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The one upping contest

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It was a gloomy overcast day and Genos was doing his normal duties of cleaning the apartment while Saitama watched news on bats, when he sensed something moving in the abandoned zone. Ever since Genos made Saitama his master, he has been able to “feel” the area around their apartment and after last night Genos thought that the hunter could have followed them and was coming back with reinforcements. So he quietly excused himself, not to disrupt his master, and went out to investigate.

The streets were empty as expected, except for the mummified bodies of dead animals. Something had been through here, and drained the blood of every living thing. Genos followed the sound of flapping and found a swarm of bats blacking out the sky and a vampire woman floating in mid air as the center of the vortex. She looked like she was wearing the "sexy vampire" Halloween costume.

"What's with you lot?" She said to her bats, "This is not nearly enough blood. Now go and get me more." Her eyes darted to the side and found Genos, appearing as an ordinary human.

"I see you make the bats suck blood, only to take it all for yourself." Genos coldly stated, "If we assume that your are controlling the bats it would explain why they are moving in such an abnormally large swarm. I wonder, if I get rid of you will this annoying swarm disband?"

"Just another pitiful human doing your master's bitting. Pathetic." Her tone shifted from cute to bitchy. "I will drink your master dry and have all of the abandoned zone to myself! After I kill you of course. Tehe-” she laughed obnoxiously. “Fetch me his blood my babies!"

Genos got a vision of the swarm of bats over taking and killing Saitama, "I will eliminate you! INCINERATE!" He yelled and let loose a surge of fire from his left palm, burning away the attacking swarm. Genos looked at his arm in shock. He didn't know what possessed him to say that, or how he was able to cast the spell but there was no discounting that power, if only he could do it again.

The vampire was amazed for a moment then grinded mincingly. She called the bats into a cyclone formation, while she transformed into a giant bat-woman.

'She must be desperate to attack during the day. Even with overcast it's still a high risk.' Genos thought tactically and dropped his charm to spread his wings and fly, ready to dodge. ‘Illusion would prove useless. A vampire's sense of smell was nearly as good as a werewolf's. Hopefully direct attacks are enough.' Genos swooped in to attack with his claws, but she quickly blocked and countered with a claw slash, that Genos managed to stop in time.

While locked in mid air combat she said, "Hmmmm you're pretty strong, maybe I should make you mine instead."

Insulted, Genos felt the fire magic heat at his palm again and aimed a blast of fire at her face, forcing her to dodge and pull away, “It's useless. You cannot escape me!” He exclaimed. It seemed the fire was powered by his rage, he could work with that.

"You look a little too dangerous to keep as my pet. I might get killed if I don't do something. Come to me my babies!" She called the bats and they surround her in a ball.

Genos pulled away to land and calculated his next move, 'She's calling more bats. She wasn't only making them collect blood in this town, but in a far bigger area. Seems like blood does not only serve as food for her. I better end this before she is done summoning them.' His eyes and left arm glow, charging another attack.

The giant sphere morphed and poured on him like a waterfall, burying him in blood sucking flying mammals. Genos released his built up charge in an explosion of fire, burning away the swarm.

"Wow that's pretty cool. Where'd you learn to do that?"

Genos spun around at the sound of his master's voice, "Master what are you doing here!" Saitama was caught in the blast of fire and was completely naked.

“Looking for you. It's all over the news to say indoors. Something is leaving dried up bodies behind.”

Laughter rained down from the sky causing them to look up at the vampire woman, "My babies have served their purpose! I have no need for them now."

"Guess it was that," Saitama interjected.

Genos turned to Saitama, "Master get away from here! She will kill you for your domain. I will buy you some time, now RUN!" There was no time to waste, he had to attack while she was distracted. He flew toward her, but she was too quick and in a flask she was in front of him. Genos raised his palm for another attack, but she sliced his arm off with her claws.

“How weak," she said mockingly. Then Genos saw his wings fall away from his body and plummeted to the ground, but her attacks didn't stop. Like a blinder of swords, she cut open his belly, chest, face, and legs.

As Genos was being thrashed all he could think was, 'I see. The more blood see consumes the faster and more powerful her body gets.' Genos hit the ground broken and immobile. Red blood pooled on the pavement from black innards. One eye was slashed out and his his face was spiderwebbed cracked like a porcelain doll, 'I let my guard down and now I have no chance of winning.'

She banked around coming in for the kill, screaming, "NOW DIE!"

Genos's last thought were of Saitama, 'I'm sorry Master. I hope I bought you enough time for you to escape.'

As Genos watched the crazed beast like vampire dive bomb him, a hand appeared and slapped her face, causing a blood splatter over a building.


Genos couldn't believe his eye. ‘Had the monster really been taken out with just one hit? Was this a dream?’ Genos thought as his vision faded to black.

Saitama put a hand to the crack on the young devil's cheek, "Genos, Genos, stay with me buddy," Saitama knew he has to act quickly before his panic set in. He bit deep into his wrist and let it pour into Genos's mouth. "Drink this and you'll be ok."


Darkness gave way to the burning fires of hell as raw power filled Genos' slashed insides and his screams were muffled by his master's arm.

Saitama was startled by the devil's response and pulled his wrist away. Saitam watched Genos' belly wounds start closing, but it was too slow. In a panic Saitama asked, "You ok? You can regrow this, right?"

Genos was panting barely able to talk, “I need to…. feed…. to heal.”

Saitama thought about how Genos needs to feed and balked, "I don't know if I can get it up!"

"You can... if you... feed."

"Genos you lost enough blood. What if i can't stop?"

“I am…. dead…. either way.”

Saitama was scared of what he would do to Genos, but the kid looked so bad, he would just have to trust he wouldn't kill him. He got between Genos' legs, and tried to get his pants down, but ripped them off instead.

Saitama felt so uneasy, he was about to have first time gay sex and he was woefully unprepared. "Don't we need lube?" Saitama asked shaky.

"No…. time." Genos panted out.

“But won't it tear or something?"

Genos focused on not blacking out as he spoke, "the bite... will… be enough."

Saitama was just going to have to trust him. His eyes go red, and he sunk his teeth into Genos's neck.

Genos inhaled deeply, and put a hand behind saitama's head, holding himself and his master steady.

Genos's spicy blood hit Saitama's mouth and instantly the arousal burned in his loins. Saitama had to use every once of his will power to pull away.

"Go slow... I'm ready." Genos said breathy.

Saitama stoked his length and lined up his cock to Genos's entrance and pushed, discovering Genos was already wet. Saitama slid in the head, basking in how plush and warm Genos felt as his opening expanded, letting in more of Saitama's length.

Genos was on the edge of pain and pleasure. His skin was on fire, and electricity bounced in his brain. Genos tried to relax as Saitama slowly filled him, but he was so thick and there seemed to be no end in sight. Genos threw his head back and moaned, he had never been so stretched.

Saitama finally bottomed out and sheathed himself. God! Genos was so fucking tight. "D-d-do you ne-need.... to get use to it?" Saitama stuttered out.

Even now his master was too kind. Genos pulled him into a kiss, tasting the metallic tang of blood And Then pulled away to look into crimson eyes "Your eyes are beautiful," and presented his neck.

Saitama could feel his fangs grow longer and reopened the bite mark to suck in more rich spice. Genos tasted like whiskey, and hot sauce meeting cinnamon and mint. It burned then cooled then burned again. It was taking a lot of self control to not rip Genos open. He was very careful to listen for Genos's heartbeat, to not drink too much.

Genos humed out a moan and weakly wrapped his legs around Saitama's low back, begging in unspoken words that Saitama answered with a push then pull of their bodies.

Saitama's aura flowed into him; a nervous wreck full of worry, fear, and hope, but not pleasure. Saitama was hard in him, but Genos could feel he wasn't into it. Genos felt like he was betraying his master, 'Even after my vow,’ he thought, ‘I am still forcing him.'

This is not how Genos wanted their "first" to be. Genos wanted to ease Saitama into gay sex, by experimenting and exploring, and working their way forward until Saitama was ready…. willing. Instead his master was forcing himself to have sex to safe Genos's life.

Genos didn't understand, he was a devil; expendable, replaceable, worthless. 'To go this far... he really would do anything for a friend. I'm pathetic. I can't even pleasure him in my final moments. I didn't deserve his kindness,' and Genos's grip slacked.

Saitama stopped sucking and put a hand to Genos good cheek, and he felt so cold. "Don't pass out. Here," saitama bit into his wrist again, "take more blood!"

Genos's eyes opened wide and glowed bright as more blood filled his throat, making him cough like he was drowning. ‘How pathetic,’ he thought, ‘I wasn't strong enough to protect my master, and now I'm not strong enough to be saved by him.’

Genos pushed his Master's bloody wrist away, "Master Saitama You are the most powerful creature I have ever met and also the kindest. You are too kind and too gentle and the world does not deserve someone so caring." Genos knew he was going to die, but to die alone or in the arms of his wonderful master? Genos would choose the later. "I'm better for having known you."


"I am sorry... I know it is over 20 words."

"No keep talking," Saitama picked Genos up, and held him in his lap, thrusting up, "Dont stop" Saitama had a tight grip on Genos' hips with nails digging into his plump ass.

Genos could feel a rush of embarrassment and excitement in his master as he poured on the praise, “You are always careful when you touch me. Your body...such power and grace, a work of art...."

Genos put his hand on Saitama's bald head, "The body of a god....."

Genos leaned forward putting forehead to forehead, "but so humble, You could have the world, but are content to read your manga."

Genos petted his scalp lightly, "I have never met anyone as great or as important as you."

Genos watched as his master's expression became more distressed, his eyes fixating and pupils dilating, "The world does not deserve you. I would see it all burn before I let it hurt you."

Saitama was moaning and thrusting with abandon into Genos's tight wet hole and Genos tightened his legs around Saitama's back, as he bucked harder and harder, but the sting of pain was worth it when Saitama hit his prostate.

Genos felt his master getting closer and it built up his own arousal. His hard phallus rubbed up against washboard abs with every thrust, making him leak.

Genos insides start to glow like molten steel, it started in his eyes, then spread down to his mouth, and chest. Through his mussel seams, to his open wounds and finally his exposed bones. All glowing the same white hot light.

Saitama full body shuddered as he reached his climax. Genos wined and felt Saitama's orgasm through his aura and he rode out the shockwave, throwing his head back screaming a moan and spraying saitama's chest.

In the same instance his wings pop out of his back and his arm reappears, both covered in lava. Genos wrapped his new arm around Saitama's back and held him, still quacking in the aftermath.

"See? I knew you could grow it back" Saitama panted out and then smiled.

"That wasn't supposed to happen." Genos whispered in his ear.


Genos looked at his new hand, "I dont have the ability to regenerate."

"but,-but my blood.... and your feeding...."

"At most that should have closed the wounds....." Genos continued in a low whisper, "not regrow..."

Saitama had a serious face, he was fearful for what it all meant, but did not want to let it show and hugged Genos close, moving a hand into blond strands for comfort.

His erection softened then slipped out and all at once Saitama realized they are still in the middle of the street, "Sticky," saitama said aloud, but Genos was boneless in his arms, "let's get you home and cleaned up."


Genos was like rag doll when Saitama put him in the tub. Genos was quiet, off in his own little words of thought while Saitama scrubbed both their bodies, removing dried spunk and street dirt. Saitama does not question it, the kid had a hard day, but He never noticed how soft Genos's skin was before today.

Saitama was using a towel to dry off Genos's hair, keeping mindful of the horns, when Genos finally spoke up, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Saitama asked.

“I failed you.” Genos’ tone was miserable.

“No you didn't.” Saitama tried to reassure.

"I forced you. I don't deserve you." Black streaks ran down Genos’ now pristine face.

Saitama really can’t handle that crying face. He cupped his hands on Genos' cheeks, "You deserve so much better than me." Saitama kissed his forehead and gazed into sad longing eyes, while rubbing Genos's cheek. Then declared, "To hell with being straight," and kissed Genos's mouth tenderly.

It took a moment but Genos kissed back gently and cupped Saitama's face. Causing the towel on his head to slip off and land in a plie on the floor. Feeling the moment was right Saitama pulled back and let the young devil breath.

Genos' eyes flickered like candle light. "May I hold you?" He asked.

Saitama nodded as a response.

Genos cautiously lowered his hands from Saitama's face to his waist and ever so softly laid his head on his master's chest, then big bat like wings movtd around and with feather light touch drape over saitama's shoulders.

Saitama nesseled his nose in the boys hair and pull Genos closer into a hug. How touch starved did he make genos feel?

"Does it feel disgusting? My wings touching you." Genos seemed to ask out of nowhere.

"Why would you say that?" Saitama sounded alarmed.

Genos thought back to the many talks his mistress had with him about intimacy and sex, with what they did being only sex. She would never let him hold her and would abandon him after getting herself off.

"Because this is intimate." Genos shrinked when he said it. His current master didn't want the sex, would he also not want the intimacy?

Saitama could hear Genos's heart flutter, "Genos. You're my best friend. It's okay to be intimate. Especially after a day like today." He could feel Genos shivering. "Are you cold? Let's wrap up in here and go into the living room." After all they were both standing in the bathroom naked and hugging.

The night was just starting, but Saitama rolled out the futons instead, "How bout you call into work and we'll call it an early night."

Genos was still weak in the knees. Never could he have imagined his former mistress being so compassionate. On autopilot he dialed his work number and managed to speak. His mind was too far away to pay attention to what excuse he gave and didn't care if the manager bought it or not. Genos hit end call and looked up to see Saitama pushing the futons together.

They crawl in under Saitama's heart comforter and Saitama pulled Genos in close thinking, 'I almost lost you today. I promise I won't let anyone hurt you like that again.'

"Can I put my wings around you?" Genos asked in the quiet dark.

"Sure buddy."

Genos moved his wings more confidently around Saitama's body, like a leather coat, but warmer and they stayed like that in comfortable silence.