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Little Black Book of Love

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Tony Stark/ Ironman. TS (Avengers)

Bruce Banner/ Hulk. BB (Avengers)

Sam Wilkson/ The Falcon. SFW (Avengers)

Steve Rogers/ Captain America. SR (Avengers)

Clint Barton/ Hawkeye. CB (Avengers)

James 'Bucky' Barnes/ Winter Soldier. JBB (Avengers)

Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver. PM (Avengers)

Vision. V (Avengers)

T'Challa/ Black Panther TC (Avengers)

Phil Coulson. PC (Avengers)

Loki. L (Avengers/Thor)

Peter Parker/ Spiderman. PP (Avengers/Spiderman.)

Scott Lang/ Antman. SL (Avengers/Antman.)

James 'Rhodey' Rhodes/ War Machine. JRR (Avengers)

Matt Murdock/ Daredevil. MM (Daredevil)

Wade Wilson/ Deadpool WW (Deadpool)

James 'Logan' Howlett/ Wolverine. LJM (X-Men)

Charles Xavier/ Professor X CX (X-Men)

Oliver Queen/ Arrow. OQ (Arrow)

Barry Allen/ The Flash. BA (The Flash)

Dean Winchester. DW (Supernatural)

Sam Winchester. SW (Supernatural)

John Winchester. JW (Supernatural)

Castiel. CAS (Supernatural)

Michael. M (Supernatural)

Gabriel. G (Supernatural)

Balthazar. B (Supernatural)

Crowley. CH (Supernatural)

Chuck. C (Supernatural)

Benny Lafitte. BL (Supernatural)

Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo. TD (NCIS)

Leroy Jethro Gibbs. LJG (NCIS)

G Callen. GC (NCIS LA)

Dwayne 'King' Pride. DKP (NCIS NO)

Christopher 'Chris' LaSalle. CL (NCIS NO)

MaKenna 'Mac' Taylor. MT (CSI NY)

Donald 'Don' Flack. DF (CSI NY)

Nicholas 'Nick' Stokes NS (CSI )

Greg Sanders. GS (CSI)

Horatio 'H' Caine. HC (CSI Miami)

Elijah Mundo EM (CSI Cyber)

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner AH (Criminal Minds)

Derek Morgan. DM (Criminal Minds)

David 'Dave' Rossi. DR (Criminal Minds)

Legolas Greenleaf. LG (LOTR/ HOBBIT)

Thranduil. T (LOTR/ HOBBIT)

Aragorn. A (LOTR/ HOBBIT)


Zackary 'Zak' Bagans. ZB (Ghost Adventures)

Carlisle Cullen CC (Twilight.)

Emmett Cullen. EC (Twilight.)

Jasper Hale. JH (Twilight.)

Jacob Black. JB (Twilight.)

Seth Clearwater. SC (Twilight.)

Paul Lahote. PL (Twilight.)

William 'Will' Lennox. WL (Transformers)

Optimus Prime. OP (Transformers)

Ironhide. I (Transformers)

Ratchet. R (Transformers)

Bumblebee. B (Transformers)

Sideswipe. S (Transformers)

Sunstreak. Ss (Transformers)

Jazz. J (Transformers)

Sherlock Homes. SH (Elementary)

Marcus Bell. MB (Elementary)

The Doctor D(No) (Doctor Who)

Steve McGarratt. SM (Hawaii 5-0)

Owen Grady. OG (Jurrasic World)

Poe Dameron PD (Star Wars)

Jared Padalecki. JP (Celeb)

Jensen Ackles. JA (Celeb)

Misha Collins. MC (Celeb)

Tom Hiddleston. TWH (Celeb)

Robert Downey Junior 'RDJ' RDJ (Celeb)

Chris Evans. CE (Celeb)

Sebastian Stan SS (Celeb)

Tom Holland. TH (Celeb)

Benedict Cumberbatch. BC (Celeb)

Grant Gustin. GG (Celeb)

Alex O'loughlin. AO (Celeb)

Chad Kroeger CK (Celeb)

Chapter Text

You groan softly as you peel your outer layer of clothing off, dropping it on the wooden bench in the wet-room and toeing off your wet shoes at the same time. Finally getting the jacket off, you leave it on your shoes and head upstairs to take a quick shower, spotting Jensen on the sofa, who was watching you with a raised eyebrow, "You okay?" he inquires as he stands up and walks over and you laugh, nodding, letting him know you were fine. "Yeah just wet, I'm gonna shower and change" you let him know and he nods, pressing a fleeting kiss to your lips "I'll make you some hot chocolate sweetheart," he states softly as he lets you go warm up. You can't help but smile at your partner as you head upstairs, grabbing a change of clothes before heading to the shower and showering.

Once you were done showering, you head downstairs, with your wet clothes, to the laundry room and put your wet clothes into the laundry bin, where Jensen had helpfully already put your wet jacket. You knew that he had also taken care of your wet shoes, so instead of heading for the wet-room, you headed straight for the lounge, finding Jensen moving things around, a large pile of blankets and pillows sitting on the sofa. You couldn't help but smile knowing that he was planning on making a blanket fort for the two of you.

Again, Jensen turns to you, having heard you enter the room, and gives you a sheepish smile, "I was gonna build a fort" he hedged almost embarrassed at having been caught doing something childish but you grin at him, "Don't let me stop you," you inform him as you walk over, grabbing your hot drink and blowing on it before taking a sip and joining him. Together, the two of you create a blanket fort, big enough for the two of you to sit in, before you climb in with your drink and take a seat, getting comfortable whilst Jensen puts the tv on, turning Netflix on, placing your favourite Disney movie on and climbing into the fort with his own drink and wrapping his arms around you.

"Thank you for this Jens," you tell him as you lean into him, wrapping your arm around his waist and laying your head on his shoulder, enjoying the feel of his own arm around you and the feel of him pressing a kiss to your head. "You are most welcome love, you looked like you could do with some TLC," he remarks, making you laugh softly before pressing a kiss to his stubbly cheek in appreciation.

Chapter Text

Seth's POV.

I swallow hard as I sat nervously, bouncing my leg, we had been together for a good few years, neither of us being able to age was both a blessing and a curse, but right now it just meant we were all having to move on. But before we all parted ways, I needed to ask her dad for his permission to ask for (Y/N)'s hand in marriage. Her dad knew how much she meant to me, he knew she was my Imprint, which meant it was hard for me to be away from her. I could have asked her without his permission but I wasn't raised that way, so I had done what I was raised to do and had gone to ask permission, except, I had been left in the living room by myself with at least a dozen pictures of her sitting on a shelf, she was playing Cinderella, She was riding her first bike, bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight, running' through the sprinkler with a big Popsicle grin, dancing with her dad, looking up at him.

In that moment I realise In her eyes, I'm Prince Charming but to him, I'm just some fellow riding in and stealing Cinderella and I couldn't help but feel a little sympathetic to both her parent's, knowing they were all but losing their little girl, she was grown up now, she was moving away from them, with a guy that was asking for their permission to marry their daughter and I realised that in their eyes she would always be playing Cinderella, she was riding her first bike, bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight, Runnin' through the sprinkler with a big Popsicle grin, dancing with her dad, looking up at him and I swallowed knowing that In her eyes, I'm prince charming but to him, I'm just some fellow riding in and stealing Cinderella.

When her dad walked back into the room, Oh, he slapped me on the shoulder, before he handed me a box, giving me permission to take his daughter from him before letting me know to hide the box before his wife walked into the room with my imprint. When she walked into the room she threw her arms around him, that's when I could see it too, she was playing Cinderella, she was riding her first bike, bouncing on the bed looking for a pillow fight, runnin' through the sprinkler with a big Popsicle grin, dancing with her dad, looking up at him. If he gives me a hard time, I can't blame the fellow, I'm the one who's stealing - Cinderella.

I smile at (Y/N) and wrap my arms around her when she approaches, pressing a kiss to her temple, briefly closing my eyes, wondering if I would have the same strength as her parents if and when the time came. Would I be able to give away my own daughter if I was ever to be graced on, especially to someone older than she, someone who was going to be taking her God only knows where?

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You weren't sure what had woken you, but you had woken during the middle of the night, your eyes swept the room for any sign of danger whilst JARVIS gradually brought the bedroom lights up. You didn't see anyone apart from your husband in the room so you relaxed until you realised that he was crying in his sleep. You reached over and gently woke Tony up from his tortured slumber.

"Tone, wake up for me, love," you say softly as you gently run your fingers through his hair. Eventually, he woke up, his eyes darting around the semi brightened room before he sits up, running his hands over his face to wipe the tears off his face, swallowing to himself the noises he had been making. "It is okay, love," you tell him and he moves, wrapping his arms around you.

"I'm sorry," he whispers as he clings almost desperately to you, "I should be stronger than this," Tony says as he lifts his head from where it was buried in your shoulder. You press a kiss to his cheek and rub his back, "Tony you have been through hell for years. I am not surprised you're still having nightmares. And honestly I don't need a hero, I need my husband, and if my husband is scared or hurting, then I'm going to do everything I can to help like I know he would do for me" you tell him. Tony smiles, a little shy and a little embarrassed, but he nods his head, knowing better than to argue.

"Have I ever mentioned I love you and I'm so glad to have you in my life?" he says as he presses a kiss to your cheek. You laugh softly "You have mentioned it and as I say to you, I love you too and I'm glad to have you too," you say pressing a quick kiss to his lips before saying "but I also love sleep, which we both need."

With a grin, Tony climbs back under the covers, laying down with you, pulling you into his arms and holding you close, pressing a kiss to the top of your head as he covers you up and JARVIS dims the lights again. "I love you sweetheart" Tony murmurs into your hair as he holds you, before quieting down so the both of you can fall back asleep, knowing if he was to have another nightmare, he had you there.

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You walk into the hospital room quietly and paused seeing G laying in the hospital bed. The agent turned to face you and smiled slightly at you, "Hey, I'm really glad your here." he comments as he fights sleep, the pain evident on his face as well as well as in his voice and you shook your head despite yourself as you stepped up to his bedside as you leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Im glad your okay." you comment in response as you brush your fingers over his cheek, just under his black eye, only to have your hand caught by his and held. "I'm okay, love." he says, his thumb running over the back of your hand, though you knew better, especially as he had made no attempt at escaping the hospital in the several hours it had taken to get to the hospital and that you could still hear how much pain he was in. "How you specialise in undercover is beyond me, you are a terrible liar," you manage to joke to him, barely holding yourself together, you hated seeing him in pain, but usually he was up and you could at least pretend he wasn't in as much pain as you knew he was, but with him not even pretending he was okay like he usually did, you knew he was in bad shape.

Eyeing the medication on the tray, you pick it up and hand it over to him, "I know you're in pain, you need to take your medicine," you tell him and he looks at you for a long second before nodding slowly and pulling something from his pillow, he hands you his gun and gives you a nervous look, knowing you weren't too big a fan but knew how to use it. "Sam is sending someone to keep guard, they should pop their head in, will you wake me when they do, I want to verify they are who they say they are." he says and you nod your head because you know that for starters, he has trust issues and you are one of the few he trusts and secondly, the case must still be active.

"I will let you know, take your meds and get some rest, I saw Kensi keeping guard from afar, so you are okay from their, and I will keep an eye on you here" you tell him as you press a quick kiss to his lips and hand him some water to take his medicine, which he takes before giving you a small smile and allowing them to take effect, knowing he had people watching his back and that, for now, he was safe.

Chapter Text

I am so high, I can hear heaven.
I am so high, I can hear heaven.
Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.

You groan softly as you lift your head off the bed wondering why you ever joined the army, it seemed more often than not, you were getting hurt or running across the desert in scorching heat and you were really starting to hate it. This time you were a little confused as to what reckless but heroic thing you had don't to warrant a trip to the medical bay, that is when you remember the battle, involving alien robots, better known as the Autobots and Decepticons and you groan again, louder and push yourself, wincing in pain. This catches the attention of the twins, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe who were sitting beside you, "Are you okay. Stupid question. Do you need Ratchet?!" Sideswipe asks in a rush and you huff a laugh before shaking your head at him, wondering what they were doing in there, they didn't seem badly damaged.

And they say that a hero can save us. 
I'm not gonna stand here and wait. 
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles. 
Watch as we all fly away.

You look them over as your thoughts went to their injuries, you remember running at Starscream and shooting him only to be smacked by him, which is how you got injured. You remembered the twins being held by the Decepticons and almost torn apart, like Jazz all those years ago and you couldn't let that happen again, not to people you cared about, that list was already pretty short as it was.

Someone told me that love would all save us.
But how can that be?
Look what love gave us.
A world full of killing, and blood-spilling, that
the world never came.

And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

You gave them both an awkward smile as you looked around. "Everyone else okay?" you enquire and both sets of optics dim briefly as they check in with the other Bots before they brighten again and Sideswipe nods his head, "They are fine, the other humans have all been checked out and are resting, including Major Lennox and Sergeant Epps. All Autobots are functioning at full capacity thanks to Ratchets expertise" he says before Sunstreaker, who had been silent since you had awoken, stated bluntly "And your stupidity," Sideswipe reaches over and smacks his twin, clearly giving him a look that you didn't understand and you weren't too bothered on figuring out.

Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you.
It isn't the love of a hero, that's why I fear it won't do.

"What Sunstreaker means is we are thankful for you saving us but we wish that you wouldn't place yourself in harm's way." Sideswipe comments as he peers down at you, making you chuckle quietly before you remember what you had done and why and you nod, "I had a reason for doing it guys." you tell the two merchs as you look up at their faceplates. 

"It had better have been a good reason" Sunstreaker remarks as he stares at one of the few who held a place inside his spark, even if they didn't know about it. "It was...I think," you tell him a little awkwardly and a bit embarrassed and not wanting to tell them the reason as to why you felt that you needed to put your life at risk. "Clearly it isn't" Sunstreaker grumbles as he stares at you for another moment or two before glancing to his twin who vents and shrugs. 

"We don't want to lose you" Sideswipe states as he looks back to you, his twin looking to you as well, Sideswipe adding "It would tear our sparks apart if we lost you, especially because of us" as he reaches out and running a digit carefully over your cheek before allowing it to fall away. 

"It's bad enough knowing that we are going to lose you anyway Femme" the yellow twin comments, adding "but to know that we might lose the one we love to their own stupidity is not something we could deal with, so you need to be more careful" 

And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

And they're watching us (Watching us) 

They're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away.
And they're watching us (Watching us) 
They're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away.
And they're watching us (Watching us) 
They're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away.

Shocked, you stare up at the two merchs for a long few seconds, in which the two bots watched you, hoping that hadn't just put their spark on the line, only to be rejected. You swallowed. Then blinked. Then opened your mouth to reply, but nothing came out, so you shut it. You blinked again before nodding, somewhat slowly, still in shock before regaining your voice, "Wow," you manage to get out. Being more articulate, and getting a little over your shock, you start talking, "I couldn't lose you guys either, it would hurt me badly if I lost even one of you, but both.. I just.... I wouldn't be able to cope with that... and if I had been forced to watch... like Jazz," you managed to tell them, tears welling up and immediately, you are being lifted, carefully, into silver arms and cradled lightly, a golden digit barely brushing over your back in comfort.

"It's okay Sweetspark," Sideswipe coos, "we understand," he says gently before the roles are reversed and Sunstreaker was cradling you and Sideswipe was gingerly rubbing your back, "We all need to be more cautious and not scare the others," he says and you nod your head as you settle in Sunstreaker's servos, the three of quieting as you bask in each others presence.

Chapter Text

You nod your head slightly as you listen to the music that was playing through your headphones, you were going through a mountain of paperwork from the mission that the team had been on and you were incredibly bored, you had already put it off for as long as you could, you had hung out with some of the other bots, bugged Lennox and even been into the Medbay, much to your displeasure, and you had finally sat down to do your paperwork.You sat doing your paperwork as you thought back to the previous few weeks. Lennox wasn't too worried about you doing your paperwork as he knew you would do it, he trusted you as you were a respected soldier and he had known you a long while, you had served under him a long time, long enough to have been involved in the Autobots since the beginning, heck you even had a guardian. Jazz had been your guardian since Mission City, where you had saved him from being torn apart by Megatron, and thanks to it, you were both very close.

The only problem was, some of the recruits had seemed to have taken offence to you being friends with the Autobots, despite the fact that you had been around them longer, you had established trust with each of the Bots and had become good friends with them. For some reason, Lennox would let you deal with the recruits, saying you were good with them, and you were, you knew when to be hard on them, but you also knew when to go more gentle on them.

 The majority of the Autobots had taken to training or spending time with the recruits in the holoforms so they could get to know them, so they weren't afraid of them, which you were glad for, but again, as you were closer to them, you all tended to hang out at different points or they would hang out, when they weren't needed.  For some reason, one woman, in particular, had taken a dislike to you, or more particularly, she had taken a dislike to your relationship with Jazz. The two of you would hang out a lot, so that he could ensure your safety, but also because you were good friends.

The recruits and you did know their names but collectively they were referred to as the recruits, had been on base for close to nine months and most of them were great, some were really skilled and some had become friends, whilst others, you just knew they needed to be transferred and others were being insubordinate to you. Well, this one woman, she had started to worm her way into every conversation you had with Jazz's holoform whilst you were around others, it had gotten to the point that other recruits had noticed, but you were just annoyed with it and were done caring.

You had gone looking for Jazz, only to find him being kissed by the insubordinate women and you shook your head before walking off, heading back the way you had come. You find one of the male recruits, whom you half-heartedly talk to before he pulls you into a side hug, which you manage to break free off, only for Jazz to come and pull up next to you, in his alt-mode, his holoform stepping out and looking menacingly at the recruit before looking at you.

"(Y/N), will you come with me?" He asked sounding not like himself and you nod your head, excusing yourself before moving over to Jazz and climbing into his passenger side whilst his holoform climbs in as well. He then proceeded to drive off, heading for the secluded area of the base, where he transformed and caught you, holding you in his servo. "Everything okay Jazz?" you had asked him, getting a small nod of his head. 

"You know I care a great deal for you, don't you?" Jazz says, his usual playful accent missing as he talks and you frown in confusion, unsure what had gotten into him, it was very rare that Jazz was this serious, but you nod, because you did know that, Jazz would lay down his life for you. "I know you witnessed that human femme kissing me," he says, his face surprising contorting considering it was mental, "But I wanted nothing to do with her, I didn't want her to kiss me, she..she does not hold my spark." he says and you nod your head, though you were slightly glad to hear it, but say to him, "But someone does." and he smiles, his optics brightening as he nods. "Yeah, there is someone, she is my best friend and she means everything to me," he says and you grin, catching on to who he was talking about, "I have your spark huh," you say lightly, still a little surprised but he nods. You smile nervously as you look down at his servo and stuff your hands into your uniform pockets, "I am glad that I have your spark because you have my heart" you tell him.

Jazz smiles and carefully reaches out with his digit and lifts your chin up, so you were looking eye-to-optic, "I am glad that you feel the same way" he says as he strokes your cheek lightly with the tip of his digit, which you lean into, making him smile. You lean forward, and press your lips to his mouth-plate lightly and then lean back, a small smile dancing on your lips, and a small rumble comes from Jazz. 

You are interrupted from your paperwork, which was almost complete, with surprisingly no mistakes, and your daydreaming by your Autobot appearing in the main hanger, a grin on his faceplate. "Hey Sweetspark, are you done, I haven't seen you in several cycles," he says almost childishly and you laugh, shaking your head, "I can take a break and we can hang out  for a while," you say to him as you pack the files up into your bag, which you pick up before stand up and head over to him.

Chapter Text

You grin slightly as you watch Tom peer down at the plastic doll before staring at you with open curiosity, "Why do you have a doll with you?" he asks looking back at it in confusion and you can't stop the laugh this time. "It's for my coursework, part of my Child Development as well as my Health course, is to experience the joys of being a parent and deal with having a baby. It does almost everything a real baby does, and I have to look after it for a week, and then I need to write a couple papers on it for the classes," you tell him, getting a small noise from Tom, letting you know he was listening, even if he didn't really understand. "Yeah, but why a doll?" he says poking at it and you smack his hand lightly as you sit with him, laughing when his dog, Tessa, sniffs at the new item, "I only have to deal with it for one, where as everyone else has to do it for two, as I have experience thanks to my brothers," you tell him. Tom nods his head, "Besides, they aren't going to hand out real babies." you say making him laugh. "True," he says, as he pulls you down onto his lap and wrapping his arms around you. "So we have to treat the doll like a child?" he asks as he rests his head on your shoulder. Unable to stop it, you smile, "Yeah, we do, from what I know, she...yeah it's a she.... she cries, drinks this bottle, and needs rocking." you tell him as you lean into him.

It had been two days since you had brought the doll home, you had taken to caring for it with ease, thanks to past experience, Tom had been giving you some help, but was mostly watching you do what you needed to. But on the third morning, you were chilling at home, on a Sunday and Tom was at yours, you were finishing off some of your other homework when the doll started crying and without hesitating, Tom hopped up and lifted the doll, cradling her as he gently rocks her. You smile as you take a break to watch your boyfriend be a dutiful dad to a doll. "You know, you are going to make a great dad, Tommy," you say to him, making him look over at you with a smile. "You think so?" he asks an adorable nervous smile on his lips, though he also looked happy about the prospect. "Yeah I know you will," you say to him, watching as he sets the doll back down and joins you again.

Chapter Text

You lick your lips lightly as you look around the room, despite the fact you had been dating Emmett for a few months now and had been over to the Cullen's several times, you were always nervous and awed to be over. Emmett wrapped his arm around you as the two of you sat on the sofa, you leaning into his side, both of you comfortable as he starts up his game console. The vampire hands you a controller and you take it, sitting up slightly, enough so you could get a good look at the screen but was still cuddling with your boyfriend. You could hear Esme in the kitchen with Alice, Jasper was sitting in the lounge with you, reading a book, Edward was playing his piano and Carlisle was still at work. You made sure the sound was off so that Jasper and Edward could concentrate but you and Emmett could still have fun.

You and your boyfriend play a range of video games, teasing the other when you win and generally having fun with the other person. After a couple of games, he sets the controller down and stands up, taking your hand and helping you up, leading you into the kitchen, where Alice and Esme had been making cookies and you smile slightly. "Hey sweetheart, help yourself," Esme tells you and you give a small smile, "Thanks Esme," you say as you take one, happily munching on it, and then a second before you head back to gaming with Emmett, this time sitting on his lap, resting your head on his chest.

Chapter Text

You had been looking forward to going to the beach all week and as Saturday came around, it down-poured, so you spent the time inside your house, under your blankets pouting and drinking hot chocolate as you watched Disney movies. You were unsurprised when Jacob turned up, you ushered him in, handing him one of your blankets and going to make him some hot chocolates, "I thought you were going to Sam's" you say to him , almost jumping when you turn and find him almost directly behind you. "I was gonna but I knew my girl needed some cheering up," he says with a grin as he wraps his arms around you, "I do not!" You exclaim at him, almost insulted, almost because you had really been looking forward to the beach and you could never be insulted by Jacob being over, especially when he was making you happy. "Uh huh," he utters as he nuzzles your cheek, barely suppressing the smug smile as he presses a kiss to your cheek.

"Stop trying to cheer me up." You demand as you try to wiggle from his arms, "I do not need cheering up, I am fine" you say, only to erupt into laughter when he starts to tickle you, "Jacob!" you proclaim as you try to break free, only to be pulled back and held, "I'm glad you don't need cheering up, beautiful, I hate seeing you sad," he says as he holds you close, pressing another kiss to your cheek before allowing you to finish making the drinks. "So, movies?" He asks with an endearing smile. You huff and nod, "Disney," you say shoving the mugs into his hands and wraps yourself in the blanket and head back to the sofa, allowing him to follow, before the two of you curl up on the sofa to watch Disney movies, wrapped in blankets.

Chapter Text

You stare up at the mansion for a long moment, it towered above you, above the trees and stretched towards the sky, with a huffed laugh, you turn to look at Charles, who was sitting in his wheelchair, watching you, an uncertain look on his face, you knew he could look into your mind to find out what you were feeling but you also knew he wouldn't, he was too sweet for that. "It's big," you say bluntly, keeping him in suspense, just for a moment longer before relieving him.

 "So how do we save the world?" The nervous laugh makes you smile and reach out to take his hand, "It's okay to be afraid Charles," you inform him, "Change is a scary prospect, and you are preparing to save the world, rescue those who need it, bring together those who need a home or a safe space, educate the ignorant. Saving the world happens in different ways" you remind your partner, who squeezes softly on your hand.

"My problems aren't unique, I'm not the only mutant out there, but I might be one of the few who grew up in a more accepting environment, I just wish to help," he states, more to himself than to you, "Reminding people there's nothing to be afraid of and that they can be accepted will help." You smile and lean over, brushing your lips over his cheek, "you are amazing," you tell him, moving back a little to look back at the mansion, the school, the beacon of hope.

Chapter Text

You weren't sure how you got dragged into this, you were staring at a group of colossal alien robots, they were standing in a semi-circle surrounding you and Sam. You were blaming Sam for this, it was definitely his fault, he just needed to get the car and the girl. Yes, it was definitely your friends' fault. 

Looking up at the largest of them all, in your experience the tallest was usually the leader, so you were gonna assume the same about Giant Alien Robot People... Okay, they were talking and only parts made sense to you. He... was it even a he?.. had a name and were needing something Sam had... Yep definitely Sam's fault. Optimus and co were from Cybertron and this was there other more normal mode, not really normal but okay, there was something to do with ceptioncons or something, unquestionably it had to be bad guys...bots.... with names like that. 

Almost without thinking about it you back up, almost walking into a large grey robot, with cannons whirling into your face you immediately back away, almost running into the leader. Swallowing you look at him properly and wow, his eyes were bright. Almost shaking your head you offered an awkward smile before looking at the other 'bots and then back to Optimus, listening to him talk. 

When they transformed you were hypnotized, it was an incredible sight to see. "Can I ride with you?" you ask the truck, which sounded weird, talking to a car but when he opened the door, you relaxed minutely, "Of course," the leader said and with permission now given, you climb up into the cab of the truck. "Thanks," you say to him as you settle into the driver's seat, unsure where to rest your hands before you fiddled with the sleeves of your jumper. "It's not a problem. "he says, adding, "I apologise if we have made you uncomfortable," he says, his voice seemingly rumbling from everywhere, making you smile, there were very few people, let alone guys, that you know that would apologise for something most people wouldn't even consider. "It's okay, it is not every day I come across Alien Robots," you tell him and there's a soft rumble from the radio, almost sounding like a laugh, "I am sure that is true, from what I've seen and read, aliens are not known among humans," he.. it was definitely a he... stated and you laugh before saying, "You need to learn about the conspiracy theorists, they certainly believe in aliens and that you, they, have visited before." 

Trading comments and questions with Optimus, you soon made it to Sam's house and almost laughed at Sam's frustration, he deserved it, even if he was your best friend, he deserved it. Your gaze flickers over the 'bots as they transformed and you almost laugh again. "Guys you need to stay hidden, stay in car form," you said to them, not sure what their forms were called but knowing that if anyone saw them, you'd all be in trouble. Throw the key away, locked in a cell trouble. 

Somewhere between blaming Sam and trying not to stare at Optimus, things go south fast, you were being driven away from Sam's house by some Agents and you sigh, if you could reach, you would hit him for dragging you into this whole mess, instead, you just glare at the agents, ignoring the questions they ask the three of you, you come close to smacking your head against the window when Sam and the girl, Mikaela pretty much tells the agents about the 'bots. Thankfully you are saved from almost hurting yourself when the car comes to a screeching halt and the roof is ripped off, revealing Optimus and the short silver bot and you sigh in relief, standing up and allowing Optimus to lift you out. "Are you hurt?2 he asks as he carefully lowers you to the ground and lifts out Mikaela and Sam. "I'm good, thanks," you say to both him and the yellow bot, Bumblebee, who was looking concerned, and how weird was that a robot showing feelings. After some petty revenge, and a robot peeing on the agents, you join Sam and Mikaela in 'Bee as you all drive away from the scene.

Having been captured once by agents, it came as no surprise that you were captured by the army when after hiding, Bee almost gets hurt and Sam drags you and his girlfriend into the mix and the three of you were arrested. Instantly, you wished that you hadn't tried to save them so you could have stayed with Optimus and the other bots. 

You end up at the Hoover Dam with several other people, including several military men, who you actually found nice... well some of them. You were all shown 'Project Iceman' and staring at the terrifying robot, you knew that this thing was something to be afraid of and even as Sam tried to explain that this silver bot was a Decepticon and was evil and after the Cube. You weren't shocked when no one seemed to believe him, but you were pissed they were holding you all and doing god only knows what to Bumblebee and almost cried in relief when they let him go, only to almost freak with the others when the power goes out, you knew it was no coincidence.

In, seemingly seconds, you were pushed into the back of Bumblebee and given the now shrunken cube, you stare at it for what seems only seconds, but when you looked up again, thanks to the screaming of Mikaela and Sam, you were just outside the city and behind you Optimus was fighting a robot with red eyes. You were grateful for not being killed but terrified on Optimus's behalf. Bumblebee pulled up alongside the other Autobots and the three of you clambered out, taking the cube with you, you shove it at Sam, who barely clutched at it before you were letting go of it. Sam was talking to Lennox, the soldier when two giant silver and black monstrosity attacked, and you dived out the way, cutting your hands and knees in the process, but you were safe for now which you were relieved by, at least you were until you saw the yellow and black Autobot get his legs removed. 

You watched horrified as Lennox shoved Sam away from him and pointed to a building, whilst Mikaela seemed to get Bee onto a truck. Almost unconsiously, you followed Sam, grabbing his hand and taking off with him, mostly guiding him, you ignored the battle and reach the building, both you and Sam struggling to breathe but you make it the stairs, only to come face to face with a helicopter and you sigh relieved, until it's shot out of the sky and you yelp, being dragged back by Sam, just as the original silver robot reached where you were and you were trying to figure out a way to get out of it when your saviour arrived. Optimus duelled with the silver bot. Just as part of the building collapsed, you screamed, certain you were falling to your death, only to land hard on something metal, your breath is stolen from your lungs. With a quick thanks from Sam, the red and blue Autobot set the two of you down, somewhere along the way down, the silver leader had appeared, taking down Optimus who tells Sam to put the cube in his chest. before you could yell at someone, at Optimus for being reckless and Sam to not listen, Sam darts forward putting the cube in the other bots chest and it does some glowing thing and the bot dies and this time, you actually cry in relief, allowing your legs to crumble beneath you.

A careful hand lifts you and Sam up and you turn, coming face to face with Optimus, who offers you a nod and a thanks to both you and Sam, who looks like he was going to be sick. With ease, the Autobot leader strides over to where the others had gathered, the medic 'bot was looking at Bee whilst the cannon 'bot was looking down at the small silver bot who was in two pieces. Again, your legs come out from under you and you lean against Optimus's hand, the resulting conversation doesn't really register.

"Are you okay?" A deep rumbly voice asks from behind you, some instinctual part of you knows that it is Optimus and so nod, despite being freaked out and close to breaking down. "Your vitals are not stable," he states concerned and you nod again, "I think I'm in shock," you reply honestly as you turn to look at the bot who, in only the day or so, had it really not been that long? had wormed his way into your heart. Concerned he looked you over, a light seemingly appearing from nowhere, but you knew it was from him. "Your spark is racing and you are venting to fast but you do not seem to be in immediate danger," he tells you, though he seemed to be more talking to himself. "I'm okay Chief, between the shock of the fight and finding out about Alien Robots and my adrenaline stopping, that's normal," you tell him, "Though I could do with getting warm," you remark, more to yourself.  With a few quick chirps and beeps to the other Autobots, he was transforming into his truck form, causing you to yelp in surprise before huffing and leaning into the warm seats. "Thanks but warn me next time," you state. "My apologies," he offers sincerely. You pat the leather of the chair and lean back, closing your eyes, trying to calm the racing of your heart and the slight shaking which you had just noticed. "Are you feeling better?" the giant robot asks and you smile, Optimus was so polite, charming and was concerned about you. "I am," you tell him, settling into the seats and almost immediately drifting off to sleep, hoping that when you woke up, Optimus was still around so you could talk to him some more.

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Being home with Sherlock was always a unique experience, one you surprisingly enjoyed. No matter how many days you spent over at his, it was always seemingly different. Some days, you had his whole attention whilst others you barely spoke two words to each other, and yet you didn't mind, you were still crazy in love with him. You didn't need his attention for you to know he loved you too, it was the subtle things that he did that showed you. Leaving your chair clean when he was working a case, randomly coming to you to brainstorm or run ideas and sometimes it was even just leaving a book on the table that he thought you mind fascinating. 

One thing you always enjoyed was his cooking, he didn't often do it, usually when he was puzzling something over or was in a bad mood or when he was in a good mood after solving a case, he would cook breakfast for you, often bringing it up to the bedroom where you would still be sleeping. Somehow, Sherlock knew how to make the best foods, even if he didn't always eat the food he made.

Today was one of the rare days, Sherlock had nothing going on and was pacing the front room, he had begun to realise that practising wasn't a smart idea during the hours you were asleep, so often had to find something to keep him occupied until you woke, but today, Sherlock had been sitting on the edge of the bed when you woke up, he hadn't long gotten up but he had finished getting ready. "Morning," he says almost having to force himself to greet you normally, something he wasn't. "Morning Sherlock, "you reply, sitting up a little and bringing him down a little as you pushed yourself up and kissing him. 

The kiss ended quickly, but you didn't mind, "Do you have anything planned today?" he asks as he stands and you shake your head as you climb out of bed, not caring as you changed in front of you, Sherlock hadn't bothered to turn away. "What about you?" you ask him and he makes a small noise as he leads you downstairs, "Not unless I get a case," he says as if it were obvious, which it kind of was. This time you make a noise, indicating you had heard and you watched as he started the coffee machine and started looking through the cupboards, pulling out things for pancakes. You wanted to give him your thanks and compliments on his cooking but knew if you did he would both brush it off and then stop doing it, instead, you press a kiss to his cheek and grabbed some mugs and plates. The two of you danced around each other as you made coffee the way you both preferred and he made pancakes, setting them on the plates before setting them on the table, setting them next to each other. Not making a fuss, you made sure the hob was turned off and then put the dirty items into the sink before joining him, sitting the cup in front of him and taking the seat beside him. 

It was the simple things with him, like cooking breakfast and sitting with him to eat it, that made you love him, it was so simple yet he knew how you preferred your breakfast, meaning that it was something he had kept inside his 'mind palace' implicating that you were important to him.

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"Okay Jack, you ready for this?" you question your step-son and the five-year-old grins and nods his head, excited to tell his dad the secret he now had and shared with you. With a soft laugh, you grab the plate of cookies, all of them were baby paraphernalia: diapers, pacifiers and pushchairs etc, with white icing. Giggling, Jack runs ahead to where Aaron had settled on the sofa, "Daddy!" Jack exclaims practically throwing himself at his dad, Aaron laughs and swoops his son up, wrapping his arms around the little boy. "You are very excited today," he jokes as he rubs the boys back. "I have a secret daddy, and ma said I can tell you," he says practically bouncing in his excitement. "Oh yeah? May I know now?" Aaron asks. With a grin, Jack nods his head and leans forward and whispers loudly, "I'm gonna be a brother."

Aaron looks at his son for a long moment before turning to face you, "You're pregnant?" He asks, not minding that his son was wiggling excitedly. "I am. We're gonna have a baby," You tell him as you join him on the sofa, showing the cookies. "Yeah, there's gonna be a baby," Jack says and Aaron laughs, pulling both you and Jack into a hug, "That is amazing," he says, eyes dancing in delight. 

"I hope it's a boy," Jack says before happily grabbing a cookie from the tray and munching on it.  Aaron chuckles lightly and lightly bounces his son, "Well I am going to be happy either way," Aaron says to you, making you smile. "I am happy, and will be happy either way as well," you tell him, snagging one of the cookies yourself and allowing Aaron to grab one before setting the plate on the coffee table. "How far in are we?" Aaron asks and you swallow the part of the cookie you were eating before replying, "10 weeks, so 6 and a half months before they are born."

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Jaynee was shocked, to say the least, when she saw a picture of Steve in the newspaper, he looked completely different to what she was used to seeing, but he was still gorgeous to her, even more so now. Steve had grown at least a foot in size and tripled in mass, in the two months he had been gone, he also looked a lot more like a man. Her best friend and her secret crush was not supposed to look like that and she wondered what he had done to have such a rapid growth spurt.

Only four days later, Steve was home but sadly Bucky wasn't with him.  Jaynee was so excited to have Steve home, she loved spending time with him. Upon seeing Jaynee, Steve grinned and walked over, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her up, spinning around with her. "I've missed you," Steve says with a grin, "I've missed you too," Jaynee says, happily accepting the hug. "What happened, you are a giant now," she says in amusement. With a laugh, Steve started to explain the experiment that he was apart of, how it gave him extra strength and he felt a lot better, he could breath easier. She was grateful to hear that he was feeling better but she was somewhat upset that he would risk himself for this.

"I know you probably aren't happy about what I did, and Bucky's going to be mad, but I need to do it," Steve says, almost knowing what she was thinking.  "I had no future when I was sickly, I get another chance at life," he tells her, adding "I get a chance with you."

"You always had a future Stevie," She says to him softly, causing Steve to smile, almost sadly, "Not a great one, and not one I could spend with you Jaynee," he says, barely audible to her. "I don't like bullies, you know that. I wanted to help fight in the war, I can do that now, I wanted to be able to keep an eye on Bucky, but more importantly, I wanted to be strong for you," he says to her, his blue eyes focusing on her, "Stevie you didn't need to go through all that for what you wanted. You were already in the Army and I'm not going anywhere," she tells him, making him shake his head, his blond hair moving from it's combed state, "I needed to be able to protect you from anything that could happen, I... I needed to make sure I was good enough for you," he barely gets out in a coherent sentence, he was struggling to explain everything to her in a way she would understand, so he went for the direct approach. "I wanted... I want to be good enough to be able to tell you how I feel, I want to be able to spend more time with you and I wanted not to be sick!" He tells her, getting a little frustrated that he couldn't just tell her, "I want you to love me like I love you," he choked out to her, "The only way I could was if I was strong." Without hesitating, Jaynee shook her head, "You didn't need to change for me," She tells him softly, "Not when... not when I feel the same," she chocked out.

Steve looked at her in shock, he hadn't expected her to feel the same, not for him, not especially as he had been nothing but weak and sickly. "You feel the same?" he asks, having not expected it. Embarrassed, Jaynee nods her head, blond curls bouncing, her head dropping slightly and blue-green eyes focusing on the floor. Steve smiles and moves forward, gently wrapping his now muscle clad arms, around her. "You have no idea, how glad I am to hear that Jaynee," he says, lightly pressing a kiss to her cheek.

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Despite how much of a hothead Paul was, he was often quite sweet as well, though not many got to see that side of him. Paul liked to make sure you were okay, that you were happy, especially with him. You were. You had been dating for almost six months and he had been nothing but a gentleman towards you, holding your hand, pulling out your chair when on dates and never forcing you to do anything you weren't ready for. You were still in high school, in your last year, whereas Paul was in college, not that it mattered to you, you got to see each other almost daily. Saturday's however, was your favourite day of the week, when you got to spend the day with Paul, spend the day doing whatever you want, the evening is spent watching movies and you get to stay with him overnight, this is all if he isn't busy of course. You are aware of Paul's friends, whom you have met and occasionally spend time with, and that Paul is a shape-shifter, and that he has a responsibility to his pack.

This Saturday was like many others, you were hanging with Paul, you hadn't long finished playing video games, Paul had been kicking your butt at it, again. Growing restless from being indoors, even though it was cloudy and drizzling a little, you decided you wanted to go swimming at the beach. Heading into Paul's room, you grab your swimsuit, which you leave at his, for this reason, you change in his bathroom putting your regular clothes on over the top and walk back out and press a kiss to Paul's cheek. 

“I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?” you ask him and almost instantly Paul nods, getting up and heading to his room to put on some swimming trunks, grabbing a couple towels and walking back to where you were. "I'm good," he says, slipping on his shoes. With that, the two of you head out and to the beach, where you stipped down, placing your shoes and clothes on a log and heading into the water to swim. Paul was right behind you, after taking off his shoes and setting down the towels, he followed you into the water, lifting you up and playfully spinning you around before he set you down in the waist-high water. It was no surprise that you started a splash fight with him for his behaviour, it was a little bit of a surprise when he pulled you into a kiss.

The two of you spent some time in the water, just swimming and messing around, eventually, the two of you come out of the water, dry off and put your clothes back on, before sitting on the log, where you curl into Paul, very grateful that he was so warm. Paul wrapped his arms around you as you sat on his lap, he pressed a kiss to your cheek before clasping his hands over yours, to warm them up. And that is where you sat, for a while as you watched the sun start to set and then, you went back to Paul's for dinner and movies.

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"Why have you dragged me out into the cold Barry?" you almost whine as you shiver, wrapping the scarf more firmly around your neck. Barry laughs before saying "The Christmas lights are being turned on." You laugh and shake your head as you tug the beanie you were wearing over your ears, "We could have watched it on TV," you tell him, rubbing gloved hands to try and keep warm. "I know but it is much better to watch it in person," he responds and you groan because he was right, but it was still freezing. "Okay," you say, almost with a laugh, "But I want hot chocolate," you tell him, making him laugh, "Deal," he agrees as he takes you into the park and leads you straight to the drinks cart, grabbing the both of you a hot chocolate. The two of you then walk towards the tree and settle in for the wait.

Right on eight pm, the lights were turned on and unsurprisingly, they were beautiful, but to yours and Barry's astonishment, it starts to snow. "Oh wow," you say amazed, glad that you had your phone out and were videoing, you flip the screen view to face you and Barry, who pulls you closer, wrapping his arms around you before leaning down and kissing you, "I love you," he says as he pulls back, "I love you too Barry, thanks for bringing me out," you say to him, earning you another kiss.

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There were only more minutes of the year, and you and Tom were watching the news, so you could watch the New Year celebration. You were watching Tom in amusement, he was singing to himself in the kitchen as he made the two of you a cup of tea, you laugh softly before moving over to him, "How much have you had to drink?" you ask and he grins at you, "Too much," he admits, making you laugh and nudge him lightly as you take your mug, then bring a slightly drunk Tom into the lounge with you. Both mugs end up on the table and Tom pulls you closer, dancing with you as he sings, a little drunkenly, you follow his lead, dancing with him until the fireworks started happening and a countdown began. At midnight, you gently pull Tom down and kiss him. Tom was first to pull away, and he laughs softly before saying, "Happy New Years love," and you shake your head with a laugh, "Happy New Years to you too" you say as you press a kiss to his cheek and watch the fireworks on the tv. Tom wraps his arms around you and kisses your cheek as he holds you from behind as he lightly rocks slowly with you.  "This year is gonna be so good," he says, pressing another kiss to your cheek, before letting go and getting his tea. "Yeah, it is," you say.

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Aaron sighs, running a hand over his face, he knew that he was being short with the rest of the team but he couldn't stop himself, he had just been told that his daughter, Hallie, had been reported missing, she hadn't picked Jack up and he had been called, worried, he had called Jess to pick up his son and Detective LaMontange to look into his missing daughter, she was not known to do something like this, she wouldn't dissapear and she certainly wouldn't leave Jack on his own.

They had two bodies and four missing girls, five if Hallie was one of the missing girls, the MO seemed to fit with their unsub and he was terrified that he wouldn't see her again. It ended up being confirmed that she was a victim of their unsub, and with her picture up on the board with the others, he knew it would be best to tell his team and remove himself from the active case. Sighing again, he gathered the team as he placed a picture of his daughter on the board. "Our latest missing victim is Hallie Spencer Hotchner, 19, last seen at a local coffee shop." he tells them before adding "She is my daughter." Glancing up, he looks at them, noticing the determination and surprise on his team's face. "Derek, you will be leading the team as I am stepping back for this case," he informs them, glad to see nods of agreement at both his decision to have Derek, his second, in charge and the fact he was removing himself from the case. With a nod to Derek, he heads out of the conference room, back to his office.


Two days later, he gets a call from Derek, "Hotch, we found her, them, they are alive," he is told and he sighs in relief, "She's being taken to Georgetown University Hospital as a precaution," Derek finishes, knowing his boss would want to be there. "Thank you, Derek," he says to him as he hung up then gathering his things, checking his watch and nodding to himself, seeing he had time to get there and see her before he would need to pick up his son.

Arriving at the hospital, Aaron found his team. "Aaron," Dave says noticing him, "She is down the hall, second room on the left," he tells his old protegee and good friend, "Thank you. You all did great on this case," he says, something he said, and meant, after every case that ended in a win, or when he wasn't there on the case with them. With a slight nod to them, he walked down the hall, where his daughter was sitting on the hospital bed, a nurse and an officer in front of her. Walking in, he nods his head to the other professionals, as he moved to his daughter's side, who was up and hugging him before he could get to her. "Dad," she choked out and he pressed a kiss to her head, "It's okay sweetheart, you're okay," he says softly to her, glad to have her safe.

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ibbs looked up hearing the elevator reaching the floor, and was just a little surprised to see his newest team member. He wasn't sure if she had arrived at the best time, having back to back cases, or the worst, because training during back to back cases was near impossible, either way, his newest Probie had only been working with them for two weeks and had helped close their last case, she had found a crucial piece of evidence whilst at the scene, she had also been the one to make the arrest, maybe even more shocking, she had completed the paperwork without complaint or messing up, okay she had missed a few points, and the date, but otherwise it was the best paperwork to be completed by a rookie. 

With a nod of his head towards her, he takes a sip of his coffee before turning to look at his own paperwork then back to her. Gibbs was a little surprised to see her as it was quite early in the morning considering they had spent half the night capturing their killer, and had, therefore, told the team not to come in till late morning. "Thought I told you not to come in until 10," he remarks, he almost smiles as he sees her shrug and drop down into her seat after putting away her gun and badge, "You did," she said before turning on the computer and then looking over at him, "But I prefer to be doing something, besides it isn't like I'm not used to late nights and early mornings. On the upside, no one is trying to kill me and there's no hiking several klicks," she joked, use to working in rougher conditions, which he fully understood.

With a quick nod of his head Gibbs says, "As you are here and have completed your paperwork for the case, there are cold cases in the filing cabinet that you can take a look at." Nodding, she went to the filing cabinet in the middle of their section and opened the top draw, having been told they kept some cold cases in there and randomly withdrew one of the folders and taking it back to her desk. "Hope you brought your gym bag,  we will hit the gym, and possibly the range if we get time. I know you were a master gunnery sergeant, but I want to see you shoot and spar for myself," Gibbs tells her and receives a conformational nod, "Down in my locker, and I passed with flying colours in my fitness exam and shooting scores, here and in the marines," she tells him, assuming he already knew anyway. Besides, she was always up for kicking butt and shooting, as it let off steam and was good for keeping her up to date.

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"Okay!" Gibbs calls out to his team, "Meet me in the gym in five," he tells them as he stands up from his desk, before heading towards the stairs, knowing that his team would follow what he requested. Taking the stairs two at a time, he walks into the locker room to change before heading to the gym, glad to see that it was empty.

Gibbs was glad to see the team arrive at the gym, dressed and ready for a workout, before the time frame. "Warm up, then Probie, I want you sparring against Agent McGee," he calls out, adding, "Bishop you're with me." Gibbs nods his approval as the three of them go about warming up, each one of them having a different routine and way about it. After ten minutes, the three of them split, his newest agent going with his senior field agent to the mats, where they proceed to move around each other, throwing light jabs at each other, trusting the two of them not to hurt each other, he moves to the other set of mats with Bishop.

After an hour of sparring, and having switched partners once before, Gibbs calls for a switch, going up against his probie. "How is it going?" he asks her, gaining a shark-like grin, "They are too easy, McGee keeps projecting his intentions and Bishop is too scared to use other moves or be dirty about it," she tells him as she rolls her shoulders before taking a few light jabs at him before getting more serious about it. After landing several good hits back and forth, the two of them come up again, only for the senior team leader to strike out quickly and the young probie easily dodges and uses Gibbs's own momentum against him and taking him down. "Nice job," he tells her, allowing her to help him up, and after a few more minutes he calls them to a halt. "Okay, shower and change and meet me outside," he tells them, planning to take them to the gun range, he knew that his Marine based probie could shoot but wanted to see if she was up to standard, she certainly was in sparring.

The team, after showering and meeting up outside the building, finally head to the Navy bases' gun range, "Probie, you got a preference on a weapon?" he asks, earning a snort and a shake of head, "Nope, I know how to shoot from an M9 to an MR14 ERR to a rocket launcher," she tells him, being a Gunnery Seargent had left her with extensive knowledge on lots of things, but weapons were top of the list. "Okay, I want to see you with your weapon and with a sniper," he tells her as he signs them all in, nods to the Range Master or  Range Safety Officer as most called them. Selecting three lanes, he makes sure they set up, adding his own ear protection and let them shoot, briefly noticing how both Bishop and McGee had improved but mostly focusing on his rookie, who easily landed her shots in a group in the middle of the target, with both a sniper and her USP.45,  her service weapon. "Okay, McGee, Bishop you both have improved, so keep it up. (L/N) you're a good shot," he tells them all, letting them clean up after themselves before leading them out, treating them all to lunch.

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"You're lying to me!" She says, torn between anger and hurt, he could hear the slight wobble in her tone as she told him off, he couldn't help but want to comfort her, he hated hearing her in pain, but this time he was the one who hurt her and knew he couldn't calm her, not when he was so in the wrong. "I don't understand why," she tells him, and it felt as though she had punched him, he could easily fix that but he doubted it would restore her faith in him, not after everything she had done for him. Matt swear's he could hear his heart break as she sighs and turns away from him, with his senses, Matt could smell the tears that she silently cried and hear the way her heart was pounding in her chest.

"I can't do this Matt. I can't be with you if you lie to me," she declares, despite the tears and the hurt, she knew she couldn't be in a relationship like that. Matt's breathing stuttered at the thought of losing her. "I'm sorry," he tells her, reaching out and taking her hand, "Please," he begs, moving forward, only to hiss quietly and lean back, not letting her hand go. "I'm sorry," he murmured as he felt the tears well up in his eyes. Turning to look back at him, her heart hammered seeing the tears, "That might be true Matt but..." she starts to say, only to be cut off by Matt.

"I'm Daredevil!" 

"What?" She asks shocked, out of everything that had come to mind, that was not one of the possibilities she had considered. "I'm Daredevil, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, whatever you wish to call him. The vigilante is me." He confessed, "I do that, that's where all the injuries come from, that's why I'm out every night. That's my secret," he tells her, allowing the tears to fall, out of everything he had done, this hurt, confessing to the violence he both dealt and received, confessing his secret to her. "That makes even less sense that what you were telling me before," she tells him, hoping he wasn't lying about everything, but knowing it was a possibility. 

"I am blind," Matt says, hearing how her heart thudded and the slight hitch in her voice, "I... The chemicals, they did something to me, my other senses are heightened but I can sort of see, occasionally," he tries to explain, "If I concentrate hard enough I can see, like heat vision or radar, but I am blind," he tells her, "My senses are just superhumanly heightened and if I focus, all the sense build a picture, but everything is in shades of red and black, but I can see where things and people are, but I can also hear and generally sense where people are, and when they are lying," he confessed. 

"I don't know what to say to that," she mentions as she moved, dropping into the seat beside him. "I'm sorry," he tells her again, knowing that the words didn't really help anything, but needing her to know that he never meant to lie to her, let alone hurt her. "What you are telling me is, you can kinda see occasionally, your senses are on steroids and at night you run round in a red suit to beat people up?" she tries to clarify, more to herself than to him. "Kinda," he admits, "I don't like beating people up but the law can't do everything but yeah. I mean I can hear your heart beating but I can also hear a taxi four blocks east and that's without trying."

Both of them were silent for a long minute before she breaks it. "I'm not sure if I'm crazy for believing you or you are crazy for doing it," she says. Matt can't help but smile, she hadn't left or hit him but instead was joking about him, and he was suddenly very grateful to her for it, but he also knew that just because he had told her, it didn't mean that everything was good between them, he knew he would have to show her that he had no other reasons to lie to her, and that he was so grateful for her.

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"EWW!" Wade whines when he sees you blowing your nose, the Merc pulling a face before proclaiming, "you're all icky," as he paused in the doorway to pull faces at you. "You are an idiot Wade," you tell him after a sniffle or two, "I have a cold, I can't help it, not everyone is immune like you," you tease as you shift under the blanket, hoping to get a little warmer. "Uh huh, least you don't have to deal with regrowing limbs," he says in singsong before he disappears back the way he came, his comment makes you give his back a disgusted look. 

After a few minutes, Wade comes back, carrying a mug of tea and a bar of chocolate, "Here," he says as he sets the mug and chocolate bar on to the side table, he then flipped the TV on and climbs into bed with you, climbing under the blanket and cuddling up with you, wrapping you in his arms. Grabbing the remote, he flips through channels before settling on a Disney movie and settling back, content to just hold you for a while, even if you were sick.

"Thanks, Wade," you say to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek, grabbing your tea and cuddling into him, hoping to warm up a little bit. "No problamio, " he tells you as he presses a wet kiss to your cheek and you shoot him a look before flicking him on the forehead. "You dummy," you tell him, smiling.

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Completely pretending CA: CW and IW haven't / won't happen cause I'm bitter (STILL) about it!


Peeling yourself out of your husbands Steve's arms, you rush to the bathroom to throw up again, you were so glad to be going to the doctors to find out what was wrong with yourself. You had been feeling ill for almost two weeks and were at your wit's end. "Hey," Steve says softly as he rubs his hand over your back, "hey," you reply, leaning into his hands as you try to gather your breath. "I really hope this is nothing serious," Steve comments as he presses a kiss to your head. "Here's to hope," you say in agreement.

 Two hours later, you were stuck dumbfounded as you lay on the uncomfortable bed in the Doctors office, "Are you sure?" you ask, barely able to get the words out, this wasn't what you were expecting. The doctor gives a comforting smile, "We are very sure," she says as she moves the wand slightly, "See here, this is the head of Baby A," she says, moving the wand to the other side, "This is the head of Baby B," before moving the wand lower, "and this is Baby C," she says, understanding the surprise.  "Wow, " you mummer shocked as you look at the images. "If you would like, you can find out the genders now," she tells you, and you nod, awed. "Babies A and C are boys, and baby B is a girl," the technician tells you and you smile, having both genders was incredible, but you knew instantly what you were going to call them. "Thank you," you tell her, amazed to be carrying three babies. "I will let you get cleaned up, whilst I get the pictures for you, Congratulations Mrs Rogers," she says as she prints the pictures, and hands you some tissues to clean up. 

Not even an hour later found you in a meeting with the other Avengers. You go to the seat next to your husband. "How'd it go? Are you going to be okay?" he asks worried, glad they hadn't gotten started yet. "It went well. I'm fine," you tell him, putting him out of his worry, with a glance around the room, your eyes land on Bucky, before finishing the sweep and landing back on Steve. "Our babies are fine as well," you add. Steve's eyes widen in shock, "What?!" he says, "we're having a baby?" he says, eyes going to your stomach, "Babies Stevie," Bucky says, he like the others were smiling at the two of you. You laugh softly as Steve slumps back, "Twins?" he manages to ask and you kiss his pale cheek, "Triplets love," you tell him.  "(Y/N) that is amazing, Congratulations," Bucky says as he comes over, and gives you a quick hug, nudging Steve in the process. "Three?" Steve says swallowing, "Do you...? What...?" he struggles to ask. "We are three months in, and we are having two boys and a girl," you tell him as you pull the Sonogram pictures out, showing them which is which. "Wow," Bucky says, which prompts a nod from Steve who brings the pictures closer, studying them despite his photographic memory. "We're having triplets!" he says excitedly.

"I, I might have already decided on names," you say, breaking his concentrated studying, "I think our little girl should be called Peggy Natasha Rogers," you tell him, watching his eyes light up, but also seeing Natasha stare at you shocked, not having expected that. "I also think we should name one of our boys, James Robert Francis Rogers, after Bucky, Clint and Bruce, and our other boy Phillip Anthony Rogers, after Phil and Tony," you say to him, enjoying the shocked looks from the Avengers.

"They certainly have great role models, and Uncles and Aunt to look up too," Steve says, before leaning over and kissing you softly. "I love there names," Steve tells you, before adding, "I love you, and our babies."

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"You know I can't surf Steve," you remind your boyfriend who just smiled, "I will help you, but you can do it," he tells you encouragingly and you groan, "You're lucky your hot or I wouldn't be even considering this," you half-joke at him as you grab the surfboard that he had brought out for you to use. Steve laughs and presses a kiss to your cheek, "I am very lucky," he says in agreement, "and one way or another, I am going to be getting you to surf," he tells you and you playfully shove him. "Alright you monster, show me how," you say to him, standing the board by the water's edge. Despite how many times you've seen Steve surf, you never really watched him. So you watch. You watch as he sets the board into the water and climbs on before paddling out into the water, pushing himself to his knees then to his feet. You watch as he balances on the board, taking on the small waves, using his body to keep himself steady.

"You make it look easy!" you call out to him, knowing it was a lot harder than it looked. "Practice babe," he says, as he turns the board and rides back over, jumping into the water to walk out and over to you. "I will be right with you, you have nothing to worry about," he promises.

With a groan, you walk into the water, copying what he had done, setting the board into the water, and carefully getting on, laying on your stomach. "That's it, try standing," he says, standing by you in case he was needed. "I hate you," you complain, not meaning it at all, and he knew it. You push yourself up, on to your knees before climbing to his feet. "This is harder than it looks," you tell him, just staying standing on the board was hard, and you weren't actively doing anything else. "Yeah it's one of the harder parts, the standing and balancing take more practice than the tricks," he admits as he gently swims, towing the boat beside him, slowly so you could get used to it. And after cursing him for it, you manage to adjust to moving and balancing. "You've got the basics down, you need to try the waves, they can be difficult to counter," he informs, turning the board out to face the sea, and giving you a gentle push.

"Damn it, Steve," you say, barely keeping yourself from falling but do eventually fall when you try the wave. You come up, spitting out water, and wiping the water from your face."Sorry babe," he says and you bring the board back, "try again," Steve says as he goes for his board and coming back, climbing on. So you do. You climb onto the board, paddling out with him and pushing up onto the board, almost simultaneously, before balancing and taking a wave, glad it was smaller. This time, more prepared, you keep yourself up. "Okay, I can see why you like it so much," you admit begrudgingly to him.

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"Ratchet," you say as you enter the medbay, "Bee and Jazz are following me again, can you make them stop?" you ask as you climb up onto one of the beds, grabbing the DataPad so she could read up on their next patient. "Not much I can do about them," he tells you, "following you is probably the least strange thing they have done when it comes to you." 

"What?" you ask confused, "what else have they done?" you ask him, earning a vent, the equivalent to a sigh. "They are trying to court you," he tells you, giving you his attention, "They are competing for your attention and love," he says, surprised that you hadn't already worked that out. "They are?" you ask, though you don't hear him confirming his statement as you were thinking about the little gifts and letters that had been appearing, mostly in your room, however, you had found them in other places as well. "Well, that explains a few things," you say mostly to yourself, but also Rachet.

"I got this, why don't you go talk to them?" he suggests, "Maybe it will help," he adds, though he wasn't too sure it would, "but more importantly it will keep them from ending up in here again." You laugh quietly at his grumpy, almost but not quite, command. "Thanks Ratchet," you say to him as you set the datapad back down, climbing off the bed and heading out, going towards the Autobots hanger, assuming you would find them there. As you were walking, you were thinking about how to approach the situation.

Finding both Bots sitting alone in the hanger, you could feel the tension in the air. "Hey," you say to your favourite Bots, which makes the turn to face in your direction. "Hey, I thought you were busy with Ratchet?" Jazz says, a little surprised to see you. "Ratchet gave me the day to talk to you both," you tell him as you stand between the boys. "He told me something and I had to come ask if it was true," you say, slightly hesitating on what to say to them. "Of course you can, you can ask us anything," Bumblebee says, moving closer to you, giving you his attention, as did Jazz. "Ratchet said you two are competing for my affection," you say, watching them both closely. Both bots look startled by your words. 

"He said that?" Bumblebee asks, and you nod your head, "I mentioned you two following me, don't deny it, I saw it. He mentioned that the gifts I had been getting are from the two of you" you mention. "I'm not going to ask you to fight or anything, and I am certainly not going to choose between you two. I love you both too much!" You tell them, tears welling up in your eyes at the prospect of having to choose between the boys.

"It's okay, please don't cry," Jazz says slightly freaked out, "we're not fighting," he adds. Bumblebee whirls as he reaches out and gently lifts you up. "Don't worry, be happy," he plays through his radio, not wanting you to cry either. "It' okay," he adds on. "You won't have to choose between us if you don't want," Jazz adds, reaching out to rub you back with his digit. "We... We can work something out," Jazz tells you, as you glance up at the two bots, Bee nods his agreement. "Thank you," you choke out as you wipe away the tears.

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"I'm pretty sure this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen," you comment as you balance on the top of the rubble that used to be your house, you were looking down at a half-naked man, he had come through the roof, breaking through it, landing in a heap on the kitchen floor. Never before had you been glad the bus ran late, or you living in a bungalow. "You okay?" you ask, climbing inside the ruined building to check on the man. "Yeah, I'm okay," The man says as he pushes himself up, so he was sitting in the rubble. "This is turning into a habit," he comments. You laugh quietly, "Rather you then me," you joke as you put your hand out for him, which he grasps and you help pull him up. "I am so glad to be a renter," you joke, knowing you would have a bit of a freak out later. "Yeah," he drags out, "I'm really sorry about this," he says as you help him over the rubble and climbing down with together. "Could have been a lot worse, don't worry about it," you tell him and he makes a noise of agreement. "No one got hurt did they?" he asks, sounding worried and you smile at his worry, "No no one is hurt, except maybe you," you tell him, quietly chuckling at the look of relief. "No I am fine," he says, hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. "I am Bruce and I'm sorry about that," he says motioning to the ruins of your house. "Y/N. Don't worry about it, it can be dealt with." Bruce nods his head, still feeling bad about ruining your house. "Don't worry, I got someplace to stay," you tell him, watching as he sighs in relief. "You need a lift or anything, can't really help with clothes, but a lift or a phone call I can do," you tell him. "Thank you, I think I'll take that phone call," he says to you. You laugh softly and pull your phone out, handing it over, as you let him in your car to stay warm.

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"Your Majesty," you say as you dip your head slightly, a teasing smile on your lips, you had come to know T'challa quite well, between working with him and Tony on the accords, and tech discussions with him and his sister, you had permission to call him by his given name, which you occasionally did, but often called him His Majesty. "Y/N, it has been too long," he comments as he grasps your extended hand and brings it up to his mouth, pressing a kiss to your knuckles "Joys of being busy" you agree amused. "You are a charmer," you tell him with a smile as you joined him, ready to head into the meeting to try changing the accords. "Think it will be approved?" you ask the king, who gives you a one-shoulder shrug, "I do not know, but we can hope," he says before waving you in before himself.

"Can't believe it went through," you comment to T'challa as you leave the meeting together, "I am glad they are listening to the people," the King responds, turning his gaze to you, "very true," you agree. "Do you have to leave right away?" you ask him, as the two of you, and two members of the Dora Milaje walking close behind, head for the elevator. "I do not," he tells you."Feel up for a late lunch?" you ask him, smiling when he gives his agreement. 

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"Hey," you comment, lightly knocking on Vision's door, "You okay?" you ask, leaning against the doorframe. Vision looks up from where he was sitting. "I am unhurt," he says and you chuckle quietly, "Not what I asked but I am glad to hear it. I haven't seen you all weekend, I just thought I would check on you," you let him know, and he dips his head, "Thank you for your concern, I am just trying to work a few things out," he replies, "Please come in," he says. You nod your head as you walk over to his other chair. "Anything I can help with?" you ask, getting comfortable. "I was thinking about Wanda," he says, his voice quiet, as if not to be heard, "I am trying to understand her actions," he trails off, the knowledge of what she had done to him, still recent. You nod, "sometimes you can't understand what another is thinking," you inform as you lean forward, "but don't for a second believe that you deserved it," you tell him, adding, "There could be a multitude of reasons for her behaviour."

Vision nods his head slightly, "I thought we were friends, I do not understand why she would, she would do what she did," he comments, uncertain on how to explain. "I can't speak for her, but she might have been scared, of what, I couldn't tell you but fear makes people react strangely," you state. "Do you think it is possible that she didn't intend to do that?" he asks, glancing to you briefly before returning his attention to his painting. "It is possible, we know she doesn't have great control of her powers, so she might not have been meaning to do it," you reassure. Vision's gaze turns back to you and you give him a small smile, "It is a conversation you would need to have with her though, only she can tell you what was going through her head." "Thank you, " he says softly, glad to have someone to talk to about it. "Anytime Vis, now, I think it is time for you to get out of your room. Wanna take a walk with me?" you ask him and he smiles, "I would conquer" he says, rising effortlessly and extending his hand to you, which you take, allowing him to help you up.

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"Are you sure this is the right place?" John asks before shaking his head, "Forget I asked," he then adds, knowing Sherlock and knowing better than to ask. Sherlock doesn't bother to respond to the question and instead breaks into the place, causing John to shake his head but follow. They both pause momentarily before jumping into action, working together to take down the two men with John then calling the cops and Sherlock carefully moving towards the seeming unconscious women. As Sherlock is removing the rope, you awake and try to move away. "Hey. Hey!" Sherlock says trying to get your attention, "It's okay, we're gonna get you to the hospital," he tell you, moving in front of you so you could see him, once you had calmed slightly he moves back behind you, removing the rope as he talked, something he knew would be of comfort to you. "My name is Sherlock, that's John," he says, John giving a slight wave at the mention of his name. "Thanks, I'm Y/n, how did you even find me?" you ask, calming slightly, realising they were rescuing you. "Case," was Sherlock's only response, but you took it, being grateful for them.

It wasn't long before the emergency services turned up, and Sherlock and an EMT supported you on the short walk to the ambulance. "Will you come with me?" you ask Sherlock, a little nervous about being so close to so many people so soon after what had almost transpired. After a slight pause, the consulting detective nods his head, "I can," he says, yelling to John about where he was going. You laugh quietly, "Thank you," you tell him, letting the EMT take your heart rate, whilst filling him in on your details.

Thankfully it was a quick ride to the hospital and you were taken to an area to be checked over, with Sherlock not being family, he was kicked out of the room but when the Nurse tried, quite aggressively to undress you, you freaked out, shoving them away and quietly crying, "Leave me alone!" you tell them as you slap their hands away from you. “What are you doing you nimwit, she's just been assaulted and you’re manhandling her! Of course, she's gonna fight!” Sherlock exclaims as he storms right into the area, he had heard the commotion and decided to deal with it. "Get out and find someone competent at their jobs," he practically growls at the nurse, who quickly runs out of the room. "It's okay Y/N," he promises as he moves closer, carefully draping the blanket around your shoulders as you silently cry, the day's events hitting you fully. "Come on, let's get out of here, we can take care of you at my place," he says as he gathers you up and helps you out of the room, informing the desk clerk you were leaving and that their staff needed training, that he had seen smarter squirrels.  "Squirrels aren't that smart," you comment, a little amused by the man's comments. "I know," he says, leading you to where John was waiting. "We are treating her at mine, these people are useless," he says, helping you into the car. "Not even asking," John mummers, getting in and driving home, knowing Sherlock likely had a good reason for his behaviour, John didn't even blink at the strangeness of the request or the fact Sherlock sat in the back with you.

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"Chris!" You shout, making Chris step back and take notice. "I am fine," you tell him, "Nothing is broken, I am walking like twenty steps, I got this, please calm down," you tell your boyfriend. Since he found out about the accident Chris had been worried, which you could accept, and he was hovering, which was driving you crazy. Chris sighs, "Sorry, love, I am just worried 'bout you," he says, folding his arms over his chest. You quickly press a kiss to his cheek, "I know sweetheart, but I am okay," you tell him, "Now, breathe and if you feel up to it, go grab us some drinks, I think we both need a cuddle on the sofa," you tell him and he nods his head, "Okay," he says in agreement, leaning down to press a quick kiss to your lips before disappearing into the kitchen to grab of ice teas and joining you again.

Chris sets the drinks on the table and sits beside you, carefully moving so you were leaning against his chest. "Better?" you ask teasingly, knowing he was still worrying, even if he was hiding it better. "Yeah," he says, pressing a kiss to your head and silently thanking every deities he could that you were okay. "Good, and let's hope neither of us has to get us soon as I am comfortable like this," you say, snuggling closer to your worried boyfriend.

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Hey brother! There's an endless road to rediscover
Hey sister! Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do

Hey brother! Do you still believe in one another?
Hey sister! Do you still believe in love? I wonder
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do

What if I'm far from home?
Oh, brother, I will hear you call!
What if I lose it all?
Oh, sister, I will help you out!
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do

Hey brother! There's an endless road to rediscover
Hey sister! Do you still believe in love? I wonder
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do

What if I'm far from home?
Oh, brother, I will hear you call!
What if I lose it all?
Oh, sister, I will help you out!
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do


"Hey," Spencer says nervously, fiddling with his book bag. "Hey pretty boy," Derek says, moving to let him in. "Glad you made it," he says, lightly nudging the man he considered his brother. "Thanks for inviting me," Spencer says as he enters, taking his jacket off and hanging it up, knowing his way around Derek's apartment. "No worries, are you okay?" Derek asks as he heads to his kitchen, "I erm, I'm okay, just dealing with Maeve's passing," Spencer replies following him into the kitchen. "Anything I can do to help?" Derek asks, finishing making coffee and handing Spencer a mug, handing him the sugar canister, that he kept just for him. "You already are," Spencer says, glancing up briefly to give Derek a nervous smile. "Glad to help Spencer, you need anything just ask, there's nothing I wouldn't do to help," he tells him, giving his shoulder a light squeeze, "You can rely on us to help," he tells him. "I know," Spencer tells him, moving to the lounge so they could start their movie marathon. 

"Thanks for having me over Derek," Spencer says, once they had finished their movie marathon. "Glad to have you, you want to stay?" he asks and Spencer shakes his head, "No thanks, I'm going to go home and read some," Spencer tells him. "Okay, call if you need anything," Derek says walking him to the door. "I will, thank you," Spencer says, putting his jacket on and doing it up and making sure he had his bag as well. "See you tomorrow," Spencer says as he leaves, "Bright and early," Derek teased, calling out to him as he leaves.

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"You know, you could have just let me walk, if it is bugging you," you tell Sunstreaker, from where you were sitting on his shoulder, Sunstreaker lightly shrug, careful not to dislodge you. "It's fine, it is my fault your injured, least I can do is give you a lift to Ratchet," he says. "True, true," you tease lightly, "This is all your fault," you tell him, despite the slight grin on your lips. "However will I apologise," he deadpans, making you laugh. "How bad do you think your leg is?" he asks, he hadn't meant to startle you, but he had and you had fallen off a ladder, where you trying to grab something. "Eh, probably just sprained it," you tell him with a shrug, it hadn't hurt too bad, it was more the shock than the fall that earned the yelp. "I'm glad it isn't worse," he says, ducking into Ratchet's medbay, setting you onto the berth and letting Ratchet take a look.

"Told you it wasn't that bad," you tell Sunstreaker as he once again sets you on his shoulder. "I had to be sure, you squishies are so easy to squish," Sunstreaker says, "You know we have names right and we are not that breakable, we can survive losing limbs and losing half our blood supply," you tell him amused. "Yet some of you cry after falling over. It just isn't worth the risk, especially as your one of my favourite squishies," he says, making you grin and lean up to kiss his cheek, "You're one of my favourite 'bots," you tell him, almost laughing when he grumbles.

Chapter Text

Legolas was running down the hills following Aragorn, using his arrows to slay Orcs as he ran. He was so focused on getting to Boromir, it took him a moment to see the hooded figure, moving between Orcs, they were slicing through the creatures, taking out many of the creatures and simultaneously dodging attacks. Arriving near Boromir, Legolas stops, Boromir was kneeling on the floor, who then collapsed, dying on the spot. Legolas stumbles slightly before regaining his footing, going back to shooting arrows at the Orcs. The elf watched as Aragorn fought with the head Orc whilst he was trying to kill all the other Orcs, the cloaked figure had taken down several of them. 

After seeing that everyone in the area was dead and that Merry and Pippin were missing, Legolas turned to the cloaked figure, whose head was bowed as they stood near Boromir, moving closer, he noticed that they were female. " Man are tye?" (Who are you?) he asks, trying not to startle her. The figure turned to him, and let their hood down, revealing a human female. " Ni am Y/N,"(I am y/n) she says, turning fully to face him. " Emme maure ana lende,"(We need to leave) she says, adding " Te indóme túl at." (They will come back.) Legolas nods his head slightly, turning to Aragorn, who was watching as well. " Whime would tye help ammen?"(Why would you help us?) he asks moving closer, holding his sword close. " Ni Ceri- vamme Ceri an Orcs,"(I do not care for orcs), she replied, "Are you coming?" she asks, moving in the direction the Orcs had gone in. Sharing a quick look, Aragorn and Legolas followed her, "I'm Aragorn and this is Legolas," Aragorn says, following her over the terrain, " Nice ana oment- tye," (Nice to meet you,) she says. "Didn't know you got on with Hobbits," she says, glancing at the two males. "We have a mission to complete," Legolas tells her, staying vague, but she nodded, "Need an extra hand?" she asks and again, they shared a look, "Sure, we can always use an extra pair of hands," Aragorn says, moving so he was walking beside you, with Legolas on the other side. Without another word, the three of them head towards Rohan.

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"So I make an exceptional effort to accommodate you. But you must accept that, for as long as you choose to be in my life, there will occasionally be fallout from my behaviour. That must be a part of our understanding." Sherlock tells you. You had notice changes in Sherlock's behaviour as of recent, but as they weren't necessarily bad changes, you had been uncertain about bringing it up to him, but eventually, you had brought his unusual behaviour to his attention. You had not expected him to say what he did.

"I guess I have already accepted that there may be an adverse reaction to your behaviour and had taken that into account when I decided to pursue a relationship with you," you tell him, leaning over the kitchen table to press a kiss to his cheek, you were unsurprised when he gave you a half smile before turning his attention to the file he was reading.

Chapter Text

"If I can no longer function as a detective, I'm not sure I can stay sober. And if I can't stay sober, how's my brain going to heal?" Sherlock choked out, he had been struggling to deal with his recent diagnosis of PCS (Post-concussion syndrome) and how it was affecting him. Sherlock had been struggling to deal with the changes that had been occurring to himself, he had been sleeping more, having headaches or migraines, having dizzy spells and sensitivity to lights and noises. 

"We will find a way Sherlock, you heard what the doctor said, you need to take your medication and rest, I know you would prefer being without it and doing your job, but you need to rest," you inform him, moving closer to him, reaching out to bring him closer, wrapping your arms around him. "If I can't... "he trails off and you give him a gentle squeeze, resting your head on his shoulder, wanting to help as much as you can, "I know, I know Sherlock," you say softly, taking a step back to look up at him. "Just take it day by day. We will make sure that you don't relapse so you can focus on healing," you tell him.

Giving you a slight nod, glad, even if he never mentioned it, to have you there and helping, he then proceeded to change the subject, back to the case and away from his feelings and issue.

Chapter Text

Blowing out a breath, I roll my shoulders and my neck. My hand subconsciously suck into the pocket where the small box was resting. Remembering where I was, and that Abby could come back at any point, I force my hands onto the counter, where I was staring out the kitchen window. Blowing out another deep breath, I pull my phone out and call a number I had only called a few hours prior. After a short phone call, I put my phone away and push myself up, pacing nervously around the kitchen, waiting for my girlfriend to finish getting ready.

Three days that this plan had been in place now and I was still terrified that something would go wrong. This was hands down the scariest week to happen in a long time. "This okay?" a familiar voice asked, making me turn and face my girlfriend. "Yeah," I answer, internally wincing at the breathy quality of my voice, "You look amazing," I tell her truthfully as I look her over. "Thanks," she says, a blush appearing on her cheeks, "Are you going to tell me where we are going?" she asks, a smile surfacing. "Nope," I tell her, offering her my hand, ready to carry out my plan.

We arrive at the park, our friends had thankfully completed their half of the plan, a quiet area had been used, fairy lights were on the trees lighting the area up, a blanket laid on the floor, with the food basket in the middle and our friends hiding behind the tree. As we approached, I let Abby go ahead, before clearing my throat, the signal. Abby turned to look at me, as I knelt down on one knee and our friends, dressed formally as they stepped out of hiding. 

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, deeply loving someone gives you courage. When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you can't wait for the rest of your life to start. Abby, will you do the honours of being my wife, Will you marry me?" I ask her, incredibly nervous.

"Oh my god, Barry," she chokes out, nodding her head, "Yes, yes I'll marry you," she cries in delight. Silently thanking the Gods, I stand up, bring her closer and gently kiss her. "I love you," I tell her as I pull back, lifting her hand, pressing a kiss to her knuckles before sliding the ring on.

Chapter Text

Nervously, Barry bounced on the tips of his toes needing to rid himself of some of the energy he had, this was the moment he had been waiting for for months now. Hearing the opening noted to the wedding march, Barry spun around, waiting with baited breath for the women of his dreams to walk down the aisle. Shooting a nervous look at Joe, a man he considered his second father, he was given an encouraging smile on return, which settled some of the nerves. Forcing himself to stand still, Barry rugged on his suit jackets sleeves.

 Thankfully, it didn't take long for the bridesmaid and groomsmen to walk down the aisle, which finally, finally, led to the moment he had been dreaming of for the past few months. Abby was walking down the aisle, dressed in a simple yet beautiful gown. 

Swallowing roughly, he watched until she was standing in front of him, almost without thinking about it, he reached out and lifted the veil, showing his soon to be wife's smiling face, letting his hands drop, he took a-hold of her hand, holding it in his own and together they turned to the minister.

"Family and friends of the Bride and Groom," the minister starts, Barry and Abby listening to him closely, "welcome and thank you for being here on this important day. We are gathered here to celebrate the special love between Abigail and Bartholomew, by joining them in marriage," the minister continued. 

"Do you, Bartholomew Henry Allen take Abigail Liana Willow to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in marriage? Do you, promise to love her, comfort her, honour and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and on health, and for asking all others to be faithful only to her, as long as you both shall live?" The minister finally asked, much to Barry's relief. 
   Just as he was about to answer, a loud crash could be heard, causing everyone to turn to the back of the church. Barry groaned aloud, noting Salvatore standing in the now open doorway. "I'll be right back," Barry assures Abby, silently thankful that those closest to him knew who he was.
   Nodding, Abby moved everyone towards the altar, away from the area, unsurprised when Barry disappeared and the Flash appeared. Thea flash and Salvatore soon disappeared from sight as Abby, along with Joe and his family, worked on calming everyone down. 

Not even twenty minutes later, Barry had returned, a split lip and a bruise being the only thing to show for his fight, and the fact the wedding was crashed. 

"I say that we finish this off and then we all go for a stiff drink," Barry says, after quickly checking on his loved ones, ensuring they were uninjured. Met with a few laughs, people slowly began working their way back to their seats, ready to get the rest of the service over with. 
Quieting everyone, the minister takes a deep breath and carried on, "As I was saying, Barry do you take Abby to be your lawfully wedded wife?" He asks, skipping most of the cows as he had already said them. 

"I do," Barry answers with a smile.

"And Abigail Liana Willow, do you take Bartholomew Henry Allen to be your lawfully wedded husband, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honour and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, forsaking all others, to be faithful only to him as long as you both shall live?" The minister asks.

"I do," Abby says smiling at her almost-husband, waiting for, what he considered the best part. 

"if there is anyone present who may show just and lawful cause as to why this couple may not lawfully wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." 
After a short pause, where no one uttered a word, everyone waiting with held breaths, the minister nodded his head "if you two would exchange rings," the minister says, the relief almost palpable as they exchanged rings. 
"By the power invested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife," he comments, adding "you may now kiss your bride," knowing it was what the couple were waiting for. 

Without hesitating, Barry brings his wife closer and kisses her, barely hearing their family and friends cheering. "I love you, Abby," he tells her upon pulling back, reaching for her so they could walk down the aisle to the waiting car.

Chapter Text

"I have to say, I don't really want to go to work," Barry almost whines to his wife, something he still hadn't wrapped his head around, despite being married for almost six months. 
"You only have another two months then your on leave," Abby reminds him in amusement, since finding out that she was pregnant, two months prior, Barry protested going to work even if he knew he needed to. "True. Let me know what the doctors say... Also we in agreement about finding out the gender?" He asks her, he was pretty excited and utterly terrified, about becoming a dad. 
"We are in agreement," she tells him, pressing a kiss to his lips before ushering him to the shower.

Almost eight hours later found and excited Abby waiting for her superhero husband to get home, to show him the ultrasound she had had earlier at her doctor's appointment. 
 "Honey I'm home," Barry says dramatically as he entered the apartment he shared with his wife. 
"Are you ever going to get tired of saying that?" She asks, despite being amused by it. Hugging her husband, she presses a kiss to his cheek.  
"So...?" Barry asks unable to hide his excitement. 

"Doctors say that she is healthy," Abby tells him with a large smile on her face. 
"That's great babe," he says before he cottoned on. "Wait... She?" The speedster asked excitedly as his eyes go the forming bump. 
"Yep. Where having a little girl." She tells him, going into her pocket and showing him the ultrasound. 
"Oh," he breathes out looking at the picture in awe. 



"Okay, what about Natasha?" Barry asks, they had been at it for a while, sitting in the nursery they were working on, they were trying to come up with a name for their daughter. 
"I don't really like it... How about Lynn?" Abby asks, almost jumping when she feels the baby kick for the first time.
 Without hesitating, she grabbed her husband's hand and let him feel the slight kicking. "I think she likes it," Barry comments, feeling the movement happening.
"Lynn Allen it is," he says, leaning down to kiss their baby bump.

Chapter Text

"You know," Wade says, catching your attention, which you give to him, "I don't think I have ever seen you on a vest top before. And I have to tell you, I'm digging it," he tells you as he visibly checks you out, making you laugh quietly. "Thanks, Wade," you tell him, moving to lean against him, which causes him to wrap his arms around you. 

"I don't often wear them cause they show my scars, but it's too hot to be in anything else," you inform him, with a slight shrug, you weren't a fan of the scars that littered your body, most of them had been from being an Avenger, and some from childhood injuries, but you disliked them no matter the reason for them.  "You have scars?" Wade asks a little surprised, he knew of a few, mostly from your childhood where you had broken a bone or two. You nod your head, leaning forward slightly to show him a matching pair of scars on your shoulders. 

"Huh, I had no idea," He admits as he looks at them, lightly brushing his fingers against them. " I don't often talk about them, " you admit, a little embarrassed. "Why?" He questions as he brings you back so he could rest his head on tour shoulder, holding you against his chest. 
"Not a fan of them," you state, only for Wade to make a noise of protest behind you. "Scars are a road map of where you've been and who you've stood up to. They should be flaunted and shown off. Scars, especially yours, are cool and nothing to be ashamed about!" Wade informs, pressing a kiss to your cheek. "Not all of them are from saving the world Wade, and sometimes I am embarrassed about them. "
"You shouldn't be. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, scars are cool battle wounds," he promptly replies. "Sides, I think you're a badass and deserve them... And their kinda hot," he tells you.
"Only you Wade," you mutter admittedly feeling a bit better about them. "You sure you think that way?" You ask him, receiving a nod and a kiss on the cheek. 
"Yep you rock them sugar," he says grinning. "I can prove it if you want," he says wiggling his eyebrows, only serving to make you laugh 

"Thanks, Wade," you tell him, leaning up slightly to kiss him.  "I love you," you tell him freely,
"I love you too... But does this mean no sexy time?" he asks pouring.

"I never said that," you say to him coyly.

Chapter Text

Slumping against the bathroom mirror, Sherlock undid his tie and closed his eyes, he wasn't sure why he felt so disappointed, he knew that there was a probability that you wouldn't be able to make it home for his birthday, you had even told him yourself that you might not be able to make it, but he was still a little disappointed that you were unable to make it to his unwanted birthday dinner. 

It had been months since he had last seen you and he was really looking forward to seeing you again, so of course, he was a little disappointed but he did his best to hide it, not wanting anyone to know that he missed you, he often found it hard to talk about you, not wanting anyone to know he had a weak spot, something that could be exploited, but at the same time, he wanted people to know, that he had someone who loved him, almost as much as he loved you, even if he couldn't always express it. Allowing his head to thump against the mirror, he briefly closed his eyes, and when they reopened, he couldn't stop the small smile crossing his lips.

"I didn't think you could make it," he says, pushing himself off the sink counter and over to where you were leaning against the door frame. "Almost didn't," you admit with a shrug, "I come bearing gifts," you tell him, with a twitch of your lips as you offer the limited edition book to him. "Thanks," he says lightly, knowing that neither of you followed the no gift policy and takes the offering and pulling you into a brief kiss. "Welcome, I'm glad I get to see you dressed up," you say playfully as you take in the suit, causing him to shrug, "Joan's doing," he says in explanation as he leads you to hardly used bedroom of his. "I bet, you don't usually dress that snazzy," you tease, enjoying the roll of eyes he gives you. "I missed you, Sherlock," you say pressing a kiss to his cheek. "I too was inconvenienced by your absence," he says, eyes flicking to you as he set the book on his side table, letting you see that you were in fact, missed.

Chapter Text

"You know," you comment as you jump out of reach of the spider, "I am starting to really hate these things," you mention allowed, unsurprised when you hear Legolas laugh, "You mentioned that twice now," he jokes as he embeds his sword through one of them. "Well, I am going to mention it again!" you tell him, sliding between the legs of the creature, using your sword to cut its underside open, emerging on the other side, you stand again, stabbing the spider in the back and killing it. 

As you move closer to the middle of the action where the King and Prince were fighting, you feel something sharp pierce your left leg, you gasp as you go down, rolling over and coming face-to-face with a spider, raising your sword, you aim for its chest, but as you stab it, you feel its jagged leg bury itself in your shoulder, with a gasp, you tighten your grip on the sword, pushing it further into the creature. "Y/N!" You hear Legolas yell before you fade.


Legolas yanks his sword from the spider he had fought and runs to your side, "Y/N," he says, reaching out to cup your cheek, "Come on, open those eyes for me," he begs terrified, feeling the presence of his father, your partner, come to a stop behind him, "Y/n?" Thranduil says, kneeling beside his only child to brush some stray hairs from your face, "Please," he says quietly, "You need to open your eyes Nin mel (My love)," the king begs softly, lips trembling when you don't respond. 

"Adar, I think she is gone," Legolas chokes out, fingers brushing over your cheek as he carefully moves your body to a safe area, grabbing your sword, knuckles turning white as he shoves his emotions down, knowing they had a job to finish. Swallowing hard, Thranduil pulls himself up, promising himself he will grieve later, he picks his sword back up, and angrily goes after the spiders, taking his anger out on them, just like his son was.


Somewhere between leaving your body and returning to that spot after they had moved through the woods, chasing the spiders away, you had disappeared, your body was no longer in the spot they had left you in. After a quick but thorough search, Thranduil and Legolas headed for home, Thranduil making plans to send some of his men out in the morning to see if they could find your body. Both royal elves wanted your body so they could give you a proper sending off and a chance to grieve for their loss.


Not even halfway back to the castle, you gave a small groan, tying the strip of cloth tighter around your leg, you were hoping it would hold out until you got back to the Castle and to your loved ones. As you came around, you had briefly wondered where your sword had gone as you knew you had had it before you passed out, you also wondered were the others had gone, as they weren't nearby and you couldn't hear them, but you had figured that they hadn't seen your body or they were still chasing the spiders away.

Chapter Text

Info on Djinns.


Silently cursing his brother, Sam entered further into the abandoned warehouse, as he entered, he couldn't help but wonder how it always seemed to be abandoned warehouses that these monsters would hide in, give him a nice house to hunt in, any day. Clutching his silver knife a little tighter, the youngest Winchester peered around the doorway, seeing no one, he crept in, keeping close to the wall so he couldn't get snuck up on, he cleared the room. 

Not seeing his older brother, or the Djinn, Sam continued through the room, pulling open the other door in the room. Pausing briefly, he swung the flashlight around, the beam of light landing on his brother, and a woman, both tied to separate chairs, side by side, in the centre of the room, well closet really. 

Clearing the room, Sam stepped inside, moving towards the unconscious figures, he used his knife to cut the bindings. Once they were free, he lifted the unconscious woman and carried her out to the car, placing her inside whilst he went back inside, following the same routine of clearing the place, he grabbed his brother, carrying him to the car, setting him in the passenger seat.

Hearing movement from behind, Sam spun around, drawing his blade, noticing the Djinn coming his way, he moved forward and away from the car, hoping it would keep the unconscious passengers safe. Launching at the Djinn, Sam dives to the side, using the blade to stab at the creature. 

After wrestling for a short while with the monster, Sam drives the blade into the thing's stomach, yanking the knife out, Sam pushes himself up to his feet, stumbling slightly, Sam gets to the car and climbs in, with a groan of pain, he starts the vehicle up and drives away from the building, heading for their bunker, somewhere he knew was safe and the two unconscious occupants of the car could recover before himself and Dean went to track down the other Djinns.

After, what felt like several hours of driving, Sam pulled the car into the bunker's garage. Turning the car off, he pulls himself out of the car and walks around to the passenger's side, where he pulls Dean out and carries him to his room. Sam then returned to the car, removing his nameless passenger and takes her to one of the spare rooms, laying her in the bed. After a quick internal debate, Sam heads for his own room, grabbing a washcloth and one of his tops and the first aid kit he kept in there, he then popped into Dean's room, grabbing a pair of his jog bottoms, he heads back to the nameless woman. Sam then proceeded to clean her, carefully patching her up before reclothing her. Leaving the room again, he dumped the washcloth in the bathroom, leaving the first aid kit in the bedroom, he then proceeded to the kitchen, getting the coffee going and grabbing a glass, filling it with water and grabbing the Tetynol, he walked back to the occupied spare room, where he set the glass of water and two painkillers, then headed to his brothers room, setting the medication on his side table and leaving again.

Knowing it would only be a matter of time before they woke, he went back to the kitchen, cleaning away the blood, some of which was his, he dropped into one of the chairs to wait, both for the coffee and for the other two to wake.

Chapter Text

"I don't... I don't understand," You say, glancing towards your 'broken' arm. "How is that even possible?" you ask, glancing up at Ratchet before returning your gaze to your arm.

You had gotten hurt on an assignment, in which you threw yourself in front of your brother, Major Will Lennox, protecting him from injury, whilst his back was turned. In doing so, you had broken your arm, only, when you got back and were being seen to by Ratchet, he had discovered torn cables in your arm, not bones and muscles. You were at a complete loss at how it was possible. 

"I am uncertain, I think you need to speak to your brother," Ratchet says as he fixes the cabling in your arm, bandaging it up so that people didn't see your injury.  

"I will. Thanks, Ratchet," you say to him, hopping down off the bed, bringing your arm closer so not to damage it any further. Almost in a daze, you went looking for your brother, not really paying attention to where you were going, so it was no surprise when you were suddenly lifted out the way of a jeep. Blinking to clear your head, you turn your head to look at the Autobot who had lifted you out of danger.

Unsurprisingly, Optimus was the one who had saved you. "You need to watch where you are walking," He tells you slightly amused but also slightly worried, he had heard that you had been injured on your assignment and he was worried that you might have hurt your head. 

"Yeah, sorry about that, I got lost in my head," You reply as you settle on his shoulder, once again glad you weren't afraid of heights. "Have you seen my brother? I really need to talk to him," you inform him as you hold onto his shoulder, wondering what the heck was going on, how could you have wires inside your arm, though it would explain why you had never gotten ill. 

"Is everything okay?" He asks, "I think I saw him heading for the Canteen," he adds, answering your question as he heads in that direction.

"I might not be as human as I thought," you tell, still reeling from the surprise find. You unwrap the bandage to show him the cables in your arm, something you still hadn't wrapped your head around. "I'm not sure, what I am," you say. 

"You are you, you may not be human but you are still Second Lieutenant Y/N Lennox, you are still amazing, and you still have my spark." He tells you, his words sincere, and it made you smile. 

"Thank you Optimus, that means a lot, but I think I still need to talk to my brothers and get some answers," you say to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek as he sets you down outside the canteen. 

"You are welcome, I will see you later," Optimus tells you, pressing the tip of his finger to over your heart, a quiet sign of his love for you. You wrap your hand over his finger and squeeze lightly, returning the sign, before you headed inside to find your brother. 


"Will!" You call out seeing him, watching as he turned to give you his attention, you walked over to him, giving him a quick hug. "We need to talk, in private," you tell him, uncertain about how to explain the issue to him. 

"Course lets go outside," he says in agreement. "Are you ok...?" he asks, taking you around the back of the building.

"Am I adopted?" You ask him, cutting him off. You weren't sure if you were glad or not to see the confusion on your brothers face.

"No, why?" he asks sounding confused and vaguely worried, you had never had thoughts like that before and were quite freaked out. Swallowing, you undo the bandage as you spoke. "We found this when Ratchet was checking me over." You show him the large gash in your arm, silver cables visible under your flesh. 

"What the hell?!" Will asks, carefully grabbing your arm and looking at the wound before he looked back at you, shock and uncertainty clear on his face. "I don't understand," he admits, letting you go as he ran his hand through his hair. "I don't understand," he repeats sounding confused and lost.

"I don't either," you admit, leaning against the wall. "What am I?" you ask, letting the question just hand in the air. 

"I'm gonna assume you are like the Autobots, just a pretender?" Will says though he didn't sound convinced in the slightest. "Either way, you are my sister and this isn't going to change that," Will says, conviction clear in his voice.

Chapter Text

Wiping the rain from her face, Kirra did her best not to shiver, the London rain was drenching her, and the wind was blowing briskly, causing her damp dark red hair to whip around, hitting her in the face, making seeing where she was going hard and making her black dress cling to her 5' frame. With a quiet curse, she pushed the hair from her face as she continued down the road, she wondered why she had decided to walk home from the party at midnight, she really should have gotten a ride back or called for a taxi. Scowling as the wind brought her hair back into her face, she ran into someone. 

"Crap." She hissed as she takes a couple steps back, pushing the hair from her face again. "I am so sorry," Kirra tells the tall figure as she glanced up, catching a good look at a familiar face, the face of Benedict Cumberbatch. 

"It is no problem," Benedict tells her, "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" he asks her, they had walked into each other rather hard, both concentrating on where they were stepping rather than on if there was anyone on the path. 

"No, no I am fine," Kirra insists, completely embarrassed about having walked right into the British actor. 

"I am glad to hear it, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" He asks, feeling embarrassed himself about having walked into her, not seeing her as he walked, which really wasn't an excuse.

"You... you don't have to do anything, and I feel I should be offering that to you," Kirra manages to get out, heart racing as she gazed up at the actor, having to keep pushing her hair from her face.

Benedict chuckles and shakes his head, "Not needed and I should have been watching where I was going," Benedict says with a soft smile, wiping his own face. "Can I walk you home?" he asks, unsure if he was sounding like a creep or not. 

"You can, but it really isn't needed," Kirra tells him again, twisting her wet hair behind her head, hoping to keep it out of her face.

"It might not be needed, but I would like to," he tells her, offering his arm to her. "I'm sure you know who I am, but if not, I am Benedict," he says, walking with her, going back the way he had come from.

"Im Kirra, it's nice meeting you, you know, if we ignore the walking into each other bit," she says, joking about their run in. 

"Nice to meet you Kirra," he says as he walks beside her, letting her lead the way.

As Kirra and Benedict walked down the path, the two of them got to know each other, asking and answering questions, as Benedict shares his umbrella with the already soaked woman.

Chapter Text

Sam silently cursed the large area of Wakanda that King T'challa had given them as a refuge, a place for them to rest after the 'Avengers Civil War'. Whilst he was grateful for all the King was doing, he often wished he was back at home, especially as it would mean he could find his sister Mahlet easily. Checking a few more rooms of the large area, he finally headed outside into the baking sun, walking into the garden, where he stopped. 

Not 40 feet from where he was standing was his little sister, but with an arm slung around her waist and a smile on his lips, was Scott Lang who was talking to his sister. Seeing his sister not trying to shrug him off made Sam frown, he hadn't known that his sister was dating, let alone dating Lang. 

Deciding that what he wanted to speak to his sister about, wasn't that important, Sam headed back inside but not before he saw Scott lean down and kiss his sister, simultaneously planning Scott's murder and a shovel talk to give to the man as he headed for the kitchen to grab some water. 

Chapter Text

Walking into the bathroom, still half asleep from the nap he had taken upon entering the house after he had finished filming for the day, Jensen couldn't stop the yelp that escaped his mouth, sitting on the sink counter was the creepiest doll he had ever seen. Sure it had been in his home for months now, but that didn't stop the terror every time he was forced to look at the thing.

"Y/N!" Jensen yelled knowing that you were the reason the creepy thing was sitting there, you had brought the thing and now used it to terrify him. 

"Yeah, babe?" you call from the kitchen, where you were cooking dinner and scrolling through Facebook.

"Why is your creepy frigging doll sitting in the bathroom?!" He calls back as he turned the doll so that the doll couldn't see him, and doing his business before washing his hands and grabbing the doll by the back of the dress and carries it back downstairs.

"You don't think it should stay there?" You call back, trying not to laugh, ever since you had found out about Jensen's dislike for dolls, you couldn't help teasing him for it. 

"No, I hate it, bin it already," he certainly doesn't whine, though it was very close. His tone paired with the way he was holding the doll made you laugh and take the thing, setting it on the fridge-freezer. 

"Not binning it," you tell him before you pressed a kiss to his cheek. 

Chapter Text

Dean grumbled quietly as he ran his hand through his hair, almost running straight into his younger brother, Sam on the way. "Morning," he grunted out as they trudged together to the bunker's kitchen. Both had gone to bed late after returning from the Apocalyptic World and rescuing their mum, Jack and others.

Finally entering the kitchen, Dean flipped the light on and both Winchester men jump, when there is a shout of "Surprise." 

"What the heck?" Dean asks, glancing around the room, eyes taking in the people they cared most about as well as acquaintances and members of the Apocalyptic world, about loitering in the kitchen, the long counter filled with different foods. Everyone was there; Cas, their Mum, Bobby, Jack, Charlie, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, their dad, Jody, Claire, Alex, Donna, Ash, Kevin, Chuck, Donatello, Crowley, Rowena, they were all there, but standing almost nervously in the front of them all was you. Their sister.

You had gathered everyone that your brothers cared about or were acquainted with and were hosting a mini party to celebrate your brothers. The two of them had done so much for so many and never got any recognition for the hell they went through, figuratively or literally. So you had rounded everyone up, made sure they brought food, or cooked something and surprised your brothers.

"Surprise," you say to Sam and Dean, "This is a Sam and Dean rocks Party," you say only slightly joking. "We wanted you two to know we appreciate all you do," you inform them

"Thanks, kid," Dean says, coming over to hug you, "It's not necessary but its appreciated," Dean comments, pressing a kiss to your temple before letting go, letting Sam take his place.

Both boys make a lap around the room, accepting hugs and pats on the back from their friends and family before it turned into a madhouse with the boys swarming the table for food, which allowed everyone else to follow suit.

Chapter Text

"I don't ... I don't understand, you're a spy?!" Steve manages to get out, torn between confusion, anger and hurt. 

"I thought it was obvious, I work for S.H.I.E.L.D, I thought it was a given!" Ryan answered with a shrug, Steve knew he was an Agent, he had thought that the Captain knew that almost everyone who worked for the agency were an operative of some kind.  

"No, it was not a given!" Steve snaps at him, "You are spying on people, do you..." 

"Obviously! Someone needs to spy on others so we have the info we do. How do you think we get info on Hydra or AIM or ISIS!" He retaliated, adding, "Someone has to get in there and ferret the info out, we have to spy on people and go undercover and do disgusting things so we know where to send people like you! People who don't have to deal with the nastiness and can just clear a building, a place we get the information on!" Ryan yells at him, glad they were in the privacy of Steve's apartment.

"That I understand that but what about those who aren't terrorists? You are intruding on their lives!" Steve angrily yelled back at him.

"We have to. We don't just spy on anyone and everyone, they need to give us a reason, like buying from someone we are already watching. We do it to protect people. We do it because we have to." Ryan says a lot calmer now. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Steve people like us don't get normal, we get dealt a crappy hand and we deal with it, we protect others. It is just what we do. "

"I know that," Steve says with a sigh, "I know we have to protect others, I just... I should have realised that you were a spy," he admits quietly, sounding pained by the admission.

"I'm a professional Steve," he says with a chuckle "You aren't supposed to realise what I am," he teases lightly, glad they had finished arguing. "People find out who I am, then people I care about could get hurt, and I... I won't let that happen, even if they can look after themselves," he adds, knowing Steve won't understand the fact he was talking about them.

"I get that Ryan, I do," Steve tells him with another quiet sigh, "I'm glad that you are protecting people, especially those you care about," he says, a little saddened to realise there might be someone else in his life. Steve had assumed that Ryan was single, but assumed he was wrong. 

Hearing the tone in Steve's voice, Ryan couldn't help but smile a little, and reaching forward, he pulled the Captain closer, leaning up slightly and kissing him, pressing his lips against the other mans. 

It was a huge surprise to Steve, even more so than learning that Ryan was a spy, to be grabbed by the shirt and pulled forward and a set of lips press against his. With his mind finally catching up to what was happening and was quick to kiss back, tugging the agent closer as the kiss quickly deepened.

Eventually, Ryan did pull back, a grin on his lips as he looked back at Steve, "Thanks for not punching me," he joked, unsure on what to say.

"I wouldn't," Steve tells him, "But I would like you to be my boyfriend," he adds nervously as he bites down on his bottom lip, only to have a chaste kiss pressed to his lips.

"I would like that," Ryan tells him

Chapter Text

"I'm so glad you made it back, Cas. It hasn't been the same without you," You tell your boyfriend as you wrap your arms around the angel, really glad that he was home and glad that Sam and Dean had done out and given the two of you a moment alone with each other. 

" I am sorry that I have not been here," Cas says as he awkwardly returns the hug, holding you close to his vessel, he was still a little uncomfortable with hugs, but enjoying having you close to him. 

"You don't have to apologize for that Cas. I've just been worried about you. Dean told us a bit about Purgatory, and it sounds horrible," you tell him as you hug him a little tighter before pressing a kiss to his cheek. 

"It certainly wasn't fun," he says quietly and a little pained, adding, "I do not wish to relive it and I certainly wouldn't wish it on anyone."

"Okay," you say softly, leaning back to get a good look at him, subconsciously making sure he wasn't injured, despite already having checked and asked him. 

Almost without conscious thought, you lean up and kiss him, hand coming up and brushing his cheek as you tangle your fingers in his hair, the other wrapping around the back of his neck.  You couldn't stop the small yet pleased noise when he kissed back, arms tightening around you slightly before one of his hands come to rest on the back of your head, fingers carefully gripping onto your hair.

Removing your hands from your boyfriend, you pull off his tie and begin undoing his shirt, getting it undone, you push all the clothes on his top half off, your hands brushing over his chest and snaking across his sides and up his back, getting a good feel of his skin and muscles whilst feeling for any injuries, though you were less concerned about that possibility that you had been a moment previously.

Neither of you had heard the door open, or if you had, it hadn't registered as the next thing you know, you hear "Eww, really guys?!" from Dean as he and Sam walked back in. Whilst they both knew the two of you were in a relationship, and supported it, seeing you make out wasn't something they liked witnessing, and usually if one of you were dating someone, you were good at respecting the silent rule and keeping PDA to a minimum. 

Pulling back from Cas, you shoot the older hunter a look and a roll of your eyes at the childish behaviour, though you did step back from the angel, who reclothed with his powers.

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Quietly entering the apartment he shared with his fiancee, Loki quietly walked through the apartment, coming to a stop at the small guest room. Pushing open the door, he winced at the slight creek it made. His green eyes swept the small room, a  lamp resting on a chest of draws, which was under the window across the room from him, providing the only light in the room, a changing table was next to the small closet on the right of the room, on the left was a crib, a rocking chair next to it.

Stepping into the room, Loki walked over to the crib, peering inside, the God watched the rise and fall of his newborn son's chest. The green-eyed God couldn't stop the small smile from appearing on his lips, Herleif (Meaning =Warrior descendent) was laying in the crib, sleeping. Reaching out, he gently brushed the tip of his index finger over his little boy's cheek. 

"Min prins, jeg vil alltid beskytte deg," (Norwegian - My Prince, I will always protect you. ) Loki whispers to his little boy before leaning down and pressing a kiss to the little boys head. 

"I thought," a voice says, making the God jump slightly before the voice continued on "I heard you come in." Turning from his son, his eyes land on his fiancee, who was leaning on the door frame, clearly she had climbed out of bed upon hearing his entry. "I didn't mean to be so late," the Asgardian Prince says as he straightens up, slightly worried that his fiancee would be upset that he had been gone for three weeks and had missed the birth of his son, who was now a week old.

"It's okay," she says, walking over, pressing a kiss to his cheek, leaning against his armoured chest as they both gazed down at the sleeping baby. "I named him Herleif like we planned, Herleif Biyn (Meaning = one whose strong) Lokison, " she tells him, glancing up at her soon to be husband, noting the tears in the God's eyes. 

"I love it and I love him already," Loki whispers, hugging his significant other and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "Our son is going to be amazing," he says softly as he watched his son breathe.

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Loki was silently cursing Thor and Odin for making him return to earth, he might not have been at fault for the Chitauri's but the All-father still sent him to Midgard to make amends for his part of the invasion. He was being made to stay in New York and help with repairs and be a part of the Avengers, a consultant to help when things crop up.

Despite being there for punishment, he was able to come and go as he pleased as long as his brother was able to get a hold of him. So with his minimal freedom, Loki was out walking the streets of New York, heading in the direction of a park, silently glad for mortal clothing, which was helping him fit in and hide in plain sight.  

It didn't take long for him to arrive at the park and sit on a bench, facing the water, giving him a good view over the lake. A small noise caused Loki to turn his attention away from the lake and towards the end of the bench. Limping his way was a small white kitten, front left paw being held off from the ground as it made it's way to him. After a moments pause, Loki got up and walked over to the kitten and lifted it carefully, holding it in his hand and going back to the bench. As he stared at the small creature that sat staring up at him, Loki brushed his finger along the back, making the kitten purr and lean into his hand. With a slight smile, Loki carefully continued to pet the little kitten as he looked over the lake, finding it oddly comforting to pet the animal.

Returning his attention to the cat, Loki looked it over, noticing a couple scars on the animal. Frowning, he carefully turned the cat over, noticing a gash on the kitten's leg, it was then that he noticed that the feline was watching him, studying his actions. "Hey kitty," he coos softly, as he rubs behind the animal's ears. The kitten's eyes watched him and a small noise came from the tiny creature as it leaned up to bump Loki's chin before it turned in a circle and settled in his hand.

What Loki didn't know was that the small kitten was a young adult, a shapeshifting mutant whose powers had kicked in and left them stuck in animal form. The mutant had gotten injured when they had panicked, realising they were now a cat and had cut themselves on some glass when they had run. In a panic, they had gotten lost and ended up in the park, where she had found Loki.

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A small whimper was what had first alerted Peter to you, he had been out on patrol, decked in his spider-man suit, he had been swinging through the city, the small noise from below had made him stop, hanging from his web, deciding it wouldn't be a big deal, he lowers himself, landing on his feet in an alley, glancing to the opening of the alley, on his left, he spotted nothing, so he looked to the right, further down the alley, and nodded to himself, silently steeling himself up before walking further down the alley, and there, he saw you, fighting off another male. 

Without conscious thought, Peter had shot his webs at the guy's wrists, webbing them to the wall, he then used his webs to silence the man as he walks over to you, "Hey," Peter says softly as he crouches in front of where you had slid down the wall, tears threatening to slip down your cheek. "It's okay, you are safe now," Peter said softly, giving you time and space to calm down.

Eventually, you had thrown yourself at him, wrapping your arms around him, burying your head into his shoulder, "Thank you," you had choked out to the masked hero as you clung to him.

"It's okay," Peter had told you, having helped you to your feet. After a quick call to the NYPD, Peter helped you towards the alley entrance, "Would you like me to walk you home?" Peter had asked, a little nervously, to which you had quickly agreed.


It had been three months since Peter had met and rescued you, and he had taken to keeping an eye out for you when he was on patrol, he had encountered you a few times now, every time you would thank him for him saving you as you walked with him, happily chatting about how your day had been going. 

Somewhere over the three months, Peter had found himself falling for you. A smile would always appear when he saw you, and he had started to notice the flutter in his stomach when you were near. Almost without thought, he had begun to try and find you in the large city, occasionally succeeding and it always made him smile.

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Running had for a long time been an outlet for Pietro, he loved the freedom that came with his ability, and sure he was often using his ability to run and think, for the first time he had gone out, with the same plan in mind, but had come to a screeching, almost literally, halt upon hearing a scream. 

Somehow managing to keep his balance, Pietro spun around, jogging back slower as he scanned the area for the source of the noise.

"Hey!" Pietro yelled as he came across a man trying to drag a women down an alley, without thought to his well-being he headed down the alley, his eyes flickering over the scene, taking all the details in quickly, before using his speed to get behind the man and kick his knees out, catching the young women who fell.

"It's okay," Pietro said softly to the young women, cradling her a little closer to his chest, protecting her as he ran off, getting them to a well-populated area, yet offered enough privacy to talk. "Sh!t, sorry, I should have told you I was going to do that," he says with a wince as he sets her down, "Are you okay? Budete potrebovať (Slovak - Do you need) ... Do you need to go to the hospital?" the Sokovian asks in a haste, barely breathing between questions.

"I... I think I'm okay," the woman says as she looks around the new space, being back in a public area was helping calm her racing heart and let her breathe easier. "I'm okay, I don't need to go there, thanks to you," she says, a hint of a smile appearing on her lips.

"Your welcome," Pietro manages to say, eyes glancing over her face. "I'm really glad to hear you're okay," he admits. "Im... I'm Pietro," he introduces a little uncertain, really wanting to make a good impression. 

"Nice to meet you, Pietro, thank you for saving me," she replies, eyes a little clearer now, barely holding back the shivers as it all comes to term in her head. "I'm (Y/N), I am really grateful for the save if there's anything I can do to repay you..." she trails off as Pietro shakes his head.

"That is not necessary, I am just, I am glad you are okay," the speedster says, struggling to get his thoughts coherent and expressed. "How about I walk you home?" he asks, biting down on his lip, realising that was rather forward and not wanting to frighten her, but relaxed when she nodded. 

"I would like that, thank you, Pietro."

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"Remember when we first?" Tom asks Kirra a teasing smile danced across his lips, joining Benedict in laughing upon hearing her groan. 

"I'm pretty sure we were lucky not to end in a grave with the way you were glaring at us," Benedict teases, dropping down on the other side of Kirra, a kiss quickly pressed to her cheek.

"God, I was so unfriendly to the two of you, I am so glad that you guys give second chances. Or third in this case, "Kirra says, a blush quickly rising to her cheeks as she glanced at the two men she was comfortably sandwiched between.

"It has been a long time since someone glared quite so hard at me," Tom admits grinning, completely amused.

"I thought that with every chance we met you were warming up to us, turns out it had nothing to do with us," he teases, no heat to his words, happily bringing his girlfriend closer.

"Your attitudes certainly helped, but yeah it was all me," the red-headed woman says, resting her head on Benedict's shoulder, her hand intertwining with Tom's, a smile appearing as she feels him brush his thumb over the back of his hand. "I'm saddened that I didn't get a picture of your guys' faces when I dropped the act, the look of shock made my day," she teases her boyfriends, unsurprised when Benedict prods her in the side.

"You had been unfriendly the previous three occasions we saw each other than you were giving us smiles and being friendly, it was a shock to the system," Benedict jokes, "Though we are both glad you gave us a chance,"

"That we were," Tom says, kissing her cheek.

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"Hello," a deep male voice says, causing you to jump and look away from the book you had been reading. Getting a good look at the male, you realised that he was holding himself in a very rigid position, you conclude it to be from nerves.

"Hi," you greet back, "sorry," you say, moving your bag and scooting over on the bench, giving him space to sit, and after a moments pause, he sat down, a little to close, but nothing you couldn't handle.

"What are you looking at?" The male asks, sounding as though he had forced the words out. Glancing from your book back to the man, you showed him the cover of your book.

"The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It's narrated by the embodiment of Death, it is the story of Liesel Meminger, a nine-year-old German girl who given up by her mother to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann in the small town of Molching in 1939, shortly before World War II," you explain to him. "It's admittedly a little depressing but it is really well written," you add, sticking your bookmark into the pages, so you didn't lose its place. "Have you read it?" you ask him.

"That sounds ... Interesting, and I have not read it," The man says stiffly. You nod a little as you bite your lip and glanced from him out to the park where you were sitting. 

"You aren't very good with people are you?" you ask him, glancing back to the man, he was not setting off any red flags and you were in public, so you figured you would continue to engage the man.

" My 'People Skills' are 'rusty' " The man said dryly, making you laugh.

"Yeah, I can see that," you tell him amused, "I'm (Y/N)," you introduce.

"I am Castiel," He replied. "It is nice meeting you, and I apologise for disturbing you," he adds, glimpsing at you before returning his gaze forward.

"Nice to meet you to Castiel," you say slightly entertained by his polite, if not awkward conversation.

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"You don't know you're beautiful. If only you saw what I can see. You'll understand why I want you so desperately" 

The lyrics startled you enough that you jumped and spun around. "Damn it, Bee! You scared the hell out of me," you say, hand clutching over your heart. "I swear you do it for kicks," you say, letting him roll up to where you were standing.

" I apologize, whoah," the yellow boy played, rolling back and forth near you, his behaviour made you shake your head, even though you were smiling.

"Thanks, by the way, for the compliment," you say, reaching over and patting his hood. "What you doing over this way anyway?" you ask, you didn't get to see the Bot, despite working on the same base, mostly as your job entitled working with the rookies.

" I just touched down, touched down. I just want to see you." Bumblebee played as he opened the door for you, letting you climb into the driver seat before heading towards the barracks, where you were heading.

"You hurt?" you ask him, understanding what he was saying with clips of songs.

" I hurt myself today.  But it's not bad." He plays and you nod your head.

"Im glad to hear it," you tell him, leaning back briefly, even as you pat his steering wheel lightly. "What do you say to doing something on Saturday?" you ask him.

" I can't wait!" Bee plays excitedly and you laugh softly. 

"Sounds like a date," you tell him, lingering inside his cabin, despite knowing that you should already be moving towards your bed. "Love you, Bee, I'll see you in the morning," you say to him, pressing a kiss to the middle of the steering wheel and climbing out.

"Goodnight, baby, and I'll see you tomorrow," Bee plays, happily revving his engine, lingering to ensure you made it inside okay before heading off for his patrol.

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Loki groaned quietly as he pulled his armour off manually, letting it fall onto the floor, never before had he been so grateful for the Avengers giving him a room to himself. The God couldn't help the amused chuckle he gave when his feline companion walked over, sniffing at the armour before walking over to their owner.

"Hey, Dyrebar (Norwegian - Precious)" Loki cooed softly, scooping the kitten up and heading for his bed. Setting the little creature down, Loki gave it another scratch behind the ears before letting go and stepping back, watching as the feline climbed up to his pillow and settled. With a quiet chuckle, the God of Mischief heads for his ensuite for a shower.


Finishing drying his hair, Loki walked back into his room, only to freeze, laying on his bed was a young woman, a very naked young woman. Quickly getting over his shock, he goes into his pocket space dimension and pulling his daggers out, stalking over to the bed, he leans down, pulling a sheet over the woman as he shakes her shoulder.

The flailing wasn't unexpected, but Loki still held his blade out. "Who are you?" Loki demands, ready to take them out if they even blinked wrong.

"It's me, the... the cat," the woman gasps as she moves away from him. Pulling the covers up, so she wasn't so exposed, all the while being terrified.

"Prove it," Loki commands as he watches the young lady. He was unsurprised when she sputters and gestures before taking a deep breath.

"Dry. Drybar... Dyrebar," The woman manages to get out, the foreign word feeling wrong and coming out sloppily, but strong enough to be understood by Loki, who frowns, he had never mentioned the cat to anyone, let alone said the word outside the privacy of his home, with the kitten. 

"How is that possible?!" He asks, relaxing just a fraction, but unwilling, just yet, to put his blades away.

"Im a mutant. I transformed. I got stuck." she gets out in stunted English, shaking slightly at having a blade so close to her face. "I erm. I cut my right arm.. paw, and you cleaned me up. We met at the park. You brought me home, fed me tuna and gave me milk, you kept me safe and warm" she tells him, barely keeping the tears at bay. Hearing her explanation, he tucks the blades back into the pocket dimension, and walks over to his dresser, handing her some clothes, despite them being too long for her. 

"Here," Loki says, lowering his voice, a similar tone to the one he had used with the kitten.

"Thanks," she utters as she reaches out and takes the clothing, quickly putting them on. "I'm (Y/N)," she says, wiping her eyes on her arms. 

"Loki, though I assume you know that," the God replied, to which he received a nod. "Stay the night (Y/N) and I will take you home in the morning," he states as he prepares to head out of the room.

"Can you stay Loki?" she asks hesitantly. "I've gotten used to curling up with you that I don't think I can sleep on my own," her voice getting quieter the more she spoke her request. After a brief pause, Loki nodded and climbed into his bed, settling in and letting her lean into his personal space. What he wasn't ready to admit, even to himself, was that he had gotten used to sleeping with the kitten.

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It started with a cold, Matt had woken with a pounding head and sniffle, it was quite a shock for him, but he managed to get himself sitting on the edge of his bed. As Matt goes to stand, he stumbles and used the wall to support himself. Carefully, he makes his way to the bedroom, gasping when he hits the doorway. Groaning at the pain coursing through his body, he tries to use his radar sense to get to his seat. Matt was shocked to find that he couldn't use his powers, quietly cursing his cold, he used his hands to find the seat and dropped down into it, before resting his head on the table.

"Matt?" You called out having heard him moving around and the cursing, "You okay?" you ask him, placing a hand on his shoulder, wincing slightly when you noticed the red mark on his head, clearly he had hit his head when he had walked into the doorframe. 

"Got a cold and I can't access my powers," Matt admits, reaching up to place his hand over yours. "My head feels like it's been stuffed with cotton wool whilst there's a jackhammer going off," he complains, leaning into you. 

"You are a smart guy, you will be okay, sides, it probably won't continue for too long," you say, reaching out and running your fingers through his hair, not surprised when he leans against you, resting his head against your stomach. "Why don't you head back to bed, or to the couch and I will bring you breakfast and some meds," you tell him, not seizing your actions until he made a noise of agreement.

Matt pulled himself up and make his way to the sofa, cursing aloud when he banged his leg against the side of the sofa. "I don't get how normal blind people do this," he says carefully setting himself on the sofa cushions. His deadpan complaint makes you chuckle in amusement. 

"Practice, you rely on your powers to much," You call back to him as you make him something easy to eat along with a glass of juice and some Asprin. "Here, you should be able to handle this in your state," you tease, though you stay close in case he needed a hand.


The day continued from there, Matt napped for most of the day, on and off, every time he woke up, he was plauged with headaches and dizziness, every time he got off the sofa to go anywhere, he always ended up bumping into things, which always ended with Matt cursing and bruising him, he had a special knack for hitting his shins on the coffee table and his arm on the doorframe.


As you were climbing into bed with Matt, you winced noticing the bruises that were starting to form on his body, his lower legs were covered in forming bruises, his arms and side of his face had bruises too.

"You know," you say lightly as you let him lean against your chest as you run your fingers through his hair, "I think you need to work on not relying on your powers in case this happens again," you tell him, laughing when he grumbles and blows a raspberry in your direction for your comment, making you laugh.

"Okay. Okay, I'll let you get beat up by the furniture," you tease, laughing when he moved away, to bury his head in the pillow, grumbling half-heartedly. "Alright, I'm sorry," you say, leaning over and pressing a kiss to his cheek. "I love you, even with your furniture bashing," you tease, laughing when he pushed you away playfully complaining at you for being mean to him.

"Im blind babe, I'm allowed to beat the furniture up," he says, almost pouting, which you found amusing, rolling onto his back, "I love you too, and thank you, for making sure I didn't break my neck whilst powerless," he says, reaching out and placing his hand on your cheek. 

"Well, of course, it would be boring without you," you tease, laughing when he huffs, but leans down and kisses him. "I like having you around," you say more seriously, "And I hope you feel better tomorrow."

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Balancing the stack of files and coffee cup, you managed to open Fox's office door, the juggling act continued as you shut the door before walking further into the room, dodging the piles of files on the floor, you finally make it to Fox's desk, where you carefully set the coffee down then you drop the stack of files on his desk, barely containing your smile when you notice Fox jump awake, checking the room for any threats. 

"Really?" Fox asks as he pillows his head on his arms, giving you an unimpressed look.

Ignoring his response, you push the cup of coffee towards him, "Did you even try to go home last night?" you ask him as you sit down in the open chair, resting in it as you watched the man.

"Tried, then something caught my attention, must have dozed off at some point," Fox states as he pushes himself and stretches out, letting his bones crack before leaning forward and taking the cup, sniffing it before happily taking a swig from the cup. "Thanks," he says raising the cup for another sip.

"Welcome," you say to him, leaning over the desk and running your fingers through his hair, making it a little more presentable. "Don't forget we have the meeting with Skinner in two hours," you remind him, knowing full well that he wouldn't have remembered, even with it being on his calendar.

"Right," he says dragging the word out before slumping back into his seat and finishing his coffee. "I best try and get through this paperwork," he says, the complaint audible to you as you know him so well.

"I'll remind you for the meeting," you tell him, getting up and pressing a kiss to his cheek and heading off to do your own paperwork. 

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ox couldn't stop the grin from forming on his lips as he watched his girlfriend in his peripheral vision. She was leaning against the window, watching the view through it. The farms and hills passing by, a mixture of colours as he drove past.

"How much longer?" She asks, turning her attention to him.

"Not for a couple more hours," Fox admits, "You want to take a break?" he asks, eyes flicking from the road to her, briefly before returning his attention to the road.

"Yes please," she says, shifting in her seat and stretching out as best as she could. Fox nods his head slightly as he drives, looking out for a service stop.


Eventually finding a stop, Fox pulled into it, parking up and climbing out, stretching before coming round to the front of the car, waiting for you.

"Thanks," she says to him, stretching out before leaning on the front of the car and reaching out for him, pulling him a little closer and resting your head against his chest. 

"Is it bad that I can't wait to go home and sleep in my own bed?" you ask, though it comes out slightly muffled from where you were pressed into his shoulder.

"Honestly? No, I always miss my bed when I'm away from it," he says, pressing a kiss to her head. "You need a few more minutes or are you ready to go on?" He asks,

"Im ready," she says.

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"I don't get it, Gibbs," Tony says with a sigh as he fiddles with the label of his beer, "I thought we had worked our problems out," he says sighing.

"We did Tony," Gibbs says, setting down his sander and joining him on the steps, "It's not that I don't trust you, I just ... you are my partner, I trust you to have my six," he says with a sigh, before reaching over and stealing the beer and taking a long sip of it. "I need you on my six Tone, need to be able to watch your six too," he struggles to explain.

Tony sighs and lightly nudges him with his shoulder "You could have said something, I thought ..." he trails off hunching over to appear smaller. 

"Yeah, I should have explained it to you," Gibbs says, handing him the bottle. "I did say you'll have to drum it through my head," Gibbs says to the younger man. 

"You are stubborn," Tony jokes, not surprised when Gibbs lightly taps the back of his, but he was a little surprised when he cups the back of his head. 

"Yeah, yeah," he grumbles playfully but leans down and kisses the younger agent.

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Red-angry Pink-love Grey-unsure Black-lost control Purple-shy Blue-lonely Green-happy Yellow-exited Ice blue- no emotion.


Running as fast as her short legs would allow, Moon, chased after the Orcs and Wargs, alongside Beorn, herding the creatures away from their territory. Moon's ice-blue eyes and crescent-shaped mark stood out against her bright white fur, her whole form easy to see compared to the large black creatures in front of her, yet her agile form darted between the larger wolves, making it harder to see her.

Splitting up from Beorn, Moon chased after them, taking apart the demon creatures when they weren't fast enough. Deciding they were far enough away, Moon turned and headed back to where her mentor had been. Noticing that the older skin-changer wasn't there, she headed for the older shifter's house, where she had been staying as she was taught how to control her powers.

Upon walking up to the building, Moon slowed her pace as she heard unfamiliar voices coming from the building. After a brief moment of pause, the half elfling, half shifter turned into a raven, flying through the window and landing on one of the thicker beams holding up the roof. Transforming again, she turned into a white Japanese short-haired cat, laying on her stomach, her eyes having turned grey with her emotions, had anyone who knew her saw her, they would have understood that the colour of her eyes showed her uncertainty about the situation.

In her cat form, Moon spies on the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf from the rafters watching them, uncertain if they were friend or foe, or even if they knew Beorn, someone she had come to like and respect since meeting him.

Moon sat on the rafters for a long time, as dusk fell and then dawn broke, she watched the unexpected visitors. Silently listening and watching. When morning came, she silently followed as the Wizard and Hobbit headed outside, where she could hear Beorn chopping wood.

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The day everyone counted down to was finally upon you, your sixteenth birthday. At the age of sixteen, along as their soulmate was the same age or older, they would receive something from their other half, more often than not it was something insignificant, like a key. You were simultaneously excited and terrified, you were hoping that whatever you got from your soulmate would be good, and maybe help you identify who your soulmate was.


Practically bouncing down the street towards your school that morning, you suddenly duck, whipping around in surprise, you notice one of the students from school throwing a ball, which would have hit you, had you not ducked. Unsure as to how you knew what was going to happen, you turn and run off to school, surprising yourself by how fast you run, whilst you were an okay runner, you had never been particularly fast at it. Silently freaking out, you burst into the school, looking around for your two best friends, Ned and Peter. Upon noticing them, you walk over to the two boys, you practically throw yourself at them, needing them to help calm your racing heart and frantic thoughts.


"Happy Birthday!" The boys say excitedly upon noticing you, pulling you in for a hug, one after the other. "Thanks, guys," you tell them, returning the hug, trying to push away your thoughts and hide your minor freak out. 

"What's wrong?" Peter asks noticing the look on your face, pausing in exchanging his books to give you his full attention. "Something's wrong," You tell him, "I erm. I don't know how to explain it," you add slightly nervous, "I think my soulmate's a superhero," you blurt out to them, blushing slightly.

"What makes you say that?" Ned asks, giving you a suspicious look. "I somehow knew I was in danger without knowing how I knew or why I was in danger, and I can run really fast, like abnormally so. And, I broke my cupboard this morning, I just figured I had pulled it too hard, but now... I don't know," you trail of lamely, dropping your gaze.

"Sounds like Spiderman's your soulmate," Ned says, sharing a look at Peter who shrugs a little uncertainly, he had only just told Ned that he had woken up with the ability to control water, something he didn't have before, but a power he knew you possessed. "Are you sure?" You ask returning your gaze to the boys. 

"According to the Avenger's website, he has 'Sixth sense' and enhanced speed and strength, none of the others has all of those traits,"  Ned comments, noticing how you chew your bottom lip in thought. "Welp, I'm going to be alone forever," you complain, making them both laugh. "I'm serious guys!" You say to them, "There is no way I'm ever going to meet Spider-man, let alone tell him that I might be his soulmate," you moan childishly. 

"Well, he works with Tony Stark, surely they would be able to find out about you somehow," Ned says cheerfully, "Or you'll die alone," he jokes, making you smack him playfully. Laughing he shoves back playfully, "Come on, we'll be late for class if we don't move," Ned says grabbing his bag and heading for class with you and Peter, who frantically grabbed his books and shutting his locker and speed walking to catch up with both of you as you headed for class, you lost in thought.


Walking through your apartment door after school, you glanced around the living room and kitchen to see if your family was home, before heading to your bedroom where you dump your backpack onto the floor and walk over to your bed, where you flopped onto your bed, face first and laying there for a while.

A sudden feeling of being watched makes you lift your head a becoming familiar feeling of knowing making you glance straight to your window, you notice a familiar figure. A little shocked, you scramble up onto your feet and go to the window, unlocking the window and opening it, letting the red and blue figure climb in. 

"Hi?" You manage to squeak out, a little shell-shocked as you stepped back a few paces. 

"Hi," Spiderman says sounding just as nervous. "I really like your water powers," he says, seemingly to glance everywhere but at you. "Thanks," you choke out staring in awe at him, "You really..." you trail off, making him chuckle.

"I don't go telling people who I am, but you are my soulmate, so..." He trails off, reaching up and rolling up his mask, making you quietly gasp.

"Peter, I can't believe your my soulmate and Spiderman," you manage to get out as you stare at your best friend somewhat surprised and a little hurt that you didn't know your best friend was the vigilante.  

"Hi," he repeats nervously as he fiddles with the mask and glancing up at you through his lashes. "I erm... I was going to tell you, I swear, but I... this was just the push I needed to do it," he comments, lifting his gaze to look at you. "I wasn't sure how to tell you I was your soulmate, you never showed any interest in me like that, and well... I've never actually told anyone I am Spiderman, May and Ned just caught me, and I still don't know how Mr Stark found me" he informs you, hoping you wouldn't be angry at him.

Stepping forward you wrap your arms around him, pressing your face into his shoulder. "Sometimes, I wonder how such a smart guy can be so stupid," you utter, knowing he'd hear, his expected protest making you smile. "Peter, I've always shown interest in you, just ask Ned," you say, pulling back so you were standing face-to-face with him. "I can't believe Ned knows before me," you complain half-heartedly, knowing the two boys were close, but you and Ned like to compete against each other.

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Barely taking the time to blink as she dimension hopped, Kirra could feel the panic rising with each dimension she visited. Appearing in an unknown dimension, she comes to a stop, seeing Stephen sitting on his hunches watching Thanos, at the moment before he was gone.

"Stephen," she breathed, barely sparing the others a glance before she moved to his side, dropping to her knees. "Are you okay?" She asks as she reaches out to cup his cheek.

"There was no other way," he uttered brokenly as he leaned into his girlfriend's hand even as he starred towards Stark, who was sitting against the rock, still bleeding out. Leaning forward, Kirra brushes her thumb across his cheek, under the cut on it. 

"You did what you had to," She says softly, not knowing what he had done, but as Stephen's eyes met her, she knew it was bad. "Let's get you out of here," she says, leaning forward to close the gap between them and kissing him softly. 

Rising to her feet, she offers her hand to the Mage, only to gasp quietly as she watched him turn to dust. "No," she chokes out, trying to stop it from happening, but knowing it was futile. Sinking to her knees, she choked on a  sob even as she felt the tears slip down her cheek.

Chapter Text

"I got you a present," you say, startling Peter, as you offer the small box to him, which he happily takes, opening it, only to pause as a blush spread over his cheeks. You laugh as you see him reacting to the gag gift you got him, a small stress ball shaped like a boob.

"Couldn't help myself," you tell him, once you had recovered from laughing. Digging into your pocket, you pull our his real gift, smiling at his caution, even as he tucks the gag-gift into his bag and takes it cautiously. Opening the slightly larger box, he smiles when he sees the StarWars themed travel mug, one that when hot, showed constellations making different spaceships from the franchise.

"Holy smoke," Peter says excitedly as he checks it out, "this is incredible," he says awed as he turns and gives you a tight hug. "I love it. Thank you," he says

"I'm glad," you say feeling your cheeks warm up "Happy birthday Pete," you say, leaning forward and kissing his cheek before heading off before you could embarrass yourself further.

Chapter Text

Tom said his piece to the camera and took a deep breath, sliding the bucket of ice-water towards you. Just as he finished speaking, you chucked the water onto him, causing him to gasp and shudder, his white top suddenly clinging to him.

"Oh my gosh," he manages to get out shocked but manages to get enough bearings to nominate some people before you stopped recording, handing him a towel, which he uses to dry his face. 

"My gosh, it was freezing," Tom complains half-heartedly as he peels his top off, drying himself off. Quickly heading inside, you get the kettle going, so he could warm up. 

Pressing a kiss to your cheek, Tom heads past you and up the stairs to have a quick warm shower before he dried off and returned to the kitchen, where you hand him a mug of coffee, watching as he curled around the cup at the counter to warm up.

Chapter Text

Roaring in frustration, Hulk throws the now destroyed training bot across the room, making sure no 'squishies', as he referred to people, were there to hurt.

"Hey Big guy," Natasha says, moving towards him showing her hands to show she was not armed with 'Stingies' or her Widow Bites as they were commonly known.

Hulk, once again, roars at her in frustration, part of it his own, the other Banners, from where he couldn't get his experiment right.

"Nat," Clint says worriedly as he notched an arrow, usually he wasn't so concerned when it came to Hulk and Nat, but the big guy was wound up more than usual and Natasha was hesitating slightly, even if she wasn't showing it, he knew her well enough to see it.

"The sun's getting real low," The redhead says as she reaches her hand out towards him, palm facing him and fingers spread a little as she waited, letting him make the move.

Reaching out, Hulk moves his hand towards her, in a similar motion, unsure what she was doing, but knowing she couldn't hurt him anyway, but was also relaxed around her as he had vague fractures of memories thanks to Banner. Following her hand, when she moves it, so her palm was facing up, he lets the back of his large hand rest on top of her palm.

Slowly sliding her hand down over the back of his hand, the Widow moves her hand over his wrist, lightly brushing her fingers over his wrist and onto the palm of the large hand and down his middle finger. Giving him a reassuring smile, Natasha steps back slightly, watching as the Hulk also steps back, the anger seemingly gone as he shrinks back into Dr Banner.



"How did you know that would work?" Bruce asks as he gazed off the side of the roof, down from the top of Stark Tower on to the busy New York streets.

"I didn't" Nat admits, unsurprised to find him at their usual meeting spot. "I trust you, and I trust him, I figured why not show him, and why not use something we do," she says, moving to sit beside him, dropping down gracefully.

"It was dangerous," Bruce says, turning his gaze to her.

"As I said, I trust you both. And I trust Clint, I knew should it have upset Hulk, he would have my back," the red-head informs him, leaning slightly towards him to feel the warmth he radiated.

"Thanks," Bruce says, hoping she would understand what he couldn't say.

"Of course," she says, lapsing into silence with him.

Chapter Text

Scanning the ground as you walk, you allow your processor to run to unrelated topics as you walk, a small part of your processor focusing on the task of scanning and walking. Audio sensors picking up on Cybertarian, you walk in that direction before stopping, noticing Optimus and Ratchet standing together talking in beeps and clicks, deciding not to interfere, you turn your attention back to scanning the moon you were on. 
Just as you're about to walk away again, you hear the sounds of metal clashing together, your turn on your stabilising-servo, only to stop short, processor working overtime to understand what your optics were seeing.  In an astrosecond, you move, your blaster appearing in your servo, which you use, on the Zombiebots, moving into the fray to protect Optimus, you used your training to protect him and knocking the zombie-bots offline. 
Whilst watching Ratchet's and Optimus's backs, you were not watching your own, therefore, were not prepared to get jumped from behind, a sword sliding between plating causing you to start losing Energon. Static spills out of your audial sensors. Falling, you land to your servos, before they press into your chassis to try and slow the flow of fluids.
"Frag it!" You hear Ratchet exclaim as he fights his way to you, dropping in front of you to do a quick patch-up to you before he stands up, giving you a servo to help you up as he returns to fighting off the previously offline bots.

Roughly a joor later, you were laying on a makeshift berth, letting the Chief Medical Officer work on fixing you up. "You know," Ratchet starts off, almost conversationally as he worked on repairing your plating, "what you did was brave. Stupid, but brave," he tells you, glancing to your faceplate before his optics return to your injury.
"Thanks... I think," you reply as you focus on his servos which were carefully moving just inside your plates, working on your chassis structure. You watch as the Medic turned his optics for less than a nano-klik before they turned on again. "Between you and the twins, both sets of them, you're gonna offline me early," he says with a shake of his helm.
"Your life would be boring without us," you joke as you watch his faceplate more than his servos, your optics focused mostly on his mouthplates. "My spark might feel better if I hadn't met you lot," he complains halfheartedly.

Almost exactly one Orn later, you understood what Ratchet was saying about life being easier had they not known each other, as you watched from your hiding point, where you could see your friends being held hostage by Soundwave and the other Decepticons. 
Turning your audial sensors off, as not to make a noise, you watch in horror as Barricade shoved Que forward, shooting him in the back, offlining him. Optics brightening somewhat, you watch as Soundwave shoved Ratchet forward, where he toppled over, onto the other 'bot. Bringing your blaster forward, you quietly crept forward, shooting the blaster into Soundwave, drawing attention to yourself, but letting Ratchet and the others fight back, taking out the 'cons with you. Bumblebee chirps in thanks as he finishes offlining Barricade, dipping his helm at you as he takes off to find Sam and Carly.

Following behind Ratchet, Sideswipe and Dino, you head back into the heart of Chicago where you broke into groups, working to take the other Decepticons out. Reluctantly, you watch as Ratchet heads for Optimus, who was trying to talk Sentinel Prime down. Of course, the older 'bot refused to back down and Ratchet helped Optimus try and take him down.
Moving, you helped Sideswipe and Dino take down the other Decepticons, a hard vent being the only thing to give away your shock as Sentinel threw Ratchet into a building. Without really processing your own actions, you were moving, using your gun to shoot the former Prime.
A noise of pain escaped your audial sensors, you feel yourself fall backwards as the previous Prime embeds his blade into your chassis, yanking it out again, setting your sensory nodes alight, whilst also unbalancing you. Trying to keep your venting even as you force your nanobots to focus solely on your rotary cuff and the injury below it. Struggling to clear the red-flags from your self-diagnostics, you feel servos on your rotary cuffs as you are pulled out of the main street, causing more red-flags to appear as you scratch along the ground. Thankfully for you, you fall into stasis as you're moved.

Optics coming online, along with your sensor nodes, you run a diagnostic on yourself, automatically sending it to Ratchet, who comes into view as your optics cycle, catching up with what you were seeing.
"You are trouble femme," Ratchet says as he stands up, reviewing your data packet. "Must you try and stop my spark?" He asks, giving you his full attention, concluding that you were now in good condition.
"Got to get your attention somehow," you tell him, still not fully cycled back to normal.
"Could have just called my designation," he tells you, though he was a little surprised by your comment, you had never shown interest in him like that before.
"Coulda, shoulda," you say in response as you turn your helm to look at him.  "Could have done a lot of things different Ratchet," you tell him, lifting your servo to touch his chassis, petting it lightly before dropping it back to your side again. "So what's the verdict, I gonna stay online?" you ask, unsurprised to hear him vent, louder than normal.
"You'll live," he says, resting his servos on the edge of your makeshift berth. "Though I would consider it a personal favour if you stop putting yourself in danger," he declares as he watches as you nod your helm in agreement.
Carefully pushing yourself into a sitting position, you turn your attention to the Medbot. "I will only agree if you don't throw a wrench at me for my comment," you joke, though you were slightly serious. 
"Agreed," he says easily.
Venting hard, you blurt, "My spark hums to yours." You wince slightly at the bluntness as soon as you've said it but risk a glance at the Medic anyway. 
"I feel the same," he says seriously, reaching out and taking your servo in his, making you rev a little in delight. "Now," he says after releasing some static in response, "Lay back and try and get some more recharge," he says, letting your servo go, though before he walks off, he leans down to brush his mouthplate to yours briefly.



Half a vorn later.

You smile as you watch your two younglings play together, both of them switching between Alt-mode and bot-form, having only recently mastered the transformation between forms.
"I am glad we were introduced, sweetspark," Ratchet says as he walks up behind you, optics on your playing younglings.
"Me too," you agree, as you reach over to clasp his servo in yours, you attention briefly falling onto your partner before it returns to your younglings. You smile as both younglings run over, small bodies colliding against yours and Ratchet's lower legs. 
"Can we ride with you?" Your youngest asks excitedly, much to yours and Ratchet's amusement. Your Merc smiles down at the small youngling. 
"I believe that is feasible," he declares, swooping the young 'bot up and stepping forward, transforming into his alt-form, much to your youngest delight. 
Lifting your eldest, you follow suit, taking off around the large space you were in, sensing Ratchet following you, your spark light in happiness.

Chapter Text

"Come on Prowler, it'll be fun. You, me, a couple of the other Merc's and some good quality Energon, it will be an enjoyable Joor." Bee tells him over their private com-channel, as he drives circles around the other Merc, weaving out of boredom.

"Firstly, we have to finish patrolling, so stop thinking about it, and secondly, stop mangling my designation," Prowl tells the younger Autobot as he focuses on scanning the area, checking to ensure it was safe.
"But Prowler," Bee says being unsurprised when Prowl reves his engine in frustration before he takes off towards the East, detecting something in the distance. 

"Behave Bee and check the west side, I'm picking up something." Prowl commands as he drives away from the Yellow 'bot and towards the mysterious source on his scanner.
"Well, you're no fun," Bumblebee complains even as he takes off towards the west, scanning the surrounding area as he drives


Tyres suddenly screeching to a halt, Bee transforms into his bot-form, plasma-cannons arranging itself on top of Bee's plating as he notices the black and white police car, which was not that of his partner. Circling each other, Bee lunges forward, shooting his weapon as he went. Trading blows with the Decepticon, Bee is thrown to the floor when Barricade shoots his rotary-gun at him, thankfully, missing his chassis as Bee dived to the side, instead, hitting him in the leg. 

The screeching of tyres makes Barricade turn to face away from the smaller 'bot and come face-to-face with an angry Prowl, who tries to hit him with his electroconductive gel, missing when the 'con transforms into his alt-mode and drives off away fast from the two Autobots.

"You really need to be more careful," Prowl declares as he kneels by the younger bot's side, using his laser to temporarily seal the wound shut before lifting the black-and-yellow bot into his arms, bridal style as he climbs to his stabilising-servos again, ensuring the black-and-yellow Merc was secure in his arms.
"Maybe I knew it would get your attention," Bee jokes half-heartedly over their secure com-channel, earning a look of annoyance from the Autobot Lieutenant. "I take it the anomaly wasn't anything important," Bee says after a moment.
"Distraction," The older Merc comments as he shifts the weight of the other 'bot as he walks.
"Well," Bee says folding his arms across his chassis, "It worked," he reluctantly says.
"Hadn't noticed," Prowl says sarcastically, aloud as he glances down to him briefly, optics dimming slightly before he leans down and brushes his mouthplate against Bumblebee's.
"Does this make you my Prince Charming?" 'Bee jokes over their private channel before he leans up, kissing his Merc properly. 
"Don't know why I put you with you," Prowl tells him over the link before he pulls back from his mouth-plates. "Sometimes I think you're more trouble than your worth," Prowl teases, knowing he would never regret being with the other Merc. 
Unconcerned by his teasing, Bee happily leans into Prowl's chassis, letting him do all the work as he clicks in delight, unable to stop himself, something he had started doing again after getting with the enforcer. "Please, we both know I have your spark," he teases, brushing his mouthplate to Prowl's chest-plating.
"As I have yours," Prowl says, entering their temporary base with him, heading straight for the med-bay, where he knew Ratchet would be waiting, as he had already messaged the medibot.

Chapter Text

Fumbling to grab his ringing phone from the bedside table, Chris picks it up, squinting at the bright light before answering it, without checking the caller ID.

"LaSalle," he says half awake, eyes flying open when he hears the voice on the other end. Kicking his legs free from the tangled blanket, he climbs out of bed, dressing as he listens to the caller. "I'll be right there," he tells them, hanging up after being told where to go.

Finishing dressing in a hurry, he quickly double checks the place was secure and he had everything he needed before heading to his truck, quickly climbing in, buckling up and peeling out, cursing pedestrians as he got into town. Barely keeping from honking the horn everytime someone stumbled into the road, the ride was over quickly as he pulls up, climbing out his truck, securing it and heading inside.

"Hi," he greets the receptionist as he runs his fingers through his hair. "I'm looking for (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)" Chris tells her, nervously drumming on the counter-top as he waits, eyes taking in the entrance and the people in the room.

"Miss (Y/L/N) is in room 201. Straight down the hallway, turn left and the rooms on the right," the receptionist tells him, after a few moments looking the information up. 

"Thank you, ma'am," Chris says before heading down the hallway, following her instructions. Knocking on the right door, he pushes it open and inhales sharply. Releasing the breath, he walks over to the bed, placing his hand over the bed occupants. "Hey," he says gently, feeling himself relax when your (E/C) focus on him.

"Hey," you mummer lightly, turning your hand to hold his. "I'm okay, Doc's keeping me for observation tonight," you tell him, struggling to keep your eyes open and on him.

"I'm glad your okay, darlin'," Chris says, leaning down to press a kiss to your temple, making sure to miss the row of stitches in your head.

"Me too," you tell him softly, before giving in and letting yourself fall asleep.

Chapter Text

"You can cook?" You ask playfully as you step into the kitchen, pulling your still damp, from the shower, hair into a loose bun on the back of your head, and seeing Steve cutting vegetables. 

"Yeah, why?" He asks glancing back at you briefly before returning to his self-appointed task of cutting meat for breakfast.

"You're the whole package," you joke as you walk over, pressing a kiss to his cheek before moving away to get the coffee brewing.

"Meaning?" He asks curiously as he throws the meat into the pan along with the egg, making omelette's for the both of  you, knowing how you liked them compared to himself.

"You can fight, you can swim and you can cook," you list as you grab mugs from the cupboard, "Is there anything you can't do?" you ask curiously

"Nothing I've discovered yet," he jokes back, grabbing the spatula as he watches over the pan. 

"GI Joe, he can do it all," you declare playfully, unsurprised when he throws the kitchen towel at you.

"Navy not Army," Steve repeats, knowing you and Danny liked to joke about him being Army instead of Navy.  Grinning to yourself you go about making coffee the way you both like it, including adding the butter to his coffee, as he liked it.

Chapter Text

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Bucky jokes when he sees Steve open his eyes and turn his attention to him. Steve blinks in surprise, "What?" Steve croaks a little baffled as he glances around the hospital room he was in.

“You fainted if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes,” Bucky repeats, grinning when Steve glares at him, somewhat halfheartedly. "You passed out punk," Bucky tells him as he leans forward to get a better look at his face.

"I did?" Steve asks him as he tries to push himself up, only to be stopped by a hand on his chest. 

"Easy," Bucky tells him, "Doc says it's going to be another couple of hours before you should think about getting up," he tells him, "He said you broke most of your ribs and your leg," he starts to telling him with a slight shrug, "Oh, and you got a fractured skull," he states as though it was no big deal, even though he had been freaking out from the moment Steve had passed out until the moment he had woken.

Steve groans lightly but allows himself to be guided back down. "Sorry," he mutters as he reaches out and interlocked their fingers together, squeezing softly as he feels himself falling asleep again.

"Dumb punk," Bucky says fondly.

"Jerk," Steve murmurs, more asleep than awake, though that didn't stay that way for long as he soon fell back asleep.

Chapter Text

"Legolas," Thranduil says, surprised to see his son in the garden, staring out towards the woods.

"Atar (Father)," Legolas greets back, turning to face his father and king. Thranduil comes to a stop beside him, leaning on the garden wall as his son had. 

"I haven't seen you for a while," Thranduil says, glancing at him, catching his son's eyes, holding his gaze.

"I have been busy Atar," he says, turning his head away from him and back towards the woods. Thranduil nods to himself as he stares out towards the woods as well. 


"How do you feel about taking a ride with me?" he asks his son without turning to look at him, knowing that they didn't often see eye to eye but he was still his son and he loved him.

"On Polodren(Strong)?" He asks a little excited, referring to Thranduil's elk, whom he had learned to ride on and, despite not being his, enjoyed riding.

"Yeah," Thranduil says slightly amused, knowing his son prefered riding his elk, over the horses. "For old time sakes, you feel like riding to Celduin (A river near Mirkwood)," he asks, turning his attention back to his son.

"As long as you do not allow Polodren push me in again," Legolas jokes with a smile, as he glances at his father, who chuckles a little in amusement, remembering when Legolas had been little and he had taken him out there, only for his Elk to push him into the river. "It is not funny," Legolas says though he didn't really mind.

"Come then Réd(Son)," The King says as he heads down to the stables, Legolas following behind as he had done many times before.


Collecting Polodren, his prized Elk, Thranduil, helped his son up, as he done many times previous before he himself climbed upon the elk, taking the reigns, and taking off for the river. The elven king was glad to spend some time with his son, he was even gladder it was doing something they both enjoyed.

Upon arriving, Thandruil and Legolas climbed off the elk, walking along the river bank, both reminiscing on times past, when they had been younger and had enjoyed the quiet by the river

Chapter Text

Entering the castle grounds, a guard comes to your side, helping you into the castle and to where the healers where. After making sure you were being tended too, the guard runs off, heading straight for the throne room, where he knew the king and prince would be. 

Pausing outside the door, he knocks and waits, when the King answered, the guard entered, bowing before saying, "Your Highness, your consort is in the infirmary." Legolas and Thranduil share a shocked look before racing out of the throne room and to the infirmary. As they entered, they came to a stop seeing you laying in the bed, a healer working on your leg. 

Hearing the commotion, you turned to face the door, seeing your king and the prince standing there. "Hey," you say with a slight smile then raised an eyebrow, "Is that my sword?" You ask, almost laughing when Legolas throws himself at you, wrapping his arms around your torso. "What's wrong?" you ask confused as you return the hug, rubbing his back. 

"I thought you were dead," he tells you, squeezing you gently before pulling back so his father could wrap his hand around yours. "You didn't... you stopped moving and you wouldn't wake up," he manages to tell you, tears in his eyes.

Squeezing Thranduil's hand, you push yourself up into a sitting position, careful not to jostle your leg. "I'm sorry you thought that," you say, "I guess I just passed out," you tell him, not bothered when Legolas moves to sit on your other side, leaning into you.

"I am glad you are okay Nin Mel (my love)," Thranduil murmurs into your ear before he presses a kiss to your cheek.

Chapter Text

"How could you do this to me?" Charles asks, pretending to be hurt by the fact that you had made a heap of goodies; cupcakes, muffins, chocolate eclairs and brownies, and Charles was staring at the full containers, his lost look made you laugh a little and after pulling out a plate, you handed him an eclair and brownie, laughing when he makes a happy noise before he almost completely devours the treats, noises of enjoyment coming from him, which were amusing as you place the containers into the pantry, walking back to the counter, you pull yourself on to it, reaching over and grabbing the muffin you had saved and began eating it, watching as he polishes the food off. 

Turning to look at you, he gave you a look, "I shouldn't but I would kill for another one," he says hopefully, which makes you snort in amusement. "Ration them, dummy," you tell him as you finish your muffin, though he pouts at you. "Please?" he tries, which simply makes you laugh again, "Nice try, but it isn't happening," you tell him, hopping off the counter to get to washing up.

Chapter Text

Warnings: Homosexual relationships. Thoughts of partner cheating.

Bucky was nervously pacing across the floor of the level that had been given to him and Steve, he knew he was probably being irrational but he couldn't help himself, the more he tried to talk himself out of it, the more he seemed to convince himself that Steve was going to leave himself for Tony. Bucky liked Tony, he really did, he had helped get rid of Hydra's control over him, had given him somewhere safe, somewhere to call a home and a normal-ish life, and he would always be thankful for him, but he knew Steve and Tony were spending more and more time together and he was starting to get a little suspicious of them. And he hated himself for even thinking it.

Hearing the door elevator, he glances up to notice Steve being helped into their shared apartment by Tony, barely containing his flinch, he greeted them. "Oh thank god," Tony said, all but shoving Steve at him, "For the love of my sanity, convince him he needs to see Bruce," the billionaire says handing the blond supersoldier over. Giving the billionaire a half-smile, he gave a little shrug as he wrapped an arm around Steve's waist. "No promises," he tells him, chuckling as Tony cursed them both out for being idiots as he headed back towards the elevator. "Call me when you're done being a dumbass," Tony calls out as he steps on, heading down to the labs.

"You okay?" Bucky asks, helping his best friend, and boyfriend, to the sofa, and all but collapsing on it, Steve gets comfortable, "Yeah, just broke a couple ribs, and possibly sprained my ankle," Steve tells him, giving him a sad look from under his lashes. "Tony was right, you're a dumbass," he jokes before disappearing to their kitchen to grab an icepack. "That's just rude Jerk," Steve calls out to him, to which Bucky gives the expected answer of Punk. 

Returning, he hands him the ice-pack before checking him over, seeing cuts and scrapes on top of the other injuries, he scowled at him. "Up and at them, you are going to see Bruce," he says, pulling the younger supersoldier to his feet, practically dragging him to the elevator. "To Bruce please JARVIS," Bucky says, glancing towards the camera as he gets Steve on. "Of course, Sergeant Barnes," JARVIS agrees as he shuts the doors and takes them down to the labs, where Tony was draped over Bruce's back, complaining about how they'd been up forever and needed to go to sleep, but only together.

Hearing the elevator, the 'Science Bro's' turned to face it, making Tony snigger as he watched Bucky drag Steve into the room, and deposit him onto a chair. "Can you patch him please Bruce," Bucky asks, almost holding Steve down so he wouldn't try and escape. Bruce chuckles slightly as he pulls his glasses off to clean them. "I shall see what I can do," Bruce tells the former assassin as he goes and grabs the first aid kit he kept in the lab.


After Steve had been patched up, whilst the blond joked with the billionaire, Bucky got them back to their shared floor. During their trip to the labs, Bucky had grown increasingly quieter until he had stopped talking altogether, worrying the others, even if they weren't showing it. "You okay?" Steve asks as he settles himself on to the sofa, resting his foot on the coffee table. "'M fine," Bucky tells him, clearly not okay, and as Bucky tries to leave the front room, he is pulled back and dropped onto the sofa, where Steve wraps an arm around him, holding him close. "You can lie better than that," Steve jokes half-heartedly as he held his partner. 

"Do you like Tony?" Bucky asks, to which Steve frowns a little, "Course I do, he's a good friend now that we are over our issues," he says confused, to which Bucky shakes his head, "No, I mean... Do you like like him?" he clarifies to which Steve's frown deepens. "Like love him?" He checks, receiving a nod in response, even as he turns away, not prepared to watch him say yes. "No!" Steve denies fervently, "I like him only as a friend," Steve tells him, "Why would you think I love him?" He asks bewildered. Bucky shrugs his shoulders, despite the relief he felt he needed to know completely.

"Bucky," Steve encourages, knowing something was wrong. "You spend a lot of time with him, I thought..." Bucky trails off embarrassed, relaxing when he feels Steve press a kiss to his temple. "You are a dummy. We're just friends, he's been helping me catch up on things I've missed, and sometimes I just need him to bash me on the head with something," he tells him, huffing a laugh and adding, "besides, he's with Bruce and I am in love with you. I have always been in love with you," he clarifies, holding Bucky just a little tighter, letting lean into him. "Thanks," Bucky says a little embarrassed, feeling his cheeks heat up. "Welcome dumbass," Steve teases, smiling when Bucky turns to glare at him. "I'm the dumbass? What about you? You were injured and weren't going to see Bruce. If anyone's an idiot, it's you," he tells him sulkily, though he laughs when Steve tickles his side. 



Chapter Text

Barely holding back the hiss everytime that she put weight on to her leg, Kirra let Sam take more of her weight as he helped her down the stairs to the table. Slumping back into the chair, Kirra closed her eyes, concentrating on breathing. With a slight shake of his head, Sam starts to head to the back of the library, where they kept a first aid kit. As he notices Castiel walk into the room, Sam turns his attention to him, "Hey Cas," he calls, getting the angels attention, "Can you patch Kirra up for me?" he asks hopefully and after getting a nod, he headed towards his room to work on patching himself up. Walking over to the kit, he grabs it and brings it back to Kirra.

"Hello," he says, getting her attention, "Hey Cas," she says blinking in confusion as she glances the room, "Where'd Sam go?" she asks, making him tilt his head slightly, "He went to his room to patch himself up, he asked that I help  you," he informs her as he opens the kit and begins to pull things out, kneeling on the floor as he began to clean the injury on her leg. "Thanks, Cas," Kirra says as she leans back into the chair, accepting the help gratefully. 

Cas focus his attention on cleaning the wound before stitching it, he had to concentrate to keep his mind from wandering, something he had gotten used to since meeting Kirra. "Cas!" a voice registers and he blinks a few times, clearing his mind as his attention returns to the situation. "Sorry, what were you saying?" he asks a little flustered, though he was trying to hide it. "I said, I think you have patched it up enough," she says amused to which Cas smiles a little sheepishly as he places an adhesive dressing over the wound and steps back. "Thanks, Cas," Kirra says to him, adding, "Where did your mind go?" she asks curiously. "I was just wondering if I had come along could I have prevented you and Sam getting hurt," Cas says, it had popped into his head, but only briefly.

"Probably not, you probably would have gotten injured too," Kirra tells him with a soft smile, to which he dips his head slightly, "Sides, me and Sam had it," she adds with a shrug of her shoulders, catching the saddened look on his face before it disappeared. "You know me and Sam are just friends, right? Well, maybe siblings. My point is, there is nothing going on between me and Sam, we aren't into each other that way," Kirra tells the angel, easily pinpointing the reason he was upset. "Are you sure? The two of you spend a lot of time together," Castiel says with a slight frown, which makes the hunter snort. "And you spend a lot of time with Dean, doesn't mean anything's going on, it's the same for me and Sam, we are just friends," she reiterates to him, "Besides, I like you," she says, almost carelessly, if not for the nervousness that was audible in her voice.

"I like you too," Cas says with a nod as he stands up, wiping his hands on his coat as he began putting things away. "No, I mean like like you," she tells him stressing the word, making him pause and turn his attention back to her, his head tilted to the side as he tried to work out what she meant. Standing up, Kirra gives a slightly nervous smile before reaching out and grabbing his tie, using it to pull him closer before kissing him.

Chapter Text

Wade has had his memories wiped of what happened in years prior to mark the end of the series, before rebooting.


"Wade, concentrate," You say, slightly frustrated as you look at your amnesiac boyfriend. 

"I'm trying," Wade whines as he slumps against the sofa's cushions childishly, folding his arms as he stares at you. "There is nothing in there, nothing has triggered any memories," he says with a sigh. "I'm sorry, I know you want me to remember, but I can't," he says with another sigh.

You sigh quietly and drop into the chair across from him, placing your hands over your face as you try not to cry. "I know Wade, I just don't understand why the writers felt the need to give you amnesia," you grumble under your breath. "Okay, what is the last thing you do remember?" You ask as you allow your hands to drop into your lap.

"Being strapped down inside a building," he answers, then winces slightly seeing you flinch. You blow out a breath but nod a little as you try desperately to come up with a way to jog his memories. Not coming up with anything that could help, you stand up and head towards the kitchen, grabbing a drink before pausing, with a slight smile you reach out and grab a stuffed monster that he had brought at one point, returning to the kitchen, you threw the ugly thing at Wade, who caught it. "Sparkles!" He exclaims childishly before his eyes widen and he turns to look at you, "I remember him," he says shocked but delighted as he waved the creature. "I remembered!" he celebrates grinning at you. 

As you watched Wade celebrate, you could feel the relief flood your body as you watched him, a small smile forming on your lips. You knew it was only a small victory, but it was a victory nonetheless.