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He was finally getting used to the bright, almost blinding lights of the casino interior, multiple shades of the spectrum heightening his senses as they flashed. Loud bells and buzzers and music invaded his ears. He was having a little bit of trouble adjusting to the atmosphere; it had been two years since he had stepped into one of these buildings, and hadn’t thought he would have ever returned.


But the temptation was too great. He didn’t need the money, although it was a nice perk- it was for the thrill of what he was about to do.


Beat the system.


In the moment, the anxiety from the act made his heart race and he truly loved that feeling- It was like riding a really long rollercoaster, since they usually stayed at least a few hours or more in the casino lobbies.


He caught the eyes of Namjoon, staring at him from across a sea of tables over to the side. A pink tongue darted out, swiping swiftly over his bottom lip before Namjoon returned his attention to the card game happening in front of him.


The table was hot.


He quickly finished his second drink, his body loose from the strong liquor now running through his system. He wouldn’t be able to do this without a little help from the alcohol. His nerves were already on end, but during this, he never felt more alive.


The high was worth it, the feeling of being on cloud nine. He fingered the chips in his pocket as he strolled over to the table that Namjoon resided at, greeting the other two guests and the dealer politely as he sat down in an empty seat. It wasn’t a large table, smaller than he was used to. Namjoon must’ve been here at least thirty minutes or more, working the deck.


They had entered separately, and Yoongi and Hoseok were spread out somewhere in the casino as well. They had paired differently in college, but this was not meant to be a serious night. It was meant as a stake out; this particular casino was new on the strip and they hadn’t hit up anything in quite a while. There would be no suspicions against them and they were free to play- at least a little while.


It was all they would need.


Namjoon took a sip of his drink before grimacing, “Too sweet-”




Seokjin’s eyes swept the table before placing his chips in the space before him, smiling as the dealer flicked a card in his direction, and then another as they cycled through.


An ace was revealed first, and then a two.


The count was now +18.


Luck would be on his side that night, he could feel it. He sent a small smirk in Namjoon’s direction as he slid two red chips to sit below his cards. He was dressed expensively; no one would bat an eye at his one thousand dollar in- his disguise as a wealthy, millionaire’s bored son worked back then and it would work the same now.


Unknowingly to him, someone was watching-




The table was still hot but cooling rapidly. He had gotten a waitress to bring him a new drink, and he was half way finished with it when another man sat down across from him. He was dressed nicely, the fitted, button down shirt doing wonders to show off his well-built chest and biceps. He had a young face, younger than he expected to be in this establishment but he knew that was most likely part of his charm. His hair was dark and slightly shaggy, and his wide smile showcased his perfect teeth.


It reminded Seokjin of a bunny.


An attractive bunny.


He greeted everyone at the table, but Seokjin tried to not give him much of his attention. He was about ready to leave and take a break; he only had a few more hands before he could collect his chips, rest for a bit, and go join Hoseok or Yoongi at another table.


His eyes were focused on the cards, keeping the count. Currently it was +13, a five was played. +14. A jack. Back to +13. A-


“The weather has been nice, hasn’t it?” A light voice spoke from next to him, and he turned to the blonde man who had not spoken a single word other than to bet this entire time. Seokjin found the timing odd, this man had been here a while. Now the table was full, with the addition to the brunette. Speaking of which-


“It has indeed.” The brunette answered the blond, keeping his gaze longer than necessary, had they been complete strangers. It was like...


It was like how he was with Namjoon.


The brunette caught his eye, and reached to raise his drink as an act of acknowledgement.


Could this duo be card counters as well? He stared over at the man a few more moments, before looking back down at the table, letting out a silent curse. The dealer had already placed four new cards. He had to be quick- his eyes flashed the table, going in the direction of the hand. Namjoon had gotten a three, +14. The blonde had a new eight, still +14. He caught up to the dealer, who placed an ace down in front of him just as he had finished the mental math in his head-


“Black Jack!”


“Wow, maybe I sat down at the wrong time. You must be lucky-” The brunette commented, but Seokjin just frowned. There was a glint in the newcomer’s dark eyes, something that was enticing as he smiled at Seokjin after his seemingly loaded, innocent comment. He took a sip of his drink, gaze still locked with Seokjin’s own. It almost seemed like-


A challenge.


Since the blonde man had been here since the beginning, he could only assume that the brunette that resembled a bunny was a big player.


Two big players at one table? And two spotters- If he had ever been in this same situation, no one had made it obvious or called him out. But Seokjin was very observant and exceptional at reading people; it was painfully obvious that this man was trying to bait him into losing count.


“Sir? Your bet?” The dealer asked, making Seokjin flush and glance at the table, betting a measly hundred-dollar chip. His jaw clenched, a flush starting to trail up his neck and ears.


Namjoon yawned, faking his exhausted and bet low as well. “I must be getting tired.”


Tired. That was a signal word. He tried to piece it together, but a sudden pressure on his ankle stopped him- what the hell.


A chuckle off to his side. The brunette was slightly slouched in his chair, full grin set on his face. The mysterious object started to travel up his leg, his inner thigh-


As it settled between his legs, he could hardly suppress the sounds that wanted to escape his mouth, the realization hitting him hard. It was a foot.


The casino had cloths on all the tables, usually they were stripped bare to hinder any cheating attempts, but Seokjin guessed since this was a newer place, they wanted it for the atmosphere. He tried to sit up straighter, but the foot followed, settling back in between his crotch.


He felt trapped; he couldn’t just suddenly leave, that would draw too much attention. There wasn’t much shifting he could do in his seat, he couldn’t cross his legs because the foot was in the way. He couldn’t reach down under the table, he would probably be accused of cheating by the dealer-


He was stuck, for at least one more round. Namjoon shot him a strange glance but all he could do was stare back helplessly for a moment, before turning back to the table. He had lost the count and didn’t know what his next move should be. He only had big chips-


He barely held in a moan as the pressure between his legs increased, the only sound was the ringing in his ears as the situation at hand sent a shiver down his spine-


It was too much. This man was simply too much- Seokjin had never been challenged like this, he had nothing to fight back with. No one had ever done this before.


He was completely caught off guard and out in the open. This was a public place and he was turned on by a foot massaging his crotch- He would’ve laughed so hard he busted a gut if it had happened to anyone else. But it was happening to him. He squirmed a bit, but it was no use, the pressure remained. The biggest emotion he felt was mild annoyance- he didn’t come here for a hookup, he came here to count. Besides, he didn’t know if this guy was just doing it to mess him up, if he knew he was a big player, or if he was trying to flirt. Seokjin decided if it was the latter, he was failing miserably- he didn’t even know the man’s name.


But, that did make his situation even more alluring.


He chose to stay safe at his seventeen, even though he knew the dealer probably had great odds of getting higher than that if it got around to him again while his cards were frozen.


He was proven right when the round was over, the dealer locking in a twenty with a four-card combo. Seokjin tried to discreetly take a deep breath before stopping the dealer politely, slowly regaining his composure so he could leave the table looking semi-unfazed.


“I’d like to color up please.”


He didn’t really need to, most of his chips were of the higher denomination, but it bought him a little bit of time. He jerked his hips once the dealer had turned to count the chips on his own side, and the foot was knocked off. He glared intensely over at the man who had been teasing him, wanting to call him out but holding his tongue.


He was met with a satisfied smirk.



Seokjin tried to walk as normally as he could to the nearest bathroom, thankful that it was deserted after he entered. He leaned against the cool wall, his hand coming up to rub against his face as he focused on breathing, the weight of the situation crashing over him like a tidal wave.


This was definitely not how the night was supposed to go. He hadn’t stepped foot in a casino of any kind for years, after the group had decided to lay low after Seokjin and Yoongi had graduated. They had met their goal at the very least. Seokjin hadn’t really done it for the money anyway, although it was a very nice perk.


Namjoon had been desperate to pay for hospital bills and stay in school. Yoongi wanted a place of his own, with enough space for a studio. He and Hoseok had decided to share if they could find a place big enough. They did, but it was in an expensive part of town.


Shitty part time jobs wouldn’t cut it. They had to think bigger. Namjoon had first suggested it, with the others slowly came around the more he explained his logic and exactly how much they could make between the four of them. They researched as much as they could, grasping the rules- Seokjin wouldn’t lie and say it was easy. They had to come up with their own system, their own codes, their own language. A simple phrase and flick of the wrist suddenly had a double meaning.


They had split into teams the first few hits, Seokjin with Hoseok, Namjoon with Yoongi, but as time went on, it was easier to play with pretty much anyone.


Seokjin was the only one who had a preference- he would always be a big player. He could spot, but he didn’t like it as much. The sense of thrill was not as great, the stakes not as exciting. The higher currency chips were heavy from their place in his pants pocket- So much rested on his shoulders.


That’s why he had returned this night. Life had gotten boring, routine- when he answered Namjoon’s call, it had been a blessing. The thrill had immediately ran through his veins as he had prepared.


But now, it somehow felt like a mistake. He had won enough at the table before that brat had shown up, and the deck had been cooling, but the fact that he had been pretty much forced to leave after what happened; it made his blood boil.


He needed to calm down. He let out a deep sigh and made his way over to the marble sink, where he turned on the water and splashed a bit over his face. He supported himself as he leaned over the sink, staring down at the running water.


He failed to notice the door opening behind him, eyes closed, lost in thought-


Seokjin made a startled noise as a hand suddenly swept over his waist, his head whipping up to look behind him, stray droplets of water temporarily staining the fabric of his button-down shirt. He was met a teasing smirk and the mischievous gaze of the stranger that had been plaguing his thoughts all night.


“I have to say-” He chuckled lowly, “I didn’t expect to run into you here, Seokjin. Although great minds think alike, I suppose. This place is prime pickings since it’s so new on the strip. Regardless, I never imagined actually meeting you so soon.”


The taller man continued to stare back at the newcomer, unsure of what to say- was he supposed to know who this person was? The other sighed and stepped away ever so slightly, still well within Seokjin’s personal space as he pressed further back against the marble. “My name is Jungkook. I’m the new ace of Mline.”


Jungkook’s smirk widened as Seokjin made a noise of recognition. At Seokjin’s old school, Mline was the new name for the rookie group that had taken over the “math” club after the senior members had retired. Even though Seokjin had already graduated years before, he had heard the change but didn’t know who had actually joined. During his time at university, there were rumors that the original members gambled heavily, but the group was careful. Nothing but rumors circulated. However, in group gossip was bound to be high, so he wasn’t really surprised that Jungkook knew who he was.


“So, Jungkook-” Seokjin stood up straighter, mouth stretched into a frown. “Why did you come to our table? If you’re truly here only to stake out the place and earn big before they actually start paying closer attention, coming to my table and messing up my count would be a waste of time. You had plenty of other tables to choose from.”


“I wanted to see what the hype was about. I wasn’t disappointed; it takes a lot to ruin your concentration, huh?” The shorter man chuckled. Seokjin’s face started to flush and he shifted his hips, his body remembering the feeling of Jungkook’s socked foot pressed against his crotch.


“I’m not interested in mind games tonight-”


“Oh, come on, what’s the harm? We’re in a casino, gambling, why not make a small innocent bet?” He leaned closer, so close that Seokjin could feel Jungkook’s warm breath against his neck as he spoke. “Or are you too scared I’ll win?”


Seokjin could’ve said no, could’ve called him a shitty name and left- but Jungkook must’ve known that that particular line would strike the taller man deep to his core. He was a gambler at heart after all, risk was too tempting, too alluring. A shiver crept up his spine as Jungkook’s exhale tickled his throat once more.


He briefly thought of his friends, of Yoongi rolling his eyes at being provoked by this kid. But, there was something about him that drew Seokjin in. Something that evoked a new sense of thrill in his chest-


He met his gaze, a fierce determination set in eyes.


“What did you have in mind?”



The pair, surprisingly, ended up at the Roulette table, not Black Jack; they had walked by a table that Hoseok had been at, Seokjin just sent him a reassuring smile and small shake of his head. They would be able to meet up later.


“First things first, no funny business.” Seokjin mumbled as Jungkook sat in the plush chair next to him. He ignored the amused laugh and reached into his pocket to set some chips on the table in front of him.


“Seokjin, I know that’s not all that you have-”


Jungkook pulled out a handful of his own chips, most of them five hundred and one thousand-dollar denominations. “I’m laying it all out for you, can’t you do the same? Don’t you have any faith?”


Namjoon would kill him if he ended up losing everything in his pocket. But Jungkook had just blatantly challenged him once again, and it made his jaw clench. He emptied out his pocket and leaned closer to the table, a little apprehensive about having so many out at one time. But Jungkook just smiled and pat his knee, making Seokjin bite back a remark about how he had touched him.


They both watched the wheel for a few rounds, getting a feel for the game. Seokjin hadn’t played since the first time he had ever been in a casino. It was slightly refreshing to play another game seriously, not just Black Jack.


Jungkook made the first bet. “Five hundred on black evens.”


Seokjin looked over at him, surprised. He didn’t know they were starting so specific, usually he started with just colors-


“Five hundred on red evens.” He matched it, and sat back, ignoring the bets called by the other participants at the table. The wheel was spun and the sound was loud as it echoed around his head, his jaw clenched- He couldn’t lose this.


The wheel slowly stopped turning, the white ball falling into a slot-


A red thirty-two.


He resisted the urge to jump up and shout, restraining himself to sending a teasing smirk in his competition’s direction. Jungkook ran his tongue over the inside of his cheek, clearly irritated but there was a fierce determination in his gaze.


It reminded Seokjin of himself.


Seokjin won the next round, but then Jungkook won the one after that-


The feeling of thrill was still there, but something else had slowly crept in as well, the more bets he made-




He was having fun. He wasn’t calculating everything, except the amount he bid, but even that became second nature after the number of rounds they had done. The high he was feeling now was far superior than what he had felt in the past.


Jungkook had signalled a waitress, and they were both sipping on their respective drinks, Seokjin a martini, Jungkook a mojito-


“What does that taste like?” The brunette asked innocently, his eyes sweeping over the glass in Seokjin’s grasp. “You’ve never had a martini before? How old are you?”


“Twenty-one.” Jungkook’s fingers slid over the blonde’s wrist, holding it gently as he leaned down and sipped the opaque drink, face grimacing a moment later. “That’s gross, what the fuck-”


Seokjin chuckled loudly, a hearty flush of red slowly starting to creep over his cheeks. “Just go back to your wannabe soda.”


“I will to get that nasty taste out of my mouth, that’s pure garbage.” Seokjin just rolled his eyes, and sipped the bitter liquid himself before setting it back down on the table. He had honestly ordered it as just something to drink occasionally- he didn’t want to drink too much but this was just enough.


They placed more bets, the wins and loses a blur, Seokjin should’ve honestly paid more attention but in that moment, he found himself not caring- The rush from pure luck clouded his judgement-


And he liked it.


A gentle hand suddenly sat against his thigh, catching his attention. He gazed down and turned to Jungkook, ready to yell at him about touching him when he clearly said at the beginning for the younger brunette to keep his hands to himself but-


The look in Jungkook’s eyes stopped him. His full attention was on the game in front of them, the soft wrinkles beside his eyes showing pure excitement. His grin was wide and his body was leaned forward; Jungkook had touched him with no ill-intention. It was only an unconscious reaction.


He decided to not say anything.



Soon, Jungkook had finished his drink, and Seokjin slowly felt the excitement slipping away- the younger man turned to him, a determined look in his eyes.


“A kiss for good luck-” He muttered quietly, before grabbing the back of Seokjin’s neck and pulling him in, the blonde too shocked to push away. The gentle pressure of Jungkook’s lips on his own sent a new flush of red over his ears and cheeks, the rush returning full force. Jungkook’s tongue swept over his bottom lip before he pulled back, letting Seokjin go. He returned his attention to the wheel.


“21 to the maximum-” He called out, causing the entire table to look at him in shock, including Seokjin.


“Jungkook, that’s all your chips, what the hell are you doing-” Seokjin’s head spun, the mere thought of what Jungkook had just bet snapping him back into reality faster than a rubber band. Jungkook just held that cocky smile and went to move his chips forward.


There was suddenly a loud alarm, making the duo jump a split second before the sprinklers above them started to sprout water all over the interior, the machines, and the guests- There were screams of panic and people began to rush toward the exit. Seokjin darted to stand, but Jungkook grabbed his wrist.


“Don’t forget your chips.” He managed to say, while pocketing his own. Seokjin barely heard him over the chaos but picked up on what he was doing, slipping his own brightly covered chips into his pocket.


Seokjin realized that if they parted like this, there was a high chance they wouldn’t see each other again, at least not for a while. He knew nothing about Jungkook other than his name, his age, and the fact that he went to his old university. The water continued to rain down on them, but Seokjin didn’t want to leave. If he did, he would have to go find his friends, and leave Jungkook.


Jungkook seemed to sense Seokjin’s hesitancy; he had to go locate his own friends he had arrived with. He pulled him close, swiftly, and pressed his lips against his flushed ear.


“Pink flamingo, two am.” He grinned when Seokjin stared at him as he pulled back, confused look set on his face. “See you later.” He darted off, and Seokjin stood still until he was ushered out by the casino employees.



Pink flamingo, two am. What the hell did that mean? It was currently one thirty in the morning. The sprinklers had been turned off already; Namjoon had explained to him that one of the slots had overheated and caught on fire, causing the smoke alarm to go off and cause the commotion. Hoseok joked about it being the one Namjoon had touched, earning himself a rightfully deserved smack on the arm but he had just laughed louder at the thought. They had been allowed to return to their respective rooms, and Seokjin had showered and changed into more comfortable clothing for the evening.


But he was still stuck.


This was Las Vegas- the number of pink flamingos in the city, on the strip even, was almost laughable. How was he supposed to know where to go? To even start looking? He sighed and grabbed his keycard, wondering why the hell he was so desperate to meet that brat again- He took the elevator down to the lobby, and stepped out.


Across from him, sitting on one of the hotel couches, was Jungkook. Holding a pink, stuffed flamingo.




“I was hoping you were staying in this hotel too.” Jungkook flashed a quick grin, the wrinkles once again forming beside his eyes- Seokjin found the action endearing. He couldn’t resist him. Something inside of him snapped and he found himself standing right in front of the younger man.


He was tired of the games.


“Damn it, I’m cashing in.” He said and leaned down, capturing Jungkook’s lips in a heated kiss. His mind was a mix of emotions, a sea of uncertainty, but he did know one thing was for sure-


He wanted Jungkook.


“Do you want to come back up to my room?” He mumbled against the brunette’s lips, loving the way Jungkook’s arms slid up and over his shoulders, pulling him closer, the stuffed toy falling to his lap. Jungkook chuckled softly.


“I thought you’d never ask.”



Seokjin laid back against the sheets, still very naked but extremely sated. Jungkook curled against him, his chest still heaving but breath slowly returning to normal.


The night had ended extremely different than what he had anticipated, and he was sure that his friends would have a million questions for him tomorrow- He glanced at the clock sitting beside the bed, the red numbers glaring harshly in the semi-dark room.


Three am.


Later today, he mentally corrected himself.


“That was fun.” Jungkook mumbled against his skin, pressing his lips to place a gentle kiss against his shoulder.


“Glad to have been of service.”


“I mean it; it’s probably been the best night of my entire life.” Seokjin made a sound of acknowledgement- now that he was lying still, the momentum he had had since five the previous night was rapidly draining from his system. Something did strike him as odd though, and he found himself asking before he could stop himself.


“I do have one question- we were both obviously there last night to be big players and we seem to share the same sense of competition. Counting would’ve been way more intense. Why didn’t you challenge me in BlackJack, instead of Roulette?”


Jungkook was silent for a bit, and Seokjin wondered if he had fallen asleep. But soon a soft chuckle echoed through the room. “I would’ve lost. I’ve never actually officially counted before, or even played BlackJack to gamble. Tonight was supposed to be my first time; Jimin thought hitting a new casino would be a little easier to break me in. I was too nervous to do anything.”


Seokjin stared down at him, his mouth slightly open. He didn’t know how to respond. This cocky kid that had been able to distract him so easily hadn’t actually played before?


“What about Roulette?” He asked loudly, eyes wide as Jungkook tilted his head to look up at him.




He grabbed the blanket from where it had been kicked to the foot of the bed and brought it up, covering Seokjin’s lower body and up to his own chest. Seokjin continued to stare down at him before releasing a bark of laughter. He glanced over at the tokens on the table; how lucky Jungkook actually had to have been that night-


“You really are something else.” He mumbled, running his fingers through Jungkook’s soft strands of hair.


Something that Seokjin had not been looking for, but had unexpectedly found.


His own personal jackpot.