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Never broken just bent

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No, why me I not weak I'm not a weak human I'm stronger than that. Right?
Three black coffee & 3 dozen donuts that about in enough for the pack meeting. Twenty minutes later
Shsh be quiet he here. That weird. Hey guys what wrong. Nothing weakling. Isaac is everything alright? Oh, nothing you murder. Ok, that enough gu no it, not you kill people stiles. No, I don't. Yes, u do we saw it on video. What video. This one.
There someone stapping someone in the chest. The boy who I tell had a blue hoodie black jeans that look like I had when I was 12 years old. Wait that when I kill that monster well on fuck. U see u kill that poor old man. Iiii didn't do it. So who is it.wh-what? how was it stiles Scott sound angry who is it stiles tell me? I don't know. I know it was useless my heart beat to fast. Get out now. Wh gets out stiles u posted to be my friend.I'm no u, not u monster. So I'm a monster say the real one. Scott had hurt in no everybody did. U guys kill someone before more than I did. So that snobby bitch Allison said u all fuck idiots. I took off ram to my jump fast than I ever ran before.
End of flashback
I am stronger than that I'm Poseidon Zeus Hades blood son I'm the son of the moon and sun I am a werewolf that can be human on a full moon without a human hold me back I stronger than them I'm stiles son of moon and sun and sky, sea and dead. I stronger