic dashed and made it to the switch. The Eyebat laughed and Sonic paused.

"What's the deal? Pull the stupid switch already!" Charanko ordered with shaky arms.

The eye bat turned its gaze on Sonic. "There is no need to make snap judgements my friend. What have they ever done for you? Leave them and you can come with me into the castle. With the invasion the four generals we will control the future. Be smart. Join us. Perhaps you can be the leader of our demon army."

"Don't you dare!" Charanko demanded.

Genos was livid and shouted, "Master Saitama trusted you and left this up to you! Are you going to betray him?"

Sonic chuckled as he placed a hand on his hip in a relaxed posture.

"What are you laughing about?" Charanko snapped.

"Take a guess you fool." Sonic smiled.

"Damn you!" Genos cursed.

"You find amusement in their pain," the eye bat commended. "Now imagine the satisfaction that will come from their final screams. Muhahaha!"

"Sonic!" Genos shouted.

The eye bat turned to fly away, "A wise choice. The bolder would have crushed you anyway."

"Thanks for the clue!" In a flash Sonic was on the other side of the eye bat, and sliced through its large black pupil. As the monster cried out in pain, Sonic moved the leaver.

The ceiling stopped dead in its tracks.

"He came though," Saitama said, nearly surprised.

An instant later a massive boulder fell right where Sonic was standing.

The other four ran out to try and save him, but found him standing on top of the giant rock.

Sonic pointed his sword at the tiny monster, "Tell your masters this is their chance to beg for mercy." The thing flapped away still dripping green blood.

"Are you ok Master?" Genos asked Saitama, the only person he truly cared about in this group.

"I'm alright. Been a while since I had a work out." He rotated his shoulder, "I can't feel my arms."

"I thought my veins were going to burst," Charanko said between big puffs of air.

"You saved us, thanks Sonic," Saitama said to the hunter. "Ya did have me worried. You're quite the actor. Ya know not everyone can pretend to laugh at their dying friends."

Sonic had a stern expression. "Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it to save you or anything and I wasn't acting."

"Say what?" Charanko said.

"I only saved you because I might need you as a shield. It is a hunter's dream to make it into Silver Fang Castle and I will be the first to make it back alive." then he turned to walk down the path.

Rider came up to Saitama just as Sonic was out of earshot, "It's his way of saying "you're welcome". "

Genos clicked his tongue in disgust and Saitama smiled to himself fondly.


In the bar a tall man with blonde hair and a small beard sat at a table drinking a beer. He wore baggy pants, a hoodie underneath a Letterman's jacket, and a beanie hat. His jacket had "Golden Ball" written on his back.

"You're the A class hunter Golden Ball?" A decidedly lanky creep said to hi., "Let's go for a walk outside."

"At least lemme finish this one..." referring to his beer. It was cool and fresh, with just the right head on it. Just as he went to take a sip the glass mug split down the middle in a clean cut. Letting loose a waterfall of amber colored alcohol.

"Ah! What the hell man. Such a waste."

"We can stay here if you want."

"Alright bad boy, there's a parking lot nearby...let's go there."

He followed the punk as they walked outside. "Just across this alley. Dunno what you want, but don't mess with me when I'm taking my time off." Golden Ball hiccuped, "You some sort of overly enthusiastic fan? This happens from time to time. Punks who think they can take on a professional hunter. Just because I'm wasted doesn't mean you stand a chance. If you wanna turn back you still can."

"Shut up boozer. I am-" Garou turned around just in time to dodge something that whizzed by his face, cutting his cheek, "Ow! You fucker!"

"You let your guard down monster." Golden Ball had his trademark sling at the ready for another shot.

"So you made me," Garou wiped at his bleeding face. "And here I thought you'd be too drunk to notice."

"I won't lose to a punk like you. Hunting is what I do best." He pulled back the sling, "Gotta make this quick." Andhe released the projectile. "SO I CAN GO FINISH MY DRINK!"

Garou expected the shot to go straight at him, but instead it deviated and bounced around the alleyway.

'A ricochet?' Garou thought just before getting hit in the leg. He winced from the pain.

"Woops hit an important part I think. What do you think of hunters now? Aren't we great?"

"You got lucky. You didn't handle your shot that nicely." Garou took in his surroundings and calculated every possible angle of attack, "If you're going to carry the name of a hunter, you have to be prepared to run into a vampire at any time. You couldn't take me out with that shot, and you wont get a second chance."

"Sorry to tell you but I got more bullets. Have a taste of these shape memory gold bullets." Golden Ball loaded up his sling with multiple shots and cocked it back before shouting, "GOLDEN BREAK OUT!"

Garou's movements were a fluid blur as he dodged every bullet that rebound off the walls.

'He's dodging with minimal effort…' Golden Ball noticed. 'But I got one left. This will settle it.' He aimed the sharpened dart straight for the heart.

As it encroached on its target, Garou swatted the bladed projectile and smashed it as if it were a fly. Then he was batting away all the ricocheted bullets as easily as a cat with a toy.

"I've seen it now. What do you think? Monsters are great am I right? Unlike you I did my homework. It's over, you may drop dead now."


Walking through the castle Genos asked, "Charanko, what do you know about these four generals? For example, what are our opponents powers and techniques?"

"I was in such a rush, I didn't ask," Saitama said as if in a moment of clarity.

"I don't know much I'm afraid," Charanko replied.

The two hunters stopped dead in their tracks and Sonic waved his hands around saying, "Wait, time out, roll that by me one more time?"

"They've been locked in this castle so long, everyone seemed to forget! All I know is Master Bang defeated each of them in combat and made them subservient," Charanko said defensively.

An evil laughter echoed off the walls, followed by an equally sinister voice, "Bang may have defeated us once, but he is our master no more. There is a door behind you...please, take it."

A large double door seemed to appear from the shadows and opened for them.

"Welcome trespassers. I, Melzargard, the most powerful of the four generals, will teach you a lesson." His skin was pale gray with blood-red eyes that only served to unhinge its opponents. His body seemed to resemble the sketch of a lunatic's nightmares. "This stairwell is the only way to the castle tower. Defeat me or die…those are your choices." Its body was large and able to change shape. Its right arm formed and morphed into a clever. "Why don't all of you attack me at once? Then the last one left won't feel lonely."

"He doesn't look so tough," Saitama remarked.

"I will fight," Charanko spoke up.

"Hmm? You sure?" Saitama hummed.

"You really think you can beat him?" Genos questioned.

"It would be ill advised for all of us to attack without first knowing his power," Rider commented.

"Well of course." Charanko boasted, "In fact I'm not scared at all!"

"So I guess your legs are shaking out of eagerness," Sonic said sarcastically.

"Leave me alone hunter!" Charanko yelled and took shakey steps forward.

"This isn't the time to pretend you're tough," Genos added.

"I said leave me alone!" Charanko yelled like a delinquent teen.

"So the runt steps up first? Hahaha," the monster laughed. "You want to die one by one? I can do that too." The general changed it's form to a hulking monstrosity and took a swipe at the orange haired vampire. "I am going to chop off your skull and take it as a souvenir!"

Charanko narrowly dodged in time and still got cut across his midsection.

"Oh man, now he's wounded," Saitama commented.

"Maybe we should help," Rider said.

"Step off! I'm no wimp!" Charanko yelled to them and turned back to his opponent. "That was a freebie." The blood flowed from his cut, down his arm, and solidified to form a long sword.

"So you can use your blood as a weapon. Very impressive, but I'm afraid it won't aid in your survival for very long!" The monster stretched and split it's arm into tentacle like appendages with a blade at each tip, then shot them at Charanko.

Charanko waved his sword around blocking and slicing, but got cut up in the process.

“He has no strategy," Sonic said. "He's just swinging his sword with the grace of a fly swatter. That's no way to survive."

Charanko ran forward and jumped high in the air. "Ever Flowing Blood Stained Fist!" In an instant he sliced the monster into dozens of pieces.

The grey meat chunks fell in a clump on the floor, similar to a heep of earth.

"I guess now we go up the stairs," Saitama said plainly.

Rider did a double take then said, "It seems your fight is not over."

The chunks moved liked slugs then melded together, into an equally terrifying form as the last. "Who's beaten? Not me, hahaha," the monster mocked as his head and face reformed.

"Um guys I think he's putting himself together," Saitama said, a little amazed.

"Thanks to my bodies structure, I can form into anything. There's no escape!" The monster stretched its tentacles blades out for another attack, putting Charanko on the defensive.

Again he called out his finishing move and sliced the thing to mince meat, but it quickly reformed into yet another hulking monstrosity.

"BAKA! Sword attacks have no effect on that monster!" Sonic called out.

"It's regenerating ability is abnormal," Rider commented, eyebrows crossed over his wire frame glasses. "Physical attacks have no effect on him. We should fall back for now and think of a way to damage it."

Saitama was serious, "Charanko I know you wanna fight, but let me take this one instead."

The low ranked vampire ignored them and kept attacking.

"Charanko! There is no evil Master cannot defeat. Let him take it!" Genos added.

Charanko was breathing hard and his sword was starting to melt back into liquid as he took hit after hit.

Saitama finally had enough, "Okay Charanko, I don't care if you agree or not. I'm coming in to help."

"Stay right there. I'm not asking for help and if you come over here I swear I'll turn this sword on you. Master Bang trained no wimp and I'm not stopping until Melzargard kills me himself."

"If that's your choice of death, then fine," The monster replied.

"Don't get killed from being stubborn. Let us help!" Saitama yelled.

"I told you I don't need it," Charanko wiped the blood from his chin, "He's got a marble thing in his body. That's his weak spot. Master Bang destroyed the other 9 and left just one small, marble-sized orb inside of him which allows him to regenerate; without it, the head dies. That means, I just keep cutting till I hit his vital marble!"

Charanko unleashed another devastating attack turning the monster into confetti. The flesh swirled as it began to take shape again, but Charanko snatched something out of it. It's body twisted on itself in new and horrifying ways, but it was different this time. An arm came out the middle of its back, a leg where its shoulder should be and its head was upside down between its legs.

"What! What did you do?" The monster screamed.

Charanko explained cooly, "You can move your heart freely within your body, so I couldn't find it. However your regeneration always starts with the head, which means your heart must be inside. Even a monkey would've figured it out after seeing it so many times." He held up the marble shaped red orb.

"Give it back!" It was now the monster's turn to scream in fear.

"So long," Charanko tossed the marble into the air and sliced it in two. The monster screamed and melted into black goop onto the floor.

"I don't think he liked that," Saitama chuckled.

"Good work Charanko!" Rider congratulated.

Charanko then collapsed to the floor and the others ran to his aid.

"Are you ok?" Saitama asked, actually sounding concerned.

"Charanko, how terrible is that wound?" Rider asked.

"Fine as long as I can walk," he grunted.

Rider gave a through check and found the blood already clotting and the wound closing up. "He'll survive, but he's in no shape to fight."

"Sorry guys," Charanko groaned as Rider poked at him.

Saitama smiled. "You've earned yourself a break anyway."


From nowhere a handkerchief fluttered down and from it, a rapier appeared. A hand snatched it up and began a volley of attacks that forced Garou on the defensive.

"You're late for our usual drink." He was a lean-built man with short black hair combed to the left side with curled sideburns, several wrinkles and a thick handlebar mustache. He wore a dark green suit and pants with a white collared shirt and red bow tie. "For a moment I thought you forgot about it."

Garou raised an eyebrow to the newcomer, "You are…A Class hunter Spring Mustache?"

"Well informed I see. You're the rumored human monster I presume?" The stylish man waved his sword around.

"Bingo. As a reward, I'm gonna crush you as well," Garou declared and pointed menacingly at Spring Mustache.

Golden Ball spoke low to his compatriot, "His right leg is injured. I bet his footwork is being affected by it."

"I appreciate it," Spring Mustache replied. "I will make good use of that information."

"We're in a narrow alleyway, your long weapon is at a disadvantage here," Garou pointed out with a fox like smile.

"Let me tell you...IT'S NOT!" Spring Mustache flew into a fury of attacks.

The man was like a blender there was nowhere to go but up. Garou jumped high into a back flip to dodge the sword and used his vampire powers to run up the wall. Blood spewed from his chest with every step. When had he been cut?

"You won't get away. This monster Garou is nothing!" The hunter ran at full speed up the wall after Garou.

Garou made it to the roof first and doubled over, holding his torso. "The bleeding won't stop. Looks like that's not a normal sword or normal abilities. This is fun!"

"Are you prepared Garou?" Spring Mustache asked as he walked across the roof, "To go back to your home, in the depths of hell."

"Kuhahaha!" Garou cackled and rose to his feet.

Spring Mustache was suspicious of the carefree attitude. "What's so funny?"

"I'm very happy. Let's begin our song and dance, and scream like a pig." Garou was still bleeding but grinned like a kid at the fair.

Spring Mustache held his rapier up at attention, "Scream? Me? It seems you still do not understand Garou-kun. I suppose your brain is completely filled with nonsense." The long thin blade of the rapier had somehow coiled around like a spring. The swordsman then thrust his weapon forward and released the stored energy into one powerful attack.

"TOMBOY!" He called out as a blast of bright energy zoomed toward Garou.

Instead of being vaporized Garou was suddenly in front of him. When Spring Mustache looked down he could see Garou's bloody, impaled hand over the hilt of his sword.

"I caught you," Garou kicked and snapped his leg off, exposing bone and bloody flesh, " a pig."

Spring was too proud to scream and with his main weapon immobilized, he pulled back his free hand in a fist.

Garou matched his movements and pulled back his hand as blood hardened around his fingers into a dagger like blade. As the two met, Garou split Spring Mustache's arm from arm to shoulder.

'Dang,' Garou thought, 'I used it. Ever Flowing Blood Stained Fist! I didn't want to use it because it reminds me of the old geezer's face. Oh whatever can't be too picky at a moment like this.'

Spring wailed in pain as bones separated from ligaments and blood poured like a fountain from the pieces of his arm. Following the line of the arm down, Garou grabbed Spring's face, and covering his screaming mouth.

Spring's eyes were wide in terror as Garou drew him in close and whispered, "Did you guys know that your trump cards are listed in the hero guide?" Garou let the sword slide out his wounded hand. "Opponents with weapons are easy once you get use to them."

Golden ball was still on the ground when he heard the scream followed by the deafening silence. A cold sickly feeling ran up his spine and made his hair stand on end. This was no ordinary vampire. He had to flee, while there was still time!

He turned to run, but the monster dropped down in from of him from above. His hair was like horns and he had wings, that moved like wax in a lava lamp. In his hand he carried the pale husk of Spring Mustache, face frozen in horrific fear.

Golden Ball trembled under his baggy clothes, but put up a front nonetheless, "Don't get too cocky. Do you think you can keep going with this shit?"

"I will keep getting stronger. Stop me if you can." Garou released the partially mummified body of the hunter and raised his middle finger, "Until then I'll stay this cocky."


A long, loud howling could be heard throughout the castle.

"I have a hunch that's our next enemy," Saitama guessed.

The howling went on and reverberated off the walls, and Charanko looked scared. "It's Machira, and he sounds mad."

The vibration of the howl shook the foundation of the floor like an earthquake.

"Let's go!" Saitama declared as they took off running up the stairs.

As they ran the howling collapsed the stairwell behind them. At the top of the stairs, they found a dark skinned man with long hair, and Arabian-esque clothing.

"Intruders will pay for coming this far into my territory," the man said, then took a wide stance and held his fists to his sides. At the top of his lungs he howled and his body began to transform. Bones snapped into place and fur covered his body. The wolf form disfigured his stomach as well, with a grisly canine mouth emerging from his stomach.

"It's huge!" Saitama said. The werewolf had to be over 12 feet tall.

"How are we supposed to fight against a monster like that?" Charanko grunted.

Sonic and Rider looked at each other and nodded.

"We'll take him," Rider said confidently. "We're hunters we have the necessary means to fight this monster."

Sonic pulled his katana. "Silver blades."

"And silver bullets." Rider pulled out his pistol as part of the demonstration. "Besides we can't allow you guys to be the only ones that look cool, ya know?"

"Rider are you sure?" Saitama asked. "Wouldn't it be better for me to punch him?"

"Obviously you are underestimating Rider," Sonic said, peevishly. "Do you know why I chose him as my partner? He's more cutthroat than I am when it comes to battle and unbelievably precise."

"Do not think you are dominant because you tore apart Melzargard?" The wolf man bellowed. "He was weak, but I am a real beast. I have been caged in this place too long without prey, without bones, without blood! Until now. I will rip you apart and eat you myself!"

The two hunters walked forward side by side. "Sir the first move is yours," Rider said politely.

"You don't believe you can overpower me with just two hunters, do you?" His mouth stomach laughed a loud belly laugh.

Sonic had no patience for being made a fool of. "Come down here so you can die!"

"I could tear you into pieces with nothing but the hairs from my coat," The monster boasted then pulled out a tuft of hair and blew on it. By the time the hair landed it had transformed into four dire wolves, all snarling with red eyes and foaming at the mouth.

"I guess he wasn't joking about the hair," Saitama said a bit intrigued.

"These beasts are a small part of myself," the monster explained. "Like me they are hungry and you are the perfect new meat and they mind sharing, so you might get caught in a little tug of war."

Two of the wolves leapt at them. Sonic impaled the one that landed on him, its teeth centimeters away from his face. Rider stopped his beast from ripping out his throat by putting his armored arm in its mouth. The massive jaws cracked the arm guard and sharp teeth sunk into flesh. Rider put the gun to its temple and pulled the trigger, splattering blood and brains.

"Very impressive you have silver weapons," the monster spoke. "But that won't aid in your survival for very long."

The last two wolves circled, growling with their hackles up, waiting for an opening. Rider and Sonic moved back to back with weapons at the ready.

The wolves cut and ran in opposite directions. Rider let loose rapid fire shots into the chest of the one leaping for Sonic and Sonic beheaded the one going for Rider but not before it chomped on his leg. The shin guard was crushed, but bleeding was minimal. All four monster wolves lay dead at their feet.

Machira was visibly enraged. "I don't believe it! My own prey mocks me. I will not tolerate that!" The monster howled and the castle floor broke away revealing a swimming pool of lava.

Sonic and Mumen jumped from the crumbling stone to stable locations. All that remained were the pedestals that used to hold up the floor.

Saitama, Genos, and Charanko, backed up a safe distance to the entryway.

"Apparently this guy likes breaking things with the sound of his own voice," Saitama remarked.

"Tear up the castle all you want," Sonic taunted. "It doesn't change the fact your little monsters are beat and you're about to be next."

"I am the greatest predator that ever lived!" The werewolf hotly bellowed as he bent his spine back and his torso muzzle began to howl, his mouth glowing like a white hot fire.

"What is that?" Saitama asked as the glow of the light reflected off the whites of his eyes.

"Something powerful," Genos answered, the light equally reflecting off his black sclera.

"So it does exist," Charanko said under his breath, then he shouted, "No you mustn't touch it, get away!"

As the howl continued a beam of light shot from its giant stomach muzzle. Rider and Sonic jumped in opposite directions just as the beam hit the pedestal and it burned away to nothingness.

"You like it?" The werewolf menaced, "I call it my lone howl. Everything it touches turns into a pile of ashes."

On the sidelines Charanko explained the technique, "For years I have heard of an attack that could destroy molecular bonds with the sound of his voice. I never dreamed I'd see it." His expression was struck with awe.

"All you can do now is run!" Machira released multiple shots. The hunters were able to jump to other platforms, but quickly they were running out of space.

Sonic leapt from platform to platform like a ricocheting pinball. The monster was hot on his trail, vaporizing the platform his foot just barely left.

"Guess I'm too fast for ya!" Sonic mocked.

Rider knew Sonic was cocky, but he wasn't stupid. Sonic was drawing fire away from him, because Rider couldn't hope to keep dodging shots with a hurt leg, but Sonic was quickly running out of safe terrain.

Rider couldn't do anything to the werewolf, but
what he could do was make an opening for Sonic. Just as Sonic landed on the last platform, Rider took aim and fired down the open stomach mouth.


The monster coughed blood and zeroed in all his aggression on Rider. "You!" The monster growled.

As agitated as the monster was it seemed he really did forget about him. Rider just smirked.

Machira, remembering there were two of them, turned around swiftly enough only to get sliced vertically in half by Sonic's blade. Blood seeped from between Machira's eyes, then his vision split as his body came apart into two halves, then separated into even smaller pieces as he fell into the lava.

Sonic landed on the platform with the grace of an angle, shook the blood from his blade and sheathed it in one smooth motion. "I don't know why you're still on the ground Rider, I haven't even broken a sweat."

"Very funny Sonic," Rider said as he stood on his good leg and held his injured arm.

"You can't be too injured if you're still flirting," Genos said to Sonic.

"Shut up," Sonic snapped back at the incubus.

Saitama hopped on the remaining platforms until he met Sonic, "You made french fries out of that guy!" He said excitedly.

Genos choose to fly and carried Rider in his arms, "Sonic how many times did you cut him?" Rider asked.

"Only 16," Sonic was prideful, but was acting as if wasn't impressive.

"I could only keep track of seven or eight." Genos said.

"That's nothing meager. After the first hit I only saw flashes of light." Rider confessed.

Saitama just made a whistle noise.

"Hey guys what about me!" The four men looked across the broken room to a shaking Charanko, too afraid to jump. "You can't just leave me!"

They had forgotten all about him.


After his meal, Garou was on the prowl for more hunters. He heard rumors that someone calling themselves "Licenseless Rider" patrolled this area at night. It was a jogger's path around a park. Perfect place for a hunter to find a vampire picking up a snack.

"I found him," a burly voice said in the dark.

"Are you sure that's the guy?" Another deep voice asked.

"It's the same scent from the alley," a brutish voice answered.

"Easier than I thought," a big man chuckled.

"Huh?" Garou hummed and looked off the path into the bushes. There were 8, no, 7 of them in total. They all looked like they belonged to the same gym membership, all jacked and wearing a tank top.

Their angry features cast hard shadows on their snarling faces, as they stepped into the lamp light of the path, each of them baring their fangs.

A bulky man, taller than Garou, got in his face and shouted, "You you killed our little brother!"

Garou's reply was to punch the brute square in the face, cracking bone and spilling blood.

As the big vampire writhed in pain and the others looked on, Garou said, "You came for revenge? Throwing away your lives for a dead vampire. How silly you are." He took a fighter's stance. "The muscled gang you brought aren't going to make it back either. Die."

It was like getting hit by a semi truck. One moment Garou was preparing for a fight the next moment he was ragdolled and sent sailing through the air.

He righted himself before hitting the ground. "What the fuck?!" He exclaimed.

The master vampire stood before him with a still smoking fist and said, "So, you're the one who took care of my little bro.” He was a very tall, muscular man with short, dark blonde hair and red eyes. Much like other Tank Topper Army members, he wore a blue tank top, long pants and a belt around his waist.

"Hyhahaha," Garou laughed as he got back to his feet. "I caught a big one! I'm so happy! I'm so pumped!"

His big body looked like nothing but bulk and mass, something that was indomitable, but slow. Except, when he moved to punch the ground his motion blurred and the concrete shattered like a spider web. The impact was as devastating as a meteor. Garou lost his footing as chunks of running path were sent into the air.

Then the behemoth called out, "Tank Top Tackle!"

The Tank Top Army, stood on the side lines and cheered for their master.

"There it is. Master's Tank Top Tackle!" One of them exuberantly called out.

"He seals the opponent's momentum with a ground shaking strike and uses the velocity of the Tank Top Tackle!" Another commented as if he were a sports announcer.

"That's master for ya'!" Another cheered.

"He has taken out tons of vampires and hunters with that move!" One of the men boasted.

"That asshole will think twice before laying hands on a tank topper again…."

Garou flipped wildly in the air, but managed to summon his blood wings to control his direction and landed hard on his feet.

"Big bro that guy's still standing!" A meathead said, sounding alarmed.

'Did I hold back too much, because he's human?' The master vampire thought to himself. 'No..this guy...what is he? Is he even human?'



"We must beware. It's something of a legend." Charanko said as the team approached a room of doors.

"What do you mean?" Saitama asked.

"In the beginning, before the barrier wall was erected around the city, hundreds of hunters came in search for Bang and his generals. None succeeded, but the generals never left the tower letting anyone who made it into the castle forfeit their lives to this maze. There are 15 doors, all but one leads to a dead end. There are no second attempts. Unavoidable traps lie in the incorrect passages. So you see a poor choice seals our fate." Charanko went on to explain.

Saitama scratched his head. "So which is the right door?"

"If I remember correctly it's the second door on the left," Charanko pointed out.

"If you remember?!" Genos indignantly yelled.

"Hey I don't come through this part of the castle, it's like a maze!" Charanko yelled just as defensively.

Sonic folded his arms and huffed like a sassy thot, "How do we know he's not making a mistake?"

"You'll have to trust me on this one," Charanko stated hotly.

"I can feel it,” Rider spoke up and everyone listened, "There's something big behind that door."

"How can you tell?" Saitama asked.

"The spirit energy is concentrated most behind that door," Rider explained further.

"Spirit energy?" Saitama questioned.

Genos answered for Rider, "Spirit Energy or Aura is the energy possessed by all beings be it living, undead, or demonic in nature. It is very powerful if used correctly, and can be wielded by any spiritually aware person."

"By summoning my aura I am able to manipulate the blood into solid objects." Charanko demonstrated, forming a small dagger in his palm. "That is the secret to Master Bangs martial art, the energy can be converted into weapons, used to enhance the strength of the body, and to heal."

"However, the strength of the energy varies. It is unique from person to person, much in the same way as fingerprints and voice-prints and it can be used to power magic and psychic abilities," Rider said in his bookish way, pushing up his glasses.

"Spirit energy is what I feed on to charge my magic." Genos responded to Rider.

"So can you see the magic or energy whatever behind that door?" Saitama asked of the incubus.

Genos took a long hard look at the door. "I am able to detect a source of spirit energy coming from there, but I wasn't aware that many humans could detect it." He look again to Rider.

"It's just a feeling. More like gut intuition." Rider responded in his humble polite way.

Sonic just rolled his eyes at the conversation, after being reminded of lecture hall.


Garou wiped the blood from his chin and grinned to himself. This guy was big and strong, and faster than he expected, but if all this vampire had was his fists, this would be over soon. There was no doubt in Garou's mind this vampire was a chump. All he had to do was keep his distance and this guy's main attack was useless.

The bulky vampire telegraphed another punch and Garou moved with effortless grace to dodge the oncoming attack. Even with the master vampire's improved speed, he was still too slow for Garou.

The fist disappeared into darkness, and to Garou's surprise, reappeared next to his head.

"Another hit!" The jocks cheered.

Tank Top Master punched over and over from the shadows. Landing hits until Garou was bleeding and coughing blood.

"You could say I FREAKED out for a second when he stood up after Master's tackle, but it'll be over soon!" A muscled vampire with a hat celebrated.

The master vampire looked the bloody young man up and down, 'He is human. There's no doubt about that, but...I don't know why but I have a feeling I must get rid of him here and now.'

The master vampire could see that the young man with the white pointed hair had a dark aura of power that took the shape of a menacing face.

Garou blinked away the blood dripping into his eyes as he caught his breath. This vampire was both hulking and strong, but not stupid it seemed. Garou was reimagining his battle plan when a fist the size of his head came from the shadows.



They walk down a long hallway to a blue door with stone dragons on either side.

"Are we supposed to be scared?" Sonic asked audaciously.

"That is the mark of the blue dragon," Charanko squeaked like a mouse. "He's the most ruthless and cold hearted general of Master Bang."

"The spirit energy flowing out of there is even stronger than what we've seen up until now," Rider said and Genos nodded.

"Alright then." Saitama's interest was peaked. "Maybe he can put up more of a fight."

They pushed open the double doors and a thick white fog floated out.

"This fog is alive." Genos said as they walked into the room. The room was iced over like a walk in freezer.

"Meaning that he has enough surplus spirit energy that it flows out of him then?" Rider said in his booksmart way.

A voice from the fog spoke to them, "You have done very well to come this far, but I shall no longer allow you to disgrace my master. This is as far as your misconduct goes."

"Stop acting so important and get out here!" Sonic yelled.

The fog parted to reveal a slim man that towered over the members of Team Saitama, standing at 12 feet, while possessing pale green skin and black facial hair. His blue martial arts robe were tied at the waist by a large white strap and featured the image of a blue dragon wrapping around his shoulder. To match his robe, he wore a dark blue cap, and on his feet a simple pair of black shoes, "You may call me Seiryu. I am here to end your lives."

Genos stepped forward, "Master, I insist this fight be mine."

Saitama was worried about Genos fighting, but if he tried to hold him back now he would just end up shaming Genos in front of everyone. He couldn't be a dick like that no matter how hesitant he felt on the inside. Deciding that he had to trust Genos' judgment he pressed his lips in a hard line and nodded.

Genos strutted forward, prepared for battle.

"I feel the potential for great power within you," the tall monster spoke. "I assure you, Genos, it's not too late to join our ranks. Bow before my master, Boros, and he shall give you power beyond what you have ever tasted."

“Is that all you have to say?" Genos scowled.


"Your last words."

"Fine. So that is your choice. Then you shall meet your death with the other weaklings." The general punched forward and called out his attack, "ICE DRAGON!"

"That's a freeze technique! Run!" Charanko screamed, but Genos didn't move.

Ice formed on his body and quickly encased him. The monster general was smug with his quick victory, but then a light emitted from within the ice. The ice melted as quickly as it formed and Genos was free.

"Your powers mean nothing to me!" Genos stated as the left side of his body was engulfed in flames.


On instinct from years of training, Garou countered the fist with a blood blade. The fearsome vampire roared like a lion in pain as he retracted his arm from the shadows.

“Dang. I used it again.'' An image of the old vampire flashed in his mind. 'Whatever.' He spat blood and went full force attacking the master vampire, slicing into him multiple times.

All the big vamp could do was hold up his arm and block his vitals. Garou used the opportunity to get in close, grab the behemoth by the head and slammed him into the wall along the path. The concrete barricade cracked like a spider web as Tank Top Master's head sunk into it.

'He was holding back this whole time?' Tank Top Master thought as he coughed blood.

"Oh my, a master vampire on his knees!" The young man's eyes glowed yellow in the darkness as he stared down at the master vampire.

"Don't get too full of yourself. You only caught me by surprise," Tank Top Master boasted as blood dripped from his cuts and scalp.

"Is that so?" Garou was grinning like a fool. "Then I'll surprise you some more." He released Tank Top Master. "Stay here and watch as the Human Monster, Garou, goes on to kill all of your comrades." Garou left him in the crater he created and stalked forward forming blood blades.

Tank Top Master had to stop him, he couldn't let the entire coven he worked so hard to build—weeding out the weak and training the strong—be wiped out by a single punk on a power trip! No, now was the time to get serious and show the demon level threat he could be.

Steam rose from his body as he forced the blood in his veins to move faster, "GAROU!" He screamed as he burst from the hole in the wall.

Even in this dim lighting Garou could see his skin was pink from heat and his eyes were bulging and bloodshot.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Garou readied his weapons and smiled, "Show me what you got!"

Tank Top Master growled like a beast as sweat sizzled on his skin and steam rose from his body. Blood sprayed from his cuts and floated like threads in the air.

"Master is pulling out Second Gear!" The peanut gallery chimed in.

"Second Gear?!" A beefcake asked.

"Second gear is a secret technique that Master developed. It takes the body of the user to the limit enhancing the user's strength, speed, and mobility by speeding up the blood. The technique uses up a lot of blood and the increase in his metabolism causes him to be hungrier than usual or even have a paralysis type effect after prolonged use. Which is why master only uses it as his trump card," one of the onlookers explained.

"Is it that serious?" One of them whimpered.

Garou could hear the idiots as they yammered on, 'It looks like even this chump, knows a thing or two about blood manipulation. I'm so psyched!'


It was short work for Genos to turn the freezer into an oven and leave the general as nothing but a crispy corpse. The fight was so one sided, one could say it was anticlimactic, but Saitama didn't care, not as long as Genos was okay.

Saitama dashed to the incubus' side. "Genos, that was cool!" Saitama was animated with excitement. "The way you beat that guy, he was all like "oh no" and you were like "incinerate!" That was awesome!"

Genos watched his master as he acted out the battle with hand gestures. Saitama was elated, even more so than when he shopped for sales. All because of Genos' actions. To be praised so highly for doing his duty left Genos feeling a little flustered.

He turned away with a slight blush. "I was only doing my part," Genos tried to say.

"Nonsense!" Saitama continued to praise and took Genos by the hand. Genos immediately took notice of the touch and locked eyes with Saitama. "You were so cool," Saitama said quieter this time, like only Genos was meant to hear. Genos couldn't stop himself and smiled from ear to ear.

"Will you two get a room," Sonic grumbled. "Only one more. Let's not waste time. Hurry it up!"

"Shut up!" Genos snapped back, his good mood ruined.


The master vampire disappeared in a blur then reappeared in front of Garou. Garou missed the movement he was so fast, his eyes couldn't keep up. Then came the hit. If before he was like a semi truck now he was like a train, just one solid force pushing right into him.

The punches kept coming, each with their own explosion of power. The Tank Top Army stood on the sidelines cheering as the air around the fighters filled with a red mist.

"Keep it up!"

"You got him on the ropes!"

'Really is this all he's got?' Garou thought. It's just more of the same. That little trick may have sped him up, but he's so juiced right now he doesn't even know he's dead!' For every punch Tank Top Master landed, Garou countered with a blade and sliced the vampire like cheese.

Predictably, Tank Top Master finally ran out of blood. His skin faded from pink to white, making the numerous red slashes stand out on his skin, and his eyes rolled back in his head before falling with a great thud on the broken pavement. The fan club finally stopped cheering.

"Sorry," Garou mocked as he stood, "but being a genius, I've already figured your fighting style out. Your job is done here Tank Top Master. Time to clean up the rest."

"Fucking punk!" The rabble of vampires cried out.

"You think you can handle our numbers?" They each powered up their unique vampire talent and charged like barbarians into battle.

Garou wasted no time moving between their numbers slicing as he went, blood spraying in his wake.


Boros reached out and grabbed the crystal ball he was using to spy on the group, then shattered it. "This ceases to be entertaining. These nothings are ruining my plans."

"There the watchtower!" Charanko pointed out as they exited the stairwell to the open patio. They were several stories up on an already tall mountain. You could see as far as the horizon in all directions.

Charanko looked toward the east where the first rays of the new day peeked over the horizon, "We have to hurry. The sun will be up soon."

"What's the big deal?" Saitama asked, "We'll be back inside shortly." Thinking Charanko was afraid of burning.

"If we don't save Master Bang by sun up, he will be a statue permanently!" Charanko yelled.

"Do you think that would have been helpful to know a little sooner?!" Genos yelled back.

"You are just the WORST pupil ever," Sonic said with a smirk, finding amusement in the lesser vampire's incompetence.

"You think the boss would have shown his face by now," Saitama said ignoring the conversation.

They went up the tower and Saitama punched the giant double doors off their hinges and the team entered the grand throne room.

There the traitor Boros sat, waiting for them. A statue of Bang wrapped in his cloak stood just off to the side as if surveying his realm through the window.

"My minions were nothing to you. Splendid!" Boros' grin was full of sharp teeth, like a shark, and his pointed ears, were adorned with multiple gold earrings. The cyclops rose from his stolen throne to his full height, taller that the last guy, with one large blue eye and light blue skin. He had dark blue crack-shaped markings that started from his eye and over his face. He had light pink, spiky hair with bangs that framed his face. He wore golden armor with spikes on his shoulder and forearms and matching curved boots. He wore a pair of white harem pants, held by a magenta colored sash with silver lined purple blades hanging from it. "So nice to see you in person after watching you attempt to ruin my plans for so long. I am Boros, leader of the generals. Before we fight tell me your name." Boros greeted.

Saitama stepped forward. It was his turn and this was the last of the baddies, it only seemed fair that he be the one. "It's Saitama. I don't know what you want with the old man, but you're not getting away with it."

"What I want…" Boros paused a moment, gathering his thoughts, "I want total domination of the Earth. Monsters shouldn't be hiding in fear of humans. We are better, smarter, faster, stronger! Bang held us back for too long because of his emotions for the mortals. It has made him weak. They should be our sustenance not our equals!

"Since my defeat, I have bided my time and waited for the old man to slip up. Now he is my sustenance and I get stronger by the second while his life force slips away. The only way to save Bang and undo the petrification is by killing me, but you don't have the power for that-"

Boros' monologue was interrupted by a punch to the solar plexus that sent him flying into the throne, smashing in it.

"I may not be human anymore, but I can't let you eat people."

Boros' armor crumbled away as he stood up. "The armor I used to seal my all too powerful strength is broken." He had a red orb on his chest with purple markings on his stomach and arms.

"Okay.” Saitama felt awkward that he punched the guy so hard his clothes fell off.

Before Saitama's eyes, Boros became more muscular, and his body grew spiky plates. His spine and the surrounding tissue became exposed, while his skin changed to a navy blue color with light blue markings that emitted energy. The red orb morphed into an additional yellow eye under his chest which moved in sync with his original, now yellow eye, and his hair was completely spiked up becoming slightly darker in color.

In a flash Saitama was blocking hit after hit Boros was giving. Then Saitama pulled his fist back and punched Boros' oncoming fist, knocking his arm off. The appendage landed with a noisy, wet smack.

Boros was caught by surprise. "Even though my true power has been unleashed on you, somehow you're still able to keep up."

"Yup," Saitama replied.

"Good," the cyclops smirked.

Boros moved in closer and got a good hit on Saitama's side, sending him flying through multiple pillars until he ran out of momentum and embedded in a crater.

'He's tough.' Saitama barely had a moment to think before Boros double foot stomped him through the rest of the broken column.

"MASTER!" Genos called out and readied his wings for flight. The others followed his lead and pulled their weapons.

"This is a private fight," Boros turned to them and said, then released a beam of light from his mono eye, turning the other four into stone.

Saitama heart was in his throat. "Genos!" He screamed, but he had no time to rest, he still had to dodge Boros' attacks. They could no longer fight here, not without risking hitting the statues. Saitama had to lure him away, and on the defensive again, Saitama ran backwards up the column until they shot out the top of and landed on the roof.

"Nice moves," Boros commended. "You really are strong. I have encountered no being my punches could not kill." He charged up his aura, probably stealing it from Genos and the others. "You are the first one to fight evenly with me, Saitama!"

"Oh yeah, same here. It's been too long since I've come across such a worthy opponent." Saitama's features were strong and sharp with seriousness.

The chest eyeball glowed bright on Boros. "I will add your strength to mine!" And shot that same beam of light at Saitama.

Saitama had a fraction of a second to dodge and flipped out of the way.

"Behind you!" Boros taunted and punched the back of his head.

'He took damage' Boros noted and grinned.

"It's obvious who's going to win." Boros taunted, "As a cyclops I have the greatest self recovery ability of all monsters. I, in particular, possess recovery that far surpasses others. The likes of you, vampire, would die from fatal wounds within seconds. I however only need to focus the energy from my victims to my arm to explosively speed up the healing process." He demonstrated by growing his arm back, moving the digits and popping knuckles. "There, good as new.
The damage you take will only stack. Your strength will eventually fade-"

"Shut up," Saitama interrupted. "That's Genos' life force you are stealing. Give it back!"

"Not yet!" Boros appearance changed drastically. His hair grew, reaching his back, his eye becomes completely white, and a black pupil became visible. His body was then engulfed in white energy, while his markings returned to their original, dark blue color.

Saitama eyes flashed red as he blocked an overhead attack. 'What is this feeling coming over me?' Saitama thought as he countered a punched.

Boros was like a thunderstorm; there was a flash of energy then the boom of the impact coming from all sides at Saitama.

'This wild throbbing in my heart,' Saitama backflipped out of the way, kicking the monster in the jaw. 'This rush, this sensation!' Saitama was taking every opportunity to strike, not caring at all about defence, 'It's been so long I forgotten, the exhilaration of a real fight! It's all coming back to me now. This is it! This is the feeling I've been looking for!'

Both were breathing hard and bloodied. Saitama beat his chest like an alpha male and declared, "I may be just a guy but I never lose. And this city, this world, is guarded by me!"

'This state, it burdens my body eminently,' Boros thought. 'Its suppose to be a trump card I use to settle a fight quickly, but this man...makes me want to go all out.' Boros charged headlong into battle.

'It's time to get serious,' Saitama thought then punched the monster's chest, square in his second eye.

The hit was devastating. The second eye cracked like glass and fluid poured out, but the force of Saitama's fist kept going like an explosive force. Skin and muscle tore like wet tissue paper, separating his upper torso from his lower half.

Boros landed some distance away. His skin was pale grey and even his hair had lost its luster. He labored to breathe, gasping like a fish on dry land. Did he even have lungs anymore?

"I have... lost it seems," Boros managed to say.

"Your still conscious. You really are strong." Saitama couldn't look at the husk of a body wheezing for air.

"A splendid battle." The general smiled, "We fought to the bitter end."

Saitama swallowed the lump in his throat, "Yeah it was."

"...Hmph. Liar. You were still holding back."

Saitama said nothing and just listened to the monster's final words.

"It's as if you barely showed your fangs this whole battle."

Saitama walked away and let himself drop down the hole in the roof. 'I've become too strong,' he thought as he descended to the floor.

The petrification effects were just wearing off as Saitama landed in the middle of the throne room. His clothes were shredded and torn, showing off his toned physique. There was still blood on his face, but most of his wounds were superficial. He would have some nasty bruises later but that was it.

Genos forced his stiff body to move. "MASTER!" His muscles were taut, and his joints were stuck. It was like he had been through a full bodied cramp, but that didn't stop him from going to Saitama, even if he had to drag his feet though the sensation of pins and needles. "Master're bleeding!"

Saitama caught Genos before he could collapse. "It's just a scratch. You should see the other guy," Saitama joked. "What about you? That guy stole your energy! Do you need blood?"

Those dark chocolate eyes had a worried look to them, Genos thought. "I am fine!" The incubus reassured, "It's you who is hurt! Do you need MY blood?"

"Don't be stupid. You were the one turned to sto-" Saitama was cut off as Genos placed his plush lips on his. For a moment Saitama was startled, but melted like gooey cheese into the kiss, letting it naturally deepen. Genos reached around his back and dug in his nails as his wings hugged Saitama's shoulders. Saitama held his him by the waist, and pressing their bodies together, while the other hand carded though Genos' hair.

Genos pulled off with a pop and with pink lips turned down to a pout, whispered, "I'm not stupid. I'm worried."

"No you're not stupid," Saitama said as he petted the blonde hair around Genos' horns. "I was worried too."

"If I already didn't feel sick, the sight of you two would do it," Sonic's snide comment cut above their peaceful moment.

Saitama looked over Genos' shoulder to see the others crumpled to the floor in discomfort, but otherwise unharmed. "Is everyone ok?"

Rider couldn't help but notice Saitama asked like it was an afterthought. "We're fine. Just sore," Rider said from his spot on the stone floor as he stretched his legs.

Charanko groaned, then popped up like a spring, "Master Bang!" He nearly tripped over his own feet running to where Bang was last seen. "BANG SAMA! BANG SAMA!"

"I heard you the first time Charanko," the elder vampire said like a grumpy old fart just getting out of bed. "When I get a hold of that Boros-" His eyes adjusted and he saw they weren't alone. "Oh Saitama-san, Genos-kun." He looked around his throne room and used his vampire powers to light all the candles. The place was a disaster area. His throne smashed, support columns broken and a massive hole in his ceiling showing the redning sky of a new dawn. "What happened here?"

Charanko filled Bang in on everything he missed; the gate of betrayal, the generals, the challenge of the doors and so on. Charanko was as excited as a kid back home from a field trip. "And then Boros was on your throne all like this and Master Saitama was all like- well I didn't get to see that fight but you know the rest." Charanko then bowed like a right angle remembering his place.

Bang chuckled at the young vampire, "Very good. You truly are my best pupil." Charanko beamed at the praise, while Sonic snickered. "As for you two…" Bang turned toward the two worn out hunters, "It seems you have greater potential than I previously assessed. You have the potential to unlock your spirit energy, if given the right training of course."

Rider chuckled nervously. How do you politely turn down an elder vampire?

Before Sonic had a chance to say something rude a single bat flew in from the opening in the ceiling, squeaking loudly.

Saitama recognised it immediately, it was the little grey bat. "MASTER SAITAMA! MASTER SAITAMA!" I's high pitched voice yelled.

Saitama put his hand out like a princess to a dove and let the little bat perch. Poor thing was breathing so hard it was panting as it landed.

"Saitama is this your bat?" Bang asked.

"Yeah, they said they work for me now. Must be important to come all this way," Saitama reasoned looking at the winded mammal.

"MASTER, hei, hei, hei, a powerful creature hei, hei, hei, is closing hei, hei, hei, in on your territory. Woosh," the little bat exhaled in one big breath.

"A creature? What kind?"

"That is still unknown, but rumor has it he kills vampire and hunter alike."

All Genos could make out were squeaks, like shoes on a waxed floor. "What is it saying Master?"

"It said there's a new bad guy in town killing off vampires and hunters. He's calling himself a human monster. And apparently," he listened closely to the squeaks, "He's taken out a master vampire and his coven."

"Human-monster?" Rider said rising to his feet.

"You know something about this Rider?" Genos asked.

"Just a rumor…" Rider began, "that someone calling themselves a human-monster killed the Hellsing graduating class."

"It's no rumor. Sir Integra has the whole organization on alert," Sonic added.

"Sounds like this guy wants to make an enemy of everyone," Saitama said.

"Garou..." the elder vampire paused with a far away look in his grey eyes. "I've made quite the demon, haven't I?" The wrinkles in his face looked like deep cuts in the candle light.

"Master do you really think Garou would be capable..." Charanko couldn't finish his sentence, knowing what it implied.

Bang pulled his shoulders back and stood a little less hunched over as he watched the colors change in the sky. "Spirit Energy is linked to emotions and that it is essential for one to know their feelings to control their strength. Other monster's rely solely on brute strength to cause widespread damage. But he's different. He relies on techniques specifically designed to destroy the human body.

"I taught him to be a skilled fighter. He can read moves, counter all attacks and focus on vital spots and joints, so his opponent rapidly loses the ability to fight.

"I should be the one to stop him. The number of victims will only increase. I can't let him run freely, I need to be back on my feet soon."

"Too late to do anything now," Saitama reasoned out loud. "Damage is already done. Besides the sun is up, I doubt he will be making anymore trouble during the day."

The old man grumbled deep in his throat, "Garou is not limited by the sunlight rule, but neither is he immune to fatigue. He will need to recover from such massacres." The old man sighed, "I suggest we all get some rest. Below in the castle are caves with a natural mineral hot spring. You are welcome to use it's healing waters to recover."

Bang led them through the winding halls of his castle to an open air elevator whose shaft disappeared down into a deep, dark void. The hot spring sat in the floor of a large cavern hidden beneath the castle at the base of the mountain.

They all followed Bang onto the elevator platform except for Rider who opted to stay behind, “I don’t think I should join you. Not with my wounds. I don’t want to risk infection no matter how pure the water is. No offense, Mr. Bang.”

Sonic looked a bit put out at losing his partner and would have complained, except Bang stepped in before he could open his mouth.

“I would not worry, young man, and I would hate to see you miss out on this treat.” With that he placed his hands on Rider, and they began to faintly glow. The light slowly spread over Rider’s wounded body, healing cuts and scrapes, as well as the more severe injuries. By the time he was done, Rider’s minor injuries were all but healed and his more grievous pains were on the mend. He wasn’t completely healed, but his body was much better off, the risk of infection significantly lowered. “Forgive me, my boy, but if I had the strength, I might have been able to completely heal you. As it is, with the strenuous fighting these past few days, my magic is mostly depleted.”

Rider looked up from where he was checking out his body, admiring Bang’s ability. “No, I’m grateful for even this much,” he said, impressed that someone with so much destructive power was capable of altruism.

Bang nodded and opened the gate, gesturing for everyone to board the elevator platform. They did so, Sonic muttering about being led like lambs to the slaughter. Rider was sheepish as he looked at the group around them, his expression blatantly apologetic for his partner.

"And me Master?" Charanko pointed to himself. His black karate robes were soaked with blood across his middle.

"Charanko! How did you let this happen? You need to be more careful!" Bang chastised.

"It's not my fault. Melzargard did it!" Charanko whined like a child.

"In that case you're lucky, you're not dead!" Bang barked.

Chapter Text

A long elevator ride later the group found themselves in front of what looked like a traditional sentō entrance. From the outside it looked somewhat similar to a temple, with a blue curtain across the entrance. Behind that there was an area with shoe lockers, followed by two long curtains one on each side. These lead to the changing rooms, partly covered with tatami sheets and contained the lockers for their clothes. Fresh towels were folded and yukatas hung, like at a fancy resort. They undressed in silence.

Sonic didn't have an ounce of modesty and stripped down to his pale skin which was covered in jagged scars and healed over fang marks. His hips had a curve to them that gave them a more feminine than masculine appearance. He was slender, but toned.

Rider was more modest and tried to stay mostly covered. He had his own road map of scars on tanned skin, but just not nearly as many as Sonic. He was lean and healthy, with defined muscles, as if he ran a lot or cared about his health.

Charanko removed his blood soaked clothing carelessly and revealed an average body type. One that was fit but not hard.

Genos, of course, was built like a model with well defined muscles, a narrow waist, and smooth unblemished skin. Even the black skin of his wings and tail were flawless. He undressed with the confidence of one who knew how spectacular his physique was and didn’t care.

Saitama, surprisingly, had a well built gym rat's body, though, with an uneven tan. When dressed, you could not see the chiseled muscle beneath, but naked, he was quite impressive. He was as careless as Charanko in undressing, shoving his dirty, torn clothes into the lockers.

Bang removed his cloak and robes, hanging them on hooks within the locker and stretched his sculpted muscles. For his age he was remarkably trim. His skin was on the dark side, but there was an unnatural paleness to him.

When they had completely removed their clothing and wrapped towels around their waists, they made their way to the showers. For some reason the bathing area was not separated from the changing area. There were a number of washing stations along the wall on the tiled floor, each with two brass faucets, one for hot water and one for cold water, and a brass shower head. Off to the side there was a supply of small wooden stools and buckets with bars of soap. Each man grabbed a stool and bucket, taking up their place beneath the showers. Most of them left one to two showers between them, giving each other as much privacy as the communal showers allowed. Genos and Saitama, however, took up two of them in a corner, somewhat set apart from the others.

Genos saw this as a perfect opportunity to dote on Saitama and he remembered to ask before making physical contact. "Master will you allow me to wash your back?"

"Sure why not," Saitama replied with a nonchalant shrug.

Genos was positively giddy with a sense of fulfillment in doing his duty. He sudsed up a wash rag and set to work scrubbing his master's back. He worked his way from the top of the shoulders to top of his master's towel that was wrapped around his waist. Feeling accomplished, Genos sprayed the bubbles away and declared his task complete.

Charanko, seeing the incubus being a better disciple than him, followed Genos' lead and offered to wash his master's back. Bang grunted in approval.

Sonic and Rider seemed content to wash their own backs.

"Great work Genos. Now switch with me," Saitama offered.

"What for Master?"

"So I can get your back."

“That isn't necessary Master. I do not require cleansing. I have my magic.”

“Nah. Let me help. I want to.”

Genos relented and took his place on the stool under the adjacent shower. With his back to Saitama, he could not see what his master planned to do, and two soapy hands that started to gently caress his shoulders shouldn’t have been so unexpected. Genos tensed up until Satiamas strong hands pressed into his deltoids and began to knead the meat in smooth circles. Genos all but melted into the touch. The massage was so soothing, stress just seemed to fade away like an afterthought. Genos closed his eyes and hummed through his nose.

"Good?" Saitama asked, his voice a low rumble reminiscent of quiet thunder. Genos, for a change, had no words, and instead hummed in agreement.

This spurred Saitama on to continue and move lower. HIs hands moved slow and steady, digging deep into the knots and rubbing them out, and Genos lost himself to the sensation. However, Genos was caught off guard when his master took a wing in his hand and stretched it out to full size. It wasn't uncomfortable, but Genos was extremely aware of the touch, and he forced himself to remain relaxed as warm hands worked the joints of his wing. Saitama squeezed the meat next to the shoulder blade and stretched the wing ligaments until he heard a satisfying popping sound. Genos deflated and sighed out the nervous energy his was holding. Most of the day his wings were tightly pressed to his back, he had not realized how stiff they had become.

Saitama worked and rubbed at the muscle in his wings, smoothing out knots and kinks Genos didn't know he had. His master was very gentle with the stretched leather-like skin, holding it between his hand and thoroughly cleansing them with soap, and worked from shoulders to wing tips, gently rubbing the tight flesh until it was soft and loose. Genos sighed in contentment, his eyes drooping closed, he couldn’t remember the last time he preened his wings. It was heavenly. Genos was speechless, all he could manage were grunts and groans of pleasure.

"I must be doing something right," Saitama joked as his hands moved lower down the spine. He rubbed smooth gentle circles over Genos' perfect skin all the way to his lower back, just above his tail.

Saitama thought, 'Its weird how Genos' skin can be so pale in some areas and black in others. There's hardly a color transition from light to dark.' Saitama ran a soapy finger over where Genos' tail connected to his spine, trying to feel the change in skin.

Genos’ eyes popped wide open as something electric moved up his spine and made his hair stand on end. Genos knew his tail was sensitive, but he couldn't have guessed such a simple touch would send his nerves dancing.

Much to Saitama's displeasure, the tail raised and lifted his towel. "Hey!" He yelped as he pushed his terrycloth skirt down.

"I'm sorry Master. My tail has a mind of its own."

"It's ok. No harm done. Do you want me to...wash it?"

"If you would." Genos said bashfully.

Saitama resudesed up his hands and stroked a long sweep from base to tip.

Genos went stiff.

Saitama did it again, this time tip to base.

Genos flinched, a minor twitch.

Saitama would have done another stoke but the tail seemed to collapse into a coil and move about like a snake. This made it very hard to deal with as it slipped out of his grip and made bubbles. To take control of the wiggly thing Saitama grabbed it by the base and pulled down to straighten the thing out.

Genos moaned loudly, "Ahhhh!"

Saitama almost didn't cover Genos' mouth in time as the others bathing in the room looked up in curiosity at the sound. He waived off the other men with an awkward laugh.

"What are you doing?" He whispered harshly to Genos after the others returned to their washing.

Genos blew a hot puff of air from his nose and Saitama realized he couldn't answer with his mouth covered. Slowly he removed his soapy hand.

"Forgive me Master," Genos whispered as if he was flustered, "My tail is sensitive."

"Why didn't you say so in the first place!" Saitama grumbled, but kept his voice low.

"I did not know I would have such a strong reaction." Genos' cheeks blushed a rosey pink as he looked away in embarrassment.

Saitama was quiet for a moment, thinking, then asked, "Oh? What sort of reaction?"

"The sexual kind," was Genos’ blunt answer, he had no shame in answering his master's questions.

"Oh! Are you?" Saitama's hand reached around the front to feel between his legs to find Genos was pitching a tent under his towel. "Just from this?" Saitama demonstrated by stroking his tail again.

"Hmmm!!!!" Genos bit his lip and muffled a cry. He wanted to come out his skin so bad, and his cock twitched in protest.

"Hey you guys coming?" Charanko's voice said from across the room.

“Not yet, but give us a moment,” Saitama answered with an ornery grin at Genos before he dumped a, now cold, bucket of water over Genos' head and body. The shock was enough to ruin his arousal.


The temperature dropped as they entered into the massive underground chamber, sending a violent chill down Saitama's spine. The walls were littered with tiny sparkling crystals not unlike the stars of the night sky, yet more mysterious. The faint sound of water dripping echoed in the vast space.

With the swipe of his hand, Bang lit candles that bobbed in the air and illuminated the dark, exposing jagged teeth of stone that descended from the shadows above and steam that sat like a heavy fog over the water below.

Bang was the first to enter the pool and sweep away the steam exposing the water to be clear and golden with minerals. The old man let out a deep sigh as he sunk down to his shoulders.

Quickly the others followed suit, escaping the cool air and took their places around the pool on the naturally carved stone seats.

Sonic had his hair pulled up in a messy bun on top of his head. Rider seemed insistent on wearing his glasses no matter how fogged up they got. Charanko and Bang looked a sickly pale color next to the two hunters. Then there was Saitama and Genos who sat on the far opposite side of the pool together.

Everyone was quiet as they soaked, with only the distant sound of water dripping as a soft serenade, but Saitama couldn't stand the stiff atmosphere. This was supposed to be relaxing but everyone was on edge like they were at a funeral.

'Perfect time to break the ice with a little wit,' Saitama thought, then with no introduction he asked to the group, "Did you hear about the man who was arrested for having sex with a horse?"

Everyone looked at him puzzled and Rider answered, "No?" As if to ask what brought this conversation point up.

Saitama ignored the lukewarm response and with full confidence ploughed on through to the punch line, "In his defence he claimed it was a 'stable' relationship."

Everyone was quiet. Sonic and Rider looked to each other, not sure what to think. Then they heard chuckling as Bang cracked up.

Saitama smiled, feeling his plan was working, "Did you hear about the spread that lost its virginity?" This time he didn't wait for a response he just went full force to the punch line, "It got marma-laid."

Sonic rolled his eyes back so hard they disappeared then groaned as if in physical pain. Rider was a little more subtle. His mouth forced a hard line as he fought off a wince. Charanko was the only "Huh?" In the group. Bang just chuckled along.

"That was so bad I need a drink," Sonic commented in his sassy way.

"Splendid idea!" Bang respond and with a wave of his hand a servant appeared with a bucket of sake bottles and cups.

"Mr. Bang, you drink?" Rider asked.

"Only on occasion," Bang said as he poured himself a cup, then sent the bucket out floating into the water.

"No, I mean, you can drink? As a vampire I thought you could only drink blood." Rider pushed up his glasses and sat a little straighter, "Not to mention drinking alcohol in a hot spring is not good for the constitution."

Bang did an old man laugh. "Hehe. I'm old enough to handle my "tea"," he said and took a generous sip, then asked, "What's a condom and a coffin got in common?"

Sonic snatched the bucket from Charanko and claimed a bottle as his own before sending it off sailing across the water. Charanko looked pissed, but answered his master instead, "I don't know. What?"

"They both hold stiffs but one is cumin’ and one is going!" Bang gave a hearty laugh at his own joke and the others followed suit.

Genos poured for Saitama. After taking a sip he asked aloud, "What did the lesbian vampire say to the other lesbian vampire?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"I’ll see you next month.”

There was a collective groan and it took Bang a second, but he got it and laughed at the in-poor-taste joke.

Sonic didn't bother with a cup as he drank straight from the bottle, it would only slow him down. "What is hard and pink when it goes in and soft and wet when it comes out?" He asked the group.

Saitama looked like he was really wrecking his brain and Charanko didn't hesitate to answer penis.

"Bubblegum you dirty minded pervert!" Sonic mocked then laughed.

Genos refilled Saitama's cup and the vampire took a big swish of the alcohol, "What kind of sex do pizza delivery boys have?" He paused then blurted out, "Deep dish!"

The moaning and groaning of disgust was getting louder.

Rider reasoned if he couldn't stop them from drinking, it was just best to join in and took a bottle from the bucket to sip, then asked, "Why don't bunnies make noise when they have sex?" There were a few hums and a couple of guesses, but Rider just shook his head and smiled, "Because they have cotton balls." He said with a sip of sake.

Everyone laughed hard and loud at that one. Even Genos chucked softly.

"I got one. I got one. Listen," Charanko said very animated then cleared his throat. "What does a good employee and a lousy lover have in common?" He paused for dramatic effect. "They're always coming early!"

The pool was a roar of laughter that seemed to echo off the vast chamber.

"What is the square root of 69?" Saitama started up another joke.

"To the nearest thousandths place it is 8.307," Genos was so proud of his answer.

"No it's 'ate something!'" Sonic answered sassy.

"That's what I said. Eight point three, zero, seven," Genos said with just as much sass.

Sonic just shook his head and took a drink, as did Saitama, while a low chuckle passed between the group.


A comfortable silence settled between them, the strained atmosphere having disappeared, thanks to Saitama’s efforts. For a little while, they sat pleasantly, drinking their wine or just soaking.

Bang broke the silence asking Sonic, “Are those vampire and werewolf bite scars?”

Sonic’s small frame was littered with old wounds. Most were scars left from past battles with the monsters he hunted. But scattered between the stab wounds and slash marks or healed bullet wounds there were the familiar sight of teeth marks. There were the crescent shaped marks bearing the tell-tale sign of canines, then there were the marks of twin puncture wounds indicating vampire.

“I have a natural immunity,” Sonic answered with a ne’er-do-well shrug of his shoulders. Bang looked thoughtful while the others more impressed. All except for Rider who knew already, but that was a complicated topic and one he didn’t want to draw attention to.

"Why, for a vampire, are you old? Aren't vampires immortal?" Sonic asked, face flush from laughter and alcohol.

"Sonic!" Charanko snapped, "You can't just ask a master vampire about their age!"

"It's alright Charanko," Bang waved the lesser vampire off like a motorized lucky cat then answered Sonic, "I wasn't always like this, once I had a youthful appearance. When vampires drink human blood it not only restores their spirit energy, it rejuvenates the body, but when I met Charlotte all that changed." Bang pictured a beautiful slim and shapely young woman with long back-length dark brown hair with braids on either side of her head and amber eyes. "He has her eyes," he said low to himself. Then spoke up and held his sake cup close to his lips, "I stopped drinking human blood and began to age. Now my appearance matches closer and I've decided to age gracefully." He finished with a sip.

Off to the side Saitama spoke privately to Genos as he emptied the bottle, "Genos you don't have to keep pouring for me, you can have some too."

“As your servant it is my duty to pour drinks for my master," Genos said in his matter of fact way.

Saitama put his hand over Genos' and held it, "Genos you're not my servant. We're together now."

'Together' echoed in Genos' mind as he held stone still processing that word.

"Here let me pour for you." Like a thief, Saitama slipped the bottle from his hand and had Genos hold the cup while he grabbed a fresh bottle from the floating bucket. Before Genos had time to protest Saitama was already pouring. "It's good," Saitama said, directing Genos to take a drink.

No matter how uneasy Genos felt about his master waiting on him, he didn't want to disrespect him any further and took a sip. It was more of a drink of taste than aroma, and it had a sweet, fruity, almost flowery flavor to it. It reminded Genos of peach blossoms in the spring.

"This IS good," Genos commented.

Saitama smiled one of his genuine smiles and poured him some more. "Told ya."

Conversation carried on in the background between the hunters and vampires.

"I thought vampires couldn't be in water," Rider stated.

"With the right amount of training anything is possible. And besides water itself isn't a hard rule. It merely dulls the senses. Slows everything down to a near human limitation,” Bang answered.

As Saitama was listening to the others talk, he felt something like a snake curl around his lower thigh. Out of instinct he caught it before it could move further up. Then he realized it was Genos' tail again. Saitama knew Genos said it had a mind of its own, it was that or Genos wanted to mess with him and if that was the case, well two could play at that game.

Saitama gently rubbed the fork of the tail between his index and thumb and waited for Genos to respond. If his tail tip was as sensitive as the rest of his tail, he wouldn't have to wait long for a reaction.

Genos pretended to be normal, sipping his sake, but his eyes told a different story. When they locked with Saitama's there was a panicked lust to them, but nothing that said stop, nor did he try to pull his tail away. Saitama half smiled at him and continued to tease the tail tip.

"I used to tell my students that if you can summon your weapon in a downpour, you can summon it anywhere. Any vampire too weak to handle water, would never survive the training for the Ever Flowing Blood Stained Fist."

"And these vampires you train," Rider started to say.

But Sonic finished, "Did you turn them?"

"Didn't need to," Bang explained as he poured himself another cup, "Most come to me of their own will, seeking power. Much in the same way Charanko did. Why I haven't turned someone since-"

Saitama kept his eyes forward pretending to listen as he continued to rub the sensitive appendage.

Genos struck back and rested his hand on Saitama's thigh as he sipped sake like nothing was happening. The incubus groped at the hard muscles.

"I was the lowest power level of my coven," Charanko explained, "But I heard rumors of a great master vampire that trains other vampires to defend themselves. So I marched up the stairs to the castle-"

Saitama was not paying attention to the conversation in the least, his full concentration was on Genos sliding his hand up his thigh. If any of their companions were to look over, they would see the lewd entertainment through the clear water. Thankfully they were all engaged in the conversation.

Saitama and Genos locked eyes for a moment as if Genos was hesitant, but Saitama played it cool. He took a sip and looked away, then stroked his tail and gave the tip a squeeze. Genos let out a big sigh from his nose and fluttered his eyes closed as if he were relaxing into the hot water, instead of being turned on.

"I never knew vampires took in other vampires," Rider commented. "We were taught rival vampires will wipe out a coven to start their own."

"Some do that is true." Bang sighed, the alcohol started to settle in and loosen him up. "They don't feel they can trust the underlings of another master. Vampires have a reputation for being two timing, underhanded, backstabbers within their own coven. So you can understand why some would think it a precaution to wipe out other-"

Genos' hand delicately took Saitama’s cock in hand and gave his semi a light pump, as if he were curious if Saitama was turned on.

Saitama breathed hard through his nose but had no other response. It wasn't a no, so Genos kept going.

"I thank you for the information. You have been most helpful. I always felt with the right communication, an understanding could be met between monsters and humans-"

Rider was going on one of his speeches about how some monsters mean no harm and shouldn't be hunted, but for the (un)life of him, Saitama just couldn't pay attention. Not with Genos' pink little nipples standing at attention. Those nubs were hard as if the water was ice cold. To be fair it wasn't the only thing that was hard. Saitama was feeling very turned on with Genos touching his erect cock. The way he stoked it, squeezed the base, and teased the head by rubbing his slit. It was enough to cause Saitama to leak precum, but Saitama couldn't just let him win, no he still had some tricks.

Like how he weaved the tail between his fingers and let it slide between them as he stroked, or how he would give a light squeeze every so often, or that he would rub the fork like the head of a cock.

Saitama thought this really was like jerking Genos off and with that thought he curled his finger around the tail and pumped it up and down.

Genos shuddered, and blinked slowly, but his expression did not change. Ever the passive, unimpressed, stoic, resting bitch face he always had, but his eyes...they blazed with passion that made Saitama get goosebumps.

The conversation between the others tapered off, and in the lull the risk of being caught increased, stilling Genos and Saitama’s hidden activities. Then Sonic commented on the victory of invading the castle.

“Silver Fang Castle is legendary at Hellsing,” Sonic said, leaning back against the natural stone with his eyes closed. “Many hunters would boast about being the first in a century to breach these walls, and none had ever gone beyond empty threats and promises. How green with jealousy they would be to know I did so and lived to talk about it.” Sonic grinned, his eyes still shut. “What do you think of me, old man? the first Hellsing hunter, to enter Silver Fang castle in a hundred years?” Sonic opened his eyes, smug look piercing through the steam to stare at Bang.

Bang didn’t do much more than shrug “...I don't mind. When I was younger, I was far more rigged in my beliefs. Now I don't know what I was so worried about.”

Genos tightened his grip on Saitama’s dick, and Saitama had to bite back a gasp. His whole body went tense as Genos started stroking him in earnest. He couldn’t even tease back, he was so riled up between the fighting and flirting. Saitama bit down on his lip, his eyes involuntarily rolling back into his head when Genos stroked up his shaft and then thumbed at the head of his cock, his hand bobbing up and down in short movements.

Saitama opened his eyes to wordlessly plead with Genos to back off. It would not be good to blow his load in a bath full of other people. But Genos just smirked at him, pretending to listen to the conversations.

Saitama was very near picking Genos up and bending him over one of the rock formations until he picked up on a piece of conversation.

"-You're all welcome to stay. I have plenty of spare rooms." Bang was offering everyone a place for the night.

Saitama was so relieved and happy he popped up first, trying to hide his hard on with his towel, his skin steaming in the cool air of the cave. "Wow I sure am tired! Thanks old dude!"

"I have a name you know…" the old man deadpanned. Saitama didn’t hear him as he attempted to drag Genos from the water in his hurry to find a room.

Genos kept his cool while everyone was distracted by Saitama and turned away from the group to put his towel on.

"I suppose we've been in long enough." Bang clapped his hands and servants appeared from the shadows with yukata robes and elegantly dressed Bang as he rose from the water. In one smooth motion his arms went into sleeves and then he was tying his belt.

Saitama snatched the robe from the hands of the servant offering him one, and he shrugs it on
quickly, with his back turned away from the rest of the group. He pretended to have trouble with tying it when he was mostly struggling with how to hide his raging hard on, thanks to Genos.

"Allow me Master," Genos said with a smile Saitama didn’t trust. Genos reached for the belt, tugging and tying, straightening the robe, and just as Saitama started to relax, Genos reached his hand into the opening and cupped his low hanging balls. His knee jerk reaction was to clench his ass, sucking in a sharp breath of air, and glared at Genos. Genos grinned back at him, squeezing and rolling them in his hand, making Saitama immediately grab his forearm for support as his knees went weak. As if fondling his nuts weren’t enough, Genos gave the rest of the group a quick look to make sure no one was watching and took Saitama’s cock in his free hand.

Saitama couldn’t stop the low groan that escaped him, and he leaned against Genos, resting his head on Genos’ shoulder as he forced himself to keep from fucking into that wonderful hand.

"Hold on you horn-dog!" Saitama whispered harshly.

"It’s not that I’m horney all the time, you're just so fucking sexy," Genos licked the shell of Saitama's pointed ear.

"You are in so much trouble," Saitama growled in a tone low enough that only Genos could hear.

Genos chuckled. “You started it.” He pumped Saitama’s cock a few times before removing his hand--much to Saitama’s relief and frustration--and straightened out the front of his robe, and giving Saitama’s chest a few light pats. There was a very noticeable wet spot in a very particular area, and Saitama sighed, tucking his erection up under the belt of the robe. It was the best he could do at that moment.

“Do theses ‘people' work for you?” Rider asked.

“They work for me in exchange for protection,” Bang explained. He goes on to talk about the town and commerce as the group followed him out.

“Many of the servants are not vampires, and need to eat food for sustenance. For them, I have a full kitchen, so if you would like something besides pig's blood, it's on hand.”

“Me and Genos sure are tired, we'll catch up with you guys later.” Saitama sounded like a teenager giving excuses in class.

“Ah, young love," Bang said, trying to hide a knowing smile. The others in their party also grinned, and Sonic snorted, whispering something most likely rude to Rider.

Bang ignored them and gave Saitama and Genos directions, “Ride the elevator to the third floor, then take a left. You can use any of those rooms that are unlocked. We will be taking the elevator to the second floor to the dining hall.”

They all loaded into the lift when it arrived, Saitama and Genos backing into a corner and attempting to hide their arousal.

Bang talked with Rider about turning his castle into a resort or hotel now that he had no pupils for an army and no generals to lead them until the elevator dinged and the doors opened. One by one the rest of the party exited, leaving Saitama and Genos alone. As soon as the doors closed, Genos pinned Saitama to the wall, his hands diving right back into Saitama’s robe.

Saitama chuckled “Do you raise chickens? Because you raise my cock,” He didn’t try to push Genos off of him, so Genos figured he didn’t mind too much. However, instead of jerking Saitama off, he let one hand slip behind Saitama, trailing a finger up his crack and gave his ass cheek a squeeze. Saitama gasped, arching into Genos.

The doors dinged for the third floor and Saitama and Genos stumbled out into the hallway lips locked in desperate kisses. Genos’ hip knocked against a table in their blind rush to find a room, but they never made it before Saitama pined Genos chest to wall, one hand between his shoulder blades, between his wings, while the other snaked up the back of Genos’ yukata. He massaged one of Genos’ cheeks, using his thumb to spread them.

"Hi, I'm a burglar…" Saitama grinned, pressing his cock in Genos' ass and getting a satisfying moan from it, "and I'm gonna smash your back door in!" He gripped the base of Genos’ tail, lifting it out of the way and moved his hips, rubbing his shaft just over his hole and the tell tale sound of wetness filled the air.

Saitama stopped his humping and asked, "How come it's slick back here?" He was most befuddled.

"I am an incubus. It's how my body naturally prepairs for sex." Genos bit back a groan and blushed as he explained shamefully.

"What do you and your shower have in common? You both get wet when I turn you on," was the reply Saitama gave him before he pressed the crown of his cock to Genos’ hole and pushed in, sheathing himself immediately.

Genos moaned, his voice reverberating off the empty hall walls, and Saitama gave him barely anytime to adjust before pulling his hips back and snapping them forward. He repeated the movement over and over, going hard, the force of his thrusts causing Genos’ chest to roughly graze the woodwork until his nipples were hard and raw. Genos made no movement to quiet his noises, whimpering broken praises and half formed pleas to fuck him harder and faster. Saitama shoved two fingers in Genos’ mouth in an attempt to quiet him, and Genos latched on like a babe to a tit. It didn’t take long until Saitama’s fingers were soaked and drool spilled from the corners of Genos swollen lips.

Saitama buried his face in Genos’ shoulder, panting harshly from the pace. He couldn’t think, his head fogged with pleasure, and the pressure of Genos clenching around him and the heat surrounding his cock made him throb as his balls tightened. Saitama’s toes curled as his climax quickly approached.

That was, until Saitama’s advanced hearing picked up the sound of encroaching footsteps. His thrusts came to a stop, his focus unfortunately drawn away from Genos, who twisted around to look at Saitama with glassy eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Genos asked, his words syrupy like he was a little drunk.

“Someone’s coming.”

Genos snorted, “Yeah, me if you hadn’t stopped.”

Saitama narrowed his eyes. “Up the stairs, smartass.”

Genos sighed in frustration, looking very much like he could incernate anyone who dared interrupt them. Instead, he pressed back, indicating for Saitama to move. “Let’s find some place a little less conspicuous.”

Saitama grunted and tried to adjust himself, his cock still hard and aching, but now much wetter. He followed Genos without a word as he was led by the hand further down the hall to the nearest room. Luckily it was unlocked, as Bang mentioned, and they stepped inside, stopping abruptly.

“Woah…” Genos stated and Saitama agreed.

The room was the very definition of opulent, big enough to fit Saitama’s apartment comfortably inside. There was a large unlit fireplace on one wall with a couple of settees and wingback chairs in front of it, and a large mahogany writing desk nearby. Their feet sank into plush carpeting and heavy drapes blocked out most of the light from the windows. There was a dresser and side tables with oil lamps atop them. But the focus of the room was the giant four-poster canopy bed with gold leaf etchings and velvet drapes.
Genos made a beeline for the plush-looking bed while Saitama was distracted. He stripped off his yukata and crawled on top of the heavy comforter. The material was luxurious, probably silk, and felt divine against Genos’ bare skin. He arranged himself in a seductive position, making sure to show off his best “assets” and called for Saitama.

“Master,” he purred.

Saitama's eyes briefly flicked over him, his attention split, but a second later they locked on Genos, his pupils blown and his expression hungry.

“Mmm…” He groaned as he made his way to the bed, disrobing and letting his yukata fall thoughtlessly to the floor.

Saitama reached out for Genos, his hand running up one thigh and stopping at Genos’ waist, pushing him until Genos was flat on his belly. Genos grinned, his semi-flacid cock quickly swelling with anticipation and pressing against the blankets beneath him. He spread his legs, allowing Saitama to settle between them.

“Ever heard of an Australian kiss. It's the same as a French kiss, but 'down under'.” Genos snorted but a second later keened loudly as Saitama ducked down and ran his tongue from Genos’ hole to the underside of his tail. Saitama hummed, licking his lips, then bent back down and pressed his lips right over Genos’ entrance. He gave it a little kiss before sucking hard, filling his mouth with Genos’ slick and swallowing loudly. Genos bucked back into his face, unable to control himself at the sensation and bit into the pillow beneath him, growling out his pleasure.

Saitama sat back on his knees, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand and kneading one of Genos’ ass cheeks with the other.

“Was your ass forged by Sauron? Because it is precious!” He said while adjusting his position between Genos’ spread thighs.

“There's always a wild side to an innocent face,” Genos contributed while he still had the ability to do so. He lifted his tail out of the way and wrapped it around Saitama’s waist. His wings fluttered, a little vibration like a duck shedding water, and Saitama smiled.

“You're only as innocent as the horns holding up your halo,” Saitama replied, gripping Genos’ asscheeks in his hands, his smile turning wolfish as he shoved into Genos in one go.

Genos’ eyes rolled back, his jaw dropping as one continuous moan bounced around the room, the sound muted by the thick walls and bulky material. Saitama had no patience to wait and proceeded to fuck Genos hard, his hips slapping into the underside of Genos’ ass and making his thighs jiggle. Saitama had a death grip on his ass cheeks, using them as leverage to pull Genos back onto his cock. Genos’ tail wrapped itself around Saitama’s neck, pulling him downward as he beat Geons’ ass like a pissed off baker kneading dough.

Eventually, Saitama had to catch himself with his hands on the bed next to Genos or topple over onto him. He gripped the duvet in his hands, snapping his hips with enough force that Genos was shoved up a few centimeters every time. Genos threw out his hands to brace himself against the headboard, giving even the best twerkers a run for their money, and keeping up with Saitama’s frantic pace. His wings stretched taught on either side of him, his entire body alight as one exposed nerve as he’s assaulted with intense sensations of pleasure.

The whole bed was shaking, the wood thrumming with their activity and the heavy curtains shaking on their rails. There was a low thumping coming from the wall as the large, ornate headboard bounced against it. Neither Saitama or Genos cared, nor would they concern themselves with the damage they may cause even if they could focus on anything else.

“Fuck!” Saitama growled, bending at the elbow to mouth at the back of Genos’ neck. “You feel so fucking good, Genos.” And he did. Inside Genos was wet and hot, and the grip he had on Saitama’s cock made him throb and his balls tighten. Drops of sweat fell to Genos’ back mixing with the sheen of sweat building on him, the combined fluids rolling down Genos’ muscles to seep into the blanket beneath them. Genos' voice was hoarse, the sounds he made filling up the room and drowning out Saitama’s low moans.

Since their first time, Genos had been amazed at the energy output Saitama expressed when he fucked. However, this time it was concentrated and so overwhelming, Genos felt like he was going mad. Always before, the sex had been about saving his life. This was the first time Genos was enjoying Saitama simply for the fun of it. It was like being sat before a banquet and told to help himself. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d fed on so much energy, and he couldn’t help but gorge himself.

Genos drank Saitama’s essence like he was starving, and his climax built and built. He was going to cum and cum hard.

“Master,” Genos crooned, “Master, bite me. Please.” His tail unwrapped itself from where it clung to Saitama’s neck and snaked it’s way between Genos’ legs to curl tightly around his cock. The fine muscle in the appendage undulated, stroking Genos and providing the friction his cock desperately needed.

“Shit, Genos...I’m gonna cum. I can’t...I can’t hold back…”

Genos half moaned, half cried. “Please Master,” he begged, “I wanna cum with you.” His tail picked up its pace.

Saitama snarled and sunk his teeth into Genos’ bared neck, right at the pulse. Copper blood, hot and salty, filled Saitama’s mouth. Concurrently, the moment the blood hit Satiama’s tongue, his arousal skyrocketed like he’d just swallowed a bottle of viagra. The strength and speed of his thrusts increased until the frame of the bed cracked beneath the vigorous activity.

Genos’ orgasm was built slow, then suddenly he was on the edge. As soon as Saitama’s teeth sank into him, his brain exploded in a firework of color as he squeezed his eyes shut, then went white as his climax crashed over him. Everything, from the castle to the very bed Saitama fucked him on, disappeared; everything except the sensation of Saitama driving himself into Genos with animal abandon. Genos could focus on nothing, his entire existence boiled down to his cock, and the relief of his violent release. Every muscle tensed, including his wings, as he came, emptying everything he had in him onto the sheets, his clawed fingers curling into those same sheets, ripping holes in the no doubt expensive duvet. Genos screamed loud and long, until his voice gave out.

All the while, Saitama fucked him mercilessly.

Genos’ ass sucked Saitama in, despite the sloppy, wet, looseness of Genos’ hole, and he felt so good, clenching around Saitama's thick cock. He sounded divine, his voice carrying from one end of the room to another, and Saitama wanted to listen to it forever.

Saitama’s cock throbbed inside Genos, the pulse of it matching Genos’ rapid heartbeat. He gripped at the blankets, rolling his hips, the sounds of flesh on flesh the background to Genos’ singing. His climax came within seconds of Genos’, his cock spasming as he emptied himself into Genos who milked his cock of every last drop. The intense relief of Saitama’s orgasm left him feeling boneless but satisfied and pleasantly sleepy. It was like that feeling he got when he cracked his knuckles, except all over his whole body. And as the sensation ebbed, Saitama’s arms couldn’t bear his weight so he rolled off Genos, collapsing onto his back next to him.

Genos groaned when Saitama pulled out, clenching his ass in order to keep Saitama’s seed inside. He stretched out Next to Saitama, easing his hips back down to the bed and not caring one iota about laying in his own cum. His tail stretched out between his legs, the tip of it giving a little flick here and there of contentment.

Still flushed and panting, Genos turned to look at his master, the only sounds between them being Genos’ harsh breathing. Saitama had his eyes closed, and Genos thought he may have gone to sleep.


Saitama had a moment of clarity that only nutting could achieve asked, “If a firefighter’s business can go up in smoke, and a plumber’s business can go down the drain, can a hooker get laid off?”

There was a moment of silence then Genos laughed.

Saitama rolled over and snuggled Genos close, pulling him to his chest. Genos wrapped an arm around his waist and intertwined their legs, and Saitama drew patterns along his back. With eyes still closed, Saitama continued to tell his ridiculous jokes.

“Three people having sex is a threesome. Two people doing it is called a twosome. So why is "handsome" a compliment?”

Genos, still giddy from the best orgasm he’s ever had, laughed harder, shoving lightly and without meaning, at Saitama’s chest.

“What is a sex Drive? Where is the sex going? Does it even have a licence?”

Genos, with a happy grin, titled his face in order to plant a light kiss on Saitama’s chin.

Both of them were too exhausted to care about cleaning up, or even get under the blankets. Instead, warm and comfortable in each others’ arms, Saitama and Genos drifted off to sleep.