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The one upping contest

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Location: Middle of Z City

Saitama pulled back from his cuddle with Genos, only slightly embarrassed by the PDA and looked to Bang. "Thank you, old guy."

"I have a name you know. It's Bang." He sounded so put out for a vampire. His fangs were long and went past his bushy mustache and his lower lip.

Rider finally escaped Sonic and walked over to greet the respectable vampire, "That's amazing what you did. I've never seen a healing technique quite like that."

"Well this is about how it goes, it's just energy manipulation using blood as medium." Bang didn't appear to be above a humble brag, "How bout it? wanna give it a try? Saitama, Genos, you both seem quick on the uptake. If it's you two, you might be able to get the hang of blood manipulation magic very quickly."

Saitama waived him off, remember the backfired results of his new powers, "No I'm not interested. Genos you give it a try."

Genos tiredly shook his head, "I'm afraid I'll have to pass too. What I need is absolute destructive power."

A mop of orange hair in the shape of a mullet holding an umbrella interrupted their chat, "How dare you pair of imbeciles mock the Ever Flowing Blood Stained Fist! I, Charanko, Master Bang's best disciple, shall put you back in your place." Before he has a chance to take a stance. Genos has already grabbed him by the throat, rendering him helpless. "Guh! I give!" He coughed before Genos released him.

"This is your best disciple?" Sonic approached with a skeptical tone.

More politely Rider added, "I heard your dojo was full of skilled fighters, Master Bang."

"Well, it was until one of my disciples went on a rampage. All my skilled disciples were killed by him."

"Is he strong? What's his name?" Saitama asked. Genos slumped in his arms as if he was ready to fall asleep.

"Garou…" Bang continued, "He was my best disciple back then, but I had to expel him after giving him a good beating. Turns out, I didn't have the heart to kill my own son."

"Your...son?" Rider asked cautiously. "Forgive me, but I wasn't aware vampires could reproduce."

The old vampire hummed to himself, "Hmmm yes, neither was I. I fell in love with a young maiden some years back, but I couldn't take the light from her. I didn't know she was with child until Garou saw the picture of his mother I kept. The boy flew into a rage. Apparently I was the reason his mother died in childbirth and why he never felt like he belonged and was bullied for it. He blamed me for all the wrongs in his life and...perhaps he was right...but the events that followed...I could not have foreseen." Bang took a breath and sighed remorseful. "She was the reason I gave up human blood and swapped to a diet solely of pigs blood. It does the job, but my magic isn't as strong."

"You must be really strong then old man." Saitama said, not imagining how anyone could be satisfied off straight animal's blood.

"You imbecile!" Charanko piped up bravely, "How can you not know the famous vampire Lord Bang! Denom level monster threat. Master of Silver Fang Castle. Leading his enemies around by the nose by moving like a calm stream...only to finish them off with a blood scythe forged from his own blood! A true master of all martial arts." Charanko then pointed at Saitama, "You're just some newbie vampire aren't you? Make light of Master and you'll be in for a painful surprise!"

"Charanko, don't make me lose face!" Bang spoke up, "Saitama is many times stronger than me."

Charanko was dumbfounded, he couldn't believe his ears. "Many times…Master you must be jok-"

Bang held up his hand effectively silencing the lesser vampire. "Not another word." He then looked toward the two pairs of men and said, "You are welcome to my castle any time. Please come and visit. There is natural hot spring located under the castle, you're welcome to use it."

Rider and sonic shared a glance before Rider said, "Thanks for the offer, but I think we'll pass on that. It would be frowned upon for hunters to enter Castle Silver Fang."

"Young man what I witnessed you do today was nothing short of heroic. The way you stood up for Genos and I, with little regard for your safety was the single greatest thing I've seen a human do. To think you a hunter would take the side of we monsters…" He chuckled to himself lightly. "Mayhaps there is hope for this world."

Rider blushed below his round rim glasses, and humbly said, "I'm not really a hunter and I just did what any decent person would do in the same situation."

The elder vampire's eyes were sharp and focused but had a softness to them. "Even so, my door is always open and you are forever welcomed at Castle Silver Fang."


A few days later~

Location: City A, Hellsing Academy Main Hall

Before the Hunter Graduation Ceremony stood the head of the Hellsing Academy. She had a tall, thin build, almost to the point of being lanky with creamy brown skin, blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her attire consisted of a black blazer and black dress pants, a white buttoned shirt, black shoes and a red cravat. She also wore a pair of circular wire-rimmed glasses, "My name is Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Van Hellsing, descendant of Abraham Van Hellsing and the last of my line. When I was 12 years old, my father passed away and entrusted me with the family's mission to lead the charge against all manner of monsters and undead that would harm the people of this country.

"As the official head of the Hellsing academy, I welcome you to this fateful day. Feel proud. This Academy has been training hunters for over a century now, and you are the latest graduates in that long honorable history.

"Your enemies are to be ghouls and vampires which gain immortality by drinking human blood. Our job is to carry around garlic and holy water, put a wooden stake in its heart, chop off its head, burn its corpse, and sprinkle its ashes at the crossroads. The impure soul shall turn into ash around the figure of the cross….

"This is what we do. The Hellsing Academy was established a century ago with the intention to fight vampires. If we were to have never been created, they should surely have realized their goal of subverting mankind into a race of demonic vermin.

"Right now we have 390 C-Class, 101 B Class, 38 A Class, 17 S Class. Clearly not enough hunters for the task at hand. There now stands a wall that cannot be surpassed unless the whole of humanity works together.

"We do not expect you to do the work for free.
For every monster you defeat, you will receive a suitable reward.

"The scale of the oncoming disaster has never been higher. We are at war against a conspiracy of vampire experts and they are displaying remarkable skill. Gentlemen the enemy is just like us-"


There in the middle of the crowd was a young man with sharp features, yellow eyes, and long silver hair that spikes upwards in two large prongs, giving the feeling of a young wolf. While not being a particularly large person, he was quite muscular wearing a tight black long-sleeved shirt and loose fitting white martial arts pants.

Integra did not humor the intruder, "That's enough you can leave now."

"That's how you treat your guests? Miss officer of justice? Uhum, I made up my mind. I'll punish the cowards. Time to conduct evil...and kill everyone!"

"He's out for blood. Throw him out." She gave the order to her three A Class hunters presiding over the graduation.

All those years of watching the supposed "hero" win brought him to this day, 'The popular will win, the hated will lose, it's such a tragedy. Then I won't lose to anyone! I will become the strongest villain and change the story!'

Garou easily defeated a young man wearing a cape, mask, and a magician's top hat. Then a large muscular man with a defined mustache swung on him. Before the big man even realized it, his arm was twisted and broken on itself.

"Oh no...that looks BROKEN." Garou mocked, "The strong are strong you dumbass." And punched his lights out.

"That kid's kicking A class ass!" One of the graduates screamed.

"What the fuck!" Another called out.

"What're ya gaining from it?" A graduate asked.

"Aren't you one of us?" Someone from the crowd demanded.

Garou stopped his onslaught to lecture. "No, no, no, no. What are you talking about imbeciles? Try to stay up to date. You guys don't get monsters. Listen. Heros are always late, monsters always get the initiative. They appear with no rhyme or reason. All of you are on the human side. I'm on the monster side."

A young man with black hair cut short and dark eyes, wearing a dark blue Kung Fu suit with white trimming stepped forward, "A man calling himself a monster...what a fool! You're right, you're not human, you are scum. The A class rank 6, Blue Fire shall cremate you!" He waved his hands and made a blast of flames appear, setting more that one person on fire.

"Hohoho, interesting." Across the room Garou held the bloody stump of Blue Fire's arm and from the sleeve he pulled out a mechanical device. "As I thought, just a cheap parlor trick. If you know the trick, there's really nothing amazing about it."

Blue Fire was too enraged to feel the pain.

Knowing the situation was out of control, Integra shouted into her communication piece, "This is the center hall! There's an incident amongst the graduates. Please send in all hunters within the building and a medic team too!"


Location: City D Convention Center

The center was bustling, a large crowd drawn in to watch the gaming competition. The main attraction was the man with a paper bag on his head unleashing an infinite combo attack on his current competitor. The spectators cheered as the life bar steadily drained to zero, the man’s opponent defeated in a matter of seconds.

The man with the paper bag on his head stood from the table, shaking hands with the loser, his massive frame towering over his competitor. The crowd was buzzing with excitement.

"That's the guy they call the earth's strongest gammer."

"It's King!"

"That's King!"

"You're already in Mr. King's sights, you’ll never win."

King was a towering 8 foot tall man who wore a brown paper bag over his head with eye holes cut out. He was built like a box, all angles and straight lines, with extremely large hands and thick fingers.

"I knew I've seen his mask before! He wears it to hide his secret identity."

"King! King! King!"

"Please sign this!"

His opponent, after learning he was playing against King, kneeled before him, pleading for forgiveness, "I-I-I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you!"

The rumble of the crowd grew louder.

"The player went on his knees!"

"The dude's crying!"

"Hurray for King!"

"The other guy fainted! Is this some kinda' super power?"

"That's just King's presence."

Above the noise and chatter of the onlookers, there was a thunderous sound pounding away, the speed of its rhythm increasing by the second.

"What's that noise?"

"Don't you know that's the King engine. That's the sound that starts when the strongest gamer on earth readies for battle. It has been said there isn't a single player that could defeat him in any game!"

"How can I become as strong a player as you?" A random stranger asked the man with the paper bag.

"I'm in a hurry...can you move aside?" The tall man said in a deep masculine tone.

"Are we causing trouble for Mr. King?!"

"We're sorry!"


"Show us your face!" A fan came running out of nowhere and grabbed the paper bag. King's hands were full, he couldn't stop him in time. The fan pulled and ripped the paper bag off from under his hood.

A collective gasp came from the surrounding people as they saw the man as he truly was for the first time. King had shoulder-length, slicked-back blonde hair that he kept combed back down to the nape of his neck. His face appeared stitched together with pale green skin, and watery blue eyes. His most notorious features were three vertical scars straight over his left eye, with sunken cheeks and a defined jawline. He had a square blocky head with bolts on his neck to serve as grotesque electrodes.

'How did it end up like this?' King helplessly thought as a ripple of growing fear went through the gathered crowd and his life unraveled before him in slow motion.

Location: M City shopping district

While out shopping Genos and Saitama come across the rabble of an angry mob.

A person screamed, "What the hell is that?!"

"It's a monster, get it!" Another shouted.

"Not even five grown men could subdue it!" Someone yelled.

Genos brought the matter to the attention of his master. "Master that person appears to be in trouble."

"Who?" Saitama inquired.

More shouting could be heard, "A monster!"

"Protect the children!"

"It's over there!" The mob seemed to be chasing something.

"A monster?" Genos answered, "Master could probably wipe it out. No wait...the man in trouble is a monster."


King managed to make it to a public bathroom and barricaded himself in. As the people chasing him banged on the door, King sought refuge inside one of the empty stalls. Breathing hard he said aloud, "So they came to kill me."

Panic took over as his thoughts ran away with him, 'How did it end up like this? Scary, so scary. I'm not dangerous at all! I'm just a kid's throw away science experiment! A robot with an artificial intelligence held together by meat parts…I'm twice TEN TIMES more cowardly than anyone. I'm so scared other people can hear my heart engine revving.' King looked down under his hoodie to see his electrified dome over his heart.

His watery eyes leaked like a faucet, 'It just happens that I was created by Child Emperor to battle in pit fights with other constructs, but I was so scared I ran away. Then Hellsing Academy came and gave me the unlicensed monster title without my consent and made me a wanted man! I only play video games competitively because it's the only thing I'm good at. Now I live on the lamb as a secluded useless otaku! That's all! I am no threat to anyone! They're a threat to me!'

King gulped hard as the mob outside grew louder, 'Oh shit I don't wanna die! Think. What can I do in a situation like this?'

After racking his brain over and over, there was only one simple conclusion, 'There's absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's the end.'

The barricaded door was getting beaten off its hinges and king frantically looked around the room and found a small window, 'Can I make a run for it?'


Location: City A, Hellsing Academy Main Hall

In a matter of minutes Hellsing's graduating class were turned into a waterpark of blood that painted the walls and floor red.

All that was left standing was Integra at her podium, with blood splashed across her glasses. Her face reflected the horror she witnessed a mere few seconds before.

"Now that should make a bloody great debut for Garou The Monster. Too bad you’re no good. I can't even use you as proper stepping stones, but I admit taking on several S class hunters at once might be too harsh for me right now, so I'll take my leave." He bowed in Integra's direction. "Within half a year I'll be even stronger than now and come back through your main gate." Then he turned to leave. With every step he took, the pooled blood moved toward him and slowly absorbed into his body.

"JUST WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Integra yelled out after him.

The young man turned toward her with a cocky swagger. "The villain."


Location: M city, King's apartment

Hydraulic pistons in his legs pumped as he ran holding his hood over his face. Luckily his place wasn't far and he managed to make it behind his door before anyone else could see him.

He let out a puff of air as he relaxed, safe in his sanctuary. "I got home safely. That mob is gonna haunt my nightmares."

The apartment was the definition of Bachelor's pad. Bags of trash set off to the side, unsorted. Dishes piled up in the sink. Controllers and console wires stretched across the floor. Open chip bags and others snack packages littered every surface.

Talking to himself, King said, "I'll play the game and forget about it all. The new dating simulation, "Doki doki Sisters" limited first edition. I'm so hyped. Gotta love the excitement of a newly bought game. Can't wait to try it out. Dating games are an oasis for the heart. I can't get enough of Doki Doki Sisters' opening. I'm so pumped."

The game booted up and a cute anime girl with too big hair popped up, "Wake up onii-chan! It's morning!"

"The hell is up with the voice actress? Can she sound any more bland?" But King let it slide and moved on. "Now the name entry screen...tough choice."

"Why don't you go with King?"

Without a second guess he answered, "Nah, using my gamer tag is a bit...if anyone sees the game character calling me "King Onii-chan" I'm gonna kill myself." Thinking a moment on the question he turned to see a bald, ordinary-looking man with a thin, but well-built physique, of average height and weight. His skin was very pale with gaunt cheeks, and eyes that appeared sunken.

'….Eh? Who's this guy? What's he doing here?' King finally noticed.

"The window was open." The baldy answered his puzzled face.

"Dude this is the 22nd floor." King was quick on the response, but switched to an intimidating front. "This is quite bothersome, you can't just walk into someone else's home? Don't you know I'm a scary monster?"

"Yeah that's what I heard, but I gotta say..." He turned his shiny bald head toward the TV, "Didn't think you'd be a guy into this kinda' game."

"Onii-chan tell me your name!" The game voice said.

"STOOOOOP!" King yelled in embarrassment.

The bald man picked up a game case, "What kinda' game is this? Any fun?"

"Eh?" King questioned then saw an opening to bury the evidence of his otaku side, "AH! THAT ONE'S AN ACTION GAME!"

"Do you pilot a robot in this?" his expression was extremely passive.


"But it says Doki Doki Sisters right on the cover." The intruder's voice was bland and unremarkable.

King was in too deep to give up the facade now, "FOR REAL! HERE I THOUGHT IT READ "ANGRY ANGRY" SHOOTING STAR. THEY LIED TO ME! I'M GONNA THROW THIS ONE OUT!" In the corner of his eye he saw the TV and remembered the game was still running, "WHOOPS GOTTA TURN OFF THE POWER NOW, THEY CHARGE A LOT FOR POWER YOU KNOW! HOW EMBARRASSING, BUYING A DATING SIM BY MISTAKE! HAHAHA!" Kings insides felt like broken glass as he forced himself to fake laugh.

"Then show me this one instead." The guy was so mellow next to King's panic attack it was almost like he wasn't really there.

"YEAH YOU'RE RIGHT THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE…Eh? You wanna try this one?" King asked honestly.

"Is that a no?" He looked disappointed to King, like he was letting down a puppy. Not a cute puppy, but one of those bug-eyed, short faced breeds that drooled a lot, but still a puppy. "I thought you were bored."

"No, erm…" King started with an excuse but thought, 'What is this guy thinking? He shows no fear or respect. Why is he here anyway?'


"Oh hey King, you're really damn good at video games." The guy had joined him sitting on the floor and been watching King play for the past hour.

"Well I have topped a few game tournaments." King said in a matter of fact way, because it was a fact. It's how he made his living, but just how long was this guy gonna stay? Couldn't he leave already?

"Wow you topped? Not only are you a monster in real life, but also at video games." They settle into a comfortable silence before the bald guy bluntly asked, "So why did you attack those people?"

"Pfuh," king spit out the juice box he was sipping on and jumped to his feet abandoning the game. In a flask he was across the room, his back to the kitchen counter, 'He must be a hunter!' He thought, 'They're completely mistaken. I am a man-shaped clump of lies! I have to say it now! I have to tell him...if I don't...I'll die!'

The guy rose to his feet and approached slowly.

King screamed for his life.

"Did you seriously just piss yourself because of me? Are you ok?"

'That voice…' King was transported back in time to three years before. Just after he escaped the laboratory and was living on the streets. He was being attacked by three guys, kicking him while he was on the ground. All forms of violence scared King and all he could do was curl into a ball and hope he lived. Then out of nowhere a man in a blue tracksuit pulled the thugs off and punched them.

King was still curled up in a ball crying, when the man said to him, "They've been taken care of. Are your eyes alright?" King just kept weeping. His hands were shaking as he held his face. "The wounds don’t look too deep, try to slowly open them."

King remembered opening his eyes to the sight of a man with black hair covered in injuries. "You're terribly hurt!" King remembered saying.

"These scratches are nothing. I'm trying to become a hero for a hobby."

As King stared at the bald man though his watery eyes the two faces overlapped and became one.

King started to sob uncontrollably.

"Hey King what's the matter?" The man asked showing a hint of concern in his voice, the first real emotion that he had expressed.



Location: A city

Days later Integra was attending the funeral for the fallen hunters at Graduation. The graveyard was full of freshly turned soil and shiny new headstones. Parents, spouses, children all in black weeped for their past loved ones. The sky seemed to match the depressing mood with a grey overcast and light drissel.

Integra wore a dark veil and stood at the forefront of graves. "I don't expect to be forgiven. This is all my fault," She said to herself.

Back at her office in Hellsing Academy, she sat at her desk while her butler Walter gave a full report, "The information section of the Hellsing Academy is rigorously investigating the background of the man calling himself Garou The Human Monster." Walter was a tall, thin man who typically wore black dress pants, a white dress shirt with a purple tie, and a purple vest. He also wore white gloves and tended to keep his long hair in a tightly bound ponytail. His eyes were blue, and he wore a monocle which rested on his the bridge of his nose.

"Proceed with the investigation," Sir Integra ordered. "Leave no stone unturned. I want no information overlooked. No matter how seemingly insignificant."

From behind his back, Walter pulled out an envelope, "We received this. Please take a look at the sender's address."

Sir Integra read aloud, "Division XIII of the Iscariot organisation. Enrico Maxwell."

The letter gave instructions to meet at a specified time and place. 'To the leader of Hellsing. With this pleasant arrival of summer. Shall we visit some museums together?'

Sir Integra stabbed the letter though its wax seal after reading it.

Location: B City Art History Museum

"Our host appears to be late. Could it be...that we have fallen into another trap?" Sir Integra asked Walter as she viewed a painting of a battle.

"Impossible," he reassured, "Though we are dealing with the Vatican. They would not dare aggress against us under broad daylight. After all, we have home field advantage, and they are hundreds of miles away from any support."

It was then that two men approached from down the hallway. One was an older priest with wire frame glasses. The other man was much younger carrying a bouquet of yellow roses. He was a tall and slender man who wore white and purple garb, as well as white gloves. his long, silvery-white hair was kept in a ponytail and his eyes appeared violet in color against his fair skin.

"Good afternoon. Sorry for keeping you,” he said in a strong Italian accent.

Sir Integra was in no mood for pleasantries, "Do not approach me further." The lean man stopped dead in his tracks. "What business here does Iscariot have? How dare they send a raucous little boy to represent their band of murderers?"

"Oh, this is no good. Looks like we're not well liked here. I certainly don't feel very welcomed. First, allow me to introduce myself. I am the commander of division XIII: Enrico Maxwell. Pleased to meet you."

"I don't care who you are. Tell me why you're here."

"Now, now, there is no reason to be upset. We are here to give condolences to you and your organization. To the 135 members that fell in the line of duty and the 24 members that were injured."

Sir Integra was caught off guard by how quickly the information had spread. This man had her full attention, and not in a good way.

Maxwell's fake smile matched his fake pleasantries, "I hear your organization is on the verge of annihilation from one man calling himself a monster." It was then that he offered her the roses. "Please don't be angry. I didn't come here to fight with you."

"HOW AM I TO BELIEVE THAT?!" Sir Integra knocked the flowers out of his hand, scattering petals across the floor. "Iscariot violated countless treaties when it dispatched Father Anderson. You attacked my organization by attacking my hunter! Don't tell me you weren't aware! I have no intention of continuing this ridiculous farce."

"So what?" Maxwell had drop all the fake niceness and his tone was cold.

Sir Integra was beyond insulted, "What do you mean "so what"? What makes you think that you can step over our backs and up our stairs whenever tensions ease?"

"You are getting impudent because I treat you with you with kindness. So I suggest you shut up and listen!"

"How dare you," she growled.

He raised a hand. "Father Ronaldo." The man next to him held up a vial with a freak chip in it. "Recently some filthy bugs have been spreading through our holy land. Our research indicates most of the bugs came from your country. Because your cowardly organization can't even exterminate vermin within their own territory, it became even weaker. So as a result the vermin have poured into our territory. For us, Hellsing and the vampires are one in the same.

"What difference does it make if two or two million of your vial protestant soldiers die. We would never deal with your heretical ilk if it were not a direct order from his holiness, the Pope. However if your people continue to hold a grudge against the Vatican…section 13, without any hesitation, will exterminate both the vampires and Hellsing! Do you understand you IGNORANT HEATHEN SOW!"

Zombieman stepped from the shadows and said, "Sow? Nothing like the 13th division to put the fear of god in you. Even your insults are despicable. Oppressors of men, makers of the false peace, betrayers of the laws, slaughterers of all who oppose. It's always the same. The church has changed little in two thousand years."

"The immortal Zombie Man," Maxwell was nearly in awe and put back up his fake pleasantries, "It's the first time I've seen you with my own eyes. It is a pleasure to meet you." He bowed low.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Maxwell. And goodbye. Did you think you could call my boss a sow and leave this place alive?" Zombie Man pulled his long pistol from his coat and aimed it at Maxwell's head.

"Oh, I'm paralyzed with fright." The division leader mocked, "I'm afraid we can't be talking business anymore. For the last time: if these weren't directly important matters, we wouldn't be here. But if you wish...let's make it an even fight." He snapped his fingers and yelled out, "ANDERSON!"

At the end of the hall a tall man appeared, with bayonets at the ready. Quoting scripture, he stalked forward.

Maxwell was alarmed by the display of aggression and tried to rein him in, "No Anderson! Stop it!"

"I shall purify all, with a single blow. Mine enemies stand before mine eyes. Who shall mourn for Division XIII? Who shall mourn for the Vatican?" Anderson's green eyes were a light with killing intent.

"Your presence is enough Anderson! Stop it!" Maxwell pleated, but it fell on deaf ears. He then turned to Integra and with fear in his voice said, "Please go! We shall speak another time. Perhaps…he loses control at the sight of you!"

Zombie man didn't hesitate to draw a second gun, "Come on! It's time we got to know each other Judas Priest!"

"Hahahahaha!" Father Anderson cackled like a mad man.

Both their weapons were at the ready when a small child walked up to them and asked, "Is that a real gun?"

Everyone froze in their tracks and looked down at the small child as he asked another question, "Is that legal?" His big bright eyes looked Father Anderson up and down, "Are those knives? They sure are big. My mommy doesn't let me play with knives. What game are you two playing?" His head swiveled between the two men waiting for an answer.

"Simon Belmont get back in line!" A woman called out.

The little boy then ran back to a class of kindergartens that were passing by the open door with their teacher, laughing and chatting.

"This is the art gallery children, please come this way," the teacher's sweet voice rang out.

"Perhaps we should part," Anderson said.

"You're right. The magic is gone." Zombie Man replied and put his guns away then turned to leave. "I'm going back to sleep. Making me get up in the middle of the day after a graveyard shift. I'm dead tired."

Anderson turned away as well, and said to his Commander, "I'll return to the Vatican. There is nothing more here to do." Then smiled with joy. “This is really a wonderful museum. I shall bring the orphans next time."

"That's great," Maxwell said deflating in relief.

"Next time, Zombie Man, I shall surely kill thee." Anderson said under his breath as he walked out.

"Would you like to accompany me to the outdoor cafe for some coffee?" Maxwell awkwardly asked Integra.

"I'd love some," she chuckled. "Its seems we both have some troublesome subordinates. Speaking from one swine to another."

"Still spiteful are we? Fine! Call me what you will."

Location: Z City, Abandoned Zone, Saitama's apartment

King had come over everyday for the past week to play games. They would game all day long and stay up for hours, and through all of this, Genos had been a good host; bringing them snacks and watching them play.

Genos was happy that Saitama had a friend he could hang out with, but when King was over it was like Genos doesn't exist. Even though they worked together Genos had to put on his princely performance and Saitama blended into the background.

What was worse was that damn dog liked King. The moment King stepped through the door Rover gave him a sniff and wagged his tail. A much warmer reception than Genos had ever received.

He didn't want to feel these things, but he couldn't help feeling ignored by the only person he wished to please.

Genos was making a snack while the two played a combat game. Per usual, Saitama was losing and being vocal about it. That was when Genos made a mistake mixing ingredients "God damn it!" He cursed out loud and his temper flared, causing fire to erupt from his left hand and the flames spread to the stove.

"Fuck!" Quickly he used his left hand to extinguish the flames, but it was too late. The smoke detector was already going off. He growled loudly at the annoying thing.

"Genos?" Saitama asked.

"What?!" The response was dripping with anger.

"Everything ok?"

"FINE! Everything is FINE!"

Clearly things were not fine.

The sound of a heart beat could be heard over the beeping of the machine. "I'll come back later." And King got up from his spot in front of the TV.

"Man you don't gotta leave." They had been playing since mid morning and it was only the afternoon.

King made a quick excuse, while his heart picked up in tempo. "I got errands to run. I'll leave my system here."

"Thanks man. See ya." As soon as King closed the door he turned his attention to Genos. "Hey, What's your problem? You were real rude to King just now."

"My problem? So are you finally noticing I'm here." Genos shouted at him though the kitchen opening.

"What does that mean?" Saitama matched Genos' volume.

"It means that...." Flames were dancing up and down one of Genos' arms while ice crystals flaked off the other. "You tell me how special I am to you and then you push me away and pretend I don't exist! Am I too sexual? I stopped offering and have been waiting for you to make the first move. Is it because I'm male? Do you not find me attractive?"

Saitama puffed up his chest ready to protest, but then thought about how he had been too busy playing video games to have a relationship. Now everything seemed to make sense. Saitama really had taken Genos for granted.

Saitama slowly let out the breath he took in. Not only did he not make them official, he had been a bad boyfriend. It was time to set things right. "Genos there's something you should know."

That got the angry incubus' attention, and now all Saitama had to do was keep talking. He swallowed hard at the anxiety in his throat. "After I turned into a vampire my emotions weakened day after day until I was numb. I felt no fear, joy, anger, sadness, or pleasure. I became super strong, but I lost something fundamental to being human. Everyday was the same day and everything became a dull chore. Even fighting monsters lost its excitement when it could be ended in one punch." Genos' eye seem to soften as he listened and Saitama continued before he lost his nerve, "I don't push you away because I don't like you or I don't find you attractive. I just think you deserve someone that can give you what you need. I can't love you. I don't think I'm capable."

"Saitama," Genos said breathlessly with a pause, "Minions of hell can't feel love. We know sin, fear, hate, but we don't know love. But I feel so much more when I'm with you; loyalty, admiration, compassion. Things I never thought myself capable of. You have given me far more than I deserve and I'm sorry I cannot return a 10th of that. Devils cannot love, they can only serve."

Saitama chuckled and approached the kitchen opening above the sink, "Aren't we a pair. Declaring our NOT love for one another. Hehe." He leaned over the sink and Genos met him halfway, noses brushed past each other, "I'm sorry I ignored you. I still care about you, You're still my friend, but I can be dense. Ya gotta remind me not to forget sometimes."


Location: The Outdoor Cafe.

"I am entirely aware of your state," Maxwell began, "A short while ago your headquarters suffered the invasion of one man calling himself a monster, nearly leading to the academy's destruction. Currently all hope lies in a code name...Paradise Group. You are expending immense resources searching for an answer. We know that you have tried many methods of finding the true creators, but all efforts have failed."

Integra responded deadpan, "You've done your homework. It's just like you said."

"This is a so called special operations matter, but we do have some information. We have a set of documents in our possession. Their existence is of the utmost secrecy. Want to know what it really is? Do you really want to know? You do don't you?" Maxwell smiled, basking in the control he had over Integra.

"What are you trying to say?" Integra didn't want to play puppet to his fantasies.

"Don't you believe we can work together to solve our problems? Of course the incident a short while ago might be detrimental to our cooperation. I hope you will be able to understand and forget the matter."

"Very well. I'm satisfied."

"Of course you'll have to do one more thing...before I tell you." Maxwell had a habit of squinting one eye when he was being manipulative.


"When there's something important that you want someone else to do, isn't there something you should say? Like please?"

Walter was normal a stoic buttler, but he could not tolerate such disrespect of his master. "Don't think that we shall roll over so readily!"

"Walter! Quiet!" Integra reprimanded, "If but one sentence can make Iscariot divulge its deepest secret, is it not well worth the price? Also our power has greatly weakened. We need all of the help we can get. Remember, every drop of water is like gold to a man dying of thirst.

"Please. No matter how trivial the information, please tell me. I thank you for your assistance honorable Mr. Maxwell of the Roman Calothic Church, director of Vatican Special Operations Force Division XIII, the Iscariots."

"Okay. I got it, Miss Honorable Madam Sir Lady Integra Fairbrook Wingates Van Hellsing." Satisfied with his pound of flesh he pulled out an old file and dropped it in front of her. "I give you Millennium. It started over half a century ago during World War II. After the defeat of the nazi Germany, large numbers of nazi party loyalists fled the country. Myriad of organizations were established to aid in the escape of wanted nazi war criminals. Many of them fled to countries in South America, where there were a number of pro German states. Most of them escaped directly after or before the end of the war. This is interesting since if they had fled while the war was still on, they would have technically committed treason."

Integra read while he narrated, "Those survivors were the Millennium Group?"

"Yes. The "millennium" that we know of is both the name of an operation and of a nazi detachment. The name refers to the movement of secrete and valuable nazi items out of Germany: it also refers to the people undertaking this task. The millennium plan was underway even from the very early days of the war."

Ingera looked up at him with a gasp.

"And why do we know so much? Because their primary assistance came from...the Vatican!"


Location: Unknown

Two men watch a monitor with Integra and Maxwell sitting at the cafe.

"It looks like they finally figured it out. They know about Millennium." A man in a bloodstained white lab coat said. He wore glasses with an assortment of adjustable, multi-lensed spectacles.

"Figured it out? They still don't know a thing," a short, plump man with blond hair and golden eyes said with a wide grin. His hair was oddly styled, with a longer section coming up and then down again in the front left side of his head, like a folded piece of paper.

"You seem to be enjoying this major."

"Enjoying is hardly the word for this feeling doctor. I'm ecstatic. Positively giddy with anticipation. Just think about the terrible bloody struggle awaits us. It will be the greatest war of them all."