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Sleep and Tickles

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Katsuki’s eyes lazily opened, one at a time, to the dulled light shining through the window of his room. Something tickled the bottom of his chin. He looked down a little to see dark green hair. Sleeping peacefully on his chest is Deku, of all people.

The smaller boy’s arms are hugging him around his neck and Katsuki shook his head a little at the fact that he is holding Deku too, close, his arms resting at his back. He slid his right hand that was resting at the middle of Deku’s upper back. Hesitant fingers slipped over Deku’s delicate neck and then into that soft, fluffy dark hair.

The movement stirred Deku awake and even though a small voice told him to throw the other boy off him, push the dork away from him, he didn’t. The thought to retaliate with violence appeared, but he ignored it.

They accidentally slept together on the floor. The Modern Hero Art History books, papers, pencils and notebooks are open, scattered around them.

With a little hum and a drag of his lips over Katsuki’s skin, Deku woke up, slowly lifting his head to stare at him. One of Deku’s eyes is still closed and the other is blinking a lot, hazy from awakening. Resting his chin on him, Deku smiled a little, mouth crooked in that way he has come to…not hate as much. “Good…morning, Kacchan.”

When Deku yawned, Katsuki ended up yawning too. Damn yawns are fucking contagious. “Yeah, morning, dork. You slept on me.”

“I said something about…Red Riot having immediate effect on his sidekicks styles in year-“ Deku muttered crap Katsuki could hear, factual crap he already knows, but they were reviewing shit before they clocked out early by accident. And Deku knows so much about heroes since he’s such a geek, writing and muttering in his notebooks, so Katsuki said nothing until he went off topic- “And you fell asleep first Kacchan…with your mouth wide open a fly could-”

Narrowing his eyes down at Deku, still holding him, resting on top of his body, Katsuki casually threatened, “I will blast your ass out of my room if you continue that sentence.”

“No you won’t.”

“Deku, don’t test me.”

He won’t. He really won’t…anymore. Goddamn it.

“I know you won’t, Kacchan. Because you-”

“Shut it.” Cutting him off was rude, but Deku only shook his head, a little chuckle at his lips.

Sometimes, Bakugou Katsuki hates how sure Deku can be about things that are associated with him, even before all this. Yet, the little dork has always been like that; it just took Deku grabbing his right arm and flip him over, right onto his back against the cold ass concrete floor, during their first days at UA High, for him to realize it.

When Deku moved to get up, a little wind brushed against Katsuki's damp neck. Katsuki’s eyes twitched in growing annoyance as he felt what was on him.

He was beginning to regret ever saying ‘yea, sure, whatever’ to Deku’s shy ass request, almost a year ago, during the start of their second year here at UA High: Please, will you be my friend again, Kacchan?

Saliva is alllll over his chest, dripping down his fucking collarbone and around his neck area too. Now, Bakugou Katsuki is fucking regretting all this just because of the fucking drool on him from Deku’s stupid mouth, snoring all over him, slobbering like a stupid mutt.

Why the hell did the idiot even use him as a fucking pillow? Did the dork just decide to sleep next to him on the floor? What the hell, Deku?

“I’m covered in your drool, Deku. What the fuck.” Scratching his head a bit, Katsuki yawned again and glared at the sheepish boy Deku. The fluffy-haired, big-eyed dork is straddling his legs and awkwardly laughing. “What are you? A stupid mutt?”

Licking his dry lips, Deku then frowned at him and touched his shoulder, “Sorry Kacchan! And I’m not a mutt. Don’t be mean to puppies! Puppies are cute!”

The hand gently touching the skin of his shoulder is warm and Katsuki sighed, a lazy smirk growing wider when he mentioned, “I remember you were a fucking mutt…or something like that, more like a damn puppy all following me around before. All touchy and whining, crying for me-”

At his smirk, Deku pulled his hand away and was about to cross his arms over his chest, but he caught that hand before it left him. Deku didn’t fight him when he pulled him in for an immediate attack to his lower back…thinking it was an innocent hug. “No I wasn’t! Stop it! I didn’t-”

Then Deku realized his mistake. Deku still laughed so loud like when they both were four. He is still so damn ticklish. Katsuki did not stop, even if Deku already had tears in his eyes. Deku threw his body on him to try and make him stop, but Katsuki rolled over and kept tickling as he reminisced aloud, “Running after me, hugging me, holding onto me, whining and moaning like a babyyyy.“


“Say you give u-AHHHH FUCK! AHAHHA,” Katsuki ended up screaming when Deku slipped his hands up his black tank top shirt to tickle his stomach. Then the fucking laugher burst from both of them, but Katsuki's was laced with pure agony. “AHAHAH, FUCKIN’ GOD-AHAHAHA-DAMN IT DON’T YOU-”

There were tears in his eyes now too and Katsuki wanted to blast the smaller boy hovering over him and sticking his stomach. Shit. Deku’s green eyes are bright with happiness that Katsuki had to close his eyes for a second. His heart is beating quickly and by Deku’s heavy breathing near his face, Katsuki isn’t the only one. “And Kacchan always cried too whenever I had to leave your home, after our weekly play dates!”

“AHAHAHA,” Bakugou Katsuki might have had this coming to him, since moments ago, he did the same to the other. “I-I’LL-AHAHAHA-K-K-KILL YOU, DEKU. I-I DID NOT F-FUCKING AHAHAHAHA- CRY!!”

“You would cry and cry so hard! Your face would get all wrinkly-“ Deku was cut off by Katsuki’s saliva spraying and hitting a part of his cheeks from laughing too hard. “You would wail at your mom. But then your mom would yell back and then it turns into this thing to distract you from my mom and I leaving.”

One eye open, Katsuki watched Deku giggle as he continued tickling him. The hands he has gripping Deku’s waist then yanked the other boy’s shirt up, so that his fingers could touch bare skin. Deku began giggling harder now. He’s not going to fucking let himself be the only one to suffer from this. When the laughing eased up, Katsuki screamed out, “Y-YOU WET THE FUTON WHEN WE SLEPT TOGETHER WHEN WE WERE SIX.”







They stopped at the same time. On the floor they lay again, panting, tired. Their laughter calmed down to a comforting silence between them in his room.

“I-I-I’m…glad we’re together again, Kacchan.”

They’ve been together since they were born, babies bouncing in the arms of their mothers, all through daycare, grade school, middle school and all till second year…and now, the start of their third year. Their last year. It has been a long and troubling journey filled with pain and loss, but now they’re here. Still alive, but now-

Talking. They are talking better with each other. Listening and watching without any hindering thoughts about one another.

It took too long for him to say this, too much things in the way with…himself as the biggest obstacle.

He can see Deku now like this…strong, confident and risen above all the shit he caused him. Deku doesn’t flinch. He stopped a long time ago, but he still feels a little-breathless-at the fact he can just…hold him; have Deku hold him too.


"Kacchan...? I love you."

Biting the side of his lip, Bakugou Katsuki watched Deku crawl over to him and collapse against his side, leaning against his shoulder. His hand found his way toward Deku’s hand and the next thing just happened…naturally, calmly, like they’ve been doing this for years.

Midoriya Izuku’s lips are soft against his. Their kiss, at least this one, is short…a sweet kiss and he whispered, loud enough for only his boyfriend to hear, “I love you. I…I’m fucking glad we’re together, Deku. Finally.”

This is a good way to wake up and he will fight, they both will fight to keep their mornings like this for as long as they can. They’ve worked so hard to get here. Finally.