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Owning Will Graham

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Hannibal would never adorn Will with something so gaudy as to have a tag dangling about on it but the delicate work that would lay parallel to William’s throat was, in layman's terms, a dog collar. Collaring him to Hannibal for all eternity.

An exquisite notion.

The delicate, intricate work pleased Hannibal. As it should, he paid a pretty penny for it to be custom made--he expected nothing less than the best.

The width of the collar was an inch and a half thick, made up of dozens of silver threads intertwined to make up three fourth’s of the collar.The last fourth of the collar was made up of the chain in which Hannibal could attach a leash and pull. There was just a millimeter less than Will needed so that if Will displeased him he could cut off the flow of air--just as one would a disobedient pup.

The inside of the collar was a silver silk leather soft enough as to not chafe William’s skin in day-to-day life but sturdy enough for when Hannibal was feeling angry or possessive it would make a beautiful dark purple mark that would takes weeks to fade completely.

Will would never know, but when designing piece, Hannibal was feeling especially vindictive. Each of the beautiful gleaming threads of silver shone with an etching--all the same etching but in a different tongue. Never in English.

C'est ma conception

Това е моят дизайн

Dit is mijn ontwerp

See on minu disain

Tämä on minun muotoilu

Αυτή είναι η δική μου σχεδίαση

Ez a kialakítás

Este es mi diseño

Acesta este proiectul meu

Tai yra mano dizainas

Looking at the piece nestled in silk, he closed the velvet box and set it down on the table. Flicking his wrist, his sleeve rode up revealing his wrist watch. Will would be here in a half hour--if nothing from the FBI interfered, as it had previously--he knew Hannibal would not tolerate tardiness.

Glancing down at the bag resting next to the table, his mouth curved into what most would classify as a smirk. Oh yes, Hannibal was very much looking forward to this evening. But all of that could wait--anticipation always made for a more explosive ending-- and he briskly walked to the kitchen, rolling up his sleeves so he could finish cutting the vegetables he would be serving.

Unfortunately, he would be unable to serve the very best for dinner tonight. He wanted everything to be the peak of perfection but hunting and killing would ruin the beautiful, meticulous persona he has made the Chesapeake Ripper. He would not strike again for some time. That, however, did not mean he would not be serving a variation of the best. He hunted his own game, freezed some of the blood he needed, and would serve Will a feast unparalleled to anything he’s ever had.

Everything was to be perfect.


“Hello Will.” Hannibal ushered the man inside his home as he took the ratty coat and hung it on the coat rack next to his door. Will shivered a bit and Hannibal nodded internally gratified that he made the decision to raise the temperature of his house a few degrees. It was not uncomfortable to him and omegas always tended to like warmer, confined spaced.

Eyes roaming down he was pleased with what he saw. Not with the clothes, certainly not--those rags would be the first thing to go once they bonded. He would have nothing less than the best on Will’s body. He would not deprive his future omega of warm, baggy clothes (like his jumpers and jeans) but they would be a better make. Nothing like the clothes he was wearing now, though he did take into account that there was a high probability that they were either the best clothes he owned or that they were new; Hannibal had never seen them before.

Nonetheless, he was please with Will’s physique and that the man attempted to look presentable for him. Good, that meant that he had no illusions as to the weight of the night before them.

Eyes firmly placed on the floor, Will moved his hands as to motion to the bottle of wine in his hands.

“I brought this. I didn’t know what we were having so I just requested whatever the man at the winery suggested best.” Hannibal took the wine, brushing his fingers with Will’s--the Omega shivered.

Feeling vindicated, Hannibal looked down at the bottle, expecting a cheap, middle-class wine and was surprised when he saw the label. It was Ornellaia Masseto 2010 merlot fromTuscany. Not an aged wine but 2010 was a good year and Ornellaia was in no way an affordable on Will’s pay grade--it must have cost him a small fortune in his mind (barely a drop in the water for him but, soon, Will needn't worry about finances).

“Thank you, Will. I already have a wine prepared for this evening but I must have you over again soon to prepare a meal to go with this.” Hannibal refrained himself from tensing up, if he had his way, Will would be over for dinner every night hereafter but best not push him into a corner so early on into the night.


“That was fantastic Hannibal. Thank you.” Will watched, entranced, as Hannibal lifted his napkin to his lips and wiped off non-existence remains food.

“Will, we mustn't be negligent to the problem at hand.” Will looked down to his hands; he was wringing them together, nervous. He was hoping (praying) that tonight would pass like any other and they could just ignore the elephant in the room but he knew that would never happen--it still didn’t stop him from hoping.

“My heat.”

“Yes, Will. This is the first time you will be off your suppressants since you were 20, if I remember correctly.” Will was tempted to say that Hannibal is never remembers incorrectly but knew to keep his mouth shut. Hannibal might be an unconventional Alpha, not minding Will’s quirks, but, like Jack, he does not tolerate certain amount of insubordination. Plus, it would be rude.

All Will did was nod.

“This means you have a choice, dear William, we have a choice. We could mate, which I understand would be slightly uncomfortable for you at first, or you could go on as you were. Unmated, working in the FBI on your suppressants. Which, as you know, are affecting your health; they weren’t meant to be a long term answer.”

“Yes, I know, but what other choice did I have? An unmated, unbound Omega isn’t allowed to work for the FBI and my father is dead.” Will looked up to Hannibal’s jaw and watched him nod.

“I understand, Will. You did the right thing then but now you have a choice. You could get off your suppressants for good, improving your health dramatically, and still work for the FBI. I would not hold you back from where you believe you are needed the most, I would not be a cruel Alpha.”

“I know you wouldn’t Hannibal.” Will bowed his head again when the man came over to stand in front of him. “It’s just--” He made himself pause and swallow down his fears. This is what he’s supposed to want, right? He’s an omega, and every omega is supposed to want an alpha to take care of them, fulfill their every want and need --let alone a thoroughbred Alpha--and they’re supposed to want.... to want....

“It's just what, Will?” Gathering his courage, Will looked up to Hannibal and was able to make it to the bridge of the man’s nose before stopping. Maybe in time he would be able to meet the alpha’s eyes.

“I would become pregnant.” Hannibal sighed and nodded, running his hand through Will’s hair. Will shivered, feeling the alpha’s warm fingertips brush the nape of his neck.

“Yes, dear William, you would. I will not lie. Since you have been on suppressants since your early adulthood and--I am assuming--you have been celibate since that point in time, you will be very fertile your first heat and, as I am a thoroughbred Alpha, the chances of you becoming impregnated are upwards to 99.9%.”

Will blushed at the words and quickly looked to the side. Of course he had been celibate since that time, his sex drive had been all but evaporated since taking the medicine, but he’d never had a partner before he started taking the pills either--no girl in backtown Louisiana wanted an omega for a boyfriend and, at that point in his life, will was still rejecting that he was an omega so the two male alphas in his town were out of the question.

 “I-” Will lost his voice, dropping off what he was going to say and hoping Hannibal would ignore it but, of course, Will should know better than to hope.

“What is it?” Will shook his head and almost jumped out of his skin when Hannibal grabbed him by the jaw and turned him back to face him. He felt eyes burning into his but Will kept his firmly on the man’s lips--not the brightest idea but it was better than his eyes.

“William,” There was a command and a threat in his voice, just saying his name and Will almost groaned. Half of him was submissive the other half angry that Hannibal was using his biology against him.

‘To be fair,’ Will thought to himself, ‘Hannibal always does that, even to Jack. It’s his biology in play, too.’ Opening his mouth to answer, Will let out a squeak rather than a word and cleared his throat before trying again.

“I- I’ve never really been uncelibate.” Will still did not look in the man’s eyes but he could smell the arousal starting to come off of Hannibal via his pheromones. “There was never anyone who caught my eye and--”

Will was interrupted when the hand on his jaw reached around his head and grabbed his hair, yanking it forward and smashing his lips against Dr. Lector’s.

The pheromones coming off Hannibal must have tripled it’s rate in the last minute or so because Will was drowning in it. But the pheromones weren’t the only thing he was drowning in, Hannibal had forced his lips apart and was quickly conquering his mouth with his tongue. Lips against lips, tongue sliding against tongue, Will was drowning in pleasure--this was the most he’d been touched in a very, very long time.

He felt Hannibal’s other hand joint the first in his hair but it slid down against his sensitive skin to his jaw, tilting it up so the alpha could devour every millimeter of him.

Whimpering when Hannibal did something with his tongue, he reached up to grab him back, cling to his back or ruffle his hair that was always so fucking pristine, but the noise he made must have knocked Hannibal out of whatever trace he went in because he quickly pulled away and the whine that left Will’s throat involuntary was obscene even to his ears.  

“I apologize for my lapse in judgment, Will. I did not mean for that to happen.” All Will did was lick his lips and nod, the smell now coming from Hannibal was divine. It was mowed grass, fresh baked bread, the yips of his dogs... it was safe, it was warm--it was what home smelled like and it was making him harder than he’d ever been in his life.

“Forgive me for asking but I am just making sure,” Will wanted to protest at how unaffected he sounded. He felt like he just ran a marathon, his heavy breathing supporting his simile, and Hannibal sounded so put together, like it was any normal session and not as if he’d just kissed an unbound omega quickly going into heat right in front of him. “You are untouched?"

Shifting, Will spread his legs to alleviate the tension between them and nodded, still looking at Hannibal’s lips.

He was so screwed.


Hannibal bit back a moan when Will admitted to being pure--the Alpha in him was going wild.


He pushed his alpha aside for the moment, collecting himself, he would let his more carnal nature loose soon enough. He hadn’t meant to kiss Will but it looked as if the mistake was turning in his favor as he watched the delectable man drown further and further into heat as the smell of his pheromones washed over him.

Ranking his eyes up and down the seated man, he stared at the man’s glassy eyes, before moving onto his slightly red lips, slick with saliva, and moved down to his rumpled clothes and watched the not-so-subtle shift of his movements, exposing his hardening arousal as well as the scent of his dripping hole.  

Hannibal growled, unable to retract his alpha persona, and was delighted when, instead of recoiling in fear or disgust, Will shivered and presented his neck.

It looked like a direct approach was the best at this point.

Calmly walking over to the other end of the room where the necessary objects lie he heard Will whine in protest and he turned to give the man a pointed look. He was already half out of his seat when Hannibal looked over and when the weight of Hannibal’s gaze rested upon him he lowered himself back down but, unlike before, he started to shake in both sexual need and long-repressed desire.

Bearing his neck again, Hannibal let out a please sound--watching the lovely sight of Will twitching and moaning in need--and walked back over with an object in each hand.

Kneeling in front of his soon-to-be omega, he let the bag go with his left hand and grasped at the box holding the collar.

“William Graham, I honorably ask you to be my mate. I will care for you in tough times, more than I ever have before; I will provide for you, give you a warm home, exquisite food, love and protect you and our children. I will, of course, marry you and bind you to me and I to you in every legal way possible. I will keep you--and our future children--safe, no matter the cost. You will never want, for everything you would ever desire would be yours.”

Opening the box, he presented the collar to Will and forcing the man to look him in the eyes. He saw smoldering heat, lust, love, submission,  and a bit of recognition--he knew his fate.


“You would wear my collar, as well as my ring, proudly presenting to all to whom you belong. I would hide you from the horrors of life, be your voice when you cannot speak, be your mind when you cannot think, and ask you to submit when your body can no longer take it. You would be Will Lector in name, my omega, and I would be yours until the day we die.”

Will stared at the collar, trembling, and Hannibal leaned forward, nibbling at the lobe of his ear before breathing hot breath over it.

“You would be mine Will Graham, say yes.” Moving down the squirming omega, he nipped at his throat, teething at the part of his neck that might very well never see sunlight again and bit. Hard. Will let out a delightful cry and Hannibal moaned softly into the skin when he smelt semen--Will came just from teething his neck.

Feasting Will was going to be exquisite.

“Say yes.” Hannibal growled, letting the alpha in him leak into his command.

“YES!” Will mewled body bowing into Hannibal’s overwhelming presence. “Yes, Hannibal, I will mate with you. Just- please, PLEASE-!”  

“Shh. Shh.” Hannibal nosed the vein on Will’s neck as he grabbed the collar from the box. “Everything will feel better soon. Everything will be in it’s rightful place.” Setting the now empty box on the long forgotten table behind him, he softly kissed the bite mark he placed earlier and caressed the other side with his thumb.

Quickly, he unclasped the chain and leaded back, basking in the noise his omega made as he pulled away, and reattached the clasp when the collar was resting on William’s pale throat;

Its rightful place.

Gratified, he let out a noise of triumph and swept his hands down Will’s exposed skin, unable to keep from touching the man-in-heat now that his mark of possession was adorning him and was unbearably pleased when Will moved with him, as if while Hannibal was caressing his neck and throat Will was memorizing the contours of his hand.

Standing up, Hannibal leaned over Will, barely resisting temptation as the omega presented himself and clamped his hands on Will’s waist, no doubt leaving bruises for later. Breathing hotly on the ear before him, he nipped it again before speaking.

“I am going to devour you, Will Graham.”