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the queen conquers

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the king grows cold now in his bed

the crown a light burden upon her head

her subjects call her fair and mild

her lovers call her dark and wild

her doubters call out not at all

one hint of dissent and she'll see you fall


so many before have tried to con her

but now comes the time for the queen to conquer


enemies speak her name in whispers

softer than the rustling tread of her slippers

honeyed words are her favored weapon

and she never forgets one who would threaten

the power she holds firm in her sway

she rose by night, but she reigns by day


many before have tried to rob her

but now they're on their knees for the queen

she conquers


her sweetest smiles make grown men quake

her eyes are kind, but the kindness is fake

a core of steel, her spine stays straight

and none who try will make her break

with a nod of her head her will is done

and she'll never weep if it means she's won


'such a good girl' is how they mocked her

none foresaw how the queen would conquer


the people see her and they cheer

the nobles see her and they fear

his child bride, they thought her dim

none noticed how she ruled through him

now there's poison on the dead king's lips

and she won't release what's in her grip


show respect if you call on her

long live the queen

long may she conquer