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Welcome to the Boonies

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Spike pressed himself up against Xander, blissfully soaking up all the heat he put out. He ran his hands up Xander’s sides, the ripped shirt rucking up enough that Spike could slide his hands across all that bare skin and wrap his arms around Xander. He reveled in the feel of the strong muscles he found there. Xander was a boy - barely twenty years old. In five or ten years, he would be a stunning man, but Spike was pretty damn impressed already.

He concentrated on kissing Xander for a while, trying to wipe the memory of that other vamp from Xander’s mind and his mouth, until all he could taste was Spike. Xander was an enthusiastic kisser; Spike liked that in a human. They could sometimes be a bit passive when they had a partner as strong as a vamp, but he wasn’t at all surprised that Xander was as aggressive a kisser as he was when he and Spike traded barbs. His tongue could be lethal, but then so could Spike’s. Together, they could account for one hell of a good snog.

Letting his hands wander, Spike stroked the small of Xander’s back, and that last lovely dip before the buttocks. Firm, round muscle over sleek skin - Xander’s ass was a work of art. He sent one finger exploring the top of his crack, but Xander pulled back, breaking their kiss.

“Wait, wait!” He panted heavily, and Spike smirked, knowing that he was the one to drive Xander that wild. He could feel Xander’s cock poking into his hip, and he certainly hadn’t been that excited when that other vamp had been kissing him.

“Wait? Why?” Spike did his best not to drive Xander off now. He’d needed to come since they first showed up at Lover’s Lane an hour ago. “You know you want me, Xander.” He pulled back enough to get his hand between the two of them, and stroked Xander’s cock.

Spike watched as Xander’s head fell back, his eyes closing. He wanted Spike as much as Spike wanted him. “When’s the last time you wanted something this much?”

“But it’s not real! It’s the Swallow Pet demon.” Xander bit his lip, obviously disappointed.

Spike rolled his eyes at his mispronunciation, but then he smirked at Xander.

“So? Who cares if it’s the Sualapet? Remember, you wouldn’t be affected if you weren’t already attracted to me. You and me? We want each other, so why fight it? We can fuck first, then go find the demon. By the time the Slayer and the witches show up, we’ll have a dead demon to show for our troubles, and they need never know what we got up to while they were off playing footsie with the frat boys.”

“All this time, you were attracted to me?” There was Xander’s disbelief, right on time.

“You needn’t sound so shocked. You’ve put on some nice muscle since I’ve been hanging out around you bunch.” His hand traced Xander’s face as he spoke. “Deep chocolate eyes, shaggy brown hair, sexy lips…” Spike trailed off, lost in his fantasies of what those lips could do to his cock. He shook his head to clear it. He needed to focus here, if he was going to seduce Harris, who was staring at him in surprise.

“I never… I mean, we’ve always fought, so I thought…”

Spike moved closer, grinding his hips against Xander’s cock. The boy’s eyes closed as he moaned appreciatively. “Some of the best shags I’ve ever had have been with people I fought. The higher the fire flares, the deeper the passion.”

He took Xander’s lips again, brushing his own against them before nibbling and sucking on his bottom lip. His teasing had Xander moaning, and he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss. Spike let Xander in and slowly ramped up the passion.

Spike liked the way Xander threw himself into whatever he wanted. It made for one hell of a good bed partner. As if they were going to make it to a bed. That was a shame. He could see Xander lying on the dark red sheets he’d nicked for his bed last week. Maybe Spike could talk him into a second go around, once they’d finished with this demon. He rolled his hips sensuously, and Xander groaned into Spike’s mouth.

“Wait, wait, wait.”

Xander pushed Spike back again, and Spike sighed. This was going to take all night at this rate. But fortunately, all Xander wanted was to get rid of Spike’s belt, and unbutton his jeans. He reached in and grabbed Spike’s cock, pulling it out. It was Spike’s turn to moan. Xander held Spike in that hot hand of his, and stroked, and Spike leaned in again for another kiss. Those kisses were addictive.

When Spike pressed up against him, Xander let go of his cock, giving Spike a chance to buck his hips, and let their cocks slide against each other. Xander gasped at the sensation, and Spike smirked at him. He pushed Xander back against the tree he’d been leaning against earlier, both of Spike’s legs between Xander’s wide-spread ones, and showed him how it was done. His hips circled and pressed in, and they both moaned in pleasure.

This wasn’t going to take long, they were both already close to the edge. Spike started a steady pace, his thrusts pushing their slick cocks together against Xander’s belly, his balls aching with the need to let go and spill all over Xander’s warm skin. Xander started wiggling, and Spike pulled back to see what he was doing, but he simply pulled back far enough to kick his jeans off one foot before he pulled Spike back against him.

Xander wrapped one leg around Spike’s legs, his hips undulating as he writhed against Spike. There was a moment when Spike’s brain whited-out, and he lost track of what they were doing. Fortunately, his body kept moving, and he found his pace again, his face pressed into the curve of Xander’s neck. Xander’s movements were eager, and he ground against Spike frantically, seeking his release.

His back arched, his ragged cry pulled from his throat as he stiffened, straining against Spike’s body. Spike doubled his efforts, twisting urgently as he sought his own release. Xander held on to his shoulders tightly, his sharp nails bright points of fire as they dug into Spike’s back. Spike’s hips stuttered as his rhythm broke, and he rocked, pumping his hips fiercely into Xander’s heated skin. He came with a guttural moan, holding on to Xander’s waist, worried that his legs might not hold him up if he let go.

“Oh, bloody fucking hell,” he gasped, stiffening his knees as his balance came close to deserting him. That was the best shag he’d had in years, and neither of them had even managed to totally rid themselves of their clothes. He couldn’t imagine what they’d be capable of with a bed under them.

Xander’s head was spinning. He dropped it back, but it thunked against the tree behind him, and could he just say Ow?


Spike snickered at him, but made no move to give Xander more room, so he stayed where he was, and protected his head with his hand.

“Thanks Spike. You’re absolutely no help whatsoever.”

Spike pulled far enough back to look Xander in the eye. “And what did you expect?”

Xander thought about that for a moment then rolled his eyes. “Good point.”

Spike finally stood up, and stretched. “Well. That was a bit of all right.”

Xander remained leaning up against the tree as he tried to get his legs working again. “That was more than all right. Is it always that good?”

“What? Sex with me? Of course it is.” Spike’s smirk would normally be completely unbearable, but Xander was having trouble caring at the moment. So he merely sighed, and clarified his question.

“Sex with a guy, doofus.” Oh, damn. Xander hadn’t planned to let that piece of information out. Maybe Spike wouldn’t notice.

Spike had pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, and was wiping come off his cock. He looked at Xander in surprise. “I was your first?”

“Well,” he said, embarrassed at his slip up. Spike would never let him forget it. “I had some guys in Oxnard who offered,” he stopped, surprised to see the snarl on Spike’s face. He looked around to see what had Spike upset, but he couldn’t see anything. “What?”

Spike stopped snarling abruptly, and shrugged. “Nah, it’s nothing,” he said casually.

He handed the handkerchief to Xander by a clean corner. Xander hesitated, but he finally grabbed it. He’d feel better with his cock on the inside of his jeans, but he wasn’t about to put it back into his pants without cleaning it, and his stomach, off first. He was a mess.

“So I was your first?” Spike repeated.

Damn. He wasn’t going to let this drop. Xander kept his focus on his cleaning project, and answered as casually as possible. “Well, yeah. First guy, but I’ve had plenty of girls.”

He exaggerated his tally slightly; he had a feeling Spike wouldn’t be impressed with his grand total of one and a half girls. His time with Faith had been over so fast that he hardly knew what had happened. Anya had done her best to make up for that with both quantity and variety, but he’d had a bit of a dry spell since she’d left that forced him to rely on his right hand once again. Hey, what Spike didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him, right?

He got the idea that Spike wasn’t convinced, but fortunately, he let it slide. He offered Xander his sexiest smile, and Xander’s knees almost gave way. Dear God, but he was gorgeous! It was a good thing that Xander had plenty of experience tucking away his cock, because he couldn’t remember doing it at all. He usually tried to be much more aware when he zipped up his jeans, but his mind was a total blank as Spike slowly stalked in his direction like a big cat on the prowl.

“Well, we were somewhat rushed, this time, now weren’t we. I suppose that since I was your first, the least I could do would be to offer you a better introduction to sex with another man.” He stopped about six inches from Xander, who’d backed up until he found himself against that same tree, once again. Spike pulled back with a frown, and Xander found himself following, until he saw the annoyed look on Spike’s face.

“Unless you’d rather have another guide?”

“Oh, hell no!” Xander shook his head urgently. He didn’t have the presence of mind to say anything really coherent, but he hoped his protest would be understood.

Spike smirked at him in satisfaction, and leaned in once again. “Well, all right, then.”

Then they were kissing. Xander’s eyes closed in pleasure, and he concentrated on the sensations. The brush of Spike’s lips against his own. The way he sucked Xander’s bottom lip into his mouth, biting it gently before he brushed his tongue against Xander’s upper lip, asking for entrance. Xander gave it eagerly, and he sighed at the way Spike’s tongue swept through his mouth, strong and bold, and his tongue met it, challenging and teasing. He liked the way Spike kissed.

When Spike pulled back, they were both panting, and he had no idea when they’d started rubbing up against each other again, but they were both wild-eyed and ready to start all over, their cocks hard and insistent as they pressed up against each other.

Spike fell to his knees, and Xander gasped, probably thinking that Spike’s knees had given out. But so what if they had? It put him at just the right height to pull out Xander’s cock, and lick a wide stripe up it before sucking it into his mouth. Xander’s muffled squeak would have made Spike laugh, if his mouth hadn’t been full. The aroma was rich and heady, and the remnants of both of their come mixed together on Xander’s cock made for a delicious treat.

He sucked on the head, licking around the rim, and slipping the tip of his tongue into the slit. Then he spent a few minutes licking on the bundle of nerves at the bottom of the head, flicking it with his tongue. He got a loud, broken groan for his efforts. While he was running his tongue over the heavy vein on the bottom of Xander’s cock, Spike pressed one knuckle against the boy’s perineum, which earned him a shout.

Every task has its rhythms, and its patterns, and Spike lost himself in them, the gratification of giving another pleasure, the slick glide of a hard cock against the tongue, the velvet over steel heft of a heavy cock ready to spend. He was surprised to feel Xander’s hands pushing his head away.

“Spike, I’m going to come!”

Spike pulled free of Xander’s hands, and took his cock in again. He popped the head of Xander’s cock past the resistance of his throat, and swallowed.

Xander shouted loudly, folding over Spike’s head as the tremors of his orgasm made him shudder and twitch. He held onto Spike’s shoulders, and forced himself into a standing position with his back against his favorite tree. Spike had barely tucked Xander back into his jeans before he grabbed Spike’s shoulders and pulled him up into a kiss. Spike liked Xander’s kisses, they were eager and passionate, and they sent flares of excitement through his body, reminding him of how badly he needed to come.

He reached for his belt, but Xander pushed his hands away and unbuttoned the jeans Spike had buttoned less than fifteen minutes ago, pulling out his painfully hard cock.

“This shouldn’t take long, Harris,” Spike said breathily, “just give it a few jerks and I’ll spill.”

Xander whistled his surprise as he stared at the dark red color of Spike’s cock. “Jesus, Spike! That has got to hurt.”

Spike wheezed out a laugh. “I didn’t realize how much until you pulled me up for a kiss.” He reached for his cock, determined to get off as fast as possible, but Xander smacked away his hand.


Xander grabbed his aching cock, and started to stroke, but he used far too gentle a grip. Spike would never get off at that rate, so he wrapped his hand around Xander’s and showed him what he needed. He’d been right. Just a few strokes later, Spike came, leaning heavily on Xander’s shoulder, his breath hitching in his throat.

“Bloody. Fucking. Hell,” he gasped.

The scent of his come got suddenly stronger, and he raised his head far enough to see Xander licking Spike’s come off his fingers. Spike moaned. If he hadn’t just this second come, that would have caused a spontaneous orgasm. He righted himself so he could watch.

Xander shrugged. “Kinda salty, kinda bitter, and slick on my tongue. But not bad.”

Spike grabbed Xander’s hand, and pulled the first two fingers into his mouth, cleaning them with his tongue. Xander stared at him, licking his lips, his eyes dark and hungry.

“That’s seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Xander pulled his fingers out of Spike’s mouth, and replaced them with his tongue. It took only a few minutes before the two were rutting up against each other again, but Spike broke away, finally, and pulled back, out of Xander’s arms.

“No! Don’t touch me.” He pointed one finger while keeping his distance from Xander. “We could do this all night. We have to stop now, before we start another round.”

“Why?” Xander looked completely confused.

“It’s the Sualapet, Xander.”

Xander’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, God, Spike, I’d forgotten all about the Swallow Pet!”

Spike growled softly, but Xander ignored him.

He looked around wildly, his panic growing. “It’s out there right now, driving these kids mad with lust! We have to find it, and kill it, before it forces us to have sex all night! We have to kill it, and then we can…” He was panting so fast Spike thought he might hyperventilate. “And then… we…”

Xander paused, dropping his eyes – Spike thought maybe he wasn’t sure if they’d still want each other after the Sualapet was dead and gone. He might be right, but Spike wasn’t ready to give up on them yet. So he hedged his bets, just in case.

“We’ll kill it, Xander, and then we’ll go to your place, and fuck each other blind.”

Spike refused to admit, even to himself, how good the relief in Xander’s eyes made him feel.

“Good plan,” Xander said enthusiastically.